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Vol XI, No. 2, June 2012

Table of Contents
Secretarys Message 02 Forthcoming events. 03 Congratulations.. 03 Announcements 03 Elections.. Obituary 04 Constitutional Amendments 05 Minutes of EC meeting. 06 NSI Academic Forum. 18 Tariff for Advertisement in Newsletter 16 Secretariat Information 21

From the Secretarys pen.

Dear Friends, I post myself before you as a secretary Neurological Society of India for the first time through this newsletter which is a very important document in NSI administration. My predecessor Dr V Rajshekhar has created a commendable platform on which I need to perform. His last newsletter Vol. XI, No. 1 is testimony for the same. I pick threads from what he has written and wish to intimate you all that we are going to be paperless secretariat and will be available on e-communication only. I wish to suggest you that to remain connected, please ensure your correct email address and phone numbers to the secretariat urgently failing which you may miss important communication. This year NEUROCON 2012 is slated for Delhi NCR from 19th to 22nd December 2012. Our guest society will be German Neurosurgeon Society. All efforts are being made to have a feast of scientific deliberations along with memorable evening programmes. I invite you all to participate in the conference and register yourself as per schedule published in the brochure of the NEUROCON 2012. It will be a lifetime opportunity to participate into inland and abroad joint venture of packed scientific programme. Also please make yourself available for the general body meeting to be held on 20th December 2012. GBM is an opportunity available once a year to see through the administrative activities of NSI and to influence the policy decisions. I exhort you all not to miss this opportunity. With best wishes Prof R C Mishra Hon Secretary, NSI Executive Committee Members (2012-2014) Executive Committee - 2012
Neurosurgery President
Dr. K. E. Turel, E-mail: Dr. P. Sarat Chandra, Email: Dr. Manas Panigrahi, Email: Dr. V. P. Singh, Email:

President Elect
Dr. C. E. Deopujari, E-Mail:

Dr. Muralidharan Nair, Dr. A. Panagariya,

Secretary (2012-2014)
Dr. R. C. Mishra, Email:

Treasurer (2012-2014)
Dr. Deepu Banerji, Email:

Allied Specialities
Dr. Vani Santhosh, EMail:

Editor (2009-2014)
Dr. J.M.K. Murthy, Email:

Past Presidents
Dr. S. K. Prabhakar Email: Dr. V. K. Jain E-mail:

2/4Ab, Swadeshi Bima Nagar Civil Lines, Agra 282002 (UP)

Past Secretary
Dr. V Rajshekhar Email:


Forthcoming Events
Hands on Workshop Course NEUROTRAUMA 2012 Spine 2012 SKULLBASE 2012 CNS 2012 Annual Meeting NEUROPEDICON 2012 WFNS Education Course NEUROCON 2012

28 29 July 17 - 19 Aug. 13 - 16 Sept. 23 - 24 Sept. 6 - 10 Oct. 1 - 2 Nov. 9 10 Nov. 19 - 22 Dec.

Chennai Kochi Chennai Mumbai Chicago Delhi Bhubane swar Delhi

Dr K Sridhar Dr Rajshekhar Dr R R Ravi Dr J K B C Parthiban Dr V Soundappan Dr Suresh Sankhla CNS Dr Deepak K Gupta Prof. Dr P K Sahoo Dr Sarat P Chandra

Website NSI website is in the process of being revamped and made more functional & appealing. All members, institutions may forward their URL identity & emails immediately to the webmaster at (with a copy to the secretary at so that data may be updated.

News from WFNS (I) Trust WFNS (I) Trust has received a donation of Rs. 4.00 lacs through the kind efforts of Dr. V. S. Mehta and Dr. Ashish Suri from the savings of Neurovascon 2011 held at AIIMS, New Delhi. WFNS (India) Trust thanks ISPN Goa Meeting for the donation of Rs. 1.25 Lacs Applications for grants from WFNS (I) Trust are invited from neurosurgeon members and associate members of NSI, for attending inland conferences ( except annual NSI conferences), overseas conferences, training in Indian or Centres abroad. Please access application form from NSI website

Congratulations Dr B K Misra, Chairman, Neurosurgery Dept. of Neurosurgery, P D Hinduja Mumbai has taken over as President Elect for World Federation of Skull Base Surgery only to take over as Presidnet after 4 years for 4 years term. Dr. Kalyan B Bhattacharyya has been nominated as FRCP (Edin). He has been appointed as Visiting Professor, King's College & Hospital, London and Invited Lecturer, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. He has also been appointed as Co-editor in Chief of the journal, Parkinson's Disease and Restless Leg Syndrome. He has been appointed as Board Member, WFN, Movement Disorders Group.

We are sorry to report the demise of Dr PPS Mathur Jaipur, Dr D N Pal Delhi, Dr Vijaysheel Kumar Delhi, and Dr K Jagannathan Chennai. We offer our condolences to the bereaved family.

Nominations for President Elect

Nominations are invited for the post of President Elect of Neurological Society of India. Please send in your nominations to the returning officer Dr Chandrashekhar Deopujari Off. 126 B Medical Research Centre Bombay Hospital12, New Marine Lines Mumbai 400 020 by 30th September 2012. by post and by email both. Please follow the deadlines. Last date for filing nominations Intimation to candidates / withdrawal if any Last date for withdrawal of candidature : 30th September 2012. : 10th October 2012 : 22 October 2012

The nomination forms are available on the website : PS : Please note that no aspiring NSI officer / office bearer shall hold any post of executive body of any organization / parallel body. It is mandatory for being eligible for the above post. The necessary amendment on the website form is being done as per decision of executive committee.

