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Character :

Father Mother Bianca / Hortensio / Narattor / KitKat man Katherina Petruchio

Scene 1: Father : i swear on my own life that Bianca is never to marry until her sister, Katherina is securely wedded! What will become of my beautiful daughters??? Scene 2: Petrichio just arrived to Padua from Verona and parked his motorcycle on the side of the road. Petrichio was standing by his motorcycle and was about to reach for his handphone in his pocket when suddenly a man approached and tapped him on his shoulder. Hortensio : Petrichio! Is that you? Oh my.. it is you! What brings you here to Padua my dear friend? Anything interesting that i should know of? Petruchio : Hortensio! (shake hands) i have just came to Padua in search of a wife. But, not any wife.. she must be pretty and wealthy. Do you know anybody with such qualities? Hortensio : (make a frown on the face and act like thinking) i think i do. But im not sure if you would want to marry her. Shes. Petruchio : Well? Shes what? Hortensio : Shes wealthy of course, but i dont know about being pretty and such. Shes just different. Full of anger and very impatient young lady. Petruchio : (cynical smile) that should not be a problem. I can change that. But, shes wealthy all right? Hortensio : Yes, very wealthy. Hortensio : (smile and speaks softly) If Katherina is married to Pertuchio, then Bianca is allowed to marry. I will surely be the one she chooses to marry. Petruchio : God bless you, Hortensio. Thank you for helping me. I will not sleep till I find and marry her Petruchio jalan cari Katherina sambil buat action naik motor n bunyi sekali.

Scene 2: Di taman depan rumah. Katerina sedang tarik Bianca macam kuda. Tangan Bianca kena ikat pakai tali. Bianca : Good sister. What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to me? How could you. Im not your slave. Please let me go. I beg you. Katherina! Are you even listening to me?! Let me go ! im warning you! Katherina: Boo hoo crybaby! Everybody loves you but not me! Biancas lovely, i must marry her. Biancas beautiful! Im in love with her! But dont you forget. Father said you are not to be wedded until i am! Sambil nangis minta kesian tapi Katherina tidak peduli. Dengan selamba Katherina tolak Bianca sampai terjatuh. Muka Katherina sumbung n pura2 tidak tau. Mother : Katherina...are you insane? That is your sister. Shame on you... apologise right this instant!

Mother keluar dan nampak Bianca jatuh. Dia tolong kasi bangun Bianca n buka ikatan di tangan tapi tidak sengaja tertolak lagi sampai Bianca terjatuh lagi untuk buat funny2.Bianca bangun n betapuk di belakang Mother. Katherina : I see. She is your treasure. You love her more than u do me. She must have a husband while i get to sit and weep on her wedding day watching her walk down the aisle. Everybody loves her but not me! I will revenge. Katherina marah dan lari masuk rumah. Bianca ikut masuk rumah. Mother menangis sambil lap air mata lepas Katherina cakap. Mother : Lord,Pity me...what on earth has gotten into that young ladys mind? Shes angry all the time for no good reasons! Hopefully there is a gentleman whod dare to marry Katherina. Ting! Tong! Doorbells rang Mother: And who can that be? It must be one of those men who come to ask for your hand in marriage my dear Bianca. Mother walks to the Main door and saw Pertruchio standing there. Pertruchio Mother : Good morning Madam. Is Katherina home? : Good morning. (puzzled look) and may i ask whos asking?

Pertruchio : Oh forgive me for my manners, madam. I am Pertruchio from Verona. I have come in search of a wife and i think Katherina is the lady to call mine.

Mother : Are you sure you are asking for the right person? You are sure it is Katherina youre seeking for to marry? Pertruchio Mother: : Yes madam. I am very sure it is her. But, we must discuss. Discuss?

Pertruchio : Yes, discuss. If ever i am to marry an angry lady such as Katherina, what would i get in return? I hear that no man in Padua would want to make her a wife for she is such a horrible lady. And i am sure Mr. Baptista himself has made an owe. If Katherina is not married, no man can marry Bianca as well. Mother Pertruchio : Yes, that is for a fact. So what do you have in mind Mr. Pertruchio? : what can you offer me dear Mrs Baptista?

Mother : My wealth. I am willing to offer you my wealth. I am the richest woman in Padua and i will inherit you half of my lands, my money, thousand boxes of gold, thousand cows, cats, dogs, birds, men, women and thirty thousand of my diamonds. They will all be yours. Petruchio : Well that should be more than enough... hhhhaaaa...Im rich....hahahaahha

Suddenly a loud grunt overheard and they saw Katherina standing behind them with an angry look on her face. Pertruchio smiled and bowed then Katherina buang benda mo kasi kena Petruchio tapi Petruchio sempat elak. Katherina buat muka meradang again and stamped her feet away. Mother Katherina: : Katherina! (calling out) I am not going to marry him! Tell him to go away or ill beat him to death!

