ALTA IR - 1006 - April 7, 2006 Part 1:Meta Data - Complexity Shifts and Linguistic Spaghetti, Back....

back in the USSR* Terra - Five Toes Kick Ass* Bushista - Orange you glad it's Spring?* Markets - (also) Populace/USofA - Deep Woo-Woo, What Planet are We on anyway?* Conclusion Part 1: Pressure Waves Oot-and-Aboot*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 04.07.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 12.77 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Meta Data - Complexity Shifts and Linguistic Spaghetti, Back....back in the USSR Programmers, especially maintenance programmers, have a hatred of one particular thing above all others, and that is spaghetti code. This is code so intertwined, so obfuscated by indirection/misdirection as to beg the idea of design, and suggest that some software is not programmed, it grows, vine-like, snaking back in amongst itself so many times as to defy unraveling. Usually those hapless karmic victims who are placed in charge of keeping such code running quickly give up any pretense at trying to rectify the situation, which is hopeless, and just get on with what minimal work is required to keep their job. The illustrated philosopher, Dilbert comes to mind.

Spaghetti code is frequently the result of the corporate mindset finding a problem and deciding it can be fixed by the massive use of their only weapon, money. So they throw money at the problem in the form of more programmers to produce yet more spaghetti code with the intention of fixing the problem with the same mindset which produced it. An approach that the current regime in power here in the USofA demonstrates daily is just ever so effective. Well, here at HPH we have no spaghetti code as we have never had money to throw at a problem, and by nature we follow the lazy human's programming guidelines which begin with rule one: "you'll never have time to do it over, so do it right the first time". We frequently employ the corollary to rule one which is: "ascertain if it can be avoided". This last is adopted loosely from the junk-masters boat maintenance motto which is 'never make the repair outlive the vessel', which is yet one more way of saying 'appropriate responses to manifesting circumstances', or as the USofA DOD would have it restated, "appropriate allocation of adequate resources to ensure completion of the goal". Note the common thread running through these aphorisms above. There are a million others where those come from, all with the central theme of proper resource use, but some with nuances hidden in other variants of the same theme. Igor favors Burt Gummer's quote from the Tremors movies of "I do what I can with what I got". Again, shading toward resources being effectively used, with brains applied. Ironically we note how the character has within that statement established himself as basically operating on the antithesis of the government model. Yet a sort of identity statement within an identity motivating motto/philosophy. What possibly be the point of the connection between spaghetti code and our lazy human's effective resource allocation motto? Well, it seems that spaghetti code like relationships are showing up within our modelspace. That is, the interlinks between the linguistic definitions/descriptor sets for the entities are becoming very convoluted indeed, like layer upon layer of spaghetti heaped on a plate. There is nothing particularly unexpected about the seeming rise in complexity as this is a general trend noted as we have proceeded along these last nearly 8/eight years. Whether an artifact of our growing programming base or an actual rise in c0mplexity we will not be able to say due to having been deep in the trees during these years, and thus unable to see if the forest itself was changing. While we suspect that indeed the forest has altered while we were occupied peering at the bark on individual trees, we do recognize that some portion of this may well be our gaining a bit more expertise and thus a slightly larger view point on the processes involved. Returning to the point of the complexity of the cross links, we have, during this initial processing for this ALTA 1006 series been able to observe that 2/two of our "repeat customers" in terms of linguistic descriptors which we have seen with increasing frequency over the past year are becoming new meta-data layers. A meta-data layer, for those who have just tuned in, is a set of descriptor words, all hung together under one primary aspect, which we are finding rising up naturally within all, or nearly all, the entities. Thus these aspects become common to all the entities, and being ubiquitous throughout the modelspace, are interpreted as having some effect on any given entity at the time they are active. An instance is the meta data layer of 'secrets revealed' which we were able to properly identify, and plot to some extent prior to its emergence into general public life over these last 2/two years. Similarly, since the aspect is based in all entities, we can root around until we locate it, usually not too hard as the meta data layers are near the top, and then, give the particular linguistics for the entity at the time, we can interpret how the meta data layer is likely to manifest in the near term future. With some success occasionally. At this point we have a very slippery slope to start down as we explore some of the newly manifesting meta data layers. An uncertainty of linguistic footing is to be expected in what follows as seemingly the meta data layers themselves are influencing each other, thus making the interpretations doubly difficult. This difficulty is fitting as we will start our meta data layer examination with 'duality' and instantly jump right to 'restricted movement'. Both are showing up as new meta data layers for all of the entities in modelspace. We had suspected that the 'duality' would possibly grow into a meta data layer, but even so were surprised at the rapidity with which it achieved that state. The 'restricted movement' is not a surprise however as it has been creeping in slowly over the course of these last 3/years.

A curious, perhaps to be expected effect is that the 'restricted movement' also is expressing 'duality'. Within our data set there are two, nearly similar, but slightly different descriptor sets which both numerically, and in their sums, express 'restricted movement'. In one case the 'restricted movement' is stating that an 'imposition of outside control is limiting movements or freedom of action'. The other descriptor set, also under the aspect of 'restricted movement' is probably best labeled by its secondary aspect of 'encounter with scarcity'. These sets are similar and mutually affecting. A scenario where the 'restrictions on movements' would result in an 'encounter with scarcity' is easily imagined. Any action within the USofA which 'restricted movement' on the interstate highway system would yield just such results. What used to be less noticed is the impact that 'encounter with scarcity' can have on freedom of movement. Recently the populace at large has begun to encounter the impacts of 'scarcities' in energy, as an instance, which in turn impact the freedom of movement of segments of the population which actually results in the 'restricted movement' we find characterized within our modelspace. This most recent processing round for the ALTA 1006 series is running smack into an accelerating trend for both the 'duality' aspect, as well as the 'restricted movement' aspect. Continuing the case of the 'restricted movement' for a moment, we have new data sets that cross link extensively to a wide variety of products and classes of commodities. In all entities such as Markets entity and both of the populace entities, that is Populace/USofA and GlobalPop, the 'restricted movement' aspect is also paired with its twin of 'encounter with scarcity'. This pairing is showing a mutually impacting effect both within individual entities as well as at the meta data level. Much of the 'encounter with scarcity', while not to manifest until late in Spring and through Summer, is nonetheless being forecast within out immediacy value summations for the various meta data layers. Let me restate just to muddy things up. Our data set suggests global encounters with scarcity, especially in the areas of 'food', both for humans and livestock, and in the related areas of 'energy' in all its variations, and metals/commodities of a structural/strategic nature. Yes, so this is no big shocking prediction here. An over populated planet with a skewed organizational plan which does not support holistic view of planetary nor species needs is being pinched by resource allocations issues. So? No big deal, right? Well.... not so fast there. What our data is indicating is that the 'encounter with scarcity' mutually impacting/affecting/supporting the 'restricted movement' meme will take a huge jump up in consciousness throughout late Spring and early Summer. The data set is suggesting that the 'encounter with scarcity' will affect almost all human life at a daily basis {within the heavily industrialized first world countries} over the remainder of the year. The descriptor set is very clear at this point, and goes to the point that 'waking {thoughts} will be controlled/pressed-down-upon daily {by the} constancy/consistency {of} encounter with scarcity'. As an old fart, in reading through the various levels of descriptors around this emerging meta data layer, I am reminded of the descriptions of life under the old Soviet Empire of the last century in which daily life revolved around obtaining the necessities in a society where scarcity was so endemic that one would automatically queue up just because a line was forming. It truly did not matter what was being offered at the other end of the line as it undoubtedly satisfied two criteria; it was a necessity {for someone in the family}, and it was being offered for sale. In the world of the old Soviet Empire, money was really not the issue as everyone actually had some, but there was nothing to purchase. In Soviet society, power translated into opportunities to purchase goods, unlike today's social milieu wherein everything/anything can be purchased, and power is the path to being able to acquire the money necessary. Well, things change. And both the self-described power elite, and the populace of the planet are about to go through a significant shift back, back ....back to the USSR. It will be perceived, according to our data set's summation values, short through long term, as though the whole of the planet has got stuck in the "Way Back Machine". So now the stink hits the fan. As with any complex system, the deeper we go, the more complex'y things get. In terms of the overall rise in complexity of cross links amongst the meta data layers, it appears that this layer may behave as does the overall modelspace. This is to say that it *appears* at this juncture that the

developing complexity of inter leaved cross links replicates the general appearance of the 'tipping point' which we first saw developing in April of 2001. It was at point that the first suspicions of the coming "event" now labeled as "9/11" were encountered. At this stage, we do not have either a clear case that meta data layers *can* form tipping points, or that one is currently forming. An equally plausible interpretation is that we are witnessing the movement of some or all of the meta data layers of 'secrets revealed', 'militancy/aggression', 'duality', 'restricted movement', and 'encounter with scarcity' forming into the new meta data layer of 'conflict' which the long range data sets show beginning on August 31, 2006. Now noting once again ad nauseam that our timing sucks, and in fact our numeric values for lexical timing clues are constantly being adjusted, we still hold to our end of August date for the beginning of this new meta data layer. Again, noting for new readers that meta data layers are common emotively driven themes which play out in plain sight at multiple levels in social interaction from global right down to personal. We offer as an example, the 'secrets revealed' layer which is now slightly over 2/two years old, and is nearing its peak in some of the entities. This layer is seemingly manifesting out-and-about in the material world, and one can argue the recent release of scientific information about global extinction rates, as well as particulars about "global warming" are both participatory events within this meta data layer, and at the planetary level. So now the reader is invited to examine their own lives of these last 2/two years for evidence of these various meta data layers. But don't take too long as there is a whole lot to cover. While it is yet undemonstrated as to the ability of meta data layers to form 'tipping points', it is quite clear that within the layers themselves, the cross links are indicating that they will each influence the others. Our data is suggesting that the 'duality' layer is the most pervasive, and is seemingly contributing to manifestations of such in the material world. We have the 'duality' affecting most segments of the various global markets, including the 'duality' of a dying dollar and a struggling euro both in tandem seemingly propping up the global reserve currency system. We have the 'duality' of the lies-to-war being exposed about Bush's Iraq War, and the irreconcilable mouthing of "be happy, don't worry" coming from the Misadministration. It should also be noted that the 'duality' is not constrained by national borders, and is actively at work within many countries in various modes at levels not seen in recent decades. Examples of the straining dualities can be noted within Iran, with its current stance, a raving, seemingly nut-job president, and a society whose goals are strikingly dissimilar from those of the "power elite" and its puppet president. Hmmm. Now that somehow sounds familiar. On and on it goes, where it stops, only the 'duality' knows. Also within our modelspace we have, as noted, seen the 'duality' expressing itself in the 2/two halves of the 'restricted movement' equation where 'encounters with scarcity', say energy for instance, can lead to 'restricted movement' of goods and people, while just as easily any 'restrictions on movement' within a JustIn-Time global delivery system almost instantly lead to 'encounters with scarcity' somewhere along the chain. According to our modelspace, we can expect a rise in both over the course of Spring and into Summer. Yet another expression of 'duality' creeping in. We get both. That is, the modelspace is suggesting that both 'encounters with scarcity' *and* 'restrictions on movement" will generate and reinforce each other over the rest of this year and beyond. These meta data layers, depending on which entity is being examined, extend quite far out into our longer term values within the emotional sets on these as descriptors. In other words, shortages, or restrictions on movement are suggested to become constant themes of life, more or less globally, over the course of this next year. To further aggravate the general mood of the global populace, the linguistic descriptor sets are suggesting that the 'duality' of these 2/two themes of 'restricted movement' and 'scarcity' will be participants in the new dominating meta data layer of 'conflict' arriving near the end of Summer. However, the road is long between now and then, with much to accomplish before the river's we proceed.

Other entity descriptor sets are emerging which may develop into meta data layers as well. One example is the 'rebellion/revolution' aspect/attribute set which we find is coming to dominate some significant portion of the populace entities. Further within this last round of processing these twin, duality again?, themes are increasing their rate of increase as well as widening the areas within the populace entities which are being affected. The early indications are that the 'rebellion' aspect will blend, temporarily within the 'conflict' meta data layer and then almost immediately begin to separate from it with its own energies. This action is set for Fall of 2006, but within the USofA, there is likely to be a small 'pre-view' of the coming developments in the last weeks of April and the first 2/two weeks in May. Within this period, against a background of the manifestation of 'reversal of fortune' {ed note: primarily showing in Bushista entity, but through that entity, mucking about in the world}, the 'rebellion' is shown as 'being tempered/hardened {through/with} blooding'. Probably *not* a good sign.

The context creation period in which the news within the USofA is focused on the presence and problems of illegal immigration and the response from the illegal's likely will be defined by the immigration debate. While there has been a number of articles detailing emerging problems with planet earth and its ecology, the clear emotional leader at this point has to be the "illegal immigration battle". It corollary, the unrest in France over the alteration of their social contract also echoes some of the same emotional tones/sums that we have for the USofA in that the cause of the student and labor unrest is legislation nominally aimed at providing employment opportunities for immigrants. That these immigrants specifically targeted are northern African by extraction, and muslim brings out the same sorts of lower level racial issues as is being seen within the USofA. Thus, so far in any case, the immigration/social unrest themes emerging are reaching the emotional sums first encountered in modelspace in late December, 2005. And, while the whole of the issues are now being labeled 'illegal immigration', the ramifications will widely affect the social order as well as deeply alter the social milieu, and in that sense we think that these twin issues of immigration within the USofA and the alteration of the social contract in France are the 'context creation' which was forecast for this timeframe. As noted in the chart above, the context creation period is not the only tumultuous bit of time this Spring. As the annotations indicate there are a number of interesting groups of days isolated including a few sharp release periods within the overall trend for building emotional tensions. In a general sense this is the same pattern of general up trend for emotional tension with intermittent releases which the USofA encountered last Fall in which we had the manifestation of the Gulf Coast hurricane disasters. It would not be out of line to suggest that something of similar emotional levels will manifest in mid to late Spring. We have necessarily dwelt on the meta data levels as these are the nexus of complexity within modelspace, *may* be suggesting some kind of pending quasi-tipping-point-sort-of-thing, and are a very intriguing collection of aspects which seem to continue building. Now the real question is...building toward something? Or merely a pattern caught in transition? As always, only time (and the ALTA reports) will reveal. Terra - Five Toes Kick Ass

Or, 'summer shakes' part redux. A couple of years ago we had the early success with locating the emotional components within the language shifts which suggested that, at that time, that the following summer was going to be one involving 'summertime shakes'. That is to say, a whole lot of earthquakes. We note in passing that the Sumatran earthquake/tsunami followed in the Winter. Within the last ALTA series, number 806 we began to pick up some of the early language for emotional response to earthquakes. Within that report the interpretation was for a largish quake, perhaps even very large, which would happen on the west coast of North America sometime in late summer. The early indications for geography seem to suggest that the quake will be 'close to 50/fifty' which may be suggesting the 50th parallel of latitude, and thus would be epicenter'ed in Canada. However, the geographic references for earthquakes are risky in application within our work. We have been consistently wrong in our placement for these events with one notable exception which was the 'summertime shakes' prediction for Southern California. At this point we still have language sets going to the idea that large numbers of people will be impacted, most probably 'in the dark' which will set in motion a 'pajama parade' down highways in the 'first faint light of dawn'. These are shown as being 'parades of blood' as in 'multitudes/many small wounds, cut feet, lacerated hands'. Much of this last is seen as involving a 'twisting to tearing/breaking {of the} earth' which is shown in lower supporting aspect/attribute sets as 'rupturing membranes/barriers' such as glass. As a reinforcing, but still strange supporting layer, we find many lexical sets indicating a 'wrenching diagonally' or 'pulling from the corners', or 'tearing water cut' {ed note: this last comes from our Japanese linguistic components and refers to a strike across a body which takes the jugular and carotid, as well as across the heart, and through the liver and kidneys}. Again and again the data set, in the midst of the descriptors for the earthquake aftermath, provides yet more references to this 'diagonal twisting' which is shown as leading to 'broken land', or 'ruptured bones'. Again within this series processing the data sets are accumulating more supporting lexical structures to reinforce the idea that the 'earthquake {named/called/labeled} isolation' will involve a very large number of people having to 'scurry/hurry/scamper {over} broken glass/debris {to} see {the} coming dawn'. Further, within this set are descriptors going to the point that the 'surprise' is the key emotional element. This has a tendency to support the placement of this quake in some area such as northern american continent, where the populace, unlike residents of southern California, would *not* be expecting a very large quake. Again and again, the 'surprise' or 'shocked {by} shakes {leads to} paralysis' arise within the descriptors of the emotional state immediately following the event. The data set also repeatedly reinforces a central theme of 'isolation' as a result of the earthquake and aftermath. In diverting for a moment to examine the latter, we note that the data set for the Terra entity, specifically for this '5/five toes kicks ass' section is heavily participatory within the meta data layers of 'restricted movement' and 'encounter with scarcity'. Further the data is suggesting that the earthquake will produce a rather unexpected result of 'encounters with scarcity through restricting movement' in at least 2/two industries with a global impact. Due to some of the supporting layers there is reason to suspect that some strategic, just-gotta-have-it material will be impacted as a mine will collapse or be 'shuttered/closed' during the quake. Further the data suggests that some other natural resources indigenous to the area affected will be 'piled, and abandoned' as the 'restrictions on movement' will mean 'delivery is impossible'. The data set for the Terra entity indicating the 'earthquake' is clearly showing that '5/five' of the quakes will happen quite close together and that the last will be the largest. This does not preclude after shocks, but from our data set's view of the emotional response, if there are aftershocks they will fail to elicit much of a reaction from the local populace. This is likely due to much bigger issues arising. Once again, just as we had within the data prior to the 'sliding of the mountain of people into the waters' {ed note: our first linguistic clues about the recent Pakistan quake}, we are showing that 'isolation' will be the real producer of problems. In this data set we still, for the second year, are showing the 'isolation' as having more references to the pacific northwest of the USofA than for any other geographic locality. Please note that our work consistently errs in the direction of the most dire or extreme of outcomes, is always off on timing, and is rarely correct on geography. Other than these minor details, hey, we're bang on...

Anyway, the descriptor sets are still accruing aspect/attribute sets for more 'isolation' impacts. This includes going on to the idea of a 'multi-generational' effect of the earthquake in terms of 'restricted movement' or 'isolation'. A small area of supporting aspects/attributes for the 'isolation' aspect set also contain descriptors toward the idea that the press will be 'speaking of poverty/want/capacity {of this} new time/age/days'. This set is in turn supported by language to the effect that 'realization {of} paupacy' relative to 'rebuilding/construction/repair' of this most recent damage will 'strike officialdom' as though a 'pick/spike {in the} brain'. In other words, a really big headache. There are further layers within this set which focus on the 'dawn' or 'awakening' of knowledge of 'lack of resources' to cope with the series of natural disasters within the 'developed/industrialized' world. The language suggests that a time of 'truth telling' or 'revealing of secrets' relative to this disaster will bring the politicians of the planet to their greatest nightmare,that of having to deliver bad news to the electorate. Specifically, that the planet will not be able to 'afford reconstruction' of these damaged areas. Not a good message to have to deliver. This area, as an aside, is heavily cross linked back over to the Populace/USofA entity and the sub set of the 'rebellion' aspect. Further we find that cross links to Markets entity, 'commodities' sub set is indicating a very 'heavy weight' is put on things by this Terra event. The other cross links go over to the Bushista entity, as well as a number of the smaller entities. Given that our timing sucks, we still show this emotional release as appearing between the Summer solstice and the Autumnal equinox. Other clues that are provided within the data sets go to the 'dark of the moon', and the 'valley of fertility' being two of the highest levels of supporting aspects. There are repeated references to 'gloomy', and 'darkest of the nights', as though this will be an especially dark night within the 'waxing moon' cycle. Further the data set goes to the idea that one of the first reports out will suggest that a 'postponed wedding' is the result. What is being indicated here is that the first quake will have at least enough of a gap between it and following ones, that media will be able to get out at least one human interest story to the effect of the 'postponing of the wedding'. Further the data suggests that as the 'smallest toe' is the 'same distance away {from the} middle three {as is the} largest toe' so will the spacing be on the shakes. Odd, but who knows? We have a tendency to take references to human body parts seriously as these have repeatedly shown themselves to be primary archetypical in effect. So the scenario being painted is one in which a quake happens, media gets in, a story about a wedding being impacted/postponed is going out, and that is when the 'middle three toes' of the quake strike. We are offering this interpret ion due to the extra ordinary number and complexity of the cross links from this area over to the Press entity. Many of the cross link termination data sets within the Press entity go to the idea of 'injuries' and 'blood on the meadow', and 'blood on the air'. This last we will offer as a phrase indicative of media broadcasts, hopefully. Basically, what with the cross links now to both Press and Populace/USofA repeatedly referencing 'blood', we think it safe to assume that when the 'big toe' comes, we will feel the 'ass getting kicked'. Within the supporting set for the 'ass getting kicked' the aspects/attribute sets are running heavily toward such phrases as 'blood dries {on the} roadway', and 'blood {of} many mingles {on the} roadway', and 'feet bleed sorrow {from/for} many'. And the data continues in pretty much the same vein throughout the rest of the supporting set. Many references to blood, and small wounds, and wounded feet. If we follow the 'waxing moon' aspect set down its supporting layers, we do find that the 'final phase' of the 'waxing moon' cycle is showing as the time of the earthquake, and that afterward, the whole of the area participates very heavily in 'encounter with scarcity'. This area of the data set grows rapidly as the modelspace is progressed through the Summer. The whole of the period following the 'big toe kick' is shown as characterized as a time of 'mourning'. This is an explicit aspect with some very troubling sub aspect/attribute sets supporting it. Apparently the period after the quake will be far more troubling than the initial damage resulting from the shakes. The data set suggests that 'air drops' will be needed to provide basic resources, and even this area is internally cross linked over to 'mourning'. Within the cross link terminating set the aspects/attributes go to the idea that a 'rescue mission' will fail with the loss of all who attempt it. The details that we have in the way of emotional associations suggest that a helicopter, likely a medical mission will go awry. The 'mourning' aspect suggests that 'mourning {for} rescuers lost {is the} most intense'. One last note is that the supporting layers for the '5/five toes' aspect suggest that the affected area will be 'reduced by half'. This last is heavily cross linked to the Markets and along with the clues toward a

multigenerational impact, suggests that this is a very large quake series at just the wrong time. The 'wrong time' is also supported within the set at many layers as though it will become the 'phrase of apology' for what is shown as 'inaction' on the part of 'officialdom'. Hmmm. So what else will be going on?

Bushista - Orange you glad it's Spring? Once again the meta data layers will be visible in full force through Spring in the actions/reactions of the Bushista entity. A dual set of rising aspects show that within the entity a duel of opposing forces, internal versus external will be manifesting. The internal view is headed by the aspect of 'enchantment {with} self' while the external top aspect is 'sublimation'. The internal view aspect of 'enchantment with self' is apparently suggesting that the Bushista entity is forecasting a continuous, monotonous 'attempt at presence' campaign to reduce the losses currently impacting the Bush administration. This is shown as continuing through Spring until it runs into an abrupt end in the wall presented by 'reversal of fortune' which will overtake events in late Spring and into Summer. As the modelspace is progressed forward through May and June toward summer the Bushista entity is indicating that the 'various wells/sources/initiatives are not used/abandoned/left alone/avoided'. The data set from the supporting aspects for this section is indicating that Bush's war against Iraq is going to go very badly indeed as the 'government melts' under 'small flames' which will be seen globally as a sign of 'weakness {of the} core morality' of the Bushistas. The data is pointing to an inability for the Iraqi populace to be bullied into cooperation with each other. The lexical clues are actually very bluntly stating that no government will form and that a 'collapse of visible presence' or 'going invisible' will lead to 'consternation' globally with 'all fingers pointing' at the Bushistas when it becomes starkly clear that Iraq has degenerated into something worse than Beirut at the height of the Three-way war during the reign of the previous Bush. The data set, as noted in ALTA 806, continues to accrue values going to 'testing' as in the sense of universe testing us all on its judo mat. Our mettle is to be examined by our reactions to, and participation in events of the next few months. The bad news, as we see it here, is that the big test coming up is the meta data layer for 'conflict' which forms and sets off on the last day of August this year. The good news, again, through our warped eyes, is that a small preview of the linked series of events/reactions will be able to be seen during the 'tests' that we will stumble across in Spring. One of the first of these 'tests' is headed by the aspect of 'repression'. This aspect set is complete, fully populated, and very heavily cross linked both internally, and externally to both populace entities suggesting a global application of 'repression', and is extensively cross linked to the Markets entity. As the 'repression' aspect forms in the Bushista entity, and as the modelspace is progressed forward through May and June toward Summer, the supporting aspects, and cross links grow both in complexity and numbers. The suggested interpretation is that the move toward 'repression' will become visible as the 'natural response/reaction {of the} scared/frightened' to the developing circumstance. It is from this 'natural reaction' of the Bushista's to their own 'fears/demons' that a chain of events/circumstances will grow over Spring and Summer, only to take flower late in Fall. This chain is characterized by a cross link from Bushista to Populace/USofA which terminates in the aspect/attribute set of 'orange minds'. This set continues to form the imagery of 'orange mind brings/induces red blood drying {in the} meadow'. The aspect of 'orange' conjunct the aspect/attribute set of 'minds/intent' is also an expression of the 'duality' very present in developing circumstance. On the top layers of the 'orange' aspect are lexical sets which mature in the trials of Summer and through the formation of the 'conflict' meta data layer in very late August. These lexical sets begin in Fall to separated into their own aspect/attribute set under the aspect of 'rebellion/revolution', and as such could be seen as the continuation of the 'orange revolution' theme seen in eastern EUzone. However, the data indicates that, as is frequently seen in 'revolutions' in the American hemisphere, all is not as portrayed on the surface, and the 'orange' meme is short lived at best, and at its worse participates within the peaking of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer later this year when things/events/circumstances get, as the data set would have it, 'totally out of hand/control.

Returning to the internal Bushista entity view, the lexical shifts indicated by the shorter term emotional sums which extend from 3/three weeks out to about 3/months out {ed note: May through July more or less}, are heavily loaded with words of prodigious weight. The whole of the impression given by these accruing data sets goes to the rising primary aspect of 'burden'. Even the visual impression of the Bushista entity within the modelspace appears 'off' and 'afflicted' as the various supporting aspects describe the entity during this period. The data sets are fully populated and go to the imagery of 'stressful', 'breakdown under stress/duress', 'huge burden', 'weeping over burden', 'crying/complaining under load', 'ass bays as back burdened', and many others of the same nature. Other rising aspects within the sinking Bushista entity impacting from mid May onward include 'frustration', 'difficulty', 'abandonment', 'death', 'destruction', 'disease', 'enormous burdens/loads', 'friction', 'tantrum', 'revelation {of the} face', and other clues pointing toward a not too good of a time to be a Bushie.

