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^ I


BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 2 Nov./Dis.


zj iam

Dua jam lima belas minit

JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tulis nombor kad pengenala n d a n a n g k a g ilira n yang disediakan. a n d a p a d a ru a n g

Kertas soalan ini mengandungiempat bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B, Bahagian C dqn Bahagian D. Jawab semua bahagian dalam kertas soalan ini. dalam Bahagian A mempunyaiempat pilihan jawapan. Jawab setiap Soalan-soalon soalan dengan menghitamkanruang yang betul di halaman 20. And a dinasihati supaya meng a mb il ma s a 2 5 min it u n t u k me n ja wa b s o a la n Bahagian A,25 minit untuk Bahagian B, 50 minit untuk Bahagian C dan 35 minit untuk Bahagian D.

Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. IYriteyour I.C. number and index number in the spoceprovided. This questionpaper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer zll sectionsin this questionpaperQuestionsiruSection A have four options. Answer each question by blockening the correct space on page 20. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on Section A, 25 minutes on Section B, 50 minutesor Section C and 35 minutesozl Section D.

Kertas soalanini mengandungi20 halamanbercetak dan 2 halamantidak bercetak [Lihat sebelah SULIT o 2 008 Hak c ipt a Ker ajaanM alay s ia lll9 l2


) SectionA [15 marks]



a .m .

p .m . Fair Rain Heavyshowers lsolatedrain

lsolatedrain Cloudy Rain Sunny

From the weather chart above, which place will have similar weather throughout the day? A B C D Kangar Kuantan Kota Bharu Johor Bahru

SMK Damai had organiseda jogathon recentlyto raise funds to build a school hall. A well-known local businessman was invited to /Iag off the event.As a former student of SMK Damai- he was happy to help.

In the report above,flag off can best be replaced with A B C D watch start mark compete

lll9 /2

o 2008 Hak Cipt a Ker ajaanM ala y s i a




NASI KANDAR RESTAURANT THE RIGHT TRACK ON ' GE O R G E TOW N : P opu la rn a s i k a n d a r 'c h a in o f r e s t a u r a n t s , Pa y ungE mas(M) S dn. B h d . is s e t t in ga n e x a m p le h a t o t h e r t restaurants shouldfollow. It will not raisethe pricesof food and drinks its 20 outlets at despite increase the priceof fuel. the in Th e management had d e c id e dt o t a k e in t h e a d d it io n a c o s t l incurred following the fuel pricehike.
(Adapted from The NSI, March 2006) From the newspaperreport above, we know that Payung Emas (M) Sdn. Bhd. will A B C D decide on the food prices in other restaurants bear extra expenses due to the fuel hike increasethe prices of food and drinks follow the fuel price hike

The Chinatown KualaLumpur in continues draw localand foreign to tourists. colourful unique Its and blendof Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures setsit apartfrom otherChinatowns the world.Whatkeeps in p e o pl e fl oodi ng i n thro u g h it s win d in g a n d c r o wd e d s t r e e t s is definitely bargains. the
From the extract above,the Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur keeps attractingtourists because its of A B C D unique people winding streets cultural blends good bargains

L Llg 12 o 2 00 8 Hak c ipr a Ker aiaanM alav s ia

[Lihat sebelah SULIT



W h a t's th e co mp l a i n t a bo u t a 3 0 se n i n cre a se i n a b o w l o f n o o d l e s? M a l a ysi a l l h a s o n e o f sti the lowesthawkerfood p r i ce si n th e re g i o n .

Wow!Wheredid you learnto speak likethat?Did you go to nightclasses?

(Adapted from The Star,March 2006) From the cartoon strip above, we can say that the woman was surprisedbecause A B C D Malaysiansare going to night classes the hawker was able to speakgood English Malaysia has the lowest food prices in the region the price of a bowl of noodleshad gone up by 30 sen


o 2008 Hak c ipt a Ker ajaan at a y s i a M



tttgt2 CO S M TE K N IKS T UDE NT S ' UNCI L Organisation Chart
Zaidi Akid (President)

Liyana (Secretary)

Pei Soo (Assistant)

Sanjay (Treasurer)

Committee Membersof the Gouncil

Based on the chart above, which of the following statementsis correct about Liyana? A B C D She receivesinstructions from the Treasurer. to She is responsible Pei Soo and Ina. She gets directionsfrom Zaidi Akid. She leadsthe Students'Council.