Bids for hosting the Annual meeting of Neurological society of India 2015
Bids are invited for annual meeting of Neurological Society of India NEUROCON 2015 from across all members of NSI. The bid forms are available on NSI website for downloads. Please note that the last date for sending the bids is 30th November 2012. Please go through the requirements in the forms available and also ensure the requirements as per bye laws.


2012 Delhi

2013 Mumbai

2014 - Coimbatore

Educational Activities of NSI Programmes devoted to Young Neurosurgeons

Post Graduate Instructional Course in form of lectures and Mock examinations Twice an year in August & February for Final year MCh / DNB students Hands on Workshop on Skull Base, Vascular & Endoscopic subjects in form of drilling, endo navigation and micro anastamosis NSI Training Fellowship Programme
a) Tenure of the fellowship-3 weeks to 3 months., b) Placement will be at premier institute in India Contact :

Constitution Amendment Notice

The following amendments to the bylaws of the Neurological Society of India, were proposed by Dr V G Ramesh. 1. Zonal representation for the Executive Committee: The five members of the Executive Committee will represent the five zones of India, namely, North, South, East, West and Central. There will be one member from each zone. 2. Banning members from rival association from holding NSI post:
Those members who are Office-bearers or Executive Committee members of other National Neurological/Neurosurgical/Neuro-allied Speciality Associations are not eligible to hold any post of Office-bearer or Executive Committee of the Neurological Society of India during the tenure of the post.

EC Views on the amendments

1. Zonal representation There is no need to change the present status as the spirit of integrated body of Neurological Society of India inclusive of Neurology, Neurosurgery and allied neurosciences will be adversely affected with the proposed change. 2. Banning members from rival associations from holding NSI posts After thorough detailed deliberations on the issue EC resolved that: A. The definition of rival / parallel / other neurosurgical bodies was not clear and it could not be clearly defined. It needs further deliberations with more inputs. B. The phrasing of the constitutional amendment proposed was not in proper shape and hence decision to send back the amendment to Dr V G Ramesh for rephrasing was taken C. The EC had decided unanimously that no NSI EC member can hold any EC post in any other organization of neurology / neurosurgery / allied while serving the term with NSI. This will be put as mandatory clause when nominations for the post will be published. D. If an NSI EC member subsequently becomes an EC member of a rival organisation then he will automatically be stripped of his NSI EC post. E. The above decision will not be applicable in retrospect.

Minutes of the Mid-term EC Meeting of NSI held at Hotel Trident, Mumbai, on 21st & 22nd April, 2012
Meeting attended by:
Keki E Turel, Chandrashekhar Deopujari, R C Mishra, Deepu Banerji, V P Singh, P Sarat Chandra, Manas Panigrahi, Ashok Panagariya, M D Nair, Sudesh Prabhakar, V K Jain, V Rajshekhar, Suresh Sankhla. The President welcomed the members present in the house and the meeting was called to order.

2012/April/MTEC/01 - Obituary
The Secretary informed the members about the sad demise of Dr PPS Mathur Jaipur, Dr D N Pal Delhi, Dr Vijaysheel Kumar Delhi, and Dr Jagannathan Chennai. The council stood in silence for one minute to pay homage and respect to the departed souls.

2012/April/MTEC/02 - Congratulations
The house was informed about Col. Ray the founder of Neurosurgery in the Armed Forces turns hundred on the 7th May of this year. Council advised that the secretary will send him greetings on behalf of the NSI. It was also discussed that NSI could invite him to the annual conference in Delhi to felicitate him. Resolved to publish about him in the next newsletter of NSI.

2012/April/MTEC/03 Congratulations
The Secretary then informed about Dr P S Ramani who had received the Goa Today Man of the year Award. The news was heartily appreciated by the council.

2012/April/MTEC/04 - Minutes of EC Meeting December 2011

The council discussed and finalized the minutes of the last EC Meetings held in December 2011 after deliberating with Dr. Rajshekhar, the past secretary. The minutes have already been circulated in the newsletter

2012/April/MTEC/05 - Secretarys Report

The secretary informed the house about the activities done so far and placed his appreciation about Dr Rajshekhars contribution on record regarding the monumental work done so far for the smooth running of the society which was duely applauded. He requested the co-operation of all the members in the direction of progress of the society. He exhorted all to rise to the occasion of challenges faced by the society and build upon the existing pillars of growth, development, integration and education.

2012/April/MTEC/06 - Arbitration Committee

The Secretary informed that the Arbitration Committee has been formed as per guidelines of NSI and Dr. Subhash Dharkar, Jaipur is the chairperson with Dr. K Ganapathy, Chennai as a member with an advocate from Agra, Mr. Devendra Vajpayee who also happens to be the ex-president of the Bar Council of Agra. The details of the arbitration committee have been put up on the NSI website.

2012/April/MTEC/07 - Website
The Secretary informed about the details about payment gateway which has been updated as per the mail received from web developer Mr. Chandrasekharan from Ms. Chimera Technologies. The secretary expressed his concerns regarding the working of the website pertaining to address updations. Dr. Rajshekhar informed that work on the website is in progress and it will be updated soon. Dr Sarat Chandra proposed a new vendor from Delhi to assist him in the website updations. After deliberations EC finally resolved that instead of searching for a new vendor the drawbacks of the current website may be identified and then the matter may be taken up with the person who is already working on the website for 5 years. The efforts to renovate the website as per Dr Sarat Chandras proposal were discussed. He has been requested to give a formal practical roadmap for the same.

2012/April/MTEC/08 - Central Office / Virtual Office / E-Office

The Secretary stressed the need for the setting up the central office of NSI. Dr. Deopujari informed the house that NSI never had a central office and now it was time for NSI to have the same. Dr R C Mishra put up a proposal from Event Architects regarding handling the secretariat. Deliberations were made on the matter. It was then decided that the President, Secretary and Treasurer of NSI take up the task of finding out the options to start up a Central Office and to get a tender for virtual office and to inform the EC about the developments through e-circulation. In reference to this matter Dr V K Jain Vice President Asian Austrasian Society of Neurological Surgeons, intervened with suggestion for bringing the contract between Asian Austrasian Society of Neurological Surgeons with Kennes regarding running the affairs of the society to NSI for understanding the road map.