Markets - (also) Populace/USofA - Deep Woo-Woo, What Planet are We on anyway? As noted above, the 'duality' meta data layer is laying very heavily on all the entities and the Markets entity as well as the Populace/USofA entity are both seriously affected. One need only live in these United States these days to taste the 'duality' smeared over the popular culture. It is very visible in all facets of the social order should one care to merely glance up from the dominating events of the moment to glimpse the wider picture. The 'duality' aspect, as noted in the last 2/two ALTA series, 406 and 806, has come to the Markets entity and it currently manifesting in any number of areas. The largest 'duality' being seen is the opposition between the paper markets and the commodities markets including their paper based derivatives. Of real concern for those who own/run the paper markets of stocks, bonds, insurance, et al, is that their paper-based over lays, e.g. Exchange Traded Funds backed by physical commodities such as gold and silver, are *not* moving the actual commodities under their control as had been envisioned. At this point much of the evidence is pointing toward the reverse being achieved, that is, the ESF's actually accelerating the shift of the economic focus of the planet toward physical goods, rather than slowing the transition as had been planned. This is likely a very significant pointer toward the lack of the resource reserves in *any* category being anywhere close to *officially* state numbers. In previous ALTA reports of this year, we have consistently, almost stubbornly come up with an interpretation of a pending 'sexual scandal' which would impact the markets so severely as to 'cleave/rent/rend/split' them along the lines of the 'developing duality'. Once again, it would seem the nature of radical linguistics is coming back to bite us in the butt. Igor had favored an interpretation that the 'sexual scandal', probably because he is young and that sort of thing appeals to those with excess energy. However, the numbers did indeed appear to support his position all this time. And even into this processing. We still are finding the 'scandal' pending within the Markets entity. What is different now is that we have the immediacy value sets involved which always provide both a very much more detailed level of aspect/attribute set supports, but also a proximate which also brings some clarity to the details. Where the previous two ALTA reports had been interpreted as going toward a 'sexual scandal', our numeric sums are more precise at this point and we can see that the actual link back to the lexicon of descriptors comes in at 'cheating scandal'. We do not feel too bad about the error as the difference is 14/fourteen points with only 9/nine being required to step out of the adjective descriptor 'sexual' and into the generic 'cheating'. Close, but not on the gold {ed note: label for the yellow ring surrounding the bullseye on archery targets}. Speaking of 'gold' and for that matter almost all strategic resources, it would appear that the data set says we are about to discover a level of 'lies' about the reality of 'storehouse earth' which will bring significant changes to the 'world view' of anyone paying attention. The data set is indicating that the 'cheating {on/of} official statistics/records' will be the trigger which splits the markets and within the entity Markets is seen as both participating in the 'duality' meta data layer, and manifesting it. The suggestion from the data is that 'on rising/waking, all will be changed'. We have further data sets, in fact a staggeringly large grouping of

them for this entity, which go to the idea that 'change comes {between/in space of} heartbeats'. Repeatedly expressed with a number of different flavorings are supporting aspect/attribute sets going to the imagery of an 'idea/thought' which 'changes everything instantly'. In examining the other supporting sets within the 'change' theme area of the Markets entity there are many references to 'external' which are supported by 'transformation' and further supported by 'in toto/in whole'. These linguistic clues appear just prior to the formation of a knot of clusters within the entity which, as the modelspace is progressed through April {ed note:bearing in mind we are dealing with immediacy values -3 days to 3 weeks}, shows a complete 'reappraisal' of the 'structure of' the markets. We should note that it is also within these immediacy values that we find the 'gold/silver/precious metals' groupings growing all out of proportion to the accumulation of total linguistic elements. Clear as mud? Well, to restate, our emotional sums for the commodities, including both energy, and precious metals {ed note: including platinum metals group}, are growing at a pace which exceeds the growth in new values to the system. This is another way of saying that the subject of commodities is showing as very linguistically "hot" with very high emotional value sets both positive and negative. As an aside, a 'duality' is emerging within the negative lexical sets for this sub set in which there are 2/two types of negative comments showing up with high emotional values attached. The first negative emotional group can be characterized as a 'metals/commodities are not *investments*' theme, the second group is easily characterized as 'I don't have any metals/commodities'. While the former is emotionally driven by 'disdain' with an immediacy value of 49/forty-nine, the latter is driven by 'fear' with an emotional value of 534/five-hundred-and-thirtyfour. Hmm. Which do you think will win out? We are in a period when commodities are showing large jumps in price, which follow by a few months the jumps we have seen within the linguistic captures/interpretations. The subject is continuing to heat up or gain in emotional value sets during this processing, and shows no sign of slowing in the accretion of new values. Further the rate of increase of emotional sums is itself increasing. And as our *only for entertainment, not investment* scenario would have it, a pending scandal involving 'official lies' which will force the whole of the planet to 'reappraise {our} resource stores'. And as if that is not enough, the 'duality' meta data layer is very heavily manifesting within the whole stew, political as well as economic just as the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer is cresting in a number of entities prior to merging into a new developing meta data layer of 'conflict'. Now, if this were a description of "real life" rather than fiction, what might happen next? One wonders.... But in the meantime, back....back ....back in the USofA the reason that both the Markets and the Populace/USofA entities are merged in this Part 1 examination still is unanswered. Well, once again, 'duality' rears up. Both the Populace/USofA, and the Markets entities are expressing the 'duality' within a range of emotional sums and aspects which has brought the cross link layers on both entities into a strangely identical pattern, or at least, seemingly so. We have the Markets entities cross links laying over it, and its external transformation, just as the Populace/USofA has its cross links overlaying it. In fact the visual impression is so similar that both Igor and I had to initially assume that an error had crept into the processing as a result of the recent programming additions. It proved not to be the case, but for a few heart-pounding moments we had thought we were undone. Instead, we are apparently seeing a new phenomena within the visual component of the Intellicad display which has pattern similarity developing between the entities' cross links without actually involving duplicates at any level. As with the newly emerging 'maybe tipping point' meta data layers, the work continues to point up our ignorance. But as both entities share an obviously dominating visual characteristic, we thought to provide interpretation for both from the common basis. This has proved to be a useful decision as much of the details are different within the entities, but in both cases the emotional patterns and their focus are interlinked. As an example, the developing 'secrets revealed' pattern within the political realm of USofA is impacting the markets. Soon a counter ripple, as shown by our data set, will emerge from the markets and will reach the viva publica with impacts on the political. And so it goes....forth and back.

Obviously, as the 'duality' expression continues within the Populace/USofA spreading with each 'secrets revealed', the entity will and is showing signs of undergoing a transformation. And as with the Markets entity, the cross links indicate that an 'external' transformation is manifesting. Within the Populace/USofA, this 'external transformation' is focused on the 'army/military'. The transformation, while shown as manifesting in the 'external', within the Populace/USofA entity, shown as being 'internally driven'. Further supporting layers have some very interesting aspects/attribute sets, and some shockingly large emotional sums in some very unexpected places. Within both the Markets entity, and the Populace/USofA entity, the 'external transformation' is very heavily driven by immediacy values, however in spite of pattern similarities, the Populace/USofA, 'army/military' sub set, while being driven by the very high immediacy values is also showing a huge extension in its long term value set. The increase in temporal distance has forced us to once again extend the scope of our value set. We have learned from past experience and raised it by 3/three orders of magnitude just to provide leeway. We did not require quite that much space within our range as the increase in the 'army/military' sub set values *only* extends us out about 72/seventy-two years, but still, who knows? The extra space may come in handy. Lexicon emotional value temporal distance indicator range size increases aside, both Igor and I are still stunned to contemplate the idea that changes now being manifest are theoretically setting up waves with a near century life span. Of course two caveats apply, first that this is all a work of fiction, and second, that we don't have a clue as to what we are doing at any given moment and thus can be quite wrong. But in this case, we don't think so. In our support are some rather nasty linguistic clues going to 'pillager', 'rape', 'brigandry', 'defiler', and other such words which no person would want to have associated with any component of their social structure, let alone their military. The data set goes further to suggest that much 'suffering' by 'parents' will 'cause {a/the} assessment {of} failure/defunct/destroyed military'. The implication here is really contained within the supporting layers which are stating rather clearly that the 'end is nigh' for the military-industrial complex/mafia within the USofA. There are large areas within the Populace/USofA, sub set 'army/military', supporting set 'dot mil-corp' {ed note: our descriptor for the military-industrial-political-alien kiritsu which runs things here in the states}, which go to the image of 'revealed {secrets} bring/initiate blooding/bloodletting/purge/pogrom'. Further supporting this area are large numbers of references, either directly held by Populace/USofA or through cross links, to 'violence'. And as hard as it may be to project onto the sheeplike mentality of the actual populace of the country, even the external transformation pattern for the Markets entity is replete with links to 'violence'. And as if that is not enough, as the modelspace is progressed forward through Spring and into late Summer, past the 2/two international crisis which will develop, the 'violence' aspect grows in both entities and includes 'lynching' sorts of language additions. We also note some disturbing linguistic clues toward 'mob action' which does *not* refer to teevee mobsters, but rather is suggestive of large scale 'crowd/mob' behavior emerging in both the populace, as well as the markets. Other odd behavior showing up within our data suggests that at an early point in the manifestation of the 'new circumstances' within the markets, just as the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer starts to go vertical within this entity, some part of the mainstream media will begin to 'claim woo-woo' as the 'cause of the problems'. This is to say the media, at least as is suggested by our data set, will actually have talking-heads out-and-about saying that no real crisis exists, it is merely 'woo-woo hysteria' driven by internet activity. As an aside, that is when Igor figures the FWN's (fellows with nets) will come to pay visits on both of us. He is already practicing his "I know NOTHINK!" speech. He does a great Sergeant Schultz impression, but he is even now losing the belly which lent credence to the effort. Anyway, to dive further into our 'woo woo', the section of data has cross links between both Populace/USofA, and Markets, as well as mutual cross links to the Press entity.

This Press entity cross link is apparently solid enough to be able to act as a temporal marker of sorts. We have found the links as well as the internally held values to be representative of the processing, and to have tolerable referential integrity. It is hard to use the Press entity these days as there is much fracturing within the entity, mirroring much of the developing splits in the material world, but still, it seems solid enough to suggest that by very late Spring we will have a Press call 'woo woo hysteria' or words to that effect. This marks a clear change in the accretion values for our meta data layers and can serve to act as a marker for that acceleration. As an instance, it is only after the modelspace has progressed beyond the 'woo woo ' sub set accretion within the Press entity that the 'violence' aspects for both Markets, and Populace/USofA have their big rise in emotional sums which suggests that actual manifestation of violent actions will occur. Did that make sense? Basically, sort of a 'look out for press person calling woo-woo as shee-it will happen shortly thereafter'. At least according to our modelspace. As to the when of it all, our data continues to show that following the current few weeks we have labeled the 'context creation' period, we get a time in late April and extending into mid May in which the first of a series of 'reversals of fortune' will begin to manifest. The data set shows these within only a few entities, so it is not a meta data layer, but the impact is nonetheless life-altering for large numbers of humans given the totality of the emotional sums involved. Say something like a 'sudden retreat' of USofA "troops" {ed note: stupid linguistic trick by TPTB, not troops, but soldiers, oh well, what the hell} out of a number of countries. Imagine the emotional ramifications on both the Populace/USofA and the Markets. Both would be racked with the consequences. This is just the sort of emotional tone we have around these 'reversal of fortunes' incidents. The ramifications of each of the 'reversal of fortune' incidents are as waves, raising both immediacy-of-impact values, as well as long-term-impact values. The first of these is also shown within the data set as very heavily cross linked to circumstances just prior to the beginning of the 'conflict' meta data layer. As an indicator a rising number of stories within the mainstream media about the 'army/military' to a noticeable extent over the course of the end of April would serve to note the pending 'reversal of fortune'. Just a thought. Conclusion Part 1: Pressure Waves Oot-and-Aboot The possibility of earthquake, including subsequent volcanic action brings up a few points we need to make. If we are correct even in the main the area in which we operate may be isolated from the rest of the continent at least as far as communications are concerned. If this is the case, we will attempt to relay communications through George Ure who runs the site. Further if we are correct, even in the main, the impact of such earthquakes, including volcanic activity will bring on 'restrictions on movement', and may, depending on what is affected, even take out large chunks of the internet. At least those connections which may be hosted by PNW, or Western Canadian firms. If your organization depends on such, it might make sense to have a look at contingency plans. Not that we have a real clue you understand, just on a "can't hurt to plan" basis. Further, if we are isolated electronically by natural disaster we do have plans to keep things going here, assuming we have the communications to update the site. If those hold, either through telephony or broadband, we can keep the series going to its conclusion. If not, we will probably call a 'force majeur' {ed note: french for "nature kicked our ass"}, and refund on a pro-rated by articles posted formula. In support of the earthquake in the 50s of latitude, we have to note the capture within our data gathers of many reports of 'pressure waves' and other statements of similar nature with a geographic range from the low 60's to the mid 40's of latitude. These are happening so frequently as to elicit near-real-time-comments about them on message boards. An example of such would be say a discussion about spring planting where one writer interrupts themselves to report that their 'ears just went wonky there for a second'....or similar expressions. These reports are up, and increasing as with the reports of 'ringing in the ears' which preceded the Sumatran quake at a global level. Probably *not* a good sign.

We do note once again for those with earthquake fears, that *usually*, unless you are fool enough to fall into a hole in the ground, it is not the earthquake that gets you, but rather bad engineering. And the good news is that any small TRIANGULAR space has the real potential to form a protective void against bad engineering and falling bits. By triangular space we mean the space between the filing cabinet and the wall where if the building suffered the wall would be stopped from collapsing by the dense paper within the filing cabinet and would create a triangular space. Experience has shown that hiding under things like desks just doesn't do the job as they collapse as well. In the WA state here in PNW of North America, the state employees are issued earthquake kits when they are hired or relocate. These are quite extensive and prepare the employee to provide self-aid, as well as to aid others during the next disaster. No weasel words about "IF" a quake happens, but real preparation for when it happens. Makes sense, eh? Even if experience has shown that most will run around disoriented, shaken, and unawares falling into holes in the ground, still each one has their earthquake kit. By the way, as someone who has experienced an 8.1 in Mexico city, this is no slight or insult intended to the state employees of Washington. In large quakes the pressure waves, as well as the other harmonics affect the brain of humans and animals in significant and felt ways. In my experience with the 8.1, I was saved by not yet having had breakfast. I was there on a consulting gig and had just ordered at our breakfast meeting with the clients. Since only about 3/three small parts of my brain function without coffee, I was relatively immune from the rather stunning effects of the harmonics during the earthquake. But I was witness to them. The whole of the rather large dining room in the 400/four hundred year old hotel building was stunned into inaction, many gripping their ears in pain. My breakfast companions, also natives and not suffering jet lag or lack of coffee, were also stunned into stupor. Nearly got them killed when a very large planter of about 200/two hundred pounds came crashing down on the table. One of my fellow consultants, feeling the ringing in the ears so violently, and prior to the floor movement, thought he was having a heart attack and was going to faint. He even lay his head down on the table which was destroyed less than a second later in a horrific crash. So 2/two things to is not "if", but 'when', and if you think you are feeling an earthquake, you probably are, so react. Especially if we are feeling pressure waves, oot-and-aboot. No offense intended to my neighbors to the north, eh? Already too damn close to y'all. Losing my southern accent. Part 2 to be posted by late on Saturday, April 15th, 2006.

Copyright 2006 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission. ALTA IR - 1006 - April 15, 2006 Part 2:Meta Data - Energy Waves in Collision, Warnings from the George Postulate, Tipping Point?* Populace/USofA - Waking to Smell the Roasting, History- The Ultimate Interactive Game* GlobalPop - le matter practique, Preparation for the Other* Markets - Mother of All Stills, Caloric Reality Intrudes* Gold/Silver/Commodities - Gnawing at the Gut* Conclusion: Part 2 - More to Do, Some Green Clues*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 04.15.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 21.091 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Meta Data - Energy Waves in Collision, Warnings from the George Postulate, Tipping Point? As we have noted repeatedly these last few ALTA series, a meta data layer whose primary descriptor set is 'conflict/tension_of_emotional_confrontation' is showing as becoming dominant on August 31, 2006. These meta data layers are strange beasts which *appear* to exert influence all the way up and down the chain of human life/activity. If one looks mindfully the early signs are visible. To those who are buried in their seemingly important daily activities, periods such as we are in now must seem as if they "emerged from out of the blue". However, the current waning context creation period due to be complete according to our model late in the night of April 14th, was discernable some time back as we noted within previous ALTA reports. Fundamentally the way we sniff these things out has to do with emotional energy. Consider that it is one thing to imagine an idea, toy with it, and even accept it, but to actually manifest some "thing" from the mind requires a transformation. This transformation is the actual transference to the idea of energy from the body, and which at some level probably can be documented by brain scans as the allocation of body energy reserves over to a particular group of brain cells where the idea of the moment resides. At other levels shading into the quantum or meta-physical, the activation of an idea into a manifestation involves the transfer of energy of ethereal/psychic type to the idea. One of the ramifications of that transference is the generation of "attachments" for lack of a better, more descriptive, english language word. These "attachments" to the idea, now backed with psychic/caloric energy generate a wave out into universe. If universe favors, the emerging manifestation of the idea sends out waves which find other waves or energies which harmonize with that wave and extends its power. On the other hand, if the wave let loose in universe is non-harmonious, at some point of universal choosing, that wave will run into countering waves of disharmonious patterns which will bring 'tension' and 'conflict'. In a very simplistic

fashion, thus could the concept of karma be described as the harmony, or lack there of, among resonating waves. It would appear that the whole of our solar system is arriving at one of those periods when waves are in collision. Those who looked mindfully these last few months could have seen that our discussion of the 'release period' was pretty accurate, as (we feel) has been the location of, and minor description of the current period which we labeled as 'context creation'. As an aside, we applied that name because it really does not look as a 'context change' within the modelspace so much as the emergence of a whole new context from bits of stuff from all over. We also feel justified in saying that our descriptors for the meta data layers have been manifesting should one care to look. Some of these descriptors such as 'shortages' and 'secrets revealed' meta data layers are actually seemingly so damn obvious we can't but wonder why the phenomena is not under more general discussion. But then that is us projecting onto universe again, and past experience shows that don't work in these times of new flavors. There are some absolute facts, which can be discussed in words, whose import is large, but with actual understanding of the facts at miniscule levels within humanity such that only a small group, perhaps less in number than a large tribe, really grasp the meaning. One of these facts has to do with the nature of time. Time does not exist as a river, independent and flowing whether or not we are there to observe it. In fact, time does not exist without what can be described very very loosely as 'participation'. This word we can use as a sort of meta-influence descriptor for time. As an example we can say that time does not exist without the participation of a point in space. Maxwell, Einstein, B. Fuller and other smart humans have noted this for all of us during this current global world. We know from historical record, as well as the lineage of the many secret societies that this "secret" has been noted in the far distant past of humanity and earth. In point of fact, much of the sort-of-hidden activities of the "secret" societies goes to the power(s) that are inherent in understanding all of the various thingeys which are 'participatory' within time. One of the corollaries to our absolute fact of time requiring 'participation' from material manifestation is that knowledge, including knowledge of time, does exist independent of time, and can be understood, at least to some extent, outside of time. This implies that knowledge of time is independent of the time 'participation' matrix itself, which implies that knowledge of time is independent of the points of space which participate in a particular manifestation of time. And thus our point for this wandering thread, that given a proper understanding or concept, some very outlandish, and otherwise not acceptable ideas become suddenly perfectly understandable, such as how knowledge of time could exist before the time itself has manifested. With a proper understanding of some of these absolute facts, some things presented to us by universe become amazingly clear waaaay in advance of manifestations. As observers in possession of the proper understanding of universe (or at least a partial, better understanding than we have had in the past) we can see manifestations such as the quote in 2002 from the White House spokesperson that "reality was what *they* decided it would be" were betraying an abysmal understanding of universe and that such thinking would run into a huge harmonization problem, and further, that it was only a "matter of time". Well, as the expression goes, "time's up". Or look at all the other ways in which humans have chosen to encode that same understanding... 'chickens come home to roost', 'reap what ye sow'..... and variations beyond counting. Hmm. Our species may be smarter than itself. In these next few days {ed note: we are anticipating posting this on Saturday, April 15th} we will begin to see the effects as the inhabitants of terra begin to feel their way around in the new context which pretty much will be in place by midnight on April 14th according to our modelspace. This new context will include things such as the 'duality' spread far and wide with new expressions of it popping up constantly both within ourselves and within the greater universe. Further the 'secrets revealed' and 'shortages/encounter with scarcity/restricted movement' aspects will also be spreading both in breadth throughout the planet as well as in depth in terms of how deeply down or up they are felt. At the time of this writing some of the new elements for this new context are in place. Some are quite visible, others more hidden, shadowy and barely able to be perceived, but with little doubt even these

shadowy contexts 'participants' will be felt over these next few months as we all acclimatize to this new context. We have to note that some observers of an increased mindfulness will be able to directly perceive these new contexts, examine them, observe their impacts, and have some level of consciousness in their dealings with them, whereas most of life here on earth will be only able to feel, and thus react to these new expressions, un-mindfully. As an aside, here at HPH we think that our projections of events/incidents are less than useful when compared to our demonstrated ability to provide the 'heads -up' on the changes in emotional "tonality" of the coming days. As with Igor, I agree that we 'earn our bread' by providing the advance warning/descriptor set which allows the mindfull observer to act with volition and a greater awareness when presented with the particulars of any actual instance of time. The discussion of time is particularly relevant at the moment since the nature of the time-beast is undergoing some change itself. The George (after Geo. Ure) Postulate is that (loosely translated from Texan) 'the further out the web bot shee-it can see his pointy little head, the bigger the beasty is when he comes to sit on your porch'. It sort of makes sense, and so far has not been disproved within our very limited few years with this work. So, given the George Postulate, we could further guess that since the 'shortages' theme was first seen two years out as opposed to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the 'money center' which were only noted barely 100/one hundred days in advance, well, then this appears to be a really big-ass beasty coming to sit on our porch. In the usual course of these reports we process the immediacy values for parts 1 and 2 as these data sets are "fresh" and "tasty" with the implication/expectation being that they will yield bits of information about very near-time manifesting circumstance. Thereafter, parts 3 and 4 are used to seek for longer term value sets with the idea being to feel around in the dark of the short to long term time frame of 3/three months to 18/eighteen months. Then, in the usual way of processing, we head back into the yet unprocessed, but already gathered, and now approaching 2/two weeks old immediacy data sets which have been piling up while we ponder things further out. As we say, this is the *usual* flow of processing. However, it is the nature of this work to allow the universe to provide input. It apparently is doing so now as we have picked up a recent linguistic shift into immediacy values. This is to say that the ratio of immediacy value descriptors to short or longer term descriptors has undergone a shift which favors the immediacy to veryshort-term value set descriptors. Shifts such as this, in our past experience, have proceeded what we have labeled as 'tipping points'. The effect is that more and more of our data set pulls into the shorter term values due to the linguistic shift taking place within the conversations/postings which are our raw materials. These indicate, at the grossest level, that the "thinking" of the populace is shifting from the more-in-the-future which is the usual mode of operation to the more-in-the-now. When the individual emotional lives of which we capture small indicators move to the more immediate view, some form of higher emotive state is manifesting. This appears to be as true with the collective emotional life of a group/nation/planet as it does with the individual life. In a way, a hint that emotions are a fractal-like phenomena. Most individuals live most of their lives 'out front' or 'out there' in their anticipation of the future, rather than living in the immediate. This is a truism with large numbers of ramifications at all levels, all of which are fascinating, but at the moment we need to look at things from a macro level. What we do is to postulate that when individual humans tend to concentrate on the immediate-now-moment, it is usually in response to some type of emotional crisis. EVEN if the nature of the emotional crisis is "good" emotions, such as say a wedding, birth, or any other element of life with solid immediacy-of-impact values conjunct length-ofeffect values, the whole of the feel of even the 'good' emotional crisis, is just that, crisis. We suspect that such a crisis is just about to begin manifesting due to the rapid shift of many of the primary aspect/attribute sets for a number of entities. As of this time we have many entities which are not participating so it may be premature to be looking for a tipping point, but it is quite clear that if it is not a tipping point for the modelspace as a whole such as we observed in June/July of 2001 prior to the "attacks on the money center", it is then certainly indicative of a crisis "inflection point" for the entities involved. An "inflection point" within an entity is a state just prior to a fundamental change of both state and direction. We have seen several of these inflection points within what we now call Bushista, but which was

originally the BushCo entity. As each of the various components of the original entity began to separate from the core of the Bushista entity, we observed the same sort of behavior of a rapid shift to immediacy values within this entity. And, so far, in each instance, the shift to immediacy values was followed in short order by a fundamental alteration of the state of relationships/emotive ties within the manifest universe. As of this processing, we can't tell if the whole of the modelspace will 'tip' or just specific entities. In any case, given the rapidity of the jump upward in emotional tension values within the various entities, the wait will be short.

Populace/USofA - Waking to Smell the Roasting, History- The Ultimate Interactive Game One of the entities undergoing the immediacy value ratio shift is the Populace/USofA entity. It is instantly clear from just the first plunge into the data that the primary aspect of 'war', which heads the descriptor set for Bush's war of aggression against Iraq, is the cause. As much as we delve into the data, looking for any other alternative interpretation, there appears to be none. The immediacy value sets are clearly stating that what the Populace/USofA calls the 'Iraq War' is nearly over. It will end rapidly and badly for the Populace/USofA. The end of the Iraq War will result in an 'awakening' of the Populace/USofA which, given both the immediacy values, and the longer term emotional impact value set of these descriptors, will 'unleash terrible/horrible retribution' and 'emergence/emergent chaos' on poor old planet earth. We have been wrong before. And will be so again. Especially as the nature of our work requires such a heavy interpretation to distill down the results of millions of reads into a coherent mass. There is, however, no getting around it at this point, an honest interpretation of the data set suggests an interpretation of the populace of the USofA being 'driven howling mad/angry/insane' by coming 'blood letting/massacre'. The impact of the shift of the Populace/USofA entity into high levels of immediacy values also carries a much longer term component. These linguistic sets are carrying both very high immediacy value sets, as well as very long term indicators for continuing effects. With this set which hangs off the 'Iraq war' sub set, the impacts on the USofA populace are seen as lasting from 10/ten years or one-half generation out to 3/three generations or 60/sixty years. The value set ranges for the immediacy set gained in this processing suggest that the period of impact is 3/three weeks out and the majority of the immediacy values will manifest in less than 2/two months. This would target a period from the first of May through June. The lexical descriptors for this set range from the 'lost self/are lost/have lost' all the way out to 'wounds inflicted {on} self {take a} decade {to} heal'. Much of this emotional language drives the emotive tension values for the period of May through June. If the chart above is examined, much of the upward slant of the emotive tension trend line is directly due to the rise in high-value immediacy sets within the Populace/USofA entity. Many of these, say something over 60/sixty per cent are focused on 'war', and specifically the 'Iraq war' sub set. The implication is that a "sense of things to come" has/is building now and over these past 2/two weeks of our data gathering which is presage/pre-saying the next emotional wave

to come. Our charting, admittedly a thing of our own invention and therefore as suspect as any of our work, does indicate that from the very end of April, and all the way through the month of May until about the 28th, the Populace/USofA is saying "this don't feel good". Further this period of nearly a month of 'lost self' or 'have lost' is repeated with a very strong second wave/echo during June from about the 6th until the 6th or so of July. Again, the central aspect/attribute set is headed by 'lost self' or 'is lost/has lost'. Note that this lexical set also contains directly held values for 'grief' as a sub aspect of 'lost' as well as such complex emotional sub sets as those going to 'realization of loss of personal values/self-worth'. As with most of the descriptor sets, the further down the supporting aspect/attribute chain we go, the more complex the emotional construct, but also the weaker the emotional impact. This current set of 'lost self' contains parallel threads for both a 'loss, physical', as well as a 'loss, psyche/personal'. And as it is all supporting sub set to the primary immediacy value aspect within Populace/USofA of 'awakening', it is our interpretation that a an actual 'loss' in Iraq will be the proximate trigger to the 'awakening of loss of {national} soul/character/self worth'. And speaking of 'echoes', the lexical sets are telling us we can expect to see aspects/attribute sets showing up in the vox populi/voice-of-the-people which will echo themes of the past such as the 'Nixon years' beginning in 1972; the 'war years' of National Socialist Deutschland in 1939; the years of the 'English in South Africa' in 1905; the 'religious constraints' and the 'awakening years' in 1872; the 'cold years of rebellion' in Europe, mega-starvation in India in 1838 ; and the 'duel at dawn' of 1804 America{USofA}. So the data set is indicating that the themes which will be playing out over these next few months in an apparently rushed and compressed fashion will contain the same lexical sets, and emotive values {ed note: just at different levels} as we saw in those previous times. So in the case of the Nixon Years, beginning in 1972, we have the Watergate emotive tonality as the dominant aspect/attribute set to be extracted. So we can expect a "rhyme" of the words used in that historical context to re-appear over this period. Also in this very tumultuous few weeks, will be lexical echoes of the 'war words' which set up the whole of the Axis versus Allies fight that we call WW2. Much of these word sets will be glaringly obvious over these weeks as we are already picking up their precursor emotive sets within our data gathering. For the other pending echoes, we have provided some sample links which are both representative of the themes and word sets involved and also can act as departure points for further investigations if interested. As links: English in South Africa - 1905 - Illegal flogging of Chinamen Also note that Africa brought out very large commodities discoveries in 1905 as well as setting the stage for the rise of the Rhodes empire, and the beginning of the NWO, especially its 'new finances' arm. Words take on a life of their own - Rebellion meme - 1872 Also note that the whole of the attitude toward the populace 'allowing the control' to the 'religionists' begins to change in 1872 with the "imposition of bans on the Catholic church's castration of young boys to create sopranos for church choirs". Also that year the French banned the religious orders from teaching/indoctrinating in public schools. In the past 3/three ALTA report series we have been picking up lexical sets going to the 'destruction/removal/elimination' of the 'tri lateral' religions of judaism, christism, islamism. These lexical currents are growing, and also are gaining in mid to longer term value sets as they rise within both of the populace entities, Populace/USofA and GlobalPop. It would be a fair interpretation to say that an emotional backlash against the 'religionists' who have been causing such trouble of late is brewing. Further we can extrapolate that some flavor of that will show up within the preview emotional 'future trailers' period of very early May. We also note that 1872 had 'rebellion' written all over it. From the general 'rebellion' within the populace against the attempt at imposition of 'religious authority' over general life, to the 'rebellion' within the sciences to the 'rebellion' within global macro economics. Whatever one may think of 'revolution', as a human wave manifesting in the world, it usually comes due to the continuation of 'suppression/oppression' past the point of endurance. In that sense, the emotional energy which propels action in the real world, once let loose, is just that, loose...out and about without a leash. This

is the sort of view being suggested by the intermediate/short term value set connected with 'rebellion' which is 'kicked off' by our 1872 revue in May, and is fully separate and loose in October. Cold years of Rebellion In Europe 1838. In addition to the 'rebellion' freaking out the British monarchy which was/is planning for global-ubercontrol-in-their-hands, the continent of Europe suffered devastating weather changes. As did the Indian sub-continent. That year over 500/five hundred thousand people in India died of starvation due to the drought, along with an estimated 14.5 million animals of all species. In Europe that year weather affected everything from Chopin's health/love life to the delivery of the mails {ed note: about 3/4 down page} in the north of Greater Britain, as well as global food supplies. While an exceptionally warm in the American hemisphere that year, both Europe and Russia suffered greatly. Worst of all was the starvation due to drought which started in the Indian sub continent, and rose with the coming of Summer all the way to the far north in Siberia. That year reports of dead and diseased animals in the 'far east territories' were so alarming that they appeared in repeatedly in British press. In the 'territories', the British noted large numbers of the populace 'succumbing to the diseases of drought' and noted that the drought had direct impact on food markets in London. A good view of the overall impact that this 'winter of cold stones, cold soup, and cold rebellion' had can be seen in the projection maps at the bottom of the page at this site. Our Terra entity seems to be indicating an echo of this sort of expression of 'global weather duality', however the emotional sums indicate something much more severe in the echo than the original wave. Lastly we have the emergence of an echo to the 1804 Duel at Dawn in which nasty mean, corrupt vicepresident shoots and mortally wounds a critic. Now of course we know that our current VICE President, the Dick Cheney has already shot someone recently, although not a critic as far as we know, but in examining the story at the link, it is our guidance from the data sets that the point to take away is the "set, setting, and lasting results". The 'lasting results' that our modelspace appears to be referencing can be found at the site in the right hand side-bar and are repeated here: "Burr's life began a steep decline after the duel. Indicted for murder by both New Jersey and New York, he was never brought to trial. He wandered the country entering into various schemes. These included an obscure land deal in the Louisiana Purchase for which he was tried for treason in 1807. He was acquitted. He died in 1836 a broken man."