Malaysia o 2008Hak cipta Kerajaan

[Lihat sebelah SULIT



BENTONG: An unemployed man was arrestedfor using counterfeit money in a bid to cheata superrnarket. The man had told the cashierthat he wanted to changea RM50 note. Later, the cashierrealisedthat the note she had receivedfrom the man was a fake. She alertedthe managerwho then lodged a police report.An investigationwas carriedout and the man later arrested. (Adapted from The NSZ, March 2005) In the report above, the unemployedman was A B C D caught for trying to cheat cheatedby the cashier found at the supermarket arrestedfor usins a RM50 note

The man in the cartoon strip above is asking the lady to A B C D learnEnglish teachEnglish think in English speakproper English


o 2oo8 cioraKe r a ja a n Hak

M a laysi a


STJLIT Questions 9 - 15 are based on the following passqge. Everything was nornal till 9 p.m. Then all of a sudden,the night quiet. All we could hear 10 9



the sound of flowing water.A few of us noticed the sudden 11 it. But my brother, who has the most experience 12 still.

quietnessand were bewildered

in the jungle, cautionedus to be quiet and

13 , everyone was together at the campsite. Twenty secondspassedand then near the fringe of the jungle, a 14 light appeared. looked like it came from a candle. It 15 three figures; an adult and two children,

As the light drew nearer,we were able to

in all dressed white. They would have looked perfectly normal exceptthat they were floating at least 1.5metres above the sround. (Adapted from The Sunday Star,2005)

9A B C D 10A B C D lrA B C D 12A B C D

become became becomes becoming is are was wefe by at wittr about stays stayed to stay is staying

13A B C D t4A B C D 15A B C D

Happily Obviously Surprisingly Fortunately soft clear strong colowful make into make off make out make over


o 2oog k Ha

Cip ta Ke r a ja a n M a la ysia

ILihat sebelah SULIT


8 Section B [10 marl<s]


16 Questions - 25 Readthefollowing information and onswer the questions that follow.


TheOlymp.ics, international an place event, every -our y e a r sa n d i n c l u d e su m m e rmuiti-sporting e s.takes f s a n d win te rg a m T h e g im e s were originally held in olympia, Greece 776 Bc. It 1896, in theyftere revived by a F r e n c h n o b l e m a n, u s b e g in n in gth e e r a o f th e m o d ern th games. Olympic

The olympicGames was first held to honourgodsin Greekmythology. Backthen, only men and boys couldtake part, as athletes were not allowed wear a singlestrandon their bodies- they had to compete to withoutclothes. with a crownof olive . Uponwinningan event,the winnerwas presented leaves. The olive branchis a sign of hope and peace.

olympic Games unites world. the The modern games olympic .. Today's allowed womento compete alongwith menfor the first time.' are who are placed first, second, third or . Medals givento athletes in eachevent.The winners goldmddals. receive The runners-up receive silvermedals the third-placed and athretes, bronze medafs.

the - -Theolympicringsis the best knownlogo.It represents unity of f iv e c o n t i n e n t s n d a pp e a r s five co lo u r s n th e o lym p icflag. a in o The officialolympicmotto is "citius,altius,fortius,,' r_5tiri phraie a meaning "swifter, higher, stronger.,' Onecustom that hasnot changed since ancient timesto modern days is the lighting the olympic of flame.It is the signof the olympic spiiit of competition, andfriendship. unity
(Adapted from Wkipedia and Going places,August 2004)


o 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia


SI]LIT Qu e sti on s16 - 2l



Based on the information given, complete the diagram below. Categories

Ancient Olympics

Mo d e rn O ly mp ic s






Purpose of 20 the Games


Questions22 - 25 Complete the sentencesbelow based on the information given. is.............. 22 The bestknown logo in the Olympic games

l1 marlcl
23 The five colourson the Olympic flag represent ............ fl marlc] 24 The meaning of the Olympic motto is

I mark)
25 The traditional custom that remains is

I markl 4 marksl


12 o 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia

[Lihat sebelah SULIT




Section C

Questions 26 - 3l are based on the following passage. Thefollowing passage is about a professional hunter of wild animals such as tigers, wolves and leopards that prey on livestock. I have spent 20 years hunting wild animals in the Sarawakjungles. The leopard is one of the most unpredictableanimals I have ever come across.A cunning animal, it will changeits direction for no obvious reason.Although I had faced numerousencounters with ferocious creatures,none scaredme the way the leopard did, the day it attackedme. On January24, a goat was killed at a nearby farm. TWo weeks earlier, farmers had reported missing livestock. A leopard had been seen around the areaat dusk. On that very day, fifteen experiencedmen volunteeredto track it. Before the hunting party arrived, I went out to look for the tracks. Without a thought, I left my rifle in the car and that was the worst mistake of my life. Unarmed, I was exposed to danger. I steppedinto the busheswhere the goat was killed. Suddenly,I senseddangerfrom 1 0 behind. I looked around and there, under a tree, all set to strike, was an adult leopard. I rememberedmy rifle and turned back to my car to get it. Then it happened.The leopard leapt onto my back. I heard nothing when it hit me as it happened very fast. The impact was enough to set me off balance. For a moment I felt dizzy, as if the surroundingswere spinning. I could not make sense 1 5 of the things around me. They seemedto be blurring. Before I realised it, I slumped onto the ground with the leopard clawing at my back. I could faintly hear the grunting from the leopard.Although I could feel sharp pain all over my back, I still managedto gather enoughstrengthto roll over. My suddenaction took the creatureby surprise- I had caused it to let go of me and I was free for a short time. 20 That was the best chanceI had to run away. However, before I could do anything, the creaturehad grabbedmy right shoulder.This time, the leopard becamemore aggressive. It was certainly not going to let me escapeand started shaking me vigorously. The sheer strengthof the mighty animal was incredible. There was simply nothing I could do to stop it. At that instant, I was sure I was going to die. 25 Without thinking, I placed my hand on the leopard's neck. I realisedthat to gain control over the animal, I had to act swiftly before it could overpower me. This was somethingI had learned from my past hunting experience.I never hesitated.I wrestled with the leopard's head and neck over my chest. Knowing that it was either me or the leopard, I had to fight for my life. There was no time to waste. With whatever strengththat was left 3 0 in me, I wrapped my left arm tightly round the leopard's neck, trying to choke it. Furious with my action, the animal let out a loud and deafening growl. In fighting back, it struggledwith such force that I had to put more pressureon its neck. A young man, who was a member of the hunting group, was scouting the area. Suddenly,he heard a loud growl. Sensing someonewas in danger, he rushed towards 3 5 the scene.He stood hesitatingly about three metres away from the leopard, not knowing whether he could shoot accurately. Frantically, I yelled at him to move nearer. Bang! The first shot went off target. Then the second shot hit the leopard in the spine. This time he did it. There was a loud growl before it went limp. Seeingthe lifeless animal next to me, I was overcomewith relief. 40


