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KarEn WEiglE, dean and co-founder of Blue Sky, Therapeutic Medical track (front) ChriStY StanSEll, alumnus of Blue Sky, Therapeutic Relaxation track (at left) tom DalESSio, alumnus of Blue Sky, Therapeutic Energy track (at right) Photography by Taylor Greenwood

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Summer salads for your pets? You bet! Designing an effective corporate wellness program Make fruits fun for kids Electric power goes off road What is nettle (Urtica dioica)? How to clean up a broken CFL Easy steps to fighting skin blemishes naturally Energy medicine Food for thought and more What is LEED?

Summer salads for your pets? You bet!

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Electric power goes off road

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Energy medicine


Easy steps to fighting skin blemishes naturally


Food for thought and more


Natures Pathways | July 2012

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July 2012 | Natures Pathways

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nature's pathways is a monthly magazine and online resource that provides accurate, relevant information on living a healthy lifestyle via nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. We strive to be fair and honest in our business dealings, responsible with our editorial content, and the best community-based natural health publication throughout our regions. What maKES US UniQUE? Nature's Pathways differs from other publications in two major ways: We are community based the vast majority of our advertisers are locally or regionally based. The majority of the editorial content that fills our pages is written by or submitted by local advertisers. WhY Do WE SUBSCriBE to thiS BUSinESS moDEl? We believe that because our advertisers are in the business of providing goods and services in the healthy living industry, they are the subject matter experts. Our readers appreciate having access to information provided by local businessmen and women with a vested interest in the health of their patrons and the communities in which they live. this unique concept allows our readers to learn more about how to live a healthy life, and also about the businesses in their communities that can serve as trusted resources.

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Natures Pathways | July 2012

from the editor
Jackie Peters

of course, twirling sparklers through the humid night air, having no pressures related to school, listening to the Brewers on the crackly, old boom box as we worked outside, cookouts with family and friends, and, if I was very lucky, making annual visits with my older siblings to Pierce Park for the annual Fourth of July festival and fireworks display to name a few. As I consider my list, I realize that none of these memories would exist if not for the freedom we have in this country. It was just announced that our death toll in Afghanistan has hit 2000 after more than 3900 days of involvement. Thats like the entire population of villages like Deerfield, Wautoma or Denmark being wiped out. The number of lives changed increases this figure exponentially. I so respect the military parents, too. The thought of that final goodbye sends shivers up my spine. What selflessness on the part of our armed forces and their families. It makes me wonder if I have that in me that willingness to sacrifice in such an enormous way. What does all of this have to do with a health and wellness magazine? Well, its the freedom, I think. The freedom we all have to make healthy choices in regard to our nutrition, fitness, personal growth, wellness, relaxation, and organic and green living. As usual, our authors have contributed numerous articles to help us on this journey. Isnt our freedom of speech a wonderful thing? Please read on! Also, remember that the Fourth of July is a wonderful time to contemplate, acknowledge and appreciate the freedoms we have in this great country. This month, lets increase our efforts to thank a veteran, to appreciate all of the healthy choices we have and to be a little more selfless.

Childhood memories of July are abundant for me

In health and happiness,

Do you have a comment or question about something you read in Nature's Pathways? Is there a story you'd like to read? How about something you didn't like as much? Whatever your opinion, we want to know! Please e-mail Jackie at or Thanks for reading! July 2012 | Natures Pathways


Summer salads for your pets? you bet! ....................................

By Dr. Jodie

arnivores in the wild forage for berries and select grasses. Even felines consume a tiny amount of the pre-digested green stuff when they devour their prey. So, this veterinarian gives you the green light to feed healthy people food, namely fruits and vegetables, to your dog or cat! With a little guidance, this can be a lot of fun! There are a few foods considered dangerous to pets. Everyone is aware of the toxicity of chocolate, but in addition, AVOID grapes, raisins, onions and macadamia nuts. Although in the onion family, a small amount of garlic is okay for dogs and cats. Indeed, many pet supplements contain garlic. Some sources cite avocado as a problem, but a well-respected joint supplement and an entire dog food line contain avocado; pets have been eating these for years without adversity. Small chunks of fruit or veggie can be a welcomed treat. Since carnivores do not possess the herbivores cellulase enzyme, nor do they chew and mix the food with saliva as we primates do, they will not be able to release the full nutritional value from the plant material when fed a solid piece. In nature, the canine or feline must consume the rabbit that pre-digested the carrot in order to assimilate the vitamin A from the carrot. However, when you feed a baby carrot to your dog as a treat, the purpose is for fun, not nutrient value. It is more important what is NOT in the treat. Although most of the carrot will come out the other end intact, at least it does not contain unhealthy ingredients. Most
Natures Pathways | July 2012

"if my canine patient has kidney disease, i will recommend blended greens, such as kale, be added to the food."
dog bones and biscuits on the market contain horrible ingredients. Wheat is often the first ingredient, and for a carnivore this is a common allergen and source of inflammatory, high-calorie starch. Remember, even organic flour is still starch. Many treats contain rendered meat and bone meal, carcinogenic artificial preservatives, cancer-causing dyes and organ-damaging conditioners to make them semi-moist. Giving a biscuit to your pet is like you eating a candy bar. Not a good way to maintain healthy weight. So, a better choice is a piece of carrot, apple or cucumber. I always give my little dog a piece of

my banana. I know a cat who LOVES green beans. Its fun to do taste tests and find out what your furry buddy likes. Vegetation can be used medicinally. As a certified veterinary food therapist, I am making recommendations daily as to particular foods to supplement to manipulate health. If on a blood screening a pet is low in potassium, I will recommend a bit of banana every day. (Of course we will follow-up to see if the potassium level normalized and also pursue an underlying reason for the hypokalemia.) If my canine patient has kidney disease, I will recommend blended greens, such as kale, be added to the food. Greens in the gastrointestinal tract have been shown to grab the waste protein (urea nitrogen) and send it out in the fecal matter, instead of allowing it to pass into the bloodstream, where the kidneys cannot handle it. When this occurs, the elevated BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is responsible for making the pet feel ill. Dark, leafy greens are abundant in antioxidants. My cancer patients who have the best quality and longevity of life, not only eat a meat-based, prey-concept, balanced, species-appropriate, raw diet, but they also have guardians who feed them large amounts of fresh, organic, locally produced, dark green or purple, vibrant, blended vegetation. The food is blended, to mimic pre-digestion, so that the pet can assimilate the abundance of vitamins and minerals. In this condition, no fruit and no root veggies is best, as these contain more sugar. Studies show, cancer feeds on carbs. Some examples of ideal veggies are: kale, collard greens, bok choy, arugula, broccoli and asparagus. The cruciferous or gas-producing veggies should be cooked or steamed and blended. Other veggies can be raw and blended. The veggie I use most commonly in cats is pumpkin or sweet potato. Most cats enjoy one or the other in tiny amounts. This can serve as a hairball remedy and a constipation preventer. Psyllium fiber can make matters worse for cats that do not drink enough water. In nature, a hungry cat consumes the entire mouse, including the hair and hide. Commercial raw diets often do not provide this fiber component. In order for a fibrous veggie to be beneficial, it must be added to every meal. For greens, some cats will let me sneak a little wheat grass juice into their canned or raw food. For dogs and cats with crystals in their urine or bladder stones, specific vegetation can help manipulate urinary pH to help prevent recurrence of this problem. How much vegetation? This varies greatly with condition and size of pet. Let their stool be your guide! You will know if you fed too much! Think about their tummy size and never feed more than about a third of the overall food in the dish. So, the next time youre making a salad, drop a piece for your dog! Save the gratings and the ends. Pure them in the blender. Pour a batch into an ice cube tray. Mix a green ice cube into the food with a little warm water. Dogs might enjoy the pulp from the juicer, and well cats, they are always a surprise and a challenge. Dont forget the catnip!
Dr. Jodie is owner and small animal veterinary practitioner at the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Muskego. She is a 1987 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Her expertise is in natural nutrition, including the recommending of raw diets and in the prescription of western and Chinese herbals. Dr. Jodie has traveled to China and became certified in veterinary acupuncture by the Chi Institute in 2008. Learn more about holistic pet health care by visiting or by calling 414.422.1300.

