ALTA IR - 1105 - July 16, 2005 Part 1:ModelSpace - Change of Focus* Terra - Primacy State Change underway, Sun - Confusion

to Barely Restrained* Terra - Antarctica - Sparkling Mountain Illuminated from Below* Terra - New Lands* Terra - August Sloshing* Press - Boundary Foam* Markets - Oil - Paradigm Lost* Silver - Strength into a new beginning* Markets - Housing - Infatuation Turns to Confusion* Populace/USofA - Hog Covered in Mud* Bushista - BushWars - New Energy, Continuing Difficulties* Conclusion: Part 1* Universe Events: Analysis Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 07.16.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Data set distilled from 12.147 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

ModelSpace - Change of Focus At a meta data level our modelspace currently extends to 05.23.2006. Within the range, we have a level of definition which is available as a 'window of detail', sort of as though we have a magnifying glass which can be moved about in modelspace. While magnifying the area directly below it, we are necessarily obscured from seeing the 'big picture' approach to things. So while examining details, our vision is restricted. Usually it is our intent to examine details, but at the moment we can gain some interesting, and potentially profitable, information from a larger view of the modelspace itself. If we just step back, reduce our granularity, and examine things for a big picture approach, a few clues for larger, longer term trends emerge. Firstly, and in the immediate time frame, we find that a large(ish) emotive shift is developing which involves the Populace entities, as well as those entities with both financial, and political bases. This shift can be thought of as a general emotional tone movement of change. At the moment, and until about July 18th or so, the general tone could be thought of as 'union/unity/cohesion'. That is to say, that the general mood or content of the news is focusing on things related to the 'cohesion of individuals into social groups'. So while the news is still chaotic as ever in detail, we can note a general focusing on things 'legal', and things relating to 'political union'. We also note that this tendency toward a 'cohesion of social order' focus these last few months is the context in which the emotional distillation process is playing out. Over the course of the month of July, this emotional tone changes. Our new focus becomes fully settled in by August 12th in our modelspace, and can be characterized as 'military/army/contention'. Where our modelspace has been showing a 'social cohesion' focus for some months now, we are watching the dynamics of the meta data levels change as we progress the modelspace through this week's processing. We have enough data in place to say with certainty that this change of contextual focus will occur, is not an individual entity tipping point, and is still in existence as a meta trend to the extension of the modelspace range of May of 2006. So a very long term change of focus appears to be occurring at a meta data level. This change is seen to immediately affect things in the month of July as we transition to the new central focus for our emotive values. As we move through the emotionally rough period of July through to August 12th, by which our change seems to be set in place, we will have an emotionally tumultuous period as we collectively are apparently trying to put some level of closure on many 'cohesion' issues. Again, at a very meta data level, our accretion patterns and the extension of the emotional carry values conjoined to their emotional impact values show that from August 12th onward the emotional "tension" {ed note: carry values factored to impact values} is in a general building phase through the Summer and into Fall. We note that the "tension" values rise as we move forward through September, October, and November, and then the value ratios shift suddenly on or about December 3rd, 2005. After that, there is a brief period of building that lasts perhaps 5 or so days, then a very rapid release of all of the built up tension values in a long wave down. This release stage of the tension values {ed note : can be thought of as a period of emotionally charged change} is still involved as of May of 2006, and is still on the same 30 degree downward slope at that time. We need to note that while the "tension" values are building throughout the Fall, and into December, there is still the usual level of churn and thrashing to be expected. What the modelspace is clearly showing though, is that this normal level of churn on emotional release is contained within a generally rising emotional wave that seems to crest by end of September, and to hold through October, and November. True, there are releases to be seen within the patterns emerging, but these are a "single step back, two steps forward" sort of release of emotive values such that the over all trend is still for a rising "tension" value in the background. It is the general background level of "tension" which is released, according to our modelspace, on December 3rd, 2005. There after, it would appear to be a sort of 'two steps back, for each forward' sort of a

release. During this period we are still operating in the general emotional context of 'military' or 'contention'. War? Well, there are certainly a number of them currently so perhaps we are seeing a shift toward refocusing human interest in war. If we are lucky, this refocusing will allow us to examine war as a failed tool, and perhaps to get beyond it. Even so however, our modelspace is indicating some very large changes, perhaps even larger emotive shifts than were seen as a result of the Sumatra tsunami impacts. Below you will find a few charts. These are provided to give a visual flavor to some of the value relationships we see within our modelspace. What we have extracted here are the carry values divided by the impact values expressed as a decimal value indictor for "emotive tension". This ratio is then plotted against a series of day groupings. First we show the immediate period of July 9 through the 14th.

Chart 1. Next we have a chart that combines values from previous ALTA reports of this year {providing a reference point which can be linked to the past} which allows us to show from April 2005 through August of 2005. Please note that the last leg up in the chart below is also where we get our switch over in context from 'union/affinity' to 'contention/aggression' as the base tone for the context in which the entities play out.

Chart 2. In the next chart, we take a view of the Summer into the Fall as the emotive values accrue.

Chart 3.

In the next chart below please note the shift in scale perspective, the Y axis has been extended in range. Even so, the movements within this chart are very large.

Chart 4.

A few points to note about the above charts. First, these are but two of nearly 640 potential values for any word or grouping of words. These two values, carry value and impact value are filled for most of the words that we see. Our word descriptor set is composed of a multi level array of values such that we have 640 possible emotional descriptors assigned to a word or phrase. Most words have less than half of the value sets populated. So, to return to the charts above, remember, these are but two of many different variables as descriptors of emotional sums. The above values are the sums for those days, in carry values, and impact values which are then summed and the carry value is divided by the impact value which produces the data point seen as the blue dots in the lines above. We have to note that these are a few of the values which are used to move the modelspace forward which in turn progresses the entities through the modelspace and the accretion of new values over time, thus revealing change. Clear as mud?

Anyway, the charts above do not have the same Y value scale, so be careful in comparisons. Also we should point out that the large shifts in the values showing up in the July 18th region are the points of completion as the 'union/cohesion' tone value is transiting to 'aggression/military'. We also should point out that the period of December 3 2005, while still within the 'military' influence, we are observing that much of the movement on carry value and impact value comes from word sets relating to 'wounding' and 'death'. More of this is presented later in the report series. As a tool for comparison, chart 5 below shows the winter period of 2004/2005 with the same emotional tension values recreated from our saved sums set. This chart does not have the granularity that we would desire, but still can be used to demonstrate how large an emotional tension step is seen as pending for December of this year.

Chart 5. Terra - Primacy State Change underway, Sun - Confusion to Barely Restrained Within our Terra entity, and expressing a similar ratio to the above, we have a value set which is the sum of the various emotive descriptors going toward current and moving emotional tone, divided by those descriptors going toward impact and intensity values. So the formula would have carry value + motivational value + pressure value { and others} divided by impact + intensity + currency {tonality separate from word derivation} {and others} all of which sets the primary state of the entity. The primary state value sets our 'emotional tone' within the entity base. This primary state is affected by the accretion of aspect values which in turn are affected by the sum of all their supporting attribute values. At the moment the Terra entity is undergoing a primary state shift. While we have seen some fracturing of the various views around the now undeniably visible changes to the planet, it would appear that as a whole, the various voices of dissent regarding the existence of 'rapid/radical' changes to climate and the planet will find themselves very isolated. Our primary state value is coming into the series as a 36 which is at the low end of the scale from 1 to 179 inclusive. An artifact of our initial programming in this vein has us reading the primary state scale from 1 to 179 with the lower numbers representing the higher level of values. So at the moment, we are at a 36. But as we move the modelspace forward through the Summer, we find that the state value drops to 12 by September. As a point of reference, if one examines Chart 3 above, you will note that a upward step of some significant proportions is indicated for our emotive tension values around that time. What we have emerging within the Terra entity for that period contributes to that value set, and the jump shown in the chart. The Terra entity, through the accretion of aspect/attribute values over the course of this first processing for the 1105 series, is seemingly indicating that a period of 'calm contemplation' which can also be interpreted as 'ignorant peace' is coming to an end. We note that many of the Terra entity's weather and climate related supporting aspects are clearly stating that during this "Summer" the 'Fall' will arrive. While not indicating an actual planet shift to the point of the autumnal equinox, the language is clearly stating that 'what is Fall/autumn {will be} manifest/experienced {in} Summer'. Further we note that the whole of the climate area of the Terra entity is undergoing significant change over in language values for intensity, impact, and carry forward sums. It would appear that recent MSM and internet related news sources are making an impact on the mass consciousness as our values for intensity when extracted from the [concern/worry] lexical set are indeed rising.

We note that the Terra entity has had a very large accretion of aspects/attributes sets indicative of more people discussing more aspects which Fall within the descriptor set which composes the Terra entity. This accretion is itself rising at an increasing pace which contributes to the emotional intensity value set. These go to supporting the notion of a currently underway change of primary state relative to how the population is viewing Terra. Our data is also indicating that some 'attempt to hide the sun' from the 'view of the crowd' will be undertaken within the context of the shift in primacy values. A reasonable interpretation might be that political forces will attempt to 'cloud over the face of the sun' to 'mask the role' that it plays in the current state of affairs here on earth. Of course one could also interpret this to mean a huge chemtrail spraying effort to actually mask the face of the sun. In either case we have to note a very large lexical set that is associating 'officialdom' with 'fear'. This is a bespoke fear so the interpretation is not a 'fear of officialdom', but rather a 'bespoke fear *by* officialdom'. Taken in relation to our Terra primary state shift, and the rise of the [sun] aspect over the last few years, as well as the current values going toward an attempt to 'hide/deny' the sun, we can take it that a likely occurrence will be the MSM {main stream media} reporting a bespoke fear from an official regarding the sun. Due to the cross links connecting this area of Terra to the Populace/USofA, and the Bushista entity, and due to the supporting aspects in each, it would appear that during the 'autumnal troubles' that will beset the Bushistas, one of the officials will express a 'private fear' in a 'public setting' which will 'create a cascade {of} unintended consequence'. Further, this 'small error/slip' on the part of the 'official voice' is seen as a key or pivotal element in a significant way to the tension buildup expressed in the Chart 3 above. As we move the modelspace forward into Fall, we see that the area of the Terra primary state shift moves it toward a state of 'alarming insight' which could also be translated as 'shocking awareness'. This is the emotive impact summation that Terra will be presenting by Fall according to the current aspect/attribute sets processed. Of course this will change as more of the data set for the run is folded in, however the primary state shift here is heavily cross linked to both Bushista and Populace/USofA in this area so the inclination is to interpret this 'alarming insight' as arising from the developing circumstances as well as the 'private fear' of the 'official of record'. In any event, the resulting motivational value, which is to say a number placed on the word that indicates its participation within the process of motivating a human to action, begins to scale along with the rise of the 'alarming insight' value within the Terra entity. Thus we can conclude that the 'insight/awareness' which is 'received with suddenness' will likely manifest as behavioral pattern shifts. Since there are continuing cross links to Markets, and specifically within the [housing] area, we can still maintain that an environmental or climate event will push the masses into behavioral change over the course of Summer and into Fall. We yet have our timing issues which are always a little off, but the area here is still maintaining that events will proceed through a choppy Summer, and then on the equinox, an event which causes a couple of rapid, and largish jumps in emotive tensions. Again, we see that the failure of the 'attempt to hide/deny the sun' will be one of the triggers for the 'shocking awareness' which in turn moves the Populace/USofA entity into a much more advanced state of tipping point. Bearing in mind we do not yet see the Populace/USofA entity actually completing any of the tipping point processes which apparently have begun and are still percolating internally. Continuing with the examination of the [sun] as an aspect within the Terra entity we note that the recent flares and 'upsettedness/unsettledness' of the sun was accurately detailed in ALTA 605 and 905. We also note that currently we are still seeing an aggregation of aspects/attributes indicative of a large change of perception relative to the sun. We have indications that the sun is still very active, and likely to actually accelerate the manifestation of the activity. This does not bode well for stability of the solar system. As the sun releases energy, and as the rest of the solar system absorbs it, change will occur. Our model is indicating that the level of change will increase to the point where it will 'visibly shock/halt' the Populace/USofA. This is viewed from a three way cross link between Terra, sub aspect of [sun], and cross links from here to both Populace/USofA and Markets. In the Markets terminating cross link we find that 'external change/movement {of the} sun, induces stoppage'. At a meta data level, we have had a churn rate of 50% in the [sun] aspect lexical set. Further our set now describes a more 'robust, movement, charge' in which 'old constraints/restraints' have been lost. The data

further suggests that the sun is now 'moving from confusion' {noting that indeed the dominant attribute of the [sun] aspect has been (confusion) for these last 2 years} toward 'expansion/outward movement'. The ratio of 'expansion/outward movement' is shown within the data to be '2/3rds -two thirds internal, 1/3rd - one third external'. Now the bad part is that the external part of the impact is cross linked back to Populace both USofA and GlobalPop where the terminating descriptor is 'bloody' supported by 'tears/grief'. Terra - Antarctica - Sparkling Mountain Illuminated from Below We have a curious set of circumstances developing within the Terra entity around the Antarctica subset. Within the subset we note that certain descriptors are rising. As has been noted back in previous ALTA reports of this year, the 'inner fire' of Antarctica was seen as a rising aspect which developed fully populated attribute sets over the course of the processing of several of the ALTA reports. Basically we thought that the descriptor set should have been translated or interpreted as a 'volcano' which is how we have presented it. Now certain information arising as data points within the data capture make us reconsider that interpretation. We now have a very large component of the Antarctic data set growing around a set of rumors. We also have a new, and curious set which is arising separately but intriguingly is also metaphorically pointed in the same direction. In taking the latter case first, what we have is a very poetic group of lexical aspect/attribute sets going toward images of 'city beneath the ice', and 'silver carpet, thin, sun heat', and 'silver threads, thin, light/voice/image'. A number of other aspects/attributes go on to describe a 'small valley, several hills, city gently sweeps all, over crest toward mountain'. Further we find that 'beauty deep, reflected out of ice', and 'simply white, blown off , adorable, enchanting, winged flying seats, fly over second and third valleys'. Also attached are 'simplicity friend, thin line, light down road, energy expended, ice above, heat below'. There are several hundred more such references all in the same sort of vein. What is curious though is that we have a developing capture of a number of 'rumors' that a brisk trade is developing in satellite images of Antarctica, especially the infrared, ultraviolet, and radar. According to the rumors, the reason that the images are so sought after, even or especially by the commercial interests, is that they reputedly show a 'very large, rectilinear, structure or structures, at the base of a mountain and buried under nearly 2 miles of ice'. Further, according to the rumors, there is USofA military involvement, a rush to 'collect' all the images which are out-and-about, and the establishment of very large roads, and military support structures by the USofA in Antarctica presumably near the under-ice structure. We also have a continuing issue with the data around Antarctica in both location as possibly being involved with a 'plate shift' as has been noted since the early ALTA report series of December 04/January 05. Within our Antarctic associated data set we still find that the suggestion is for some form of 'heating/inner fire' to begin a series of events which will 'alter the land form'. Specifically associated with 'Victoria' and may be referencing 'Victoria Land' , are hints of 'earthquakes' and 'rumbles, washes' associated with 'distant movement' and the 'emergence/activation' of 'inner fire'. Within this most recent processing we have added considerable summation value weight to the 'inner fire'. That area has now expanded to include 'immense energy' and 'incredible power', both of which are associated with 'inner fire' as rising supporting aspect/attribute sets. We also have a specific references to 'moving to double', and 'rising energy lights night'. Terra - New Lands The Terra entity continues to indicate that areas of new land will actually rise. This has been in the entity since the February data set, and may now be referencing the recent underwater volcano activity along the Honshu Ridge near Iwo Jima. The data set also has a large set of geographic references for the Caribbean basin area, again, linked to 'land rising', or more poetically as in the attribute set 'rising mountain rests overlooking steaming waters'.

Much of the 'rising land' values have their carry value take them out to the December period and this may well participate in the release of the emotional energy seen in the charts above. Note that this particular area suggests also that 'bloody tears will flow' so the whole thing of rising land is also likely to bring chaos and havoc to the region. This idea of some level of confusion is also reinforced within the data set in that we see the 'distribution of received gifts {will} go badly'. Further, 'problems with distribution of expected gifts precipitate relocation'. This last is the lead aspect/attribute set for a fully populated supporting set going to the idea of wholesale relocation of population due to 'dangers, inducement of bloody tears, no restraint, many boats, hands, feet'. There are also some indications that 'landing in the south, north over the hills', but this last is clearly pointing to the Caribbean Sea/ Gulf side of Mexico. The other indicators are for 'wave born, carried, moved'. As of this point there is no indication directly for tsunami or earthquake, but one could postulate that rising land might create a bit of each. The Terra entity has continued to hold that several 'new lands' would emerge, and we have had persistent threads for 'rising land' as though coming up from the oceans. The data set is continuing to accrue values in each processing. This perhaps is supportive of a December or winter event or manifestation. However we also need to point out that new volcano activity reports are actually popping up everywhere so to be too centered on the Caribbean may well miss sight of other areas, again, such as the Honshu Ridge. Terra - August Sloshing Associated with no particular or localized area, but sort of a general trend, and mostly identifiable through cross links from the Populace entities, we have an area that we will just consider the 'August Sloshing'. In the same vein as our 'SummerTime Shakes' as was reported in ALTA 405/605, we have a general area of water related, emotive impact for August. The primary supporting aspects/attributes go to the idea of 'extreme tidal rises' and some level of 'lost land'. The geographic areas referenced extend over large parts of the planet and may be indicating a pretty much global event. The impact, though coincident with the August 18th period and the rising tension values, does not drive that rise as seen in the charts. It merely tracks it and provides some of the inputs to the period.

Press - Boundary Foam Over the course of the rest of July, as is actually mirrored within Chart 2 to some degree, the 'discourse' from the Press entity is suggesting that the 'rebellion' aspect which rose to primacy within the Press entity this past spring {ALTA 405/605}, will be 'pushing foam'. An unusual aspect to be sure, but the supporting aspect/attribute sets for this new and rising aspect within 'rebellion' suggest that the 'boundary layers {will/are} eroding, skin raw'. It appears that a number of subjects, including climatic breakdown will be reopened and will appear as leading themes within the MSM. We note that this period of 'foam' being 'pushed {to determine its} extent' is to continue in full force through to about our August 18th shift completion period. At that point the larger meta data shift from 'cohesion' as the driving metaphor to 'aggression/militancy' will be complete, though nascent and not yet fully populated. Still we find that the Press entity will be exploring new limits, as well as 'removing old cloaks'. Much of this area cross links back to Bushistas as may be expected, so we can safely interpret a very lively Summer leading into a very very tension building Fall. However, as we are seeing that one of the primary characteristics of the descriptor set goes toward the idea of 'foaming/foam' we can also infer that a certain amount of 'thrashing around' or 'return to confusion/contradiction' will also arise. This may arise, perhaps, as indicated by the lexical set to 'duels' which will play out in the Press as two or more competing 'sides' try to sell their version of events or stories. In the end however, it would appear that there is yet a small chance that the Press entity will regrow a backbone from the 'foam' and 'thrashing' of this Summer.

Given the nature of the data sets, it would appear that at least through the rest of July, and up to perhaps mid August, the Press will be much occupied with much with which to be occupied. Likely many stories and versions of claims of importance will be out there competing for attention. Much of what will be reported and presented will be spurious, or ms-understood. This is specifically referenced within the Press to Terra cross links. Further we do note that the Press entity will climb out of the 'confusion' of Summer to a much more focused Fall. Not that this is good, just will be different. Markets - Oil - Paradigm Lost Within the Markets entity, and cross linked extensively to the Press entity and its 'boundary foam' we have the sub set relating to all things 'oil' and 'petroleum based energy/products'. Within this section we are noting a very rapid level of emotional value summation churn in which many of the attributes are changing and, in the process, ramping up the summation values. At a meta data level, especially as this is seen as adding to the Fall tensions, we can postulate that perhaps the Peak Oil premise makes some substantial headway in acceptance among the population. This is a possible interpretation given that our aspects/attribute sets are running at a 80+ per cent churn rate. As these are being replaced with higher emotive summation values we can safely interpret that a 'view change' is coming, which will lead to behavioral change, and that further, given the progression seen in the Fall and Winter charts above, we can speculate that much of this view change will play out over the course of this fall as the subject of 'oil' participates in the shift to 'aggression/militancy'. The data sets also have a new aspect/attribute set going to the idea of 'success or failure, now lost, never return'. This is itself cross linked over to Populace/USofA where it terminates in 'never return {to} former views/methods/ways'. And within this area of Populace/USofA, we also see a reinforcing 'success lost, failure not of immediacy'. In both cases the 'success/failure lost/gone' emotive descriptors come back to a view of 'significant change, return not possible'. As we have noted in prior successful interpretations, these sorts of transitional phrases are indicative of large scale perceptive shifts. Our title of 'paradigm lost' is reflected within the aspect/attributes such that the image is one of a period in which the 'old rules {for} calculating success or failure {are} lost/cast off/discarded'. In this period, apparently a 'new structure' for 'allocation/distribution' will be 'naturally rising'. Again though, this must be taken in the context of the meta data shift from focus on 'cohesive' factors to those for 'aggression/competition/militancy'. Within such a framework, perhaps a wiser interpretation of the lexical sets would be toward the loss of actual production or distribution systems rather than infrastructural changes. Such an interpretation would indeed fit within the current global context of violence and strife. Silver - Strength into a new beginning Our Silver entity is still separated from the rest of the Markets components and acting independently. At this point is it in hover mode and is just bumping along with the rest of the Markets crowd through the summer months. However we have acquired a new dominant aspect in this set of processing, that is 'strength {into} new beginning'. This aspect rose from the separation thread, is the summation of a very highly emotive carry value, and motivational value. Both of these suggest that *independent of price* there is nonetheless something of a silver run or rush-to-physically-possess manifestation occurring. The emotive sums for silver as a commodity stay high as the modelspace is progressed through summer, and some time in our July 18 to August 12th period as we shift from 'cohesion/union/law/legal' focus over to 'aggression/competition/militancy', the Silver entity takes two, distinct upward steps. AGAIN, please note this is still independent of pricing moves as both the precious metals markets and the currency markets are heavily controlled. What we are referring to here is an emotionally based motivation to possess, which we presume in a free market would be expressed in price rising. Our emotional lexical clues which go into supporting this entity are now shading toward a slight tinge of 'desperation', or perhaps more accurately expressed as seen within the attribute set 'desperate eyes, sweating, view horizon, darkening'. Not a reassuring image, but one that does encapsulate the developing 'tone' of the entity. All is not right in silverland, and there are apparently some persons who are aware of this, and are becoming increasingly motivated to possess silver. The extension of the lexical set from above has the attributes suggesting that something 'to be seen {on the} horizon, frightens'. So we are seeing bespoke fear words within the lexical