2012/April/MTEC/09 - E-voting Legal / Technical Issues

The Secretary then informed the EC about the legal aspects of E-voting. He informed that he had been asked to take up a legal opinion about e-voting. He confirmed that there is no case regarding e-voting in any court of law in the country. He also informed about the advantage of having e-voting where the number of people voting can be increased. It was suggested to take an opinion poll of the members of NSI on the matter and then it can be passed in the next GBM. It was then decided by the EC that the new Membership Forms should include a column for Email address, which should be mandatory. The secretary then noted that e-voting is already acceptable in the bye-laws of NSI. He also informed that a module for online voting is ready with the website providers Chimera Technologies. It was resolved to seek legal opinion on online voting.

2012/April/MTEC/10 - Publishing Members Directory - Paper or DVD

The secretary informed that the last directory was published in 2002. It was discussed by the EC that the members information is already there on the website and hence there is no need to publish a separate directory. Resolved that the membership directory be put up as a DVD with measures to be taken up for security of the data and to generate funds for the NSI in the form of advertisements.

2012/April/MTEC/11 - Photo id for all members

The secretary informed the house that Photo-ids were started with the idea of stopping non-members / associate members from attending the GBM. Deliberations were made on the relevance of photo-ids in todays context. It was resolved that photo-id has no purpose today and hence not required.

2012/April/MTEC/12 - E-certificate to all members

The secretary informed the council that there had been mails from members requiring a membership certificate stating that they are members of the society. Resolved that certificate be designed and the member can generate them from the website. It was also resolved that membership certificate can be issued for the new members and information about membership certificate be put up on the website.

2012/April/MTEC/13 - Seed Money for Annual Conferences

The secretary informed the council about the request of Dr Sankhla for seed money for the annual conference 2013. Resolved that the clause of Rs. 300000/- can be changed to 500000/- now due to inflationary trends and the amount be transferred to organizing secretarys account. It is being given 2 years in advance as now the conferences are decided 2 years in advance. It will continue to be a recoverable loan without interest.

2012/April/MTEC/14 - Bids for Symposia 2013 Mumbai

The secretary informed about the bids for symposia for the annual conference 2013 at Mumbai. There were three bids for the neurology and 5 bids for neurosurgery symposia. All were in order. Discussions took place at length and decision was taken as following. Neurology symposium : Evidence informed management of Neurological Disorders Convener : Dr R Sridharan, Chief Consultant Neurologist Apollo Hospital Chennai Neurosurgery symposium : Degenerative Cervical Spine

Convener : Dr Deepu Banerji Successful bidders will be informed about the same along with guideleines existing as per bye laws.

2012/April/MTEC/15 - Elections 2012

The secretary informed the house that this year elections will be held only for the post of President Elect. The procedure and the cut-off dates for nominations for the elections for the year will be published in the newsletter.

2012/April/MTEC/16 - WFNS meeting at Seoul 2013 and related issues

NSI participation in the Seoul WFNS Meeting was discussed. Members suggested that the President and Secretary can send a list of speakers from which the WFNS can select for Invited Speakers. The members can be informed about the WFNS Meeting through mass mailings.

2012/April/MTEC/17 - Digitalization of all records and storage

Discussion was made for digitalization of all records of the members. The members advised that they have proposals for the same and shall be mailing them to the secretary. It was then resolved that the details about the same will be worked out later.

2012/April/MTEC/18 - Webcast / Podcast Annual Conference Proceedings

Dr. P Sarat Chandra informed that the details of the same are being worked out and it will be done for the annual conference. Deliberations were made regarding the details. It was then resolved that the details regarding the copyright, cost issues will be taken up by Dr. Sarat Chandra and will inform the secretary.

2012/April/MTEC/19 - Proposed Constitutional Amendments & Bye Laws

A letter by Dr VG Ramesh (Parallel Society EC & Membership Issue) was discussed who has proposed 2 amendments. 1. Zonal representation There is no need to change the present status as the spirit of integrated body of Neurological Society of India inclusive of Neurology, Neurosurgery and allied neurosciences will be adversely affected with the proposed change. The same shall be put up in the newsletter and then to be taken up in the General Body in December 2012. 2. Banning members from rival associations from holding NSI posts After thorough detailed deliberations on the issue EC resolved that F. The definition of rival / parallel / other neurosurgical bodies was not clear and it could not be clearly defined. It needs further deliberations with more inputs. G. The phrasing of the constitutional amendment proposed was not in proper shape and hence decision to send back the amendment to Dr V G Ramesh for rephrasing was taken H. The EC had decided unanimously that no NSI EC member can hold any EC post in any other organization of neurology / neurosurgery / allied while serving the term with NSI. This will be put as mandatory clause when nominations for the post will be published. I. If an NSI EC member subsequently becomes an EC member of a rival organisation then he will automatically be stripped of his NSI EC post. J. The above decision will not be applicable in retrospect.

2012/April/MTEC/20 - Letters to be discussed / read

The Secretary informed about the letter written by Dr V K Jain regarding the mandatory registration of State / City Neuro Clubs / Societies with the Neurological Society of India as the conferences are given to these regional societies. Consensus was reached to make intensive campaign regarding above matter through personal contacts and other available means. The secretary then read a letter by Dr Ashok Panagariya regarding Integrated approach towards training & teaching in neurosciences for conducting CME and teaching programmes for PG Students and young scientists. The letter was welcome by all members and reemphasis on the subject was well appreciated in the interest of comprehensive training in Neurosurgeries.

