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Kerry's brother speaks on West Mall

Candidate's sibling helps organization register more voters
By Melinda Merola and Kathy Adams

DailyTexan Staff The younger brother of presidential candidate John Kerry spoke to UT students Monday about the importance of voting in a democracy. Courtesy of University Democrats, Cameron Kerry came to the University to help register voters on the West Mall. This semester, the University Democrats have registered more than 1,000 people to vote.

"People do not realistically expect that we are going to ca.rry Texas, but I am happy to target some of the grass-roots energy here," Kerry said. "It will help the campaign across the country. John is a fighter; there is nobody tougher." In addition to answering student questions and addressing the press, Kerry posed with a group of students for a photograph, flashing the "hook' em horns" sign. "~e was in the state for a couple of fund-raisers and was looking for a place to meet people and talk with voters," said Marcus Ceniceros, University Democrats president. "The Democratic Party of Travis Country told him there KERRY continues on page 6A

Elizabeth Hernandez I DailyTexan Staff Cameron Kerry, Sen. John Kerry's brother, speaks to students about the importance of political involvement on the West Mall on Monday as members of the University Democrats look on.