"Dont forget the catnip!"

July 2012 | Natures Pathways


how do you go about designing an effective corporate wellness program? ....................................................................

By Kathy larson, CPt, CWC

hen designing a corporate wellness program, it is essential that you consider the objective of the company and that you make sure you align the program with the companys goal. If this doesnt happen, you end up with a program thats not specific to the needs of the company or its employees. In the end, you want to be certain youve addressed key factors, such as disease prevention, profitability and sustainability of your program long term. From the outset, its very important that you have buy-in from the leaders of the company. The program itself should include many aspects that target all populations and ethnicities, and take into account the number of employees, budgets as well as organizational objectives. Its important to design a wellrounded and attractive program that targets many areas of health, wellness and fitness so as to appease everyone. Delivering results for the company and making sure that you have a reliable plan for increasing the bottom line are two aspects that should be discussed first and foremost. Wellness initiatives, your intervention plan, strategies and incentives you will use to help educate employees on how to live healthier lifestyles are all essential tools needed to be outlined prior to moving forward with your program. Another huge factor to consider is the role of the human resources department or wellness professionals in the organization.
Natures Pathways | July 2012

"Showing people we genuinely care about them in general, let alone as employers, is truly the greatest gift/perk that you can offer any employee."

It is necessary for a key person to compile statistics and results regarding the effectiveness of the program. Make certain to identify key cost drivers that exist within medical plans, managing and reporting trends, rates of results that are behavior-driven, and being able to forecast the longevity of the program are all crucial to establish. In addition, it is important to clarify short-term goals for the program so this key person understands how his or her role and support will be essential for success. A results-driven theme is going to have to carry through the company as a whole, its leaders, coaches and employees. To achieve positive results you need to communicate concisely the goals that have been identified as a company to the employees, effectively and empathetically. Be certain that employees have a say in some regard what direction the program takes, which will allow them to have more ownership, thus higher involvement, participation and retention. Understanding and clarifying how one can go about achieving a healthier lifestyle, both in and out of the workplace, will have to be a daily ritual for all involved. Thus, assigning coaches and support will be key to the consistent practice of your wellness program. Be sure to choose your cheerleaders wisely. Coaches are different than human resources specialists they are there for accountability, motivation, support, and to provide health, wellness and fitness resources to the employee on a daily basis.


Knowing that an employee can talk to someone outside of HR will be very important, as building rapport with a trusted coach will be the difference to the success or lack thereof of your wellness program. Whether your employees will engage and continue to have the drive to pursue healthier lifestyles will also be contingent on the availability of staff on-hand to encourage them when they are feeling discouraged, unfocused, unmotivated, hopeless, or quite easily distracted with life both personally and professionally. This is where youll have to contemplate employee assistance programs (EAP), telephonic or group coaching, counseling, or motivational presentations and/or an educational series on varied health topics. One last point is to not focus too much on weight loss. Too often companies set out to define their wellness programs to target the overweight employees. Excess weight does bring on many risk factors, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and so forth; however, more importantly, we need to see and appreciate people for who they are. We need to meet people where theyre at mentally and emotionally, not only physically. In summary, we all evolve to become who we are with reason attached; good, maybe not so good, or even sometimes simply by not knowing how to get to the next level. We need to be careful not to make it about how we appear on the outside, for its who we are on the inside that truly matters. What we allow our minds to believe each day is what defines who we truly are. Thus, its very important to create and offer programs that work on behavior change, our perspectives versus reality.

Showing people we genuinely care about them in general, let alone as employers, is truly the greatest gift/perk that you can offer any employee. In the end, you will have a very successful wellness program for years to come because your employees will feel truly valued and cared for.
Kathy Larson, CPT, CWC, and with Wellness Online ( has been in the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. She's worked in all realms of wellness and fitness, including education, personal training, fitness equipment sales and a variety of business ownerships that have been awarded national recognition. Kathy's passion is to educate individuals, business owners and corporate employees on how to incorporate healthier living into their daily lives so that they begin to live consciously. For more information, e-mail her at or call 262.443.4271.

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WARNING: The Polaris EV LSV is intended for drivers at least 16 years of age with a valid drivers license. Make sure to understand and comply with local and state regulations for on-road use. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets and protective clothing. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs dont mix.

100% Electric and Street Legal

FREE membership community designed

Advice and instruction for engineering fitness, good nutrition, and management of weight, stress, and health into your busy life. Offering wellness coaching through seminars, individualized & group education, corporate programs and more!

to help us all live healthier lives!

Wellness coaches focus on specific wellness areas:

Stress management Weight management Nutrition Fitness Disease prevention Health risk assessment

500+ Health
July 2012 | Natures Pathways

Kathy Larson, CWC, CPT Health Coach & Consultant 262.443.4271



expert answers to your health and wellness questions

Be realistic with fast food, eat healthy AND exercise, and weight lifting for women ......................................................................
By Karmen nenahlo

Question: I love fast food, but I am trying to lose weight and improve my health. Is it okay to eat fast food while on a diet program? Answer: Yes, but as always, there are a few important points to keep in mind. We all know fast food isnt necessarily the healthiest meal in town, but we also know that setting realistic goals is an important component of any successful weight loss program. Therefore, it doesnt make sense to completely deprive yourself of fast food, especially if its appropriate for your specific situation. In other words, if youre crunched for time, fast food may be the only reasonable option. That said, if an occasional trip turns into four or five weekly trips, your weight loss efforts and health goals will likely suffer as a result. The key is to become a savvy shopper and watch out for calorie-laden foods with added sugars, sodium and fat. Look for a nutrition facts pamphlet in local restaurants, and educate yourself on their menus. If you make the effort, youll be able to find a sensible meal no matter where you go. Remember, balance, variety and moderation are the words to live by when it comes to food. If you apply these principles regularly, you wont have to sacrifice your health and wellness goals when eating out. Question: Ive heard some people say dieting just doesnt work, and that you should focus on exercise if you want to lose weight. Is this true? Answer: No, this is simply not true. If youve ever looked at food labels and compared them to the calorie counters on your exercise equipment, youll likely come to some startling conclusions. It is much easier to decrease your calorie intake by 300-500 calories per day than it is to expend that many more calories each

day through exercise. Researchers have addressed this issue as well, and it is generally accepted that diet is the more important variable when it comes to weight loss. Exercise is still beneficial however, and actually plays a much more prominent role in weight maintenance. Heres the bottom line incorporate both healthy eating and exercise no matter where you are in the weight loss process. Question: My wife thinks shell get big and bulky if she starts lifting weights with me. How do I convince her otherwise? Answer: This comes up all the time, and its one of the biggest myths out there. First of all, women simply dont have the proper hormonal balance to put on large amounts of muscle tissue. Secondly, even if they did have the right physiology, it would take some serious training to do it. Getting bigger muscles requires high-volume workouts (lots of sets and repetitions) and a pretty high intensity level as well. Picking up a few weights here and there isnt a recipe for building mass its what you do and how you do it that really makes the difference. Remind your wife that weight training programs can always be tailored to specific goals, so if she doesnt want to put on large amounts of muscle thats just fine. Generally speaking, a full-body circuit with higher repetition ranges a few days per week would work well if shes just looking to tone up or maintain her current level of muscle tissue. If she wants to get an individualized program based on her goals, look for a qualified personal trainer in your area.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the worlds largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

Eat, Drink & Buy Local

Grow yo ur commun ity


Make fruits fun for kids ........................................................

any parents can attest to the challenges in encouraging children to eat healthily, including incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables into their daily diets. Children tend to become picky eaters for a number of reasons, according to the UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital. Some children are just naturally more sensitive to taste, texture and smell of some foods. Others may learn their picky eating from parents, who pick and choose among their meals. Still other children learn to be selective through bribes and punishments around mealtime. However, there neednt been fussing and feuding over food choices particularly produce when parents employ a few creative ideas to entice children to dig into healthy foods.

