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Astrological Overview for January 2008
January 7th – Mercury enters Aquarius January 12th - Jupiter semisquares Neptune January 20th – Sun enters Aquarius January 21st – Jupiter trines retrograde Saturn January 24th – Venus enters Capricorn

January 25th – Pluto enters Capricorn
January 28th – Mercury stations retrograde at 23 Aquarius

January 30th – Retrograde Mars stations direct/forward at 24 Gemini


Pluto Enters Capricorn!
Do you remember what was happening in your life in 1995? Chances are you do. The reason may be because that was the last time Pluto changed signs. Pluto left Scorpio, the sign it rules, and entered Sagittarius. On January 25, 2008, Pluto leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn for the next sixteen years. Although astronomers at the International Astronomical Union declared Pluto too small to maintain it’s classification as a planet in the summer of 2006, astrologers know that ‘little’ Pluto is the most powerful celestial being in our solar system. This is because Pluto is the planet associated with the Soul and represents spiritual evolutionary growth for both individuals and the human collective. So when Pluto changes signs, we can all expect powerful changes to begin unfolding in our lives. Known as the planet associated with the process of ‘life, death and rebirth,’ Pluto always digs deep to reveal the hidden side of things. Pluto wants to heal and evolve and to do so, it must bring to the surface and into the light all the things that are false, corrupt, damaged, unhealthy, dying or just plain not working. In Sagittarius since 1995, the sign of man-made laws that underpin our judicial systems and religious beliefs, Pluto revealed that indeed American justice was not blind, and that religions and their leaders don’t always tell the truth. Sagittarius also rules education and transportation and we have certainly seen evidence of their decay and dysfunction as Pluto moved through that sign. Countless charter schools sprang up and home schooling increased dramatically in response to what was perceived as a failed public school system in our country. And we became starkly aware of our aged and broken transportation infrastructure as we watched the I-35W bridge collapse into the Mississippi river in Minneapolis during rush hour this past August. So what kind of changes can we expect as Pluto transits Capricorn? Capricorn is the sign associated with responsibility and accountability, power and authority, governments and 4

large corporations, CEO’s and political leaders and social structures and institutions. As Pluto moves through Capricorn, we will see corruption and abuses of power revealed. We’ll see changes in leadership and governments by elections, by ‘falls from grace,‘ or literally by death. In fact, this astrologer believes that the recent assassination of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, is striking evidence that Pluto’s powerful influence of change is already underway. Her death, the subject of much current scrutiny due to alleged abuses of power and corruption within the military-backed Musharraf regime that opposed her in upcoming national elections, will ultimately contribute to the transformation of her country. But it may also have wider geopolitical implications since Pakistan, a strategic U. S. ally in the war on terrorism, is a nation with nuclear weapons capability that has become increasingly and dangerously destabilized in recent months. In our Earthly time/space reality, everything operates through duality, so we must also focus on Capricorn’s opposite sign Cancer, for a complete understanding of the influence of Pluto’s sign change. Cancer has to do with achieving inner emotional security. This means becoming aware of and detaching from all emotional dependencies on other people or outer things. Mastery of the Cancer archetype occurs through embracing its Capricorn polarity and learning to take responsibility for our own well-being, not expecting others to do this for us. It teaches us not to project our needs onto others with the expectation that they’ll meet those needs for us. In other words, it means growing up. Not surprisingly, the Cancer/Capricorn axis represents the overall social maturation process. Internally, we become emotionally secure; externally, we become socially mature. We learn to pull our own weight as a responsible member of society and contribute to the collective through right work – our careers. A lot of people with Sun or Ascendant in Cancer or Capricorn, or those who have natal Pluto in their 10th house of career, will experience changes in their work and career paths over the next couple of years. Another important astrological insight explains why we are likely to experience changes that affect us not only as individuals, but also collectively on a national and global level. Capricorn is one of four ‘cardinal’ signs, along with Aries, Cancer and Libra. The four cardinal signs correlate to the four 5

cardinal directions: East, West, North and South. Altogether, these four signs comprise what astrologers call the ‘world cross.’ Whenever planets move across (conjunct) 0 degrees of any cardinal sign, world events are triggered and often manifest on a global scale affecting us all. Because Pluto moves so slowly (total orbit around the Sun takes 248 years) and because of retrograde motion (appearing to move backward through the zodiac), Pluto will take most of 2008 to completely transition into Capricorn. Following is a list of dates that show Pluto’s back and forth movement over the coming year that coincides with its total transition from Sagittarius into Capricorn.
January 25th - Pluto first enters Capricorn (0 degrees) April 2nd - Pluto stations retrograde at 1 degree Capricorn June 13th - Retrograde Pluto re-enters Sagittarius (moves backward over 0 degrees Capricorn) September 9th - Pluto stations direct (moves forward again) at 28 degrees Sagittarius November 27th - Pluto re-enters Capricorn (0 degrees) until 2024