set. These always raise our motivational scores, and nothing moves humans like fear. These lexical sets are acquired in the same period as the Silver entity two-step upward. Again, this must be set against the transitioning period which is under way at the moment from 'cohesion/legal' to 'aggression/competition' as meta drivers. It would be well within the current trends to suspect that some geopolitical "issues" will arise with side effects such as the suspension of mining or refining. We also have to note that even within the two-steps up, we have a situation where the Silver entity is carrying an aspect/attribute thread toward 'restrained energy' and 'emotional potential bridled'. Within this area we see that the 'core {is being} restrained, control over potency'. Further within the structure, with accretion around the August 18 area we see that 'dangerous position', and 'accumulation of energy must be spent/released'. And in support of this latter, we have a further attribute set of 'advance no further, targets exceeded'. Then, just as the Silver entity takes its first step up *AGAIN, NOT NECESSARILY PRICE*, the emotive values bring in descriptors for 'good horses, good run', and 'difficult path, rocks, debris, danger, success {to the} aware/cautious'. We also find that during this period, which will run into or coincide with the emotional tension rises of the Fall, we see that the lexical values moving the Silver entity read as 'urge training, control expenditure of energy', and again a cautious note as 'dangers overcome by careful steps in risky path, success, prosperity at all levels {to those} aware, swift'. Markets - Housing - Infatuation Turns to Confusion If the lexical values we have acquired are any clue, the issue of a housing bubble will be settled this summer. Our Markets entity, [housing] sub section has a new rising, dominant aspect of 'confusion', which is taking over from 'infatuation'. We note that the 'confusion' will 'push backward, ten years'. And that 'help sought, mediator appointed', the 'events proceed, tears aside'. Our [housing] aspect also has 'honorable request is denied' which leads to a 'ten years retreat'. This in turn has 'marriage postponed'. Much of the new language being added to the Markets entity, [housing] sub section is coming in during our tumultuous period of July 18 though August 12th. We then see a small gap followed by a period which joins in the general mood of rising emotional tensions already shown for this Fall. This period of rising emotional tensions for [housing] is being impacted by both our energy associated areas and by areas suggesting that mood within the Populace entities, beginning with the USofA sub group, will begin to turn 'sour' relative to some events of August, and that this 'sour taste, displeased, no action' period will kick start the rising tension of Fall. We also still have cross links back from Terra entity, [weather] sub aspect, to the [housing] section of Markets. In following both threads, the terminating aspects/attributes are suggestive of weather relate loss of land which in turn 'precipitates motion, relocation, abandonment'. It begins, once one gets further into the attribute set, to seem like a case for planetary changes causing social relocation, which causes economic disruption. All based around housing. Populace/USofA - Hog Covered in Mud Throughout the month of August, and moving along with our Fall emotional tension building line, the Populace/USofA entity gains a new aspect which grows in influence on the entity as we progress through Fall and into Winter. This new aspect is simplistically titled 'hog covered in mud' which rises from its aspect/attribute set, but it represents a very complex structure with nuance which needs to be examined in relation to the overall change in background emotive stance from 'cohesion' to 'aggression'. Our 'hog covered in mud' also contains a parallel aspect/attribute image of 'observing confused spirits contend'. As both aspects are from the same descriptor set, merely differing by which sums are used, the Populace/USofA entity seems to be suggesting that the 'class wars' will be heating up. By taking the duality expressed within the Populace/USofA entity juxtaposed against the background of aggression, we can read

the developing changes in Populace/USofA {which reach to near tipping point conditions} as being indicative of further splits in the population. In our lexical sets, in support of the above, there are aspects/attributes which go to 'relative against relative', and 'wounding his brother, confused with a hog covered in mud'. The supporting sets suggest that conditions will be 'stirred in the pot' by the 'leaders, incite pack'. These are further amplified with suggestions that the leaders will find 'solice {in} agitation amongst the dogs'. One interpretation is that the "leaders" are more comfortable with inter-pack fighting as at least it means the pack is not coming after them. Our Populace/USofA entity, which has been getting near to reaching tipping point after tipping point through the months of late spring, and early summer, apparently continues the trend of almost-but-notquite-there throughout the late summer and into Fall. We note that the Populace/USofA entity is a large driver of the emotive tension charts above. And our accretion of tipping point threads within the Populace/USofA entity which never quite seem to tip over and complete continues along with the rise in the intensity values as we move into Fall and Winter. Bushista - BushWars - New Energy, Continuing Difficulties Beginning with the transition period shown in Chart 2 as arriving around July 17th, we have a confluence of cross links for the Bushista entity. Much of these links center on the BushWars waging around the planet. The new accretions show that 'new energy' will be coming into the conflicts. This is against our background shift into the 'aggression/militancy' mode. This 'new energy' is seen as being more 'participants/partisans', and does not bode well. The data suggests that the 'selection of leaders' is seen as being 'in doubt' or 'with doubts raised'. Now the links back to the Populace/USofA and the Press, suggest that a 'window of storm' will open up for the Populace/USofA in which a new appreciation of the view of the Bushista and the USofA will emerge within the populace of the country. This is also heavily cross linked back to the lexical descriptors for the BushWars, and much of those links are negative in most value sets. As the charts would seem to show, the Bushista entity is also suggesting that a very 'embattled, surrounded' organization will be in 'standstill' mode through the summer, but that as we go through August and into September the tensions build. Then a real tone of 'serious intent', and 'serious consequence {for} failure' show up beginning in late October. All of this emotive tension continues to build with only partial and small releases until we again get into the December period. The Bushista entity shows a very large step downward on December 3, 2005. There after a smallish step back up, only to be followed by a series of large steps downward. Much of the data for the Bushista entity is cross linked over to things 'military' within the Populace/USofA entity. These cross links are continuing to build throughout the Fall as we see the actions of this entity step along parallel to the general tensions building within the other entities and as shown in a much more general fashion by the charts above. The 'continuing difficulties plague {the} steps' of the Bushista entity as the modelspace is moved through summer and into Fall, but we note that the real tensions do not start building until late in September. While the tensions at this time do not move the charts up much, the lexical sums from other areas are very high, and cause large movements within the modelspace for the entity as a whole. Conclusion: Part 1 The data gathering for this run is on going, and the individual 'grabs' or 'reads' are coming back well populated which is always suggestive of waves of change. The levels of stability seen in our data sets prior to July of 2001 just seem to no longer exist. At this point while we have many other entities and much more data to examine, we also note that our emotive values charts above indicate that July 17th through 19th will

be involved in an 'emotional tension spike' and so we thought to push for a July 16th posting to as to provide at least some heads up...purely for entertainment purposes of course. Circumstances allowing, processing for Part 2 starts tomorrow, July 17th with the expectation that Part 2 will be posted by noon Sunday, July 24th.

Universe Events: Analysis From MSM {main stream media} reports: Malaysia moving west since December's tsunami quake 7-4-05 KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia has been shifting west instead of the usual east since the huge December earthquake that produced a deadly tsunami, with Langkawi island moving as much as 18 centimetres (seven inches). Survey and Mapping Department director general Hamid Ali told the New Straits Times that the southern tip of Johor on the Malaysian mainland had shifted two centimetres to the west. The Sunda Plate on which the peninsula sits normally moves east by three centimetres every year, but the seismic event was now dragging it in the opposite direction, he said. "At present, the change is not significant enough to require a new map to be drafted," Hamid told the daily. "We do not know exactly when the movement of the peninsula will stop, but estimate it could be another 18 months before the Earth's crust settles," he said. Hamid said another two major earthquakes in the quake-prone region could cause another substantial shift in the Malaysian peninsula. His figures were obtained from the Malaysia Active GPS System (MASS) network of global positioning stations in 18 locations around the country, he said. ### That Malaysia is now going west, in the opposite direction from presumed 'normal' tectonic plate flow is significant in two very important areas that we have not seen explored elsewhere: first to be considered is the most immediate, that is, that westerly motion is indicative of pressure being removed from the far western edge of the Pacific plate. This would tend to suggest that Pacific plate based earthquakes will rise as further pressure is released in one area and other areas compensate. The second important area of consideration is that the Indo-Australian plate cracked, separated slightly and then Malaysia starts moving west, toward the newly revealed crack in mid-plate. It is very curious that a rip in the plate of nearly a 1000 kilometers yet also realizes a reversal of plate movement. It is as though the planet has expanded at some large level deep within and the skin of the earth is now stretching to accommodate the new diameter. This would seem to support the 'plasma expansion model' of planet earth's energy systems. What ever the cause, if the effect of some of the earth changes is an expansion of the core materials, then expansion, and cracking and shifting of the surface skin of continents and oceans would also be expected.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1105 - July 23, 2005

Part 2: Terra - Sun - Redoubles* Terra - Oceans - Disturbance of the Balance* Terra - California - Obstacles and Limitations* Bushista - Difficult Row to Hoe* Bushista - BushWars - Withdrawal Snafu* Markets - Ripe Fruit Drop and Rot* Silver - Relaxation to Increase* Populace/USofA - Rove - Multiple of Four* Press - Looking for Union* Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 07.23.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Data set distilled from 21.921 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Terra - Sun - Redoubles The current processing has presented us with a very static, albeit temporarily so, view of the Terra entity and its driving force. The data has [sun] showing up both as driving aspect and dominant attribute within the aspect support set. The implication is that the summer will bring out our understanding of the [sun] as the driver for all things energetic here on earth. This includes the [wind] which has a supporting attribute set which goes toward 'wind driven {by} sun, summer heat, winter storms'.

The data set for [sun] aspect within Terra entity also contains a curious 'double double' or a "redoubles" as we are interpreting it. This area goes to the idea that large solar energy fluctuations are now appearing {specifically through July} which apparently will be 'doubled, again' in August. The indications are for a solar energy 'outpouring' which is seen as 'going to ground', or 'grounding out' here on earth. The lexical clues are pointing toward more energy equaling more oddities in so far as weather and, potentially, earthquakes are concerned. The [sun] focused data set is also starting to accrue aspects/attributes which suggest that some very large scale impacts will arise due to 'magnetic problems' here on earth. The cross links from this area to both Populace entities as well as the Markets entity suggest that the magnetic impact of the sun redoubling will also have an economic impact. Within the Populace entities are suggestions that 'sun activity {will} produce layoffs/terminations' and that as we move into Fall, even 'shutdowns' for factories and production facilities. Within the [sun] area of the Terra entity we have the structure seen arising in ALTA 405 which relates to the 'heat columns' which were viewed as the proximate cause for a 'weather {flow} reversal'. This structure is still evident as are the actual 'heat columns' which are now in place over the continental USofA as well as Europe and parts of Asia. These 'heat columns', within the modelspace, are seen as 'beginning/initiating the difficulties'. Further they are viewed as 'insurmountable difficulties, steadfast/standstill, held overhead' which will have many impacts. For one immediate impact both within our modelspace and the actual manifestation, we note that food production is already being affected globally by these 'heat columns'. Within our data new areas of accretion suggest that the 'oceans, heat rising, pole to pole' will also suffer these 'heat columns'. Further the data is pointing to humans having to 'wrestle with planetary physical forces, life at risk'. Then further on in the supporting aspect/attribute sets for this area we note that '{the} earth {will be} unable {to} let heat go', and that 'water flows {currents} cease, lakes pool in oceans'. And again we find that 'oceans still, heat swamps'. What is very disconcerting about this element within the data set is that actual reports of ocean current shutdowns are surfacing {no pun intended} and that such ocean current cessations have now affected the Pacific ocean as well as the Atlantic, both north and south. The suggestion from the data may be very accurate, that is, that without the ocean currents to 'stir winds about', there will be 'no shedding {the} heat columns'. Then, if so, the other aspect of the Terra entity which deals with the 'heat columns' may also be accurate in that it points to the heat 'rising to space, 50 thousand feet'. Also found within this area are cautionary aspects suggesting that the 'heat columns rise {so} high {so as to} forbid plane travel'. This area is also cross linked back over to Markets and shows up with a heavily centered range of early October. Please bear this in mind as you read through the Markets section below. What we may be seeing here is an indication that social order changes will be initiated by weather changes this year. Cross link considerations aside, this area of Terra suggests that 'standstill' and 'halted body' are appropriate descriptors of the global 'heat columns'. Further it suggests that a 'feint/false front' will 'start to shift' the columns, only to have them 'return to their roots, anchored {to the } ground'. We see repeated references to 'standstill' at all levels of aspect/attribute support, as well as references to 'impact on lucre/money', and 'heat grinds on and on'. Our geographic references suggest that Germany, Poland, and the Scandinavian countries will be the next area to experience a 'settling in, repose, blanketing' of the 'ground {with} waves of heat'. Further, the indications are for '3/three days' of 'power blackouts' across central Europe over the rest of July and through August. We also see that 'road damage, macadam melt' will cause 'accidents, damage, bus overturned, railing crumbles' in the Italian Alps. Terra - Oceans - Disturbance of the Balance As noted above there are now published reports of ocean current abnormalities and the suggestion that these changes are boding ill for humans and that the changes in current flow are more likely permanent

than temporary. Or if temporary, then they are moving toward a "new world ocean order" which, again, will have severe impacts for humans here on earth. Our data seems to confirm the latter. What we have acquired under the [oceans] aspect within Terra is a lexical set consisting of a fully populated aspect/attribute set for 'heat over water' which, as we progress the modelspace, transforms over the course of the year to 'successful movement to inner change/distillation'. Now neither is likely to be good for humans, but at least it would appear that the 'heat column' seen developing over the oceans will not be a permanent feature. However, for its duration, it is seen as causing some serious havoc. As with the heat over land, the consequences are more severe than merely increased electrical usage for cooling. In refreshing your memory of Agriculture 101, recall that the ability of plants to uptake nitrogen, a necessary requirement for their growth, is degraded significantly as the temperature of the soil exceeds 110 degrees. As it approaches 121, the whole of the nitrogen cycle within plants begins to shut down, and at 140 the cycle does not exist. Well, within the oceanic environment, similar cycles exists for nitrogen, oxygen, salt, and carbon. All of these cycles are affected by heat at much lower temperatures than land based plants. Phytoplankton are sensitive to changes in heat at the 2 degree centigrade level. We also find that heat within the oceans has manifestations at physical levels including the location of the thermocline, the ability of currents to flow, and the state of pressure/temperature impacts on minerals/chemicals within the aquatic environment. For example, a 2 degree centigrade temperature change at the bottom of the northern Pacific ocean will release methane hydrates from their frozen pressure trap at the bottom, and will unleash more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the humans who have ever lived, and will ever live. And the conversion of the methane hydrates to carbon is directly impacted by heat conditions, so the hotter the atmosphere, the more efficient the conversion, and thus the greater the release of carbon dioxide. The data for the [oceans] sub aspect within the Terra entity is suggesting that a 'heat column' will develop over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans this summer, and that further the impact will lengthen with the duration of the 'heat column'. The impacts of the oceanic heat columns are seen as being as severe economically, and socially as are those of the land based columns. There are repeated references to 'gathering alerts', and 'leaving nothing to chance {in the} face of danger/risk'. These are in turn supported by 'devastation', and 'alteration of behavior, evermore/long lasting'. This latter is specifically connected to the [fisheries industries] by cross links to Markets entity. Within that entity, the terminating aspect is 'cessation/completion/finality', and the supporting aspects go to the 'collapse {of the} global fisheries'. Further the impact is seen within the Markets entity as participating in the see-sawing of October and the resolution rising in December. Also from cross links to GlobalPop, and Populace/USofA, we can interpret the data towards suggesting that famine, and food rationing begin as global memes this year as a result of the 'heat columns' both over land and sea. Our data shows that 'standstill' and 'stationary' are prevalent themes which persist all through October, so the suggestion has to be towards the current heat patterns to persist for some time, perhaps through to November. As a side impact of the oceanic heat columns we have the rising aspect of 'distillation'. This could be interpreted as an actual manifestation of the 'process of distillation' as is stated in the supporting attributes. This would suggest then that the 'heat column' over the 'middle of the ocean' will be our 'force for distillation' and will produce the 'rivers of water in the atmosphere' which were discussed in ALTA 405/605. Now in those we had presumed something like a large undersea's volcano, or earthquake resulting in large amounts of water being put into the atmosphere in order to create the 'rivers of water' that the data suggested would 'flow in the air from south to north'. With the recent processing revealing a potential for a 'heat column' sitting over the ocean and 'initiating the process of distillation', we could interpret that as being the cause of our 'rivers of water in the air' headed for northern climes. We also have to be cognizant of an alternate interpretation of the 'distillation' aspect. It is within a descriptor set which also has 'inner change', and 'deep, ever lasting change', as well as 'change in the core state'. So our references for 'distillation' may well relate to long term, large scale changes in the oceans, particularly the flows, and would not relate to actual picking up of water into the air. However, given the

manifesting changes in the weather, it would appear that a safe interpretation would be for an actual 'distillation by outer heat' of the ocean water. Terra - California - Obstacles and Limitations The Terra data set which is geographically collected out for California has developed a curious cross linking that is quite extensive which goes back to the Markets, and then slightly less so, to the Populace/USofA. The rising aspect [obstacles/limitations] is supported by two very separate aspect/attribute sets. One goes to the idea of some event(s) which begin to 'impose severe economic limitations' on California, just as the whole state is seen as going walk-about as in 'taking measured steps {across} the earth'. While specifically accruing in the period for August, the entity really picks up the data set after August 12th, and it gains significantly along with the beginning of the rise in emotive tension around August 21 moving into September. This section with Terra participates at a significant level in the emotive tension which builds in the period in the Terra entity, the Markets entity, and the Populace/USofA entity. The numerous references to 'economic limitation/obstacle' are counter pointed with many references to 'hiding in doorways'. This latter is a pretty ubiquitous mental image of the response to earthquakes. So a likely interpretation will be for earthquakes in California in August that cause economic damage or uncertainty which in turn promotes emotional tension nationwide. As to the 'measured steps {across} the earth', the data set shows that 'when to stay, when to stop' will be the 'key to knowing {how} to escape economic disaster'. Further that 'do not go through doorway, hesitate, examine potential {risks}, no mistake'. This is in turn supporting aspects/attributes further up which go to the idea of 'inner courtyard, rubble filled, gate open, {do} not linger, {do} not waste time, {do} not hesitate outside'. This whole area is replete with images of damage, including injury to persons which will 'fill the air with cries, moans, cacophony of yells', as well as 'stupefy the brain {with} smells of sulfur, crushed bones/flesh'. Again, this area is showing that the 'measured steps' which are California focused, are 'taken across the land, 5/five in all'. So the obvious interpretation is for five earthquakes in succession, though perhaps it may be that 5 earthquakes will 'step' themselves across the state. In either case, there is also an economic aspect to consider. Of course, one way to interpret the data is for an 'economic earthquake' which would affect the state to the same degree, but given that it is California, and given the SummerTime Shakes seen in Alta 405/605, the safer interpretation is for a more probable, actual series of earthquakes which induce the 'economic limitations/obstacles' which will affect 'relations with neighbors', as well as 'limit discussions {about} building(s)'. Given the extensive cross links that we have between the Terra and Populace entities, it is not surprising to over look any number of potentially significant clues to future behavior, but this time, a small area of the California related data stood out, and was also extensively cross linked back to Populace/USofA. This area goes to the idea of 'late month power loss, breakdown {of} plastics yields fire'. Further, the suggestion is that some area in a very 'sealed, dark, cave/cavern/hole' will experience 'too hot, plastics yield/sag' which will result in a fire. This area is also linked to our 'limitations' and 'steps' across the earth. We also see that images from the attribute sets go to the idea that 'cracked concrete, air allowed, heat in, dirt above' suggestive of an earthquake which will precipitate a crack into an underground control area where the heat will cause plastic somethings to sag, resulting in power loss. The interesting part about this within the Terra entity is that cross links over to Populace/USofA show that it will take '33 hours' to locate the fault, and that 'two hands burned, five days repairs' which is suggestive of a very extensive level of damage, and perhaps some risk of injury to those who will repair it. Bushista - Difficult Row to Hoe The increasing pressure from the MSM on the Bushista organization can be expected to continue. Our Bushista entity is showing value accretion at a very considerable rate. Its actual level of rise of value is increasing, as is the number of aspects/attributes necessary to cause the rise in the level of the emotive

sums. As the Bushista entity is fattening up, we find that the level of emotive tension within the entity suggests a brief hiatus, sort of a calm-before-the-storm period that will last through the end of July and much of August. There are still indications for regular sorts of political ups and downs, including continuing building pressure on Rove, et al over the Plame case, however for the most part, we can expect August, however choppy it is for the Bushista's, to be merely the quiet, flat spot in the valley in which summer will be spent. Then, as August dries up in the heat, and we begin to move into September, the building emotional tension noted in the charts in Part 1 will start to impact the Bush administration, and its handlers, and enemies. The Bushista entity is one of the fastest growing in our modelspace at this time. While the Terra entity is consistently the largest, we usually find that more change is taking place within the Populace entities, or Markets, but not currently. As the Bushista entity is gaining emotive values, the impacts on the other entities within modelspace is quite clear. As we progress the modelspace forward through the end of the year the Bushista entity encounters some severe change periods. The first of these shows up around October 3rd, and is the first of the release periods of the building emotive tensions. This first release will continue the 'rebellion' theme seen in the Press entity beginning in March/April, only now the 'rebellion' aspect is joined by cross links to the Populace/USofA. A clear aspect of 'rebellion' with primary supporting attributes toward 'rejection of authority', and 'images of rebellion in the streets', has attached to the USofA Populace entity and all of its cross links terminate back in Bushista, under the aspect of 'northern rebellion' with a rising attribute set going to the image of 'heat drives, crowds gather, ground degrades'. Further under the attribute set of 'crowds gather', we note that 'violence' and 'rejection of authority' are the two primary aspects, each with fully populated attribute sets. The Bushista 'row to hoe' is going to be rough the rest of this year and into next according to the lexical acquisitions during this processing. It is unfortunate for all as the 'woes' and 'travails' of the Bushista entity will be 'inflicted on all, lashing out, angry, distrustful, revengeful', as is seen in the attribute set. While currently operating under a general theme of 'cohesion issues' the modelspace is indicting that by mid August we are well into the new theme which is going to be 'militancy or aggression'. In supporting position under 'cohesion/social', we find all things legal and law, and that is apparently where the society and times are at currently as we have seen so many legal items emerge these last few months. Everything from the property seizure ruling by the supreme court, down to the current political circus over the Bush supreme court nomination. Even as we slide out of 'cohesion' issues {those emotive bonds in society}, and over into 'aggression' issues, we are still seeing the playing out of a 'legal' sub-text. In the Bushista lexical accretion of this processing are indicators for an emotive tension release period of October 3rd {and onward} which will blend both the main meta data theme of 'militancy' with 'legal'. This emotive tension release does not bode well for Bushista entity which is showing cross links over to both Markets and Populace/USofA which do not terminate well. In the case of Markets, we have 'disruption' and 'degradation' as the twin terminating aspects for the cross links from the October 3rd period, and in the case of the Populace/USofA entity, we have a termination in 'separation {from the} rest', and 'rejection of lies'. As the data was processed this run, a new aspect, fully populated, of 'wounded' has developed within Bushista entity. Not associated with any of the several dozen clusters of problem words, the 'wounded' aspect was acquired, and as the modelspace is progressed, moves very quickly up to dominant position shortly into October. All through the period of the rising emotional tension values of September, we see that the 'wounded' aspect acquires more values and supporting aspects/attributes than any of the other areas. There are a number of cross links from the 'wounded' area of Bushista. These include extensive cross links to Markets, where we find a confirming, terminating aspect of 'wounding, bleeding', and 'internal change bleeds quickly'. At the Bushista entity level these cross links from and to Markets are within an aspect which goes to 'limitations imposed' and 'restraint by crises'. One of these 'crisis' levels has extensive cross links back to Markets where it terminates in 'currency' and 'paper debt'. Under both of these links in both

