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PROJECT OUTLINE Custom Woodworking Company Someplace, BC (Widemann, n.d.) Project: Woody 2000 SCOPE 1.

Stake holders in the project: Ron Carpenter, President & CEO; Emilia Carpenter, President; Kim Qualey, Executive VP; John Carpenter, Director; Miles Faster, VP Production; Spencer Moneysworth, VP Finance & Administration; Molly Bussell, VP Personnel, Bruce Sharpe, VP Sales & Estimating and Kim Cashman, Controller. 2. Custom Woodworking Company (CWC) Project Coordinator and liaison with M&H, Industrial and Business Developers and Consultants is (M&H) is Ian Leadbetter, CWC Project Manager. Mr.Leadbetter will coordinate execution of the project on behalf of CWC with M&H as Project Manager. 3. Goal of project is enlargement of existing plant and increased productivity with addition of new elements in production chain. PLAN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Adding new production facility in equivalent to 25% percent of existing floor area; Developing, construction and installation of new semi-automated woodwork train; Construction and building dust free paint shop; Installing additional compressor facility; Duration of the project is 18 calendar months from the start date; Cost of the project has been set and agreed on $15,000,000.- for delivery of project as stated in points 1 to 5 above;

METODOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION Project will be split in four main interdependent tasks which will run simultaneously and separately until integration point is reached in accordance with WBS: 1. Development, construction, assembly and testing of semi-automated woodwork train which will be split further in to three tasks: a) Software development, testing and integration; b) Hardware development, testing and integration; c) Semi-automated train assembling, testing and operators training. 2. Preparation and construction works. 3. Preparatory electrical and mechanical works. 4. Installation and commissioning of additional features. . Upon completion of above tasks Integration of all features of the project will take effect with commissioning and certification prior to delivery. Measurement applied will be in accordance with Process Quality Matrix (PQM) and Zone Map (Wysocki, 2009, pp591595). COMPLETION Condition of Project Completion will be as follows: a) Informing stakeholders of completion and assurance that there are no any outstanding issues; b) Updating documentation; c) Final assessment and analysis of lessons learned; d) Recommendations and conclusions as a result of final assessment. Bibliography: - Wysocki, R.K. (2009), 'Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme', 5th ed., Indianapolis, USA, Wiley Publishing Inc.

Wideman, M. (n.d.) Project management case study: the custom woodworking company Woody 2000 project [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 23 March 2011).

Reference: - Wysocki, R.K. (2009), 'Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme', 5th ed., Indianapolis, USA, Wiley Publishing Inc.