1. Ask for your childs help:

Have your child ride along to the grocery store and take an active role in picking out healthy foods that he or she may be willing to try. Most nutrition experts find that if children take an interest in what they will be eating and are instrumental in making some choices, they will have a higher rate of eating those meals and foods. 2. Understand your childs eating habits: Some children will eat the crown of broccoli, but leave aside the stems. There are kids that will eat anything as long as its dunked in ketchup. They may enjoy pears as long as they are cut up into pieces with the skin removed. Pay attention to how

your child likes to eat the food and present it that way. It could mean fewer arguments at the dinner table. 3. Explore new flavor combinations: Oftentimes mixing certain flavor combinations can entice children to eat foods they may have never considered trying. Just think about the popularity of fruit juices mixed with vegetable pures. Some children have an inclination toward favorite flavors or just can benefit from a little variety, which can sometimes prove challenging when produce is out of season. Try Grapple brand apples, which combine the fresh, familiar flavor of Washington apples with the aroma and taste of concord grapes. Through a patented process, premium Washington State apples are infused with grape flavor to create a product that Crunches like an Apple, Tastes like a Grape. The health benefits of Grapples are just the same as other varieties of apples, and there are no artificial ingredients added or genetic altering. The process of making them does not add any extra sugar, calories, carbohydrates or anything else; in fact, the apple maintains its natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber. Parents can rest assured that all ingredients have been approved by the USDA and the FDA. 4. Try creative presentations: Simply presenting the foods in a unique way can make them fun to eat. Try making fruit creations, such as snowmen out of stacked grapes, or orange and peach skewers. Children may be more inclined to drinking fruit smoothies mixed with yogurt or giving foods fun names, such as banana bombs, which are just chunks of banana rolled in honey and granola. All it may take is creating a fruit face on a plate with different fruits resembling features. Try kiwi eyes, apple slices for a mouth, a blueberry nose or whatever you come up with. 5. Be patient with new foods: It can take a few attempts and repeated exposure to get children to try new foods, says the Mayo Clinic. Serve new foods along with childrens favorite foods, like Grapple slices added to a peanut butter sandwich.

here are more ideas about incorporating apples in tasty snacks.


Go to School!

Core, cut and slice 2 apples. Crush 1/2 cup of your favorite cereal, like Chex or Rice Krispies. Mix 1 teaspoon packed brown sugar and 2 tablespoons peanut butter together. Spread the brown sugar and peanut butter onto apple slices and roll in cereal.

Touch the Lives of Others Become a Massage Therapist!

Incorporating over 25 years of holistic health, nutrition and community outreach into our program. Full-time or part-time options available! Federal Financial Aid for those who qualify! General public classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi and holistic health focused on self-care and awareness.

Core, quarter and cube an apple. Slice some cheese into similarly sized cubes. Skewer the apples and cheese alternately on toothpicks, adding a raisin or other dried fruit. If packing for school lunch, dip the apples into a little lemonade first to keep them from turning brown.
DrieD APPleS

You can easily dry your own apples without any preservatives. Cut an apple into 1/4 inch thick slices. Dip them into a bowl of lemon water or lemonade. Spread out on a metal rack and set into a warm oven (180 F) for two or three hours. Turn off the oven and let them cool.

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Place a cored apple in a buttered ramekin. Add 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon into the center hole. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes.
Source: Metro Creative Connection

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A monthly advice column for your energy system ......................................................................

Everything in the universe contains energy, yet energy is something many of us dont understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is here to answer any questions you have about your energy system. Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balancing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. The ideas written here do not replace medical attention. Always listen to your body, mind and intuition when receiving advice of any kind. Dear Tina, Every time I am surrounded by a lot of people I get really uncomfortable, anxious and panicky. I am a very outgoing person and I like being social, but in crowds, at large parties or in a crowded elevator I feel almost sick. What is going on with me energetically, if anything? People Panicker not so good. Well, why on earth is this a gift then, you may be asking? Hold your horses, Im getting to that! Imagine if you were able to have boundaries or filters surrounding you that allowed you to choose when, where and what type of energy you can feel. Imagine that you could use the energy you are feeling to gain knowledge about or for people. Imagine that this energy did not affect you. Instead, you could feel it to understand, and then let it go. Ah, I know Im feeling much better. When you have proper boundaries, your gift will not be attacked and instead you will gain control over your system. After you get a handle on your boundaries and feel comfortable, you would make a great therapist, social worker, HR rep, energy worker or simply a great friend!

Dear People Panicker, Yes, there is something going on with your energy, and although you may not think so now, its a gift! Let me explain. There are a number of intuitive gifts out there and most of us naturally use at least two of them regularly. There are feeling or kinesthetic gifts, visual gifts and verbal gifts. Each of these innate abilities helps us receive intuitive information. Im not talking only about seeing the future or hearing voices. Im talking about getting information about the world (and maybe beyond) that you cant experience with your five senses. A hunch, a bad vibe, your inner voice all of these are pieces of information that you dont actually see. The gift youre describing is a kinesthetic gift. When you are in a situation with large numbers of people, you are literally bombarded by all of their energy. You can feel it, the good and the
Natures Pathways | July 2012

"every time i am surrounded by a lot of people i get really uncomfortable, anxious and panicky."

Tina, a Madison intuitive counselor and energy healer, is a lifelong student of the paranormal. She had her first clairvoyant vision at a young age and continues to see and hear energy. Tina is trained in clairvoyant reading and many modalities of energy healing, but through professional training she was disappointed in the methods many schools used to devalue everyones natural gifts. Tina started The Chakra House to teach how natural and easy it is to work with energy. She believes that everyone has natural psychic gifts and can access their abilities if they realized their potential.

electric power goes off road ................................................................

By Bob mair

lectric power is a perfect fit for on-road use. Electric low speed vehicles (LSVs) offer low operating costs, quiet running and environmentally green operation. As electric power has developed for vehicle use, off-road LSVs have become more popular. LSVs offer a host of features that make them perfect for offroad use. The short wheelbase increases maneuverability for easy driving through woods and other tight spaces. Narrow vehicle widths allow LSVs to fit through narrow spots on trails. Quiet electric power allows travel through the woods without disturbing wildlife or other people. Emission-free operation keeps our natural areas clean and healthy. LSVs can be charged with a standard 110V outlet, so recharging is easy and convenient, anytime and anywhere! As LSVs have increased in popularity, manufacturers like Columbia ParCar have continued to develop new features to increase the versatility of these vehicles. The Scout SUV includes a lift kit to increase ground clearance for safer driving over uneven terrain. All-terrain tires offer improved traction on a variety of surfaces. Increased power from electric motors allows towing capacities up to 1,000 pounds. Properly equipped, the Scout from Columbia ParCar is ready to tackle off-road chores for you. Star EV is another company that has created new models of LSVs for off-road uses. The lifted models are available in streetlegal configurations to take you from the street to the beach or the woods with ease. Bring your friends, too. These LSVs are available in four- and six-passenger configurations. A brush guard protects your LSV, and a front storage basket and available roof rack offer space to bring along whatever you need. The standard windshield protects occupants from branches and weather, and 22-inch tires offer a safe and smooth ride off road and on. The Star Stalker is the latest step in off-road electric LSVs. The Stalker is Stars first LSV offering 4-wheel drive operation for use

in the toughest off-road conditions. Everything about the Stalker says tough from the 72 volt AC power system delivering 22 HP to the rugged, coil-over-shock 4-wheel independent suspension. Shift on the fly 4x4 helps get you out of tough spots, and the 4,000 pound winch can help you get your friends out, too. The ability to travel off road opens up a host of possible commercial uses for LSVs. They are perfect for use around the farm, for moving people, tools and supplies, or both. The ground clearance and traction of these units are perfect on a construction site, and payloads up to 1,050 pounds can help you get construction materials wherever you need to get them. If you own a campground, the quiet, emission-free operation will help keep your guests happy, while the capabilities of these vehicles will help you keep your campground in great condition. There are a lot of personal uses for these vehicles, too. If you live in the country, you can now travel and maintain your property quietly and emission free. Hunters, a 4x4 like the Star Stalker is perfect for getting in and out of the woods. The payload is more than you need to transport your deer and your hunting buddy, and the quiet electric motor wont disturb the areas wildlife. An off-road LSV is perfect for hauling your gear to your remote cabin or campsite, without disturbing those around you. Going off road? Go electric! Its better for you, better for those around you and better for the environment. To learn more about the electric vehicles featured in this article, visit and click on the Columbia ParCar and Star EV links. For more information about purchasing your own LSV, e-mail Bob Mair, major account/fleet manager at
Bob Mair has been employed with MEE Material Handling since 2006. He moved into the sale of LSVs in 2008, and has sold LSVs to residential and commercial customers throughout Wisconsin. He has participated in advanced product training programs with Columbia ParCar and Star EV. Bob has participated in many events throughout Wisconsin to teach the public the benefits of LSVs and electric-powered vehicles.
July 2012 | Natures Pathways


