Nalapat Notebook A comparison with Ramanujam

Dr Suvarna Nalapat

Vimsamkayanthra S =20

Vimsamka in different ways

Different methods – vaasthu/architectural

Different types/patterns/vaasthu

Panchadasi ( Losoo) S=15 Nalapat Diary

Panchadasi or Grahasanthiyanthra s=15 (Loshu of China)

Different types Panchadasi ( Lopamudrasoothra LO SOO)

Magic squares of different types

Magic squares of different types

Replacing numerals with letters

Different patterns for different purposes

Ramanujan’s notebook

Ramanujan’s notebook

• Nalapat references are from texts of Thanthra • Ramanujam said he got the vision of Magic squares from Namakkal Paradevatha in dreams . This is a wellknown method of learning/teaching for the Thanthric/Yogic Texts. • Did Ramanujam know these texts ? • Most probably he knew , born and brought up in Tamil Nad

From India to China and the West
• Note that Lopamudra Soothra ( Abbreviated LO Soo ) reached China very early from India and it is the very same Panchadasi yanthra described above. • Ramanujan carried Mathematics of the ancient Indians to the western educated people and revolutionised Mathematical wisdom of west .