A Flaw In Electronic Home monitoring (EHM) – Electronic Home Detention (EHD


This is how private electronic home monitoring (EHM) was occurring in Whatcom County, Washington, and presumable other places as well.

You can see that any alerts or notifications of any kind to law enforcement, 911, the courts, DOC or any other criminal justice entity depended entirely on the credibility and reliability of the entity providing the monitoring service. If the monitoring entity didn't want to report a violation or alerts, for any reason, it wouldn't be reported and no criminal justice entity would be aware of the breach. The alerts could simply be ignored. Then later, an affidavit certifying full compliance would then be submitted to the courts.....a court documented alibi. If this is still occurring, this is a major flaw and a loophole in current electronic home monitoring practice. It is not known if this is still occurring, but it was most certainly occurring during a 2007 Whatcom County, Washington investigation. To be clear, electronic home monitoring technology is sound and is very effective, but ONLY if it's being properly administered by trusted providers. If a crook is running it, a person could literally get away with murder. This is what the public thinks happens when a subject “escapes”....

The public have the misconception that when a subject convictee/arrestee is on electronic home monitoring and gets 1" over the boundary line, 15 seconds later a squad of patrol units arrives with guns drawn. That is not at all what happens. In fact, you're lucky if anyone is ever made aware of the breach at all.

This is what actually happens….

When an alert comes in from BI, it's the subscriber’s decision to act on that alarm or not. If it's still occurring the same way and there's every reason to believe it is, 911, the courts, law enforcement etc are not advised in any way shape or form.

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