Mantra Recitation Three Essential Mantras For A KAR A ME DU TRI SU NAG PO ZHI ZHI MAL MAL SO HA, the visualization

is with Tonpa Shenrab, Peaceful Deity in the form of Sambhogakaya. Visualize yourself as Buddha and from your chest three lights emerge and imagine that they go to the Buddhas’ Pure Light and Wisdom; there are many, many Buddhas in front of you with Deities on the right and Dakinis on the left, with the lineage Masters of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen in the centre, and the Protectors. Just visualize this. Pray to the Divinities and think that they purify the Three Disturbances – external, internal and secret. The external disturbances are demons and enemies, something like this. Just pray to them (the Divinities) to protect you from enemies and demons. The internal disturbances are negative emotions, negative thoughts. When we go to meditate, our mind is too busy and disturbs our meditation, so we can’t focus. Sometimes we have too much attachment to material things, sometimes anger – these are internal disturbances, so pray to the Buddhas to purify them. The secret disturbance is Marigpa, Ignorance. If we have Ignorance, we can’t understand our Nature of Mind so we pray to the Gods1 and Buddhas and call them, ‘Please help, introduce me to the Nature of my mind, give me the power of Wisdom and purify my Ignorance’, something like this. After that, imagine that we offer the Buddhas whatever we could which is of good and excellent quality. Then the Wisdom of the Divinities dissolves into us. Afterwards, sound HUM-HUNG-HUNG… very loudly and for a long time and think that a dark blue, powerful HUNG is in your chest. Rays of lights spread from there and go to all sentient beings and purify their negativities, sadness, and illnesses. Imagine that they become as Light Gods and Goddesses2. Then the rays come back to your HUNG. Wisdom Fire, Wisdom Water and Wisdom Wind come to you from the Deities and purify you and all sentient beings. Then think that all sentient beings are reciting the Three Essential Mantras and recite them yourself. First chant them slowly a couple of times and then recite them quickly, but it is very important to visualize the HUNG. When you get ill or sad, you can visualize it and put all your sadness into the HUNG. Inhale and hold your breath a bit and then visualize that the HUNG comes out of the crown of your head and recite A KAR A ME DU TRI SU NAG PO ZHI ZHI MAL MAL SO HA. This can protect you from illness, or if agitation comes, and you can’t concentrate because many, many disturbances come, you can do this; this mantra is very, very powerful. Also, if you have some wound you can recite this mantra three hundred times and then blow on it and it will go. A KAR A ME DU TRI SU NAG PO ZHI ZHI MAL MAL SO HA A means the Nature of Mind; KAR means Purity and Perfection; A ME means Clarity and Wisdom;

DU TRI SU are (the seed syllables of) the Three Lower Realms; NAGPO means black, negative thoughts, negative karma; ZHI ZHI means that the sadness of Samsara dissolves, is purified and overcome; MAL MAL means happiness; SO HA means purification of wrong thoughts. Visualization is very important. You recite the mantra and think that all sentient beings are reciting these mantras with you. There is one funny story: a Master had two students and he sent them away to meditate. He told them they had to count the mantras they recited. But the first student couldn’t recite and count his mantras, so he just sat with his robe over his head and meditated. The other student recited very carefully and counted his mantras. Then one day he went and gossiped to his Master, saying that the other student was just sitting around with his robe over his head. So the Master called him and asked him what he was doing. He said, ‘Oh, I’m just visualizing all sentient beings reciting the mantra and being purified. I can’t recite and count my mantras’. So of course, the Master said he was the good student. When you recite A KAR A ME DU TRI SU NAG PO ZHI ZHI MAL MAL SO HA you visualize Tonpa Shenrab, but when you recite OM MA TR MU YE SA LE DU you use another Divinity, but you can also use Tonpa Shenrab because they are all Buddhas. OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU OM represents Tonpa Shenrab, Method, Yab; MA represents Satrig Ersang, Wisdom, Yum; TRI is the seed-syllable of Mucho Demdrug and purifies the suffering of the Hot and Cold Hells; MU is the seed-syllable Sangwa Nangring and purifies the sufferings of hunger and thirst of the Hungry Ghost Realm; YE is the seed-syllable of Tisang Rangzhi and purifies the sufferings of stupidity and obscurity of the Animal Realm; SA is the seed-syllable of Drajin Dönpung and purifies the sufferings of the Human Realm; LE is the seed-syllable of Chegyal Parti ad purifies the sufferings of fighting and imprisonment of the Demi-god Realm; DU is the seed-syllable of Yeshen Tsukphue and purifies the laziness of the God Realm. For AH A KAR SA LE Ö A YANG OM DU visualize Shenlha Ökar and then recite the mantra. AH A KAR SA LE Ö A YANG OM DU AH is the unmovable Essence of Wisdom; A is the Unborn Buddha Nature; KAR is Primordial Purity free from faults and karmic traces; SA LE is the Nature of Mind which is non-material and without doubts; Ö is the Liberation of wrong views into the Mind of Bodhichitta; A is the Liberation of objective reality into the Natural State; YANG is the Wisdom Wind which aids the realization of the Wisdom of the Natural State;

