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Learn about America President Eisenhower was well known as a good leader in both the political and military

arenas. What lessons can you learn from his life in becoming future leaders?(12-14 years) After heroic service in World War II he was so popular he was courted as a presidential candidate by both the democratic and republican parties. The five stars general who served as the supreme commander of the allied forces of Europe from 1942 to the end of the war and was the thirty-fourth president from 1953 1951 was President Dwight David Eisenhower. Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in 1890 to a poor family in Texas who moved to Kansas where he grew up. He studied in Abilene high school in Kansas. After graduating he went to work in the local cemetery as a knight foreman for two years then he applied and was appointed to the united States military academy at West Point in New York city he was an average student and he excelled in sports particularly football. It was at West Point that he learned the fundamentals of leadership. He then rose to be a five star general and lead the allies to victory in Europe. After world war II Dwight D. Eisenhower served as chief of staff at the US army. He was the first commander of NATO and later became the thirtyfourth president. He was a great leader and he is a good example for us, the future leaders. We can learn a lot from this incredible man. A few of his lessons on leadership are stated below. Study your craft He was an early student of the craft of leadership but it was at West Point that he learned the fundamentals. After graduation he did various assignments to study the craft of leadership. In each assignment he gained valuable insights on being as a leader and as a professional soldier a lifetime of studying the art of leadership. For example when I am sick and if the doctor does not know his craft how will he treat me? Cooperate and graduate- This is a lesson that is hammered into the first year cadets at west point to emphasize the importance of teamwork and which Eisenhower learned well. He was the chief evangelist of teamwork. Without cooperating with the group we cannot control our team is something we future leaders should learn. Manage up and down All leaders have to lead with stakeholders. We must manage relationships with your superiors as well as subordinates. Most leaders forget that that they have to manage relationships in both directions, but Eisenhower was not one of them. He was a superb relationship manager with superiors, subordinates and peers. We must respect everyone to be future leaders. Take care of the troops Eisenhower never forgot the lessons he learned in his early days at west point to take care of the troops and to treat them with the utmost respect. He always made sure that they had the best available training, commanders and supplies he could give them. When we are made leaders we also make a sacrifice to protect the team. General Eisenhower was a great leader who faced unbelievable challenges in his career which he met and overcame each challenge successfully. In a life of leadership there are many lessons to be learned the above are standouts above many Eisenhower could offer and they are many that inspire future leaders.

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