Within the Populace/USofA entity, and separate from the cross links to other entities which allows us to derive much of the linguistic echoes, the entity has added some new bulk in a couple of areas. In one of these the 'dysfunction' sub set, we can locate a now-internally-held set of aspects/attributes which go to the 'dysfunction {of the} america{USofA} way of life/set of values/social infrastructure'. This 'dysfunction' sub set is a very telling development as previously while the entity may have shown that the 'dysfunction' of the government was affecting it, the entity did so through cross links. Now that the entity has internalized the 'dysfunction' sub set along with a number of others, one interpretation could be that action will follow as the entity is 'owning up' to the problem, and the 'responsibility to fear/fear-mongering'. The data set is indicating that this aspect is already present in the USofA social order, but will rise exponentially in emotive totality from May 4th through the end of the month, and will be further intensified from June 6th through July 6th. In each case the 'ratcheting up' of the emotional tone should be visible/felt by an observer paying attention to mainstream media and the manifestation of events. The importance of the appearance of the 'dysfunction' aspect/attribute set within the Populace/USofA entity cannot be over emphasized. Within other entities, and within the Populace/USofA entity, and GlobalPop entity in our past experience, the 'owning' of the 'emotional tone/results' by the entity has *always* been a precursor to the manifestation of a change in either the state of things or the behavior patterns of the participants. This has not yet failed to materialize within the shorter term value sets' outside extension. In this case that places the appearance of the change within the next 90/ninety days. The modelspace is

actually set up on a lunar calendar basis {ed note:one of our timing problems} and as such is at 87/eighty seven days or less. Either way, the behavior change is indicated within the chart above as it is the size of the Populace/USofA entity, its core values and cross links which is driving both the upward emotive tension build of late April through mid July as well as the emotional tension release trend line of mid July to August 31. Again, it is also the rapid rise in emotional tension values within the Populace/USofA entity {ed note: not exclusively, GlobalPop also participates} which precipitates the emergence of the 'conflict' meta data layer on the last day of August, 2006. Further it is the Populace/USofA which drives the second leg up of the emotional tension rise from approximately September 26th, through to December and beyond into 2007. Again, not exclusively and over time more of GlobalPop joins in with the emotional tones being seen now in Populace/USofA, but in the majority, the Populace/USofA entity is the driving emotive force/reaction which propels the trend lines seen in the chart above. Without wanting to bore, once again we will note that the significance of the appearance of the 'owned dysfunction' lexical set within the Populace/USofA goes to more than what meets the eye, even when it comes from mainstream media. This is a "transformative indicator" within our prolog processing. As the modelspace shows it, an entity can 'cogitate', 'assimilate', and 'motivate' based on emotive tones coming from words. Over time we have always seen that a basic rule can be extracted about entity behavior which can be stated that 'there ain't no motivate without there being assimilate'. Or more scientific notation to the effect that behavior change requires a thinking change. Now we also understand that on an individual human level, no change in behavior patterns can come about without a change in thinking patterns. This was the underlying premise which led to the rise of 'talk therapy' and 'psychiatry' as it existed prior to the emergence of the now dominant 'brain chemistry = pharmaceutical remedy' approach. While the whole approach to individual human mental health may have changed, the underlying truism is still existent that you can't change behavior prior to changing thinking. Departing further still for a moment, we note that the pharmaceutical approach also seeks to change thinking, only from a chemicals-induced-into-the-system approach. The prior 'talk therapy' used the same approach as the religious orders for their indoctrination of 'repetition of the theme, burns in the meme'. That is, we can create new thinking by talking about it, and bring about new neural pathways. This is still the preferred method of control of the religionists and is perhaps most extremely inflicted on humans within the Wah'abi madras's"school" system. Nonetheless, it would be disingenuous of us to *not* point out that our whole technology relies on the same premise, that is, that behavior changes are actually fore-spoken by thinking changes which in turn alter lexical patterns. And our goal has always been to capture these changes in lexical patterns. Whew!?! Make sense? So, to return to the theme presented by the Populace/USofA entity in its new 'ownership' of the 'dysfunction' aspect/attribute set. This is a very key change and is pre-saying that changes in social behavior at a very visible, slap-you-in-the-face level are just weeks from manifesting. Now, don't get too excited, remember, this is only fiction, and not very good fiction at that. But still...change is set now. The key ingredient to a change in behavior within an entity is now set into the Populace/USofA entity. This area is internally cross linked to both the 'political' as well as the 'financial' sub sets within Populace/USofA. Further, in a very surprising development, the third highest level of cross links from this area go over to the Terra entity in a fury of mutual cross linking with 8/eight different areas within Terra. Also deeply embedded {ed note: sad pun intended} in the 'dysfunction', 'political' sub set are lexical sets which provide a very clear image of 'defeat' and 'loss' for interpretation. The sadness arises not from the inevitable march of a bad idea to its fruition, but from the indications that the 'reversals of fortune' for Bush in Iraq are going to be 'very severe', and 'very bloody' for the Populace/USofA. The lexical set contains aspects/attributes going to the idea that 'fire opens the wound in the thigh', and very disturbing language to that effect. Our work has always placed an emphasis on references to human body parts emerging as these are primal archetypes. Again this is not to be discounted. The implication is that the first of the 'reversals of summer' to hit the Bushista entity will 'ripple into the thigh' of the Populace/USofA like 'hot metal/fire-infire/phosphorus(elemental fire)' in an incident filled 'week of blood' in which the data set is suggesting that 'denial {will be} dropped {like a} burning veil'. The modelspace is indicating that the civil war in Iraq will erupt to levels which will 'drive the blood {from the} face' of those who present the information. Presumably this last is pointing to members of the Bush mis-admin as we have no cross links to the Press entity, and far too many over to Bushista to sort them out to that level. So the interpretation here is to the

idea that the spokesliars for the Bush cabal will have to present news so 'disheartening' that the person delivering the statement will 'tremble' and 'shake {in the} voice and bowels' at the time. In an ironic twist of universe-screwing-with-us, the data is indicating that this episode of 'weak bowels news messenger' will immediately follow a period in which the Bushista entity shows that 'pacing back and forth aimlessly {is} offered {as} wise policy' and that much of the language coming out of the Bushista entity goes to 'convincing self', and 'justifying self', rather than the 'logic of the situation'. So probably this is indicating a further period of intense justification of militant policies will be followed closely by military reversals. GlobalPop - le matter practique, Preparation for the Other While the Populace/USofA is going to be using this Spring and Summer to jump feet first into the past roots of today's manifesting national karma/angst including our history of religious and political extremism, self-aggrandizement, and most of all, rampaging militancy, the GlobalPop entity is making a different use of the time. Yes, as with the Populace/USofA entity, much of the behavior-to-action words are all bound up in cross link ropes over to some subject which terminates in religion. However, the lexical structures within the GlobalPop suggest that a been-there-done-that attitude is going to lead to an entirely different approach to the issue of 'religionists' and the problems that such people are causing globally. Much of the 'religion destruction' language that is showing up in the various entities, all of which is cross linked internally to the same lexical structures appears to have at its basis a 'too much troubles pending {to allow} religion/religionists to get in the way'. There is the central theme of the 3/three faith based religions {ed note: as opposed to the experience based religions} of judism/christism/mohammadism being 'pushed back' as well as 'constrained {to} respectable manners/behavior'. This theme was first noticed emerging early last year and is a slow building one, but apparently will be manifesting quite suddenly and with some 'violence' within GlobalPop late this Spring and into Summer. However, in spite of the 'violence', the episode is probably a good thing as at least the indications are that immediately following some 'house discipline/cleaning', GlobalPop, led by a populace based movement will shift to 'radical preparations'. There is much within the GlobalPop language which goes to the imagery of a short, brutal 'disciplining' and 'setting of rules'. Noting that the Europeans are going to lead this effort, though with considerable support and aid from China, and that the 'religionists' are the cross linked 'challengers/contenders', it makes sense to interpret the rest of the lexical structure as a description of a new form of 'religious war' on European and Chinese soils. The structures suggest that a northern state such as Sweden or Denmark will 'lay down chalk' and that the 'religionists {will} cross {it} to their peril/regret'. Hmmm. Then the wording goes to the idea of a 'paternal chat' with the rest of the 'wayward' children/citizens, however, in this case the data is suggesting that the person acting in loco parens will 'stand from the mass' and not be a government type. Again, there will be a shift in political power down from a 'central view' to the 'rising wave of feet on the road/pavement'. There are indications for 'destruction of property', but again, rather than being a random sort of rioting, this appears much more as though a type of persecution based on religio-ethnicity. Both from the European and the China sections of the GlobalPop entity, there are suggestions, though from different proximate causes, of an 'exodus' which will be driven by 'warnings/fear'. The obvious implication is to an anti-moslem backlash in two continents which is going to have some extremely elevated emotional tones given our current emotional tension sums. Again though, the very elevated numbers themselves suggest that the episode will be brief, however bloody and terrible for all of the participants. As an aside, the popular actions in the Eu zone this Spring, through cross links to the Populace/USofA and the TPTB {the powers that be} entities are suggesting the rise within the populace of the USofA of a new form of political movement. This appears slightly lagging to the eruption of 'violence' in Europe, but is fully in place and gaining large levels of emotional momentum by late August. Again, not to divert too long, but the rise of a popular 3rd party in the USofA which is then denied ballot participation would/could be the trigger which is shown igniting the 'rebellion' meme in early Fall in the USofA. Much of the two populace entities are cross linked which of a necessity involves each in the interpretation of the lexical clues of the other. In the case of GlobalPop it would appear that the language is indicating a

two way exchange this Spring and Summer in which events-on-the-ground both in the EUzone and Asia (mostly Western China) will inspire a 'reciprocating movement' within the Populace/USofA. Then, later, as the emotional release period of late Summer begins, the events-on-the-ground in the USofA will absolutely freak the GlobalPop right out of its complacency. Sort of a quid-pro-quo, the USofA gets a new form of popular political expression, and the GlobalPop gets the shit scared out of it by the antics of the crazy Americans.

As can be observed from the chart above, the fun is due to start almost immediately with the 'paper markets', as a descriptor set held within GlobalPop, containing cross links to the Markets entity. These descriptor sets are showing that the 'paper' will soon encounter the 'caloric reality'. This whole layer of lexical structure is participating in both the 'encounter with scarcity' and the 'restricted movement' meta data layers. The 'caloric reality' impact is due to start with the end of the 'context creation' period which finishes late on April 14th. There after the 'calories required' will be 'encountering scarcity' such that 'food, shelter, fundamentals' are 'altered {in the} mind/mind-set/image'. The suggestion for the interpretation is that what is currently merely a leaning or trending toward a 'green image' view of humans-2-planet relationships within GlobalPop is going to be accelerated by 2/two distinct and separate motivating waves over the course of this year. The first will likely prove to be energy related and will provide the initial impetus toward the 'blessing {of the} union {of} green and flesh'. The lexical sets show a sketchy image of 'energy restrictions', as well as 'climatic impacts' causing a 'shock reaction' on the part of the GlobalPop, though we have more 'industrialized nation' sort of clues than say, African, rural language. As the structure exists, it appears to indicate a 'progressive view' will take hold due to the 'collapse of denial', and the 'splitting of the face' of the opposition. This will set off a 'rush/quickening' of the 'anxiety for preparation'. Much of the descriptors within this set go to the idea that the French, or rather a particular French national will lead the effort into the 'aftermath' of the 'collision with caloric reality'. There is much within the language to indicate that the EU zone, and likely much of the rest of the planet's newspapers, and other media will begin referring to some point in 2006 as the beginning of our yet unnamed 'special period'. While there is not yet anything within any of the entities to point to a specific event being any kind of a trigger, there is considerable aspect/attributes going to the idea that later in the year a consensus will form in which we will all be able to locate any event within the year as either being 'before' or 'after' the beginning of 'the special period'. It is a fair judgment to state that even with all of the human-2-human troubles on the planet, if we extract the Terra entity based cross link contribution, there would be very little emotional tension energy left to indicate the 'special period' labeling. This is an opinion. It is based on a weighting of the influences which is to say the total of the emotional sums both with the Terra cross links and without. As the Terra cross links in toto are over 57/fifty-seven percent of the total emotional sum, the consideration is probably very valid. This is also true in the sense that humans have a tendency to 'weight' things emotionally, and it is our contention that the planet acting pissy will always generate more emotional response than other humans acting pissy. A ramification of, or perhaps a contributing causal agent to, the 'caloric reality' impact on paper markets will involve the 'housing industry'. This is shown as a more or less global impacting phenomena. Some of

the language is suggesting that the McMansion approach to home construction will be coming 'round to bite the ass' in a very serious manner this year. The Terra entity cross links show for a Spring through Summer period of climatic extremes. These will cause the costs of 'energy restrictions' and 'caloric shortages' to impact how people live, or don't, within the McMansions. Much of the cross linked impacts with the Terra entity also are inter connected to the Markets entity. Within these 3/three way cross links it is possible to construct a scenario in which 'planetary climate extremes/unseasonable weather patterns' upset not only 'weather based trading/options/papers', but also impact the real world of 'calorie delivery'. The latter then impacts both heating and cooling costs globally, though again noting a higher rate of impact on the industrialized northern hemisphere, such that costs to maintain structures, and human comfort within those structure jump appreciably. Further impacts from severe and unseasonable/extra-seasonal weather causes localized expression of 'natural disasters' which further impacts housing. Imagine something on the order of the state of Florida which still has millions of structure yet un-repaired from hurricane damage being expanded to large areas of the planet, though expressing as 'pockets of damage'. The other impacts of the 'caloric restriction' ripple through the global economy and especially within the USofA and Great Britain, set off a wave of both foreclosures, and abandonment. This wave of 'repudiation' which later in the year surfaces as a sub set within the 'rebellion' meme, sets off the first of the waves of 'preparation anxiety' within the GlobalPop. This in turn impacts both buying patterns, and production/distribution patterns. The latter then show up in local, but global spot shortages which seem to rotate around the planet within the JustInTime global delivery system. This will continue in this vein until later in the year when the planet hits the second 'caloric reality' wall later in Summer. All of the above influences have their effect on the 'paper markets' and the interest rate/financial structure. The stressors within the financial system continue to impact via interest rate rises as paper currencies come under pressures, and predictably these feed into the cycle of foreclosure/abandonment. Exacerbating influences include a rising wave of illegal/non-citizen USofA 'house owners' who walk away from their 'obligations' as the North American economy shutters to a rather abrupt halt. The impact will again create a wave of self-reinforcing ripples which will cycle with rising rates, increasing abandonment/foreclosure, stressors on the financial structures, decreasing rates of foreign investment, and so on until a raging stagflation stands staring the USofA in the middle of the road with antlers so long as to prevent slipping around the beast. The impacts on the job market will cause yet another exodus to begin within the USofA as millions of unemployed citizens are joined by tens of millions of unemployed immigrants. What will so shock the GlobalPop as to set fire to yet another wave of 'preparation anxiety' will be the tendency of the 'dogs to fight amongst themselves' as the prelude to 'taking on the alpha leader'. So probably *not* a good summer to come visit the USofA, unless one enjoys the more 'energetic social activities' such as riots, melee's and various-violent-what-nots. On the positive side of the whole of the Summer, if there is one, a movement begun in northern EU, or perhaps as far north as Finland will begin a 'green dreams' movement toward 'personal responsibility' at a new, and core level. Unlike the 'eco-movements' this new approach will involve a different philosophical basis. While it is regrettable that most if not all of the emotional energy which starts and propels this movement is 'fear' based, at least it is a 'realistic' fear in that the data sets suggest it begins with a 'planetary demonstration/evidence'. This latter is an extract from a data set which goes to the idea that a single, 'small, but telling/speaking' event is taken as 'evidence' which promotes the 'fear' and elevates the 'personal responsibility' movement into something unlike the mind-sets evident on the planet now. Markets - Mother of All Stills, Caloric Reality Intrudes It is probably no 'secrets revealed' now to any reader of the ALTA reports that a real commodities pricing cycle has begun. The usual 20/twenty to 22/twenty-two years between the oscillations of the currencies between paper based assets and material based assets has been expanded both by actions taken by the global central bank consortium and by the expansion of all national markets into a regionally segmented, global marketplace. The expansion years were added to the paper cycle as the growth pressures were able to push into whole new areas such as global derivatives, and thus allow the pumping/pimping of paper to

continue without running into its usual limitations within any, more-or-less-closed national market. Well, now, thanks to modern communications and virtually instant global access, the globalization of markets has reached maturity, and predictably, growth has reached its limits. Thus the burgeoning commodities markets and the drain off of value from paper to real-goods. A number of pressures or stressors are showing within the language shifts which indicate that the 'mother' of all 'distillations' is coming over the course of Spring through late Fall of this year. Now without going to price of any particular asset it is quite clear that both populace entities are indicating 'encounters with scarcity' will impact large parts of the global populace. This in turn is shown as significantly, at an aggregate of individual awareness, alter the thinking of the general populace toward the current, and failing global economic system. It is apparently this rising tide of 'awareness' of the 'fragility of paper' that induces some very significant changes in behavior. HOWEVER, and this means you Geo. and J., do not go off thinking that the shift will be 100/one-hundred percent from paper to gold/silver. Though there are indications for a very large shift in emotional response to the precious metals, and thus a shift of behavior toward them, there are 2/two lexical structures which indicate that part of the coming 'mind-set/point-ofview' change will include one to the point that 'food/peace' is valued highest with 'stored wealth' way low on the list. But it is not going to be an easy road getting there. The data set is replete with references to 'shortages unto death' including 'food', and 'medicine', and 'energy'. While there are some ambiguities within the GlobalPop, and the Populace/USofA entities as to the nature and beginning of the new 'mind-set' or 'green dreams', the Markets entity presents a more clear lexical hint as to what could happen. This entity would seem to be indicating that an 'emotional backlash' developing from the 'corruptions' within what we here at HPH call "vulture capitalism" wherein "dirty corp-birds feed on the deaths/corpses of others" which will be exposed as part of the spreading influence of 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. Deeper down within the supporting aspect/attribute sets for the 'encounters with scarcity' within the Markets entity we get the image of 'shortages' this Spring and Summer leading to 'deaths' which initially 'brushed off' by the corporations and the governments they own, will be 'rebuffed' as 'corruption to murder'. This appears to again involve a large number of children, sad to say. The outcome of this 'described {by mainstream media} minor matter' will be anything but trivial in that it will trigger the release period later in the Summer for several tense parts of the entities. It will also come to haunt the Markets and will be labeled by many within the financial/derivatives markets as the 'ImprovisedExplosiveDevice' that got us. As if the pressures on our 'markets still' were not enough, the fires of adversity are going to be so stoked under the human world that a 'caloric reality' intrusion is going to begin manifesting very soon within the paper markets. The aspect/attribute set is very large, rising in primacy, is one of the largest component drivers of the Markets total emotional tone, *and* is just chock-full-of all kinds of interesting details in the form of supporting aspect/attribute sets. At the higher level view, the mere presence of the plethora of details within the lexical structure supplies a level of confidence as to manifestation probabilities. Does that make sense? The more details we are able to capture, the more likely we have spotted an emerging the basic idea. Within the 'markets' entity, the 'duality' meta data layer is expressing itself at many, finer levels of granularity and now the data set is indicting that 'duality' or 'dichotomy' will be very visible to all shortly. The 'duality' will emerge as a result of 'real world/reality restrictions {on} caloric supplies'. The aspect of 'caloric reality' contains supporting sets for 'calories' in a wide variety of forms suggesting that 'restrictions/encounters with scarcity' will be impacting not only 'energy', but also 'personal caloric supply' or 'nourishment'. There are also indications for 'shortages' to appear in strange forms which are related to the permanent, but floating 'encounters with scarcity'. A word about the idea of a 'permanent' but temporary shortage. What we are seeing within the data set suggests the idea of a shortage of an item which will become permanent, just not everywhere. The idea being that the 'shortage' will just sort of float about the world with the JustInTime distribution system struggling to catch it. These shortages will be permanent, but not everywhere all the time. Further, the suggestion from the longer term impact values goes to the idea that the "lack of a thing" which is causing the shortage in Y will move up and down the creation-chain for Y such that at some times, there may be

widgets, but no widget-rivets, so the same net effect is no Y's being made. Such 'floating scarcities' will increase both in spread and duration as the pressures mount on the whole of the paper coordinated, abstractly derived JustInTime distribution system. A further side note is that the JustInTime distribution system which nets the globe was designed by minds under the influence of the 'perpetual growth, infinite space/resources' concept who did not/do not recognize the inherent thinking shifts required within the 'closed, complex system' concept which is clearly manifesting reality. And as numerous humans-withawareness have noted "you don't fix your problems with the thinking that created the problems". Returning to the Markets entity which is about to run into the 'caloric reality' which will press down on it for some time to come, we can see from the visual impression of the entity within modelspace that a far reaching, deeply impacting 'intrusion of reality' into the 'paper abstractions' of the global markets is set to manifest. The impacts of this 'meeting caloric restrictions' is apparently so severe that right at the top of the supporting aspect/attribute sets is 'danger' which is itself replete with suggestions that 'danger ahead', and 'caution arms {the} wary'. If that is not quite enough a slap-in-the-face, the second largest supporting aspect/attribute set goes to 'material order' which is further defined as 'regulation/oppression {by/of} paper'. This supporting set has a very dire view indeed and quite clearly presents the aspect/attribute set third down the supporting chain which says 'regularity/regulation does not apply here anymore'. Taking the set as a whole one could read it to say that 'paper regulation/suppression of material order/reality does not apply here anymore'. Hmm. Pretty straight forward. Further chastisement comes further down in the supporting aspect/attributes where we note that 'stupid' appears as a very emotively loaded aspect with the supporting attribute base with imagery of 'paper floats {but} not forever'. Such sentiments are recurring themes throughout this entity. The entity is interesting in its numeric structure in that it appears to be more or less equally divided between 3/three areas, with each of these being more or less dominated by a date range driven by emotive sums. This suggests a '3/three waves' of 'impacting the caloric reality wall'. All three of these waves are bound within the immediate and shorter term impact values. Further, 2/two of the waves are pre-Summer solstice with 1/one following. As points of curiosity, and potential markers for subsequent manifestations, the data set is seemingly linking a 'woman {involved in} a roll-over car wreck' to the first of these waves. The 'woman' descriptor set includes references to 'prominence' as well as 'personality'. The 'wreck' is described as one in which the 'top of the vehicle/car parts' and in which the 'horror' of the accident 'reveals {ed note: again, a participatory cross link up to 'secrets revealed' meta data layer} the woman fearless, committed {to her} destiny/fate'. The imagery suggests that she is either flung from the vehicle or it actually has the roof torn off, leaving her relatively unscathed within. Not miracle kind of stuff, but the clues given here suggest that the point of the manifestation is the 'revelation {of } her fearlessness'. There are no other clues to suggest that the 'female personality' is in any way attached to the 'money markets' or any other sub aspect within the Markets entity. These out-of-place personal references sometimes show up within the various entities and are presented as temporal markers. An example of a past one was the appearance of another 'car wreck/accident' involving a 'male personality, sports related', and a 'female companion personality' which appeared in the immediacy values just prior to the recent Greek Olympic Games. At that point, it was barely 5/five days following the posting that a motorcycle accident in Athens involving 2/two of Greece's primary medals hopes occurred. Yes, one male, one female. There have been several such appearances of temporal markers for events in past runs so we are presenting this as likely another such. IF SO, then the scenario would likely be that the first of the 'encounters with caloric reality' will hit the markets very shortly after the accident is widely made known in the mainstream media. We have in past noted that what we pick up within our work will actually point to the press coverage, and {we suppose/theorize} the subsequent raising of emotions surrounding the event, rather than the event itself. So what we are looking for is an accident, female involved, press reports about her fearlessness, and then the subsequent appearance of a degradation of the abstract paper markets due to energy impacts which reach to the global food supplies. We can note that reality is clearly showing the progression into the Aquarian age with the rise of the feminine in all spheres of the social structure.This includes the rise of females as temporal markers within our work. We cite Cindy Sheehan as the last of such who appeared just as the emotive tension building

period began its upward rise. Further in sort of a in-your-face universe true-joke, the knowledge-giver connotation for the aquarian age is certainly starting off with seriousness as shown by our 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. Further the larger context of the emerging feminine nature of the age, knowledge prized above all is also clearly running into the 'last of the patriarchs' represented in all things Bushista. This last even extends to the prime enemy of Bush which is to say, "paternalistic/authoritarian" Islamism. So again, irony glasses on, this is a classic battle between the last 2/two of a dying breed, the 'absolutist patriarchal totalitarians'. We can further invite examination of yet the latest of Bush's enemies, the really rabid Persian PM, and again note how many characteristics they commonly hold. In our work the language is constantly pointing out these little ironic views of the greater contexts. Now we are seeing yet another impression of this theme into emerging contexts with the appearance of yet another 'female personality' temporal marker. Seems that, so far, they all have to go through some really tough times to get to the center of the stage, again, citing Cindy Sheehan. This particular female personality temporal marker ought to be relatively easy to spot, being wrapped in a car crash. Yet another temporal marker to the coming events involves no personalities per se, but rather the behavior of, and the characterization of, the housing market. We have linguistic clues that the 'caloric reality' will be impacting the 'housing markets' when the mainstream media starts to speak of the housing market as being 'bound up' or 'restrained' or 'sealed in a sack'. At that point, unbeknownst to us, the end is neigh, at least according to modelspace. While it is very likely *extremely* wrong, the modelspace is suggesting that the 'housing market' which is being defined as the 'financial structure' which supports the 'lending of money on real estate' will simply run into a sack and be tied up, which is to say, 'without movement, restrained'. Further this situation is either being shown as 'rotating around the world' or as 'coming 3/three times'. Our interpretation has to be a bit vague here. Nonetheless, one of the interpretation paths is that the market for financial transactions based on real estate sort of seizes up in waves. They, that is ThePowersThatBe, will try to fix things, and the first wave of 'seizure/constriction in the bowels' which hits the markets will be released, only to be followed a short time later by yet another 'constriction on action, caloric reality scarcity'. This will be harder to fix, and the fix will last a very short time indeed. Then the appearance of the third wave. This one sets the 'housing market bound in a sack' scenario firmly in place. Gold/Silver/Commodities - Gnawing at the Gut Not too much to say here. The entity is tight, fast moving, and fast rising within the modelspace. As we progress the modelspace from April through to the end of June we find that the primary aspect moves from 'satisfaction' supported by 'relaxed/placid' over to the lexical structure of 'fulfillment/manifestation' which is supported deeply with 'of promise/potential'. Two things of note about the 'gold/silver/pm' sub set of the Commodities entity, and that is that the 'production/manifesting of promise' is cross linked to the terminating aspect for the 'placid satisfaction' structure, and that the shift to the 'manifestation of promise' stage will begin with events in the EU Zone. The first of these notes is important as the terminating aspect/attribute set for 'placid satisfaction', that is to say the lexical pointer to what ends that state, is 'insatiable appetite'. Hmmm. Does that sound good? Maybe. Maybe not. A lot of frustration may come to those who have the 'unsatisfied appetite' for the precious metals gnawing at their guts. Why, such persons might actually bid up the price beyond the ability of the ThePowersThatBe to control the market. Dangerous times, no doubt. Conclusion: Part 2 - More to Do, Some Green Clues The data sets being captured for this run are very emotionally hot as we might expect, given the nature of the times and the spreading influence of those nasty meta data layers. This emotional language is pumping up values within all the impact level sets, the immediacy, shorter term, and long range effects. As things go, such linguistic clues do *not* suggest a future of lazy summers in hammocks and RV's. If one had had the feeling that 2006 was going to be a very intense year, our data would seem to confirm that feeling.