The Secretary then read a letter from Thieme Publishers about The Journal of Neurological Surgery from Thieme publishers at special rates. The publishers were requesting for the email addresses of the members of NSI. IT was decided that the company should purchase database at the rate published and should contact individually without using the NSI loop. Letter from Dr Shekhar Kurpad Chairman, Membership Committee of CNS proposed for an increase in the membership of CNS by NSI members. The EC was of the view that mass mailing can be done to all NSI members regarding the membership of CNS. He also asked about collaboration between AASAN-NSI regarding conduct of CME programmes during the NSI annual conference and also exchange programmes between the two societies. Discussions were made for incorporating the same in the NSI Conference. A separate symposium is not possible for Delhi conference in 2012, however a parallel session of NSI-AASAN is possible in the afternoon. A possibility of more space in Mumbai 2013 conference was discussed more deliberations are needed in this direction. Intimation to Dr Shekhar Kurpad to be made. A letter from Dr Manoj Tewari regarding archives issue was read. The trailing mails on this issue including Dr Rajshekhars latest reply was tabled and it was decided that the new publication which has taken over Medknow has to be contacted for updating the e-archives in the best possible way. Same shall be communicated to Dr Manoj Tewari.

2012/April/MTEC/21 AASAN- NSI Collaboration

There was a discussion in the meeting regarding increased interaction between AASAN and NSI on an annual basis and not just as a one off event. One suggestion was the participation of an AASAN member (resident or junior faculty) in the award session of the NSI annual conference. The proposal is as follows: AASAN will invite abstracts (with full papers submitted) for presentation at the NSI annual conference before June 30th every year from eligible AASAN members The committee to discuss the criteria will be formed between NSI & AASAN executive. NSI will waive registration fees for the conference and provide accommodation during the conference. The awardee will be allowed to make an Oral Presentation (12 minutes + 3 minutes discussion) during the Award Papers session on Day one of the conference.

2012/April/MTEC/22 - Awards & Orations for 2012

The Secretary informed the EC about previous orators for Dr Jacob Chandi Oration (once in two years) and Dr RG Ginde Oration (once in three years) which are due in 2012 : The decision taken were as follows. Dr Jacob Chandi Oration be awarded to Dr Majid Samii, Germany and Dr RG Ginde Oration to Dr Yong-Kwang Tu, Taiwan.

2012/April/MTEC/23 - Treasurers Report

Dr. Deepu Banerjee presented the Treasurer Report. He thanked Dr. Deo Pujari for doing an excellent job for the last 3 years. After December national conference in Bangalore, total new members joining USI were 87 out of which life members were 27 (NS = 25 (Neurosurgeons) , NP = 2 (Neurophysician)) and associate members were 60. Dr. Deopujari st informed that from 1 of April 2012 new rates of the membership will be incorporated.

*Major Expenditure 1) Payment made for CME book Rs 5,26, 473 (byward books). 2) Subscription fees WFNS World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Membership fees for 1109 NSI members (1109 X USD 8 = USD 8872 + bank charges ) = INR 4, 39, 138 /3) Money paid for orations (Bangalore Conference 2011):

Prof. Broggi Prof. Servadei Total

Rs 33509 (EURO 500) Rs 33509 (EURO 500) Rs 67018

Italy Italy

Oration Oration

Inclusive Bank charges

4) Travelling Fellowship Paid To Residents And Young Neurosurgeons (After Bangalore conference 2011) : Sr. No. NAME AMOUNT DEPARTMENT Dept. of Neurosurgery, Govt. Stanley Medical College, Chennai Dept. of Neurosurgery, Madurai Medical College, Madurai Dept. of Neurosurgery, Madurai Medical College, Madurai Dept. of Neurosurgery, Madurai Medical College, Madurai Department of Neurosurgery, Madras Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, Chennai - 3 Department of Neurosurgery, Madras Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, Chennai - 3 Department of Neurosurgery, Madras Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, Chennai - 3 Department of Neurosurgery, Madras Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, Chennai - 3 DETAILS TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP

Dr Rajkumar Gandhi

Rs 4230

Dr K Sivakumar

Rs 4540

Dr H M Baba Dhoulath Khan

Rs 4540

Dr N. Arun Kumar

Rs 4540

Dr N Saravanan

Rs 2500

Dr S. Jothikumar

Rs 2500


Dr A Sendil Kumar

Rs 2500


Dr. Manoranjitha Kumari

Rs 2500



Rs 27850

5) Nurses travelling fellowships (After Bangalore conference 2011) : TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP Kerala TRAVELLING FELLOWSHIP

1 2

Neuro-nurse Neuro-nurse

Mrs J Revathy Mrs Angela Gnanadurai Total

Rs. 3000 Rs. 5200 Rs 8200/-

6) Awards at Bangalore Neurocon 2011 :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Dr Kumbhar Kartik Dr Shejoy P. Joshua Dr S.S. Dhandapani Dr Mazda Turel Dr Aliasgar V. Moiyadil Dr Anirudh Kulkarni Dr Deepak Kumar Singh Dr N. Arunkumar Dr M Ganesh Kumar Dr Deepak Agarwal Total

Rs 5000 Rs 5000 Rs 5000 Rs 5000 Rs 2500 Rs 2500 Rs 5000 Rs 5000 Rs 2500 Rs 2500 Rs 40000


