UK Request For Change (RFC

This change request form is to be used by anyone wishing to submit a Change Request (including Third Parties) and is to be completed for any work done which may have an impact upon a live service or item. The change requestor should complete Part A of this form by providing a summary of the change. The change implementer should provide full details including all technical details of the change in Part B of this form. Incomplete forms will be rejected if sent to Change Management.

Requester: Contact Tel:

TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CHANGE REQUESTOR Andy Prentice 07713101465       PICK FROM LIST Company: Contact Email: Implementer (If known): Country: Location (Site): BAT HCL Storage UK Aylesbury/Guildford

Date Change is required by: Priority\Severity:

Description of Change Summary of Change to be implemented, including End Market affected, where applicable (Full Technical Details of Change to be Included in “Implementation Plan” in Part B): Migrate the live Aylesbury G drives volume from Z2T3GBAYPLX99 SATA aggregate to Z2T3GBAYPLX98 SAS aggregate as a THIN provisioned deduped 2Tb volume: ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01 - move to z2t3gbayplx98 SAS, volume ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01, 2Tb thin provisioned. Please note thin provisioning on a 2020 only works upto 1Tb of data, so after 1Tb of data has been deduped the additional data will continue to be written but not deduped. The implementation plan needs to include: 1. New share to match the existing share. 2. New DFS target to the new share. 3. Removal of old DFS target. 4. Removal of old volumes and snapmirror relationships once work completed. 5. Snapmirror relationship and schedule set from Guildford to the new volume, schedule to match the current volume. So plan should be: 1. Create new thin provisioned, deduped 2Tb volume on z2t3gbayplx98. 2. Snapmirror from existing volume on z2t3gbayplx99 to the new volume on z2t3gbayplx98. 3. Create share for new volume. 4. Create new DFS target for new share set as disabled until the switchover. 5. Increase the DR volume at Guildford (glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay) to be 2Tb 6. At an agreed date/time with the business to avoid loss of data (out of hours) perform the necessary work to do the switchover to make the new volume/DFS target live (final snapmirrror updates, remove snapmirror from existing volume to new volume, DFS target switchover). 7. Make sure the snapmirror relationship is created and set the schedule from the new volume to the Guildford DR volume. 8. Once confirmed all OK by end market, remove the old DFS target completely, delete the original volume on z2t3gbayplx99. Reason for making the Change: The Aylesbury G drive is low on space, approx 70-80GB free. The SATA aggregate is at 78% utilised with only just over 400GB free space. The SAS aggregate on z2t3gbayplx98 is only 11% utilised and has 2.7Tb free, so it makes sens to move the G drive volume to the SAS aggregate. The switchover must be done out of hours to avoid data loss to the users. Are Comms required: Possibly, down to end market to decide. Does this Change relate to the resolution of ongoing issues? If so, please include any references here: Pick from list



Planned Start Date/Time:

Risk Analysis – ** Refer to Key, below BAT CHANGE MANAGEMENT REQUEST FOR CHANGE FORM V3.4

UK Request For Change (RFC)
Business Risk: Impact: PICK FROM LIST PICK FROM LIST Technical Risk: Affected Device/Service: PICK FROM LIST Aylesbury G drive not available whilst the switchover to the new volume takes place.

Provide Details of Business Risk:

What is the risk to the Business? What has been done to minimise the Business risk? Does this change affect the Disaster Recovery plans for the End Market where the change is taking place? What is the risk to the Business if this work is not carried out?

