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IEEE Referencing untuk Word 2007 + 2010 Tidak banyak orang tahu bagaimana melakukan referensi yang tepat

IEEE pada Word 2007 atau 2010. Manfaat dari melakukan hal ini sangat besar baik bagi individu dan tim. Hal ini memungkinkan renumbering otomatis referensi, bibliografi penciptaan otomatis,serta menyediakan koleksi referensi Anda dalam satu file - bahkan ketika beberapa orang bekerja pada dokumen yang sama. Mari kita mulai.

Hal pertama yang pertama, download file di atas. Kemudian kopikan di folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12\Bibliography\Style Tergantung pada instalasi Anda mungkin di lokasi yang berbeda (misal di OS 64-bit) Matikan word anda dan hidupkan kembali, lalu jalankan langkah-langkah berikut :

With this selected we need to start by entering our first reference. So click Manage Sources. You should be presented with this dialog box. I filled it in with some information from a journal article but you could just as easily use a website, book, magazine, etc.

Creating a source for the first time After youre done, this reference will show up in your list of sources. As you can see I have many others (all related to this one word document). My methodology is to add to this list of sources as I go, rather than all at once at the end of a report. It proves much simpler in the end.

List of all sources available in this document Now, when I want to use one of these sources all I have to do is click Insert Citation (from theCitations & Bibliography section), and choose the citation I want. You should see a number appear encased in square brackets, *1+. Thats your first IEEE reference. You can repeat this as many times as you want with the same reference or new ones. When youre done youre going to want to create a list of references. Scroll down to the bottom of your

document and clickBibliography and then choose either one, it doesnt matter. I usually remove the words Bibliography and replace it with something less Artsy, like References (sorry Arts students but you had tons of reference styles to choose from off the bat, so youre lucky!).

Create a bibliography from your list of used sources Voil you should be very happy with your new IEEE style referencing in Word. Id like to mention, but wont go into detail, that with the software, Mendeley (my chosen research tool), you can get a word plugin that will do all of this as well. Its not as tight, but at least you dont have to enter in all your references details if it gets it from the citation. But thats not for this post anyways I will write something up on Mendeley and Word integration later. Happy referencing!