Above Beyond
Blue Sky, a pioneer in massage therapy education
By Alison Eggert
FEEling StrESSED oUt? or maYBE YoU SUStainED an inJUrY and are seeking relief? In either case, you make an appointment with your massage therapist. While youre relaxing during your massage stress melting away, tension leaving the body do you ever wonder what it takes, exactly, to become a massage therapist? Blue sky school of professional massage knows, and has been graduating professionals just like your talented massage therapist for almost 30 years. When Blue sky started, there were no licensing or educational requirements to become a massage therapist. eventually, a therapist could become certified, but it was not a required credential. today, licensed massage therapists (Lmts) are highly trained individuals; obtaining minimum hour requirements and passing a national exam are just the tip of the iceberg. Competition, national certification, state licensing and insurance requirements keep the average massage therapist seeking out continuing education hours yearly. as of January 1, 2012, Wisconsin requires that all practicing massage therapists be licensed, complete a minimum of 600 educational hours and pass a national exam, but Blue sky has surpassed these minimum requirements for years. Founded in 1985, Blue sky started as a myomassology program, centering itself around the basics of massage therapy with an emphasis on holistic health and wellness. the idea of creating inner, positive energy to be able to inspire others, has been the central focus of Blue sky throughout its longstanding history. today, the minimum 853-hour program includes around 70 hours of additional training, including classes on holistic health, stress management and tai chi. according to co-founder and dean of Blue sky, Karen Weigle, students have the ability to enrich their own lives while learning a skill that will help them succeed in the professional world. according to the Bureau of Labor statistics data as of 2010, the field of massage therapy is expected to grow 20% by 2020; an above average rate for job growth. and Blue sky is prepared to handle this influx of students.
Natures Pathways | July 2012

as education in massage therapy grows competitively, Blue sky continues to find ways that may give their graduates a professional edge. Blue skys requirements and expectations have gone beyond the minimum for years through the addition of a number of specialized seminars to the program. also, in 2004, Blue sky became accredited by the Commission on

LefT To righT: Christy Stansell, alumnus of Blue Sky, Therapeutic relaxation track Karen Weigle, dean and co-founder of Blue Sky, Therapeutic Medical track tom Dalessio, alumnus of Blue Sky, Therapeutic energy track

massage therapy accreditation (COmta). not only did accreditation guide Blue sky in fine tuning the quality, integrity and performance of its massage program, but also a new idea developed, changing the possibilities of massage therapy education. Blue sky examined the areas of practice its own graduates ended up working in, as well as the continuing education that they sought out to become more desirable in their profession. three clear ideas emerged and today, are an integral part of the massage therapy program at Blue sky. prospective students will find that once they enroll in the professional therapeutic program, they may choose one of three specialty tracks to focus on: therapeutic medical. therapeutic energy. therapeutic relaxation. the track selection teaches the student additional skills within a focused assemblage. all students at Blue sky receive the same strong foundation in basic therapeutic massage techniques. the track selections take Blue sky

students education one step further, by giving them a specialty. all students at Blue sky take a total of nine weekend seminars, five of which are specific to their chosen track. Christy stansell, a 2007 Blue sky alumnus, reflects on her education, Being skilled with modalities that help and assist my clients to de-stress and relax, has made a huge difference in their lives. By allowing students to focus on a specific area, they are equipped with additional knowledge and skills many massage therapists do not acquire until after graduation. a therapeutic relaxation track graduate from Blue sky already has training in aromatherapy, lomi lomi, spa services and ancient Chinese beauty and rejuvenation secrets when entering the professional world a possible advantage for both the students and the many

spas looking to expand services offered. Blue skys therapeutic medical track graduate will have received four of the five required seminars for precision neuromuscular therapy (pnmt) certification, which can be beneficial for Lmts seeking careers alongside medical professionals. stansell, a therapeutic relaxation track graduate, remembers when looking for a school that the relaxation track most appealed to her, It resonated with my goals for my new career, said stansell I was so excited to learn about the relaxation modalities. today stansell is an independent contractor who gratefully says, to this day, I am still amazed at the wealth of knowledge I was given. tiffany yttri, a therapeutic medical track graduate agrees. I feel like I wouldve had to seek out continuing education to gain these specialties, but Blue sky had already equipped me with the tools I needed to dive right in! responds yittri, the owner of new Beginnings massage therapy in West Bend. she uses the skills she learned often, explaining that the patient pain assessment techniques she learned in her pnmt seminars are incorporated regularly into her sessions. I am still amazed by how effective these techniques are and how they allow me to more effectively treat my clients and maximize the time I spend with them, she exclaims. Blue skys therapeutic energy track graduates delve deep into the realm of energetic practices, learning reiki, acupressure and energy medicine through polarity, which is exactly what thomas dalessio was looking for when he enrolled in Blue sky. I came to Blue sky with certification and experience in education, counseling and the spiritual traditions, says dalessio, the co-founder of Bodymindspiritworks LLC. Blue sky provided me with the training and certification I needed to do truly integral, cross training work with people who are hurting physically, emotionally and spiritually, dalessio responds, when asked about the influence Blue sky has had on his career. through the years, Blue sky has continued to develop and grow with each program offering by adding and deleting requirements as needed for industry growth and organizational development. Blue sky director of Operations, dawn Koller, explains, staying on top of the field and its many changes, is key to creating graduates that have the confidence and skills to take them wherever they chose to go! Blue sky school of professional massage & therapeutic Bodywork is COmta accredited, a nCBtmB Certified provider and a Wisconsin eaB approved provider of massage therapy education. Blue sky offers full and part-time options, starting each spring and fall. all graduates receive a diploma in therapeutic massage. Blue sky has three locations across Wisconsin, in grafton, madison and de pere.

School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork De Pere 920.338.9500 Grafton 262.376.1011 Madison 608.270.5245
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Blue Sky



Nettle (Urtica dioica) ...................................................................

By Cheryl hosmer

ettle is a one to four foot tall perennial plant with heart-shaped, finely toothed leaves. The stem of the nettle plant is covered with stinging hairs that will irritate and burn your skin if you rub up against it or grab it. Dont let this deter you from using the leaf or root from this exceptional herb, nicknamed stinging nettle or common nettle. Nettle has a high mineral content, including iron, calcium and silica, and is a rich source of chlorophyll. Nettle also contains some vitamins, such as A, C and K. The root contains some

polysaccharides, lignans and fatty acids. Flogging with the stinging nettle stems is an old remedy for arthritis or rheumatism. Ouch! More recently, there is a study on indicating nettle extract to be of benefit for rheumatoid arthritis. The irritating property of the juice (formic acid) is destroyed by cooking or dehydrating nettle. There are a few antidotes to remember if you unfortunately get stung. The juice from the spine of the nettle leaf gives relief from its own sting, as does the dock plant, which usually grows nearby. A paste of baking soda can be applied for sting relief too.

