1. What images are created? 2. Are feelings, moods or emotions expressed? 3. Is the tone light, dark, angry, sad, wild or what? 4. Is the song produced in a modern studio, old one or live? 5. Is the sound raw and unfinished or slick and clean? 6. Is the tempo fast or slow? 7. What kind of rhythm:, smooth, jumpy, regular, or offbeat? 8. What instruments can you hear? What lead instruments? 9. What about the vocalists – leading and backing? 10. Is it smooth , easy or hard to listen to?

ii.Lyrics 1. What meaning does the title have? 2. Is formal, slang, poetic, or natural language used? 3. What words form the main meaning (e.g. people, actions? 4. What symbols are used? 5. Are words or phrases repeated? Any word patterns? 6. Do the lyrics have a basic subjects?

 Does the singer sing with irony or "straight" – from the heart?  What does your ear hear first?  Does your ear move to different parts of the song?  What is given strongest emphasis, e.g. words, rhythms, notes?  Are there internal conflicts or clashes in the song?  Do the lyrics and the music go together well?  Are certain words/ notes given special intonation?  Overall, how is the song composed/ organized?  Is there a unity to it or does it seem incoherent at first?  What is NOT in the work that you might expect to be?  What was your first impression of the song? Did it change?  What is unusual/atypical in this song? How does it differ?

 Why did the musician(s) create this song?  What set of symbols (words / sounds) create meaning?  What does the title of the song mean or suggest?  Does the song create a story or suggest a situation?  What kind of moods/ feelings was the artist trying to create?  What kind of ideas were the musicians trying to communicate?  What is the song criticizing or expressing about the world?  (Injustice, suffering, passion, joy?)  What does the song say about the main subject?  (e.g. Does it say love is good or bad?)  Is irony expressed in the song?

*(you may have to look at websites for these answers)
 What is the name of the musician who created the music?  When and where was it created?  Who listened to this kind of music and when?  What genre or type of music is it?  How was this music received when it first came out?  How is this music considered now?  Is this a 'dead' genre or is it still living in current music?  What other major events in history occurred at the same time this was created?  What did the musician say about the music in interviews? What did other people say?  In what ways does this music reflect cultural values?  What universal values does the work express?

 Do you like or dislike this piece of music?  Do you think it is a good quality, or is quality not

important in judging it?
 Do think it is an important piece of music?

Why or why not?
 Would you listen to this again? Why or why not?  What does this work mean to you personally?  Why did you react the way you did?  What does this kind of music have to teach us?

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