7) Paid to Neurological Society of India Rs 50, 000 /- to Secretarys Account. 8) Sponsorship received from SUN PHARMA Rs 1, 50, 000/- & receivable Rs 35, 628/- . Sun Pharma also sponsored st Lunch, Dinner, Audiovisual, Printing & Faculty, Student Stay for 1 NSI Education Cell, Mumbai. (Traveling expenses paid for PG students = Rs 1, 03, 900 /- , Traveling expenses paid for National Faculty = Rs 79, 127 /-, *Miscellaneous = Rs 2000/- ) 9) Book keeping and other matters related to Finance : *Bank A/C : 1) HDFC (opened mainly for payment gateway) Current Balance: Rs 1, 13, 094 /- (till 31/12/2012) 2) IOB (BH extn Marine lines) Current balance : Rs 2010179/- (11/04/2012) 3) Secretary A/C in Vellore, 4) Neurology India A/C in Hyderabad, 5) SBI, New delhi? *Investments 1. FD in HDFC Bank Rs 10, 00, 000/- (Rs Ten Lakhs) - expires on 18/04/2013 (DOC :- 2/4/2011) 2. Deposit Investment in HDFC ( 15 lacs, reinvested as Rs 16,72,661/- + Rs 20, 00000 /- Deposited this year) 3. RBI Bonds and remaining amount and FDS (C/o Mr O P Mishra, Delhi) Rs,10,00,000/- (Rs Ten Lakhs), expires on 05/01/2012 to be redeemed and reinvested. Rs,10,00,000/- (Rs Ten Lakhs), expires on 17/12/2013 Rs. 5,00,000/- (RS. Five Lakhs), expires on 04/09/2014 4. FDs :- in Indian Overseas Bank (IOB, Mumbai ) from RBI Bonds. Rs 50, 00, 000/- (Rs Fifty Lakhs) expires on 10/11/2012 (DOC :- 28/2/2011) Rs 10, 00, 000/- (Rs Ten Lakhs) expires on 10/11/2012 (DOC:- 28/02/2011). 10) Received share of income of Rs 15, 00, 000/- from Neurocon 2011 at Bangalore in December, 2011 and Rs 12, 83, 825 /- in March 3, 2012, profit to be received. The EC was unanimous in applauding the kind gesture of Dr Sampath Somanna the organizing secretary Bangalore NEUROCON 2011 for extending generous contribution towards NSI as mentioned above.

2012/April/MTEC/24 - Editors Report

The secretary informed the house that due to unavoidable reasons Dr J M K Murthy could not be personally present but has sent his report. The report was then read and approved.

Report : Neurology India 2011 Performance Total number of submission in the year 2011: 1139 Number of submissions accepted for publication: 251 (22.3%) Number of articles published till date (2011 submissions): 243 (97%) Neurology India 2011 Volume 59 Total articles published: 303 Editorials: 20, Reviews: 10, Original articles: 69, Brief articles: 17, Case reports: 43, Letters to Editor: 103, Neuroimage: 9, Correspondence: 29, Book reviews: 3 The ratio between original articles (including brief reports) and case reports is 2:1. Six topics of the issue were published during 2011. The expectation for the year 2010, the impact factor should be above 1 All the six issues in the year 2011 were published in time. Neurology India 2012 Performance till date Total number of submissions till 21-4-2012: 339 Number of submissions accepted: 27 (8%) Number of article in peer-review and under revision: 68 (20%) Number of submissions found not suitable for publication: 244 (72%) Finances The total expenditure for publication and posting of Neurology India for the year 2011 was Rs 22,36,968/-. Only Rs 5,77,315/- were paid from the NSI accounts and the reset of the money Rs 16,59,653 was raised from the advertisements and subscriptions. The pending bill to be paid to the publisher is Rs 1,27,825/-. The present bank balance is Rs 1,66,208.77/-

2012/April/MTEC/25 - CME Convener Report

Dr.V P Singh & Dr M D Nair jointly presented the CME Report. They informed that the video session will not be a part of the CME this year. They proposed to start a lunch symposium. Instructions for the speakers were also discussed and the same will be duly circulated to the concerned individuals. Dr V P Singh informed that a decision was taken that the speakers who have given their talk in the last 3 years will not be given a lecture in this year CME. The tentative scientific programme was presented in the meeting and accepted. Full report is appended as addendum in annexure A.

2012/April/MTEC/26 - Webmasters Report

This is a transition phase between previous webmaster Dr V Rajshekhar and present webmaster Dr Sarat Chandra. The intricacies and delicacies of the issues involved were identified for smooth changeover. More interactive website along with altered facsimile of the website was presented by Dr Sarat Chandra and was accepted by the EC. However it is going to take time. The issues involved with vendor were also discussed.

2012/April/MTEC/27 - Joint Meetings with foreign societies

The secretary raised the issue of some members as to what were the criteria of arranging joint meetings with foreign societies. It was clarified that these meetings were taken up by members on individual basis with prior information and approval of the president of NSI. The EC and general body is always taken into confidence.

2012/April/MTEC/28 - Report of Education Committee

Dr. C E Deopujari, presented the Educational Cell report as a Convener. The first post graduate course was conducted at rd th the Bombay Hospital on 3 and 4 February, 2012. 31 final year students participated and in this instructional course,

there were lectures followed by mock exam where 7 national faculties and 12 local faculties helped us as a teachers and examiners. The program was considered useful by the students and the faculties. The 2 course of the year will be conducted in Vellore on 25 and 26 August, 2012 and the next February course has been confirmed at Delhi, while PGI Chandigarh and GB Pant Hospital have also shown their willingness to hold further courses. The 1st Hands on Workshop of NSI is scheduled in Mumbai from April 20-21, 2012. This course was conducted at st nd Ethicon Biosurgery Lab for microvascular anastomosis on 1 day with and 2 day endo and microsurgical cadaver dissection course was at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College, Mumbai. 10 students from all over India were selected on first come first served basis. The workshop faculty for first day consisted of Dr. Deepu Banerji, Dr. Vikram Karmarkar, Dr. Vinita and Dr. Deopujari and on the 2nd day the course directors were Dr. Palande, D.Vernon Velho, Dr. Deepu Banerji, Dr. Vikram Karmarkar, Dr. Anand Subrahmanyam, Dr. Suresh th th Sankhla and Dr. Deopujari. The next course will be in Chennai on 28 and 29 of July under the leadership of Dr. Shridhar and Dr. Rajshekhar.
nd th th

2012/April/MTEC/29 - Fellowships available / Speciality fellowship offer

Following are the 5 applicants who have applied for the Fellowship 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Dr. Arun Oomen, Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam Dr. J Srinivas, Nizams Institute, Hyderabad Dr. Harsimrat Sodhi, PGIMER, Chandigarh, Punjab. Dr. Anand Dank, Bangalore Dr. Parthasarathi Datta, Kolkata.

