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Updated entries have been added to AP Stylebook Online. As an online subscriber, you can receive these updut"r whenever the Associated Press makes thern. Every time you log into AP Stylebook Online, you can easily find recent updates by clicking on "New Entries" or "Recent Changes" in the left navigation bar. Editor's Note: The updated entries are peninsula, PAC and privacy.


Capitalize as paft of a proper name: the Florida Peninsula, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Korean Peninsula, the Indochina Peninsr"rla.

Acronyrn for politicalaction committee. Raises money and makes contribr-rtions to campaigns of political caldidales or parties. At the federal level, contribution amollnts are limited by law aud may not come from corporatioris or labor unions. Enforcement overseen by the Federal Election Commission. PAC acceptable on firsi reference; spellout in body of story. A super PAC is a politicalaction committee that may raise and spend r-rnlirnited amounts of money, inclucling from corporations and unions, to campaign independently for candidates for federal office. Its activities must be reported to the FEC, but are not otl-rerwise regulated if not coordinated with the candidate or campaign. privacy f)o not identifv ir:veniles (uncler l8) who are accused of crimes. even if other l'rews media do so or police

release names. Also, do not transmit images that would reveal their identity. Do not identify, in text or through images, juveniles (under 18) who are witnesses to crimes. Do not identify, in text or through images, persons who say they have been sexually assaulted, and use discretion in naming victims of other extremely severe abuse. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary cases only with the approval of the Standards Center or the manager

on duty at the Nerve Center. Issues that may weigh in a decision include the severity of the alleged crime; whether police have formally released the juvenile's name; and whether the juvenile has been formally charged as an adult. Other considerations might include public safety, such as when the youth is the subject of a manhunt; or widespread publication of the juvenile suspect's name, making the identity de facto public

knowledge. In some situations, state or national laws may determine whether the person's name can be published. Sometimes a person may be identified by AP in an abduction or manhunt situation, and it develops later that because of a sexual assault or other reason - the name should not be used. In such cases, with approval by the Standards Center or the manager on duty at the Nerve Center, it may be appropriate to withdraw the identification from future coverage. AP may also consider identifying the victim of a sexual assault if the individual comes forward publicly and agrees to be identified. Consult with the Standards Center or Nerve Center on all questions about these policies.


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