Subject: Character Development Topic: Organ Donation Level: Sec 4/JC Duration: 2 x 40minutes Prior Knowledge: Knowledge of the 5 SEL

competencies Learning Objectives: At the end of the lessons, pupils will be able to: -make responsible decisions about HOTA -develop social awareness regarding organ donations Duration 15 min Teaching Procedure Tuning In Students are given a newspaper article on a Reality TV programme in Holland on organ donation. 20 min Development Give out HOTA forms to students and ask them to read and complete the relevant form to them. They write down their reasons for their decision. Students get into groups of 3 or 4. Discuss their decisions in groups. Discuss the need for different forms and suggest reasons. Students’ activities Students read the article and do the worksheet after reading article Resources Newspaper article, 3-2-1 worksheet RIQ Rationale To direct students’ focus on organ donation

Students fill in forms. Group discussion on the issue of organ donation as well as the need for different forms. Class discussion on the 2 issues.

HOTA opt-in and opt-out forms

Consolidation of the points of discussion and the class’ understanding.

5 min

Each group then shares their points of discussion with the class. Collect the forms from the students. Debrief the class and give instructions for the debate. Divide the class into proposition and opposition for the motion: “It is the responsibility of all Singaporeans and PRs to donate their organs.” Give out the decision-making matrix for students to do their preparation for the debate.

Students complete the decisionmaking form in the week before lesson 2.

Decision-making multi-perspective worksheet Pro & con of HOTA worksheet

Lesson 2 5 min 25 min

Have students summarise what they have done using a mindmap. Debate “It is the responsibility of all Singaporeans to donate their organs.” Teams debate on the issue with a time for the audience to question and raise issues on the topic. Share the class response to filling up the HOTA forms. Prepare the “Removal of Objection” form and ask if any students would like to change their minds after having heard the information on organ donation.

Students mindmap. Students debate.

Butcher markers


Consolidate their collected materials

5 min

Students reconsider their initial response and fill up the relevant form giving reasons for change of decision.

Possible resource: Video on Organ Donation Appeal (On request from NKF) “Removal of objection” form “Why Donate Organs?” ppt

5 min

Check back to the 1 question from the 3-2-1 RIQ and see if all the questions have been answered.

presentation Show the ppt presentation for some reasons of why donate organs. Created by: Yu See Yee River Valley High School Hamidah bte Abdullah Springfield Secondary School Eugene Tan Tampines Junior College Liu Jia Yuen Claire River Valley High School