Healthy legs are just a phone call away...

Now is the time to stop the pain, discomfort & unsightly appearance associated with varicose veins. We invite you to call or visit us today for your free consultation.
Treatment may be covered by your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid included. Bruce W. Cardone, M.D. 262.349.9371 Board Certified Radiologist & Phlebologist
Natures Pathways | July 2012

Nettle has both astringent and diuretic properties making it useful for a variety of ailments. The root is used to stimulate the immune system and has been helpful with enlarged prostate problems. The freezedried leaf seems to be helpful alleviating allergies and hay fever. By freeze-drying the leaf, it retains histamine, serotonin and acetylcholine concentrated in the nettle hairs that is lost by air drying. Nettle tea or nettle tincture can be used to expel phlegm from the lungs or to replenish minerals to strengthen the bodys blood, bones, adrenals, prostate and kidneys. Nettle is best known as a spring tonic. With gloves on, the young tops can be gathered when six to eight inches tall. Rinse with water and put in a pan with a small amount of water and cook. The cooked nettle can then be chopped and used in a variety of recipes similar to spinach. Nettle tea can be made and used as a spring tonic to purify the blood and gain a boost of energy! Nettle can be air dried and powdered and then added to poultry feed to increase egg quality and production.
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certified natural health professional and certified biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Natures Way to Health & Happiness. She offers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supplements, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more information, please visit her Web site, or call her at 920.757.6440. References: Planetary Herbology Michael Tierra; A Modern Herbal Mrs. M. Grieve;

how to clean up a broken Cfl

ompact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, have grown increasingly popular as more and more consumers make environmentally conscious purchases. CFLs use less energy than traditional light bulbs, and, though they contain mercury, they actually reduce the total mercury emissions because of their energy savings. Though CFLs reduce the demand for power, they can be dangerous if broken. When broken, CFLs can release mercury vapor into the air, and those vapors can threaten a handlershealth. While the Environmental Protection Agency notes that CFL manufacturers are working to reduce the amount of mercury in their products, its still best to exercise caution when a CFL breaks. The following are a few tips, courtesy of the EPA, on what to do when a CFL breaks in your home or office.

Open the windows or a door to the outdoors, and air the room out for 5 to 10 minutes. Turn off the air conditioning or heating system. Gather the materials for cleanup, which include stiff paper or cardboard, sticky tape, damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes and a glass jar with a metal lid that can be sealed. If you dont have a jar on hand, a sealable plastic bag will work as well.

After cleanup

Once you have finished cleaning the room where the bulb broke, its time to discard the materials. When cleanup has ended, immediately discard bulb debris and the materials used during cleanup (including a vacuum bag if you used a vacuum). Place the materials in a trash can or in a protected area, especially if you have curious kids around the house, until they can be disposed of. Be sure you are legally disposing of the materials. Local governments typically have their own laws about discarding CFLs (broken or unbroken), with many mandating that such bulbs be taken to the local recycling center. Be sure to obey these laws. Keep airing out the room if possible. Though airing the room out for 5 to 10 minutes might be adequate, when possible, air the room out for several hours. In addition, if possible, keep the heating and cooling system off for a few hours after the bulb has broken. CFLs save energy and can save homeowners substantial amounts of money on their monthly energy bill. However, when these bulbs break, let caution reign with regard to cleanup.
Source: Metro Creative Connection
July 2012 | Natures Pathways

During cleanup

Once the room has been aired out and the materials for cleanup have been gathered, a few additional precautions are necessary to properly dispose of a broken CFL. Do not use the vacuum. Though it might be tempting to use the vacuum, it could also be risky. A vacuum could spread mercury-containing powder or mercury vapors, so only use one if there is still broken glass around after all other cleanup steps have been taken. Be thorough. When cleaning, be sure to pick up every piece of broken glass and sweep any visible powder. Discard cleanup materials. Once you have finished cleaning, discard the materials you used by placing them in a sealable container.

Prior to cleanup

When a CFL breaks, there are some important steps to take before you begin cleaning it up. Empty the room of people and pets. As mentioned, mercury vapors can be harmful to a personshealth, so reduce risk of physical harm by asking people to leave the room and take any pets with them. Air out the room. Let some fresh air into the room where the bulb broke.



how Growing Power keeps growing

...................................................................... The Good Food Revolution: Healthy food for all
By Will allen

his time of year many Americans reflect on the meaning of independence: independence from England (4th of July), emancipation from slavery (Juneteenth) and, increasingly, with the early summers harvest of local fresh produce, independence from a destructive global food system. I call this emerging national and global consciousness about the food we eat the Good Food Revolution because we have reached that critical point in society to make impactful, lasting change. For us at Growing Power, that change means rebuilding local farms, creating living wage jobs, empowering our community to make healthier food choices and gain access to good food, and transforming our local food system so that at least 10% of the food our city consumes will be sourced from local farms. I mentioned this goal in my first article with Natures Pathways, and Id like to share a little bit about the systems we have in place that will help us get closer to achieving it. We understand that with the increase of locally grown food, we must also change the mechanisms that process, package and distribute that food. A longtime partner of ours, Maglio & Co., has committed to purchasing special processing equipment to be able to take in our local harvests and prepare them for distributors like Sysco. Previously, Growing Power staff only collected food waste from Maglios; however, given the growing demand for locally grown food and Growing Powers consistency in being able to provide it, we have influenced Maglios, principally a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor themselves, to purchase this equipment. Other distribution methods include our growing number of farm stands across the city. For example, we are targeting health institutions, like Aurora Sinai, to be able to provide fresh, healthy and affordable food to some of our communitys most vulnerable populations. On Milwaukees north side, we opened a retail store and caf on Martin Luther King Drive, as part of the King Drive Commons, a development project supporting new housing and storefronts along the street. A similar development project on the south side, the Mitchell Street Market Lofts, will house a year-round farmers market below two floors of housing. Growing
Natures Pathways | July 2012

Power will continue to manage this market located on the busy corner of Mitchell Street and Muskego Avenue, supporting healthy food access and local farmers. This summer, my staff of 115 will plant over one million transplants and seeds on over 200 acres throughout Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Our micro-green production is producing 3,000 trays (10" by 20") of tender, nutrient-dense sprouts per week! Thats equivalent to 1,500 pounds of young pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, radish and cabbage sprouts that are grown, harvested, washed, packaged and delivered to accounts throughout Milwaukee, including large distributors such as Sysco, who supplies major institutions like the Milwaukee Public Schools. These current efforts to get good food into our city require the coming together of partners. I have always appreciated partnerships and I believe everything and everyone has value. We cannot do this alone. Our goal to increase local food consumption to 10% within the next several years will require all of us to do our part. Every day, when we sit down for a meal, grab a snack or prepare our dinner, we have the choice to eat our way to independence from a system that is unsustainable and failing to meet our communitys nutritional needs. I encourage you to: Grow a garden. Shop at a farmers market. Advocate for your company or childs school to install a garden. Buy our Farm to City Market Basket. The time is now. Growing Power wish list: We are in need of a passenger van to transport our growing number of staff to our numerous production sites throughout Milwaukee. The passenger van will also be used to transport workshop participants coming to Growing continued on page 25 Power for trainings.

easy steps to fighting skin blemishes naturally ......................................................................

By Caitlin Brotz

nexpected breakouts. We all have our moments. For some of us, our blemishes come early in life, while others of us experience these uninvited breakouts in adulthood. Whatever the case, acne isnt desirable and when we breakout we want blemishes gone fast! There are many causes for skin blemishes and acne. From extra hormones and bacteria, to unbalanced pH and varying levels of oil production, those nasty little red bumps occur most often when the body is struggling to bring everything back into balance. The good news is, for many, there can generally be a simple fix when fighting acne and other skin blemishes. With proper care of our delicate skin, most acne can clear up within a couple of days if we get back to the basics and use all-natural products that dont harm or irritate, but nourish and rebalance our complexions.