entities we have 'international crisis {of} paper currency', as well as 'rejection of all papers'. Due to the level of these aspects, and their carry values, it would appear that events begin in September {around the 17th} of 2005 which will trigger the 'alteration of appreciation of values', or 'change of perception of paper currency' which, according to our modelspace, will emerge in early 2006, perhaps in the March time frame. A reasonable interpretation is that the 'confrontation' between Bush et al, and the Populace/USofA, and congress starts to impact the markets perception of the health of the USofA economy. The data suggests that much of the emotional energy of Bushista entity will begin to focus on 'attacks', and 'defensive strategies'. Further that 'drift' of the Populace/USofA into 'internal aggression/militancy' is seen as a contributing factor to the economic woes which begin to build off the September period. The Bushista data also acquires a number of new elements over September to December which are environment or climate oriented and all go toward escalating emotional tension within the entity. There is much suggestion through cross links to Markets and Terra that large 'costs of crisis' will be 'encounter/counted' this summer as our 'heat columns' seem to settle in. One other source of crisis seen developing within the Bushista entity has to do with the 'supporters' of the Bushista machine. In progressing the modelspace, a new perception comes into view beginning in August. An event will 'highlight/cast light on' some component of the 'ideology/ideologically driven'. This area of the Bushista entity suggests by attribute imagery that an 'element of extremism' or 'one who is extreme' will 'speak out' in relation to 'fighting internal' and set off a whole chain of crises in which the 'supporters' of Bushista will be 'shone in lights/under lights'. The real crisis is suggested to come as a result of the 'culture wars'. The data suggests that the 'speaker of extremist views' will be the proximate cause of a 'fracture' of the Republican party, as well as 'exposing lies/perjury' within the Bush administration. Our modelspace suggests that the August developments will mature or rise in emotional tension over the course of August, September, and into early October. This is apparently not related to the Rove treason issue, but seems to run parallel to that thread. On that subject for a moment, it would appear that late September through December will be very highly charged relative to the Rove problem. It would appear that the Bushista entity is expecting criminal indictments. We have a number of emotive spikes, again carry values out into October and beyond, again linked to 'legal' within the 'aggressive' context, and also cross linked to 'guilty' within Populace/USofA which suggests that the outcome for Bushista entity will not be good, or calm. We need to note though that a number of crises are in the works. The data suggests that Rove is merely one of the reasons for gathering emotional tensions rising in late August and through the Fall. As the Bushista entity is moved through the modelspace and through August, the lexical acquisitions begin to change. The data set progressed into September by only 2 days has undergone a 90 per cent emotive sums change. That is, 90 per cent of all if the emotive sum values within Bushista entity change over during the last few days of August and the first couple of day of September. The aspects/attribute sets accruing can be split into internal and external areas. The internal area shows only a 66% change over, while the external area is 100 per cent change of emotive sum values. This implies that not only are large scale changes coming to the Bush group internally, perhaps indicating resignations and/or firings, but also the whole of the Bush group relationship with the outside world begins a new phase in early September. The overall dominant aspect for the Bushista entity as we move into September changes into 'active ending of behavior'. The 'active ending' can be interpreted in a number of ways. The lexical set also includes 'having constraints placed, outside', or 'external forces put an ending to {behavior}'. The overall flavor of the aspect/attribute set is one of having external forces or influences place constraints on the range of behaviors possible under the circumstances. Further as we go into the lexical set we note that the lexicon is showing that the Bushista entity 'desperately seeks to impose will', along with 'compulsively looks for {ways} to enforce {its} will'. Both of these threads cross link over to Populace/USofA where they both terminate in sections indicative of 'failure' or 'failure of imposed will'. Further the data shows that an 'internal, attempt to break the law' will occur. This also is seen as failing. In fact, the data suggests that the attempt to break the law, or 'alter the courts' will be exposed during the attempt which in turn is seen as 'exposing the face, revealing putrefaction'. Externally, the cross links from the Bushista entity which go to the Populace/USofA entity are clustering in an area which has aspect/attribute images of 'real danger, painful ruin', and 'surreptitious venom of

discontent'. Also within this area we note that 'discontent, frustrations, neurosis {will} fuel outbreaks/disturbances'. Further on down within this area even more ominous wording arises as in 'fixations {of mind} breaks its course, tries to bend {perception} to {its} view'. This in turn goes through a cross link back to Bushista from Populace/USofA where the suggestion is that the populace will 'not allow acceptance, rejection of words'. Back within the Bushista entity the data clearly indicates that 'decay begun, torn flesh festers'. Further the data shows that 'vitality, health, restored {over} corpses, chaos reigns'. This area is pertinent as it has some of the largest accretions for the whole of the Bushista entity and the data suggests an interpretation of large scale changes within Bush admin in response to a 'convulsion' within the body politic which will 'release urine' and 'drain the blood' from the Bushista entity and its owners. About this time, that is, during the September period, as shown in the charts in Part 1 of this series, the emotive tensions begin to build in a very significant way. While there is an initial large step up in mid August, it is the build up through the end of August and all of September that is significant in the very long term picture. This is due to the total level of rise of emotive tensions found in the month of September. Yes, the large step in August is significant as well, especially as it arrives just with the completion from 'cohesion issues' over to 'aggression/militancy issues' at a meta data level. Since 'militancy' will be the tone for at least the next year {as far out as our modelspace shows currently}, the entry into that state or stage is very significant when accompanied by a .0004 point rise in emotive tension values. However, the large emotional step in August appears to be the result of a very intense period, perhaps even a single event, or small group of events. This impacts its 'carry forward' value relative to its 'immediate emotional impact' value. So while the large step up around August 15th {give or take 2 days} is significant in shifting the emotional tension levels upward, it is the continuing, multiple steps in September which add up to a large, and long term impact. The emotive levels for the mid August transitions are heavily connected to Populace, both GlobalPop and Populace/USofA, but in the main, appear to originate within or around Bushista entity, even though the impacts are 'taken up, water in mouth' by the Populace entities. This thematic subtext appearing in the data at this point, that is, the Bushista entity appearing to act as originator while the Populace entities are the receptors working out the emotional tensions is one which we find repeated throughout the year. Even our pending nastiness forecast in the emotional tension release of December is within this pattern. Then the 'wounding' of the Bushista is some how going to either be passed on to, or in some other way, directly impact the Populace/USofA as a whole. Bushista - BushWars - Withdrawal Snafu The Bush Wars are going badly, and are about to get a whole lot worse in the months of August and September. As the meta data moves within the modelspace into the 'militancy/militant/military/aggression/competition' mode, the Bushista entity is simultaneously moving toward a new aspect/attribute set dominant within the BushWars subset; 'withdrawal'. The 'withdrawal' aspect is extensively cross linked both internally within the Bushista entity, and to both Markets and Populace/USofA. The data set shows that as the 'withdrawal' aspect is rising, the Bushista entity is also undergoing a primacy state shift. This all begins to accrue around August 12th through the 15th as the shift into the 'militancy' period finally leaves 'cohesion' and is completely dominated by 'aggression'. Not a good sign for the actual aggressors. The subtext of the meta data is for 'aggression roots revealed, repelled, rejected'. Markets - Ripe Fruit Drop and Rot Yet again, the recurring theme of Bushista as an originator for emotional tensions is also seen in the Markets entity when it is progressed to the September period. Our originating aspect/attribute phrase within Bushista is 'thoughts drop {like} rotten fruit'. And the terminating cross links within the Markets entity are headed by the aspect of 'decay' which has a dominant supporting attribute of 'lurks' which in turn is the lead

aspect for a further support layer which suggests that 'decay lurks {and} besets/strikes {due to/because of} rotten thoughts dropping like fruit {from Bush admin}'. The whole of the 'decay' aspect is supported by cross links internal to Markets which go to a bespoke 'fear' and 'fear of contagion' which in turn is supported by 'flowering, tree matures {in} time, winter winds'. Further, and in a parallel aspect/attribute set supporting 'decay' within Markets, the data includes an aspect set headed by 'blind ascent' which has attributes going toward the image of 'blind ascent tarnished, danger lurks,hidden ravine(s), swift currents'. A central supporting lexical structure goes to the 'wheeling and dealing' which, as it reaches the mid to late September point is seen as being 'bound to virtue' of the Bushistas. Not a good sign. The Markets entity further indicates that the 'fate of one' is the 'destiny of the other'. Again, not a good sign. The lexical structure shows heavy cross links between Bushista and Markets entity, with very high emotive changes within the Populace/USofA entity occurring at the same time. Fall appears to be heading for a very rough start. The Markets entity, as it moves along with the modelspace from September into October/November, shifts from mere 'bound/binding' with Bushista to 'fate sealed, blooded'. And as we note above, the Bush Wars will suffer some very serious setbacks in the September period. These setbacks are also felt within the Markets entity. As we examine the many movements within modelspace, the Markets entity is clearly standing out in its progression through to the end of the year. In moving the modelspace into the emotionally building period of September, a certain motion is detectable within the Markets entity. As the modelspace is progressed into October, the motion becomes a very severe oscillation internal to the Markets entity. The internal structures of the Markets entity, in about mid October, start accruing new lexical structures at a very fast rate. Many of these new additions to the entity descriptor set are cross linked, in fact, most are cross linked. A reasonable interpretation would be that the Markets in October will be expressing 'fragility' and that many of the internal problems of the markets will 'spill out' into the general economy. The lexical additions to the data set of the Markets entity start to take on a very heavily negative tone and thus the sums using these additions also start to get heavily negative in late August and early September. As the modelspace is progressed into September and in conjunction with large numbers of cross links forming between Markets and Bushista, and Markets to GlobalPop, the Markets entity starts a very serious stage. Against the background of 'aggression', the Markets entity goes into a continuous spasm mode in October. By the end of the month, our modelspace is showing the Markets entity well on its way to a downturn. Perhaps a better view would be to see the Markets as undergoing an internal 'blow-out'. As we move the entity forward in the model, it starts to acquire aspects/attributes such as 'examination of exaggerations {will} lead {to} seizure'. We also find that 'lies, deceits, exaggerations distort results, chaos'. Further, both the emotive tension levels and the long-term impact values are rising during this period. As each of the various cross links form within Markets entity, the process appears to begin a three-way feedback loop between Markets, GlobalPop, and Bushista. The Populace/USofA entity plays little part in the process, though it is the recipient of many cross links from all three of these entities. Mostly it seems that the Populace/USofA is merely the audience and reactive element to the activity of the other entities. The feedback loop is established by the end of August as we are able to watch tensions building in one entity propagate to increase tensions in the other entities. It is as though a series of events, each isolated to its area of influence will nonetheless all blur together to create a period in which Bushista does something, Markets react, then GlobalPop reacts to Markets, then Bushista reacts to GlobalPop, then Markets reacts to Bushista reacting....and so it goes all through the months of October and November. After the reaction cycle begins, the modelspace seems to indicate that nothing really will be accomplished, and no new directions or initiatives will be successful through the whole of the rest of the year. There is some emotive tension release event foreseen in the data for December, but even this is within the overall 'reactive/reaction' theme seen so far.

As can be seen in the charts in Part 1, the month of October is a see-saw month as far as emotive tension is concerned. There are constant increases at small levels, followed almost immediately by small releases. However the seeds of the situation are present in October, and likely will emerge around October 3rd, there after to be visible but, as the aspects/attributes observe, 'not addressable, many starts, more failures'. The suggested interpretation is that the many small emotive changes seen within the October modelspace projection arise from the numerous attempts to 'address {the} problem(s), failure, new efforts mire deeper', in which each new problem is met with a solution only to have the solution not only fail, but to then cause further problems which in turn also will need a solution which in turn will fail, and so on all through the month. What is clearly evident from our data is that the Populace/USofA entity will *not* be a prime player in the Markets area but is very heavily cross linked with terminating links from Markets, Bushista, and GlobalPop. The data suggests that efforts made by all three of these entities are the causative factors for the "near tipping point" conditions that we saw arising in ALTA 405/605. In this, the Populace/USofA entity starts to form the solid black core of a tipping point, which grows in size to nearly completing, only to have it fade back as a new, near tipping point arises. What has emerged with this weeks' processing is that the causative elements for this condition are the actions arising from the Markets entity, the Bushista entity, and the GlobalPop entity. And that these actions will be all part of a "reaction round robin" which seems to occupy most of October. While the over-all lack of progress in Markets in October is suggestive of things going nowhere, this has to be taken in the both the context of the September period of market 'decay' and the new emotive tone of militancy. Both are not good for markets to progress. As we move the modelspace forward through to its maximum possible extension by emotive values, which would place it out to May of 2006, the Markets entity clearly changes its primary aspect as well as its primacy value. The indications are for a very serious market degradation, and serious economic downturn. As has been observed, the seeds of the problems will be manifestly visible in October and will be 'worked on' starting then, but by then it is too late to avert the consequences. The very large emotive release seen in the charts for December has as a major component, language suggesting that the Markets will be participating in this event, if not as a causative factor, then as an amplifying element at the emotive sum level. While it is not yet clear as to what the nature of the December emotive release event is, it is at least becoming clearer that a significant component of that release is economic. When focused on the Bushista entity, the December release period is headed by an aspect of 'wounding' that is 'pressed upon the populace' and is so heavily cross linked over to Populace/USofA that the interpretation to date has been that the 'wounding' somehow would also be inflicted on the Populace/USofA. This has always presented a problem in viewing our emotive sums as the view from within the Populace/USofA entity was that it was a primary player or sufferer of the 'wounding', yet the data clearly shows the Bushista entity as the recipient or originator of the cross links. It is possible to reconcile both elements now that we have the new data for Markets as one possible interpretation is that a 'militant attack against the Bush economic stronghold/holdings' will take place, and that the attack will 'wound' the economy, or the dollar {which is very fragile}, and that such 'wounding/bleeding' will be primarily born by the Populace/USofA. We need to note that while there is some language suggesting an actual attack against Bush economic interests, this is not associated with the December release period, and is only used as an illustration for a possible solution to the conflicting views seen within the entities as they now fill modelspace. This conflict has made it difficult to interpret information arising around the December release period, but at least now some of the elements are sorting themselves out in that the Markets entity participation is more visible. It would appear that the December release period is the real step down for the markets. Taken in isolation, the emerging negative tone of the Markets rising aspects/attribute sets suggests that a very severe, or serious global economic downturn is developing which will be manifestly visible by May of 2006. Further the data is forecasting a 'multigenerational' recovery period. The downturn within the Markets entity is of such an order as to 'change {the} global economic frequency/tone'. According to our modelspace, this is all quite progressive and builds solidly from mid August onward. If so, then one ought to be able to see clear signs

by September which would still allow a few months for personal preparations even though the events are to be already in motion by October. The values that the Markets entity has acquired during this weeks' processing are all going to 'rotten' or 'hollow core, evil masks'. These values continue through the rest of summer, then as we move into September and October, the tone changes and the values go toward 'downfall, rot {on the} ground'. From that point on the language gets real depressing. We have the rise of repeated acquisitions such as 'toughness/hardness', and the bespoke 'fear of the unknown'. Also joining in are 'harsh eyes, eyes downcast' as well as 'dirty fingers, dried blood'. Then as if that is not cheery enough, we get into the much more explicit aspect/attributes of 'separation from values, family', and 'lost lives, crushed dreams'. All of these cheery notes are cross linked back over to the Populace/USofA entity where they terminate in 'debt, fear, sweat'. Further on in to the cross links we find that 'mirage {of the} dollar, over, corrupted, paint peeled, rot revealed'. Silver - Relaxation to Increase As the modelspace is progressed through August, and apparently coincident with the transition from 'cohesion' to 'aggression' at the meta data level, the Silver entity sheds its dominant {through July/early August} aspect of 'relaxation' and shifts over to 'increase'. Its relatively small shift in rising aspect has over a 10 fold increase in long term emotive value sum, however. This long term emotive sum rises from .0089 to .00912. NOTE this is not a price relative number, at least not in the short or near term. This number is an expression of general awareness of the subject, and its impact on individuals and groups over the long term which is defined as 10 years. The above caution listed, we should also note that 'increase' becomes the dominant aspect for the Silver entity about mid August, and is fully supported internally by newly acquired lexical sets. The new aspects go to the idea that 'relaxation {is} caused by abundance', and that 'scarcity leads to increase'. As we watch the data set build over the processing it becomes apparent that the Silver entity is expressing some form of disharmony, or struggle. It appears from the language as well as the movement of the emotive sums that more and more emotional energy is pouring into silver as a commodity, and that bespoke 'fear' is appearing relative to supply at many levels of industrial use. There are repeated references of 'hoarding' and 'caching/storage' showing up with fully supportive attributes going toward 'secretly store, hide away', as well as 'premium payments, storage secure'. The emotive sums suggest not that hoarding is occurring now, but rather that the emotional potential for 'hoarding behavior' has been built into the Silver entity at this point, and the actual silver markets will be manifesting this emotional energy as we move through August and into the 'increase' phase in September. Further, we are still seeing a lexical substructure within the Silver entity, again still increasing in values as we progress the modelspace forward, towards some new, as yet unannounced, health related use for silver. Our Silver entity still maintains that the level of 'increase' being seen now is merely the 'feint' or 'pretense' prior to the real increase where we will see a 10 fold increase in emotive association with the Silver entity. This structure is still acquiring values so whatever use is yet to be manifest. Due to cross links with GlobalPop, we have some small suspicions that the new use may well relate to bird flu, and the potential for silver to be effective in combating this developing disease. At this point, again, this is only a hint with some small references, statistically uncertain, for 'bird flu' amongst other disease conditions. However, we can note that the GlobalPop is where the emotive potential for our 10 fold increase develops. It might well be that the recent trial balloon launched by the Chinese government for a potential publically available Chinese silver bullion market might well be the trigger event for this increase. If so, it will not mature until later this year, in the Fall as the Silver entity begins 'increase' in late August and into September, but then, along with the rising emotional values through September, also shows a rise in emotive values all through the October period, and into November. Speaking of the October/November period, our Silver entity has some new cross links over to the Bushista entity which suggest that statements made, or papers revealed during the last part of July and through the 17th or so of August will come 'back to haunt/bedevil', and later to 'burrow, insinuate' into affairs in

November. It is unclear as to how these relate to the Silver entity. It may be that as the Bushista entity is at that period undergoing a 'trial by exposure', that perhaps some evidence of malfeasance in the silver markets is examined in a new light. However, this 'exposure to light, revealing of papers' {almost a camera reference} will cause 'gnashing of teeth, wounding of flesh' within Bushista entity which is tied over to the Silver entity and several large steps up in its emotive value for 'acquisition'. Populace/USofA - Rove - Multiple of Four As may be expected we have a number of references for Rove and the CIA Agent exposure case. Within various entities, clusters of references may be found. As may be expected, the Bushista entity, and the Press entity both have their share and then some of references for Rove, however it likely makes more sense to examine these in the view of the Populace/USofA entity, as that is where the largest number of such references resides. Within this entity, the [rove, karl] subset is currently headed by 'summer tensions ease, sweat, time', but as we move the modelspace along into September, we find a huge increase in originating references to Rove within the Populace/USofA entity. What is curious is that the majority of such references are *not* connected to the CIA leak case. Rather we see that a 'four fold increase {in} scrutiny, eyes, examination' of Rove will begin in September as a result of 'bad words uttered in haste'. We can note that by the time we reach mid September, the Populace/USofA will view Rove with 'eyes shaded' and as 'complaining incessantly'. Further we find that the Populace/USofA entity will have a primary aspect of 'past events not yet digested' rising within the area under [rove, karl] within the entity. We also see that bespoke 'worry, fear, sweat' will 'surface on the skin', and that 'wars of words, arms' will ensue over [rove, karl] as the Populace/USofA begins to 'digest past crimes/misdeeds'. Through cross links there is some suggestion that the mainstream media {MSM} will actually start 'revealing faults, hidden crimes' of Rove. Further, there are Populace/USofA aspects/attribute sets which terminate in suggestions that 'old crimes, new revelations' will 'spread stain, smell' at the White House. Again, as may be expected we have rising values appearing for 'impeachment' and 'resignation'. Neither of these are fully populated, though we can expect to have a whole lot of calls for such by the time we head into the choppy October action period. One interpretation of the data that we now have would suggest that perhaps, just perhaps, the 'emotional wounding' of the Bushista entity which comes in December and is 'passed onto/pressed onto' the Populace/USofA and onto Markets, might be the formal impeachment of Bush and Cheney. We have some clues suggesting that as the whole of October and November have a meta data aspect that is rising for 'hidden secrets revealed', and we have the background of 'militancy/military', and we have the still current, though waning emotional thread of 'legal'. We also have very large amounts of bad language piling up around the Bushista cross links within the Populace/USofA. Many of these terminate in areas such as 'lies for war', and 'unspoken reasons {for} war'. A reasonable interpretation would go toward indictments of Rove and others as co-conspirators, perhaps even Bush and Cheney. This would seemingly start to come out around October 3rd and would mature as a very stressful time on both Populace/USofA and US based markets through the month of October and November. Then, perhaps some event relating to the pending 'legal action/impeachment' would come out on December 3rd which would really settle in a week later and would lead both the Markets, and the Populace/USofA into a downward spiral. This sort of scenario would fit the developing data. The 'wounding' of the Bushista entity could be anything from a 'resignation' in anticipation of impeachment, or perhaps even Bush having to fire his brain {aka Karl Rove}, which would amount to a wounding of Bushista. This latter seems less likely as all our data still suggests that the USofA populace, as a whole, will suffer some level of the 'wounding, pressed on/pushed on' from Bushista. Beyond the potential for a very choppy Fall period, we note that a large emotive release appears within the Populace/USofA and GlobalPop around the July 27th to August 2nd period, and then a very large jump up in emotional tension takes place about August 17th. This rise in emotive tension just after mid month places the plateau under our emotive tension value. We note that the levels of emotional tension which are added between now and the December release point are merely a fraction of what will be released at that time. Given the data accretion patterns we have now, we would expect in a general sense to have a very

stressful last half of August which leads into a very much more stressful Fall with a really nasty December into Winter period. The levels of emotional tension present are such that *whatever* events may turn up in December, they will not be easily missed. The Populace/USofA entity, as it is progressed through the modelspace and up to May of 2006 that what ever the cause of the building emotional tension, and its release, one of the larger impacts will be fiscal/economic in nature. The Populace/USofA entity takes on extreme cross links to Markets in December that build from an already large base which starts to accrue in October. The wording suggests extreme hardship is coming, though at this point we do not have enough details within the attribute sets to be able to paint more than a broad brush picture. But, what we do have is indicating that 'decades of pressure' will 'evaporate, waft away'. As this area is under 'debt' as an aspect, this would not seem to be too healthy a sign. Further, we find that by the time Fall is well underway, even the normally placid Populace/USofA entity is becoming very 'engaged' with the USofA dollar. Our few details suggest that problems both economic, terrestrial, and political will take their toll on the USofA economy such that by the time of the December release period, we have a emotive train wreck about to happen. Then it apparently does. Our data for December through to the end of May 2006, while necessarily lacking in detail, nonetheless suggests that a period of 'extreme poverty {of} action, resources' is about to hit the USofA. By the time that we get to the end of the modelspace, things will appear so bad that 'refugees {will} flee USofA', and that the country will be seen as a 'pool {of} harsh climates, rough people, hard times'. These characterizations begin to appear within the Populace/USofA entity in October, and as we progress the modelspace forward through November, we find that the Populace/USofA will be entering a period of 'invigorated ideological fervor', and 'bloody wars of words'. The immediate impact on the Populace/USofA entity is seen as a series of 'insight shocks' or perhaps 'shocking episodes of revelations'. These are seen as 'binding the hands' of the 'leaders of corruption'. Press - Looking for Union The Press entity is an odd one, consistently focusing on very narrow and very close term items. In this case we have the Press entity move through the month of August with a focus on 'union/cohesion' just as we note that 'cohesion' is an element moving out of play to be replaced at a meta data level by 'aggression/military'. At this point we find that the Press entity is indicating that it will likely be involved with a whole lot of things revolving around 'union/cohesion' just when the rest of the world has already moved on. It is likely that the press will manifest this movement by concentrating on yesterday's news, the supreme court nominee, and elements of the 'war on terror'. In both cases, the focus will be on the 'uniting' aspects of such. We do note though that at a supporting level, even the Press entity is acknowledging the change of meta data in that it shows that while a 'hunt for union/cohesion' is on, the 'results fail, evil, lack of commitment to union'. All through the month of August the Press entity is showing that the actual press corps will be a 'day late' and 'on the wrong side {of the story}'. The entity further goes to suggest that only after about the 20th of August does the focus of the Press begin to change, but that even so, prior to that a 'lack of clear focus, confusion' will rule the day, providing universe feedback that the Press is 'out of step {with} society, evil fostered'. Conclusion - Part 2 We have a large amount of turn over within our model, much of it associated with the general meta movement toward 'aggression'. This necessarily means that we have to limit our focus and cannot pursue many of the smaller entities as there is so much change indicated for the larger ones. We hope to pick up a few of the smaller entities as we move into parts 5 and 6. At the moment, we are anticipating being able to post part 3 by July 31st. If there are any areas of immediate concern which develop in the processing, an email notice will be sent out. This sometimes

happens as we move into part 3 processing as we are beginning to get more of the immediate impact values into the modelspace.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1105 - July 31, 2005 Part 3: Markets - Long Range - 3 Years not relevant/existent* SS 114 - No Mistakes Matter, Almost* Terra - Sun - Yet More Solar Spectacle* Terra - Glacier - Dissolving into Solution* Terra - Oceans - Exclusion* Terra - Antarctica - Fluids Set in Motion* Populace/USofA - Hidden Complaints Come to Light* Bushista - Minister Dead in Prison, Iraq Fracture* Markets - Putrefaction from War* Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 07.31.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *.