There are many areas we have not yet covered, and will get to in subsequent parts, but of note will be the temporal marker of 'continuing/expanding religious assassinations'. We invite the attention toward both the EU zone, and western China for future news of such events. Closer to personal issues, another invitation to the attention goes to the idea of 'disease'. Perhaps being aware of instances of how/where that context arises over this next week might further one's understanding of the current set/setting of the global trip through time. Please be advised that this is your 'green language' linguistic training exercise for this coming week.

Old martial arts saying: Beginning bumbled? Middle gone to hell? Screw it all, finish well.

With that, see you for Part 3, expected to be posted {universe enabling} by late Saturday, April 22.

Copyright 2006 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission.

ALTA IR - 1006 - April 22, 2006 Part 3:Meta Data - Emotional Storming, The Coming of the Dangerous Fleas * Oil - Heavy Words Hit Hard* Terra - Regular Irregularity Bands Redux, Spaceship Terra - Check Engine Warning Light, Furtive Hamsters Dance* Bushista - Sunday... Bloody Sunday, Spring Sand Traps bring Fall Bunkers, Excreted Fluids Flood Fall, Splitsville* Conclusion: Part 3: Misty Tagore, Hot Fevers, Why Cuba is Important*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 04.22.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 34.556 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Meta Data - Emotional Storming, The Coming of the Dangerous Fleas To clarify the expectations that we have for the manifestation of the 'conflict' meta data layer which begins on August 31, 2006 at approximately 11:24pm, we need to draw our fading memories back to the period of time which began with the appearance of Cindy Sheehan on the scene in Crawford (July) and ended with the rise in political tensions over the Plamegate indictments. These points describe a 'building emotional tension' period. And we need to note within that period there were several global affecting disasters including the Gulf Coast hurricane/FEMA disasters within the USofA and the Pakistan/Kashmir/India earthquake. That was a time of building emotional tension, and near as we can tell, a reasonably typical

manifestation of such. So remembering that the tension was building from the Summer of 2005 up through the multiple disasters, the many 'secrets revealed', the indictments et al, we can now turn our attention to the chart below.

This chart will provide a grasp of scale of things. We can note that the relative size and level of the recently past emotional tension peak, and the one toward which we are currently building which ends with June. We can also note the size of the release period following the December 3rd break of the trend line. This release period went approximately 75/seventy-five days and took us down from 1.2285 emt values, down to 1.2267 emt values. The coming release period from July through to August 31 takes only 62/sixty-two days, and reduces our emt level from 1.2275 down to 1.2269. In effect, the release period of Summer of 2006 may prove more volatile than the Winter release period of this year merely due to compression into fewer days in which to manifest. Furthering the pressure toward volatility of expression during the release period will be the conjunction of a number of meta data layers all of which appear to merge into the 'conflict' layer. These include 'secrets revealed' and 'aggression/contention'. What we need to note about the 'conflict' meta data layer is that we do *not* expect a "shooting war" to break out near midnight on September 1. Rather, given our experience with this work, a much more plausible scenario is that September 1 brings about new manifestations of 'conflict' at several levels. But please note that this appears just as the emotional building period takes off. While it is true that the large jump up in tensions are driven in part by the 'conflict' participating sub sets within all of the entities, it is also true that past experience with building emotional tension periods shows that this is a time in which the general trend is 'repression' of emotions, or a 'bottling up leads to pressure' kind of feeling. It is also worth noting that the Katrina/Rita/FEMA disaster hit as a 'release point' within the building period. And that further, the Pakistani/Kashmiri quake also happened within a 'release point' inflection within the upward trending emotional tension line on the chart. So we can conclude, at least on the evidence so far, that 'release point' trend line inflections within the building emotional tension period are prone to exhibit 'violent' universe manifestations. Of one kind or the other.

Again, remembering the 'release point' inflections in the 2005 Summer through December 'emotional tension building period', which included the referenced disasters, we now offer another version of the chart in which the 'release inflection points' have been highlighted.

So while we do not expect 'conflict' to erupt like a volcano on September 1, we are expecting a very tough time to begin then with some really nasty periods in which we will have Katrina/FEMA like emotional storms. It is also true that the data is stating, through bespoke descriptors such as 'chaos rules active transformation' within Populace/USofA, and the continuing accretions for 'rebellion', and 'revolution', both of which are internally focused within the Populace/USofA entity, that modelspace is saying 'want a revolution?', well, just wait a bit. We have echoes of past linguistic occurrences which are targeting the 'Nixon fall years' of 1972/1973. We also have a continuing accrual of linguistic sets which include bespoke descriptor sets such as 'transformative {event/circumstance} wave sets chaos {against/within} {the} facade {of} social order'. This area is supported by 'populace manifests/creates rebellion {through/with} personal/individual acts'. As an aside, this area is interesting in 2/two other respects. Firstly we have a continuing trend in the language for 2/two elements which are illustrated here. The first is the "self organizing collective" which our data shows as a new form of "social order" which is emerging, and along with that, is the second large theme developing which is that the 'pyramid point {will soon be} on the bottom', or the total upset of the existing power structure. The second reason that this area is lexically interesting has to do with the descriptor set which includes 'rebellion' and 'revolution'. We need note that 'rebellion' is different from 'revolution' in that it is 'regime change' where in those 'on the bottom rise to the top to displace the entrenched powers'. Sort of a general change about of who occupies the positions of power. Now on the other hand, 'revolution', while actually encapsulating the same concept of a 'revolving', is more to the 'revolving' of the structure, rather than the personalities. True, within the

'revolution' of the structure of things, the personalities will necessarily be all jumbled up into new positions, but, the effect is incidental to the emergence of a 'new arrangement'. Again, we need to note that some years back, the ALTA reports were gathering 'rebellion' words, which we used over the course of time to arrive at the various forecasts for 'rebellion' within the general populace within the USofA. Such forecasts are showing up in the mainstream media now with such labels as the 'rebellion' word being applied to the recent statements by the retired generals. What needs to be known now is that a much larger fear of both the Bushista entity, and the TPTB entity is actually starting to emerge. Our recent samples over these last 3/three reports are showing that the descriptor set at a meta data level is moving from 'rebellion' words over toward 'revolution' words. The difference emotionally is illustrated by the idea that 'rebellion', when complete, still has things different, but within the same structure. An 'after the coup' map is frequently the same as the 'before the coup' map. Especially with our experience here in the American hemisphere. Now however, the 'revolution' will turn everything 'upside down', and in a revolution, not only are the eventual winners of the struggles unknown, but so is the basic structure of things, post revolution. In a rebellion, ThePowersThatBe merely sacrifice a few minor members, usually kept around for just this purpose, to the raging blood lust of the mobs, then let nature take its course as the new 'tool class' arises within the public face of power, and TPTB go back to owning the new 'tool class' after the dust settles. In revolution however, TPTB frequently end up in the 'miscellaneous body parts' bags. The links over to ThePowersThatBe entity, as well as the Bushista entity from the 'rebellion' and 'revolution' areas are frequently terminating in a very curious lexical structure which, until now, has been less than clear. This is the 'rise of insect/small/miniscule enemies'. At first, driven by his own personal demons, Igor suggested that perhaps it was indicating an 'attack of the killer fleas'. Now, in a sense, and viewed from the perspective of ThePowersThatBe entity, within the coming social emotional storms, they will be attacked 'by fleas' as we had seen demonstrated recently at the welcoming ceremony for President Hu of the PRC. In this case, the press amplify the flea bites. And, to TPTB entity, and that mindset which it represents, these are very very dangerous times, apparently now also to include the 'coming of the dangerous fleas'. Another note on the modelspace extent. As we gain the longer term data set words during processing of each run, we can extend our modelspace out by the level of the emotional 'time' factor of each newly processed, longer term impact value sets. At this point we have a reasonable, and more or less expected range which goes out to about the end of May of 2007. Within this data set, as noted elsewhere in this ALTA series, we have a piling up of immediacy and shorter term impact value sets which is focusing our attention onto the next few months ahead. However it is very worth noting that the range of the extremely long term values, which are merely 'way far indicators' and are not used for interpretation purposes, are now out slightly over 2/two years. Within those few far extender lexical sets of modelspace, the 'revolution' theme is still dominant suggesting that unlike a 'rebellion' which is usually short lived, a true 'revolution' is developing. Further, the faint future echo of our lexical clues suggest something far more 'marrow to the bone' as the data set has it, than mere 'political revolution'. Oil - Heavy Words Hit Hard It may be that the immediacy values which are dominating the sub set of 'oil' both in the Markets entity as well as the 2/two populace entities is actually referring to an event already past, that it, the very recent (April 19th) exposure of the Dubai Oil Ministers' statement that hints of peak oil in that they state that 'there is no shortage in supply'. Basically they said they are pumping as fast as they can, and if there are shortages, it ain't their fault so get off their backs. What we have showing up via cross links and direct participation within the 'oil' sub sets is a held value set for 'secrets' and further directly held supporting values for 'revealed/exposed'. And this area within the Markets entity also participates within the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. Further, both the Markets and the Populace/USofA entities, sub set 'oil' are also participating within the 'scandal' which will emerge within the 'female personality' as temporal markers. The 'oil' sub set now has gained both in immediacy values suggesting that the onset of the next phase either has already begun by the time this report is posted, or will begin really soon thereafter. It is much more likely that this report will be posted after very clear

signs of the 'caloric reality wall' have shown up. What is now pertinent, is that this is merely the beginning of the beginning. The data set suggests that very large amounts of emotional energy will be shifted over to the many ramifications of the 'heavy words' which will emerge around the issue over the next few weeks. As the implications of the potentials hit the various segments of the populace and spread like an internet born disease, we can expect the 'shortages' to begin in ernest. We can also expect to see the very first indications of the 'roving' or 'floating' nature of the 'shortages'. Further the beginnings of the breakdown of the 'social contract' which supports the civil order within the USofA will show with outbreaks of 'violence' which will take some very surprising directions. On the other hand, there are also indications that the very first instances {ed note: via cross links to Press entity/Bushista entity -negative reaction there} of the appearance of the 'self organizing collective action' will show up in response to much of the 'heavy words' which are shown as 'weighing down' and 'crushing expectations'. As an aside, we need to note that the 'heavy words' and the 'scandal' which only slightly precedes major economic impacts participates in, and is a major driver of the meta data layer for 'duality'. As the 'caloric reality' impact is being felt, we also have to note that another driver of the 'shortages' which is to say the Terra entity showing climatic affects on human infrastructure will also be kicking into the shortages feedback loop. Weather conditions globally are shown via cross links as just beginning to really push emotional-energy into the oil-energy complex of issues. The data set would seem to be suggesting that as the issues start to ratchet up in intensity, they will also be reaching out both broadly and deeply, affecting more and more humans, which in turn will lend more and more emotional energy. And so on until....pop? One other Terra entity point of participation within our 'caloric reality' wall, other than the food context, has to do with 'weather eating housing'. This lexical construct first appeared about 18/eighteen months ago or longer, and is basically going to the idea that 'weather/climate' would 'eat/consume' a very large number of 'mortgages'. So many of these tasty treats would the 'climate' consume that the data set suggests a global impact on 'housing' as a market. The idea that comes across is that 'water washes paper incentive/motivation away {with the} land'. Of course, up here in the Pacific Northwest corner of USofA, where rain is typical, we understand the concept really quickly. If my house/property washes into the Puget Sound, somehow I doubt I would care to continue the mortgage payments. What the data is suggesting is that some continuing series of weather events will combine to create a very large weather impact on the housing market where 10/tens of thousands of mortgage debtors will declare themselves free of the paper when universe sees fit to remove the property from their use. This Terra entity data set is very heavily cross linked to multiple parts of the 'oil' sub set in both populace entities, and in Markets as well as ThePowersThatBe entity, and Bushista. Within the 'oil' sub set of Markets most of these Terra originating cross links begin to impact in mid Spring. Terra - Regular Irregularity Bands Redux, Spaceship Terra - Check Engine Warning Light, Furtive Hamsters Dance Over the previous 2/two ALTA report series we have encountered a "banding" within the Terra entity. We have characterized the effect a "banding" as the entity has been suggesting that 'bands of extra seasonal' weather would extend down from the north pole to 'sit upon the shoulders' of the globe this year. These bands have been described as 'slicing' the north American continent into 3/three sections of roughly the 'eastern seaboard', the 'middle band extending between the Rockies to the west and the Appalachian range to the east', and the west coast from the Rockies to the Pacific. A very similar effect was seen as developing both in the EU zone over to Russia, and the Asian continent. Much like the USofA, China will find itself 'divided into thirds' in so far as weather. Further, along with the north American continent, and the EU zone, Asia will have differing weather problems which will 'sit upon/beset' each region. In the case of each continent, 1/one third will have floods, 1/one third will have heat, and 1/one third will have 'lagging/slow weather storms/wind, and earthquakes/shakes'. Hmm. Know which one I get.

The combined total of the effects of almost 'stationary' weather bands funneling polar influences down toward the equator will create the opposite effect in the southern hemisphere wherein the weather patterns will 'pulse' around the circumference of the globe at that point. In other words as is described by the aspect/attribute sets imagery, the southern hemisphere will be getting 'tail chasing wind storms, fat with rain'. The indications are for a large number of cyclonic storms, including some to strike the eastern coasts of both South America, and Africa. The very large number of cross links over from the Terra entity to both the populace entities, and Markets entity all are pointing to very negative effects. Not only large scale 'displacement' and 'millions of feet weary walk away', but 'constant, continuing loss of rest/bed/home' suggesting that at least some of the populace will feel particularly pressed upon when in the process of evacuation when they have to again evacuate the 'safe zone' which is proving not so safe after all. Further down within the data set are actually hundreds of thousands of references which sum up to very large scale, and 'continuing out to the 3rd/third generation' of 'homelessness/wandering'. Further, the suggestion is that such 'weather induced wandering' will have several consequences including initiating the 'wave of relaxation/relief'. This last is a curious reference and contains several aspect/attribute sets which are seemingly suggestive of 'repudiation of debt/obligation'. This area is reinforced with supporting sets showing that the 'social contract' between citizens and governments will become increasingly strained, and rapidly once this years' climatic irregularity begins shifting the population around. Some of the issues will arise on all the continents as the 'planet/terra becomes receptive {to} changes'. This aspect/attribute set has supporting layers which suggest that very large areas of the planet will 'return to water' this year. Both 'oceans' and 'rivers' are shown as 'biting humans', and 'eating property/resources'. This last, that is the 'eating of property' is specifically referencing, within its supporting layers, the 'deeds, documents, enforceable paper/contracts' which will be rapidly seen as 'underwater' both financially, and actually in many cases as the houses/property will apparently become 'permanently wet/flooded'. Along with this area of cross links to the Markets entity suggesting that a very large number, shown within the data as over '21/twenty one millions' of families will be displaced, with attendant economic consequences, but also, a large sub set of those displaced will not be returning either due to 'fire, wind, water/rain/waves, or shakes/earthquakes'. As if the 'banding' of the planet, forcing 'humans {into} wandering climatic refugee tribes' is not enough, there are indications that this Summer, {ed note: summer in northern hemisphere, post June 22, 2006}, the planet will 'turn on {a} blinding light' which is shown in its supporting layers as 'begging interest' as well as 'placing squarely/fore-front {in front of the} horns'. We are interpreting this last aspect/attribute set as suggesting that a 'blinding light' will act as a 'pointer to the horns of a dilemma'. This is shown within the Terra entity, and through a very heavy layer of cross links to both populace entities {ed note: Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop}, and in turn to the ThePowersThatBe entity, that the impact of the 'blinding light' will be as if the planet had suddenly switched on the 'engine warning light'. The data set below, which is to say, in support of this aspect/attribute set is showing that '3/three times {in} one day' the 'blinding light flashes'. Now, given recent planetary history within the solar system's current position relative to the Milky Way Galaxy, it would not seem out-of-bounds to be interpreting this as a blast of '3/three sets' of cosmic or gamma rays. The way we see the entity developing, including its internal references for the 'sun/sol', the implication is for these '3/three sets' of waves to not only impact terra directly, but to also trigger '3/three flashes {of} blinding light' which we will default to the easy, and suggest that these gamma ray bursts (GRBs) will incite 3/three solar flares in one day. Further in accordance with our data set, these flares will be spaced as though 'dividing the day' {ed note: not including the night, so 12/twelve hours} in half, between 2/two markers'. Our interpretation to this would be a 12/twelve hour period, begun by a 'marking' GRB and solar flare, followed by one at 'mid day' or '6/six' hours later, and then the last GRB/solar-flare as the 'twilight marker' and following '6/six' hours after the 'mid day/noon' marker. The current data set for our 'blinding light' warning is also directly an accretion of the core seen in the last several ALTA reports {ed note: maybe the last 5 or so} in which the 'sun disease' will either create or amplify a situation in which 'house/home' is 'abandoned'. This 'abandonment' has been characterized as the 'sun disease {which} affects housing'. Again, this data set has been growing for some number of years now

and continuously has maintained that 'millions' would 'march/walk/stride' away from 'mortgages, leaves of paper', many leaving 'burning timbers' in their 'shadows'. Along with the continuing build-up of new values to the set of data showing a pending large impact on 'housing' due to abandonments, and cross linked to the 'external changes' within the Terra entity, is a very curious data set which has been growing, albeit slowly, for some time. First noticed by Igor and named the 'furtive hamster' the data sub set, within the entity as a visual construct sort of does resemble a hamster (vaguely), but it is certainly headed by the aspect of 'small, at-risk' and 'furtive'. So the 'furtive hamster' formation, in this last set of processing, has taken on some real activity within modelspace as we progress it forward beyond the Summer Solstice of late June. The 'furtive hamster' is showing a large level of accretion of data going to the idea of 'not able to/can-not withstand sun'. Or alternatively 'cannot tolerate daylight, danger without'. The 'danger' aspect is heavily cross linked back to the populace entities. However we need to note that curiously the 'danger' aspect terminates in some large number of references to 'livestock, animals' as though suggesting that the first, or first most visible component will be impacts on animals. At a higher level within the Terra entity, and considering the extensive cross link layers, there are two new elements within the Terra entity which suggest a wry interpretation of some 'hope' for the situation. Basically what we have developing are 2/two parallel, equally weighted sub sets. One goes to the idea of 'old world gone/previous circumstances complete', and the other to the idea of 'duality', noting the participation within the 'duality' meta data layer. Under this new 'duality' sub set are supporting aspects/attributes which suggest that, taken with the parallel structure, the 'new reality is here' and that 'cannot return to old, bad habits' which means that 'either succeed or die'. Hmmm. Clarifying choice there, and further reinforced by the data set which supports the 'succeed or die' aspect/attribute set and which goes to the idea that 'worries useless' or perhaps better stated as 'worries use time, wasteful'. It would appear that the dance of the furtive hamster as he tries to avoid the dangerous daylight is saying no worries, just a case of succeed or die'. Hmm. Scary damn hamster. There is much within the Terra data set which goes to the idea that 'violence' will be either caused by the 'solar events' of this Summer, or will be temporally linked. In our modelspace, especially with large scale entities, and sub sets, it is sometimes difficult to determine proximate causes, from merely associated in time. We have one of those situations now. There are a very large number of cross links from the Terra entity over to the populace entities as well as to Bushista and other entities which terminate in 'violence' aspects. However, there is no clear way to determine if the conditions which develop on Terra are the cause of the violence, or if these manifesting earth changes merely take place against a background of grumbling, quarreling humans. Either way there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that the rapidly changing conditions here on earth are at least 'pressurizing' the human condition, if not actually motivating violent response. In either case, the modelspace is showing that 'solar conditions' will play out within a context of 'human violence'. Yes, this area does participate in the general meta data layer formation of 'conflict' which takes off on August 31, 2006.

Bushista - Sunday... Bloody Sunday, Spring Sand Traps bring Fall Bunkers, Excreted Fluids Flood Fall, Splitsville The immediacy values continue to pile up out of usual-and-expected proportion to the short term, and longer term value set. This is especially true for the Bushista entity, and the Populace/USofA entity. As has been noted elsewhere in this report, the immediacy values climbing relative to other value sets is indicative of a 'building emotive tension' period. Further, in a general sense, the language is also a pointer to 'crises coming to a head' or other expressions to the same thought. Within the Bushista entity, and *absent* any consideration for the moment of mutual cross links to other entities, the Bushista entity internals resemble a washing machine trembling on its last legs just about to puke its guts out all over the kitchen floor. And that is just the immediacy values running from 3/three days out to around 3/three weeks out.

Within the immediacy values, but also participating in the short term value set {ed note: therefore timing clue is 3/three days out to 3/months duration}, is a data set ominously aspected as 'bloody'. Within that aspect, the majority of supporting aspect/attribute sets go to the same idea of 'blood let loose', and 'blood covers the path/road and meadow'. Further dwelling on 'blood' goes on for some hundreds of aspects/attributes. As to the particulars, well, we get some indications for association to Iraq, though not necessarily as place, perhaps more as 'concept' or 'context'. We also have repeated associations for 'sunday', as in the first day of the solar week. There are also repeated associations for 'militancy' and 'aggression' within the 'blood let flow' and the 'sunday' reference conjunction. This set is also repeatedly politically referential, and goes frequently to areas which are cross linked to, and participate within the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. We need to also note that the Bushista entity has "gone vertical" in its participation of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. This is to say that a "J" curve formation of a logrimethic progression is the representative chart shape for the 'secrets revealed' layer and the Bushista entity, and that within that chart, we are just now leaving the "knee" of the "J" and starting our vertical ascent up towards the peak. To provide a range view, we can note that having started to go vertical in early Spring of 2006, we do not reach the apex of the 'secrets revealed' aspect of the Bushista entity until late in 2008 under the current modelspace projection. Then the Bushista entity runs into May/June. The data sets suggest that the participants within the Bushista entity, and those who support and emotionally ally with them will, once they get into May and June, look back with fondness at the good-old-calm-and-peaceful days of March and April. Watching the Bushista entity jerk and snap its way forward as the modelspace is progressed into May/June is like watching a 3/three stooges short in which the boys damn near drown themselves putting out a fire. Only in this case, it is just sad, not funny. The images of fire and water were deliberately chosen as the Bushista entity aspect/attribute set is indicating a trial by each once the entity moves out of the immediacy value set and into the shorter term range of May/June. We have a conjunction of aspects 'abysmal flood' and 'raging fire' which will dominate life for the Bushista's as we move into Summer. The lexicon is suggesting by the cross links originating from the Populace/USofA that a 'new relationship' is forming or has formed within the Bushista entity relative to the Populace/USofA, and further that the 'nature/core' of this relationship will be 'revealed/exposed' within the 'ebb of the flooding'. This reference is first observed as we progress the modelspace into very late Spring and past the Summer Solstice. The suggestion from the data is therefore that some 'abysmal flooding' will 'capture/trap' a segment of the Populace/USofA, and in the process of bungling yet another 'national crisis', the Bushista entity will 'reveal its shirt/colors'. It is this 'exposure of colorful intent' which will trigger a new 'voice of the people'. Given the descriptor set which we have developing within the Bushista entity at this time, it would not be surprising to see that the Bush administration 'bunkers' down, and cuts all but absolutely minimal contact off with the press and public during this time. Given the rise in both the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer, the echoes coming off of the 'aggression' wave response generated by the BushCO entity waaaay back in 1999/2000, it is not surprising to see the rise of such descriptor sets, but nonetheless the effect is chilling. The descriptors are painting a picture of a period in which the Bushista entity runs into both domestic and foreign policy crises rising simultaneously. Neither are apparently recognized as such, or are totally bungled due to the 'paranoia/fear' set dominating the Bushista entity. The descriptor set we have is for a period of slightly over 2/two months which begins with a 'bloody sunday' and then takes the Bushista entity on a fast paced journey though KarmaWonderLand as pressures mount, old mistakes return, new crises develop with old allies, and weather presses down on the population. Oh, yes, and the veneer economy created by endless pumping/pimping by the Federal Reserve Bank {ed note: the institution is neither a part of federal government, nor holds any reserves, nor is it a bank} during the last days of 'vulture capitalism' shows itself in a very real and harsh light. Basically, and by rising, or heavily emotively weighted aspect...Iraq bites, economy bites, gold bites, oil bites, weather bites, old enemies bite, old friends bite, and so on and so on until we get to the point in early Summer, just past the tumultuous and 'torturous' June, where the Bushista entity is indicating at least a

'partial collapse'. This is a very curious aspect/attribute set as it, when the modelspace is progressed as far as possible, still exists as a growing thread. Further it is directly in the chain for another curious long term development which is suggesting that the Bush Lied Wars will be the proximate and temporal cause for a total removal of USofA forces from all foreign lands. Further the long term indicators within this set are those which correspond to a 'saeculum' or the 'length of a long human life, 100-120 years'. Hmmm. Basically things are going to go very bad for the Bushista's in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Further, there is something percolating within the entity which points to a 'revelation/exposure' which follows the 'bloody sunday'. This 'exposure' is likely a leak of some kind by an insider. What we get is hints about the emotional impact, not hints about the content. But when it does hit, the 'leak' will be instantly perceived to be both 'true' and 'puts to lies' other or previous 'stances'. Now this of course just reads like yet-more-of-thesame-stuff from the corrupt crowd currently in charge, but the data set would argue against reading this particular leak that way. The emotional nature of this 'small saying' is such that 'blood flows' from 'these words'. Hmmm. Oh, and during the whole of this time, the developing 'constitutional crisis' starts to really suck both energy and life from what is left of the emotional corpse of Bushista. Those who were without knowing at the start of the Bush Administration, and who were 'true believers' will end up in July wondering just how 'it all went so wrong, so quickly'. Of course they are not really gardeners and so don't understand the principle that "shit can't be made to grow into a peach tree", but then they are about to learn. And like most lessons, those learned as adults are the most painful. Fundamentally (pun intended) the painful lessons about to be learned by the 'rightists' who support the Bush Cabal machine, are directly linked to the 'degradation of church/religion' within the USofA. The levels of 'disgust' as an emotional sum of many of the descriptor sets is such that a very high 'shame' value will come to be inextricably linked to the 'radical christist clerics' and their support of the 'corruption regime'. Noting that our work consistently errs on the side of the most extreme of probable outcomes, which is only sometimes correct, we must nonetheless paint a word picture in which the 'revelations' coming out of future trials of corrupt Bushista participants will lead directly to the already noted 'religiously based assassinations'. The data set is indicating that the 'corruption' of the 'clerics' will 'incite vengeance' and will directly lead to at least attempted assassinations against USofA based radical clerics. Interestingly, there is a section within the data set which suggests that 'some' of these radical clerics will be 'spared' due to 'incarceration'. So, the plus side of prison. Much of the 'conflict with/against' religion emerges after the 'conflict' meta data layer manifests in September. However we are to get some 'previews' globally of pending attitudes in the reactions to emerging secrets from the 'religionists'. Again as an aside, much of the long term language within the populace entities suggests that right now, this year, whole new ways of perceiving universe are emerging, and concurrently with this, we are witnessing the death throes, albeit violent ones, of religion as it has been known in this last century. Of course, this is actually a "no-brainer" kind of prediction as it just stands to reason that if one gets enough 'in-your-face' and 'violent' religionists running around, at some point the usually placid, gotta-go-to-work-and-get-real-things-done group of humans rises up and smacks the clerics and their sicko-pants down. Regrettably, this happens repeatedly throughout history. This time though, the modelspace is indicating that the sheer level of 'violence' incited these last few years by the clerics is going to elicit a reaction for which both the religionists, and ThePowersThatBe who own the radical/corrupt clerics, are totally unprepared. And then, there are the 'floods' and the 'fires' which Summer brings to the continental USofA, and which 'sit on the shoulders, aching, pain, and fear' of the populace. The 'abysmal' is going to be 'unleashed'. The resulting 'isolation' of some section of the citizenry will trigger a 'rebellion' against the Bushista's. However the interesting notion here is that this 'rebellion' is not of citizens', but rather is sub aspected as a 'mutiny' and involves 'climate scientists'. So the 'abysmal flood' of water soaking the people will 'unleash' its own 'abysmal flood' of outpouring against the ingrained and institutional stupidity of the Bushista entity. While mildly interesting, as there are so many developing 'rebellions' within the various entities all cross linked

