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20, 1999 Media Advisory m99-012 TODAY'S SUMMARY: NASA ANNOUNCES DELAY IN SHIPMENT AND LAUNCH OF CHANDRA OBSERVATORY NASA has no new video files scheduled for today. Note: Live Shot Today, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. - Astronaut Jeff Ashby with KMGH Denver, from JSC - Educational Topic See for NASA TV Schedule of News Events ********** NASA ANNOUNCES DELAY IN SHIPMENT AND LAUNCH OF CHANDRA OBSERVATORY Favoring a launch delay over risking failure on orbit, NASA announced today postponement of this month's planned shipment of its Chandra X-ray Observatory from prime contractor TRW Space and Electronics Group in Redondo Beach, CA, to the Kennedy Space Center in FL. As a result, launch will be delayed at least five weeks from the planned earlyApril date. TRW notified NASA of a potential problem last week after another spacecraft it was building experienced a failure during testing that was attributed to printed circuit boards similar to those aboard Chandra. The boards were made by BF Goodrich, Davis Systems Div., Albuquerque, NM, at approximately the same time. If engineers find that circuit boards in various parts of the spacecraft's command and telemetry units must be replaced, a more extensive launch delay may result. Contact at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC: 202/358-1727. Donald Savage

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