Data set distilled from 36.324 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set. Markets - Long Range - 3 Years not relevant/existent We have run a very long range, but limited scope value set and put it into modelspace for a very high level view of the next few years. This view examines the projections of emotive sums only if they are the resultant of a long-term impact value of some form. So if the carry value exceeded on year, it went into the set. As did all of the long-term impact values. When the modelspace is progressed, one of the most obvious changes is that the much of the fiscal infrastructure that the globalist machine takes for granted today will be gone or irrelevant or entirely changed by some time in Fall of 2008. Though our data set is sparse, when projected out this far, and admits to very few details, it would seem that much of the global central bank cabal will be gone over the next few years. Along with this are all those numerous entities whose structure is 100% dependent upon such a banking structure. For a strange example, we have the 'global charities' as being one of the major casualties of 'infrastructure crumbles, thins, flattens'. As is seen from the chart below, even lacking data points for detail, the period of Fall, 2008 marks a large scale release that will persist for years, perhaps taking decades or longer for a 'recovery to unsustainable practices/formula'.

Note that in the chart above, that our long range projections have relatively few data points for accurate comparison. What we get is a long range, and very broad brush for the data. We can make some projections, as noted within the chart itself, but even these are only very approximate as to placement within time. In general though, the emotive tones have been fairly accurate over the last few years, so our confidence for this projection is reasonably high. If accurate, the period around October/November of 2008 marks the denouement for the Markets. Our entity, when progressed that far reaches a point of basic implosion. It appears to degrade over the course of 2006/2007, and then in early 2008, actually begins reducing in size as the emotive sums are transferred totally away to other entities. All through the year of 2006 we see the various context descriptors sort of float away to other entities as the Markets entity drops its mass by greater than half. While it is interesting to speculate with the long term projections, it is also dangerous in that it can be extremely misleading. We have much to suggest that 2005 through to Fall of 2006 represents a period of real political chaos. On top of that we have both Populace entities actually merge with a large portion of the Terra entity over the course of Summer, 2006 such that by Fall of 2006 the interpretation has to be toward very visible changes to the planetary structure. While the meta data changes shown in the chart above would appear to forecast a period of building militancy followed by conflict or war, this may not be the case. These words are the head of large descriptor bases, and much modification is always occurring in the details. For instance, the little data points that we have for the far period of 2007 and 2008 suggest that rather than a 'world war 3' scenario, that instead, the times are to be much more akin to the "age of revolution" which swept the planet in the late 1700's and in through the first third of the 1800's. In point of support, much of the language that we have for the period of 'conflict', and especially for that data geographically linked to the USofA, seems to center on 'rebellion, revolution, realignment', rather than war. A further modifier for the idea of 'conflict' is that we currently have much in the various entities suggesting that the idea of 'conflict' could also be taken up as 'struggle'. Unlike the concept of a personal struggle as in 'jihad' with the connotation of killing other humans, we find that our long range descriptors for this 'struggle' go to the idea of a 'planet of strife, struggle to live, upheavals, reversals {of} climate'.

Our conclusion at this point, given the sparse data set available for this long range projection, is that the planet is about to put all humans in a condition of struggle with their environment. Our meta data 'wounding {of the} species' apparently began with the Sumatran tsunami, and will now continue with other space and planetary events. As our charts would seem to indicate, the potential exists for another large step into the period of 'struggle against planetary strife' to begin this December. In this particular instance, the admonishment to 'watch out for that next step' is a caution to take seriously. SS 114 - No Mistakes Matter, Almost The current NASA space shuttle mission, operating under a cloud of emotive potential, as well as manifest danger with damaged tiles, nonetheless appears, at least in so far as our model can predict, safe in landing. While there are repeated references to 'mistakes', we also have a very clear statement arise from the aspect/attribute set that 'no mistakes matter, almost', *but* even with the caveat, we have almost no catastrophic language arise, so the interpretation with the data we have, is that the shuttle, even though damaged will return safely.

Terra - Sun - Yet More Solar Spectacle With all of the recent (June/July 2005) solar activity, much of which was forecast in ALTA 405/605/905, it can be expected that the sun is an expanding focus for data. We note that much of the new Terra based data acquired during this run goes to the sun or its effects on solar system weather. In this most recent processing the Terra entity has its sub aspect of [sun] gaining over 21 per cent new values in this single week's processing. This is a very sizable data blip or bubble. Usually rates for accretion of values do not move so rapidly upward in a single weeks' processing. The now dominant aspect for the [sun] sub set of Terra entity is 'observation {of the} spectacle'. An alternate set of descriptors would go to the idea of 'contemplation {of the} energetic solar disks'. What is curious is that the data set, with no cross links considered, has the second alternate focusing on 'contemplation' of the ' many solar disks'. We also find that the plurality of the 'disks' is entirely focused on sol. That is, this statement is explicitly *NOT* referring to more than one sun, but rather to the 'many layers/disks {and their} place within {the} orb/sun'. Further into the detail the aspect/attributes go to 'many disks/layers/separations with separate activity levels {and} separate imports/importance/meanings'. The data set is explicitly focusing on 'deepening understanding revealed {by} observation of the deepening layers/disks within {the} sun'. It can be seen within the data that the solar activity suggested for August alone will be 'unique {in the} view {of} man/humans/humanity'. The data set, while accruing large numbers of aspect/attribute sets, is rather monotonously reinforcing the same idea, over and over through the many layers of supporting aspect/attribute sets. The idea clearly comes across as a 'very energetic output' period in which humans are 'stunned to silence/speechless/loss of words' by the activity that is seen pouring out from the sun. In the vein of the 'pouring out' aspect, the supporting attribute sets go to the idea of 'solar wind breathed across {the} earth'. Within that set the supporting aspect/attributes go to 'earthly conditions, seasons {of the planet} seared, strangeness'. Not a good image, and one that is not really either clarified or modified by the supporting aspects/attributes below this level. The data suggests that 'women will be affected, cries, bones burnt' by this 'wind breathed across {the} face {during} daylight'. A puzzle, why not men? Lest women think the [sun] is picking on them, we only need move over slightly within the Terra entity, [sun] sub set to find a whole thread going to the impacts on men. Here there are descriptors for 'men regret, wisdom comes, eyes opened', as well as 'observe the situation {as} a novice, silent, transfixed', and 'cannot be blamed, too intriguing/captivating'. This 'captivation of sight' is not seen as a good thing as directly supporting this is 'corpse(s) found, eyes burnt, beards on blisters, fingernails curl'.

In the end, that is the terminating level of supporting aspect/attributes for the [sun] thread, the data suggests that 'many contemplate/cogitate, stay? {or} go?, continue? {or} stop?'. Along with this set we note that cross links back to both Populace/USofA and GlobalPop have terminating aspects going toward 'transfixed, danger {if} stationary'. As an over reaching tone of the [sun] aspect, the effect of the 'solar activity {in} August' will be to 'set everything in motion, nothing untouched', and 'all faces feel {the} sun breath'. Further, 'all sides see/perceive action {of the} sun', while 'most resist flexibility {of thought?}, suffer destruction {of} their past'. At a meta data level it is important to note that over 90 per cent of the [sun] cross links are internal. Those which are not internal are muliply spread among the various other entities indicating a very wide reach for this pending activity. Further the issue of the 'internal links {raise} eyes to {the} sun, witness ferocity'. As the Terra entity is progressed through the modelspace the [sun] entity shows that the excitation of August will 'breathe excitement {into} inner fire' here on earth. This is very suggestive of earth level excitations such as volcanic activity to be expected from the solar output of August. Again we need to refer back to previous ALTA series of this year which focused on [plate shift] and the continuing pointing of a period on/around/or after the Autumnal Equinox. A reasonable interpretation would go to the idea of large scale output of energy from the sun in August producing earthquake and volcanic activity later in September. This idea is reinforced with lexical descriptors for 'excited inner fire, southern regions reach, no place/location untouched, heat propels'. Admittedly not too clear, but the general sense seems to come through at least marginally coherent. The other minor elements within the [sun] aspect of Terra go to the idea of 'forge' and 'heat tempers {the} human being'. Well...hmm, don't much like the sound of that. Terra - Glacier - Dissolving into Solution A rather ominous descriptor set is to be found terminating from one of the many [sun] cross links. As we progress the modelspace forward through August and into Fall, the accretion of values and supporting descriptors within the Terra entity develop a very robust, clear, and completely populated sub aspect within the entity around [glacier]. This 'glacier' is a paired aspect, that is, it has a twin aspect at this level which has identical emotive sum values. As these paired aspects rise together through the model process, we usually present them as a phrase. In this case, the pair would be 'glacier weather'. Perhaps this is misleading in that the phrase would seem to suggest cold weather to the human mind, however, the details of the aspect go to the opposite. Presented as a whole, that is twin aspects and supporting attributes it reads as follows: 'glacier dissolving into solution, weather planetary cauldron'. Further within the combined aspect/attribute set the data shows that the 'glacier {will} dissolve into water {as a} result {of} inner fire excitement'. Again, a slightly more obvious connection through the cross links within Terra which originate in [sun]. As the aspect/attribute set develops, as the modelspace is progressed forward through August and into Fall, we find that the tone of the set changes as the impact of 'dissolving into water' of the 'glacier' on human emotions begins to find its 'manifesting resonance'. This new tone is best stated by the secondary aspect/attribute set for the area which goes to the idea of 'acceptance {of the} end of life, inevitable, learn equanimity'. Again, does not sound too good on the face of it. Remember that this is a statement derived from the sum of a vast number of emotional values and so is not either a command, nor is this to be accurately interpreted with a small focus view of things. In other words, this aspect/attribute set, *unlike* most others, is not focused on the narrow such as humans who might live downhill of the melting glacier. Rather, as the emotive sum which drives this aspect comes from its "extent of impact" variable which we also refer to as its "emotive reach" within the population, this aspect is much more focused on the

expression of a 'collective view' or perhaps a 'view of the collective destiny'. In that regard, a reasonable interpretation would be that the idea of glacial melting as a sign of potential or manifesting extinction will surface with some robustness within the mainstream media such that many humans start gnawing on this idea. This interpretation is supported by aspects lower within this set which show that 'placid satisfaction flees', and that 'doubt {of} life' is seen as 'sending many {in} frantic search of distraction', and further that a significant portion of the populace, through cross links back to both Populace entities, is seen as 'getting to {a} point where pleasure is a drawback'. And in support of this, the underlying aspect/attributes go to the idea that 'genuine satisfaction is found {in} personal appreciation, acceptance {of } solar radiation'. This latter may be going to the idea of getting used to the idea in order to get beyond the idea. As a strange sort of an aside, we note that a very curious linkage arises between this section of Terra, specifically the 'pleasure seeking under stress of {solar} radiation', and the Markets entity. Apparently what is being shown is that the 'insatiable sudden search seeks distraction {at} any cost/price' as a result of the 'glacier dissolving' and that this 'insatiable lust {for} distraction' will actually start 'warping/altering' the Markets entity some time in the Fall as the realization of the 'dissolving by inner fire, weather' sets into the Populace. As the modelspace is progressed through the Fall towards Winter, the aspects begin to add many cross links back to Populace, both entities, and the suggestion is that the general rising emotional tension levels which are released in our December period are significantly boosted by global weather. There are other aspects within this set which describe 'rainclouds trapped high in sky, drifting endlessly', and 'sun shines brightly, blindingly, retreat, wait, hide'. At a meta data level this area of the 'dissolving of the glacier(s) by inner fire' starts its journey in modelspace with an emotive sum total of 158 and then over the course of August and September, shifts downward in primacy value to a 5. This is very significant as this scale is a reversed number scale where the smaller the value, the higher the emotional intensity, and the wider the spread of the emotion within the population. So a very significant shift indeed, one that even is larger than seen in the Populace/USofA entity over Bush's failed Iraq War. Terra - Oceans - Exclusion An odd aspect has surfaced {sad pun intended} within the [oceans] descriptor set within the Terra entity. The [oceans] are seen as entering a state of 'exclusion'. This aspect develops as we progress the modelspace through August and into September. While not really evocative, nonetheless 'exclusion' is our choice from the lexical set. Other alternatives include 'removal' and 'completion'. In both cases, somehow the wording did not seem to fit as well as 'exclusion' even though we have few clues as to what may be 'excluded/driven out' from the [oceans]. Our [oceans] entity is a very robust one in that much of the descriptor set comes from the non-roman alphabet language words added this year. Though the accretion of new descriptors to the [oceans] sub set is small, relative to the [sun] sub set of Terra, as a rule, all of the new values within the [oceans] set are much higher in emotive sums across all categories. Some of this is seen in the succinctness of the imagery within the aspect/attribute set, as in, 'holding on desperately' and 'weakness, ignoring danger'. Further in that vein we find 'liability, foul marshes spread, situation squeezed'. At lower supporting levels the [oceans] sub set has 'suppressing weakness with force' and 'forceful exertions against normal flow'. Also the 'strong lines of force penetrate deep in the waters'. Added to that as its supporting attribute set is 'hoarding against hope, helpers unreliable, unable to continue, dire circumstances'. This section of the [oceans] sub set is heavily cross linked back to both Bushista entity and the Markets entity.

Internally to the [oceans] structure are repeated references to [weakness] as a rising aspect, and also 'weakness' as an attribute lead value. The [oceans] sub set is extensively cross linked internally which implies inter connecting forces all being triggered by one another. This cross linking is some of the most complex seen in the ALTA reports. It extends down several hundred levels. The cross links at the top levels however are all externally linked from this sub set over to the [sun] sub set of the Terra entity. Terra - Antarctica - Fluids Set in Motion The [antarctica] sub set of data is showing a 50% change in data. Of this change out over this last processing, two thirds, or 66% of the change is internally referencing cross linked aspect sets. This aspect set change over has left us with the 'inner fire' aspect which has dominated our [antarctic] data set this whole year, and the more recent references to 'city at the base of the mountain'. Our newly acquired data additions have come under a rising aspect of [difficulty] which has a large number of 'summer' or 'august', or 'sixth month' references. We should note that much of the planet uses a calendar which begins with the vernal equinox, and thus, August, is the 'sixth month'. The progression of the Terra entity through the modelspace does show a large dip in emotive sums for the [antarctic] sub set during this time, almost co-incident to the mid August transition from 'cohesion' meta data theme over to 'militancy'. At the point where the meta data dominant aspect does transition {approximately August 14th}, the [antarctic] data set shows that 'difficulties' will 'form in the mountains', and that 'internally advancing {will} lead to great/insurmountable difficulties'. This is in turn supported by aspect/attribute sets with imagery going to 'advancing up {the} trail {in the?} mountain brings major difficulties, small disasters abound, stand still for safety'. At just one level down is further support in that 'lead walker stymied, danger, difficulties abound, overwhelmed, retreat'. On a lateral lexical set still under 'difficulties' we find that internally proceed, difficulties increase, multiply, plow up before advancing effort, cresting wave {of} difficulties'. Within this set the data suggests that 'rear one third retreats to friends outside', and that 'partners fear loss, two thirds {of} column/formation {is} lost'. And curiously, at the terminating level of the internal cross links within these two sections we find that a question is posed, 'could leaders {be} wrong/mistaken?'. These two, inter-related, and internally cross linked areas, both under the rising aspect of 'difficulties' are matched by a parallel structure under an aspect of 'rescue'. The imagery within this structure suggests that 'difficulties triumph, retreat impossible, abandoned, cries for help, demands of rescue overwhelm'. As to the nature of the difficulties, we have little clues, but some of the more interesting ones suggest by imagery that 'the Loom hovers, pressing inward, tunnel darkens behind, noises rise, floors heat, motors whir, motors die, air cold, fingers grasp'. The reference to 'the Loom' is taken from a very clear set, and this aspect comes out as a clearly declared label for something, anyone's guess at this stage, but our data suggests it is a material object. Further we have some indications that 'water under foot' will 'flow {caused by/due to} heat overhead'. Within the two areas of 'water' below, and 'fire' above, we also have duplications of aspect/attribute sets such that 'two options/paths/choices' are seen as presenting as part of the developing problems. The first option is headed by an aspect of 'doubt and inner conflict', and the other, by 'stagnated movement'. Sort of a Hobson's choice. We have some other indications that 'the problem is located at the top of the mountain' though apparently the ability to determine this will 'come too late to benefit'. Also there are pointers that 'others watch, wait helplessly'. Curiously, this latter about the 'watchers' is also heavily flavored with descriptors which go to 'mountain under ice' and 'top under belly' which can also be read as 'head under stomach'. The whole of the [antarctic] data set is within a larger set of the Terra entity which is under an aspect of 'flowing water'. Within this hugely cross linked area it is necessary to note that 'antarctica participates, providing nourishment {to the} continuing flow of water'. This area of the larger Terra entity is cross linked over to the GlobalPop populace entity where it terminates in cross links going to the idea that 'flowing water produces inner doubt, propels conflict'.

As the Terra entity is progressed through August and into Fall, the aspect ratios for this sub section change slightly as the primary dominant aspect goes from 'difficulties' over to 'fluid in motion'. This latter does not seem less a problem than the former. The 'fluid in motion' aspect shows up just after the transition to the 'militancy' and then occupies the rising aspect spot for this sub set for at least the next 3 months. We have other aspects developing which go to the support positions for the 'fluid in motion'. These are primarily repetitious variants of 'water flowing' and 'water stirred', offering only mass, not insight. We need to note that some small area of location has made its way through the processing, and as the [antarctica] data set is moved through to early September, the area of Charcot Island up to Biscoe Island, mainly the eastern sides, is heavily represented. As the year will progress, our modelspace shows that sometime after the coming equinox, the [antarctica] sub set will gain aspects in general support of the 'fluid in motion' which go to the idea of 'watching on a large screen, heart pumping/pounding', and 'in the dark, on screen, glittering star, motion set to completion'. Further there are aspects/attributes for 'resting is over, heartbeat quickens, lights switched on'. This in turn is supported by 'radiation of accomplishment/motion', and 'rays of the sun set fluids in motion'. This area is also cross linked over the 'rescue' area and the cross links spread out further within the Terra entity where one set terminates as 'fear and worry depart, fluids in motion'. Others end as 'enormous movement, scale shocks to silence, fear sweat'. As if that were not tediously scary enough, a very large area of new support begins to show up as the [antarctica] set is progressed past September, where we note that a large number of new aspects go to 'fierce flowing waters' and 'fearless cold blood', as well as 'fiery inner blood flows freely'. A last note is that a very curious reference appears to the effect that 'the road {is} threatened {by} fiery inner flow'. Populace/USofA - Hidden Complaints Come to Light As we have noted since early spring, the Populace/USofA entity started going into near tipping point status in which a tipping point of emotional coalescence forms, but never quite takes over the entity, and is instead, replaced sometime later by another near tipping point. This is the first time since the beginning of our work that any entity has behaved in this manner. As an instance, it was the Populace/USofA {in its nascent form} in June/July of 2001 reaching a tipping point which signaled the large changes we saw take place within the USofA population after the September attacks. Earlier in the year, in viewing the behavior of the Populace/USofA entity, it was easy to envision another tipping point condition from the modelspace. This new behavior of an almost-tipping-point-conditionwhich-never-quite-gets-there is a decidedly new manifestation within our model. Its interpretation is difficult, however, conceptually, the near-tipping-point emotional state does seem to fit with the projection of the building emotional tension shown in the charts in part 1 of this series. As the Populace/USofA and its global counter part, GlobalPop, reach and react to emotional pressures, it would make sense that tipping point levels, or near that, would form in response to the rising emotional values. That these near tipping points are just about ready to take over the entity, only to be replaced by yet more emotional tension, is the modelspace replication of the stepping up of general emotional tensions shown in the Fall chart in part 1. As a postulate, we expect that as we get further along in the year, that in late November, or early December, one of the forming tipping points will actually go to completion and this last tipping point condition, and its surrounding context, will be the trigger for the emotional tension release shown beginning around December 3, 2005. Along in those veins, we note that the emotional tension release ratios between the many entities within the modelspace currently have the Populace/USofA entity leading in the release of values in the December period. As it is currently progressing the Populace/USofA entity is clearly responsible for just over 67.887

5 of the emotional release levels. This is among all the entities. Among all the other entities, the GlobalPop entity shows the next highest level of participation within the release event or circumstances, however it is merely the leader amongst the 33% {more or less} of the emotional tension release which is *not* in the Populace/USofA entity. In this case, it would appear that the GlobalPop will merely echo the release levels within the Populace/US0fA. As the modelspace is progressed through summer and Fall, the Populace/USofA entity builds mass significantly, and only second to the Terra entity. Much of this mass of lexical descriptors, when summed, adds to the rise of the emotional tension values shown in the Fall chart, part 1. These descriptors are all headed by a very complicated dominant aspect of 'inner calm shattered by hidden complaints coming to light'. That this descriptor set first starts forming around mid August as the transition to 'militancy' solidifies suggests that a likely interpretation would be yet more revelations about Bush lies and the Bush Wars. That it does not center on the Bush Wars by internal descriptors, and is more wide ranging, suggests that as the aspect/attribute set would have it 'once opened, never sealed' likely applies to all sorts of nefarious deeds and criminal acts. This idea of the 'complaints, hidden, revealed to light' is further reinforced within the supporting aspects as a multi-threaded subject by aspect/attributes which go to the image of 'once grasped, all roots pull out', and 'roots resist {then} tear loose'. There are further amplifying aspects such as 'single-handed/alone, one yanks all cords, cloth unravels/disintegrates {before the} eyes'. Numerous layers repeat this basic message such that it is likely suggestive of a continuing series of yet-another-criminal-act-revealed all through the Fall, each of which adds to the building emotional tensions. Of course we have extensive cross links to the Bushista entity, and of course, the global view of the corruption and lies of the Bush admin is now barely begriming to be reflected within the population of the USofA. Our modelspace entity, Populace/USofA and its cross links suggest that nothing of consequence has occurred so far relative to the mass of emotional tension yet to built up this Fall and beyond. The modelspace indicates that perhaps 100 to 200 times the mass of emotional tension awaits to be applied to the Rove treason affair alone. And that is apparently only a very small part of the overall building of tension, which as the charts show, grows through to December, where the release period begins. This release is seen as continuing for over 9 months as the modelspace is progressed out with our detail data. And, as a high level note, when we progressed the modelspace out a number of years with very very very little detail, we nonetheless are still showing the emotional release triggered in December as continuing to at least 2009. Very heavy cross links within the Populace/USofA entity go to the Markets entity, [housing] aspect sub section. These cross links are decidedly negative as the emotional tension period really takes off in September. Also we have a very significant portion of the emotional tension values which propel the Populace/USofA entity forward through the Fall are both from this area and are negative in both carry value, and immediate impact value. A reasonable interpretation is that the period of transition to 'militancy' also brings degradation to the housing market within the USofA. This area of the Populace/USofA entity, through its cross links to the Markets entity, also cross links over to the Bushista entity. In the termination of the links within the Bushista entity the aspect/attribute sets go to the image of 'housing hurt {by?} sun weather support crumbles'. As the whole of the modelspace is progressed through to December, this area of terminating cross links within the Bushista entity grows to include ''housing hurt {by?} sun weather support crumbles, mobs beaten, deaths, wounding, blood'. This is likely *not* a good sign for things to come for anyone. We also need to note as we go through the data sets that as the Populace/USofA, Bushista, Markets, and other entities are progressed into the December release period, the level of language of bespoke human body parts and conditions rises rapidly. We have always taken human body part references as pretty much the top dog of archetypical expressions, and in the manner in which we perform our processing, these have been so rare as to be very meaningful. So to see such a large rise in bespoke body part references within the data, that is, going from about .0011% of entity processed data in August to just under .0089% of entity processed data by end of December, is taken as an indicator of very significant changes within these