They are being processed and will start later this year and we will have facility for 10 such fellows every year from next year

2012/April/MTEC/30 Neurocon 2012

Discussions on the planning of scientific programme of Neurocon 2012 were then taken up. It was informed to the council st st that the abstract submission will start on 1 of June and will close on 31 of July midnight. Only online submission is valid. It was decided to start a short paper presentation of 3+1 minutes and flash presentation. The scientific committee chairman will incorporate these decisions in coming meeting and will duely communicate to presenters. Last date for th finalizing of the scientific programme will be 15 October. Formation of Scientific Committee was discussed. Public Awareness Lecture was then discussed. The topic for the same was decided as Epilepsy & Women. A note of direction to organizing secretary for dignified evening programmes was clubbed during discussion on this agenda.

2012/April/MTEC/31 - Update on Liaison committee

The EC re-enforced its previous decision of approaching MCI for including study of neurosciences at MBBS level and PG level. The update on this issue has to be taken from Dr Indra Devi Prof Neurosurgery NIMHANS Bangalore. The importance of liaisoning with other Asian countries / SAARC countries was discussed. Discussion was done to incorporate them in NSI. It was discussed to invite them to present papers in the annual conferences. Presidents Paper A paper by President as NSI initiatives was put for discussion which was vast comprehensive and meaningful. The members were appreciative of the teaching programmes, workshops and fellowships. The interaction at various levels with neighbouring countries ie SAARC and Non SAARC nations were accepted as important agenda on NSI initiatives. The awareness programme regarding Neurological health and diseases should not only be based on media but a direction was laid down to more focused audience ie IMA & GPs. The NSI should not sit back on its social responsibility towards people at large. It has to be the front runner for the campaign for wearing helmet and using seat belt during driving.

The suggestive note of Life time achievement awards in Neurology, Neurosurgery and allied and young scientists award for younger neurologists below 45 years of age was appreciated but need thorough discussion. EC requested Dr Turel to put blueprint for the same for discussion in coming meeting which should include the criterion, the judges and/or award committee. An importance and need for an interactive website was also discussed and further light on the subject has to come from the webmaster in forthcoming discussions. Inclusion of Neurology in MBBS course was also discussed. The President-NSI acknowledged all the Council Members for their active participation, support and co-operation. The Council also thanked the warm hospitality and the arrangements made by Dr Sankhala who despite being so busy with the BNA meeting took time and measures to smoothen the meeting. The meeting ended on a positive note. Mumbai 2013 Venue & Site Visit : Dr Sankhla made a presentation regarding the arrangements, the event manager, the proposed registration fees for the 2013 conference. The venue is located centrally in the heart of the city and accessible to Marine drive and near by starred hotels. Following this the members went around the proposed venue NCPA for the NEUROCON 2013 Mumbai and saw the various halls available for the presentations, services available and proposed exhibition area and food court. The facilities available at this site were found appropriate for the conference. On the spot suggestions and interaction came up with the organizers and due alterations were accepted by them for smooth conduct of the conference.

ANNEXURE A CME 2012 New Delhi Common Session 25+5

08.30 - 08.40 08.40 09.10 09.10 - 10.40 Inauguration by President VP Singh, Muralidharan Nair Futuristic Neurosurgery Majid Samii Symposium on good paper writing, presentation & critical evaluation - How to write a good paper - How to make a good presentation (powerpoint / video) - How to critically evaluate a paper - including level of evidence, type of study (methodology), statistical analysis (what should be used where) - Various indices - citation index etc. - How to get published Peush Sahni, Rakesh Agarwal Tea / Coffee

10.40 - 11.00

Concurrent Sessions
Neurosurgery session : Advances in Neurosurgery 20+5 11.00 - 11.25 CNS radiotherapy: What every neurosurgeon should know 11.25 - 11.50 Practical spine biomechanics for clinical practice 11.50 - 12.15 Epilepsy surgery: future directions 12.15 - 12.40 MR PET applications in Neurosurgery Neurosurgery lunch symposium on eloquent area tumors 12.45 - 13.05 Preoperative localisation 13.05 - 13.25 Intraoperative monitoring 13.25 - 13.45 Surgery for eloquent area tumors 13.45 - 13.55 Discussion Neurosurgery session: Evidence based neurosurgery 20+5 Rakesh Jalali SS Kale Bhaskar Rao Siemens

Srinivas Babu Srinivas Babu Ari Chacko

14.00 - 14.25 14.25 - 14.50 14.50 - 15.15

Decompressive craniectomy Management of spinal metastasis --

Dilip Panikar R Easwaran German ns

Neurosurgery session: Controversies in neurosurgery 15.15 - 16.00 Recurrent GBM aggressive vs conservative approach Alok Ranjan - Kanchan Mukherjee 15 + 15 + 15 discussion 16.00 - 16.45 Chiari with syringomyelia FMD vs FMD & syrinx drainage N Muthukumar B Chidambaram 15 + 15 + 15 discussion