Minimal We have taken measure to make all the volume datas up to date yes

The Aylesbury G drive is low on space, approx 70-80GB free. The SATA aggregate is at 78% utilised with only just over 400GB free space. The SAS aggregate on z2t3gbayplx98 is only 11% utilised and has 2.7Tb free, so it makes sens to move the G drive volume to the SAS aggregate     

Technical Assessment Impact to Consumers: Is there an Impact to Consumers during the Change Window? Will the Consumers see any difference after the change? If yes, please provide a description Licensing Cost Monitoring Does this Change Require a License? If Yes, please supply the SR Reference. Minimal N/A


Cost of Change (if not covered by BAU support costs)
If this service is monitored, please confirm the steps that will be taken to ensure that monitoring tools are updated before and after the Change *Amendments are the responsibility of the implementer

Test Plan: Date of last Test Environment refresh from Production i.e. Refresh of representative data/ current code in Test Environment Has the change been tested in development? If so what were the results? Who carried out the development testing? Post Change Testing – What tests will be carried out following implementation to ensure the change has been successful? Who will carry out the post change testing? Do you require other support groups to test the change as part of this work? Implementation Plan Step by step actions that needs to be taken to implement change? 1) N/A

Snapmirror operation has been carried out by HCL onnumerous occation N/A N/A


UK Request For Change (RFC)
Requirement of other support groups in implementation of this Change? Which? 1)Log on to the filer Z2T3GBAYPLX98 create a new volume with name ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 with thin provisioned and size should be 2TB 2)make option fs_size_fixed option for the volume ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 to on. 3)Create a new QSM relationship between /vol/ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01/qtree_01 z2t3gbayplx98 SAS, volume ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 . /vol/ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01/qtree_01 with same options as between ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01 and glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01 4)Do not create any qtree at the destination volume and the destination volume must be online. 5)Initialize the QSM relationship that is between vol/ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01/qtree_01 z2t3gbayplx98 SAS, volume ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 . /vol/ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01/qtree_01 6)After the snapmirror is complete create a new volume 2 TB thin provisioned at the dr site at Guilford glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay_new and make the volume thin provisioned and make the value of option fs_size_fixed to on . 7)Create a new snapmirror relationship between volumes ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 and glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay_new with same option as the original snapmirror (ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01 and glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay_new) and initialize the same on Friday 6:00 pm after updating the qsm relationship .By doing this all the data should be updated (At day time the 8:00 amoption value of snapmirror.throttle.enable should be turned on at Aylesbury side and at night it should be turned off 6:00 pm during the final snapmirror relation ship) 8) once updated data reached at ayplx98_vol_sas_cifs_01 and glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay_new create two new shares with same options and create two new DFS links but do not activate the DFS links. 9)Once agreement for the user migration is avaialed we will activate the new DFSs after breaking the snapmirror relation ships (between Z2T3GBAYPLX99 and Z2T3GBAYPLX98 )and (Z2T3GBAYPLX98 and z2t3gbglplx99) . 10)delete old volumes ayplx99_vol_sata_cifs_01 and glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay 11)Put the new volume glplx99_vol_sata_gdrive_01_ay_new at month end NDMP backup and remove the old volume from backup.  12)User testing to be performed and verified that access working fine for the users.     System Details? If applicable version of software/hardware before and after the change 110      Is there any interaction with other systems/departments?            Is there fail over in place?            Is this a regular standard change i.e. it has been carried out successfully before? Out of Hours Contact (escalation contact details, name and number)? Does the change require any prerequisites i.e. backups needs to be completed?       .             N/A +91-9958001732 Bhavnish Kamboj N/A

UK Request For Change (RFC)
Back out Plan: Step-by-step Backout Plan We will disengage all the new snapmirror relationships and as we have not changed any of the original volumes and shares no data will be lost and hence all cifs access es will be running fine N/A N/A N/A instantly      

Has the Back Out plan been tested?            Reversion Time – Clearly indicate at which point the change will be backed out? Point of no return – at which point can the Change not be backed out? How long will it take to restore service back to normal ? i.e before the change was attempted If there is no back out plan please provide justification?

For any queries please contact the BAT UK Change Manager using the contact details below:

 @

Please use your local short dial code to contact the International Service Centre in Barcelona. Alternatively, call +34 936 207 605 Internal: Change Management UK External:

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