Jaxon Film Fest Launches New Website Film festival launches new website with more information to come

. Although a wor k in progress, with plans to add much more information in the very near months t o come, it is a first for this film festival. Jackson, MI, June 25, 2012 -- The Jaxon Film Fest has launched its new website. Although a work in progress, it is the first for the film fest. Says director David W. King, â With only three months left until this yearâ s festival (th e first for the Jaxon Film Fest), it is exciting to see these developments. What we would truly like is to see people in this community (the Jackson, Michigan c ommunity) become involved with the festival. We would be truly excited if this e vent proved a success. With the line-up of films we have received, the filmmaker s who have expressed an interest in attending, and the number of speakers we hav e had volunteer to speak, we are confident it will be.â In the months ahead watch as the festival adds to its website a schedule of film s for this coming fest, ways in which you can support the fest, icons of this ye arâ s sponsors, locations to buy tickets, a map of participating venues which will be come part of this yearâ s festival, a map of parking for the festival, awards, photos , etc. About the Jaxon Film Fest The Jaxon Film Fest will launch this year 2012 as south-central Michiganâ s premier f ilm and music festival. Held within approximately a forty mile radius of severa l key Michigan cities that extend like the ends on the spokes on a wheel, Jacks on, Michigan is the hub. Jackson is an almost equal distance from the state capital, the homes of three s tate universities, Lansing (home of Michigan State University), Ann Arbor (home of the University of Michigan), and Kalamazoo (the home of Western Michigan Univ ersity), and just thirty miles north of two state lines. Jackson is in an ideal location to become the center of Michiganâ s film and music industries. The Jaxon Film Fest is September 29th, 2012, at the historic Michigan Theatre, 1 24 North Mechanic Street, with other activities taking place throughout the city of Jackson. With a focus on Michigan films, the Jaxon Film Fest will be also screen the very best of independent and foreign features, documentaries, shorts and students fi lms from around the world, and is dedicated to bringing quality foreign and inde pendent films to the state of Michigan in order to expose our audience to divers e cultures, ideas, and creative works. Contact: David W. King Jaxon Film Fest P. O. Box 6283 Jackson, MI 49204 517-569-2351 jaxonfilmfest@gmail.com http://jaxonfilmfest.com

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