back to Bushista, this one would normally get lost in the background noise if it were not for some linkage to the 'small secret' which takes this emotional thread all the way to the nexus of the 'conflict' meta data layer manifestation on August 31, 2006. It is as though the entity is suggesting that a very small secret indeed will really piss off a whole lot of people who will find a voice in '5/five' scientists and shortly thereafter the voice ends up 'shouting' so loud that the Bushista entity actually has the aspect/attribute of 'fear' and supporting aspect of 'recoil/flee' in response. This is the beginning of the 'bunkering' of the Bushistas. Not a good time for all, though to be fair, it sure looks like there are going to be far fewer flu ckups once Bushista is 'withdrawn', and 'shelled over'. On the other side however, with far fewer distractions, the mutual cross links from Bushista entity over to Populace/USofA entity are pointing to a 'time of reckoning' in which core issues will be visited. This of course is very likely a precursor period of several years, perhaps a decade or more, in which the nature of the USofA of the 21st century will be manifesting. It is doing so linguistically against a much larger background change. At the moment the solar system is not only transiting against the backdrop of one of the minor spiral arms of the milky way galaxy, and thus against the alignment with the Galactic Central Point, but also our earth is moving out of one age and into another. It is the end of the age of Pisces, and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Just as when the previous age of Ram changed into Pisces, so did the language reflect that change. It is not a meaningless co-incidence that christianity has the fish as its symbol. Nor is it meaningless that the 'old testament' religions came from the age of the Ram, and had repeated use of that symbol within their linguistic set. And just as our work is capturing the linguistic movement over to the 'age of knowledge' from the 'age of schooling/fish'. Things change. For the Bushista entity, apparently their individual and collective karma has placed them at this juncture of change at such truly magnificent levels. Of course, humans can be expected to not accept change well, especially at such staggering proportions to "normal" levels of change, and are likely to be very very irritable, and prone to lashing out. Still and all though, very interesting times indeed. Again, the 'sunday...bloody sunday' will start Bushista off like a horse with his tail on fire. Over the course of May, the Bushista entity is indicating that 'radical progression' or 'change of state/regime' are probable. This last is heavily linked to Iraq and may be indicating a change of a very large magnitude, such as the 'fall of Baghdad'. Or some other event series of equal emotive strength such that the 'emotional strain' within the Bushista rises about 10/ten fold, and from their view point, the 'world crushes down'. In fact the number of bespoke emotional descriptors which accrue to Bushista during and after the 'sunday...bloody sunday' rises also nearly 10/ten fold. This is one of the key emotive drivers to the 'building emotional tension' period on the chart in Part 2. The data set within Bushista is also indicating that the events and emotional tone of late April through to about May 5th or so will be an actual 'pre view/fore seeing' of the same themes which will be showing up within the first few days of September as the 'conflict' meta data layer gets moving. Of course, the Bushista entity still has to make it through the really rough period of May to the end of June. Within the 'fore seeing' May events, we get a flavor of the Bushista entity in September as we approach Fall. The May events are tied, by both theme and emotive tone to the September period for Bushista, and at this point the dominant aspect/attribute set goes to 'excreting fluids'. And if that were not quite enough, the largest supporting aspect/attribute set goes to 'floods' which leads us to render an interpretation of 'excreting fluids flood Fall'. Also within the Bushista entity for the September period is the shift of the secondary dominant meta data layer from 'secrets revealed' over to 'duality'. We note that 'secrets revealed' is still very much active within Bushista for a number of months beyond this point, however, in September, very early on, say around the 5th to the 8th, the 'duality' meta data layer has more participating aspect/attributes within Bushista, and these have a much higher emotive sum, than does the 'secrets revealed' layer. This newly dominant meta data layer of 'duality' sticks around within the Bushista entity from this point on, and as it begins to manifest, the imagery coming from the Bushista entity, 'duality' aspect, supporting aspect/attribute sets goes to the idea of a 'fracture' within Bushista. The 'duality' meta data layer will apparently be very visible within Bushista by the end of September, and the entity itself is clearly showing a 'fracturing' effect within the language. This may well be indicating a 'split' within the entity suggesting a real-world manifestation of 'divisiveness' and 'confrontation'. Sooooo. It would appear that one of the first

manifestations of the 'conflict' meta data layer may well be the expression of 'conflict' within the Bush misadminstration. Hmmmm. There are also lexical sets which go to the idea that the Bushista entity will be very heavily 'occupied protesting innocence' for at least '3/three days' solid, and that this will occur just prior to the manifestation of the 'split' within the entity. There are any number of scenarios in which various 'factions' within the Bushista entity could 'split', and while we have little in the way of details, what we do have is centered around 'blood' and 'excreted fluids'. We also have a very dire, for Bushista, projection of language indicating 'cries/calls/catcalls' of 'drunk' and 'inebriated' will be hurled at Bush during the 'rare' public 'viewings' of the "decider in chief". This last is brought up as it will also be used somehow in a 'curse' on Bushista. Much of the language we have for Bushista from September on goes to a general tone of 'fractured energy' and 'insulated/isolated', as well as other groupings which we will interpret as a visible 'bunker mentality' fully in place by Fall. Of course, much of the triggers for Bushista behavior in Fall will emerge in the release period of July and August. It will be during this time that the Bushista entity will develop the 'assaulted' feeling which our modelspace shows as the rising primary aspect just prior to the emergence of the 'conflict' meta data layer. The implications are for both Bush and Cheney personally to be 'assaulted' as well as a number of other players within the Bush cabal. Interestingly, some special attention will be paid to Sec. of State Rice in the May international crisis which will then resurface as an emotive driver in the July/August release period. Much of the 'rebellion' and 'revolution' language showing up within the Populace/USofA entity, and cross linked back to Bushista entity, and from there internally cross linked within Bushista, is starting to center around a period of September 5, 2006 through to the end of October. It is not that the 'rebellion/revolution' language stops accruing after October, but rather that the nature of the language shift goes then from a more 'passive' set of words, to a much more 'violence', active set of descriptors. However, the launching point of the 'revolution' shift to dominance over 'rebellion' appears to coincide with the very rapid, vertical rise of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer expression within Bushista. This lexical set jumps up remarkably on and after September 5, 2006. At that point whole new complementary supporting sets nearly double its impact on the Bushista entity and in turn, through cross links, the Populace/USofA entity. It is at this point within modelspace that we can observe the shift from a 'rebellion' against Bushista over to a 'shocked response' to 'very deep secrets, long held, exposed' which elevates the 'rebellion' into a 'revolution' in which 'governments {are} held responsible/accountable', and in which ThePowersThatBe entity learns to 'fear {the} many bites {of} fleas, blood loss, mortality'. Hmmm. Ought to be a good time to have the popcorn/latte concession at ye olde guillotine...

Conclusion: Part 3: Misty Tagore, Hot Fevers, Why Cuba is Important As the various meta data layers manifest over the next few weeks/months, especially as many will involve emotional tones of some strength, and as most of these will press down to the personal level, it pays to remain aware of the advice of the Indian poet/writer Rabindranath Tagore who says "the mountain remains unmoved at seeming defeat by the mist". At a personal level for each of us, as aware individuals, we should be able to observe the coming of the 'mists' over these next weeks as 'secrets revealed' and 'aggression/contention' and 'duality' all merge to form a fog within which 'conflict' looms. As our progenitors, that is previous generations of aware individuals, had discovered, these mists of conflict emotions will flow around and will quite acutely move entire populations, emotively, to new behavior. This new behavior will unfortunately default to old patterns as the

populations are, in the main, composed of un-aware individuals. So we will repeat past mistakes to work out some old karma. However, at the personal level, the aware individual need merely remind themselves of Tagore's 'mountain seemingly defeated by the mist' to recall one's proper place in the coming manifestation of the 'mists of conflict'. These times of conflict are heady, and ensnaring emotionally. It is easy to get caught up in the emotional wave of the moment. This is unwise as then one is merely another cork in the sea of the uncontrolled, and uncontrollable. Which is another way of setting the attitude in place that one will not be 'caught up in the emotional fevers of the times'. Especially as the developing emotional fevers look to be quite hot. On a different tack, we need to think, for a moment about Cuba. Why? Well, because Cuba is uniquely important in the developing world of tomorrow and beyond. This is because Cuba is at least 15/fifteen years ahead of the rest of the world. The small island ran into the perfect storm of a collapsing patron in the USSR, and the tightening of sanctions from the reactionary USofA elitist establishment in a coincident fashion in 1989/1990. This led to what they termed their 'special period' in which over 80/eighty per cent of ALL external inputs to their system were lost in the course of only 4/four months. This means ALL inputs, including foreign currency, food imports, energy imports, medicinal get the idea. What the Cuban population did in response is truly amazing. Given the pressure cooker environment a very likely prognosis in 1990 would have been the implosion under stress {ed note: as hoped for by TPTB, not so coincidently} of the whole of the country, mass starvation, et cetera. This did not happen. What happened was a transformation of a social order of extra-ordinary depth and breadth. And it began at the bottom, that is the general populace, and actually was transformative to not only the social order, but also to the individual inhabitants as humans. With less than 2/two per cent of the population of "latin America", Cuba currently has over 11/eleven per cent of the scientists. Further, the Cuban scientists are overwhelmingly concentrated in those areas that all of the planet will require in very short order including bio-intensive, sustainable farming, urban farming, medicinal plant farming and use, plant enhancement through selective breeding {ed note: Cuban scientists used empirical evidence to reject genetic modification as a total waste of time and resources}, nutritional sciences both human/animal, and plant/biosphere, and more in the same vein. IF the planet and solar system holds together for an extended length of time, say more than 20/twenty years, and the current projections continue, then by 2020 Cuba will still have less than 2/two per cent of the population in 'latin America', but will have over 21/twenty-one per cent of the scientists, and at the current pace, will be the 'primary university on the planet in sustainable living'. As evidence, some of the changes are truly remarkable. Where the cuban diet was once both truthfully and facetiously referred to as consisting of 'beans, rice and coffee', the populace of cuba now has the 'most varied, vegetarian diet on the planet' according to both the UN, and the World Bank. Against all odds, and against the combined 'wisdom' of the officaldom of the globe, Cuba has become selfsufficient in food over the course of these last 15/fifteen years. They are nearly so in energy as well. There are some projections that Cuba will be a net energy exporter over the course of the next 1o/ten years. Bioenergy. Oh, not to spoil the ending of any books you may read about the Cuban experience of the 'special period', but much of their core knowledge for sustainable living comes from the wonderful folks at the horribly liberal west coast universities of the USofA. Specifically the fringe element crowds in California. It is ironic as hell that the government and people of the USofA, whose nutjob leaders decided to 'ban contact' with other humans in Cuba decades ago, have, through their continued support of university programs into research, provided the very key elements of knowledge which allowed the Cubans to not give a damn about the 'ban' and to get on, getting on such that now they are ahead of the curve by decades and represent a very successful experiment in sustainability. All of the initial core knowledge paid for by the citizens of the USofA. Who, incidentally, are pretty much too flucking dumb to use the same knowledge and resources themselves. Oh well, what the hell.

If you want to see the information that the USofA government deemed 'too revolutionary/radical' and which was 'restricted', but nonetheless found its way into the hands of the Cuban revolutionary government, and which now both offers world hope in the presence of a declining globalist infrastructure against a background of ecologic disaster, and which also threatens the whole core of the power structure supporting ThePowersThatBe, then here is the link. However, be warned. Radical, mind altering stuff there. In part 4 we will tackle the bulging lump of data for the post September 2006 period, as well as examine any immediacy values which may pop up to the surface of the stew. We appear to be into a time where universe is providing lots of chewy bits on which to gnaw, and in anticipation of the lean times to come, we gnaw away on our linguistic bones.

En le Rongeant 1736 Je suis un chien qui ronge l'os En le rongeant, je prends mon repose Un temps viendra qui n'est pas venu Qui je mordrai qui m'aura mordu

From a site marker dated 1736 rough translation: I am a dog who gnaws his bone while (in the) gnawing, I take my rest A time will come which is not yet when I'll bite him by whom I am bit.

Part 4 expected by late next saturday, April 29th. Getting close.

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ALTA IR - 1006 - April 28, 2006 Part 4:Meta Data -The Fraying Hem* Oil - JIT Ji...ji...jittery vita via , Political Panic Dance, Two-step to The Revolution Party* Terra -Up, Up and Away, Space Goat Farts Stink Up TPTB, 3/Three Hump Camel* GlobalPop - Sixpence Killers* Bushista - Vice Dick's Sharon Gambit, Down the Rabbit Hole* Gold/Silver - Wise Smiles From Smug Bastards* Part 4 Conclusion: Curious Cave Tests, Only the Soft Survive Hard Times*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 04.28.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 46.914 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Meta Data -The Fraying Hem A recent "discovery" of science is that the areas of "complexity" and "opportunity" are both related to "chaos". While different, both "complexity" and "opportunity" hinge on the distinct manner in which "chaos" expresses itself within a complex system. Especially complexity in transition.

In a complex system, subject to "chaotic influences", the system as a whole will exhibit certain characteristics when it is entering what the science calls "transition to another state". Now this other state could be a state of "dissolution" of the complex system, or destruction, but it is worth noting that no examples of complex system dissolution can be found in nature, and even in the abstractions in the world of humans, complete destruction of a complex system is very rare. Usually what happens is the system "migrates from one state to another" rather than from "one state into the state of nothingness". In those cases that are usually cited for complex system destruction, they always seem to be either mistaken, and the system merely morphed, or the causal agent was a larger, external complex system intrusion. Those who study complexity science tell us that all complex systems *not* subject to destruction from outside the system, will exhibit 'fraying behavior' prior to the change to newer states. As a side note when complex systems change they do so to seek a more stable state from the one they are in prior to the change. And they may change repeated, and rapidly until some form of supportable status is achieved. However, all changes, whatever the cause, within complex systems show 'fraying behavior' which can be thought of as the universe nibbling away at the system. What we used to call 'entropy' in old-fashioned physics. Now the complexity science postulates that no complex system can change suddenly and completely. Rather the thinking goes that even if to our eyes, brain and mind, which are locked into certain time parameters below and above which we cannot directly perceive, all complex systems change by 'fraying around the edges' until the 'edges meet the middle'. Admittedly a much simplified version of the theory of transitional states within complexity, but reasonably accurate. Especially if one is aware that the 'edges' are everywhere. Take as an example, any article of clothing which one might wear daily. The "wear and tear" effect on such a garment will be very much more visible than on some piece worn only occasionally. Yet both garments will degrade. Even the one left in the closet. The "edges" of the complex system that is the garment will oxidize, attract dust, and in general interact with, and be subject to, the effects from larger complex systems out and about within universe. It will degrade. At some point, the "garment lifespan sensor" {ed note: usually you, the human} will react to the degradation of the complex system of the garment at will ascertain that the state of the system has changed from useful/wearable, to useless/discard. At that point, the 'fraying behavior' has intruded far enough into the system to result in a state change. Even though, in most cases of clothing, the fraying behavior does not reach the "middle" of the system or garment, before it is discarded. What has happened is that the general condition of the garment has reached a point where it matches some predetermined pattern within the individual garment lifespan sensor or human which determines usefulness as an article of clothing. Once that minimum threshold of use-ability has been exceeded, the garment's state is changed. Usually to that of a rag. Now we note ironically that the garment has not changed, all that has changed is an 'attitude' within the human garment lifespan sensor. So the human has made a judgment about the level of 'fraying behavior' allowed this particular garment, and changed an internally held attitude/opinion about the item. Thereafter the whole of the universe of the garment is instantly changed. This Summer is all about 'attitude adjustment' in reaction to 'fraying behavior'. The meta data layers and their formation within the modelspace, especially as typified by the cross linking of emotional tension value sets are suggesting very strongly that many many humans globally are about to have much more 'fraying behavior' affect their local manifestation of universe than is allowed under their view of 'usual and acceptable'. The complex systems which are the human universe environment are shown within our modelspace to be undergoing significant change, even more so than has been felt in recent years, and that change will accelerate the 'fraying' in all the systems surrounding humans. As described within our data set, it would appear that over the course of this Summer of 'fraying', many humans will collectively agree that their 'acceptable patterns' have been reached, and there after, the humans must change in order to re-set their internal patterns to the developing reality of universe around them. This alteration of internal patterns is called 'adaptive process'. The problem is that most humans stink at 'adaptive process' and only go into it kicking and screaming and throwing fits.

Welcome to the next 12/twelve months.

Oil - JIT Ji...ji...jittery vita via , Political Panic Dance, Two-step to The Revolution Party It's soon gonna be Summer time and the living is gonna be easy, or will it? With amazing clarity, in fact shocking clarity to us here at HPH, the modelspace has all the entities so far examined in agreement, and they all have the JustInTime Jitters. When we progress the modelspace forward to our usual seasonal marker of the Summer Solstice, we encounter a very clear statement within the declining primary aspect versus the rising primary aspect for 'Oil, black gold, Texas tea'. The clear statement is that 'balanced motion slips into restricted movement which generates/creates encounters with scarcity'. Ok, so with gas stations throughout the NE of USofA running into spot shortages, this is perhaps not so shocking a prediction. But what is so shocking in the modelspace is how clear, non-muddied are the supporting aspect/attributes within this very clear statement that 'shortages come'. The supporting aspects/attributes go to the idea that 'holes' or 'gaps' within the global JustInTime distribution system will become 'permanent'. These will be felt as 'floating encounters with scarcity'. The descriptor set, along with the previous appearances for this aspect/attribute set {ed note: Back, back back in the USSR in previous ALTA report}, go to the idea that 'scarcity lingers, floats, returns {as with the} tide'. The data goes on to portray an interesting picture of the 'shortages' appearing in all things, but not everywhere. The idea coming across is that indeed the 'life way/vita via' becomes one of 'queuing' and 'waiting' for 'delivery'. The item being delivered just wont matter much. The issue, at least so far as the modelspace is concerned, is pretty clearly some 'restricted movements' being placed on 'oil/energy'. These in turn affect every aspect of the global JustInTime system from the lack of energy at the production points, to the in ability to get energy to effect shipment. Or at least on any form of reliable schedule. As the modelspace is progressed beyond the Summer solstice, we have both Markets, and the 2/two populace entities reflecting the impacts of the Commodities entity which has a definitely declining aspect of 'balanced motion' and a rising aspect of 'restricted movement'. While these aspects are applicable throughout the entity, the tertiary level of supporting aspects/attributes for both goes right to the source 'oil/energy'. Also going right to the source are those aspects which cross link to the 2/two populace entities and in which the terminating aspect/attribute sets provide the image of 'shortages/encounter with scarcity, country/region wide/affecting, voluminous verbiage'. This last is one of our more pointed aspects which when it shows up linked to the Press entity we usually have an aspect where the wording that we have within the set will subsequently manifest within the press, frequently teevee. The idea coming across here is that the now novel 'shortages' will become so prevalent, and so directly related to the 'restriction of movement of oil' that huge amounts of words will be coming our way from the world's press/propagandists. It is as though the modelspace is suggesting that words will be the substitute for whatever you are after 'cause it won't be there. At least, not when you are. Remember the images of the Soviet citizenry from the 1960s/1970s when they would join a line *just* because there was something to buy at the end of it. It did not matter what is was, at least it was something. Well, these days we will have an echo of those sorts of experiences, on a global scale at least according to our modelspace. The lexical clues are supporting the idea that after June 21/22, the whole of the shortages issues will become quite the subject of conversation. And not only will we be conversing about the 'encounter with scarcity', the modelspace, through developing cross links between Markets, Commodities, Officialdom, and the populace entities, is showing a view wherein the 'encounter with scarcity/restricted movement' will be 'transforming society', as well as 'pushing transformation {onto/down to} individual {humans}'. Examining the timeline shown by the modelspace, we note that the first hints of the impact appear about May 28/29, 2006 with some 'war news'. The aspect/attribute descriptor set for the 'war news', while vague about details is quite clear that this is the 'visible' beginning of both a 'completion' of events in March, but

also the 'launching' of 'unstoppable events/circumstances'. These 'unstoppable events/circumstances' end up being the proximate cause for the 'loss of balanced motion', which is the Markets entity way of referring to the JustInTime distribution system. The 'unstoppable events' are very likely Iraq based, especially as we find no lexical clues at this time for war being pushed into Iran, though there are plenty of Iran references elsewhere within the various entities. In either case, a bit of scenario speculation might have a serious escalation of 'middle east problems' {ed note: why worry about specifics, the label pretty much covers it} such that the 'unstoppable events/circumstances' will, over the course of the next month {ed note: our modelspace is constructed on a lunar month basis} reach a point wherein by the actual 'turning {of the} season' the 'flows cease'. Further lexical support for some variant including impacts on Asian production sites include wording suggestive of 'violence', and 'violent explosion'. This last is augmented with aspects/attributes going to the idea of 'thunder, heard across the sea' which suggests a violent explosion heard some hundreds of miles away. The many references that we have here would place the site of this 'explosion of thunder' in SE Asia, on the Indian Ocean side, but we are again noting that our place indicators are frequently wrong. No matter where sited, the lexical clues we have suggest that whatever the source of the 'thunder', the result will be an impact which 'directly/completely/focused' on 'shipment', and 'delivery' of energy. It may be that a port or ports are involved in such a way that the effects are 'felt' as a 'wave travels {the} globe'. The other paltry descriptors we have for the actual 'unstoppable events cause/beginning' goes to the idea that 'a blind man' will be involved, perhaps several, as odd as that may sound. And further that a site which is 'focused/going to' the concept of 'short-lived gratification' will be most impacted. A tourist area perhaps? Other than this we have only a few vague descriptors for such generalities as 'rock' being in the place name due to the prominence of the 'rocks of the place/site/area'. Within the modelspace are indications that 'the multitudes', this through cross links to both GlobalPop and Populace/USofA, will be 'roused' or 'brought out of slumber' by the 'thunder explosion'. Further there are lexical indicators that 'motion will be jammed/halted', this last referring to the 'balanced motion of energy fluid/oil'. The whole of the 'thunder explosion' lexical structure begins accruing after the build up over late April, early May of a 'period oppressive' or 'oppressive/suppressive time' which is further supported within the lexical set by aspect/attributes going to '{things} do not run smoothly', and 'atmosphere heavy, oppressive'. We note with some irony that the whole of this area within both Markets, and Commodities cross links back to the lexicon at the descriptor set whose top level aspect is 'catharsis'. If that were not enough, the cross links to other entities can easily be interpreted as an 'event, magnitude unknown, likely in the Middle East, and likely involving war, will occur between May 28th and June 3rd which will set circumstances into unstoppable motion which will result in the halting of oil shipments such that the global citizenry, as well as their governments, and elite factions will undergo a transformation reaching down to the level of the individual citizen'. And then people will talk about it. If you think you have seen the pandering politicians polluting the airwaves now, just wait. As the expression goes, you ain't seen nothing yet. Our modelspace shows cross links to the Bushista entity, both Populace entities, and over to the ThePowersThatBe entity which indicate that a very interesting time is coming when we will all get to see the latest steps in the 'political panic dance/jig' as the 'restricted movement' in oil takes its toll over Summer. The 'political panic dance' at least this years' version of it, will begin with a chorus of politicians here in the USofA singing the ever popular "There's something in my shorts (I don't like)". To facilitate your singing along we have provided the lyrics below. There's something in my shorts I don't like. Oh, there's something in my shorts I don't like. It's black and gooey, smelly and sticky, and just don't feel right. Oh, there's something in my shorts I don't like....

And apparently, as indicated by the cross links to the Populace entities, there is a whole lot that the citizenry don't like as well. This area of the Commodities entity, as well as the 'oil' section of the Markets entity both feed to the 'revolution' theme seen emerging in the October 3rd or so time frame. Further, both are feeding the 'secrets revealed' rise as a supporting aspect within the 'conflict' meta data layer. It is very much as though the modelspace suggests that 'oil' or rather the 'lack thereof' will be THE proximate cause for both the 'peak' of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer within the Bushista entity, and will also be the beginning of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer progression to "J" curve status within ThePowersThatBe entity. It needs to be noted that our 'revolution' theme is beginning to take steps which may lead to it becoming a meta data layer on its own. At this point we note that within the Populace/USofA entity, the 'revolution' takes off after the impact of the 'conflict' meta data layer beginning late on August 31. There are various "flavors" of the 'revolution' aspect within various entities and sub sets. Those references as well as the intense cross links suggest that a 'secrets revealed' explosion is coming to planet earth. The result will be a 'revolution' meme with echoes of the previous Age of Revolution {ed note: think French, and guillotine} including sub themes of the 'promise' of America which has been 'stolen'. If this were not a thick enough mass, we also find repeated cross links, as well as directly held data sets going to the idea that 'revolution', once unleashed, will affect every thing, including the 'established religious order'. Basically, given the cross links, this area is participating in the 'destruction of religion' theme which has been showing up over the last year. In this case much of the data suggests that the cracks have already appeared, and that once the 'church walls fall' {ed note: likely metaphoric as participates extensively in 'secrets revealed'}, the 'revolution/upturning spreads {to all} 3/three faiths'. Again, references to the 3/three Middle East based "faith" religions. There is much within the modelspace now tying the 'catholic/orthodox church' {ed note: careful here as catholic is different from Catholic denomination} to 'oil' and specifically to the 'cessation of flow'. However just a bit further down within the lexical set we find references which go to the idea that the JustInTime jitters will be temporally coincident with an 'investigation/revelation' about the 'Roman church' which 'reveals the library extent {of} deceit'. Hmmm. Then things get interesting. Of course it is worth noting just how scared the Roman hierarchy is of the coming release of the Da Vinci Code movie. No matter how disingenuous the story, the whole of the theme of the book and subsequent film will be focused on 'secrets revealed' and 'green language', and both are extremely dangerous to the Roman church establishment which spends enormous amounts of its wealth on 'hiding things'. Terra -Up, Up and Away, Space Goat Farts Stink Up TPTB, 3/Three Hump Camel The Summer period {ed note: I know, I know, we said we would be going for October....we'll get to it, too much immediacy and short term values still coming in to ignore} will also bring about events which raise the 'secrets revealed' pressure levels from the Terra entity. Quite apart from the coming 'oil shortages/cessations' the modelspace shows the Terra entity 'rising {in the} wind' within modelspace like a kite. Such sudden movements in any direction within modelspace are indicative other either shedding or accretion of strong emotive values. In the case of the Terra entity, it is the accretion of a very large number of 'transformative' emotional tension values. The 'transformative' sub set includes those emotions such as 'fear', 'love', 'lust' et al which will cause a 'transformation' in human behavior. Now note that this set includes many descriptors going to 'hardship' or 'suffering' at various levels, all of which are very good motivators for change in human behavior. The indications within the lexical set structures for the Terra entity are that the changes within planet earth are going to be more acutely felt this Summer than was the case following either the Sumatran tsunami, or the loss of the Gulf Coast infrastructure in the USofA, or the Pakistan/Kashmiri quake. The emotional levels for the coming June through September within the Terra entity suggest a period at least equal to all 3/three previous "earth changes" disasters, but now we are also looking at many cross links indicating that the Terra entity has 'space' surprises for both the ThePowersThatBe entity as well as the 2/two populace entities. Again please note that this is showing for AFTER the June Summer solstice and so is not related to any supposed cometary fragment hits in late May. The modelspace is indicating here that 'transformative

events' will be occurring, but again is sufficiently past May as to be without doubt referring to something else, also 'space based' which will be such that ThePowersThatBe entity will be 'caught up/off guard' by 'demands' for 'information'. The usual and initial response of TPTB to 'lie' will be so 'transparent' as to, according to the Terra entity, 'shift/transform {the} focus' from the 'space based event/circumstances' to the ThePowersThatBe themselves. Hmmm. The idea or image of 'transformation' or 'alteration' keeps reappearing with each week's data processing. While we first had hints in the sense of the occasional appearance of the aspect/attribute set for 'transformation' some months back, we have not encountered any strength in the area until this ALTA 1006 series. Prior to this, the 'transformation' or 'alteration of direction/intent/nature' was merely a supporting aspect within some other descriptor set. However at this time we find that the lexical structure is now completely populated {ed note: which makes it a 'sub set' or 'power aspect'} and is fully terminated with many cross links to other entities. As a reader of the lexicon, if one can call what we do "reading" the data when it is more readily characterized as "stomping around in the data and hoping to find something useful before our big fat feet crush all semblance of structure", we are tempted to interpret the 'transformation' aspect/attribute set along with the very extensive cross links as a kind of "slap in the face" from planet earth. While we see nothing within the data to indicate evil intent, the data sure does point to a "get your attention" kind of event/circumstances, as well as the point of it all which seems to be, as the data set would have it, to provide an opportunity for 'deep change'. Unfortunately repetitious, all throughout the Terra entity, the data keeps coming back to a 'transformational pressures alter {the} nature {of} human social order'. The modelspace, when progressed past the Summer Solstice and into July takes on the appearance of a 3/three hump camel. Within each of the 'humps' in the modelspace display of the Terra entity we find both the 'transformation' aspect/attribute set, as well as at least one other dominant/primary aspect set. These 'camel humps' contain references for 'volcanoes/earthquakes', 'space/solar system', and 'oceans/water/air'. This last is showing, as we have seen in the past, the atmosphere as an 'ocean' only of air, not water, but within the framework of our lexicon, both are 'very complex systems, multipart/multidimensional'. In this case, we are interpreting the Terra entity data accumulation over these last 5/five weeks of processing as pointing to '3/three sets of changes' which will 'alter the structure/relationship' of human social order. The 'volcano/earthquake' area is atypically placing the emphasis on the 'volcano' and showing the 'earthquake' as a secondary, and supporting aspect to the situation. Much of the lexical support for 'volcanic action' is also very heavily tied to the Markets and Commodities entities and really starts to show for Commodities in late August on through November. In this case we are projecting that 'volcanic' and/or 'earthquake' activity this Summer will affect both 'mining' and 'drilling' operations adversely. The data suggests that while there are certain to be immediate affects on the markets, the actual extent of 'damage/reversals' will not be fully known until later in Fall. Further we note that this area has extensive cross links to both populace entities suggesting a very high impact in a short term period of time. Also this area participates in both the 'restricted movement' and 'encounter with scarcity' themes within the populace entities. Much of the 'volcano' section of the Terra entity is internally cross linked over to 'oceans, water/air', and in both cases the extent of terminating aspect/attribute ratios emotive sums to the point of origin emotive sums suggest that the largest impacts to be felt from the 'volcanoes' may well *not* be the local effects of lava and lahars, but rather the global effects of 'dust' and other inputs to the 'ocean of air'. This area is in turn heavily self-cross linked suggesting that the impact on the 'oceans, water' will be felt once the 'oceans, air' are filled with the output of the volcanoes. And there are the subsequent earthquakes....not forgetting the still showing language for the 'isolation' of the 'mountain bounded waters' by a quake which 'shakes down {the} wedding', and 'induces/causes encampments/settlements/villages {to} grow/sprout {on} paths/roadways'. And also, as the 'oceans, water' are heated by volcanic action, more water vapor pours into the 'oceans, air' with devastating results on increasing storm/hurricane/cyclone strengths. Much of this area of the Terra entity is cross linked over to the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer which we have been watching play out over these last 2/two years. In this case the Terra entity does *not* seemingly suggest that the 'earth {is about to} reveal secrets', though it is certainly possible to interpret it that way,