Mother smiled and ushered Pertuchio into the house to the living room. Mother Petruchio : Please, do make yourself feel at home. Shall I call Kaherina for you? : Yes, why not? Id like to get to know the lady whom ill call my wife.

Mother masuk panggil Katherina. Katherina datang sambil jalan pelan2 dengan muka sumbung n begayaPetruchio stood up and tried to take Katherinas hand to kiss it. Katherina pulled away and slapped him. Pertruchio just smiled. Pertruchio Katherina : weak hands you have there, my love. : it is none of your concerns!

Pertruchio : oh what is that i see on your face? A pimple? Hahahaha. The shrew has a pimple on her face! Katherina : What did you just call me? A shrew? (turns away... Pertruchio makes faces behind her) And so what if i have a pimple on my face or any part of my body? It is not yours to care! Look deep into the mirror and just see how ugly you are with or without pimples! Pertruchio : The shrew is angry i can see that. And yes, i am calling you the shrew... not me alone.. but everybody else. Havent you known that my wife? Katherina : Wife? I am not your wife nor a shrew! Stop calling me those!

(Katherina starts attacking Pertruchio. Main tumbuk-tumbuk and then Pertruchio grabs her hands and grips her wrists hard) Pertruchio Katherina : and why ever not? You are going to marry me. : I surely will not!

Pertruchio : (stepped forward towards Katherina. Very close that Katherina was able to feel him breathe) and why is that? Katherina calm) Pertruchio Katherina Pertruchio Katherina: : (speaks nervously) i dont know you. (look away still scting

: well get to know me after the wedding. : you dont know anything about me : i can learn and will not stop until u love me more than urself. senyum malu2.

Pertruchio pushes her away hard and Katherina fell down. Pertruchio helped her up. Pertruchio : i am such a gentleman, arent I?

Katherina quickly got up and slapped Pertruchio hard. Pertruchio : Strike again and i swear ill kick you hard!

Katherina : How dare you! Go away, you terrible thin ugly man! And no! Youre not a gentleman! (yelling) Sambil cakap sumbung n menari2 hentak kaki. Petruchio : Are you mad? But you are already mad .. no... no...crazy is much suitable for you? are too angry...

Katherina and Pertruchio start punching one another again. Petruchio : now, Katherina be prepared. We are to wed on Sunday. Be beautiful and get that awful pimple off your face,please. You are to be my tamed wife and no longer a shrew. Katherina marah2 n lari masuk rumah. Mother keluar n cakap sama Petruchio. Mother : Is this true? Do you really want to marry my Katherina?when? on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...?? tell me when Buat lawak sambil nyanyi lagu Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and... Petruchio : Yes, no, yes, yes n yes my future mother in law. I will see you all again on Sunday. Prepare the wedding...and make it grand! Sambil ketawa kuat n jalan naik motor. Buat sound effect. Bianca datang sambil tepuk2 tangan gembira. Bianca : Oh, mother it is such a blessing that my sister will get married. life. No more bullies... go Manchester go...!! oops! Buat lawak sambil lompat2 sama Mother. (lompat pusing2 while screaming happily: Bianca: i can get married too mother!! Mother: Finally! My daughters are getting married!! (pusing2 again and laughing)

Scene 3 : Di taman. Hari perkawinan Katherina n Petruchio. Pakai baju lawa2. Pretend banyak orang datang. Mother Bianca : Bianca! Where on earth can that man be? He is an hour late! : Mother.. he must come! Katherina must get married!

Sudenly Katherina came rushing with tears in her eyes, screaming and yelling. Katherina : I told you mom!! I told you! He was just playing me for a fool! This is humiliating mother! This is all your fault! Your fault! I ahte you! . now everyones going to call me a mad woman who thinks that theres a man who would marry her! Mother : owh love.. . I cannot blame you. Im so sorry my dear. Now lets dance to ease this madness. Little man : Madam, Its a bad news madam...Do you want KItKat first?

Buat lawak kasi bingung orang. Suddenly ada bunyi hon and motorsikal. Mother : who can that possibly be? Is that Pertruchio? Has he come?

Petruchio tiba2 datang sambil lompat2 cari Katherina. Pakai baju funny2 apa ja. Petruchio : Where is my beautiful crazy bride? hahhahahha...

Katherina betapuk di belakang Mother. Mother halang pakai tangan. Mother : what on earth are you wearing ?? where is that tuxedo i sent you?! Shall I trust you to marry my Katherina? Petruchio : Well, you shall. She is not marrying me for my clothes but my love. Come Katherina lets get marry. Hahhaha... Sambil tarik Katherina n menari2. Suma orang menari2. Muzik boleh pasang. Habis cerita. -The end-