Discussion Speakers *All speakers must use headsets, attend practice sessions & provide a visual presentation.

If they do not comply, they will not be allowed to present. *Speakers' biography will be required so they can be professionally introduced. *Indigenous welcome to be rotated around countries


Date to be completed Early January 2013 Early March December 2012

Person Responsible

*Call for EOI *Decisions about EOIs, including decision about concurrent sessions *Midwife from resource-poor country to be invited to join committee to give feedback about appropriate topics.

Technology *Attempt to stay with Adobe Connect in 2013 to consolidate skills. Vital to *EOI from a company to sponsor Early 2013 get a room that hosts more than 100 seats. Gloria Lemay will give access to room 200/250 seats – this needs to Wiziq if need be. be followed up *Web cam to used by speakers if they have one, and it doesn't slow down people's connection. *Master facilitators will decide on the format of the room, which must not be changed during the conference. *Agreed NOT to develop a registration system in order to maintain the spontaneous nature of this event. Facilitation *Will continue to use non-midwife facilitators until such a time we have enough midwives with online facilitation skills. Advertising *Continue to use multiple avenues of advertising, focusing on social media, especially Facebook. *Need another master facilitator to March 2013 help spread the load.


*Develop a press release that can April 2013 be attached to wiki and disseminated, along with poster (as per 2012) *Explore sponsorship ASAP opportunities, using wiki to develop ideas:

Led by Deborah, with everyone collaborating

http://internationaldayofthemidwif e.wikispaces.com/Ideas+for+2013

Social media *Facebook page to be updated with information pertinent to e-learning and virtual professional development. Any advertising or irrelevant posts will be removed. *Continue to use the wiki as the VIDM website, as this models collaborative, transparent & sustainable processes. *Develop publication plan for this year, to include a paper about the use of social media and collaborative processes.

*Keep the Facebook page and Ongoing Sarah, Sarah, Twitter account ticking over during Lorraine & the next few months. Annette *Ask a web designer to make the Early Jan. 2013 wiki look more professional *Develop publication plan on wiki: ASAP Led by Sarah, http://internationaldayofthemidwif with everyone e.wikispaces.com/Post+Event+Deb collaborating rief *May need to check this out with Ethics Committee *Analyse 2012 survey & post results on Facebook page, as well as wiki *Develop an activity to end the conference nicely eg a slideshow January 2013 ASAP Sarah Sarah & anyone else interested

Evaluation *To increase survey response rate, attach certificate to evaluation survey ie participants get their certificate when they complete the survey. *Data over 3 years about use of technology can be included in a paper about technology. Other *To keep VIDM on the 5th May, even though it is on Sunday *Succession planning. Sarah S. will led the planning next year along with anyone who is interested in taking over in 2014. Sarah will stand down as leader in 2014. *Decided NOT to integrate with any other organisation eg ICM. We believe we now have the numbers and credibility to stay an autonomous entity. However, we can continue to build relationships with the ICM and national midwifery bodies.

May 2013

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