and indeed maybe one of the volcanoes will spit out a UFO or some such large secret, however it appears to us that what is really being suggested is the 'transformation {of the } relationship between ThePowersThatBe {and the} populace {brought on by the} pressures exerted {on the} social order {by} planetary alterations'. So, clear as mud? Basically Igor and I are thinking that what is being suggested are planetary changes at such a level as to put some form of public pressure on ThePowersThatBe to 'cough up/expectorate' some 'real information' instead of their usual bullshit responses. {Ed note: when we get references to human body parts or processes such as 'cough up', we have a tendency to pay close attention to the area due to its primal archetypical source, i.e., the body part or process. It just does not get any more archetypical than that.} Our '3/three hump camel', while just 1/one element within the overall mix of change that will be this Summer, shows that its largest impact emotionally does not come until Fall. What we have is an emotional thread which originates within the general upward trend line for emotional tension for Summer, but then the release period prior to August 31, and the beginning of the 'conflict' meta data layer takes out a lot of the emotional tension values associated with the '3/three hump camel' structure within the Terra entity. Let's ascertain if that can be made clear. What happens, according to how the Terra entity moves through the modelspace, is that a series of '3/three' earth or space events/circumstances, which show up this Summer, create emotional waves within the populace of the planet which reach their fruition late this coming Fall. These emotional waves will be all bound up with, and heavily participate within both the 'conflict' meta data layer, and the 'revolution/rebellion' layer which form and manifest from August 31 onward. Basically, again to restate for clarity, some earth/space changes will put environment pressures on the population which will create a large emotional reaction, some of which spills over into 'conflict'. Now, from the point of view of us data snouts {ed note: igor's term}, what is very interesting are some of the less visible, but potentially much more affecting, individual cross links from this area. One in particular is a link set over to the ThePowersThatBe entity. This link set also includes mutual cross links to both the Populace/USofA, and the GlobalPop entities, where in both cases it terminates under aspects of 'religion, organized, priests/brahmins'. In examining the ThePowersThatBe links, the first aspect/attribute set encountered is a rising aspect of 'fear' which is supported by aspect/attributes of 'pressure', and 'fire/burning rectum'. Again, noting our body part reference preference for archetypical reasons, if we dig deeper into ThePowersThatBe 'rectum' aspect {pun intended, Igor loves these}, the data is very revealing in the wealth of details suggesting that this entity, already stressed and fractured, is about to 'come apart/separate' from internal pressures augmented by global demands under the gathering force of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer which is reaching vertical within Bushista, already moving that way within ThePowersThatBe, and now, under 'religion, organized', and in particular the 'church, rome' sub set, just starting a major ascent toward the vertical. This suggests that a group of inter-linked, or associated organizations including governments, and the moneyed self-styled 'elite' within the population are about to meet the 'transforming pressures of Summer 2006' which are shown to be met with a 'rebuff' and 'distancing denial' from ThePowersThatBe. This 'denial' is directly related to the 'earth changes/circumstances/alterations', but will lead to a much more general breakdown of the 'secrecy lair' as the planet moves forward toward late August. Then along with the Fall 'revolution' will come pressures described by the data set as 'enormous' which will bear down on the ThePowersThatBe such that not only will 'secrets revealed' be played out against these Terra related events, but also will expose the 'hidden core' of a bunch of other 'secrets'. Whew! Just keeping all the cross links straight is becoming very hard work. GlobalPop - Sixpence Killers Well, within the modelspace, the late Summer, beginning with the manifestation of the 'conflict' meta data layer on August 31, shows as a beginning of a pretty rough time for ThePowersThatBe entity and its minions. Within the GlobalPop entity, as it is moved into September, a group of linguistic clues are pointing toward the 'eruption', both of 'volcanoes' and 'conflict'. Both are shown for impacting 'africa/afrique' first, and then spreading north. A curious side note is that the 'conflict' spread pattern appears to go through the GlobalPop as though, as the data would have it, 'following a plague'. Where the 'conflict' goes bad, so to speak, for ThePowersThatBe entity is in late September when the 'secrets revealed' layer, now totally dominating the Bushista entity, as well as many sub sets within GlobalPop, merges and

focuses on 'elite, ruling class/banksters/politicians'. Some little time after the 'secrets revealed' layer starts to focus on the ThePowersThatBe, the data set shows that 'royal blood' will 'stain the gutter/ditch'. This 'blooding', even though originating within the GobalPop entity, has extensive and spreading cross links into the ThePowersThatBe entity where the very first point of termination is in the bespoke aspect of 'fear'. This 'blooding {of the} self-called/styled royalty' will be also labeled as "the first" within Press accounts. What apparently sets everything off will be a connection brought out between the 'cheap/inexpensive' or 'sixpence' killers, the 'child armies' of Western Africa, and the 'blooded hands' of the 'royal houses/windsor, gray, ham, et al'. As the queen of England and her progeny are 'tainted {with/by} blood', which is apparently part of their 'under war/hidden war' for resources and 'excessive accumulation/wealth', so has universe apparently decided that "payback is a bitch". According to the few clues that we have within the cross links in modelspace, the 'first' blooding, while brutal and 'condemned by the global press', will be only very shortly in the public attention as it will be rapidly superceded by subsequent events. Showing as more important, by virtue of their higher emotive sums, the 'blooding/killing/maiming' which follows will be very targeted, and will apply further pressure within the 'secrets revealed' layer as the data suggests that an "insider", such as 'one of the select', will 'speak her mind' in public. Hmmm. Apparently *not* the thing a young royal is supposed to do. Within the modelspace, this 'leadership, truth-saying' by the 'young/jejune female insider', is showing as a very good temporal marker for the emergence of the 'revolution' wave within the GlobalPop. Further this is also temporally linked with the modelspace to a number of other waves of events. Many will likely see the appearance of the 'young, female personality' wearing a 'face of truth' within the 'conflict' meta data layer manifestation as a proximate cause for the subsequent events. From our modelspace it appears that she will not be a 'cause' for what follows, but the astute observer can still use her appearance on the global stage as a temporal marker for the acceleration of the 'emotive tension build period' within which the 'conflict' layer is manifesting. The data accumulation pattern suggests that about the time of the 'royal' problems besetting the EU zone within the emergence of 'conflict', the pressures on the 'secrets revealed' layer spreads out the dirt all over the "establishment". We note that the modelspace is showing a very nasty period will also begin for the 'church, rome' and its hierarchy, workers, as well as those who are themselves the 'secrets' behind the 'red throne'. Much of the language suggests that a 'taint' or 'smell/stench' of 'genocide' will become connected to the roman church officialdom such that 'fear of assassination' will 'drive all acts' within the 'sorcerers palace'. As noted within previous sections of this ALTA series, a global wave of religion based assassinations will manifest within the 'conflict' meta data layer expression. Much of the focus of these assassinations will be the officialdom of the 'church, rome' as well as 'associates'. This will manifest both in the EU, and in the American hemisphere, though there is some suggestion that South America will have few instances than North America. Much of the driving force for these 'assassinations' will be the 'exposure' of the 'child slaughter'. Again, with geographic references to 'africa/afrique'. Bushista - Vice Dick's Sharon Gambit, Down the Rabbit Hole Apparently all the millions of humans who have been praying for Bush to have a stroke or other fatal malady have got their aim just a bit off. Our data says that the Vice Dickster will be the one who 'spews soup, falls, shits' as the 'prelude/leading edge' of the subsequent 'isolation' of the Bushista entity. This all shows up as the modelspace is progressed just into early October. From that point on we find that the Bushista entity is showing a 'malady/illness/condition' within the Bushista entity will generate a very tiny amount of 'grief', and vast amounts of 'joy', both of which will be, as the expression goes, 'seen on teevee'. What is very telling is that the rising aspect for the Bushista entity during the period of September through November is 'frustration'. While it is temptingly easy to interpret the 'frustration' as the reaction to the election cycle within the USofA, the data set would argue an alternate cause. In fact, there is little within our data set now to suggest that the elections are even held. At this point in the processing and likely due to the manifesting problems within the country, the immediacy values are so high as to indicate that not too many people are concerned with the elections in Fall. Much more emotional energy is gravitating toward the "now" and far less is accruing to the "then". There is much uncertainty between the 'now' of this late Spring and early Summer, and the 'then' of a far distant Fall. So our interpretation of the Bushista entity at this point in the processing is that the large clump of data around the bespoke 'frustration' aspect does *not*

relate to the elections, but rather is the result of the circumstances evolving in Fall. And that these circumstances likely involve a 'malady' affecting the Vice Dick Cheney which leads to even further 'isolation' of Bush which in turn increases the 'frustration' level dramatically. The data set indicates an increase to the level where 'conflict' is expressed between the Bushista entity and the Press entity. Again we note that in Fall, under the now vertical line of 'secrets revealed' meta data layer aspect within the entity, Bushista is being 'pressured' internally. The internal cross links which participate within the 'secrets revealed' layer are so numerous as to form a web of black threads which nearly obscures the whole of the entity. Further much of the emotional tension building period which takes off dramatically late on August 31, 2006 will be driven at all levels by 'secrets revealed', but no where more so than within the Bushista entity. Within this entity the top 100/one-hundred rising aspects all are held within the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. And as may be expected with Vice President Oil, and a failed Texas oil "man" as Decider/Dictator, much of the soon to be 'revealed' secrets will be 'all about oil'. Further, the data suggests that the 'child slaughter' which will put a 'boon' on the 'bones {of the} church' is also going to impact Bushista in a very large way. The data set suggests by way of cross links to Populace/USofA, that public 'revulsion' at the 'child blood for oil' program of the TPTB will manifest in the Press very visibly just about the time that the Vice Dickster decides to 'spew soup' out both ends in an imitation of Sharon's Gambit, or 'how to be politically active while brain dead'. The impact of the 'isolation' of Bush within a very rapidly shrinking entity {ed note: our data suggests yet another new 'mouthpiece/spokesliar' for Bushista before end of September} will cause problems for a whole lot of humans. The data set suggests a very bad reaction indeed to the 'continuing brain/mind pressure {of} fear ' within the White House organization. The implications are for 'many false starts', as well as 'hidden threats/maneuvers' to be going on at this time. However, as the modelspace is progressed into October we also get a 'glimpse inside' as there will be a 'tear in the fabric' of 'secrecy' {ed note: again noting the 'secrets revealed' layer going maximum level up within Bushista} when there is a series of leaks of 'current schemes'. These Fall leaks, as pointed out in previous parts of this series, will have a 'corrosive' effect on the Bushista mindset such that a 'pogrom/purge' within the Bushista entity becomes manifest. This pogrom, as with many others throughout history, will be 'religion' focused and many of the 'judists' are shown as 'being exited' from the power structure. It is also in this October period that the TPTB entity shows its very large fractures, much of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer also affecting this entity by way of 'contamination' from the Bushista entity. The 'pogrom/purge', at least as shown by our data set, is the last quasi-normal act of the Bushista entity for this year. From the rest of the accruing data we get nothing that even comes close to being 'normal' in behavior. Much of the language here suggests to our observation that the 'rebellion' versus 'revolution' wording will be resolved in the favor of a manifesting 'revolution' within the USofA by late Fall. We once again point out that our work errs on the side of the most extreme of cases due to the core nature of our processing. We once again point out that our work tends to *only* collect the negative view of developing circumstance. Noting both of these caveats, we proceed to the idea that the modelspace suggests that 'violence' will be directed against the Bushista's by late Fall, and that the originators are the populace of the USofA. One very interesting sub set within the Bushista entity seems to describe a very key event within the manifestation of 'secrets revealed' within Bushista. In this sub set the images provided by the aspect/attribute sets go to the idea that a 'transportation' will be 'intercepted' by a 'mob/crowd/populace'. The 'interception' of this 'transportation' is key as the 'vehicle' is 'carrying history/documents' which will propel the 'exposure' of the 'secrets of the bones/flesh' such that we begin the 'public vomiting {in} revulsion {of} quiet complicity'. Hmmm. So an armored truck, full of documents will take a wrong turn down a street, run into a wandering riotous mob, be set upon, looted, and the 'damaging words' which 'describe bones/flesh' will be 'distributed/flung/dispersed' around the world. From the Bushista view point, as suggested by our data, this event is seen as 'marrow sucking' on their 'bones'. After this point, the data set shows the Bushista entity suffers some rapid 'shrinkage' under pressure. The increasing pressure, and decreasing 'cadre of loyalists' creates its own influences on the Bushista entity. Much of this pressure will contribute to the 'revolution' wave over taking the 'rebellion' wave within the Populace/USofA. In other

words, the data set is suggesting that if Bush did not go so bat-shit this Fall, then the 'wave of change/alteration' could have perhaps completed with mere 'rebellion' in which structures are preserved even though wholesale changes in personalities-in-charge takes place. Now, the data set has seemingly indicated that 'response reactions' and 'drooling incoherency' will tip the emotional balance over to 'revolution' against yet another Mad King George. And the structure/powers that put him there. Oh my, fun times for all.

Gold/Silver - Wise Smiles From Smug Bastards Again, not to be too succinct about it, the Gold/Silver/PM sub set of the Commodities entity, for the whole of the progression of the modelspace through Spring, and through Summer is a case of 'placid satisfaction beams {from} wise smiles'. Now note we could also interpret the last phrase as 'the smiles of the wise', or 'the smiles of those wise enough to have gold/silver/commodities'. During this tumultuous Spring and transformational Summer, the Gold/Silver sub set continues to show very smug wording within the aspect/attribute sets such as 'shines high', and 'glistens {in} sunlight, high on peak'. What is very interesting about this last is a supporting set going to the idea that this 'peak' is 'yet below summit' by some considerable distance. In the supporting imagery held in the aspect/attributes, the 'summer peak' is shown as being 'as far from summit' as '9/nine times {the} days climb/climbing {from the} valley floor'. So a very long climb indeed. Yep. Lots of smug, self satisfied words showing up here. Not 'chortling', but more 'expressions of satisfaction with progress'. This last is also supported with much language going to the 'stavingoff/repulsion of fear of loss'. And if that were not enough, this last has a building aspect of bespoke 'fear' which itself is supported by 'chaos unleashed'. Soooo...the basic interpretation is for a Summer of increase to smugness which encounters a sudden upward jump in emotional demand for Gold/Silver/PM's/Commodities in late Summer which brings a 'rush of fear of developing chaos' in Fall. At that point, things appear to get a bit interesting, vis-a-vis commodities and Markets. So even though Summer may be filled with 'smug smiles of wise humans', it will be against the beginning internal tremors as the approaching 'chaos' looms. Part 4 Conclusion: Curious Cave Tests, Only the Soft Survive Hard Times It is pretty damn clear from manifesting universe that a 'state change' is underway globally and likely is caused by larger changes of state within the solar system which is itself being affected by its changing state relative to the galaxy. In the past few years the list of obstacles to human progress has increased exponentially. Further the obstacles/irritants/threats are coming from diverse places. Whereas in the 'normal' course of events, a citizenry usually only had to worry about their governments screwing them over, now it seems even the planet, space, and floating what-not's are in on the action. Do not think for an instant that the current acceleration of change is a meaningless coincidence. At the core of the secret societies attempting to rule the planet, they know it is not. They have been preparing for this 'time' for some time, and now are 'ready'. Or so they believe. The problem is the 'belief' itself. In the secret societies the "green" language of deep symbols rules. The starting point for all green language is the word. As within our work. In this case, the word 'belief' means 'i wish it [to be] so'. Belief is specifically not associated with fact. Belief is specifically associated with the 'input of emotional energy' into the thought/pattern. With facts they merely "are" and require no "input of emotional energy". In belief, as in its cousin 'faith', the danger lays with the 'emotional energy', and not the underlying thought. So the secret societies have some of the 'facts', and think they have some of the correct 'thoughts' in response, and then go the extra step of adding the emotional energy such that they 'believe' their view correct and themselves "prepared" for upcoming events.

Of course, these secret societies also think that humans can control circumstances, and don't quite have the correct understanding of the approaching singularity, but what the hell, gotta at least give them credit for holding it together this long. It does not, according to our modelspace, hold together much longer. In the fictional world of our modelspace, this Summer the twin forces of Peak Oil and Earth Transformation collide. The Peak Oil is manifest as disruptions in supplies and all that such attends for the JustInTime global system. The Earth Transformation shifts perceptions about 'life, here on earth' down to the core of what it means to be human. Against this background, the planet goes into Fall where the pressures on humans twist their tiny brains filled with mis-directing lies until they lash out at each other in mindless violence and expressions of conflict. Then things get real interesting as the 'organized' nutters and fruitcakes bound together in 'secret societies' will begin to act out their various 'belief' systems. Their 'minions and stooges', also known as 'governments and politicians' will also act, as they are directed, but this layer, not really understanding nor 'believing' but merely acting-as-ordered, is where the wave and universe meet. My bet is on universe. All the rest of us are caught in the middle. Trapped between universe and the mad minds of the secret societies. As mad minds {ed note: it takes 1/one to know 1/one}, both Igor and I are of the opinion that , as suggested by the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer, this Summer will see some very strange behavior exhibited by the 'invisible hand' behind the curtain which is directly and always behind ThePowersThatBe. Consider for a moment the curious case of the mega bomb test in the Nevada desert. A 'green language' reading of some of the descriptions of this proposed/scheduled 'test of a bomb' would instead translate it to a 'test of something in the earth'. Hmmm. Now just what would one test in the earth with the biggest non nuclear bomb ever made? And what would one be testing it against? Hmmm, again. Could this be a case of curious cavern testing? It is known from such examples as the Hendaye Cross, that the secret societies are anticipating the 'end of times'. It is also known that they project severe 'earth changes' as a symptom of the 'end of times'. Further it is also known that humans have survived previous periods such as is now faced by the solar system, and the evidence points to our common, and historically remote ancestors having come through by living underground. For the complete rationale' and the various explorations, anyone interested should explore the subject of 'forbidden archeology'. A goodly amount of material may be had from web sources, and some very significant books can be obtained which also explore the ideas in depth and breadth. So if the nutters over at Illuminati Central thought themselves to be forced to go live in some vast engineered cavern system, say by happenstance something like the huge 'long term nuclear waste' storage facility being dug in to the hills in Nevada, well, one might want to try a bit of testing before committing to it 100 %. The problem, from the Illuminati-nutters view point, is that those places known to have sheltered humans through the 'tough end-o-times' in the past, are both too accessible by the regular humans who might have a few 'green words' to say to the Illuminated Ones, and/or are too uncomfortable for the privileged flesh to consider. We are discussing the "natural" cave formations in such places as Cusco, Peru, and the High Desert Caves of Utah, or the Deep Water Caves of West Virginia. All of these and hundreds of other cave systems around the planet have evidence of human habitation going back over 40/forty thousand years. In the cases of the 'end o times' event cycles, 40/forty thousand years covers 3/three complete minor cycles, and 2/two major ones. It is this sort of information which has bolstered the idea within the Illuminati Central mindset that "underground is good". But as noted, they don't appear to much favor the natural cave systems and instead are out furiously building their own artificial caves. But then, to the nutter mind, a nagging question appears, "do our artificial caverns have what it takes?". So they wonder and ponder and then decide they "need to know" and so events take their unnatural course....

Which brings us back to Summer, 2006. From various emotive tension indicators, it sure does seem as if the rise-fall-precipitous-rise cycle shown in last week's charts is underway. We expect that the 'violence' which will be the 'undercurrent' for the May 1 through May 6 th time, is an echo of future events to unfold against our 'Summer of Change' in early September.

We know that survival for humans historically is a cooperative venture. For these last few centuries, humans have been trying a great experiment with a structure resembling the pyramid on the USofA dollar bill in which the 'eye/I' at the top watches over all below. This 'control freak', hierarchical approach is failing in grand fashion before our denying rulers lying eyes. When empires die, times get tough. This particular tough time is rougher than most as we have the galaxy changing the environment under our feet, and over our heads while we are attempting to come to grips with the death of a very large empire indeed. We know that survival for humans historically is a cooperative venture. It is once again so. The TPTB will/are attempting to impose yet more of the 'control freak' approach during very tough times. The logic is that 'only the tough' will survive, and as an extension of the 'survival of the fittest' which they think they understand, they propose to 'encapsulate, restore, and perpetuate' the old 'tough guy' model of 'might = right' as is so elegantly expressed by Glorious Leader, Der Decider. Well....maybe that method worked during the transition from the Age of Ram to the Age of Pisces and the rise of the 'organizational model' of human social structure which led to the rise of 'organized' religion with priest casts who stand between individual humans and the divine, hands open for money/power. And maybe it has worked for the last few centuries as the Age of Pisces winds down around itself, spiraling in on its core karmic themes, but it don't appear that such an approach will work in the new Age of Aquarius. In the years ahead, the primary aspects are 'feminine' and 'self-organizing' and 'knowledge of facts and import'. Hmmm. These 'soft values', now emerging with power within universe somehow just don't seem to fit the Cowboy model favored by the TPTB. Or should we say, ThePowersThatWere? Remember, universe favors pastry and humans. Those that demonstrate the most support from universe, both pastry and humans, are soft in the middle, and sticky on the outside. To return to the theme of the meta data, even complexity science shows that the complex system which 'survives' is one which is 'soft, adaptive, flexible, anticipatory, where as the 'rigidly opportunistic growth-focused' complex systems always seize up and break apart. Again, yet one more reminder, in 'revolution' the expression of 'chaos' is let loose. A very good time for the aware observer to practice centering themselves and others. Basically, once you have got your feet on something solid, reach out to the next cork-human bobbing by. Stay soft and sticky. Except around Igor.... Copyright 2006 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission.

ALTA IR - 1006 - May 8, 2006 Part 5:Meta Data - The Emotional Power of the Weak, Sexual Scandal Impacts (our timing error)* TPTB - Summer Vacation, Hot Time in the City, Jail House Air Dance* Populace/USofA - No Passports Required, Bloody Tears Flow, Wiping Clean Illusion* Markets - Conflict Contemplation* Conclusion: Part 5 - Nested Memes, More Lingua Verdant, All things old are new again*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 05.08.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 57.132 million reads . Our expectations are to achieve 60+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expect a 6 part report series from this data set.

Meta Data - The Emotional Power of the Weak, Sexual Scandal Impacts (our timing error) The normal progression of these reports brings parts 5 and 6 back to the heap-0-immediacy-values which have been gathering virtual dust as the interpretations for parts 3 and 4 have been looking to more longer range issues. However, as our work is entirely driven by the emotional values of the linguistic shifts, the processing order and routine is very much controlled by the data itself. All through this series we have been driven by the immediacy and short term value sets which are distinctly out of "usual and accustomed" ratios to the longer term data sets. This would seemingly fit with the projection for this to be an emotionally active period as has been indicated within the data set for a number of months. As the charts have shown, the period of May/June is particularly emotionally tumultuous.

For May/June, we build emotional tension, then July/August we release the tensions. As a jog to the memory, think about the time from the appearance of Cindy Sheehan/Anti-war group in Summer, through the Katrina/NOLA and Pakistan quake time. Within that period we also saw the appearance of the 'open rebellion' against Bush/cabal with indictment of "scoot...scoot...scooter Libby" and the proceedings arising from the illegal Bush spying on Americans. That is how an emotional building period feels as it manifests. It was immediately followed by the emotional release period which ended in late February 2006. Now, once again, up, and then down, we go. The leading edge of the current linguistic set is indicating that the emotional building period through which we are now passing can be characterized as one in which the 'emotional power of the weak' is manifest. Much of the many cross link layers indicating a 'change in status', or the 'overturning of the carriage' as we find within the data sets aspect/attribute imagery, come from the 2/two populace entities, Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop. In both entities the active aspect being supported by the very deep cross link layers is 'rebellion'. Further the attribute set in support of this aspect goes to the idea that 'multitudes {of/composed of} weak/single individuals {create/become an } emotional pressure wave'. Or, as we can interpret it, there are several 'carriages of state' about to 'loose their wheels and be over turned by the pressure of the emotional power of millions of individuals'. Or, as the links also have it, 'rebellion comes'. Much of the cross links driving this emotional pressure wave are being generated by the very rapid rise in charged emotional sums from the lexical value sets accumulating to the Bushista entity. In 3/three cases highlighted within the chart below in light blue, the upward movement of the emotional trend line within the boxes are almost entirely driven by the interaction of the Bushista entity and the Populace/USofA entity. These 3/three boxes are also shown, in the comparison of relative emotional strength value sets between the immediacy values and the longer-term value set, as being merely the beginning of the beginning.

We also note that a little while back the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer went vertical within the Bushista entity and will continue on this line until late May of 2007. During this time it will seem, from the

perspective of the Bushista entity, that every weld in the hull has sprung a leak as all of the inter-tangled, mutually supporting lies/delusions which compose the Bushista world view come into 'conflict' with reality. There will be no greater evidence of this than the projections for the period of 8/eight months following the August 31st initiation of the 'conflict' meta data layer. Subscribers of a longer duration to the ALTA series may recall that previous ALTA reports have/had shown the 'development of a scandal of a sexual nature' impacting the Markets which was first seen some 7/seven months back, but which was erroneously placed as manifesting within late February, or early March. We are/were some months off in the actual appearance of the 'sexual scandal', as the current exposure of the 'Watergate Brothel' just now emerging within the mainstream media fits the language that we associated with our forecast 'sexual scandal'. We note that the 'scandal' will travel through the many layers of 'officialdom', both 'political and monetary', and will 'bind the bowels of the markets' as though a 'crippling disease'. The emotional potentials first seen a number of months back are apparently manifesting now, given the emerging language around this event/scandal. Soooo.... we were off by about 2/two months, but are going to seemingly be nearly accurate on the emotional impacts. This will not be a 'little scandal', but instead will be seen as a 'cancer' and a 'proximate cause' of collapse. The ripples will bring out our first 'international crisis' of the Spring/Summer, as well as contribute to the 'reversal of fortune' now pressing down on the Bush Wars of Aggression. Expect mismanagement, and denial to rule for a very short period only, and then the 'secrets revealed' layer will kick in with a vengeance such that so much is spilling out of so many involved, that complex charts will be needed just to keep track of all of the guilty parties and their cross connections. Igor suspects that those who will prosecute this new 'watergate' scandal could use our expertise in visual modeling of complex relationships. But we have enough to do with these reports, and Igor is pressed back into server servitude. TPTB - Summer Vacation, Hot Time in the City, Jail House Air Dance ThePowersThatBe entity is participating in the general release period of Summer along with the rest of modelspace. In the case of ThePowersThatBe entity however, much of its internal linguistic dynamic is going to the idea of 'breaking of tension' or 'breaking of spring tension' wherein 'spring' is referring to a method of holding energy under tension rather than the season. Again the theme within the entity is going to the idea that 'tension released' will 'initiate natural/predictable consequences/results'. The same thing can be said about most "summer vacation movies". Within the aspect/attribute set for 'release of tension', the data set contains aspects going to the idea that the 'release of tension is ordered/allowed' by TPTB entity, and that 'subsequent revelry is predictable'. Further within this area the data provides a glimpse of operational internals where the aspect/attributes provide imagery such as 'promises {to} underlings/middle-level-workers lead to decrease'. This in turn is supported by data sets providing the idea that the 'promises' to these middle-level-functionaries within TPTB organization are to be 'increased' this summer. There are 2/two very interesting supporting aspects which bring out the idea that it is 'only the promises' which are increased, and not the delivery on any promise {ed note: the old shafteroo}, and that the true modus operandi of TPTB is exposed when the entity is shown as 'growing/increasing {on the} servitude/decrease/slavery {of workers} exchanged for promises'. There are no aspect/attribute sets which provide even a hint that TPTB keep their promises. There are many sets within this entity which go to the idea that 'increase {of} TPTB arrives/via theft'. But the data is also hinting that 'via vita/method of life' is going to 'reflected' this Summer to us all by way of the meta data layers pressing their energy on events. If we follow the 'promises' aspect/attribute supporting chain all the way down we reach the terminating aspect which in this case is 'decline' or 'decrease'. Here the supporting set goes to the idea that 'flowers without sun {never} bloom, decay/decline'. Or, in less poetic interpretation, 'promises never kept produce nothing'. The problem for those who toil for TPTB is that they have yet to recognize this aspect of their employers. But, at least according to our modelspace, there is some potential for extremely interesting events to emerge from this Summer.