Draw out impurities

washing + moisturizing

Pulling out the impurities from your skin also can help to prevent any feeding grounds for acne-producing bacteria. French green clay is an amazing impurity killer. It is gentle enough for the sensitive facial skin, but impurities dont stand a chance against this tough fighting clay.

General over-washing strips skin of highly valuable oils, fatty acids and lipids. A gentle cleanser is a must. This allows the skin to keep its delicate balance in tune. Washing once a day is quite enough for the average individual. Any more than that and your skin will begin to produce its own oils in an attempt to self-lubricate. Often individuals with oily skin will try to blot off the excess oil, only drying it out further. If you dont believe me, just try washing less and moisturizing more for one week. Many will quickly notice a less oily complexion in a matter of days. If you are someone with combination skin, this notion will begin to make sense to you. Some skin is dry and some is oily. The oily skin is actually the dry skin getting so dry that it is actually desperately trying to lubricate itself. The bad news is, your bodys unpurified oil is a major source for bacteria, and bacteria are a major source of acne and the cycle of acne is born. If you can moisturize with a more sterile form of oil, you will notice an overall sense of clearness to your skin. Look for oils containing pure essential oils with natural antibacterial properties, such as lavender, peppermint or lemongrass.


Dead skin may also harbor nasty acne-causing bacteria. By gently exfoliating the skin on a weekly basis, you can greatly reduce the chance of the unwelcomed blemish popping. This holds true for both your face as well as your body for those more active or prone to body acne. Clear and healthy skin can be easy; it just takes a little diligence and trust in your bodys ability to balance itself. Remember these four simple steps: Wash with a gentle soap no more than once a day. Exfoliate twice a week. MOISTURIZE! Use a gentle, but tough clay to remove any built up impurities and to pull out toxins.
Caitlin Brotz is owner of Oliv 426, located at 511 N. 8th St. in Downtown Sheboygan or online at Devoted to improving the well-being of customers and the world around us every day, Oliv 426 believes in creating all-natural personal care products that are truly healing, non-harmful and affordable for everyday use. For more information about Oliv 426 or to learn more about the benefits of all-natural personal care, contact Caitlin at Caitlin@ or 920.783.0809.
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energy medicine ......................................................

By alexandria S. Binkowski, mh, nD, mS

s a practitioner of energy medicine, I have come across, on more occasions than not, people who have a misunderstanding of what this form of medicine is. A lot of people think that I am talking about how much energy they have to get through their day or if they are tired, fatigued, etc. This is not what the word energy means in this context. Energy medicine deals with the

life force of the body, including the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, which affect human health and promote healing. The concept of a life force goes back in the East in India to eighth century B.C. and in the West to sixth century B.C. It is far from being a new concept yet many Americans have never heard of it. Energy gives life to the body and medicine is the agent that is used

MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm TH 9:30am - 6:30pm SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm

Natures Pathways | July 2012

to heal or prevent disease. In energy medicine, energy IS the medicine. This medicine is applied to the bodys energies. End result, energy heals and energy systems are healed. Over 300 studies during the past 40 years have shown the efficacy of energy healing. Why would someone want to be interested in energy medicine and what can it do for them, you ask? Your body is designed to heal itself. Energy medicine aides the body to accomplish this return to and maintaining of health. It is an art and science that fosters physical, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being. Any physical, emotional or spiritual issue can benefit from energy medicine. As your energy field gets blocked, disharmony and illnesses occur. It is important to understand the anatomy of your energy body. It consists of nine systems: meridians, chakras, aura, basic grid, Celtic weave, five rhythms, triple warmer, radiant circuits and the electrics. The meridians are the pathways that connect energies along the surface of the skin. In Chinese medicine, these are known as acupuncture points. The meridian system brings vitality and balance, removes blockages, adjusts metabolism, and even determines the speed and form of cellular change. There are 14 channels of your meridian

pathways and each one affects your organs and different systems of your body, such as respiratory, digestive, immune, etc. The chakras are concentrated centers of energy. The word chakra means disk, vortex or wheels. Each major chakra in the human body is a center of swirling energy positioned at one of seven points, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each chakra supplies energy to specific organs, corresponds to a distinct aspect of your personality, and resonates with one of seven universal principles having to do with survival, creativity, identity, love, expression, comprehension or transcendence. Your chakras also code your experiences in their energies. Your aura is a protective atmosphere that surrounds you, filtering out many of the energies you encounter and drawing in others that you need. It protects you from harmful energies and brings in energies with which it resonates from the environment to your chakras and that sends energy from your chakras outward. The basic grid is your bodys foundational energy with all the other energy systems riding on the energy of the basic grid. If it is damaged, by trauma, for example, then nothing else is right and can only be repaired by a highly qualified energy therapist. The bodys energies spin, spiral, curve, twist, crisscross and weave themselves into beautiful colors and shapes. To keep the energies in equilibrium and balance is the job of the Celtic wave. It keeps all the energy systems functioning as a single unit as it networks throughout and around the body in spiraling figure-eight pattern. The five rhythms direct the tone and mood of the entire energy system and set the atmosphere of the life being lived. It is a rhythm that runs through all the others, leaving its vibratory imprint on physical attributes, health patterns and personality traits. The triple warmer mobilizes during threat or perceived threat, coordinating all the other energy systems to activate the immune response, govern the fight/flight/freeze mechanism, and establish and maintain habitual responses to threat. The radiant circuits function to ensure that all the other energy systems are working for the common good. They redistribute energies to where they are most needed, responding to any health challenge the body might encounter. They show you with healing energy, providing life-sustaining resources and lifting your morale. The electrics are an energy that seems to emerge from the electrical dimension of the other energy systems. They are the bridge that connects all the energy systems at the basic level of the bodys electricity. There are many forms of energy therapies and each one works on your energy body in different ways. These techniques can also be used on your pets and plants. A few that you can consider are: Pranic Healing, Reiki, acupressure and acupuncture, healing touch, polarity therapy, crystal and stone therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, breath work, The Healing Codes, quigong, tai chi, Falon Gong and meditation. Be very careful in choosing an energy therapist. Make sure they are well trained, skillful, knowledgeable, competent and highly intuitive, as they can harm you as well as help you. It is important that their energies and yours are in sync.
Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS, is a holistic psychotherapist, nurse, master herbalist, energy therapist (who utilizes all the techniques mentioned in this article in her practice), professional mediator and naturopath. She owns Life Force Wellness Center, LLC. Visit, e-mail her at or call 920.217.1769.

GrowinG Power continued from page 22

Want to learn more about our programs? Visit for more information. Growing Power also welcomes you to visit our urban farm daily at 1:00 p.m. for an hour-and-ahalf-long educational tour of the facility for only $10/person. Call 414.527.1546 to schedule your tour or drop in at 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53218.
Will Allen, son of a sharecropper, former professional basketball player, ex-corporate sales leader and longtime farmer, is recognized as among the preeminent thinkers of our time on agriculture and food policy. The founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc., a farm and community food center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Allen is widely considered the leading authority in the expanding field of urban agriculture. At Growing Power and in community food projects across the nation and around the world, Allen promotes the belief that all people, regardless of their economic circumstances, should have access to fresh, safe, affordable and nutritious foods at all times. Using methods he has developed over a lifetime, Allen trains community members to become community farmers, assuring them a secure source of good food without regard to political or economic forces. In 2008, Mr. Allen received the prestigious MacArthur Genius grant for his efforts to promote urban sustainable food systems. Later, in 2010, Mr. Allen joined First Lady Michelle Obama as she launched the White Houses Lets Move campaign to address issues affecting American youth and the risk of obesity. In 2010 Allen was also recognized as one of TIME magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World. Since then, Mr. Allen has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the James Beard Award in 2011, the NCAA Theodore Roosevelt Award (2012) and most recently the NEA Security Benefit Corporation Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education award in 2012 for his work with children, teachers and schools. On May 10th, 2012, Will Allen became a published autobiographer. Read his book, the Good Food Revolution. Leana Nakielski, Growing Power Development Manager, co-authored this article.