o 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia




Looking back, I think the leopard had every reasonto attack me. It was starving. When I looked straight into its face, I felt sorry. This was the closest encounterI have ever had with such a fierce animal. (Adapted from Reader's Digest, July 2003) 26 From paragraph1, where does the writer hunt?

lI mark)
21 From paragraph2, (a) what had happenedto the farmers' livestock?

ll markl
(b) "...that was the worst mistake of my life." (Line 9) (i) What was the mistake?

ll markl (ii) Why was it a mistake?

4, 28 From paragraph (a) what threw the writer off balance?

I markl
(b) which word means fell?

p markl
29 From paragraphT, (a) what made the young man rush to the scene?

l1 markl
(b) why did the young man hesitate to shoot?

ll marlcl
30 In your own words, give two reasons why do you think the writer felt sorry for the leopard.

12 marksf
Ll19/2 o 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia

[Lihat sebelah SULIT




given, write a summary: 31 Based on the passage . of how the leopard attackedthe writer and . what he did to save himself Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must: . be in continuous writing form (not in note form) . use materials from lines 13 to 37 . not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below Begin your summary as follows: He realised he was being attacked by a leopard when -.' ll5 morksl


Malaysia @ 2008Hak cipta Kerajaan






o 2008Hak cipta Kerajaan Malaysia

[Lihat sebelah



Section D


32 Read the following stanzas af lf and answer the questions that follow. i If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; ii If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools; Rudyard Kipling (a) From stanzai, write down the line in which the father tells his son to believe in himself despitewhat people think.

ll markl
(b) What value is the line If you can wait and not be tired by waiting referring to?

ll marlcl
(c) Name one of the impostorsmentioned in stanzaii.

fl markl @ In your own words, (i) what is your dreamin life? ll markl (ii) why is it importantto you? markf
lll9l2 o 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia





33 Read the extract from the short story The Sound Machine below and answer the questionsthat follow.

And looking round, the woman saw her neighbour standing on his lawn - a fantastic, arm-waving little person with a pair of earphoneson his head - calling to her in a voice so high and loud that she became alarmed. "Cut anotherone! Pleasecut anotherone quickly!" She stood still, staring at him. "Why, Mr Klausner," she said, "what's the matter?" "Pleasedo as I ask," he said. "Cut just one more rose!" Mrs Saundershad always believed her neighbour to be a rather peculiar person; now it seemedthat he had gone completely crazy. She wondered whether ihe should run into the house and fetch her husband.No, she thought. No, he's harmless.I'll humour him. "Certainly,Mr Klausner, if you like," she said. She took her scissorsfrom the basket,bent down and snipped another rose.

(a) Who is the woman in the first line of the above extract?

(b) Why was the woman afraid when Klausner called her?

ll markl
(c) Why did she decide to cut anotherrose instead of fetching her husband?

ll markl
(d) If Klausner was your neighbour, what would you do? Explain why.



@ 2008 Hak cipta KerajaanMalaysia

[Lihat sebelah SULIT




The following are the no v e ls s t u d ie d in t h e lit e ra t u re c o mp o n e nt i n English Language. Jungleof Hope The Pearl The Return

Keris Mas John Steinbeck K. S. Maniam

Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below. Using the details from the novel that you have studied, . describewhat happensat the end of the novel . explain why you find the ending either happy or sad Support your answerwith close referenceto the text.

ll5 marksl


Malavsia o 2008Hak cipta Kerajaan







n o 20 0 8H a k c i p ta K e ra j a aM a ta y si a

[Lihat sebelah SULIT

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