The data set suggests that TPTB will give 'orders for release of tension' and 'will allow/facilitate regalia'. Hmmm. Bread and circuses? This sudden Summer party attitude on the part of TPTB is, of course, a cover. The data set suggests that while the 'populace parties', TPTB will be up to their old tricks attempting to 'profit' from the 'decrease of others'. The data further goes to suggest that 'elevations' are involved. We need to be a bit careful here in that we have more than one aspect/attribute data set headed by 'elevations'. Each has a separate descriptor set so we end up with 2/two separate meanings. The first is going to the idea of 'promises of elevations {of} status', or as we interpret it, 'promotions are offered'. This area is participatory within the 'promises never kept' area. The other primary use for 'elevations' is concerning actual 'elevations' as in 'distance from mean high tide at sea level'. As there are some indicators within this set for specific geography, we are interpreting this to mean that while TPTB are 'promising promotions' to the 'middle level minions', they themselves are much more concerned with a 'Summer vacation in the mountains'. Hmmm. Maybe TPTB think it's going to be a 'hot time in the city' this summer. There is a lot to support the idea that TPTB entity is indeed preparing for 'hot times in the city' this summer. The lexical structures accumulating, especially those with cross links over to the Populace/USofA entity are dominated by 'anger', and 'rage'. Probably some components of the 'anger' are actually related to 'fuel' as we have an aspect/attribute set with this language in support, however, there also appear to be dozens, perhaps nearly a hundred, proximate causes associated with the 'anger', so we are interpreting this area as TPTB's concern for the 'fraying hem' effect which has been previously mentioned. In the data set now TPTB are clearly occupying much of their 'holding energy', or 'restraining cause energy' with merely 'maintaining lies/structure'. They also, given the bespoke emotion wording stacking up in support of 'fear', are clearly anticipating 'something to be afraid of'. This 'something feared' is seemingly *not* the populace, at least not as a primary, proximate cause of the initial or top level fear. There are many 'fear' aspect/attribute sets associated with both the populace entities, but these are also quite easily secondary fears. The primary fear set has an emotive summation for just the bespoke 'fear' word set at 141/one-hundred-forty-one, with the 'fear' set in secondary place, that is, the one which is cross linked from origination points within the Populace/USofA entity, is at a value of 51/fifty-one. This is not to indicate that the ThePowersThatBe do not 'fear' the populace, rather to illustrate that there exists a larger, or perhaps more immediate 'fear' association. This primary 'fear' is all tied up with the idea of 'developing/manifesting/creating anarchy' which is at the root of TPTB 'fear' structures, but at this point in the processing the 'fear' object is not yet completely populated with descriptors within our data, and the suggestion is that the 'fear' object is viewed as being 'distant, but gaining'. Our timing clues suggest that the manifestation of 'visible sweat' or 'response to fear' will start to show this October, and will increase along with the rising trend line for emotional tension until the release period of early 2007. Neither the building emotional tension period, nor the release period immediately following show as being anything close to "normal" for TPTB. The entity, especially involving the multiple layers of cross links over to the Bushista entity, is bound up with 'resistive response' all through the Fall. As far as the entity is concerned, the 'reaction' that TPTB will have to 'conflict' developing 'on their soil/ground' is to 'armor/harden' their 'approach to life/death'. There are indications that 'middle level/stomach area' personnel, thinking themselves actually part of the 'power elite' will 'give voice to fear' in 'loud cries/screams of frustration/rage'. Basically the middle level functionary class of the entity is shown as going a little bit 'strident' and 'insistent' on 'enforcement' to 'their benefit'. The data set, via cross links from the Populace/USofA entity, seems to be suggesting a 'jail house lynching' situation developing in Fall. The various data sets within TPTB entity, the Populace/USofA entity, and the Bushista entity, along with numerous cross links to Markets and Commodities are painting a picture in which some 'young faces', presumably associated with the TPTB entity class, are 'rounded up/arrested/incarcerated'. Thereafter, with the spreading word of the 'arrests', and then the 'location of the detention' becoming known, a 'reactive set/mob/tribe' gathers outside the 'detention center' where they 'shout down [officialdom] and demand vengeance'. This last is clearly in lieu of 'justice' which is not seen as being at issue somehow. There are very large numbers of cross links over to the Press entity suggestive of both its intense participation in the events, as well as the likely broadcast of the unfolding developments. In the end, however jarring this incident is to ThePowersThatBe operating structure, and however much of a 'wedge' this becomes

internally to the TPTB entity, it is merely one of many such 'release incidents' to be encountered this Fall and through Winter, 2006/2007.

Populace/USofA - No Passports Required, Bloody Tears Flow, Wiping Clean Illusion In watching the movement of the Populace/USofA entity as the modelspace is progressed past our emerging 'conflict' meta data layer and into Fall, the entity is showing at all levels that the 'populace' is about to be 'plunged into a state of confusion', and no passports to the developing country of 'malaise mental/mentition/cognition' are required. A large percentage of the individual data structures within the entity are subordinate to the primary aspect of 'confusion' and are either internally cross linked to 'confusion' as well, or actually carry the aspect as an internal supporting lexical set. The over all impression is of a 'populace waking up to wonder in just which country are they?'. The 'confusion' aspect begins its rise from supporting status in July, rapidly advances in August and pretty much rules the roost come September. From that point on, 'confusion' dominates the overall mental state of the populace, and just gets worse for some months onward. The levels of emotional tension from within the Populace/USofA act as the rising base upon which the other entities complete the 'building emotional tension period' illustrated within the charts above. Even without all of the other entities, the upward trend would still exist just due to the value sets accumulating under the 'state of confusion' which replaces the USofA for the populace come Fall. The accumulation of both supporting data sets and cross links indicate that the 'shit hits the fan' for the Populace/USofA entity this Fall/Winter following a Summer of 'frustration' and 'breakdown', and 'reversals of fortune'. In Fall, the 'conflict' meta data layer blankets everything, and under that cover, 'confusion' reigns, gathering strength from all sides. Not only does the data set indicate a manifesting 'political chaos, conflict', but also that much of the populace will just say 'to hell with that, we have real problems' as they try to cope with the results of the 'punishing climate/weather' and 'earth pulsations'. Into the mix come 'disease', and the 'continuation/exacerbation' of the 'shortages of Summer'. The Populace/USofA entity is, through the supporting sets for 'confusion', also showing the 'seeds of change' which will rise later next year. The 'echoes/ripples of actions/responses' of this Summer and Fall are shown as 'beginning replacement' of 'worn out/obsolete' institutions in 2007 and 2008. The 'confusion' aspect/attribute set starts gaining very low level "response ripples/echoes" as we call them in late Summer. What appears to be happening way under the cover of other events is that circumstances are forcing fundamental changes on the structure and 'operating paradigm' of the populace which will go on to produce larger waves of change in the next few years. We need to note that for the most part what we are finding are references to 'modus viva' or 'via vita' or 'methods of living' kind of things rather than anything purely focused on a single area of interest such as politics. So while the data set gains values for later in Fall and Winter which go to the idea of 'revolution' as a competing force for 'rebellion', much of the 'revolution' support is shown as beginning as 'individual response/reaction' to 'climate impacts/changes' of this Spring/Summer. In that vein, we still show that the 'climate will consume/eat' at least one 'mountain of people' or 'city' this year, and much of that data is for early Summer. Again, this data set has been consistently present for sometime, and as with the nearly 9/nine months lead time we had on Katrina, this set is also indicating a 'powerful storm/circumstances' will 'scrub earth bare', and 'remove {to the sea} a mountain of people'. Along with the 'domination' of the 'senses, reeling' by planetary events, again contributing to the 'ground un-steady under the feet' supporting layer of 'confusion', the Populace/USofA is showing that 'distribution difficulties' both are 'observed/felt' and 'officially acknowledged'. Much of the language that is showing up under this area is going to an 'emotional rocking' or 'teetering {on the} brink {of} emotional instability' which will affect large parts of the populace in reaction to having the 'secrets revealed' as to just how 'tenuous' and fragile is the 'framework {of their} lives'. Not intending to be too repetitious, the best analogy we have to the language being shown now for the Populace/USofA comes from the USSR during its political collapse and Argentina during it recent economic/social collapse.

Much of the initial 'confusion' onset ripples out from events this Summer out-and-about in the world. The indications are that things go very badly indeed on the various fronts of the Bush Wars of Aggression, and that as the 'citizens of empire' the Populace/USofA will be 'told/instructed to bear the blood/pain' on behalf of their masters, TPTB. This 'announcement' will not be well received. Under the developing circumstances of daily impacts of shortages, increasing costs as the 'dollar dies', and the rapid degradation of the 'illusion of wealth', the Populace/USofA entity is showing that the response will not be the 'docility/acceptance' demanded by TPTB, and that is when the fan gets switched to "high". After some consideration we have decided to place the 'dollar, us-of-a' discussion within the Populace/USofA entity area. In spite of the 'dollar' problems which will impact the Markets entity, and in spite of the clear impact of the 'dollar' devaluation underway on the Commodities entity, the major emotional tension contributor to our over all emotional tension values summation comes from the suffering of the populace, both within and outside the USofA. While it is true that humans in the business world will also suffer, the primary, continuing, and initial emotional impact comes from the populace.

In examining the now very crowded chart above, one can see that in late Spring the 'dollar' issues begin to accrue as their own separate driver of emotional sums. The data accretion for changes of emotional values of 1/one order of magnitude or above suggests that the 'internal view' or 'internalized perception' of the 'dollar, us-of-a' as is held by its citizens will meet its own 'transformation' events in May and early June. As the Spring progresses, the populace reaction to this 'internal transformation' will begin to manifest. It is this period of 'transition/transformation' from which the 'confusion' aspect/attribute set derives. What is visually presented by the progression of modelspace forward is something of the social/emotional impact of the "collapse of the soviet union". This visual painting of the entity as it is moved along within the modelspace shows a very large emotional "dip" or downward float of the entity just as it is experiencing both the 'dollar death' emotional impacts and the 'confusion' rise. Within the 'confusion' rise are lexical structures which will, in only a few months, begin participating within the rise of 'revolution' as its own theme separate from both the 'conflict' meta data layer, and the subordinate 'rebellion' layer. IF one had to project, it would seem that the data is describing a period following a 'summer of suffering, collapse,hardship, shortages' in which the Fall brings 'conflict expressing itself both as rebellion within the structure, and revolution from the powerless/weak'. Again, this area is a participating aspect/attribute structure within the 'emotional power of the weak' discussion from the meta data section above. Much of the emotional power which the modelspace is projecting as 'gathering into frothing waves' by Fall will find its roots in the 'suffering' of Summer. The populace entities, both GlobalPop, and Populace/USofA will not find the 'dollar death' either pleasant or straight-forward. The impact is shown within the modelspace as affecting 'all of society'. It will begin and end with shortages which induce 'chains of suffering/disharmony'. Much of this language is suggestive of a 'currency break-down' which directly affects the JustInTime supply chains. Further language goes to the idea that both 'emergency' and 'shortage' will affect the North American continent this summer, and that as a direct consequence, there will be both a wildly excessive response from the Bushistas, and the predictable global popular backlash.

The data set, including a very extensive cross link layer, is providing imagery in which the 'titular headman' is going to 'make pronouncements, demanding suffering, and offering retribution {for} noncompliance'. This announcement of 'we are all in this together, so everyone accept their suffering quietly for the greater good of the elite' will not be well received. The aspect/attribute set goes to many separate responses globally, and the more interesting scenario's suggested include 'rioting' around teevee stations, as well as 'burnings {of} officialdom' which we will presume to be in effigy. The net effect will be to sow the seeds of the 'confusion' layer as the 'officialdom' spouts off with a view of the world which is so far outside the reality of the populace as to induce cognitive dissonance. Whereas once the Populace/USofA entity may have just shrugged and done a "what'd he say?" and then on about its business, the modelspace is showing that once 'business ends' and the 'vines wither', there is no where else to go, and nothing else to do, so the populace is going to 'listen, hear' and 'respond' to the 'voice of reign'. From a technical point of view, the developments within the 'dollar death' lexical structure are directly linked to a number of areas within other entities and in which they terminate in areas participatory in the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. The 'secrets revealed' layer visually appears to propagate to some extent via the 'exposure of corruption' which comes along with the aspect/attribute set for 'dollar death'. Another interesting link involves the 'church, rome' as well as the Markets entity, and the TPTB entity. The suggestion from the data is again that the 'dollar issues rip fabrics, exposures cripple'. Seems all the corruption is interlocked to such an extent that once one thread from the fabrics-of-lies is removed, the whole of the cloth deteriorates. If we examine the chart above, we note that the 'emotional release period' begins about July 1, and runs until August 31. During this short release period the 'confusion' theme rises, much of it based on the emotional impacts of 3/three contributing aspect/attributes; 'dollar', 'weather', 'reversals'. All of these participate both in the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer, as well as the 'conflict' layer. In a visual sense, the 'dollar' sub set within the Populace/USofA entity appears to hold its own through to the release period of July/August. At that point it becomes an internal weight dragging down both of the populace entities as well as impacting other entities through extensive cross links. The suggestion from the emotional contexts of the aspect/attributes within the cross links sets is that the summer 'shortages' will affect very large areas of the global populace either through 'denial of access/encounter with scarcity', or by 'removing work/employment'. Further the manifesting 'dollar death' will 'fuel confusion' at many levels. Not only will the individual have to deal with 'shortages' but also rampaging inflation, wholesale abandonment of entire classes of employment {ed note: only the 'essentials' will be supported by practicality}, but also a very wide, and pervasively deep social unrest. The resulting 'confusion' manifest within the individual life experience will have a seemingly 'rapid onset, feverish impact', even though the seeds of this particular crop of disasters were planted in 1913. The 'confusion' will also very rapidly propagate upward/outward from the populace at the individual level to affect all levels of 'officialdom' with the insidiousness of this 'malaise'. The 'disease of confusion' will impact even the 'mundane/common transactions' and is shown as contributing to a general 'slowdown, overhang, backup' within the 'social machinery' which itself contributes both the general 'confusion' layer, and to the emotional pressures which later propel the 'conflict' layer to expression. A significant portion of the 'confusion' aspect rise emotionally in the early days of Summer is propelled by the twin impacts of the 'degradation of the climate' and the 'spreading disease of market scandal, dollar death'. As the individual is 'paralyzed with confusion', events will continue their rapid pace forward. The cross links from the Markets entity, both originating, and terminating show that the 'call for suffering' from 'officialdom' is viewed as a demand to 'bleed for the good of the Markets', and by that time the populace has already had a 'gut full' of the Markets. It is just at the point that we find the manifestation of the 'demand for unity of purpose' that the mutually supportive threads of 'dollar death', 'rebellion', and 'destruction of religion' begin to show themselves linguistically. For some number of ALTA reports we have had wording going to the idea of a period in which the 'faith based' religions would 'implode' under the impetus of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. Noting that our work always and consistently errs in the direction of the extreme, we still must take into account the developing emotional confrontation over the Da Vinci Code meme. All of the words coming out around

this subject, both from the 'church, rome', and the mainstream media are very fitting with our lexical sets which have been a number of months in the gathering. It would appear that the "fictional" work of the Da Vinci code may well be the trigger will will precipitate a large amount of the emotional impact of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer seen driving this social wave. Further, the timing of the release of the film, its coming multi months direct impact, as well as the pending incessant discussion of it within mainstream media are also fitting as per our projected layer of 'conflict' due to emerge on August 31. Within the Populace/USofA, and the GlobalPop entities, we have nearly a third of all of the references to 'confusion' which are *not* involved with either 'dollar death' or 'politics' as being under the aspect/attribute set of 'religion'. As a source of some significant level of emotions, the 'religion' lexical structure is producing emotive values of peak levels at nearly 5/five times that of the aspects for 'economic life', and/or 'political life'. Within just these 2/two populace entities, the 'religion' versus 'economic', or 'political' aspect sums has a very distinct skew to the data set. This skew is a disproportionate favoring of 'immediacy' values over either short-term values {ed note: 3/three weeks to 3/months (m/l)} or over the longer-term value set {ed note: 3/three months to 18/eighteen months (m/l)}. Restated for clarity, this is to say that within the immediacy value set, 'religion' has the largest amount of both accretion of new values, and the highest level of emotive sums. However, the skew within the data set for immediacy values in favor of 'religion' as a source of 'emotive tension build', does not continue within either shorter or longer term value sets. This indicates that within the building period of the next few weeks, 'religion' will dominate the emotional tension levels, but as a theme is likely to take a very far seat back in the worries queue after the first of June.

As shown on the chart above, now stripped of other entity emotive references in order to place the Populace/USofA and GlobalPop emotive tension contributing elements more clearly, the 'religion' issues of Spring are driven off the emotive tension chart by real 'stomach' issues in Summer. These 'stomach' issues will take the form of 'shortages' which will affect 'vital', and 'necessary' items such that emotional tensions, especially within the USofA {ed note: more likely the whole of north American continent}, are driven rapidly higher by 'consistent pressure' of 'lack of necessities'. Then, in the midst of the 'consistent pressures' on 'daily life' from shortages, the Terra entity suggests that 'earth hiccups' will further impact the whole of the emotional tension levels by shifting the focus from 'shortages of daily necessities' to 'lack/shortage of vital requirements'. This last, coming as it does with the accretion of values around 'storms' and 'flooding', may be referring to shortages in things such as 'vital' medicines, or other emergency requirements. The whole of this area is also very heavily cross linked over to the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer suggesting that much of the emotional tension around 'secrets revealed', within the USofA, and after the Summer solstice, will be driven by the impact of 'storms/climate', and the subsequent 'revelation/exposure' of 'misdirection/misappropriation' of resources such that the 'populace suffers'. There is some support within the lexical structure for the 'shortages' of early Summer, followed by the 'climate impact/effect' which go to the idea that 'misbehavior/rioting' is used as an 'excuse {to} restrict movement' of the populace. This is a very tenuous area within the data set. It is clear that the primary and dominant aspect of the set is 'restricted movement', and it is also clear that the set goes 'active' in late June or early July, but what is not clear is the actual proximate cause. We need also note that with all of the

official discussions currently on the net and in the mainstream media about the "plan" for dealing with expected/potential Bird Flu or other pandemic, we *may* be picking up this level of discussion, and thus may be interpreting future potential value sets based on a slight "pollution" of the data stream by the sorts of discussions being posted currently. HOWEVER, assuming that such a data pollution event is *not* occurring, then the interpretation would be that a shortage of some necessary component of daily activity occurs in late Spring. The government/cabal has to react. They do so. The populace at the area affected does not accept the decision on the allocation of resources. The populace expresses its disapproval. The government/cabal uses the populace reaction as an excuse to impose restricted movement in the area. This imposition feeds into the the 'rebellion' meme, and adds the energy necessary to take it one more step upward toward 'revolution'. The rest of the global population, observing events within the USofA accelerates the already growing trend toward 'asset relocation' out of the now clearly dying dollar, and the 'troubled empire' of the USofA. This natural reaction exacerbates the 'dollar death' problems and the vicious cycle is given even more energy, resulting in even more emotive tension, and further shortages which in turn....well, you get the idea.

Markets - Conflict Contemplation While the primary aspect of the 'dollar, us-of-a' in the immediacy values set mostly driven by the Populace/USofA entity contribution is 'flowing/movement' and the primary supporting aspect/attribute set is 'crossed/confused/obstacles', the Markets entity contains its own view of the 'dollar', and while viewing it with a different set of emotional attachments, this entity as well suggests that 'dollar death is imminent'. As the Markets entity is progressed over the course of Summer along with modelspace, it begins to gain a larger percentage of its 'dollar' related mass of lexical components below the 'emotional mean line'. This is presented visually within the display as a 'sagging' downward of the entity as a whole around a darkening lump of 'dollar' related data which itself is dropping lower within both the entity, and the modelspace. The Markets entity is providing lexical structures which go to the idea that 'brakes {are being} applied' to the 'dollar' from the 'driver/controller'. Specifically, the lexical set provides that the 'brakes {in the} rear {are being} applied', and further that the 'disturbances in balance' of the 'dollar' are coming from the 'energetic dispersal/dissipation {of} energy {in} braking'. If we examine this last supporting aspect/attribute set, and use the secondary tier of links back to the lexicon from the emotive values an alternative interpretation emerges which goes to the idea that 'active relocation {of} energy/resources applies {the} brakes {to the} dollar'. From this point, soon after the Summer solstice, and over the course of the rest of June, and July, things get worse for the dollar. The general shift in the language goes from the 'brakes being applied in the rear' to the 'withdrawal of friends and relatives'. Further this last area of support for 'dollar, us-of-a' sub set within Markets, and *excluding* any and all cross links, contains explicit aspect/attribute sets going to the image of 'isolation {of the} dollar', and 'isolation {because of the} death {of the} dollar'. Further and numerous supporting sets within this area duplicate the idea of 'isolation' and its effects, both on further 'degradation' of the economic circumstances as well as 'increase/magnification {of} shortages'. Further, within the early stages of the 'dollar death' concern rumbling through the populace {see chart above}, the data set for the Markets entity is quite clearly noting that the 'head {of the} dollar {is} frequently underwater/lost/negative', and further that 'dangerous positions exposed {by} secrets revealed {within/from} sexual scandal {cause/precipitate} material and order {to} sink/drop {as/like} stones/rocks/ballast-jettisoned'. All the way down to the terminating aspect/attribute within this set, we also find further reinforcement for the 'dollar death' theme in that the data goes to the imagery of 'hot, dry, withered, shrunken, {in the} end chaos rules/overpowers'. More in the same vein exists as the data set continues to grow in this area. The interpretation for a 'death' of the dollar is emerging from the duplication of this sort of language in both the Markets entity, and the two populace entities.

Also found within the Markets entity are duplicate references going to the idea of 'shortages' as a more or less continuing 'issue {for/of} business'. The data is indicating by way of the cross links to the Press entity, and the populace entities, that there will be 3/three sides to the 'shortages' stories emerging from the mainstream media over the course of Summer; the impact on the populace, the government lies/denial/excuses, and also a very emotionally troubling focus on business impacts. This last is seen as significant due to the meta-data spread of the relative value sets. To make things just clear as mud in a dark well at midnight, the impacts of the 'shortages' on the populace entities are driven by emotional values in the immediate and short term ranges, as are the corresponding emotional "echo reactions" from the government/cabal focused data sets. However, the business/corporate set is composed of a startlingly singular focus on the long term, at least as indicated by our data within the model space. While there are indeed both immediacy values sets, and shorter term value sets with the 'business/corporate' focus under the 'shortages' aspect, the majority of the data, that is greater than 80/eighty per cent is found within the longer term value set. We also need note a probably-to-be-expected cross linking from these longer term values within 'shortages' impact sub set within Markets entity over to the ThePowersThatBe entity where they terminate under 'fear' and are participatory in the discussion above about 'hot time in the city'. The overall impression paints a scenario of 'worries/concerns' about the 'long term health/survival' of 'corporatism' due to the 'shifting {of the} masses {into} new directions/orderings'. The Markets entity gains much of its cross links and internally held values for the 'fear {lack of/failure to} survive' for 'corporatism/globalism' as the Populace/USofA entity is beginning to express 'rebellion' words due to the impact of the 'shortages of necessities'. These links and internally held values come during a strange lack of movement time for the Markets entity within the modelspace. This period just precedes the emergence of the 'conflict' meta data layer on the last day of August. The area is somewhat vague, but we must note that a possible interpretation is a 'pause' or 'holiday' in markets activity. This is extractable from the data set where the aspect of 'contemplation' is supported by 'of {the} scene {of} conflict ahead/future/pending/potential'. This area in turn is well supported and extensively cross linked. The image is of 'markets suspended in contemplation of immediate future, breath held'. The explicit rendering of all of the emotive sums links back to the lexicon continues to go to the aspect of 'suspension', *but* we note there is no support either way for an 'imposed' suspension. Conclusion: Part 5 - Nested Memes, More Lingua Verdant, All things old are new again The hints from the modelspace paint a portrait of a Summer of echoes of past themes. We have the reemergence of the 'watergate' meme. We have the first of the 'international crisis' situations also involved within this 'watergate' meme in the ties to the AIPAC/Israel lobby/mossad. Further nested within the new and greater context for scandal associated with 'watergate' we also have the emerging 'sexual' theme echo, as well as 'market manipulation/impact' yet to be revealed. Even within the language emerging we have hints of things yet to come. We note that even though now renamed, the hotel/site for the scandal is to be reported within the context of the 'watergate'. This not only returns the mind to Nixon, but also, more quietly intrudes on the mind of 'potential' from the nature of the 'water gate' being a 'point of release of stored energy'. Universe writes at many levels simultaneously. We only perceive those we have the awareness to find. Also in 'echoes' of the Nixon years we find both echoes of 'energy crisis', as well as the 'seeds of currency crisis'. And of course, the echoes of 'war begun with lies, ends in defeat'. A sad time. Now the modelspace is placing us squarely in the path of yet another such period, albeit much more extreme. As the Spring and Summer settle in on our shoulders, bringing echoes of old themes and memes augmented with new concerns and extreme responses to karma long delayed, we can expect that there will be individual 'echo points' to highlight, for the aware observer, the more interesting parts of the universal play as it is being performed. It would not be surprising to find manifestation of these echoes at many levels in the events of the next few months. The aware observer is likely to find that the patterns exposed by time in the "progression" of the planet will be returning us all to the 'days of yester year' where 'emotional echoes' will capture/captivate us to the extent that we need to experience them. Such emotional reaction to events will be gaining strength as we move through the Summer toward the end of August. We are expecting very large emotional shifts beginning very late on August 31, 2006 with the manifestation of the 'conflict' meta

data layer. These shifts have been forecast by linguistic theory since early last year, and the value sets are large and abruptly turning. Ought to make it pretty easy to spot/feel the change. We'll see. First though, we all have to get through the rest of Spring, and Summer with a bunch of unaware nutters running things as the planet proceeds along with the solar system to charge into new energies emerging from galactic center. No wonder it feels hot, here on earth. Part 6 is not expected to be posted until May 15th, possibly the 16th. Email notification will be sent out.

Copyright 2006 by HalfpastHuman. All rights reserved. Released through subscription only. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission.

ALTA IR - 1006 - May 14, 2006 Part 6:Meta Data - Off by a week or so Bushista - 3/Three Big Stinks* Populace/USofA - Open Season on Vultures* Markets - Catharsis Uno Comes, Lumps in the Stomach* Iraq/Bush Wars - Cruds of May* Terra - Land Swap 90 East* Conclusion: ALTA 1006 - Part 6 - Complex System Degradation, Change in Diet*

Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report ‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’ By Tenax SE for

Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of the reader. 05.14.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretive editorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces. Data set distilled from 63.495 million reads . Last report in the series.

Meta Data - Off by a week or so As noted in the chart below, originally posted with Part 5,

we had the 'dollar' as an emotional driver starting on May 13th. We may have been a week off in our timing of this phase of developments. This past week the 'dollar' became much more prominent within global manifesting circumstances, and there were 2/two announcements of some import for the dollar, mainly the proposed opening of bourses within Iran and Russia, trading in Euro's and Rubles, respectively. Noting that it is mere acknowledgement on a global political scale that the "petrodollar" is passing that is of significance. What may eventually replace the dollar as a global reserve currency is not pertinent at this point in the manifestation of the 'death of the dollar'. It may also be that the real action in the 'dollar as emotional driver' is just getting started and that the events yet to unfold will match our chart's projection a bit better. Given the recent CIA and NSA circumstances, the 'secrets revealed' about the massive phone log data base being maintained by NSA, and the on-going exposure of yet more secrets around the subject, we are still projecting that the first of the 'rebellion' echo points will be manifesting around May 25th through the 28th. This will be an interesting event/circumstance to observe as it will/should provide some clues as to the much magnified version of the same theme which will be very much central to developments in October and into the end of the year. Further, if correct in our interpretation, the events/circumstances in the 'rebellion' May incident will be also a proximate cause for the beginning of the 'revolution' theme following the emergence of 'conflict' as a meta data layer.