entities. Further we note that virtually all the entities have a solid, fully populated aspect for 'wounding/death' by end of December. As the Populace/USofA entity is progressed into the building period of September and beyond, much of the 'revealed hidden complaints' are seen as causing 'fits and chaos' within the mainstream media {MSM}. We have numerous references suggesting that the MSM will have '4/four members wounded/dead' during this period. Further the suggestion is that 'laudatory presentations' to the deceased will be 'canceled, public shame'. One interpretation of the cross links in this section over to Bushista entity is that this might be that some of the 'hidden complaints' which come to light out of Bush admin involve these individuals. And that the 'four members dead', still presumably from the Press/MSM, are 'pushed, wounded, {to the} ground, shame, crimes' as shown within the data set suggests that private acts come to haunt the posthumous reputation of this particular group of four. Bushista - Minister Dead in Prison, Iraq Fracture As might be expected, given that much of the world has a very negative opinion of the USofA and its current dick-tater, the Bushista entity is third in number of values added over this run. Behind the Terra entity, and Populace/USofA, in total accretion levels, the Bushista entity nonetheless leads in total emotive sums. That is, in terms of the actual numeric values, Bushista is leading, even though it is third in number of total acquisition of data points. Again, this is to be expected given how emotionally charged is the language referring to Bush and his buddies. The Bushista entity, as noted in previous ALTA reports, has developed a number of 'gray spots' which, as the modelspace is progressed, turn into black spots which persist, giving the visual appearance of black threads as the model is moved forward in time. One of these black threads is linked to [rove, karl]. It began as a gray spot in early ALTA 105 {January 2005} and at this point has progressed to a very dark gray spot stage. As we move the model forward a bit to just beyond August, the gray is overtaken and shifts into black. It continues to gain data points, swelling through September and October, and if one could suggest it, even becomes blacker. Then, as the modelspace is moved forward, we find that this particular black thread reaches even deeper black, and spreads beginning about mid December 2005, and progressing as a thick black rope until near the middle of July, 2006. During this period, beginning in September and heavily {in fact, very rope like} cross linked over to both Populace/USofA and Press entities, the [rove, karl] sub section shows language descriptors accruing which go toward the idea if of 'dark heart, words lighted/seen/revealed, skin problems/disease'. As we move this forward, in small steps due to so many, widely variant, lexical sets coming on board, the 'rove' centered area starts to spread cross links through out both the Bushista entity, as well as the Populace/USofA entity. Curiously, there are very thin, almost hidden cross link threads over to Markets entity. All of these cross links, when extracted and summed separately from their respective entities, are all very negative. We need to note that the rise of the aspect of 'treason' in connection with 'rove, karl', may well participate in the 'wounding' of the Bushista entity that appears in early December. While the emotive sums of the 'wounding' of the Bushista entity are significant, by the time we reach the December period, it is as though Bushista 'wounding' does not have much in either 'spread' values, or 'carry' values. That is to say the 'spread of the wounding' as an emotional energy through the population is minimal, and that the 'carry' value, or how far into the future this 'wounding' will carry an active emotional component, is also minimal. One interpretation of this would be that by the time we reach December, so much of the remaining support for Bush will have fallen away, that what happens to any of this crew is more of a limited phenomena. We also need to consider that an alternate view would have planetary upheaval, actual or geopolitical, as being so large and encompassing, that basically few humans can spare the emotional energy to care much about what happens to criminals, petty or large. In performing the ALTA report data runs and interpretations, we have few rules, but first on our list, is that we will not seek for information regarding any individual human's potential future. It just is not worth the

karmic cost. However, in the case of the aspect which is centered on 'karl rove', we have a situation where the data rises unbidden. So, in the vein of future gossip, our data set would seem to indicate that the 'minister of the ruler, beset by difficulties in Fall, pressed into court in Winter, defeated in justice in Summer, imprisoned in Fall, suffering 3 years on, dead in Summer'. No interpretation offered, nor none needed, likely. Within the Bushista entity as whole, the dominant aspect of 'disturbed satisfaction' starts to give way to 'difficulties' {the rising aspect} some time shortly after the meta data shift over to 'militancy'. Then, as the modelspace is progressed from mid August into September, the rising aspect 'difficulties' supplants the old dominant aspect with both surety, and swiftness. It would appear from the language that Bush will *not* enjoy this vacation at the ranch this August. Not only will 'weather wear, drive down, humble' in the area, but Bush himself is seen as 'discovering difficulties long thought {to be} buried', and that 'face torn, spottled, splatted {with} blood' the Bushistas will hold a press conference in which the 'face' of the Bushista entity will be seen as 'rejected in revulsion, words lost in vomit'. This period of difficulties, leading to the 'vomiting face' of the Bush admin making a 'public spectacle', is apparently initiated by 'horrific losses, defeat' in the Bush Wars in August. The data suggests that the situation in Iraq will 'fracture', and that forces in Afghanistan will 'cry urgently for help, none comes'. The suggestion from the data is that Bush will not have a quiet vacation, and that after the middle of August, at least for the Bushista entity, some sense of 'creeping/gradual realization' of the 'actual state of circumstance' starts to penetrate awareness. The aspects/attributes supporting this area suggest that a wave of resignations at many levels with the Bush admin, and USofA government in general will occur. The data goes on to suggest that press comments about the odd 'wave of resignations' will make news itself. There are two threads within this 'resignation' area suggesting that some will resign out of 'criminal' considerations, while the majority will leave due to the evolving defeat of the USofA in the BushWars. The modelspace, as it is constituted now, and progressed out to its total maximum possible extent {in detail mode} of September 2006, shows no comfort for the Bushista entity. The period of September of this year, 2005, begins the downward spiral of the Bushista entity. This entity is one of the drivers of the emotional tension rise seen coming over Fall of 2005, with the December release. Again, we note that the rising tensions within the emotive tension ratio are significantly impacted by Bushista entity participation. At this point we are presented with several possible interpretations both of the Bushista entity and the general emotional release of December and onward. We have an anticipation that events in December will involve a very large scale planetary alteration. This anticipation is due to the levels of emotional release seen within the modelspace. IF one postulated that the emotional release was due entirely to events within the political realm, then one would have to be prepared for the level of emotional release to be the same, thus suggesting total political upheaval. In the ab sense of any form of earth disturbance, it would likely take something on the order of impeachment for Bush and Cheney, and Rice, as well as the prosecution of dozens of others, as well as massive coverage of these events in the mainstream media in order to generate the magnitude of the emotional release as it is currently forecast. And even this might not be enough. It may well require that the Democratic party implode, and that several of the solid infrastructure elements of the USofA social order also collapse. {Note that this is possible considering the emotional impact of a housing and dollar collapse.} It is possible that such a huge level of emotional release could be obtained by a simultaneous economic, as well as political meltdown. One could postulate that a sitting president, one of such bipolar nature of support as the current dick-tater, if faced with swift, sudden defeat in war, difficulties within the administration, rising calls of 'treason', and a collapse of the global currency structure, would represent the 'emotional investment' of all those who were duped into supporting such a person, and that in combination with an economic collapse, this evaporation of emotional support, and the subsequent backlash of emotions betrayed, could possibly rise to the level we are seeing in our modelspace. If so, it makes the alternative of a planet wide earthquake, and plate shift seem preferable. In any event, and what ever the future should hold, the data within modelspace at this point suggests that the Bushista entity is 'wounded, blooded, flesh torn, ligaments hang, muscle ripped off' beginning in mid

August. There after, the 'wounded' aspect is a persistent, and top level identifier for the Bushista entity, suggesting that this 'wounding' will define things for Bush from August of 2005 and until his death. As we progress the modelspace forward, it becomes apparent that the 'wounding' of Bushista entity will, over the course of late 2005, and in through 2006, bring about a significant level of change within the Populace/USofA entity. The current rising aspect for that entity of 'hidden complaints revealed' is both reinforced and spreads deeper in its support. This thread is one of the long range carry value indicators which are predictive of a 'rebellion against proclaimed leaders', and that is reinforced by supporting aspects/attributes which goes to the idea that the 'leaders rise, politicians fall' during our period of 'conflict with authority'. All of this is an outgrowth of events which the modelspace forecasts to appear starting in August of this year. Life, here on earth, sure ain't boring. And will be less so as the year matures and events ripen. Markets - Putrefaction from War It is worth noting that the many cross links between the Markets entity and the Bushista entity, while probably indicative of illegal market manipulation, are apparently providing a pathway for 'corruption revealed, militant impacts' which, like threads of a disease, are seen as 'infecting the body, pus, putrefaction {from} war'. Further, these cross links begin their really negative decline in August, slightly after the transition into 'militancy' at a meta data level, and co-incident to the 'fracture {of the} breastbone {of} Iraq'. The 'fracture' of Iraq cross link over to Bushista terminates, on the Markets side right at the point where the Markets entity begins a 5 out of 6 element replacement. This is a very large level of churn. In point of fact, the one of the largest levels we can remember. At this level of aspect/attribute replacement, there is both rapidity of change, and width of change. Our modelspace would suggest that the 'chaos {of} change/shock' will rule the markets, the way it becomes one of the dominating aspects of the Markets entity. This aspect persists through to July of 2006 and may even extend beyond. Within the data set for Markets, and as a sub set of the terminating 'fracture' aspect {postulating that the fracture of the political landscape propagates an economic fracture}, the aspect/attribute imagery is quite bleak. Our supporting data sets for Markets includes 'naked {and} oppressed', 'ears cut off, eyes poked out', 'bare bodies chained', and others of a similar vein. These arise within the Markets entity in late August, have both a very high 'immediate impact' value and a long term carry value. About this time in late August, we note that the rest of the precious metals are totally within the Silver entity, and are off moving on their own, separate from the Markets entity. These are also joined by most of the non-precious commodities metals, as well as food stuffs. The suggested interpretation is that the 'fracturing' within the meta data aspect of a transition to 'militancy' will bring about a very large and clear separation between commodities and debt related instruments. The market for the latter will degrade along with the political fortunes of the Bushista entity. The Markets language is depressing, without being particularly enlightening. For the whole of the tension building phase of Fall, we have language such as 'stuck in stone, no movement possible', 'red blood flows, no movement fortuitous', 'knees injured, running/walking impossible', 'feet entangled in vines/ropes/threads', 'legs bound', 'unworthy, no movement', 'oppressed, not liberated, slaved', 'brink of the abyss, pushed forward, resistive rear, no furtherance', 'drowning {in} blood, water, wine, hands release dear ones, floating down'. This is backed up further down in the lexical chain with 'loss of limbs', 'loss of body parts', 'sacrifice arms/limbs {to} stay alive'. Not good in general, and it gets worse as the tension period progresses through Fall. In a point of caution for those who might be tempted to "play" or "short" the markets during this coming period. Watch out. Our data suggests that something relating to shorting activity will emerge over this time, severely 'wounding' those who participate. We have language such as 'dropped stone, five/5 murdered {in their} sleep', 'blood drips, fingers fleshless, no nails, many dead', and 'walking backwards, fleeing, sight removed/eyes lost, cursed blood, drowned in wine/blood'. These are all supported even further down in our

lexical structure by rising aspects which suggests that a very large 'cry/howl {of} rage/frustration' is to emerge this Fall, which in turn will lead to 'mobs {seeking} revenge, bare naked corpse(s) lay {in} street'. This area is cross linked over to 'mobs beaten' as reported above. Its obvious interpretation is for caution in times of rising difficulties and uncertainties. Conclusion There are a number of data points which have accrued to the entities which have been left out of our consideration in Part 3 due to time limitations and the extra processing undertaken to produce the long range view, as well as the time devoted to the radio interview this week. We will be including these elements in the Part 4 report as they are sufficiently far enough out as to not be of immediate concern. As per usual, our part 3 processing starts us chasing time, in that with part 4, the immediacy values of the run, initially captured in the week prior to part 1, start to mature. With Part 5 we will be at the point of the transition in August, and events will start to overtake our modelspace. The processing for part 4 starts immediately. Should anything jump out at us, we will pass along an email notification. As with all our reports, calm the mind, do not give into or support fear. Our basic attitude is 'oh well, what the hell, at least it won't be boring'. Good luck to us all, batten down the hatches, tighten the ropes, secure the mind, transition zone dead ahead. Part 4 expected to be posted by 5pm pst on Sunday, August 7, 2005.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1105 Part 4: Terra - Sun Drives It All* Terra - Weather - Equinox to Solstice* Terra - Oceans - Energy Spent at Night* Terra - Oil - Distribution* Terra - California - Ten Shakes Then Whew* PopulaceUSofA - Desperately Seeking* NASA - Unintended Consequences* Bushista - Ominous Defeat* Markets - USofA Dollar - Horned Board* Markets - Housing - USofA - Confusion of Interests* TPTB - Dred Companion Stares Back*

Fear* Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 08.06.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Data set distilled from 45.022 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set. Terra - Sun Drives It All As our processing moves the modelspace forward toward the end of May of 2006, we have the expected rise in details at the near end of the modelspace the way that waves build up foam in advance of cresting. Our task is to sift through the foam of details that are available, sort out the interesting bits, and strew them about modelspace such that an interpretation of meaning might be derived. One of our keys to this activity is the meta data. More than merely "word counting behavior" our meta data is the flow of the various words in common, versus the words of differences/change. We take the words in common as our entity builders and use the words of difference to progress the modelspace forward. In moving the modelspace, we use the assigned emotional values for the words of difference. Clear as mud? Within our processing we associate words and word groupings with entity structures which have and are evolving within the discussion slices that we sample. A good image to keep in mind for the general flavor of how entities develop is that in the late 1990's, almost all the internet discussion had centered in some way {within the USofA, and other caveats} around the 'stock market' and thus that formed an entity at the time. During that time, virtually no discussion arose in non financial areas around real estate or housing as an "investment". So if one were merely tracking money and investment issues over these past 7 years, and had an open mind, one could have actually watched the 'housing' entity emerge as the 'stock market' entity more or less suffered a stroke and went into a coma. Just as we watched it happen within our processing. Sort of make sense?

There are many layers of details of the processing, data acquisition, statistical analysis, and some pretty complex set theory that we are glossing over in the above example, but at the basic level, that is what is going on within the processing. It is as though we are training our software to listen very acutely, and with a discriminating mind, to what is being said in the internet crowds around us. In our listening, at the meta data level, we have heard some pretty interesting things in the last few years. It would appear, from the processing of this week, that the 'sun' aspect, which began to creep into our work initially in 1997, is still 'pressuring all' as its rising aspect would have it. Within our modelspace now, we would be very hard pressed to locate a single entity that did *NOT* have some 'sun' aspect/attribute set, or is not heavily cross linked to such an aspect. While the 'sun' has been noticed and reported in previous ALTA report series this year as major 'energetic' factor for the aspects of 'weather, water, climate' and others within the Terra entity, we now have a real web of links such that the 'sun' aspect is rising as a driver of change within Markets, Press, Bushista, Populace, and other entities/structures. Within 4 of every 6 entities which have 'sun' as an internal aspect, and excluding the Terra entity, we have the 'sun' aspect with very high 'immediate impact' values, as well as very high in 'long term impact/carry' values. As an instance, within the Markets entity, a 'sun' aspect has attributes which go to the image of 'sun waves/wind stopped short by mountain, disperses everything {in/into} fluttering chaos'. Within Bushista we have the image of 'sun wind stops movement, restricts passage, burns skin, frightens eyes'. Within the Terra entity the much broader 'sun' set descriptors are moving toward 'sun sends wind, past destroyed'. Pretty concise, but also extremely well supported with very large aspect/attribute sets. We have lower level images of 'wind {solar} not full/fulfilled', and 'wind {solar} strikes mountain {which} breaks, courses, bends'. All of the more obtuse references to the 'breaking mountain' are supported by very clear, bespoke references to 'danger', 'painful ruin', 'painful {sun} disease'. Likely *not* a meaningless coincidence, we have cross links over to the Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop {both about equal in size} in which the terminating aspect of the cross link is 'danger, sun venom, decay, frustrations, neurosis, unintended/unaware suicide, vitality stopped short, dangers {in} sun wind'. Further, the whole of the 'sun' aspect is now so heavily cross linked to other entities that in progressing the modelspace the 'sun' aspect has to be ignored just to see the rest of the entity. From all of the entities, including and especially the two Populace entities, we get a real sense that the 'sun' will become a problem, noticeable, and driving such diverse activities as markets and human movements, in September. While the indications are that the actual solar induced problems will begin in mid August and increase as we move into September, it would seem from the cross links over to the Press entity {representing the mainstream media, "MSM"}, that the discussion in the public press will not escalate to acknowledgement until September. We also need to note that within the Terra entity, the 'sun' sub set is a very large area which goes to the idea of 'sun refugees'. This aspect set is complete, and very descriptive, if somewhat an echo of previous reports about the 'two cities' struck by natural disaster. Within the set now, we have again come up against the imagery of 'millions {of} feet, on the road, sitting, small injuries'. And within this set, constant reinforcement of the idea that 'refugees walk, abandon the useless, crying, carrying, dead left {in} place'. However dire this image might seem, there is a huge supporting area within it going to the 'emotional health, cheerfulness' of the 'people(s) {on the} road {in their} millions', as apparently these people feel 'relief, rejoice, tears release, breathing no {more} bad air'.

Terra - Weather - Equinox to Solstice Still within the context of the 'sun drives/pressures all', the data set of the 'weather, global' {not to say climate}, shows that it is also completely driven by visible solar influences. This data set builds as we move the modelspace from the fall equinox, September 21/22, 2005, through to the solstice in late December. Our primary dominant aspect for the sub set of 'weather, global' is 'bridled potential'. Or, as an alternate interpretation, 'distribution of the inconceivable power'. In either case, the central supporting aspect/attribute set for this dominant aspect, is, as was expected, 'sun'. Within this area are many cross links internally back to the 'sun' primary section within Terra. This is one of three sub aspects being investigated due to intriguing details which are revealed through cross links. In the case of the 'weather', more or less planet wide, in the 'Fall season' in the northern hemisphere, we have some details providing a glimpse of rough times. One of the primary aspects is 'chaos', closely followed by 'disruption' and 'improper quantities'. This last is replete with details suggesting that 'improper quantities' of 'wind, rain, hail, snow, et al' will be the visible manifestation of the 'inconceivable power of the strength of the sun' which will come to dominate our emotional impression of life here on earth this Fall. We also must note that a significant part of the pending 'building of emotional tension' shown in the charts in part 1, is due to events that take place within the Terra context. This is not to down play the importance of the geopolitical and other spheres of context and their contributions, but rather to note that the 'building of emotional tension' through the Fall takes on more and more of its impetus from the Terra context as the modelspace is progress through towards Winter solstice. One interpretation is that in spite of the political and other side shows offered as distractions and attention grabbers, as we move through Fall, the weather as a bizarre global phenomena will demand, and get, more of our collective emotional focus. Within this area we also are again seeing the repeating theme of 'restricted movement', and in this case, accompanied by 'hoarding' and 'chasing possessions'. This is supported by aspect/attribute images of 'burying food/stores {in} muddy marsh', and 'chasing possessions, seeking sustenance, dark days'. Within this area, and heavily cross linked over to the entity we have entitled TPTB {The Powers That Be}, we note that 'nobility plundered, carried off, fled', as well as 'beaten mobs rebellion/revenge/riot, flesh stripped {from} hung corpse(s)'. Returning up two levels, we note that a side shoot to this area of 'dominating chaos, chaos redoubled', is the explicit bespoke warning of 'danger, too much energy, no release possible, increase, increase'. This last double statement of 'increase' is *not* an artifact of our processing and is therefore being interpreted as offering a reference to a 'doubling' of a rate of increase, or perhaps a 'doubling' of the impacts of sunspots or other solar manifestations. One layer down within the 'danger, too much energy' aspect/attribute set, we find that 'armies, halted in advance, shelter under dirt/soil/ground'. This being indicated as a direct result of solar activity. This is supported by aspect/attribute sets going to the idea of 'machinery breaks, roads/paths deteriorate, axle used as lever'. At a slightly deeper level, we also note that some 'power plants' will be 'suffering too much heat, desperate to cool, failure, danger/risk'. This area in turn is cross linked over to Markets where the terminating aspect is also 'danger' and where this is supported with 'risk of dry, pipes hot, pumps fail'. As a final note on this section, the dominant aspect here is cross linked, as the modelspace is progressed into December, over to the primary 'sun' area within the Terra entity where it terminates in the aspect/attribute set for 'sun {effects} blocked {by} mountain'. It would appear that some level of the immediate 'weather' related problems will abate in late December as we approach the solstice. Terra - Oceans - Energy Spent at Night

Still within the 'sun pressures all' context within Terra entity, the 'oceans, global' section has picked up a new dominant aspect. This aspect is directly, internally cross linked to 'weather, global' and while it contains much of the same lexical set as was discussed in 'weather, global', it also has a divergent set worthy of investigation. Again, while being 'driven {by the} inconceivable power {of the} sun' the 'oceans' are seen as 'under stars, energy release/spent, revealed {to the} world, new road'. Now while subject to interpretation as to the meaning of a 'new road' in the ocean {much debate with Igor, centering on new land versus new currents, blows nearly exchanged over access to the keyboard}, the supporting data set must be considered. Within this aspect/attribute group the imagery of 'energy unhampered, released/spent flows, steam rises, obscurity ends, roads revealed' appears to suggest new land mass. However, as it is also shown in the next layer below, 'new streams cross oceans' which clearly does indicate new ocean currents. Of course, the appearance of 'new lands, roads cross east', would certainly disturb current flows. There are also indications that the 'oceans, global' will participate in some visual, significant way with the 'weather, global'. Of course, the obvious notion of weather being driven by oceanic currents and temperatures is understood, rather what seems to be indicated is something which generates 'gasps, crowds/mobs/people transfixed oceans seething, roil, flow'. We need to be clear that at this point there are *NO* indicators for 'tsunami' which we do have modeled after the Sumatran earthquake event. The data would seem to be indicating some event out in the ocean which is more of a localized, though reported or 'viewed' event. In this case the 'roiling' seems to accompany the 'creation {of a} new road' across the ocean. While we have much in the way of words representing violence, we have none, within this set going toward immediate sorts of danger. This shades our interpretation toward something perhaps very far out in the oceans which is photographed, violent, but not immediately dangerous to humans en masse, though apparently the images will 'transfix {the} crowds/mobs in place, drooling, stupefied'. Ewww, wipes anyone? As a last note on this section, as we progress the modelspace forward through to the solstice, we barely get into the December period, perhaps around the 3rd through the 6th, when we reach a rapidly building period within this section for 'oceans'. Annoyingly, the details are less than clear, however we are presented with 'antarctica' as a contributing factor, as well as a general shift to a new dominant aspect within this sub set which goes toward the image of 'preparation {for} what {will} follow'. Equally annoyingly, we note that the supporting aspect/attribute set for this area is indicating that 'positions on/under {the} earth need take assigned ascends'. While less than clear, the flavor is not reassuring. One time location note is that the dominance change for this section seems to be referring to 'early spring', 2006. Terra - Oil - Distribution The last area of the 'sun pressures all' to be examined is one in which 'oil' as a commodity, and energy source, but not including any markets or sales or pricing issues, arises. This sub set is similar to the ones for any of the resources that humans might be dependent upon, that is, focused on the acquisition, exploitation, and use, rather than commercial abstractions. Within the 'oil as vital resource' area, the data set is also saying that 'distribution {in} required/proper quantities {will be} pressured {by the} sun'. Further the data goes to suggest that 'three/3 way split/reduction, sun burns movement, no braking, axle removed, restricted movement'. This is supported by extensive areas where the aspect/attributes go to the idea that 'movement {at} night possible, sun burns, restricted movement' as though some form of solar activity or storming will restrict activity to night periods. This is seen as a condition which endures for at least 'three/3 lunars/months'. This 'star lighted, night activity' is centered around late Fall. It appears to have an extended effect that brings some level of impact still seen in late March of 2006. At that point a new aspect of 'completion of motion' rises up, and seems to indicate that the solar conditions which specifically prevented day transshipments will ease off. Terra - California - Ten Shakes Then Whew

