Shaun Belcher - Nottingham Trent University - School of Art and Design - Visual Communications


Analysing Frayling’s three categories of art research using a practice-based cartoon methodology.

Abstract: Drawing on a history of artist/cartoonists including Ad Rienhardt , Saul Steinberg, Pablo Helguera and David Shrigley the cartoons of ‘Moogee The Art Dog’ examine the contemporary art world in a disruptive and transgressive way. Particularly the current methodology of art school education and its new pedagogy based on ‘ideas’ rather than skills based traditional media. By operating ‘outside’ the academic world through online blogs and cartoons in various forums including Artists Newsletter , Axis online and Arts Hub the cartoon persona enables a destabilisation of current academic practice whilst concurrently living within its hallowed walls. This strategy sometimes giving arise to an uneasy dichotomy. Operating on the edge of traditional research this interventionist and oppositional stance produces a range of absurd and subversive outcomes and in some cases criticises the actual procedures and social norms of research as currently configured in the U.K. However it also enables a forensic dissection of the fashionable and sometimes absurd operations within the international art world and current art schools In research terms the work has precedents including a recent Phd by Mark Staff Brandl ( based on Comic Art and the output of Pablo Helguera ( as part of a wider cross-disciplinary portfolio. Utilising humour and sarcasm Moogee the Art Dog creates a ‘third-space’ between research and drawing which explores the political and financial agendas behind institutional operations. Keywords: Cartoons, Humour, Comic Art, Transgressive, Political Art, Art Institutions, Jokes, Humour, Scribble.

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