Bushista - 3/Three Big Stinks As in our usual processing, the immediacy values pile up while we are working on Parts 3 and 4 (sometimes 5). As may be expected given breaking events manifesting here on earth, as well as the charted abstractions above, the immediacy values for Bushista have been growing all out of proportion to the entity's size. Its emotional loading factor, that is the proportion of is mass by count of lexical elements divided into its emotional summation values, is running 'hot'. Another way to consider this effect is that each of the words we are finding on the subject carries a 'hotter' level of emotional value than most words found. The impact on modelspace is that the Bushista entity is acting as a disproportionate driver of the emotional tone than would be warranted by its overall size. Clear as mud? The Bushista loading factor is important as, over the rest of May, through to about the 27/twenty-seventh, there will be a very large jump in emotive pressure coming from Bushista entity. This is reflected in the chart above in the first of the light cyan rectangles. This area is one in which the Bushista entity loading factor is contributing over twice as much emotive values toward the summation as is usual. A 'hot' period for the Bushista's indeed. The data set shows a rising aspect of 'waiting/enduring/suffering' with a supporting aspect/attribute set of 'in a hole {in the} ground'. The set is supported in the tertiary position with 3/three equally weighted sets, the defining descriptors of which link back to 'stink' or 'malodorous'. The supporting aspect/attribute for

this descriptor set within the Bushista entity goes to '3/three large/big malodorous exchanges/trades'. An interpretation of the Bushista entity 'waiting in a hole in the ground {for the} next big stink to arrive' would not be far off the mark according to the modelspace. With the Bush cabal mired in so many 'stinks' these days it is hard to project just from where a new stink might emerge. Or if even *new* stinks are being referenced, rather than merely 'old stinks come back again, bigger than ever'. In any case we get a lexical description of the Bushista entity nervously 'waiting in its hole', and having to 'contend/cope/handle' the manifestation of '3/three {of their} fears', all of which are participatory within the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer. Also 2/two of the 3/three 'stinks' will damage the Bushista entity, but one is so 'malodorous' as to alter the public perception of the 'main players/actors' themselves. And from our data, this alteration will not be positive. The over all tone of the Bushista entity is down in modelspace, as well as 'twisted, rotten holes appearing'. As a very interesting note emerging from modelspace, we have a lexical descriptor set for 'contrasts/contentions {of attitudes}' within the Bushista entity under the '3/three stinks' area. One way to interpret this is to see the attitude, along with the supporting attribute set as that which is 'required', *but* which the Bushista entity is incapable of performing. So we have a data set which includes the aspect of 'right timing', and a supporting set of 'waiting/biding {in} patience'. But as all of this is under 'contention with' as a leading aspect, we can interpret it totally as the Bushista entity, 'well advised to wait patiently in the face of developing scandal will, as per its nature, react hastily/stupidly/rapidly'. Within this set we also find the caution to 'perform/deliver consistency and self-discipline', while we all know that if Bush had self-discipline, he would not be Bush. So instead we project that the Bushista entity will 'lash out in uncontrollable emotional response to the big stink, and precipitate yet more 'secrets revealed' and hasten its own downfall'. The data set includes numerous references to 'waiting' all of which are supported with instances of wording going to the idea of 'waiting patiently' and even some which amplify that theme with 'for the ripeness {of the} fruit/time'. Of course we know that patient waiting will *not* be coming from the Bushista entity, and so it starts to make sense that a 'reaction to a big stink' near the end of May will set in motion events such that a 'rebellion' meme anchor can be seen in hindsight. In other words, what Bushista manifests as a reaction to circumstances in late May will be an anchor for subsequent events playing out over the Summer, and all of which will participate in the 'rebellion' emotional theme of the times. Further, given the lexical set, we can project that one of the 'harsh' elements of the 'incident' is shown as involving 'violence'. The 'violence' is shown as a 'reaction' to the 'big stink', a 'lashing out' which has the attribute of being 'without thought'. The consequences of the 'reactive lashing' is that 'innocents suffer/are injured'. These 'innocents' are identified as members of the populace of the USofA by way of cross links to the Populace/USofA entity. It is also possible to project, by the weight of the cross links between Bushista and the Markets entity, that the continuing exposure of the 'scandal' of a 'sexual nature' is likely to be 1/one of the 'big stinks'. In these cross links the data set is continuing to show that a 'relationship of layers/castes' is 'unraveling'. This last aspect has supporting attributes going to the image of 'explosions {in a} paper tube', and 'unwinding {springs} rip paper shields/masks'. Much of this language is derivative of both entities, and as such is indicating the complex interplay in which the 'scandal' will unfold. The image of the movement of these entities in modelspace is of a 'dance' of a 'very delicate nature' which will go 'horribly wrong'. This last is due to the Bushista entity *not* being able to 'hold {their} water' and they will 'snarl, project venom outward'. However, this 'projecting of venom outward' will backfire in a very serious way due to the confluence of the cited 'injury of innocents' and the 'public saying {of the} root/cause {of the} smell/malodorous wounds'. Further descriptors within this set go to paint a picture of actual 'body corruption' which we can take as an allegory to the 'body politic corruption' which is just now becoming well perceived as the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer starts to go vertical in a number of entities including the Bushista, Markets, Commodities, Populace/USofA, and TPTB. As a strange side note, watch for a 'secrets revealed' episode/event about Antarctica as a temporal marker for the second of the Big Stinks {ed note: second in magnitude, not necessarily arrival time}. It will be during this period of the '3/three stinks' that an alert observer will be able to note the appearance of the 'emotional power of the weak' as the data sets are indicating that the Bushista entity, 'lashing out in fear, rage' will be 'restrained' by the 'emotional power' of the populace. And the Bushista entity will not like

it one bit. This episode will also contain, at its core, the seeds for the 'rebellion' response echoes of Summer, as well as the manifestation of 'revolution' later in Fall.

Populace/USofA - Open Season on Vultures The Populace/USofA entity, as already discussed above, is going to encounter some very rough times this Summer. The data set of the Populace/USofA entity is still expressing several of our long running themes such as 'duality', and 'encounter with scarcity'. We also have newly strengthening themes which show a tendency to include 'violence' within their structures. Much of the 'encounter with scarcity' and 'restricted movements' meta data themes which are shown as pressing heavily down on the populace of the globe this Summer will begin in June within the Populace/USofA. {ed note: USofA thinks Summer begins after Memorial Day, the last Monday in May} The data sets are showing the continuing 'fracturing' of the 'old social milieu/order' within the Populace/USofA entity. What is emerging is a clustering of lexical sets around descriptors such as 'destruction', and as pointed out in previous parts of this series, 'transformation'. Much of what is shown within the supporting sets goes to the image of 'open season on vulture capitalism'. Admittedly a biased viewpoint, but one which is supported within the lexical sets at all the levels. We have aspect/attribute sets going to the idea of 'retribution {for} shortages {following} secrets revealed {about TPTB} advance/fore knowledge, and hoarding'. These areas show up as the core support areas for 'revolution' later in the year as the modelspace is progressed forward. In just the immediacy values, the 'response echoes' emotionally from the 'encounters with scarcity' are shown as being 'shocked readjustment/realignment' of 'view of world/modus vivendi/vita via'. These areas are both supportive of, and internally cross linked to, the 'social order/milieu/structure'. The data set shows a very large number of the lexical sets which are headed by 'shortages/encounter with scarcity' or are supportive of that theme are cross linked back to termination points within either Markets, Bushista, or TPTB. The implications of the 'encounter with scarcity' themes rising so precipitously within our accrued set of new values for immediacy is that a 'life changing' encounter with scarcity is about to impact a large segment of the populace of the USofA. This could also be a reasonably small shortage that would be very much hyped by teevee/mainstream media coverage such that it had a very large emotional impact on the populace at large. The descriptor set shows that the first 'reaction' to the 'sudden shock {of the} encounter with scarcity' is one of 'fear' and 'trepidation'. Both bespoke emotions are fully supported sets with very extensive cross links which brings out an interpretation of 'encounter with scarcity brings forth fear of death {due to} shortages'. The Populace/USofA entity, as well as GlobalPop, though to a lesser extent, continue to manifest imagery of 'shortages' over Summer which 'change the view of the world', and which are shown to 'impress/highlight/illuminate {the} dangers {of the} lack of supplies/resources'. This is a significant change of attitude which our data is indicating will be much discussed as a 'reason for behavior change' within the mainstream media. In fact, much of the whole of the 'encounter with scarcity' thread within the Populace/USofA is heavily cross linked over to the Press entity suggesting that with 'blinders off', some of the 'real story' will actually be made available. Not that you can tell humans a damn thing. Stubborn creatures insist on believing as they choose in spite of evidence to the contrary. Some, such as Gee Dubya, even make a career out of it. The 'Summer shortages' to hit the populace of the USofA are very heavily cross linked, but as we have had these showing up for about 2/two years now, are fairly well defined. The data set begins with manifestation of 'energy shortages' with attendant propagation to 'food', 'housing', 'medicine', and 'continuation'. This last is supported by 'well-being' and other wording going to 'contentment with world view' or 'place in scheme of things'. The 'shortages' of this Summer, in the midst of, and inter-related to the 'death of the dollar' and the 'collapse of confidence/government/officialdom', will so alter the 'world view' or 'personal perspective' of the populace at large, that a 'backlash/revenge' wave will be visible against the 'egregious sins/heinous cruelty' with which 'corporatism' is newly seen. Much of the language will emerge as referencing 'plague',

and 'fatal disease', as well as 'disfiguring disease' when the subject of 'vulture capitalism/corporatism/globalism' is discussed. The Populace/USofA entity is presenting a visually confusing picture. Much of this is due to the very heavy internal cross links, as well as the extensive external cross links. We note that 'dollar death' and 'global energy shortage/peak oil' cannot be effectively separated. Nor can the Gold/Silver/PM sub set of the Commodities entity be effectively examined absent the very extensive cross links from the Populace/USofA entity. Also as a side note, the largest number of accretion values for these cross links between Populace/USofA and the PM/Commodities have yet to materialize. The real strength in the cross links only starts coming on in late August and through Fall. The late August period is also yet another time in which we expect large amounts of mainstream media, as well as public, discussion about 'dollar death', and other woes of currencies. In the main, the harshest of the 'impacts {emotionally} of the encounters with scarcity' appear to settle around the related areas of 'living', as in the sense of 'employment', and 'food'. Both of these are intimately linked to, and mutually supportive of the impact of all of the 'shortages' on the 'housing market', and it is actually this area which seems to be the first to be largely impacted by our 'sudden shortages' of Summer. Previous parts of this series have already indicated that the 'housing market' globally, and specifically within the USofA have been showing as 'crushed' by 'shortages'. This showing within a thread for 'duality' which is multiplicitously running through the Populace/USofA entity. Some of the hints we have are for a 'return to nesting' for multiple generations as a new 'social meme/movement'. This is due to the collapse of the housing markets such that many young families will be forced back to the 'parents parents' for 'shelter'. Many of these threads indicate that this will *not* be a good thing, and *will be* extensive discussed on teevee. Further we see that the same thread also contains links showing that the period of the 'Summer shortages' with its attendant impact on the housing will be a 'respite' to the 'harshness' which will follow. Much of that language goes to 'food shortages/starvation' as a direct result of the 'sudden {presumed to be energy/oil} shortages of Summer'. And as if this is not complicated enough, the 'sudden shortages' which are shown as hitting the USofA in early Summer are also acting as the core to the lexical set showing a 'markets pause/hiatus' in late Summer, or early Fall. Again, we have no language indicating a markets or banking 'holiday', but much language instead going to the idea of a 'pause', or 'respite', or 'hiatus', or {ed note: at the most extreme end of the descriptor set} a 'suspension'. Again, this is directly tied to the 'shortages', but curiously has more links suggesting that it was the 'sudden-ness' of the 'shortage', rather than the 'shortage' itself which is the triggering factor of the 'hiatus' within the Markets entity some 2/two to 3/three months later. As noted, 'duality' will express itself all over the Populace/USofA entity this Summer as 'shortages' and 'encounters with scarcity' are amplified with 'restrictions on movement'. A further problem developing for the Populace/USofA over Summer and beyond into the rest of the year is being termed 'flight', though this is Igor's choice of two more-or-less equally weighted aspects, the other of which is 'abandonment'. From his perspective as a former military officer the choice comes down to the supporting attribute sets. Within these attributes we note a large number of lexical structures going to the idea of a 'wholesale flight/retreat {from} government/officialdom'. The idea coming out of the data is that this Summer, the 'shortages' will also extend to 'knowledge bases/historical perspective/skills' which will 'not be available/short supply' due to the 'abandonment/retreat {of the} craftsman/skilled employee class' from government service. Igor prefers the 'retreat' wording as it implies the ability to 'regroup' which is indeed one of our supporting aspects, while 'abandonment' implies that the 'field of battle, as well as the army' is given up for lost. In our data set, we do show that much of the 'hole left vacant by officialdom' will be 'met as needed' by 'volunteers'. Further, many of the 'volunteers' will come from the 'skilled classes'. This thread of 'volunteering' is growing, and has been showing up at many very low supporting levels for a few years. As a concept, the weighted progress of 'volunteer' under the various entities is showing early signs of a new meta data layer formation. In any case, the 'extreme weather/climate' problems also linked in to continental USofA, as well as Alaska, and Western Canada for this Summer and Fall, are shown by the modelspace as contributing to 'more rejection {of} enfeebled actions' by government in response. Much of this 'lack of skills' will be put directly to the 'middle flight'. Much of that exodus from officialdom is shown as a direct echo of the governmental response to the 'sudden shortages' which appear some months before the 'extreme weather'. Whew! Now that is a tangled skein of cross links.

To return to the headline theme of the 'open season on vultures' for a moment, it is safe to say that events, specifically shortages of necessary items, and their emotional impacts on the populace at large will set up this Summer as our 'national point of transformation'. Much the language within the Populace/USofA linked to the 'transformation' meta theme is also linked to, or participates within the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer, as well as the 'duality' meta data layer. So it is our interpretation that this summer will show 'duality' expressing itself in all sorts of areas from the 'dollar', markets, commodities, national policy, budget, and virtually any other area where contention could exist, it will. The immediacy value sets which suggest the description above are all carrying short term value sets which argue in favor of a '3/three month' echo effect. Our immediacy values usually cover from 3/three days to 3/weeks, with short-term values covering from '3/weeks to 3/months'. Again, more or less, and our timing is not that good. Usually off by a week or so. Without regard to our error level, we do show short term echoes emerging from the 'shortages'. Further, as noted within the previous parts of this series, a great deal of the language within the Populace/USofA entity concerned with or linked to the 'shortages' issue is painting a picture of something akin to what was faced by the USSR during the disintegration of the Soviet state. The first of the Populace/USofA trips to the 'USSR disintegration theme park' are showing for the 'release period' of July/August of this year. The modelspace is showing, through the accretion of the immediacy values for the Populace/USofA entity, that by the time of the June 'shortages', the 'case will be made'. In other words, as shown within the data set, the 'redress {of the} situation/circumstance' is 'impossible'. This is linguistically shown as being because 'past is past' or 'past is now history'. In any event, the 'shortages' bring about a 'mind change' not only due to the 'suffering of want', but also because of the 'recognition of inability {to} rectify/redress the situation'. It is this latter that is cross linked to the 'rebellion anchor point' within the Bushista entity. The impression is that actual events/circumstances under which the populace has to struggle will take a huge jump in harshness this Summer and the Bushista response will be judged to be bullshit by the masses. It is this Bushista response which is threaded forward in modelspace to the manifestation of both 'rebellion' and ultimately 'revolution' later in the year. Much of the language shown within the Populace/USofA which references this Bushista response is going to the image of 'twisted', or 'warped' and is specifically supported by the idea that the Bushista response demonstrates a 'twisted/warped point of view of reality'. Not a good thing for a dictator....oops, I mean...decider. On a more pragmatic level, the Populace/USofA entity is showing that 'energy supports all' and conversely when 'energy does not support', then much will fall. The 'shortages', other than 'energy' are shown as being local, and are described as both 'permanent' and 'temporary'. We are interpreting this to mean that we have 'permanent' albeit, 'floating' shortages. This could manifest itself as a 'national shortage' of say, copper wire, or other internationally traded commodity, but the 'shortage', while national is 'floating' in that not all areas are affected equally all the time. The energy shortages are shown as permanent, and 'pervasive'. Further we get descriptors which paint pictures of areas without 'fuel' or 'trucking' for weeks at a time. And, as natural response to the degradation of the JustInTime supply system, expect the self-organizing populace to begin to express itself just as has been seen in USSR, Argentina, Cuba, and other complex social systems suffering shutdowns.

Markets - Catharsis Uno Comes, Lumps in the Stomach. The current state of the Markets entity is a case of domination by one aspect/attribute set with several others providing an upward push on the emotive sums. The current dominant aspect/attribute set goes to the idea of 'oppressive, mal function, hampered, erratic' and other lexical descriptors for the idea of a time of 'things not running smoothly'. An alternate interpretation would go to a state of 'oppressive, heavy-handed control, monotheistic/central'.

As the Markets entity is progressed through the immediacy value set gathered in the last 2/two weeks of data acquisition, we get a visual impression of 'tension', with lexical support for the idea coming from aspect/attribute sets such as 'knot too/excessive tight', and 'pipes bound {together/into each other} crimp/clamp flow'. The immediacy value set is very definitive as the Markets entity is progressed over the next 3/three weeks to a month, the dominant aspect goes from 'oppressive/smothering' to 'catharsis'. An alternate interpretation of the rising to dominance aspect/attribute set also goes to the idea of 'sudden release of {bound/stifled} energies', or 'explosion of noise/sound/activity, release of pressure'. Of course, much of the 'tension', and 'pressure' aspect/attribute sets are being held within the aspect/attribute set for 'dollar, us-of-a'. And again, with the very extensive cross links, the 'dollar' aspect is indicating a very difficult time for 'dollar shareholders' this Summer. As we are processing immediacy values during this time, and as our timing can be {ed note: usually is} off by several weeks, we can place a boundary of May 15th through to the week of June 6th as the area in which our modelspace is pointing for our 'catharsis'. The data set is also showing a '5/five of 6/six transformation'. This is a curious wording, and rises from the data set repeatedly within differing contexts for the Markets. It is also held directly within the Markets entity, and is not derived from cross links. It may be signaling a '5/6ths' change or alteration of either valuations, or relationships within valuations. Much of the change language, housed under the aspect of 'transformation', is immediacy driven, but seems to gain strength as we reach the end of the 3/three week period and start moving into the short term value set. Again though the 'transformation' is heavily linked out to the other entities and may be suggesting that something like the 'scandal, sexual nature' which will 'unfold heat with a blanket, danger' will end up driving 'catharsis' to its conclusion. The impression given by the entity is of a condition of 'balance' between 'dangerous extremes' which is about to come 'unloose/released'. This 'balanced motion' is shown as 'fueling extreme response, feverish catharsis' when it breaks loose. Some of the lexical sets involved go to 'blinded and entangled {in lies}, {short term/immediate} gratification drives desperate actions/behavior'. Also this area is heavily linked to 'slaves', and to 'slave labor'. Other, proximate or temporally related sets go to the idea of 'incessant complaining {ed note: think teevee}, eating/digesting past events bring foul bile {to the} mouth'. This last is part of a very complex set of inter linkages which include the meta data layer of 'secrets revealed', as well as much of the 'post catharsis' data which has been accumulated. The idea coming across is that during the manifestation of the 'markets catharsis', the 'incessant complaining' will be focused on, and driven by, the 'exposure' of 'undigested past events'. The data set goes on to provide descriptors for 'undigested' and 'lumps, resident/sitting {in the} stomach, fetid, foul'. Also driving the Markets entity are immediacy sets headed by aspect/attributes such as 'idiocy', and 'selfdelusion', and 'lack of sense'. These in turn are supported by sets containing 'abandonment', 'suspicious friends {become/transform into} hostile strangers', and 'acts of repentance follow admission of sin'. More in this vein suggests a very interesting period for the Markets as the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer would seem to be rising to near vertical in this entity over the course of this Summer. Much of the 'undigested lumps of past actions' are described as 'bringing foul bile to the taste'. This in turn is seen as 'burning/fouling minds, altering/transforming relations'. This last area is supported by timing clues for a 'multi-generational' reaction of '43/forty-three years'. Of course much of the Markets entity's 'catharsis' is being driven by the 'dollar, us-of-a'. This sub set of the entity, including its cross links is headed by an aspect of 'fini', or alternatively 'completion'. The data set, as well as the aspect descriptor are very bluntly pointing to a 'completion {of the} dollar {as} currency'. This is again building upon, and reinforcing our lexical clues already presented for 'dollar death'. While the discussion so far on the 'dollar death' has been primarily driven by lexical structures within Populace/USofA, there is a substantial amount of data under the 'fini/completion' sub set for the 'dollar' within Markets as to be able to interpret this data as also going to the idea of a 'completion of the concept, si se fini'. The idea reinforced by the supporting sets is of a 'cycle' which is 'now finished' as the 'dollar {is completely} debt-filled'. Very repitiously the data continues to bring up imagery of a 'dollar transformation

{into} vapor' over the course of Summer. The Markets entity is replete with immediacy values which go to the idea of 'catharsis {with Markets} begins {in} early Summer' and that the 'shedding of pent up emotional tension' which is the 'catharsis' will begin with the 'exposure' of the 'enormous house' being only a 'shell {to} conceal a poor/bereft interior'. This latter is specifically focused at, and contains numerous references to the 'federal reserve bank' and its 'private shareholders'. The 'secrets revealed' meta data layer starts to significantly drive this area of the entity around the first part of June. Within the progress of the modelspace, the 'dollar death' accretion pattern suggests that we are dealing with '2/two spikes' of 'exposure of disease/diseased state'. One spike in the dollar death scenario begins in late May to early June and is captured by the Populace/USofA entity as being around the 'start of summer' which is May 30th, more or less for the USofA. The second spike comes later in the Summer, and precedes only slightly the rapid jump in emotional tension values which starts on the last day of August. Again, the second spike is also addressing the 'diseased condition' of the 'dollar', and this occurrence will 'foretell the time remaining/toll the bells' for the usefulness of the USofA dollar as a currency. The impression given by the data as it is shown in modelspace is that the 'dollar death' takes place over the course of 4/four months or so. The largest emotional impact is seen just before the 'conflict' meta data layer starts up in September, and it is intimately involved within the formation of this meta data layer. Further the whole of this area of Markets is covered with cross links over to the other entities, and more specifically to the meta data layers now playing out. It is as though the meta data layers will reach a 'peak of influence' over the course of Summer within the Markets as 'cycles reach/obtain completion'. It may take several years for the dollar to totally come unglued, but our data is suggesting the possibility that over the course of the 4./four months from June through September, the cycle for the dollar will reach its completion point of 100/one-hundred per cent debt, or as the data set aspect/attribute says 'no value/worth'. Iraq/Bush Wars - Cruds of May Much of the language describing the 'reversals of fortune' which is projected as manifesting for the populace entities is linked to a 'reversal of fortune' for the USofA within the area of the 'bush wars of aggression'. The data set is indicating that 2/two very large 'reversals of fortune' within the Iraq war will occur before or around the 'Summer solstice'. Further, these 'reversals of fortune' are described as being 'inherent in the seed', or 'germinated at the start'. Both of these reversals also appear to be internal to Iraq issues, rather than external pressures. In either case, Bush will be labeled as 'loser' and 'failure' as "commander in chief" as a result of early Summer manifesting circumstances within his personality driven wars. The lexical clues are for the mainstream media to repeatedly hammer home the message that the 'iraq war' was the 'largest/greatest strategic and tactical blunder in American history' without exception. Further the language suggests that comparisons will be made such that the idea comes across that the 'Iraq war makes Viet Nam look like a complete success'. Noting in passing that the 'Bush wars of aggression' are heavily cross linked at many levels to the 'dollar death' language in both Markets and Populace/USofA. An obvious interpretation is that the wars are a proximate debt-cause which acts as a trigger for the 'completion of the cycle' in that the debt levels induced by the Bush cabal push the dollar down to 'zero value'. The interrelated nature of the entities also are pointing out the impacts on the wars of both the 'dollar death', and the 'encounters with scarcity'. Also noting in passing that the area associated with all things 'war' or 'military' within the Populace/USofA entity has, over the past year, been very slowly building an area of data which suggests that this year, 2006, will initiate events/circumstances which will cause the USofA as a body-politic to decide to 'withdraw' all soldiers from 'all foreign lands', and to start on a path where it will be nearly a 'complete saeculum' before any change in the military stance is considered. A complete saeculum would be 100/one-hundred years, or the approximate span of a long human life. Within this data set, it is the labeling of the 'commander in chief' as an 'abysmal failure', and the 'worst c-i-c in history' which will act as the initiator for the emergence of 'revolution' from the already brewing and manifesting 'rebellion'. Also as an interesting aside, expect to hear repeated cries of 'mutiny' by the Bush cabal over events/circumstances in the next few months. When words labeling parts of the military as 'mutineers' or 'rebellious' appear, they can be taken as a temporal marker for the appearance of the second

of the two 'dollar death' spikes. The second one also involves a large number of 'foreign entities/institutions'.

Terra - Land Swap 90 East The data sets of immediacy values within the Terra entity continue to reinforce the idea of a Summer of 'volcanoes'. The newer data set has gone on to augment this lexical structure with aspect/attribute sets for an 'underseas mountain' which is described as 'currently/temporarily' having 'water {on} top the mountain'. However, within this lexical set the idea of a 'swap' or 'reversal' of these circumstances is explicitly supported. This goes along with the previously reported in earlier ALTA series of this year for '2/two new lands rising'. Further data within the Terra entity suggests that 'major/significant atmosphere changes/alterations' will be a 'long term' result of the Summer of volcanoes. Another component of concern for the humans and other fleas on the back of planet earth are shown within the Terra entity continuing pre-occupation with 'water' of all forms. Not only is 'rainwater' showing as a very large change agent in human life, but we are still showing data accruing for a 'coastal flooding' which will have 'global effects'. This is not to say that the 'coastal flooding' will be global. Rather our data suggests that the 'coastal flooding' will participate in the 'shortages', especially impacting on 'energy'. This latter is both production, and delivery. There is also much to suggest that there will be '2/two interconnected' wave/flooding events. Again, these are seen as tied to the 'volcanoes' though they appear in the data set after the accretion of the values for the 'volcano summer' and as such may be referring to a 'subsequent flooding' which will/could occur after a significant volcanic eruption. As a further note on the subject, this area of the flooding is also tied to the 'underseas mountain' which is apparently going to 'reverse its position' relative to the water. There are lexical sets going to the idea of the 'sliding {to the} east {of the} shoulders' of this underseas mountain. Again noting that we have consistently shown '90 east' as being a particular geographic reference associated with this 'flooding initiator' the interpretation is for some new lands to emerge within the Indian Ocean north of Antarctica on the 90 East Longitude marker. The alternate interpretation would still have activity at that area, but without any visible signs of new lands, but with 'underseas' volcano activity which induces coastal flooding in nearby energy-sector sensitive areas. Conclusion: ALTA 1006 - Part 6 - Complex System Degradation, Change in Diet Accepting as a postulate that complex systems are the aggregation of elements of simplicity such that relationships between the elements exceed the number of elements themselves, it can be logically extended that breakdown within complex systems can occur at either the layer of the elements, or at the level of the relationships. Consider the notched wheel, or gear. A simple device, executed in say a capstan for winching loads with human or animal labor. In order for the capstan device to malfunction, it must exhibit failure at the elemental level. That is to say, something physical must break. Now take the same notched wheel, the gear, aggregated together with several dozens of others, and a clock may be built. A true complex system, the clock can suffer failure, or dysfunction at either the level of the individual notched wheel, in which case the whole of the system shuts down, or it may suffer failure at the relationship level between the gears, in which case the whole of the system may become useless/unworkable. Also as a complex system, the clock may be 'broken' yet not have any single element operating out of specification range, but it may have two or more elements at extreme ends of their effective operational range such that the whole of the system goes blooey/kaput, and getting reliable time slices out of the clock disappears as an option. Now consider the human social order on planet earth as a complex system which is composed of the aggregation of complex systems. The relationship totals become staggeringly complex, and some small hint of the 'reality of universe' is viewed. Also consider that while usually 'self adjusting', the complex systems for life on earth are increasingly pressured by stressors at all levels.

It helps to also bear in mind that complex systems, as with the example of a clock, are nothing if not cyclic in nature. As are relationships, emotions, and their manifestations within the populace. Our work is indicating that a number of cycles within the complex systems are completing. When cycles complete, relationships change which induces profound transformation pressures within the complex system. Also we have both modelspace and manifesting reality noting that the planetary environment itself is changing, as it the solar system and its environment. Along with these pressures, much of the 1006 series is pointing to relationship cycles completing this year which in many cases are exceptionally long cyclic periods. A related postulate is that the longer the cycle, the heavier the emotional relationship load it carries. In viewing the charts above, and those presented in earlier parts to this series, consider the months of May/June and note that this is a period of 'building emotional tension'. Now examine the months of August through to mid March of next year. This is also a period of building emotional tension. Note how the 'times feel now', and amplify that significantly by the increase hinted at by the trend lines in the chart. Something wicked, and big, this way comes. Of course we need to remember that what is headed our way is the sum total of bizillions of individual elements within the complex system and the ripples going through the relationships amongst the elements. Not a 'thing' per se. It is our conclusion from the 1006 series data that this year, 2006 is a 'fulcrum year' in which we will 'cross the threshold' and then be on the slippery slope down into mega change of the complex systems which surround and sustain us. All of our data for this series pushes for a view of the relationships of damn near everything being in a state of flux/change potential. Those areas not yet pressured to the point of change are shown as being made so by events of early Summer through to Fall. Change comes to us all, apparently this year, and this Summer, more so than most. Deeply, disturbingly, intimately, and personally, change is coming at very low levels, including the elemental levels within the complex systems which are life, here on earth. As the Chinese expression goes, "to the ordinary person/human, change is either a blessing or a curse. To the wise/aware person, change is only challenge." Or, as the extreme yoga movement of the 8/eighth century BCE also had it, "the sanyassin {aware individual} eats time and drinks change the way ordinary men eat fruit, and drink milk". For all of us, it would seem a change of diet is being recommended by universe. Stay hungry, never know when a tasty bit of change will come your way. Peace. Igor and Clif.

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