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Ingredients: 1 large sweet potato 1/3 c. onion 1/2 T. fresh rosemary 1/2 T. fresh tarragon 1 t. fresh thyme

Roasted Feta & Herb Potatoes

1 clove garlic 5 small Yukon Gold potatoes 2 medium baby red potatoes 1 T. + 1/2 T. olive oil Salt and pepper 2 oz. reduced fat feta cheese
nutrition Facts (per serving): Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 45-60 minutes Serves 8
Calories 180 Total Fat 3.7g Total Carbohydrates 32g Protein 5.5g

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. rosemary, to and dice into 1" cubes; chop onion, 2. Prepare ingredients: Peel sweet pota Set each aside individually. tarragon and thyme; and press garlic. toes into 1" cubes. 3. Dice Yukon Gold and baby red pota toes on jellyroll pan. 4. Place diced potatoes and sweet pota pepper and toss garlic, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt, and 5. Cover potatoes with onion, d. together until well-coated and combine herbs and feta. 6. Sprinkle potatoes with 7. Bake for 45 minutes. 8. Toss with remaining olive oil.
Natures Pathways | July 2012

Shana Conradt is co-founder, developer and nutrition specialist for She is the author of Getting Fit With Food: 101 Healthy Eating Recipes. She was the founding partner of Ellipse Fitness/Ellipse Management Company; the co-founder of Livewell Yoga and personal trainer for Kristin Steede, a contestant on Season 7 of NBCs The Biggest Loser. Shana Conradt has been a fitness instructor, weight loss consultant, teacher, educator, counselor and competitive athlete for more than 15 years.

food for thought and more ..........................................................

By tony Bednarowski

egetables, whole grains, good fats and quality lean protein are the staples in a healthy lifestyle. They will not only provide many great health benefits, but also improve your energy level and memory. Research indicates that certain nutrients actually stimulate brain function. B vitamins, especially B6, B12 and folic acid, protect neurons by breaking down homocysteine, a natural occurring amino acid that is toxic to nerve cells. They are also involved in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen. Foods like spinach and other dark leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, strawberries, melons, black beans and other legumes, citrus fruits and soybeans are excellent choices. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, and beta carotene fight free radicals, which are atoms formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules creating an oxidative state. Free radicals are highly reactive and can damage cells, but antioxidants can interact with them safely and neutralize them. Antioxidants also improve the flow of oxygen through the body and brain. Foods like blueberries and other berries, sweet potatoes, red tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, green tea, nuts and seeds, and citrus fruits are good options. Omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated in the brain and are associated with cognitive function (the brains functioning processes). They

are our healthy fats that protect the body against inflammation and high cholesterol. Cold-water fish, such as salmon, herring, tuna, halibut and mackerel, walnuts and walnut oil, and flaxseed and flaxseed oil are excellent choices. Because older adults are more prone to B12 and folic acid def iciencies, a supplement may be an

"Antioxidants also improve the flow of oxygen through the body and brain."

option for seniors. Those who do not like eating fish can take an omega-3 supplement or get it through plant sources. Nutrients work best when they are consumed in foods, so try your best to eat a broad range of colorful plant foods and choose fats that will help clear, not clog, your arteries.

Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Natures Pathways magazine, Your Path To Healthy Living. He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, Be Well, Live Well. He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit
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Food Treats Vitamins and supplements Allergy treatments Joint pain, arthritis remedies Flea and tick control Skin problem relief Nervous, emotional treatments Urinary support Liver support Tooth care Ear care Heartworm prevention Digestive relief Immune support Weight control support Gifts Homeopathic remedies

f you are looking for human-grade, holistic, organic, all-natural food for your pet, look no further than Victorias Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique, 14 N. Main St. in downtown Fond du Lac. Owner Vicki Rabe Harrison stocks her shelves with only the highest-quality pet foods, treats and supplements for issues, such as kidney, liver, heart, cancer and allergies, to name a few. Two million pets in this country suffer from some sort of allergy and many of these are food-related, Harrison says. Animals in nature did not eat grain some of the biggest allergy offenders in processed pet foods can be corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors and chemical preservatives. Just as its important that we know what goes in our

bodies as humans, we must know what were feeding our beloved pets. Harrison opened her store nearly eleven years ago after doing extensive research on the subject of pet foods and nutrition. She saw a need for this type of business because of the number of animals who become ill, have allergies or are dying much younger than they should due to poor-quality food and lack of education on the part of their owners. Five years ago, when animals were dying from the gluten that was put in foods from China, Victorias had no recalls of any products. There is no gluten in any of Victorias products. People want to believe the advertising about foods and dont realize most of the manufacturers only have profit in mind versus the health of the pet, she says. We strive to carry the best products possible for your pets health, and we guarantee that nothing we sell will ever have artificial color, flavor or preservatives of any type and is of the finest quality. In addition to natural pet food, Harrison stocks such items as all natural treats, supplements, some gift-related items, and pet memorials and urns. Victorias Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique, 14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac, is open daily 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 920.923.1991 or visit

what is leeD? ....................................

The system provides a distinct framework of guidelines that identify practical and measurable green design, construction, operation and maintenance solutions.
110, which includes 10 bonus points. Most buildings are eligible for certification, but its best to check with the LEED Rating System Checklist and find out the requirements for a particular project. That information is available at
Source: Metro Creative Connection

he term LEED is often bandied about when conversations shift to the environment. A term used when discussing building certification, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an internationally recognized green building certification system that was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council 12 years ago. The system provides building owners and those who operate businesses with a distinct framework of guidelines that identify practical and measurable green design, construction, operation and maintenance solutions. In order to be fair, LEED uses a rating system that is developed through a collaboration by LEED committees. Committees are groups of volunteers who represent a variety of building and construction industry subsets.

Jordan Rubins


Info & Free Book: 920-726-4756

Some of the things that leeD will measure through its rating system include:
energy and atmosphere solutions water efficiency sustainable sites selection sustainable materials and waste reduction indoor environmental quality

Ways to join Jordan on his Beyond Organic mission

1. Retail Customer 2. Preferred Customer (save 20%) 3. Mission Marketer (save 20%, earn income, transform lives)

Organizations that are seeking LEED certification for a building must earn a minimum number of points to reach certification. The maximum number of points offered is

Mark & Deb Bruckschen

Independent Mission Marketer/Founding Member

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Sundays, July 1, 15 & 29 12-1 p.m. Silver Paws Silver Paws support group where you can communicate with other pet guardians on how to best care for your difficult-to-manage pet. silver paws is hosted by Kati, our Certified Veterinary technician. Bring your friendly pet, friends, loved ones, or come by yourself. (no contagious animals, please!) Cost: Free. please register one week prior to event date. Visit Fridays, July 6 & Aug. 3 5-9 p.m. Jammin on Janesville Join us for a behind the scenes clinic tour, photos with animals, tortoise and hare races, pet treats, $1 items, free stuff, temporary tattoos for kids, the pluck a duck game, hot potatoes, root beer floats and much more! some proceeds from this event will be donated to aspirations of Hope. dock diving. talk to an animal doctor team member or visit for information about registering your dog! Saturday, July 14 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tour de Fat at Mckinley Park the tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 15 U.s. cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Featuring the biggest, most enjoyable traveling bike festival that we know of. Location: 1750 n. Lincoln memorial dr., milwaukee. Brought to you by the milwaukee County parks system. Sunday, July 15 7 a.m.-7 p.m. iron Man 70.3 racine Up to 2,200 of the nations top triathletes will compete. the challenging course includes a 1.2mile swim in Lake michigan, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13-mile run. early registration is encouraged. Visit Friday, July 15 8:30-10 a.m. outdoor Zumba Party Come free your mind and body with hypnotic Latin and international rhythms, groove to the music and dance with abandon. Its an outdoor party with fresh air, fun and fitness. Location: Bayshore town Center, 5800 n. Bayshore dr. Free admission. Sunday, July 18 12-4 p.m. Animal Communicator Bring your pet to a session with animal Communicator rebecca moravec and learn what your best

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friend is trying to tell you. Cost: $50 per 20-minute session. Friday-Sunday, July 20-22 Milwaukee Area kirtan Festival Join local kirtan musicians for a weekend of Kirtan, yoga, nature and community. this event features local kirtan musicians, including ragani, Kaita, marty tribble, ryan Hader and John arms. Location: Blue Lotus Farm & retreat Center in newburg. to register, please visit www.kaitabliffert. com or call 414.412.2473.