The method we have adopted for processing the millions of reads usually has parts 3 and 4 with the longest look forward. This is an artifact of the order in which our processing is staged. We have over 210 executable programs which can be run in a number of differing orders for differing effects. Due to the recent, unprecedented rise in trans Pacific Ocean heat, the sudden and rapid die-off of numerous Pacific Ocean species, and the internet based "red alert" from Stan Deyo, we decided to alter the running of the data for as good a look as we can get into the probability for large earthquakes on the west coast of the USofA, and around the Pacific Rim. Please note that at this stage of the processing, that is, with the interpretation under way, and the modelspace already completely populated, scales adjusted, and other impediments, our best window size is slightly less than 2 months, or just prior to the end of September. It is not possible for us to shrink the window any narrower as the immediacy values would have to be processed and they are just now being staged for next weeks' work. So, our apologies about the largeness of the window. The above caveat noted, we have to say that the data localized to the West Coast/USofA and California, shows that 'ten/10 times {the} floors rattle, bolts pop, steel surrenders', and that within this aspect/attribute set we find that 'two/2 times the bed walks the floor'. These apparent references to earthquakes are explicitly in support of the aspect of 'vital rhythmic motion'. Please note as well that the references to the 'sun' within this area are cross linked internally back to the Terra entity, and the 'sun drives all' aspect from above. It would appear from the clues we have within the aspect/attribute sets, that the 'sun' is about to deliver a 'heat warning, causative variant', which will result in 'ten/10 waves, three/3 days' which are noted to be 'moving east, mountain bound'. The aspects show that for 'california', in spite of being 'lowly down', the 'position will take {a} big step forward/up', and that 'waves brace, flow, fade, roads ripple, feet move'. This latter aspect/attribute of 'feet move' is also an aspect with fully populated supporting values for 'favorable {to} take step forward, danger recedes'. It is interesting to note that as the modelspace is moved forward through toward the end of September, that the rising aspects for the area of the 'west coast/usofa' and 'california' are both centered on 'relaxation, sagging into stupor {after} rushing hard labor'. We find lots of references to 'breathing affected', and 'breath halted'. These appear in two separated areas, one supported by indications for 'bad air' and the other, likely as a result of the 'shocks to the bones', the 'breath held, heart stilled, muscles tense'. This last, of course, could be the result of the 'waves of vital rhythmic motion sliding beneath {the} feet'. Last on this subject, the only other point of clarity is that the 'largest {of the} vital rhythmic motions' are the 'first, last'. This is a bit suggestive, but it appears not to be referencing all 'ten waves', but rather the 'first,last' of the 'top six'. This apparently as the 'last 4, tremors {in the } toes', which would seem to indicate after shocks. We have *not* got any good indications that this attempt, late in our processing, to narrow the window, will be effective. Rather, we were hoping to find that no references to quakes would appear, then we could dismiss the idea, and resume the normal interpretation. That did not occur. Therefore, in spite of the vague aspects and less than definitive dates, this section will be emailed out now. Remember, this is a whole new approach of interrupting the normal flow. It likely will not work out this way, but there are indictors within our data that an active earthquake period for the west coast of the USofA is near. This seemingly is supported in manifesting reality as the number of quakes, coincident with solar energy outputs, as well as alignments of planets, and then the Gamma Ray Bursts all would point towards

such an occurrence, at least globally. The near-to-the-west-coast indicators are rising and contain some never-seen-before heat patterns within the Pacific Ocean Basin. This, and activity around both poles, suggest that an energy release is over due. Any inclinations toward personal preparations for a 'shaky' period would probably benefit at this point. PopulaceUSofA - Desperately Seeking The modelspace suggests, through the Populace/USofA entity that the emotions of the populace of the country will, like water, 'flow downhill rapidly, seeking the bottom'. And as this is a universe of duality, once there something will 'ignite the fervor, fire roaring upward'. These emotions will, as seen in the charts, lead to the building of emotional tension all through the Fall and into December. This build up within the Populace/USofA entity is seen as having many diverse impacts. One meta data level observable trend is that the 'tensions {of} September, rust, crushed, bruised, pained' will lead the Populace/USofA entity to 'act with unanimous purpose' beginning in October. This 'purpose' which will 'drive all, desperately seeking' is, as noted above, also cross linked over to the 'sun' aspect of Terra, though not heavily so. It is much more cross linked to Bushista, and given the terminating aspects within that entity, the interpretation is that the populace of the country starts going on a 'secrets revealed, revenge sought' rampage. Our emotive values are very high for this period. Within this entity, these values are as high as was seen in the period just prior to the Bush WMD Lies and the launch of the Bush War Against Iraq. Again, our values show that there is a very decisive split within the Populace/USofA entity base, however this time we have an uneven split. The entity, as we progress through to October, and into November shows that the populace does seem to fall into a form of civil strife. However, given the data that we have, the term "culture war" does not accurately express the situation. Within our modelspace we find that much of the minority dissension within the Populace/USofA entity slides over to the majority of the entity by mid November such that the whole of the entity is clearly dominated by 'desperately seeking, {in} unanimous purpose acting'. This area is very extensively linked over to Bushista and Markets as well as other entities. The impression is of a period of collective action or expression from the populace of the USofA. Given the tone of the language within the Populace/USofA entity, this period does not bode well for the Bushistas. We have language going to 'laughter, liberating sounds' as the terminating aspect within the Populace/USofA entity for a whole rope of cross links from Bushista where the originating aspect is 'crying for unity, subservience'. Not a good sign.

NASA - Unintended Consequences As explained above, entities develop on their own from within the data. In this case, we have a new entity, albeit small, that we are calling NASA, as the USofA NASA space administration is one of the key components. We could have left this within Bushista {from which much of the data set derives as government}, but since it visibly separated within the modelspace we decided to keep it as a separated entity. It is good that we did as this entity has an interesting tale to tell as the modelspace was progressed through and past September time period. We noted that the NASA entity of course was replete with references to 'sun' and has a heavily cross linked aspect of 'sun', and then were a bit surprised to see that the rising to dominance aspect of the new entity was 'castigation {of/for} secrets'. This aspect could also be interpreted as 'revenge {of the} untrusted'. These are two separate aspects, which are more or less tied for dominance.

As our data suggests, and related to having to 'explain away {the} sun/solar activity', the NASA entity will find itself embroiled in 'accusations {of} secrecy' which are to be characterized as 'placing risk {of} extinction' as a possibility. Also within the NASA entity, and apparently already underway, is an aspect set suggesting that an 'internal revolution/rebellion {by the} fringe/edge' will rise to the level of visibility within the press around that time. The image of the entity within the modelspace is one that has internal cracks and is also being squeezed from the outside asymmetrically. When we reach the emotional building period of late September through to December, the NASA entity is sort of sheered off into a fan-like shape of many separate directions of activity. Each of the directions within the entity appear to have their own emotive sub sets, but all have very high carry values, and medium-high short term impact values in common. It would not be surprising to find that the actual space agency, NASA, is subjected to public political pressure over the activity from the sun which in turn allows for 'deliberate saying, shocking, revealing' from a 'knowing tongue' to occur as the NASA entity aspect/attribute set shows. While heavily cross linked over to the Bushista entity and the problems it faces in the Fall, the NASA entity, representative of all things space in America, will be undergoing its own trial by mob at some point shortly after the equinox. And while it may have begun as an 'accounting {of the} sun activity', it ends with 'revelations {of} deceit, death'. As may be expected, where there are 'nasa' aspects, we also find many references to space aliens. As these are all emotionally hot, and as the governmental approach to ridicule, and distraction *always* arises with this subject, the implication from the data gathering could have either of two, more or less, logical interpretations. The first, reading along with the data, would suggest that NASA will be in 'trouble, irritation, backlash/response' due to 'secrets revealed, aliens concealed'. Or, it could be that a major governmental distraction campaign may be in the offing. Without regard to the path that develops, the data suggests that 'nasa' as an organization is about to suffer the 'imposition {of the} will {of the} populace/people/crowd/mob' such that 'what remains, purged, liberated', while 'many jailed, suicides prevail'. Hmmm, not a happy time. As of this point, we still show positive value sets for the Space Shuttle and its return to earth. Our value set shows that 'help' will be required, but that in the end, 'safe return, longingly home'. No amount of digging around in the data set has produced anything more enlightening, so we will stop on this note. Bushista - Ominous Defeat As we progress our modelspace forward, peering as intently as we can at the period of the December emotional release, the Bushista entity stands out for both its image and movement. The entity is distinctly mottled, covered in splotches of gray and black indicative of very heavy cross links, and in movement, by the time of early December, it is completely under the neutral point, with *no* positive emotive aspects at all. In examining the Bushista entity at this point of early December through to the end of January 2006, we find that the dominant aspect of the 'army' is showing hugely negative signs. There are explicit references to bespoke 'ominous defeat' as well as 'sticks to strategy, defeat inglorious'. Within this aspect are several areas which not surprisingly suggest that the 'relationship' with the Bushista organization and the 'army' has changed. One aspect has it clearly that 'does not mingle with soldiers', and 'does not share fear', and 'does not lead into battle', and 'does not participate/share exhaustion/sweat'. These aspects/attribute sets go back through cross links to the Populace/USofA where we find that the populace, represented by the 'army', 'does not go into battle wholeheartedly, willingly'.

Also within the Bushista entity, 'army' aspect, we find that 'unskilled captains {will} lead {to} massacres', then 'confusion reigns, shared authority leads to/produces disaster', and 'ships collide, sink, captains punished, soldiers rebel'. This last arises with cross links back to the Populace/USofA entity which suggests that Bush or his mouthpiece will point the 'finger {of} blame' at 'innocent ones', and naturally, since 'all will see fear', the backlash against the Bushista within the populace will be severe. Also within this area of the Populace/USofA some time pointers arise in that the Bush is seen as 'rewarding the undeserving {while the} distinguished receive nothing'. At this point, things start getting very ugly indeed. The entity suggests that as a consequence of both public and press 'censure, shunning', that the Bushista organization will attempt a 'campaign of enchantment/wooing'. This is going to fall flat on its face. The attempt alone will cause its own set of problems to ripple out in that the cross links between Bushista, Markets and Populace/USofA are threaded like cords in twisted rope at this point. Curious references to 'standing naked' and 'pisses pants' give one the flavor of what the entity suggests is coming. The results will 'surprise' the 'speakers, standing naked, pissed pooled'. Hmm. Markets - USofA Dollar - Horned Board As a participant in the emotional tension building period of late August running through Fall and into December, we note that the aspect within the Markets entity for the 'dollar, usofa' is showing a rising emotional tone toward 'caution'. This emerges multiple times as the lexical set contains four separated points within the 'dollar' set of data which all go to 'caution'. Two are bespoke aspects with complete attribute sets supporting them, and two are metaphoric, again with complete supporting attribute sets. In the case of the latter, the data suggests that the 'emergent bull, late Summer {has/is} horned {in} Fall, caution, duplicity'. Also as supporting sets are 'cutting legs, wires, threads shifted, caution, fraud'. This last is cross linked back over to the 'secrets revealed' section of the Populace/USofA entity which was covered in Part 3. As a component of the emerging tension building period, it would seem that the action within the dollar trading community could stand as an excellent time marker. The modelspace suggests that the trends will be clear by early September, and that the cross links to the 'political fiasco' shown developing in early October, will be another likely indicator for a cautionary period relative to the dollar. As the data set repeats 'caution' four times, we are taking that as a real urging, *especially* if one is foolish enough to place assets at risk in trading currency. The cautions indicated within the bespoke areas are suggestive of actual 'frauds revealed, fortunes naked {in} crime' within the currency trading markets. These two bespoke aspect of 'caution' both contain references to 'betrayal revealed, skin/flesh retribution sought, laws ignored'. One of the metaphoric lines has the aspect/attribute set toward the image of the 'counselor/lawyer rams {a} stiff board {on the} horns {of the} young bull'. Probably not a good time to be considering risky currency trades. Markets - Housing - USofA - Confusion of Interests The Markets entity, 'housing, usofa' sub set, has a dominant aspect swap occur just as we move the modelspace forward from late August into September. The 'housing' sub set has the aspect of 'confusion of interests' rise into dominancy by early September. Within this aspect/attribute set we find very ominous wording suggesting that 'confusion' will control all parts of the 'housing markets' nationwide. This apparently comes about due to a variety of influences. In some cases the local markets are seen as 'stopping, ceasing' as a sudden lack of buyers comes about. This area in turn contains huge amounts of cross links internally to other parts of the Markets entity including both the 'officialdom' and the 'dollar, usofa'. In both these cases these contain many cross links back out to other areas of the Markets entity. In the end result the visual effect is echoed within the 'housing' aspect by a supporting aspect/attribute set which clearly states, 'every thing goes wrong' and that is supported by attributes toward 'blood let, blood lost, every thing {goes} wrong'. Within this set there are supporting aspect/attributes going to the image of 'teeth drip, bones only, continuance gone, stopped action'.

TPTB - Dred Companion Stares Back Still seen as within the 'south east' and moving 'diagonally' our The-Powers-That-Be {TPTB}entity is once again off on a rapid pace of change within the modelspace. As a digression we should note that not all entities will move in the same manner as the modelspace is progressed. Much like thousands of fish crammed into a too small aquarium, some are able to force and wiggle their way forward while others sort of just creep around. This entity, the TPTB, is one in which irregular movement is the norm. In this processing we note that the TPTB entity did a small movement forward and down, parallel to, but not quite aligned with the Bushista movement through to about mid December. Within the TPTB entity the 'dred companion' aspect/attribute set is a bit more plump than in the past, perhaps he has gained weight while traveling? All those hush puppies while moving through the SE of USofA? In any event our 'dred companion' is now associated with 'looking/staring back up {from the} bottom {of the} crevasse'. Now while this would seem to be bad for our companion, the curious aspect of this is that this area is below the aspect of 'crust/plate cracks/shifts', and this is of course very heavily linked back to the 'plate shift' aspect within the Terra entity. As to details, we have the aspect/attributes going to 'not internally, externally, {the} earth cracks open, celestial light seen, dred companion stares back'. Within this set we find that 'upper jaw broken, pain looking down, brilliant eyes/stars sear upward'. As the data group is progressed, it becomes a bit more poetic and descriptive. The 'dred companion' apparently now 'down/bottom crevasse' is 'fed by plants, vegetation supports/lifts'. Further the TPTB entity contains internal cross links suggesting that 'nourishment withheld, retribution of effort'. This area is further complicated with several cross links back to the Silver entity. Within these cross links we note that 'silver speaks, silence follows' and 'deprivation challenged, blood flows'. Returning from the Silver cross links, it is interesting to note that these external cross links to the Silver entity are both directions and either originate within or terminate in the aspect of 'tiger jumps on prey' within the TPTB entity. Just so that this area is not misunderstood, the lower level supporting aspects must be tied into its cross links back to the Populace/USofA entity where it terminates under the 'secrets revealed' section in the aspect of 'illegal acts draw attention/awareness'. This section within the Populace/USofA entity also contains, 'tiger jumps prey, throat held, carried' which in turn is supported by 'criminals, bad diet/nourishment, poisons stream'. Returning back to the TPTB entity, and within the internal data set parallel to the external response to 'earth cracks open', the data suggests that 'dred companion' now fed and 'well nourished' is seen as 'directing the gaze' of the tiger, and in 'looking up from the bottom, next to top, third layer down' is seen 'pointing/indicating uncertainty of action/intent', and shows that 'escape by water not feasible', and that 'spies {with} sharp eyes seek nobility, rewards rendered, flesh rendered'.

Fear Within the yogic community, an old description: True fear is a fine vibration, felt in all the cells of the body. It radiates out from the hara (solar plexus - ego associated) as a chilling wave that cools the blood, ripples the skin, and climbs the back. True fear widens the eyes, heightens the breathing, races the heart, and threatens seizure.

True fear will bind the untamed mind, rendering it useless. All that is seemingly required, is to take one step forward to dispel true fear. That one step separates the physical body from the impact of the fear field within the akasa (Dirac Sea). That one step propels the body into a state of courage. That one step begins in the nama (mind). Fear is an emotion and its complex of responses. Courage is the exercise of will over that emotion. Conclusion: We had to swap the processing around a bit in order to take our quick look toward near term earthquakes as noted above, and this has impacted our schedule somewhat. We will try to make the time back up so that Part 5 can be posted by late sunday, August 14th. Noting that this would place the posting just at the cusp of the turn over to militancy noted within the meta data set.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1105 Part 5: Meta Data - Chasing Time* Bushista - Disintegrating into Confusion* Populace/USofA - Curtain of Confusion to Piles of Difficulties* Populace/USofA - Confusion lifting event * Terra - Oil - Prepare for the Unexpected* Terra - Atmosphere - Weighing Words* Markets - Ten Year Depression* Markets - Oil - Vast Quantities of Change* Analysis - Cindy Sheehan - How we got it wrong and next developments Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report.

Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 08.13.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Data set distilled from 53.44 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set. Meta Data - Chasing Time It is within parts 5 and 6 that we start "chasing time" as Igor is fond of saying. Within this part of the processing, we are loading up the modelspace with those data elements which are carrying immediacy values, and which were captured during the latter part of the data gathering process and so have yet to be run through the programming. At this point these values typically are anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks old in terms of their capture date, and as noted above, most will have values such that they are indicating an 'immediacy' of change which actually may have matured by the time we get to this data set. Frequently we get data that appears to play out only days later, this being due to our having captured it a month back, but taken nearly a month to get it into processing, while its values were for a 5 week period. So as we chase time in this report series, we are particularly mindful that the meta data has indicated a transitioning period of very large scale emotional themes, and that we are in such a transition with Part 5 of this report. Our inclination is to view the meta data transition periods as indicating the general tone or background against which the issues of the day play out. Unbeknownst to us at the time, these last few years have been playing out against the background theme of 'union/cohesion' as we noted with all the issues arising in which people were deciding issues of their 'union' or 'cohesion' with others. This was seen all the way from 1998 with the emergence of the presidential candidates, up through recent EU constitutional votes, and now even the USofA imposed political process on Iraq which is designed to impose a union on 3 disparate peoples. As a side note, it will fail. This interpretation comes from our transition period leaving behind the testing of the issues of 'cohesion' to now shift into a period of intense focus on 'aggression/militancy'. So our interpretation, beyond the mere noting of current events, is that the Bush War against Iraq will fail in the stated goal of the imposition of democracy due to its failure to harmonize with the times, and as such is promoting a theme which is no longer resonant within the globe. Sort of a situation of got their paradigm on wrong, and it is the wrong paradigm at the wrong time. In that same vein, one can predict with some confidence that now that the transition is underway, that all aspects of 'militancy' will be "tested". I quote this word "tested" to highlight both its importance, and its special meaning. We are going to use this word as meaning 'to test one's skill/position for correctness/rightness with universe'. This definition is a transliteration from the Japanese of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the martial arts of Aikido. In this form of 'testing' there is not a win or lose situation, but rather an opportunity to learn. So our interpretation of the meta data level transitions is that new themes for learning will be manifest as we move forward. We should see, over the next 20+ months, that the theme of 'militancy/military/aggression' continually arises in all the various issues of the day. One would expect that groups such as the Bush family, so heavily expressing the theme of 'militancy/aggression' will be very prominently working on these issues. Of course one notes that what the individual refuses to face within themselves is constantly presented by universe for just that purpose. Therefore within our meta data transition into this new state, we should expect that all aspects of Bush et al will be brought up in the

light of 'militancy'. Since they are so deeply, pathetically bad at this, one expects a lot of karma to be worked out, most of it likely in public. It would be tempting to place all the emotional tension building period shown within our Part 1 charts down to the Bushistas working out their karma with their warlike nature. However we still have to note that while the large scale emotional release seen to occur within December within our modelspace *could* be explained within the political realm alone, it would take something on the order of a coup de tat, military mutiny or public trial of the Bushistas and family, or large scale rioting to account for the levels shown within our modelspace. So at this juncture in the processing we are still of the opinion that something besides the bad karma of the Bushista is going to be tested over the December 2005 to June of 2006 period. The 'militancy' at the core of the USofA within the last century is also to be tested within this emotional release period. The meta data is very suggestive of the possibility of a violence and civil warfare within the USofA. At a meta data level the controlling lexical descriptors for entities such as Populace/USofA, and Markets, sub set, USofA, sub set economy, are showing stressors that could be interpreted to point to an out break of violence within the populace. Our data may be suggestive of something on the order of civil war, but an astute analysis also reveals that while the emotional potential exists, the release could be accomplished with something less than outright shooting wars. One way in which the building emotional tension, the move into militancy, and the emotional release could play out, still reaching the levels that we are seeing would be if, as a hypothetical, Bush et al were to be indicted by the grand jury in October, he then rebuffs the indictment, is jailed by the US military, along with his co-conspirators {including many members of both political parties}, and public show trials for treason were held. If such a hypothetical were considered, it would show a period of building tensions as the initial legal moves, and counter moves were played out, then even more as 'show down' tensions built, then the arrest, followed by a few days, then the flooding of the media with evidence of high crimes and treason going back generations. The emotional impact on the Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop would be just the sort of thing that we are seeing now within our charts. Not that this is the only such scenario which would account for the levels shown. Also we can note that any such scenario would, of a necessity, embroil the whole of the world economy into the morass, and thus would account for the levels of economic involvement that are showing up in our data, and which are intimately tied to the December release period. There are other sorts of possible event clusters which would also be capable of the sort of emotional buildup/release seen over the Fall of 2005. One that has some level of probability is a sudden military defeat of the USofA in Iraq, followed by rapid withdrawal and the simultaneous rise of religious extremist rebellion in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Co-incident with cross Islamic warfare emerging between the Shia and Sunni, the whole of the oil producing Middle East is shut down. The resulting oil shock, and the military defeat of the USofA, would generate the same sort of emotional build up and release. It would also bring in the economic impacts we have showing. The resulting political chaos within the USofA as Bush goes from his high of 80% approval as a result of his lies post 9/11, down to something like 5% approval, and the resulting polarization of the USofA against the now failed war president who would have been the only US president to have begun a war, and lost it all within his sitting term, would bring about the 'reformation of the core' that our USofA populace entity suggests will begin next Spring during the continuing turmoil of the emotional release period. It should be noted that many of our entities are participating in the emotional release, and so far all our data suggests that the origination of the release is within the Populace/USofA. Bushista - Disintegrating into Confusion The Bushista entity is moving through August and the period of transition into 'militancy' shown in the charts in Part 3, which is finally complete by August 16th, and is undergoing a significant rising aspect change as the modelspace is initially loaded up with the immediacy or short-term-impact value set. As the

modelspace is populated, the aspect change to 'disintegration' becomes apparent. As we move the modelspace forward, and hold it on the point of the transition (August 14 through August 16), we find that this shift will go very badly for the Bush dictatorship. Our lexical support structure for the 'disintegration' rapidly starts picking up values as the modelspace is moved forward over August and into September. We find the 'disintegration' aspect adds such supporting aspect/attributes as 'illusions annihilated', and 'ancient sources, body falling apart', and 'movement of time, compressed energy, impact sudden, counter current'. Within this last structure the lexical supporting aspects/attributes are 'hoarded knowledge, benefit offspring, well casing cracks open, secrets released'. The whole of the entity, still beset with the black threads of cross links from many areas of problems all seemingly developing into conflicts, is also shifting into a primacy state of 'confusion' as the modelspace is moved forward into September. The working lexical set shows that 'voices speak, without meaning, words rejected', and that 'confusion {is} king, god(s) demolished, snakes bite, poison words'. Through cross links over to Populace/USofA, we find that the 'poison words' aspect is an originating structure and that the terminating structure within Populace/USofA is 'bloody wounds, washed with lye, deadening fears shed/lost/let go/released'. Under this structure within the Populace/USofA are suggestions that the 'body {of the} Bush administration {will be} seen pulling apart/disintegrating {in} public view'. And that further, as the modelspace goes forward, we note the 'words rejected, fractures {and} stances produce rejection'. On a last Populace/USofA note on this area of cross links there is a small section showing that 'stay away {from} promoters/proclaimers {of} fear, movement deadening fear released, no pain again {from these} sources'. Populace/USofA - Curtain of Confusion to Piles of Difficulties The modelspace has had a situation develop which has the Bushista showing 'confusion' as its rising aspect, just as the Populace/USofA is shedding that aspect (see below), or as the imagery would have it 'walking {through the} curtain {of} confusion, through translucent rains, under thunder, into piles of difficulties'. This shift within the Populace/USofA entity begins as the period of 'militancy' transition ends, but seems to lag behind the other entities, as though it will take a bit of time for the aspect to really take hold. Even within the lexical structure for the entity there are hints as to this in that 'not force awareness' and 'awash in sensation/clattering noise, decisions re-examined, disputes over directions'. The Populace/USofA entity is seemingly indicating that while an emerging trend to 'shed the fostered illusions' is manifesting, the difficulties that the 'walking through the opaque rain' reveals are such a 'large/big shock' to the citizenry, that 'recoiling, losing step, losing direction, hesitation, dithering' is produced. While the entity would seem to indicate that the process of 'illusion walking through' is 'painful, scarring', nonetheless it is one of those hard things, once begun inevitably go until completion, and this 'in spite of/in face of {the} cost in flesh'. Out of the aspect(s) for 'cost in flesh' and under the dominant aspect of 'piles of difficulties', the Populace/USofA entity has a rare appearance of a 'doubled' lexical sub set. This occurs when the aspect/attribute set are doubled in separate layers within the entity or sub set. Now, a further layer of 'doubling' can occur which is when the cross links within the doubled aspect/attribute sets go out to other entities, and terminate in the same aspect/attribute set. This also is happening within the Populace/USofA entity beginning with the transition over to the meta data aspect of 'militancy' and continuing through into Fall. The doubled doubled aspect is 'violence'. It is entirely USofA focused, seems to point to the populace of the USofA as both the origination of the violence, and the receiver of same. It does not appear to relate to terrorism or any other associated, extra-country, enemy. It does not appear to relate to any natural disasters, or other naturally occurring phenomena. Outbreaks of actual civil war may be avoidable, given some of the details suggested by the divergent cross links. The data suggests that a whole range of emotional reaction to the potential for intercine war fare will arise due to 'perceived external developments/conditions/circumstances'. This in turn starts the emotion driven reactions, and 'hardened positions' are reached. Then, rapidly the circumstances go to the 'gathering

of the 3/three' {maybe arrest? indictment?}, which in turn, precipitates the 'deter movement', and 'lies, bellyache, heartache' and then the 'conveyance' is 'beset by bandits, robed, masked'. This in turn creates a largish emotional jump up, followed by 'actions, abandonment of family, friends'. Then the 'knot is cut'. As we reach this last aspect/attribute set, we are also getting into the period of the emotional release seen for December. At that point, our current data set holds that the rising and dominant aspect will be 'no mistake, downhill flow'. How's that for cryptic? But, in spite of its less than revealing nature, what is noticeable is that the aspect of doubled 'violence' is no longer present after this aspect of 'no mistake' makes its appearance, suggesting that in spite of the many and repeated references to 'danger' both internal and external, events will proceed without 'mistakes'. Populace/USofA - Confusion lifting event Within the early September period, some information or perhaps confirmation will emerge and that will be a marker for the sift that the Populace/USofA entity is forecasting to occur. Within this entity, a very large scale aspect shift is under way. We find that the modelspace show that 'confusion lifts, innocence discarded' will be an emerging theme which will be persistent through at least until the end of December. Fitting within the over all context of 'militancy' and 'secrets revealed' our Populace/USofA entity further amplifies these within its 'confusion lifts' aspect by pointing to 'changes abound, liberation {of} old emotions'. However, we should note that this 'liberation of old emotions' will not come without considerable cost. The entity suggests that 'much blood flows, tears fill rooms', and that 'everything goes wrong, dead pile up'. This in turn is directly cross linked to 'riot/disorder, mob/crowd/tribe attacks/storms office building, rooms sacked, records seized, building burns'. This is further supported by aspects/attributes going to 'roads blocked, powerful dead, officialdom impotent, bleeding'. Again and again, within the immediacy values, references to 'bleeding' which is leading to 'disgust'. This bespoke emotion is supported by 'actions taken, chaos, everything wrong, those {who} proceed {join} powerful dead'. Hmm, not a good sign. Cross linked at this point are several threads going back to Markets, both 'oil', and 'abstractions, derivatives'. Within these aspects/attributes we find that 'crowds check measures', and that 'measures taken, lies fail, lives forfeit'.