List of new members

New Members after December 15, 2011 upto April 20, 2012) :Total New Members = 87 NSI Life Members = 27 NS = 25 (Neurosurgeons) , NP = 2 (Neurophysician) NSI Associate Members = 60

Life Members Dr A S Ramesh Dr Alok Kr. Gupta Dr Anand B Kakani Dr Anil Vishnu Patil Dr A K Chaudhary Dr Balumohan M Dr Deepak Kumar Dr G. Rajasekaran Dr Girish Rajpal Dr J Srisaravanan Dr K Chandrasekar Dr Manjari Tripathi Dr N Chandrashekar RNS-120 GNS-80 KNS-104 PNS-113 CNS-47 BNS-97 KNS-106 RNS-121 RNS-122 SNS-222 CNS-46 TNP-17 CNS-48 Dr Nagaraj V. Gadwal Dr Nimit Kumar Gupta Dr Raghuram G. Dr Rakesh K C Luhana Dr Ravindra Srivastava Dr S Suresh Kumar Dr Sanjeev R Desai Dr Shashwat Mishra Dr Shiva S Kupanur Dr Sniadhendu Ghosh Dr Subrata Saha Dr Sumit Deb Dr Sunil Shetty K R Dr V S Hari GNS-79 GNS-78 RNS-119 LNS-11 SNS-224 KNS-105 DNS-56 MNS-103 KNS-107 GNP-34 SNS-221 DNS-57 SNS-223 HNS-16

Associate Members

Dr Abdul Jaleel P. Dr Ajay Herur Dr Akhil Deepika K Dr Akshat Pandey Dr Akshay Hari Dr Amit Kumar Singh Dr Amrit Kumar Saikia Dr Ananda Kumar Mahapatra Dr Animesh Upadhyay Dr Ankit Sharma Dr Arun H. S. Dr Arun P S Dr Arun Reddy M Dr Ashok M. Dr Balasubramani Karuppannan Dr Bhavani Prasad Ganji Dr Byjo V. J. Dr Dhandayuthapani V. Dr Dipendra Kumar Pradhan Dr Ganesh V. Dr Jeevesh Mallik Dr Kamal Haloi Dr Krishna Chaitanya Joshi Dr Lakshmanarao Chittem Dr Lokesha B. L. Dr Lukam I G Mulla Dr M. Prabhu Dr Manoj Kumar V B Dr Muthuraman P Dr Nirup Datta

JA-74 HA-19 AA-94 PA-124 HA-20 SA-295 SA-293 PA-128 UA-2 SA-301 SA-300 SA-302 RA-133 MA-141 KA-175 GA-121 BA-129 DA-75 PA-125 VA-72 MA-134 HA-18 JA-71 CA-77 LA-17 MA-139 PA-126 MA-137 MA-133 DA-74

Dr Niten Kumar Dr Nithyanand R. Dr Nityanand Pandey Dr Pavithran V. M. Dr Prakash V. Nair Dr Pramod Kumar Chaurasia Dr Prashant Singh Kushwaha Dr Raghavendra H. Dr Rahul S. Shirpewar Dr Rajeev Goel Dr Rajendra Prasad A. Dr Ratnadip Bose Dr Ravi Thakkar Dr Renuka Satyanarayana Sharma Dr Samir Nitin Parekh Dr Sanjay Prabhakar Bendale Dr Sanjeevkumar N. Munoli Dr Santosh R Dr Satvik P G Dr Sawarkar Dattaraj Paramanand Dr Shailendra Deepak Anjankar Dr Shantanu Anil Gunjotikar Dr Shivashankar Marajakke Dr Shivender Sobti Dr Sondev Bansal Dr Sumanth Kumar N. Dr T. Sureshbabu Dr Toldo Moreno Dr Veeresha U. Mathad Dr Vishal Rokade

KA-176 NA-55 PA-131 PA-129 NA-54 CA-76 KA-174 RA-132 SA-291 GA-120 RA-134 BA-132 TA-36 SA-292 PA-127 BA-130 MA-136 RA-136 SA-298 SA-297 AA-95 GA-119 MA-135 SA-294 BA-128 KA-178 SA-296 MA-140 MA-138 RA-135

TARIFF FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE NEWSLETTER Back Cover (Last) Any Page Inside (Full) Shared Page Advertisement 2 on 1 Shared Page Advertisement 3 on 1 Coloured Coloured Coloured Coloured Rs. 25,000/Rs. 20,000/Rs. 15,000/Rs. 10,000/-

Dear Friends, On behalf of the Organizing committee it gives us great pleasure to invite you for the 61st Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India in New Delhi in December 19 22, 2012. We invite you to join NSI 2012 where you will meet the stalwarts of Neuroscientists and other regional and international neurological societies from across the country and the globe to share professional, research, academic and clinical experience as well as professional and personal insights to further the knowledge and service delivery system. The 61st Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India will be collaborating with the German Society of Neurosurgery to host an exciting Indo-German friendship meeting which will aim to provide the most contemporary knowledge in Neurosurgery and allied areas. We plan to cover areas like Head injury, vascular, neurooncology, epilepsy surgery, neuro imaging and other recent advances in Neurosurgery. We cordially invite you to join us in New Delhi in December 2012. Please do write to us for more details. We look forward to meeting you in New Delhi.

Registration for conference is compulsory, for all irrespective of the type of participation (attending workshop, presenting a paper, delivering a talk or panel discussion).

Mode of Payment
Register and Pay Online at Pay by DD/ At Par cheque in the name of NSI Conference 2012 and send the same along with the registration form to the conference secretariat.