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Your path to healthy living

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Natures Pathways is a growing, community-based publication looking for a self-motivated, experienced account executive to identify and qualify sales leads in Southeast Wisconsin. To learn more about this unique opportunity submit your resume to:

Strengthen your feet for a stronger body The benefits of alternative energy vehicleS Taking care of caregiverS How to buSt boredom during holiday travel and much more!

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Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

Dermatology Associates of wisconsin, S.C. Locations in Grafton, Kenosha, Port Washington, Racine & Wauwatosa dermatology associates of Wisconsin, s.C. is an independent dermatology practice priding itself on the use of the latest technology and treatment protocols for optimal surgical and treatment outcomes for diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. We also offer state of the art mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. trust your skin care to the leader in dermatology. Call today to schedule an appointment.

due to its unique less is more property. recent cellular research at Kings College London has shown assurance Blood Health support to be up to 400% more active than leading gymnema sylvestre-based products.

who create them. each item is lovingly handcrafted by artisans in over 35 developing nations in asia, africa and the americas. each item is made from natural materials, reflecting the country in which it was made.

Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork 350 Double Tree Ln., Grafton 262.376.9500 Blue sky strives to inspire and challenge our students as they become professional massage therapists. We integrate community outreach, holistic practices and wellness into our massage therapy program. We have full- and part-time options. Financial aid available for those who qualify. Open houses year round! touch the lives of others and become a massage therapist! Call today!

HeAlTH CoACHinG/ wellneSS ConSulTAnT

wellness online Kathy Larson, CWC, CPT Health Coach & Consultant Oconomowoc 262.443.4271 Whether you are an employer or individual looking to learn more about how wellness coaching works, Wellness Online offers different modalities that will work for you, face-to-face, telephonic and/or Internet. Our coaches are hired by individuals, as well as employers and health insurers. We can reduce your companys overall health costs and improve employee absenteeism and productivity, as well as help individuals improve their overall health & fitness levels and reduce health risk factors hindering your daily life. Offering wellness coaching through seminars, individualized & group education, corporate programs and more!

DieTAry SuPPleMenTS
Assurance Blood Health Support 800.414.8624 dr. arun Chatterji has created a dietary supplement to be used as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal range. the product, assurance Blood Health support requires only one third the normal dosage compared to other brands on the market,

eleCTriC veHiCleS
Mee Material Handling, llC 4 locations in Wisconsin Toll Free: 1.800.242.5452 mee material Handling is your source for lifting, shifting or maneuvering anything. mee is a major supplier of electric vehicles for commercial and residential purposes, including Columbia parCar and star eV brands. mee recently participated in the inaugural rock the green music Festival, a milwaukee festival that set a new benchmark for near-zero waste for a festival. For information about electric vehicles e-mail

life Force wellness Center Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS 404 N. Main St., Suite 106, Oshkosh 920.217.1769 are you feeling stressed over work, finances or a relationship? are you an actor, athlete, artist or musician that has lost their groove and want to regain it plus go beyond to your full potential? If so, contact me for an integrated approach to achieve total health and well-being. Join me on a journey to enhance your naturally born gifts and to help you live the life you were destined for a LIFE IN BALANCE. Collaboration, holistic, intuitive and empathic methods are used to reach your goals fast and effectively.

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FAir TrADe
Global Hands: A Fair Trade Shop 270 Broad St., Lake Geneva global Hands is a fair trade store offering gifts, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, coffee, tea and chocolate. Our inventory is unique and, best of all, every purchase you make contributes to a life of hope for the artists, farmers and families




Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork 350 Double Tree Ln., Grafton 262.376.9500 Blue skys massage clinic is a teaching facility. massages are performed by students who have not yet graduated but have completed the educational requirements to enter student clinic. a great opportunity for our students to complete state required massage hours while offering professional quality massages at a discount to the public! make an appointment today!

urBAn AGriCulTure
Growing Power, inc. 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee 414.527.1546 growing power transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the development of Community Food systems. these systems provide high-quality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all residents in the community. growing power develops Community Food Centers, as a key component of Community Food systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach and technical assistance. Our goal is simple: to grow food, to grow minds and to grow community.

advertiser DireCTory

nATurAl BeAuTy
oliv 426 511 N. 8th St., Sheboygan 920.783.0809 Beauty from earth to body. Oliv 426 features the freshest ingredients from around the world. Olivs all natural beauty line offers personalized customization to achieve desired results. Featuring anti-aging serums, lotions, massage oils, body mists, salt and sugar scrubs, lip balms, eye shadows, an all natural baby care line and much more. Olivs products offer world class personal care. Visit Oliv and get creative designing your own personalized products or shop online at

vAriCoSe vein TreATMenT

vena The varicose vein institute N4W22370 Bluemound Rd, Ste 201, Waukesha 262.349.9371 did you know that treatment for varicose vein disease may be covered by your insurance? Bruce Cardone, md, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease. He is extremely qualified to help you if you have leg pain, discomfort and/or unsightly veins. If you are unsure if your leg pain is from varicose veins, come in and let us take a look. If varicose veins are the culprit, Vena can get you on the road to healthy, happy legs. Call us today for your free consultation.

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victorias Pet nutrition Center and Boutique 14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac 920.923.1991 We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats, herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and diabetes. We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks, breedspecific pillows, videos and dog- and Cat-opoly.


veTerinAry ServiCeS
Animal Doctor, inc. S73 W16790 Janesville Rd., Muskego 414.422.1300 animal doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex is staffed by pet lovers who are highly skilled in delivering unique health care to patients whose guardians appreciate the importance of addressing the mind, body and spirit in the quest for quality and longevity of life. Our mission promotes the prevention and treatment of disease through integrated conventional and natural means for pets and their people, influencing a pets entire being in a complete and positive manner. experienced doctors utilize natural nutrition, titre testing, western and Chinese herbals, essential oils, acupuncture or veterinary spinal manipulative therapy(chiro) to address individual patient needs. please see ad on page 9.


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Our commitment is to help you become healthier, happier and more active through information and education! We focus on providing easy-to-make recipes with delicious food, and smart meal plans that, when paired with exercise and a health-conscious lifestyle, will motivate, inspire and guide you to Be Well!

We feature stand-alone categories such as:

Be Well: Weight Loss Be Well: Diabetes Be Well: Kids Be Well: Celiac Be Well: Crohns Be Well: Heart Disease
... and MORE, so that you can find exactly what youre looking for in a way that youve never experienced! Meal plans as well as life-altering information will accommodate your needs by specifically addressing your individual challenges and/or preferences helping you make the choices and changes necessary to Be Well together! was created just for you to be well and live well!
OUR MISSION: To educate, connect, support, inspire and assist you on your very own personal wellness journey!

Go Electric... ...and go Off Road

Columbias Scout and Summit SUV are tough enough for job sites, rugged terrain and extreme conditions, yet gentle on groomed turf. On the job, at the lake, around the ranch or out hunting - Columbia is a perfect companion for anyone who means business. And, with zero emissions - your LSV is even friendly to the environment.

Questions? Need more information? Contact me today! Bob Mair: Major Accounts/Fleet Mgr. Bob Mair: Major Accounts/Fleet Manager Phone: (920) 470-0501 E-mail: Phone:(920) 470-0501

4 locations in Wisconsin Toll-Free: 1-800-242-4542

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Im possible.
WEST BEND 262.338.1441 CEDARBURG 262.375.9300


Some restrictions may apply - see club for details. Must present this ad at time of enrollment. Expires 7/31/12.



STURTEVANT 262.554.7117