Terra - Oil - Prepare for the Unexpected Given the evolving nature of the data set and the shift of immediacy values {see meta data} it is interesting that when the concept of 'oil' is considered separate from any pricing considerations, and rather as a useful commodity, the current rising aspect of 'prepare for the unexpected' An unusual condition has emerged for the 'oil, commodity, necessary' sub set. Within our Terra entity, the 'oil' complex {pun intended} of lexical descriptors has a rising aspect that seems to just get stuck in place as we move the modelspace forward. This aspect of 'prepare for the unexpected' does not evolve, rather as the modelspace is moving out of the end of August and into September, it lodges high in the sub set, but does not become any more populated. This last needs to be explained in that it is unusual for a rising aspect to *not* gather in new details as it progresses up the descriptor chain toward dominancy. This is the usual way in which the entities move, with aspects, rising and falling, being displaced, and then the rising aspect accruing new aspect/attributes from which we can extract new details and directions of potential behavior. Clear as concrete on a dark day? Well at the moment, even as the modelspace is progressed, *none* of the accruing values for the rising aspect of 'prepare for the unexpected' has any new details. Rather they all merely reinforce the existing aspect with what amounts to mere restatements of 'prepare, unexpected ahead/future', 'prepare, stumble {over} unexpected', and such.

While comforting in its message to 'prepare' the Terra entity is not behaving well in that it refuses to provide any directions as to where to place such preparation. Having scoured the entity three times and run the modelspace forward three times, we still have little to offer in details for this section. What we do note is that the 'unexpected' within the 'oil' lexical complex is seen as 'propelling change/reformation'. Now noting that this last is cross linked over to the Populace/USofA entity where it terminates in 'reformation' which is further amplified by 'of the core', one could go out on a limb and suggest that the 'oil' sub set is indicating that it will trigger a 'reformation' within the 'core' of the USofA. It needs to be also noted that while the 'prepare for the unexpected' aspect rises due to immediacy values, the 'reformation' within the Populace/USofA terminating aspect of 'reformation' only comes into existence when the modelspace is progressed out to long term values and then it rises in the January 2006 to July 2006 period.

Terra - Atmosphere - Weighing Words The Terra entity has a new sub set which is seemingly pointing to a period, beginning in September, in which it will be 'necessary {to} weigh words'. An alternate statement of the same aspect would be 'necessary to moderate breathing'. This latter interpretation has support as there are clear statements within the image of supporting aspect/attributes which go to the idea of 'oxygen left behind, dropping'. This in turn is supported by 'rising gases, oxygen lowered'. There are references to 'forcing {breathing} is failure/failed', and 'future, weighing words {to} breathe'. Many of the supporting aspect/attributes of this group suggests that 'breath, debated, words hoarded'. Further we do note that when the modelspace is progressed, that this context becomes something of a discussion point this Fall. Tied into this area by internal cross links is another section of Terra entity in which the dominant aspect is 'increase {in} bad winds, blowing, damage'. An internal cross link within this section goes to 'rise, dust, particles, gasses, increase' which in turn is supported by yet more reinforcement of the idea that 'words weighed, speaking limited, breath labors'. Markets - Ten Year Depression Noting that there is really no difference between a 'depression' and a 'recession' other than the manufactured context placed on the words when referring to the economy, the Markets entity, sub set USofA, sub set 'economy', is showing a rising aspect of 'depression' with a supporting attribute set which states 'ten/10 years on/duration'. Our old refrain, currently running all this year since ALTA 105, of 'restricted movement' has reared back up within the immediacy value set processing of this past week. The Markets entity, as the modelspace is moved forward over the transition to 'militancy' period of mid August {14th through 17th}, shows that 'restricted movement' will be the dominant aspect. Its supporting aspect/attribute sets go to the image of 'every other one, brazen {brings} regret'. Further we find that 'summits {of} ignorance scaled', and 'no control over the belly, releases'. This last warning of apparent gastric distress, as with all direct body references, is taken a bit more seriously. In this case, such citing of 'release of under belly, contents spilled' connects directly to the human fear response. It would seem that the Markets entity is indicating that some action within our context of 'restricted movement' will induce gut wrenching fear within some markets participants. This is for the period of rest of August through to about September 4th or so. As usual our timing markers are less than precise. There is a descriptor set, parallel to the 'brazen brings regret' which is also under the 'restricted movement' aspect which goes to the idea of 'taking great step forward, risk, danger'. This is likely indicting that a some point subsequent to the gut wrenching discussed above, an attempt will be made for a 'restoration {of the}

status quo/state of origination'. There are no indications that this will succeed, and pointing to that are actual interrogatories within the data set such as 'will {it} succeed?'. The last element to note on this immediacy values set is a supporting aspect/attribute group which goes to 'three/3 weak steps'. Under this we find that 'end/at/finish empty, only wet stone'. Markets - Oil - Vast Quantities of Change In spite of the lack of information under the Terra entity for the 'oil' sub set, the Markets entity is just chock-full of new data elements for oil. As might be expected we have very large levels of negative emotion all centering around the twin, co-joined, issues of 'availability' and 'price'. Curiously, there are very large, ropey masses of cross links from the 'price' aspect back to Terra, and again, very curiously, terminating in the 'sun drives/pressures all' aspect/attribute set. Within the direct aspect for 'oil' and all its sub sets within Markets entity, the dominant aspect/attribute set just comes right out and says, 'vast quantities of change'. Now this needs to be noted as arriving within the recent processing, is driven by immediacy values, *BUT* appears to continue for at least the next 14 to 19 months. There is some slack in the emotional values which appears near the end of the extension of the modelspace, but not really prior to that. And even then, as the data is scarce out that far, we might be misinterpreting the slight flattening of the emotive values seen for that period. The 'oil' aspect of the Markets section is so heavily cross linked to other entities as to be almost obscured by the thin black lines connecting the various attributes. When we peal off the mass of connections, and start examining this section from the inside out, we find that the aspect of 'change' becomes so repetitious as to be seen at all, and every layer of our data set. Within most of these references for change, there are magnifying and supporting aspects/attribute sets going to the idea of 'sudden' or 'complete' , or 'diagonal inversion'. This last has something to do with the pricing ratio of 'distillates' to 'crude'. When we begin to examine the cross links for the 'oil' within Markets sub set, the modelspace shows at least a quarter of all the links numbering in the the many tens of thousands, go back to Terra, and 'sun pressures all'. Under that section, and cross linked over to our 'oil' within Terra section where the dominant aspect is 'prepare for the unexpected', is an area that was first seen in either ALTA 105 or 405. In this section, many internally cross linked areas suggest that one of the 'unexpected events, multiplies circumstance', and within that area, the 'event' aspect is supported by the aspect/attribute grouping which goes to 'sudden separation {of the}plates shears {off} pipes'. This then goes to 'wells collapse, ten/10 years on {for} repairs'. This in turn is cross linked back internally to the ALTA 105 phrasing which suggests a pending 'plate shift'. Returning back to the direct aspect set for 'oil' within Markets, we note that not all the near term unexpected events will be geologic, in fact, more suggestions emerge for political problems appearing. The lexical set is reasonably specific in saying that 'powerful {are} dead, weak {try to} rule {the} masses, disorder, chaos', and 'disorderly situations, cope/adapt, after binding, chaos'. There are also several separate areas within this main aspect which are headed as 'tactical' or 'strategic' and within all of these areas are aspects/attributes for 'withdrawal', and cautions that 'impatience, unawareness/lack of presence of mind' will take 'chaos removed {and} create(s) chaos {at the} feet'. Noting that looking down at ones feet instantly places your focus 'locally'. Further this set contains references to 'no honor {at} this time', and 'satiated {with} blood let/violence, winter on before movement, deep disorder'. Again, noting that the meta data 'militancy' aspect is totally in place by August 17th, and against that background the data set when progressed through the modelspace into September shows that our immediacy values are indicating a movement from 'calm, powerful dead' over to 'rippling chaos, ancestral temple advanced {upon}'. This latter area also contains much indicating rioting, both in the USofA and elsewhere, as well as the beginning of a very large shift in political power, especially as it relates to oil. Much of the 'militancy' which will be tested during the next month or so will be dragging in not only politics, but at some point the participation of solar/earth relationships, further magnifying an already disorderly situation.

Our 'vast quantities of change' aspect within the oil sub set of data is cross linked over to both the Populace/USofA and GlobalPop, as well as Markets internally, and Bushista, though the emotional values are higher in Populace/USofA, indicating more of an impact, the aspect is very clear that a cognitive disconnect is about to slap the Populace/USofA entity right across the face. This impact is seen as part of the rising of the emotional tension values pictured on the charts in part 1 of this series. These emotional tension values start rising in the late August period, and scale rapidly through to our emotional release period in December. Within that context, we note that much of our current data set is focused on 'oil' in all its facets, but primarily as it affects dollars and spending on a personal level. The data suggests that already within late July, fuel pricing had changed spending habits. Currently our modelspace is indicating that within the very early part of September, operating under the background of 'secrets revealed' which has been previously discussed, some single bit of information will emerge which we will all be able to look back and say 'ah, it started there'. Basically the modelspace is showing us now that to those who watch, the emotive tension building period should be very visible. As if it were not visible enough in the headlines any day this past week. What we have to suggest is that this is merely the very leading edge of the wedge.

Analysis - Cindy Sheehan - How we got it wrong and next developments The current situation with Cindy Sheehan and supporters camped out at the presidential cow palace in Texas provides us with a great learning tool. I have included one of the relevant sections from ALTA 405 in which we see the discussion about just this situation. Posted in March/April, this section clearly has many misses. What is interesting is how the relevant themes of this time, August, was captured some 4 months back. We note that we did score on the 'female', and the 'grief' primary contexts. While we missed in the particulars on the 'supplication' and 'seeking audience' in that we erroneously assigned these to the background context of the 'hit to the head' over oil, we none the less, again caught the main theme of 'seeking audience'. And being correct on the main theme of 'oil distress' we can put ego aside and say that at the level of primary social themes with heavy emotional contexts, we were correct at least half on this situation. The interpretation at the time was done within a very broad, and as witnessed by our words of March/April, over whelming theme of oil. Where we went wrong was in our inability to extract the details from the broader background theme. As you read the section below, you can note that if we had merely left out the interpretation, shortened it to a briefer discussion of 'female, supplication, background oil problems', it does seem to agree with our current circumstance. This example currently unfolding on the world stage, presents us with a very good illustration of the failings of our work. It is very hard, in the now, to separate out the background themes from the detail descriptions of potential future developments. Back in March/April it was obviously clear that at the time the 'female' emerged with the 'grief' aspect, that oil would be a big concern. So clearly our task is to sharpen our skills in separation of background contexts, events, and their relationships within both our crude modelspace, and grander universe. The only excuse we have for continuing this effort, is that sometimes we get it correct enough for our readers/clients to be able to apply our fuzzy set knowledge to their work. As some of our clients were smart enough to read between our fuzzy lines, they have benefited from purchasing oil futures back in ALTA 405. More have benefited by acquiring precious metals in the last few weeks prior to the current developments in that market. Now, in the vein of knowing not what is what, let us continue for a minute with a bit of further interpretation about the Cindy Sheehan situation as we now have a bit of clarity.

If we follow the same level of extraction done in ALTA 405 {see original text below} then the current data set would have the situation with the 'female' with 'grief' aspect in a very dangerous period. The currently dominating, though falling aspect is 'crossing the wide ravine, inner life, doubts, crushed, danger'. This relates apparently to the 'female with grief' aspect as a clue to 'buffeting emotions, will tested'. Again, let us note how this timing is also against our previously described period of meta data shift to 'militancy' wherein all this would be "tested" in the Aikido sense against that background context. We also find that the 'female with grief' aspect is to be 'met by quickly cut ravines/steep abyss {at} all turns'. These 'barriers against movement, increase' will persist for a small period. There is some suggestion that some of these 'barriers' are self-imposed by a less than accurate awareness of the developing social currents. Speaking to these, we see that as our modelspace is progressed, the 'female, with grief' {also carrying 'lifegiver, darkened' as a parallel aspect}, will move out of the period of 'internal barriers' due to an 'act of kindness'. Somehow our modelspace suggests that a very small act will 'propel {to} external forces', and some change in the situation will develop. This is shown as including a 'wholesale reversal' of the power dynamic. Externally our 'female with grief' aspect is shown as 'being discussed, dinner, drinks' while elsewhere, a 'spiritual change/awakening arrives {in} terra cotta'. This 'sight revealed' will in turn be seen as 'overcoming the deaf, sign language not needed' such that 'earth/ground issues' will be 'placed on the table/altar'. This is where things get a bit interesting. The data, through the aspect/attribute imagery suggests that the 'place is bounded, cannot flee, no running', and 'integrity claimed, failed/insufficient, no mistake in the small'. Further this leads to 'entangled, roped, suffocating in bonds' which are seen as 'pulled by many hands, twisting'. Then the final bit of progressed immediacy values go very explicitly to the image of 'completely lost, lies elevated to personal truth, flaws upward, impossible, twice salted wounds'. Hmmmm. Maybe? In any event ALTA 405 from March/April is below. ALTA 405 Within the attribute set for [grief] over the realization resulting from the (sudden/abrupt/accidental) (release) of the aspect of [repression] on the Oil entity, we need to note that almost the entire attribute set is cross linked back to either Populace or Terra or Markets. In all three entities, the cross links go to aspects which suggest sudden and profound change. We find two exceptional elements to these secondary aspects. First, the [grief] aspect is dominated by references to 'female' both at an actual data read level, as well as at the meta data level. The suggestion certainly must be that a female will take center stage in the expression of the [grief] aspect of the primacy change in Oil. This female will also not have an easy time of it. She is described by the attribute set as (modest), works in a (public building/public space), and is apparently compelled either to, or by (sacrifice). One interpretation could be that a female whistleblower will be the point of the 'release of the repression of vital data' and will, through that act, sacrifice herself.

The second exceptional element is an attribute set which seems to tell a story. It would suggest that [danger] is (sneaky/snuck up upon/coming from behind) and that an [official] of the [government] will (desperately) (seek) [audience] with the [prefect/governor/superior], only to be (rebuffed/rejected/held out/cast out). This will cause a bit of a problem it would seem. The result will be a total fiasco. Not only will the [danger] be actualized, but it will arise apparently [unseen] and the resulting (misfortune) will be like the USofA was (hit) from (behind). We have NO indications of any actual attacks or terrorist activities and this should not be understood that way. In our analysis of the emotive shifts, the data is suggesting that some one is attempting to warn of the problems with Oil, and the dangers that arise for the country from the energy issue, NOT from a terrorist attack. We can also note that the references to the [official] and his/her problems getting an audience are heavily cross linked back to the Populace entity with primary attribute sets indicating the USofA populace. Within this narrow cross linked attribute set, the suggestion is that the populace of the USofA is about to take a 'hit to the head' at least in so far as their concept of the future and energyconsumption. The emotive sums are for a level of primacy state change that is equivalent to what was seen developing last year. In the course of the work over 2004, we noted that a level of primary 'perception' state change was occurring. It was weather related we knew about spring of 2004, but it was not until December and the tsunami that we actually realized the primacy state change within the global population. So for most of the year we were reading the emergence of the change, and it was geo-event triggered, and we are still absorbing the change in state {relationship of humans to planet/solar system/universe} both personally and in the social aggregate. Now the data suggests that another such state change relating to oil/energy will/is occurring. Conclusion: Part 5 concludes here. We will have a part 6 in this series and should have it posted by next weekend. It will provide entity cleanup as well as reconcile some of the many cross links we are finding.

We are in discussions with our principle client about a future run, and have started negotiations for the bandwidth. However this run will be slightly more focused, and likely smaller at about 40 to 50 million reads. The focus is changing due to the rapid development of events, both within the solar system, and within the geopolitical abstractions here on earth. We should have some clarity by this time next week after discussions with the client and will send out email announcements as justified.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1105 Part 6:Momentum Temporis (Moment in Time) - Persona ad media via (Person at the middle of the way/road), Dark Companion Unexpectedly Appears/Manifests* Terra - Sun - Big Blue Event?* Terra - Water - More Rain Driven Flooding* Terra - Sun - Disease Chases* Terra - Oil - Water Impedes* NASA - Debating Circle and Spotted Cur* Bushista - Summer of Discontent slides into Fall of Drama which tumbles into Winter Wounding* Chemtrails - Harvest with no Ploughing* Silver - Bottled Energy* Populace/USofA - The Sheep Burn* Conclusion of ALTA 1105 series.

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this

report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 08.20.2005 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Data set distilled from 66.127 million reads . Momentum Temporis (Moment in Time) - Persona ad media via (Person at the middle of the way/road), Dark Companion Unexpectedly Appears/Manifests After some debate with Igor over a few coffees, we have decided that it is appropriate for us to examine the issue of Cindy Sheehan as a special case from which we can abstract a more general view of the situation. In taking this approach, I have decided that we can best present our information from a higher level view where we step back from Cindy Sheehan, and step even further back from her representative position as de facto spokesperson for the anti-war movement within the USofA populace. By enlarging our view, we can present Cindy Sheehan and developing events with more of the context of the time. So we are taking the approach of presenting a deterministic entity which will show all views by presenting all aspects/attributes for the person at the middle of the moment, Cindy Sheehan. This entity is built by extracting our previous threads from ALTA 405 where we captured the rise of the 'female' who would personify 'grief', and would rise to visibility during an on-going oil crisis, and would be involved in the 'supplication for audience' with an official. We are also including the opposite view of Cindy which apparently has been captured from our CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) lexical extract which created the "The Powers That Be" entity, also known as, TPTB. Within this view from the TPTB entity we have the image of the 'dark aspect woman' with the 'dred companion'. It is very possible for the person to occupy both roles. As those found of claiming fairness would say, both sides {of an argument} are presented. In our case, the ALTA report goes one step further and can look at things from each sides' perspective. So within our deterministic entity we can have both the serendipitous arisen data found within Populace/USofA, GlobalPop, and the other entities along with the TPTB view. In this case, when we examine our new MomentumTemporis entity, we note that 'cindy sheehan' will be presented soon with a 'problem of righteous benefit' in which the 'unexpected gifts' are 'too numerous {to} distribute alone'. Also it must be noted that a large divergent lexical structure within this deterministic entity shows that the 'gifts are small {but the} mountain overwhelms'. Under this structure are lexical suggestions that 'medicines needed, requested, delivered' and same with 'small foods, large hours'. This last is described as 'labors, donations of time' within the supporting aspects/attributes. There will be some level of anxiety developing along the lines of 'what do we do with all this stuff?', and then our model suggests that 'consistent {and} correct behavior {will} redirect the river'. Now, the reason that the above is presented first has to do with its over all significance as the leading edge of a trend. Our data suggests that a very large growth in support for the antiwar/antibushista cause will emerge in a very visible fashion over the next 2 months. The drama apparently will not end with the end of the Bush "vacation". Rather our data suggests that events will very soon spiral out of any control whatsoever as circumstances both in Iraq/Afghanistan, and the USofA develop over the course of the next 45 to 60 days. There are very key indicators within the emotional tension suggesting that our building period kicks off in earnest beginning on August 23rd (give or take a day). The data for our PersonAtTheMiddle suggests that Cindy Sheehan will be yet rising with more support. Our data shows actual interrogatories around this subject which go to the image of 'how long can this continue, now that everything has/is gone wrong?'. Further we have repetitious statements to 'bloody tears,

daily flow'. And if that is not enough, we find that the lexical structure is describing a bespoke 'feeling that never again, peace, quiet will return' emerging as a rising aspect within the Populace/USofA. This is mirrored through cross links to the GlobalPop where we actually find bespoke 'fear {for} populace/USofA, continuance'. The complexities of our linguistic structures around this subject become almost Byzantine in form when we move our modelspace forward in time. We have a duality of view points, and the *assumption* that the 'dark aspect woman' with her 'dred companion' are another view of the same persona as we find within the Populace/USofA, GlobalPop, and Press. As an aside, it is very interesting to note that Cindy Sheehan has received more words per publication in the EU than in the USofA. Much more illustrative is that in the reduced presence of media world that is current the current Islamic block, we have a nine to one ratio on a weighted basis difference between the Islamic press/publications, and the USofA. Again, the lack of verbiage about Cindy Sheehan within the USofA press relative to the rest of the globe speaks volumes. Another interesting note is that within the USofA press, the growing exposure of Cindy Sheehan as the visage of the anti-war/anti-Bush-corruption movement is clearly highlighting the cracks that we had seen emerge sometime back in our BushCo entity which forecast the withdrawal of support from the Bush Cabal of the corporate controlled mainstream media. Currently we have a problem with our interpretation. There are many details within the 'dark aspect woman' taken from the TPTB entity which do *not* seem to be found represented within the Cindy Sheehan situation. These include many descriptors for our actual person such as 'blind in both eyes, lame in both legs', this latter with repeated references to 'loss of movement/mobility, walks with crutches'. There are other such instances which again, do not fall in line with the emerging data about Cindy Sheehan. But as these descriptors arise from the TPTB entity, and are largely fear based, in fact, even carrying forward the idea of 'petrified with fear, rigid with fear-shock', it is possible that some details are merely mental distortions of the actual situation relative to the fear filter seen. As an instance, one could postulate that TPTB might view Cindy Sheehan as 'blind in both eyes' in that she fails to see any part of their position as being valid. However, this I find to be a real stretch, and even have logic problems with such a view in that it would tightly align the vision of the The-Powers-That-Be with Bush. This last is contradicted in other areas. Of course, it is feasible that The-Powers-That-Be, that is, the invisible hand that seems to keep everything all stirred up, actually are afraid of Cindy Sheehan, and even perhaps more afraid than the Bush Cabal as she might, *just might* represent the greatest threat to their program, the unexpected element outside their control. Further as the unexpected element resonates more and more with public opinion, and even begins to spearhead an independent agenda, one would expect the 'fear quotient' within The-PowersThat-Be to grow. Unfortunately for our discussion, this is exactly what is occurring; the fear levels with TPTB entity are rising substantially. In this entity, again, the focus is our 'dred companion' as much as the 'dark aspect woman' who directs his movements. Please note that our data suggests not that the 'dred companion' is a slave, or unthinking automaton, but rather, is an 'intelligent tool', wrapped up, at least according to our descriptors, in a package that is 'round as is tall', and is 'dred, wearing dred, cloaked in deep dred, locked in dred'. But to even further obscure the already deepening mud of this construct, we again find no direct support for the 'dred companion' within the Cindy Sheehan emerging story. That does not mean that such will not surface in some meaningful way which sheds light on how we may be incorrectly interpreting the data {a very likely case}, but at the moment, nothing is being revealed. Now, all the dithering aside, the actual data extracted from the TPTB entity around this 'dark aspect woman' as the object of their fear does offer some clues as to more useful current and future state of activity. Internally to TPTB entity there are several aspect/attribute sets going to the idea that 'working in dangerous fields {is} far off', and 'continuing on daily affairs {while} danger is {still} over {the} horizon, far off'. Further down in this last set we find that while 'far off', the danger is nonetheless 'heard ahead of thunder, voices crying alarm'. In support of this group, the imagery of the aspect/attribute set goes to 'dark clouds push shouts'. Higher within the extract from TPTB entity, and under the 'dark aspect woman' central to their fears, aspect/attributes going to 'waiting in a hole/pit', and supported by cross links back to Populace/USofA,

