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His enchanting life An exhibition conducted by T K V Rajan in Chennai showed these evidences of Krishnas life

Kesivadha Guptha period

Saraswathi Civilization

Stellarium when Krishna was born

Shipwrecks and submerged ports not yet excavated

Shells & bangles.Shankodara was name of Bet Dwaraka

Gulf of Cambay in 9 Km seabed 40 mt depth

Datings of artefacts from the submerged city

Manipur Uty,Oxford Uty ,Hanovar Gernmany datings showed between 31000 BCE to 7500 BCE .Last ice age homosapience were direct ancestors of Harappan,Indian people who lived in gulf of Cambay city similar to Mohenjodaro in granary ,bathing ghats etc

Brahmi script in Vrindavan temple of 3rd century BCE

Thena bhagavathanaa naatakena ka(ri)tham

This place of Bhaagavatha was built by Naataka.(3rd BCE Century Brahmi )in Madan Mohan Temple built by Sanathan Goswamy in AD 1580.On 50 ft Aditya Thila,the temple has 60 ft height This is the oldest inscription from Vrindavan .

Dhola Vira another capital city of Krishna


Dice played by Sakuni and Dharmaputhra

A dinner set

Oldest sculpture of Vasudeva Krishna

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