True love

I am only 13, but ever since I learned how to write I have been imagining and writing all kind of stories that I thought and day dreamed about, and now I encourage myself to show other people about my passion Vampire's, Romance and my obsession that helped me write my stories My crazy imagination This is True Love made by Me I will not say my name, or any other personal backgrounds

Chapter One:
I couldn't believe my twin brother and I decided to move in with our father instead, when my mother thought we should go with her and her who-thinks-he-isnice-new-husband to California. I knew I couldn't go with them and neither did my brother, because just going back there brought terrible memories, like when I almost fell down a cliff, or when I almost got ran over and many more. Just thinking of all of those memories made her shudder. “Well, do you guys want to come with us?” her mother said with an eagerness look on her face. “Mom, I don't think I can ever go back there with what happened to me all those times. Even my worst memories that happened in California, and I'm still sad about it.” I said, remembering the day my parents fought, and they got divorce. My brother agreed with me. We were so sad, we didn't come out of our room, for quite a long time. “Mizure and Mizune, please it would make Ed and I really happy. I know bad things had happened there but that is in the past.” she said persuading mostly me, knowing that Mizune agreed and did everything with me. “Ha, as if Edward would care about Mizure and I.” Mizune scoffed. “He doesn't care about us. He only acts nice, but he isn't. I don't even know what you see in him.” I agreed with him and we almost regretted her knowing that, because I saw the hurt in her eyes. “He doesn't acts nice, he is nice!” My mom yelled, and I was shocked unlike Mizune who looks amused. My mom was shocked, too. Not once in my entire life had I heard her yell at me or even my brother, “Oh M&M.” She gave us that nickname since both of our name started with M and that out of all the candy and chocolate candy we loved were M&M, “I am sorry for yelling at you guys like that, but he is nice. You can't just say he is not nice when your dad and I got divorced.”My face turned into anger, “Don't mention that! I am still mad at you for wanting to break up with him, and for years I tried my best to not remembered it but it still haunts me.” Then I began crying, “We were all happy together. I could still remember when you guys smiled and were more then happy to be together. Then you guys divorce.” Just as I stopped crying, my mom hugged me while Mizune hold my hand tightly. “I know, and I am sorry, but I just had to.“ I hesitated before answering, “It's okay, but I think I want to...” I thought about going or not then, “I want to go live with dad. But Mizune can go with you if he wants.” My mom almost protest but she knew no matter what I said I wasn't going to change my mind. So she asked my brother, “Do you want to?” “Sorry, mom but without my sister I don't think I can go anywhere.” He hesitated and looked into my eyes, “I am going with Mizure to go live with dad.”

Chapter 2
Two days later, I was in the bathroom with my sister, getting ready. I looked at us in the mirror. Mizure and I were alike in many ways, inside and out. We both had pale skin, our hair was as blue as the sky except her hair had a little bit of color that was as white as snow, our eyes were deep violet, and even our face features looked the same. The only thing different was our height, I was taller then her even though she is older than me by 23 minutes. We love to make trouble, take on challenge, read books, we both love the same class subject, our personality was always the same and we even dressed the same, Goth. We were both connected in a way too, like when Mizure fell I would fall, only if we were close together, and so far nobody had come between us and I won't let anyone. We always had the same schedule, and we were always together. I love her, and I knew she love me. We shared everything, and wherever she goes I go. I didn't even date girls and she didn't even date boys, even though there were many boys who asked her out she always refuse. Which reminded me, “Hey Mizure?” I said while she was brushing my hair. “Yes Mizune?” she asked with a musical voice that I could never get tired of hearing. “I just realize, in our soon-not-to-be school, many boys asked you out,” I said with a pang of jealousy, “Why did you refuse them?” She did the final touch of his hair and looked at him in the eyes, “ I refused them, because your the only person I want to be with,” then she hesitated, which confused me, “for now.” I was hit with wave of shock. “W-W-What do you mean for now?” I asked stuttering. She sighed, looked deep into my eyes, and explained, “ Mizune someday we have to separate. We can't be together forever. We have to see and be with other people soon, and we have to go down our own paths. I love you, but we have to separate sooner or later.” When she said that I felt warmth and sadness in my chest. “I choose later. I can't think of us separated. I love you to much to let you go,” I told her while holding her hands. She withdrew her hands and smiled at him, and I felt warmth rising up to his cheek, “I choose later too. It makes me sad too that we have to go our different way soon.” She told him, and he saw sadness flicker in her eyes, then back to calm. Then she did her hair and we both heard a knock on our bedroom it was Edward, “Come on you guys, we have to go if you want to get on the jet.” I rolled my eyes and grabbed both Mizure and my luggage down to the car. Then within a few hours they were sitting in their private jet to Colorado. He thought about what Mizure said, while she snuggled besides him. He sighed and he knew what his beloved sister said was true, but he just couldn't think about it, when he also knew he wouldn't be able to feel her presence next to him, or her hands when