'3/three presentations/audiences greet/await {the} stranger(s)'. This last has several supporting aspect/attribute sets going to '3/three strangers presented {to the} populace' and within the Populace/USofA, we note that 'presentation {of the} stranger(s) brings energy, reception favorable, support grows mountains'. Now, more ominously, also under the 'dark aspect woman' within the TPTB entity, and also growing in added values as we move the modelspace forward is a well populated aspect/attribute set going to 'waiting {with the} companion in blood'. This is reinforced with 'blooded by nature, bonds of blood, waiting {with} dred companion'. The supporting sections include 'no time {for} action, waiting {in/with} blood'. And 'secreted/holed up/hiding {with} the enemy {in a} cave, light comes, dred companion seen/revealed/visible'. Oddly enough, within this small section of the 'dred companion' reference we have a very curious cross link back over to Populace/USofA which terminates in 'complaints heard/registered, situation reconciled {with/due to} internal pressures/forces'. And within this aspect/attribute set we find that 'waiting in a hole in the ground, tarps cover, blood to knees, anguish of longing, life to bleed, bright to see, companion dred to he'. While poetic, not very directly illustrative, but the terminating aspect, and its supporting attribute sets are all going toward our meta data transition values of 'aggression/militancy/army'. And within the terminating attribute set, the cross links all go back to Bushista, where they also link to a terminating aspect of 'army', only in the Bushista case, we have the very curious dominant attribute also being an aspect, and that is 'fear {of} sight/seeing'. Hmmm. As a last note from this entity area, the movement of the modelspace over the course of August and September produces a number of changes within a number of entities, {Bushista, TPTB, Populace/USofA, GlobalPop, and Markets} in which all of the primary aspects referencing the 'dred companion' accrue values which end up being very thickly cross linked amongst the entities and ultimately all go toward 'dred companion unexpected materialize/manifest/come true/visible'. Within this area which is a terminating region for several hundreds of cross links the data set includes imagery toward 'mature relationship {based on} blood, bound/bonds blooded seen, frightened, exhilarated'. Within this area are 'liberates {him} self from shackles/bonds {due to/because of} magnanimity {shining from/arising from/developing from} the poor'. This in turn is supported by cross links out to TPTB where they terminate back into 'dark aspect woman' where the values now include 'mature relationship, burden of motion, bold woman carried {by} dred companion'. Apparently in the process of being carried an 'interesting, unexpected, enlightening encounter surprises {the} populace, burden becomes abundantly clear, revolt, revulsion, revenge sought'.

Terra - Sun - Big Blue Event? A real curious association has begun within the 'sun' sub section of the Terra entity. We have the rising aspect for this entity {the aspect which gains the most emotive values total in comparison to the other aspects within the descriptor set}, showing up as the 'big blue event/circumstances'. A strange reference indeed, and made doubly so by the doubling up of all the values within the lexical set. The 'big blue' aspect has actually twice as many rising aspect value sums as does any of the other aspects. This 'big blue' aspect also is strictly focused sun-ward but contains originating cross links over to both Populace entities, and again, the Markets entity, 'housing' sub section. Beyond this the references are less than clear. We should note that this area has only one terminating cross link and that goes over to our NASA entity. The suggestion from this cross link is that NASA's 'difficulties' in September can be marked by or will involve the 'big blue' aspect of the sun. Admittedly this is puzzling as anything yet encountered. And we should note that our processing attempts to strip color references just as it does numeric data and geographic labels. So when some comes through, it is always, as with human body part words, taken a bit more seriously. We have no real time clues of the 'big blue event/circumstance' as there is a real dichotomy found within the data. In the only place we have a reference to time that is worth pursuing we find that it leads to the NASA 'difficulties in relations with those upon whom financially dependent', and this points to early

September. Second, the other half of our puzzling duality is that all other time references are out a few months to a year. As we follow the cross link in the NASA thread, this also leads to time clues which are out a few months or longer. So our interpretation at this stage is that the 'big blue event' may well be discussed in September, and may be brought up in the 'circle of debate with backers/funder' seen within the NASA entity, but that if so, it will be a dialogue about a future event. Within the 'big blue event' as it cross links over to Markets, we see that a very much more short term timing clue is presented. The suggestion is that within the last week in August and the first week in September, that is just ever so slightly ahead of NASA's discussion circle, the 'sun' will 'initiate abandonment, melting, withdrawal, wilting' with regards to the 'housing' sub section of the data. Again, the circumstances are less than clear at this point. And we need to note that this is all data extracted from within the current dominant aspect of 'energetic behavior/dance'. Terra - Water - More Rain Driven Flooding Once again we have the emergence of 'bad water' lexical clues. Much as we saw last year prior to the tsunami, we are getting more separate 'bad water' aspects appearing within the Terra entity. UNLIKE prior to the tsunami, these are clearer references in that we have some supporting aspect/attributes. In this current data our 'bad waters' appear to relate to 'rain, driven, flooding'. Again, no certainty, but there are not a large number of ocean references. Rather we have a number of fully populated aspect/attribute sets which are specifically stating 'rain water'. In the detail, it would appear that a 'rain, driven, flood' will 'arrive, unexpected' around 'dinner time'. Within the other details we have is that 'religious/church' property will be 'swept away, discarded', and that a 'dangerous ravine {will} open/be created'. This is seen as 'curtailing/restricting movement, west'. While also the local populace will be met with 'menace, danger, no forward, no backward' movement on the north and south. There are a number of suggestions arising from the data to suggest that 'eastern storms' will arrive very unexpected, perhaps even 'out of season' and cause some very large scale evacuation as well as damage. We have a number of geographic references, but curiously, a tie arises for top number of mentions: that is, between China, and the eastern seaboard of the USofA. In both cases the 'storms, west driven' will come from the east, and force 'out of season movement'. Our interpretation is for evacuations. There are a large number of cross links between this area and both the Markets, 'oil' sub section, and Populace/USofA, 'economy' sub set. As we progress the modelspace forward, these storms as seen as 'striking off {the} balance {of} seasons', and 'propelling seawater {up} streams, over hills'. Toward this last we see that a 'barrier {of} hills, mountains, rivers' is seen as 'imperfect' and that 'winds drive {sea}water uphill, over rim'. Within this aspect, a supporting aspect at least offers hope in that it goes to the image of 'cup not filled, no mistake, clinging {to the} rim'. But, in the end, what starts in 'rain water flooding', as we progress through the next month or so, appears to end up as 'seawater, inland, can not flow {out}, blocked'. Terra - Sun - Disease Chases Acting as as origination point for a cross link from Populace/USofA we have an aspect/attribute set within the Terra entity, 'sun' sub section which seems to reference back to the 'sun disease' section discussed some months back in previous ALTA reports. In this current data set, the processing has revealed a link origination aspect of 'disease chases'. In the way in which we interpret these relationships, as the 'sun' is the originating point for the cross link, and the termination aspect within Populace/USofA is within the 'shelter, resources' sub section, our interpretation could run toward the 'sun disease chases populace,

shelter/housing'. Further lexical elements added in the modelspace as it is progressed forward shows that the 'chase' is 'slowed {by} winds, heat, marsh'. Again, some small number of cross links go back to the 'housing' section within Markets where we are terminating in aspects that all have negative emotional sums. We are taking this as a reinforcement of the idea that a 'sun disease' or 'sun driven' disease will somehow 'chase' humans away from their dwellings, and as a result the housing market as a whole will be impacted due to the sudden loss of confidence in property ownership. This is all very hard to picture actually happening, but we do think that somewhere within this a kernel of description is correct for a pending impact on housing in the financial area. Terra - Oil - Water Impedes The internal cross links within the Terra entity have many originating cross links from 'water' related links which then terminate within the 'oil' sub section. In this area, the dominant aspect is 'impedes/slows/prevents/blocks'. Within this aspect the supporting attributes go to the idea that 'forward or backward movement impeded/blocked {by} water'. Most of what we have is repetitious. Apparently at some significant level 'water impedes' with the subject of 'oil'. There are no conclusively prevalent aspects indicating how or where this water may impeded oil. We have no statistical majority of lexical clues toward any specifics, in fact, just the opposite. The 'water' descriptor has supporting aspects for every kind of water that can be conceived. We find oceans, streams, river, creeks, puddles, sprays, rain, storm, and other forms of water descriptors in abundance. In this case an embarrassment of riches as the interpretation instantly bogs down, and yes, bogs are also represented, along with marshes, and swamps. What is clear is that 'imposition of blockages to progress/movement' will affect 'oil' as a commodity globally. There are very large segments related to the USofA, but not so many as to imply that this is the only place affected.

NASA - Debating Circle and Spotted Cur Our entity for NASA has it headed right towards a 'storm of words' within the context of a developing 'breakdown/failure/collapse' of its relationship with 'those upon whom financially dependent'. Assuming that this last phrase is referring to the populace/USofA as opposed to the government functionaries, we have a pending problem for the 'space agency' in that our data shows that a 'confrontation of value' is pending. In this 'confrontation' seemingly produced by 'words dripped', the entity is 'put on display/examined' and 'found lying {about} knowledge'. This is in turn supported by cross links going back to Populace/USofA {and some small linkage to GlobalPop} where the threads terminate in such aspects 'whipping the spotted cur'. Probably not a good sign for NASA. On the more positive side, there is a very small, but fully populated new accretion to the NASA entity data set which is headed by an aspect of 'female'. This 'female' is supported as an aspect by aspect/attribute sets descriptive of a 'standing {in} chaos, truth saying'. Some 'respect/admiration {of} veracity, movement, progress/promotion'. Further we find that supporting aspects/attributes below, including cross links over to Populace/USofA terminate in 'forthrightness'. Though we need to note that within the NASA entity this aspect has '10/ten years costs' attached to it with an internal cross link back to the 'female' aspect. Our interpretation favors the idea of a female within the NASA organization who has paid a decades penalty for forthrightness rising to a position of prominence during or as a result of the coming 'debate' that NASA is going to have with the 'laborers/toilers' who pay the bills. We also note the several small references to 'merchants fear change/knowledge'. Our time frame for this period of testing for NASA appears to run on a September 3rd through October 3rd range. But as usual, a caution as our timing exactitude is not very good. Nonetheless, in the end, as the 'female' is rising in power within NASA, it is not that the entity is let off the hook, but seemingly, as we

progress the modelspace forward, that the problems for NASA get over taken by much larger issues developing. One last note on the testing of NASA is that it is being done within the greater context of 'militancy' and one step down from that layer within the meta-data, we have 'secrets revealed/exposed'. These twin, large cycle influences should play a consistent, and noticeable part in the background and over-themes in the daily acts on the world/national stage. Bushista - Summer of Discontent slides into Fall of Drama which tumbles into Winter Wounding In the last few of the ALTA series, the morphing of the BushCO entity over time has seen the Press entity fall out, and increasingly the corporate/financial/banking interests fall out, and we were left with Bushista, a much reduced entity containing only those elements directly under the control of Bush and cronies, such as the governmental civil service, the military, some level of much reduced financial interests, and both the religious fundamentalists, and the political fundamentalists. As we have moved our modelspace through the summer, the disaster that is the Bush administration had moved into a period of being the object of 'discontent' at very large levels. With the Press elements no longer under their control, having dropped out of a voluntary {some speculation about how voluntary this alliance may have been at the reporter level} relationships with Bush admin, the BushCo entity, already separated from major financial alignment partners earlier in the Spring, is now precariously and desperately hanging on to both the civil servant and military sections. The data set that produced the charts in Part 1 continues to accrue values which are going toward a very serious crisis period for the Bushista entity. Prior to the start of summer we had noticed that 'black threads' of concentrated emotional values were beginning to appear from the more diffuse gray areas within Bushista entity. These black threads were unlike our normal tipping point process in that there were a large number of them, and none ever expanded to take over the entity as a whole. Instead the many gray areas each started developing a hard black spot of concentrated values. These each have persisted through time such that when the modelspace is advanced, the black spots weave an afterimage through the modelspace which appears as 'black threads' or worms moving through a very rotten, gray apple. The situation, according to our last round processing within this data set, is growing worse by the day. While there is an apparent 'hiatus' at the moment, nonetheless, the 'mal mots/bad words' aspect seen rising within several of these threads, through its emotive sums, is suggesting that many of the smoky gray spots within Bushista are about to 'catch fire/ignite' as the aspect/attribute imagery would have it. We note that primacy state values within Bushista are *NOT* shifting as do most entities. Rather, in stead of jumping about in a more or less, large variant pattern, the Bushista entity's primacy state is shifting only by one or two on each movement. This shimmering in place, or dithering, while not real movement, is nonetheless contributing to the emerging picture of a possible hard future for both Bushista, and the Populace/USofA over the course of a very rough Fall and into the Winter of our discontent'. If we assume for a moment that the emotional release projected for December by the data, and illustrated in the charts in Part 1, is absent any large Terra based influences, then the total emotional release levels seen, as well as the months long duration of the continuing release, argue for a political crisis to beset the USofA such as never before seen. Perhaps something that is *emotionally* akin to a civil war. Within the data set, and especially as we move the modelspace forward through this last set of values processing, there are additions to the lexical sets which are clearly pointing to a 'wounding/rending of flesh {of the} political arm'. Again, absent *any* contributory influences from the Terra entity, all of our other clues suggest an integrated meltdown of much of the political structure of the USofA. The impacts of such a projected political storm sweeping through the USofA landscape are shown in the many cross links to both the Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop. In both cases our rising aspects are heavily accented with supporting aspect/attribute sets going to 'chaos' and bespoke 'fear' and 'risk/danger'. These aspects grow over time

through the emotional building period of Fall, the beginnings of the 'wounding' in early December, and then rapidly increase in both impact and carry values as the modelspace is moved past December 14th. As an interesting note on the Bushista entity, it is now picking up an increasing volume of reports which end up under the aspect of 'coup de tat'. This is arising due totally to an increasing number of actual publications which link the Bush cabal and wording associated with 'coup'. On the face of it, an odd occurrence. Unlike what we saw in the 90's with the early data set captures during the Clinton presidency, we have actually arrived at a point where discussions of 'coup' and 'revolt/rebellion' are spreading through out the general discussion areas of the internet. Now, this is of itself, no proof that such a coup is actually manifesting, but is merely pointed out as a linguistic curiosity. Purely for entertainment purposes, if the 'coup de tat' aspect were to be interpreted, it would appear that a 'flowering of activity' will soon emerge. The aspect/attribute set goes toward images of 'flowering activity produces large following, marching', and 'weak bottom dweller {is to be} rooted out'. This last is further magnified by 'fear {of} weakling no trace left, city {to be } deserted, presentations made {to those in} service {to the} king'. Apparently when these 'presentations' are made to those who 'serve the king', it is expected that 'disposal is {seen as} correct action, heart {is in} right place'. This in turn is expected to lead to 'cooperation of insight, actions, deferral of confrontation'. Cross linked from this area over to Populace/USofA are suggestions that 'blockades {will be used as} excuse to drop {into} deserted city from above', this in turn leads to 'a blind ascent, continued upholding/binding, steadfast courtesy produces calm'. Then the 'constructions being, untarnished offered but decay strikes down'. And this last is cross linked back over to Bushista where it terminates in the aspect/attribute set of 'dropping {from} positions/elevations {like} rotten fruit shaken {from the} tree, redundant even'. Again within the Bushista entity are reinforcing aspects going to 'blockades crisis, initial difficulty, restricted movement, weak failed to stop, push {into/toward} soggy marsh'. This last may be a reference to Washington DC as the city was constructed on marshland. As a last note on this entity, the 'coup' section, as the modelspace moves forward through to December has its rising aspect change from 'flowering' over to 'sacrifice of life, putrefied flesh burnt out'. Probably not a good sign. Chemtrails - Harvest with no Ploughing Where we had previously presented the idea that 2005 would see the cessation of chemtrail spraying, with the interpretation being based on perceived 'oil' price impacts on aviation fuel globally, there now arises a new lexical structure in this area which somewhat confuses the issue. It may be that the previous interpretation is still correct, as it was developed from very far project, high carry value sums, and the current blip in immediacy values may be indicating only a transitory phase on the way to cessation of spraying. That said, we have to note that the data now shows that a move to 'provide innocence' to chemtrail spraying has begun. This area derives directly from TPTB entity, and is suggestive that 'harvesting {with no} ploughing, chemtrails social introduction/presentation, innocence claimed'. This in turn is supported by 'claims {of} need, innocence above all, selflessness claimed'. Within the TPTB entity, all this area has a reasonably positive total value sum. On the other hand, where the cross links terminate in both Populace entities presents a very different, longer term view. The TPTB entities plosive value sums have very low "carry forward" value sums, as well as low "long term impact" values. Over at the Populace/USofA, the terminating aspects for the cross links show very low 'immediacy response' values, but very strong, and rising, value sums for 'long term impact' and 'carry forward'. In both cases, the Populace/USofA provides values that are very high for carrying power and are also very negative for response values. The suggestion from the data is that a real schism between what The-Powers-That-Be *think* they can get away with, and what will actually be achieved is developing. In this case it would appear that for some reason, and in spite of 'cautions, warnings', the TPTB will 'move ahead' with their plans by 'initiating action {for/to} claims {of} innocence' in relation to chemtrails. Bad move. The data set is showing that this is going to contribute some very key elements to the overall emotional tension building of this Fall and the subsequent emotional release period beginning in December.

Silver - Bottled Energy The Silver entity has a newly rising aspect which seems to want to compete for dominancy. It is perhaps best characterized as 'bottled energy'. We are deliberately using this construct even though others such as 'restrained potential' or 'contained pressure' also surface in the linking back to the lexicon. Within this structure of 'bottle energy' we found so many explicit references to 'bottle' rather than a more generic 'contained' that the thought occurs that perhaps the data is indicating that some new application for silver in energy or health {a stretch, yes} is appearing. There appear about equal amounts of supporting lexical structures to 'bottled energy' as to 'contained potential' so as to provide the widest possible thinking on the subject, we are choosing 'bottled energy' as the aspect. Within this aspect, the supporting aspect/attributes go to the imagery of 'confusion dispelled, bottled energy possibility approaching, other person/man not forced, naturally selective'. Further the sets contain 'choose to remain unobtrusive, looks around {during} time of mediation'. This last is supported lower down in its set by 'mediation time, afterward, crisis of dispelling confusion'. Along with this are the cautions of 'dangerous position, time', and 'no time {to} spend accumulated energy anywhere'. This is also supported by cross links from Markets entity which go to 'stop all advance, further ordered'. Within the internal cross links in the Silver entity, the imagery goes to 'no brakes {on the} activity, rolls forward, out of control, problems raise, leads removed'. This in turn is supporting another internally cross linked area which ends as 'proceed with cautious companions, difficulties strew {the} path, training self required, control {how you} spend {your} energy produces success all levels'. A rather ominous note is found within the Silver entity as we progress the modelspace forward. This entity develops a large number of cross links back to, and originating from both Bushista, and Markets such that the whole of the Silver entity is obscured as it is moved forward to our December release period. So while there are some very optimistic projections in the near term for Silver as seen above, it also appears that it becomes increasingly bound up by the pending emotional release affecting the Populace/USofA late in the year. Not that this bodes ill for silver as a commodity or in other ways, it is just that a very complicated, inter-connected, twisting/changing situation appears to be forming. Further adding to our interpretation problems is that as the Silver entity is progressed along with the modelspace through the building period for emotional tension running from late August through November, a new aspect is seen to rise within Silver. This aspect is 'settling {the} affairs of the past, destruction'. This aspect is also supported by attribute sets going to the same idea of 'tearing down the ruins' and 'destruction of past works'. Populace/USofA - The Sheep Burn Left to last, the Populace/USofA is presenting a very curious, intriguing and potentially explosive aspect as rising over the immediate future. This aspect with attribute image is best characterized as 'influence of ruler becomes apparent in domestic management'. Hmm. Following along in quick support is 'inner fire {within Populace/USofA} is fueled by fanning/respiration of kindling'. This in turn is supported by 'physical facilities supply information revealing extent of management of inner works'. This in turn is also supported by its own aspect/attribute set of 'four walls speak, isolation leaks'. Going up to a parallel thread off of 'influence of ruler', another lexical set appears which goes to 'female aspect provides light {on the} domestic arrangement'. Further in aspects/attributes go to 'great success, reciprocal love brings gifts {of} knowledge'. This is in its turn supported by 'female aspect brings 5/five lines live, lies wither'.

This area has some odd references such as 'father, problem child, over excitation, sexuality, ponders produces rebellion, family falls apart, wife rebels {against} him'. This area within the Populace/USofA quickly moves to a mass of cross links as we move the modelspace forward through Fall. The data set here holds out that an immediate 'exposure' of the 'influence of the ruler/king' on the 'management of the internals' will produce a 'harsh smell, revulsion, burning/burnt offerings stink'. Not a good sign for either the ruler, or for those who will have to 'smell the stink spreading through {the} house'.

Conclusion: This concludes part 6 and the ALTA 1105 series. We will have a PDF version available for downloading off the series access page shortly. We are still in negotiations with our primary funders over details on a next run. Some interesting wrinkles are being discussed. We expect to be able to report on the progress of these negotiations sometime this coming week. We will send out progress reports via email. Any announcement of a new series will also appear at the main Halfpasthuman page. Thank you for participating in the 1105 series. It has been a very interesting one indeed. Both Igor and I are very satisfied to have captured the transition as we move through one meta data aspect into the new period of 'militancy'. It is our perception that the meta data theme of 'militancy' is visibly manifesting in many different areas, just as the old meta data theme of 'cohesion/union' appears to be fading from the public stage. Due to the intensity of many of our emotional values within this data set we have a high confidence level in the elements presented. This is in spite of our basic confusion still as to what sort of emotional release is to follow our building period. We can say that no matter what the participants within the emotional release, our data indicates that a primary impact point will be the global economy. The readers of this series should see some level of validation for our projections over the month(s) of September and October. If the expected emotional tension builds are as our charts indicate, the result should be quite visible for those who look. If such emotional tension does indeed manifest in early Fall, it would still allow for at least the month of November for last minute preparations prior to our 'whatever-the-hell-it-is' emotional release.

Copyright 2005 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission.

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