Conference Secretariat
Dr. P Saratchandra, Additional Professor Dept of Neurosurgery, Room No. 7, Neurosciences Faculty chambers, 6th floor, CN Center All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.110029 Ph: + 91 11 26546477 Fax: + 911 2644 7478 Website:

Abstract submission
The abstracts should be submitted ONLY through the NSI website - The abstract centre will open on 1st June 2012 and will close on July 31st 2012. Dr. A K Mahapatra The rules and regulations for award paper submissions are Organizing Chairperson available in the NSI website

Dr. P Sarat Chandra Organizing Secretary

Register Online

Download Registration Form


Dear NSI members, It is with great pleasure that we announce the initiation of a new academic forum on our NSI website. This will give all of us an opportunity to test our academic acumen, disseminate knowledge and enhance our communication with each other. We request you to wholeheartedly contribute to this endeavour to make it a grand success. The NSI academic forum would be under the following subheadings: 1. Case under spotlight: An entire case with clinical/operative photographs, their legends and the patient management will be summarised in about 5-6 photographs, their legends and a small paragraph of discussion. The entire write-up should not be of more than 500 words. 2. Question collage: Three multiple-choice questions related to the Case under spotlight will be presented and answers exhibited on the website at the end of the month. We request you to contribute to the Case under spotlight and Question collage as well as write to the Feedback forum regarding your opinion/management protocol for the case. 3. Management dilemma: A short history and preoperative radiology of a patient with two photographs will be presented with pertinent questions and the readers will be asked to express their opinion regarding the patients management in the Feedback forum. At the end of the month, the way the case was managed by the contributing author will be presented. 4. Residents niche: A small write up of basic anatomy, clinical note, histology, radiology or management in only be one paragraph of less than 300 words will be presented. 5. Opinion-O-metre: A single question may be asked and as soon as it is answered in Yes, No or Not sure, the real-time score will be exhibited to the reader participating in the opinion poll. A clock will also reveal the total number of responses recorded at that point in time for that particular question. 6. Feedback forum: Opinions expressed by the readers along with their name and institution will be exhibited. Anonymous letters, however, will not be entertained. This may be related to any of the above mentioned five sections. While contributing cases, we request you to kindly maintain patient confidentiality in photographs and text. A certification on the senior authors letter-head signed by all authors stating that all of them have read the case manuscript (entitled: )and approve its final form; that this case has neither been accepted, published nor copyrighted by any other journal ; and, there are no conflict of issue matters associated with the manuscript, would be a mandatory accompaniment as a scanned document attached with the e mail. This however would not be required for contributions to the Feedback forum. All material published on the website will be duly acknowledged. The editors of the website reserve the right to edit the readers contributions especially with regard to corrections in English language, brevity and propriety. The contributors will be solely responsible for their opinions and the ethical issues associated with their contributions. The cases with photographs may be sent as word files and high resolution JPEG images to all of the e mail addresses:;; This is your website. We solicit your active participation by sending us interesting cases managed by you.

National Poisons Information Centre, Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
The National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) is running in the Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The Centre works 24x7 and provides on the spot information on management of various poisonings to health care professionals, Government and Private hospitals, all over the country. The NPIC provides information on: the likely diagnosis possible signs & symptoms management guidelines possible antidote and availability What the information seeker should provide: Information about himself - name, relationship, contact no., address the patient - age, sex, time since exposure, substance ingested, amount, mode, signs & symptoms, treatment provided

What is not provided by NPIC: Active treatment of the patient Supply of antidotes

In case of poisoning, call the NPIC Tel. No.: 011-26589391 Fax No.: 011-26589691 E mail:

Pl. note that the information provided cannot be used for any legal purpose

Incharge: Dr.Y.K.Gupta Chief, NPIC Prof. & Head Department of Pharmacology Coordinator: Dr. Sharda Shah Peshin (NPIC) Scientist Department of Pharmacology

Activities of the NSI can be accessed on the Internet

Rules of the Society and application forms can be downloaded from Members are encouraged to visit the site. Members desirous of having items included in the website / newsletter may please contact: The Secretary, NSI at Information should be sent by e mail.

NSI Office during the Annual Conference at Delhi

All delegates attending the Annual Conference at New Delhi are kindly requested to report to the NSI office as soon as possible after their registration process. They are requested to re-verify their membership numbers and addresses so that the same can be updated in the records as well as in the Membership Directory. The office shall remain open throughout the conference. - Honorary Secretary

Membership Dues
The Executive Committee shall propose all dues for different categories of members. These decisions will be implemented with the concurrence of the General Body. Membership shall be counted from 1st January to 31st December or 1st June to 31st May (depending on when the member was admitted) for purposes of annual subscriptions. Members who have not paid their subscription by 31st December or 31st May shall be sent a registered acknowledgement due notice by the Treasurer of the Society giving them till 31st March or 31 st August to clear all outstanding dues. Non-payment of subscription by 31st March or 31st August would result in removal of the member's name from the rolls. Only Life Members, who have paid their dues by 31st March, would be eligible to vote in that calendar year.

Dear Members
Kindly quote your membership number for all future correspondence with the society. For new membership Forms can be down loaded through the Website and photocopy of the same can be used.

Send filled in forms with subscription to:Dr. Deepu Banerji, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Fortis Wockhardt Hospital, Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mumbai 400078. Email:

Change of Address Kindly confirm change of postal address/ e-mail address etc. to the Secretary, NSI at: Dr. R. C. Mishra, 2/4 AB, Swadeshi Bima Nagar, Civil Lines, Agra 282007. Email:,

For speedy communication kindly use E-mail Neurology India-Journal Regarding Journal related problems kindly contact Editor, Neurology India: Dr. J.M.K. Murthy, Chief of Neurology, Department of Neurology, The Institute of Neurological Sciences, CARE Hospital, Exhibition Road, Nampally, Hyderabad 500001. Email:

Dr. R. C. Mishra, 2/4 AB, Swadeshi Bima Nagar, Civil Lines, Agra 282007. +91-9897921138 Email:,

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