All judgments are situational and contextual.

There are various factors which may be beyond the ken of normal intellectual and logical thinking which may have been the cause of such action. Besides we cannot evaluate everything based on only modern socio ethical mores which by themselves are very often contradictory and keep on changing. Let us all remember that there is never a right or wrong. Something is so because it is how it is. yesterday i was listening to four wonderful conversations of Jaggi Vasudevji and in this particular lecture he was narrating about the Veerapan episode he said why were the media and govt creating so much of noise about and giving him unnecessary publicity. They said he killed some 500 elephants and therefore he must be shot , anyway he had to be shot for many atrocities he did,so shoot him. in fact he went on had he been doing the same thing a few thousand years back people would be worshiping him because as per well known tamil saying a person who kills 1000 elephants is a real hero so at least he was half hero . i always say that nothing is a taboo in life. what is a taboo today may become a trend tomorrow or may be a trend even today elsewhere. This applies to all areas of life and regarding evaluation please read a past entry in this group itself . Especially in Tamil Nadu it is a great fashion to make selective and prejudicial analysis and vindicate the acts of villains [ of two of the greatest historical stories imbued with inherent esoteric teachings and intrinsically valuable concepts] and portray them as heroes and questions the actions of real Heroes based on our limited perceptions. I was recently responding in a group about people flattering Karnan of Mahabahratha and questioning Krishna's scheming viz a viz Pandava's fight against

Karnan "I am astounded by seeing how people always run to local versions of mahaabhaaratham as an authority to support a most wicked villain. It is clearly mentioned in mahaabhaaratham, in karna parvam, when Dridharaashtra is told about Karna's death "That soothaputhra, relying upon whose might your son provoked hostilities with Paandavaas now lies dead". So that says who the villain is..... If that is not enough, I am copy pasting from another email from another member, the rebuttal from Krishna. there cannot be a greater authority than Krishna. Here is a brief description of the discourse (or rather admonishment) of Krishna to Karna:Karna reminds Arjuna that dharma requires him not to shoot when he is engaged in lifting the wheels of his chariot.Arjuna is in doubt and is seriously considering to take Karna's words. Krishna starts his questions:rAdhEya dishtyA smaraseeha dharmamprAyENa neechA vyasanEshu magnAnindanti daivam kukrtam na tu svam. (RaadhEya, you are remembering dharma now! This is the practice of rascals. Immersed in sorrow criminals ordinarily blame God. But they do not blame their own bad deeds.) yaddroupadeemEkavas trAm sabhAyamAnAyayEstva m cha suyOdhanascha duhshAsanaha shakunihi soubalascha natE karNa pratyabhAttatra dharmaha.

(Yourself, suyOdhana, DuhshAsana, Subala's son Shakuni all the four of you dragged Droupadi who was in a single garment. Karna, at that time, you did not remember dharma, is it?). yadA sabhAyAm rAjAnamanakshajnam yudhishtiramajaishe ecchakunirjnAnAt kva tE dharmastadA gataha. (Yudhishtira did not know akshavidya. This was known to Shakuni very well. He defeated Yudhishtira in the open court with vengeance. Where had your Dharma gone then?). vanavAsE vyateetE cha karNa varshE trayOdashE na prayacchasi yadrAjyam kva tE dharmastadA gataha. (After 12 plus one year of pAndava's forest life, you did not try to get them back their kingdom as per the agreement. Where had your dharma gone then?). yadbheemasEnam sarpaischa vishayuktaischa bhOjanaihiAcharattv anmatE rAjA kva tE dharmastadA gataha. (On your advice, dhuryOdhana got Bheema bitten by snakes. He fed Bheema with poison also. where was your dharma and adharma concepts then?). YadA rajasvalAm krishNAm duhshAsanavashE sthitAmsabhAyAm prAhasaha karNa kva tE dharmastadA gataha ( In the grip of DuhshAsana, Droupadi who was in menses was insulted by you. Did you not know that it was adharma and a criminal act? where was your dharma at that time?). yadanAryaihi purA krishnAm kleeshyamAnAmanAgas amupaprEkshasi rAdhEya kva tE dharmastadA gataha ( when the uncultured DhuryOdhana and others troubled Droupadi, you went near her and saw her with a bad eye. Did you not know that it is adharma at that time?)

vinashtAha pANdavAha krishnE shAshvatam narakam gatAhapatimanyam vrNeeshvEti vadamstvam gajagAmineemupaprEk shasi rAdhEya kva tE dharmastadA gataha. (You went near Droupadi saying, " pANdavas are destroyed. They fell permanently in hell. They cannot get up from there. So, marry someone else". So saying you went near her and looked intently at her face. You did not find that to speak like that to a respectable lady is adharma. Where was your dharma at that time?) rAjyalubdaha punaha karNa samAvyathasi pANdavAnyadA shakunimAshritya kva tE dharmastadA gataha (Being interested in the power, on the advice of Shakuni you brought pANdavas back from Indraprasta for defeating them again by deceit. Where was your dharma then?). yadAbhimanyum bahavO yuddhE jaghnurmahArathAhap arivArya raNE bAlam kva tE dharmastadA gataha ( Several great warriors rounded up and killed that boy who was alone. Where was your dharma gone then?) yadyEsha dharmastatra na vidyatE hi, kim sarvaThA tAluvishOshaNenaady Eha dharmyANi vidhatsva soota, taThApi jeevanna vimOksyasE hi. (The dharma that you are speaking of now was not there in your behaviour earlier. So, when you speak of that, your mouth alone will go dry. No other benifit would come out of it. You cannot escape with life today).

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