The short answer to "When was 'Only Human' produced?" seems to be 2002. The long answer is more like this… CAST: Ada - Ruth Millar Tyler - David Tennant Hannah - Jane Forshaw CREW Animation Modeling - Danny Popkin ("Doctor Who" tie-in!) Motion Capture System Supplied By Vicon Engineering Motion Capture Support - Danny Popkin and Quentin Plant Casting Advisor - Chloe Emmerson Runner - Amy Cash Designer - Sue Tanner Director of Photography - Peter Edwards Camera Assistant - Stephen Dobson Sound - Chris Ashworth Editor - Stuart Elliott Production Coordinator - Nikki Holy Production Manager - Sophie Cash Development Executive - Rowena Goldman Production - Jim McClellan and Andrew Smith Produced by BBC Imagineering Concept and Script Devised and Developed by Jim McClellan and Andrew Smith

BBC Imagineering (later renamed Research & Development) was located at BBC Television Centre in West London, and was responsible for developing early ‘inhabited TV’, Virtual World and TV Mixed Reality formats. BFI reports that BBC Imagineering started trading on 04/2000 (Great Britain), and information on Rowena Goldman puts her as Development Executive for BBC Imagineering starting in May 2000. Lucy Hooberman wrote, "When I joined the BBC's blue sky team early in 2001 we had lots of room to experiment in a lab-like structure called BBC Imagineering. We were a cross-disciplinary team and really benefited from working with each other. .." Rowena Goldman was a speaker at BANFF --and this is really neat, in that many of the issues brought up with the pilot were discussed here: "Artificial Stupidity / Artificial Intelligence" article from BANFF, August 1-4, 2002. (http://www.banffcentre.ca/bnmi/programs/archives/2002/artificial_stupidity/reports/artifici al_stupidity_nicholas_zaparyniuk_report.pdf) Friday, August 2, 2002 9:30am – 11:00am Learning through Machines, Machines that Learn Location: Rice Studio, JPL Building Co-moderated by Randy Goebel and Sara Diamond. Brief intro by Randy Goebel on the boundaries of AI. Are there parallels in the ways that we teach machines and the ways we teach humans? Review of first principles • Michael Gordon, Arthur F. Thurneau Professor of Computer and Information Systems, University of Michigan Business School, Associate Dean for Information Technology Computer and Information Technology in the Learning Process • Rowena Goldman, BBC Imagineering • Michael Buro, Associate Professor Computer Science, University of Alberta Heuristic Searches In AI Intelligence And Machine Learning "BBC Imagineering Rowena Goldman, a television producer and development executive at the BBC, presented a new pilot ..." The blurb is slightly inaccurate--Tyler is in an office building and not in an apartment building. The previous year, she was at BANFF for "Interactive Screen 0.1." It seems unlikely that "Only Human" was made in 2000, as BBC Imagineering was just gaining its feet. However, the program could have been made in 2001 and simply toted along to BANFF the following year. Nobody has ever said.

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