they fixed his hair. Almost as if she was sensing his disturb thoughts she woke up and looked up at him with half eyes close and a smile. She was so beautiful, and yet she was also fragile and small. He felt the warmth rising up to his cheek, again, which didn't usually happened whenever he was with her. “What is wrong?” She asked in a dreamy state. “ Nothing is wrong.” He said with sadness in his voice. He knew that she could hear it, and she sat up. “ It's about what I said today isn't it?” She missed nothing, when it came to conversation between us. He inhaled deeply, and let it out, “Yes. I just don't want to be away from you. The last time when you had to live with dad, I felt alone without you besides me. Like part of my soul was gone.” She sat up, “ Mizune.” she said with care in her voice, “Don't think about the future. Just think about where you are now, and enjoy it.” She smile one last time, then she fell asleep next to him. He smiled, and kissed her hair. She was right, as always, so I fell asleep next to her knowing that I will see her when we both woke up.

Chapter 3
I sighed, and fell flat on my bed. It was midnight and I still couldn't sleep for the fifth time. He wondered why, he had always been able to sleep like the dead. He laughed, of course he is dead, he was a freaking vampire. His generation lasting thousands of years and he is the last of it. He was born a vampire, and when he was one years old vampire hunters killed his parents. He was put in the hand of his Aunt and Uncle. Also along with his annoying cousin. He groaned and stood up to get his clothes in the drawer. He stood in front of the mirror, brushing his hair. He was tall, about 6”4, his hair was red with streaks of black. His eyes were black, but were usually a deep purple like color. He flexed his muscle, he is strong, well stronger than humans. He face was handsome, all vampires were handsome/pretty. He flashed his teeth and showed two canine that were beginning to grow. He stood in the mirror for a while longer then went downstairs to the refrigerator where blood from the blood bank were kept. He drank 3 bags and went out for a walk. He saw across the street where Mr. Margan lived. While I was helping Mr. Margan said ”Hey Xavier. My daughter and son are coming to live here. When they come do you mind showing them around?” I looked up to see Mr. Margan, “Sure. What are their names?” I asked with curiosity about the girl. “Their name are Mizure and Mizune.” He answered. “They are twins?” I was shock, when hearing their names. Their names were so unique. “Yep.” He answered back with happiness in his voice, “Finally they come down and see their father.” I never saw Mr. Margan so happy, always thought he was a 30-year-old man who was never got happy. Although when I heard their name I couldn't help being shock. Those were the names of the two twins a long time ago, who were human, and their family fought with us. A thousand year after they began fighting, Michael and his two children

,who were Mizure and Mizune, came and asked for peace. My Great-Great Grandfather agreed, and ever since they didn't fight. My generation and their generation had been friends for 1,500 years until they disappeared one day, and never was to be seen ever since. I was shocked to hear Mr. Margan name when I first met him. He sigh and began walking. All the way to his school, to the park, and then back home. When he got to the yard of his house, he look at Mr. Margan house, and saw a jet on the road in front of his house. He went to see why it was there, until he saw two head walking down the steps. He crept behind the jet, and saw that they were two people, who were as pale as him, and their hair was as blue as the sky. He knew that they were the two children Mr. Margan mentioned yesterday, Mizure and Mizune. Wanting to find out what they looked like he walked toward them, but stopped when they went into the house. The like flickered on inside the house and he saw Mr. Margan in one of the windows, hugging his two children. He wanted to go and see them, but he knew he shouldn't now. Although his curiosity was growing every time he glanced at the two children. He withdrew to his house, knowing he had this morning to go over and introduce himself. He walked into his house and up to his room and threw off his shirt. He laid in bed thinking about the twins. Then after a while he fell asleep.

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