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Released on: June 10, 2012 Author: Research Department The Research Department of Sphinx Asia Wealth Management,

Ltd. have released the ir new ASEAN Mutual Fund Industry Survey for 2012 Mr. Teddy Marshall, head of Business Development at Sphinx Asia, said, "We are d elighted to once again provide this ground breaking survey of the ASEAN Mutual F und Industry. It is an invaluable and comprehensive source of current opinion an d information on the mutual fund industry in our region and demonstrates the sig ni cant development potential of the industry here for all market participants. We at Sphinx Asia Research are strongly supporting this development and, in partic ular, the growth of ASEAN as a regional hub for asset management, offering wealt h management organizations some of the most business friendly tax environments, legal systems based on English common law, efficient administration and robust r egulatory regimes." Teddy Marshall further stated "this is the second edition of the Sphinx Fund Sur vey produced with the support of a range of participants from Jakarta, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Sydney and Hong Kong active in the asset manage ment space in the ASEAN region. We are excited to produce a publication that is the result of industry wide collaboration and invite others to take part as well . We believe the extensive international distribution of the Sphinx Asia ASEAN M utual Fund Survey is an excellent way to showcase the region to global investors ." The publication which collates and analyses information on the ASEAN mutual fund industry will provide a valuable source of reference for anyone with an interes t in this exciting Funds sector." At the end of March 2012, the survey identi ed 74 funds with assets of US$ 13.1 bi llion. The dataset includes locally domiciled funds, local company sponsored fun ds irrespective of domicile and funds with ASEAN or one of the constituent marke ts as their geographic focus. In 2011, ASEAN domiciled fund assets increased by 7% (US$ 917 million) based on selected data. Assets under management at top ASEA N companies have increased compared to 2010 data. Global mutual fund assets stood at US$ 25.9 trillion (+14% y-o-y) at the end of 2011Q2 in 71,030 funds according to data compiled by Investment Company institut e (ICI) from 40 countries. The recovery in mutual fund assets largely emanated from the rebound in global e quity prices from a year earlier. Global fund assets rose by 1.2% q-o-q at end-2 010Q2. Worldwide funds experienced US$ 106 billion in net in ows in 2011Q2 (net in o ws were US$ 78 billion in Q1) according to ICI, with continued ows into long term funds, while short term funds saw out ows. Another challenging year has gone by for fund managers in the ASEAN region. Asse t prices continue to be under pressure and so are the income streams of fund man agement companies. Strides have been made on a number of fronts, nevertheless. F or example, product ranges are broadening. Regulators are raising the bar and st riving for greater investor protections which will bene t the industry in the long term. Mr. Marshall concluded, Asset Managers in ASEAN are constructively engaging with regulators to contribute to the implementation of international best-practice. This year's Survey edition has signi cantly expanded coverage from last year's dat aset. It includes a wider comparison of various jurisdictions in the region and also provides a directory at the end of each chapter. For further information contact