OM is the Five Bodies and the Five Wisdoms; DU is the Nature of Mind of Thigle Nyagchig – Single Point. Then there is also the Hundred Syllable Purification Mantra: SO MU YE TRÖ KHYUNG YE LAM/TRI THRI TAR DAR/SAL BAR Ö PAK RAM SO HA/ (Mantra of Nampar Gyalwa) SO MU RA TA HEN WER NI DRUM HRUN/MU TRE MU TRE MU RA MU TRE/MU YE MU YE HA RA MU YE/MU TRÖ MU TRÖ WER RO MU TRÖ/MU NI GYER TO YE KHYAB KAR RO/TRÖ DAL HRI HRO WER NI WER RO/SHU LA WER RO/NA HU TA KA/SHUD DO SHUD DO DU SHUD DO YA/SA LE SA LE TRI SA LE YA/SANG NGE SANG NGE SU SANG NGE YA/MU RA TA HEN/TRI TSE DRUNG MU/HA HA DRUM DRUM/HO HO LAM LAM/HUNG HUNG PHAT PHAT// SO represent radiant bright rays and lights of the Three Bodies; MU RA TA HEN represents Buddha Tonpa Shenrab Miwo; WER NI is Victory over the disturbances; DRUM is Mandalas and Pure Lands; HRUN is unchangeable stability; MU TRE MU TRE is the Body of Essential Nature and Dharmakaya; MU RA means that Buddha Tonpa Shenrab is the Body of Essential Nature and Dharmakaya; MU TRE is the source of the development all the Buddhas’ Wisdom; MU YE MU YE represents Sambhogakaya and the Five Certainties of Sambhogakaya3; HA RA is the Five Wisdoms; MU YE represents the Teachings from Sambhogakaya on the Stages of the Path of Swastikasattva and Accumulation of Merits; MU TRÖ MU TRÖ represents the Five Uncertainties of Nirmanakaya4; WER RO is the King of the Five Paths; MU TRÖ represents Emanations which give Teachings in countless realms to countless beings; MU is the Absolute Truth of the Essential Nature; NI is the Realization of the Ultimate Nature; GYER TO is the Realization of all phenomenal existence; YE represents all the Six Realms of beings; KHYAB represents the hundred thousand Emanation Bodies of Tonpa Shenrab which manifest in each of the Six Realms; KAR RO represents rays and lights of Compassion radiating into all the realms; TRÖ represents Swastikasattvas; DAL is purification of obscurations; HRI HRO is the development of Self-Aware Wisdom; WER NI WER RO represents the freedom from external, inner and secret disturbances; SHU LA WER RO is freedom from demons; NA HU TA KA represents all delusions; SHUD DO SHUD DO represents the Blessing Wisdom Nectar which purifies all delusions; DU represents anger which is the karmic cause for Hell; SHUD DO YA is the purification of anger which is the karmic cause for Hell; SA LE SA LE is Clarity and Wisdom-Clarity;

TRI represents attachment and desire which is the karmic cause for the Hungry Ghost Realm; SA LE YA is the purification of attachment and desire which are the karmic causes for the Hungry Ghost Realm; SANG NGE SANG NGE is Purity and freedom from karmic cause; SU represents ignorance which is the karmic cause of the Animal Realm; SANG NGE YA is the purification of ignorance which is the karmic cause of the Animal Realm; MU RA TA HEN is Tonpa Shenrab Miwo and one hundred thousand and one Buddhas; TRI TSE DRUNGMU is the Final Result, Buddhahood; HA HA is the Union of Wisdom and Method; DRUM DRUM is the attainment of the limitless Pure Lands; HO HO represents limitless emanations of Buddha; HUNG HUNG represents Compassion Emanations of Buddha Mind; PHAT PHAT represents Wrathful Activities of Buddha. Recite each mantra a hundred thousand times. Then at the end, it is very similar: the Divinities dissolve into a Bhindu and then that dissolves into the Natural State. Detail from Ngondro teachings by Ghese Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche

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