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Nalapat Notebook A comparison with Ramanujam

Dr Suvarna Nalapat

Vimsamkayanthra S =20

Vimsamka in different ways

Different methods vaasthu/architectural

Different types/patterns/vaasthu

Panchadasi ( Losoo) S=15 Nalapat Diary

Panchadasi or Grahasanthiyanthra s=15 (Loshu of China)

Different types Panchadasi ( Lopamudrasoothra LO SOO)

Magic squares of different types

Magic squares of different types

Replacing numerals with letters

Different patterns for different purposes

Ramanujans notebook

Ramanujans notebook

Nalapat references are from texts of Thanthra Ramanujam said he got the vision of Magic squares from Namakkal Paradevatha in dreams . This is a wellknown method of learning/teaching for the Thanthric/Yogic Texts. Did Ramanujam know these texts ? Most probably he knew , born and brought up in Tamil Nad

From India to China and the West

Note that Lopamudra Soothra ( Abbreviated LO Soo ) reached China very early from India and it is the very same Panchadasi yanthra described above. Ramanujan carried Mathematics of the ancient Indians to the western educated people and revolutionised Mathematical wisdom of west .

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