This back and forth transition into Capricorn means that Pluto will actually conjunct 0 degrees of Capricorn THREE TIMES: on January 25th, June 13th and November 27th. The point to understand here is that Pluto’s influence and impact on the world cross that triggers global events will last throughout the entirety of 2008 and is particularly emphasized around the time of the dates of the three conjunctions. LOTS of changes are coming; we can expect that our world will look very different a year from now! A look back at the last time Pluto transited Capricorn, from 1762 to 1778, is instructive. A new nation was being born as millions of Europeans, hoping to escape religious and political oppression, had begun colonizing America. Eventually, a small political movement led to a big revolution that culminated in a complete break from the world’s most powerful country and its monarchy. Sound familiar? The U. S. is a Cancer nation whose natal Pluto is in Capricorn. We also have Mercury (retrograde), Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Cancer. The exact birth time of the U.S. chart has long been disputed so it’s difficult to know for certain what houses our Pluto and Cancer planets fall in. But to be certain, our nation will most definitely feel the power of Pluto’s initial entry into Capricorn and its eventual opposition to our Cancer planets over the next decade. We’re already feeling this influence in our housing market meltdown (Cancer


rules homes) and in border security issues (Capricorn rules boundaries)! And as Pluto nears the end of its sixteen year passage through Capricorn, America will experience our first ever Pluto return at 27 degrees Capricorn in 2022-2023. Another very important global issue ruled by Capricorn is our natural resources. Capricorn rules limitation. So as Pluto transits Capricorn, humanity will be forced to come to terms with our unbridled use, misuse and abuse of the earth’s finite natural resources. We’ll have to become better stewards of our planet out of necessity. As Al Gore has advised for decades, we should begin NOW. On an individual level, we’ll feel the effects of Pluto through the areas of life ruled by the house where Capricorn falls in our natal charts. Combine this with the things associated with Pluto’s natal house and sign position since planets always carry forth their natal signature even as they transit through other houses and signs in our chart. So get ready for personal, national and global changes that require greater individual and collective accountability. Pluto in Capricorn will demand that we take full responsibility for what we’ve created, remind us that we always have a choice, and teach us to make more appropriate choices so we can move forward – together. Infinite Blessings, Donna


All times listed throughout Heavenly Help are Mountain Standard Time (MST). Pacific Standard Time (PST) is 1 hour earlier than Mountain Standard Time, Central Standard Time (CST) is 1 hour later than Mountain Standard Time, and Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 2 hours later than MST.

1st Happy New Year Everyone! 2008 begins with the Moon in Libra but today’s energy is far from balanced especially where communication is concerned. Libra rules extremes so some folks may talk all day wishing friends and loved ones a Happy 2008, while others may hole up and take advantage of the quiet today can bring if they have the day off. The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:32 pm so the energy turns introspective this evening beckoning us to look deep within for the source of troublesome thoughts and feelings especially anger and resentment. Mercury semisextiles Neptune at 20 Capricorn/Aquarius at 10:48 pm. Logic may not be as effective as intuition to sort out those nagging thoughts. 2nd Intense feelings continue today as Venus semisextiles Jupiter at 3 Sagittarius/Capricorn at 5:43 am. Personal values and beliefs may be a bit frustrating today if you are easily swayed by others. Stick to what you know to be true and let others believe as they wish. The intensity culminates this afternoon as retrograde Mars opposes Pluto at 29 Gemini/Sagittarius at 2:29 PM. Choose your words carefully and try not to

overreact to what others may say. Avoid exaggeration. Stick to the facts. This tug of war between opposing beliefs and opinions is meant to expand our ability to understand or tolerate different points of view, not start World War III. Saturn squares Juno at 8 Virgo/Sagittarius at 9:35 pm. Partnership energy is cold and judgmental. Stop nitpicking and channel all that tension into creative work or research projects instead. 3rd Mercury sesquiquadrates Saturn at 23 Capricorn/8 Virgo at 7:45 pm. Still nitpicking? The details of plans or goals may need some work. Be practical and accountable and willing to listen to constructive criticism. The Iowa caucuses may deliver a sobering message to candidates. 4th The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:13 am. The intensity of recent days shifts as the lunar energy moves into this optimistic fire sign. Thoughts and ideas can expand now as Mercury parallels Jupiter at 9:27 pm. Conceptual thinking and broad philosophical approaches to problem solving are available tonight. Educate yourself. And pay attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas today. They’re trying to point you in the right direction for personal growth and healing. 5th Today is relatively quiet except for Saturn parallel Ceres at 8:38 am and Saturn inconjunct Vesta at 8 Virgo/Aquarius at 6:17 pm. Homeland security or food/product safety issues may be in the news today. Adjustments need to be made with friends or groups. 6th This Sunday is a busy day astrologically beginning with the Sun sextile Uranus at 15 Capricorn/Pisces at 5:19 am followed by Venus square retrograde Saturn at 8 Sagittarius/Virgo at 6:39 am.


Women’s issues may dominate the news today; perhaps we’ll hear an announcement from the United Nations regarding their requested role in leading an investigation into the death of Benazir Bhutto. On the personal front, relationship matters may need tending. Responsibility, respect and a willingness to listen carefully to others – without interrupting! – are the keys to successfully navigating partnership challenges or conflicts. Mercury inconjuncts retrograde Mars at 27 Capricorn/Gemini at 2:32 pm. Remember to LISTEN carefully! Verbal confrontations may erupt anyway as condescending attitudes or controlling behavior devolve into outbursts or tantrums. Fear of loss and emotional insecurity are at the root of these crises. But remember, no one can take responsibility for your emotional well-being except you. A caring and compassionate approach to the problem works wonders. The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:43 pm. Emotions begin to stabilize this evening as mature thinking takes over for the next couple of days. 7th There’s an ambitious mood in the air this Monday. The Sun parallels Mercury in Capricorn at 5:34 am. Early morning dreams may deliver important messages. Then Mercury semisextiles Pluto at 29 Capricorn/Sagittarius at 12:37 pm. The ‘important messages’ theme continues so pay close attention to communication of all kinds especially any decision announcements. Mercury enters Aquarius at 9:46 pm. Intellectual energy is objective and broad-minded for the next couple of months as Mercury begins a longer than usual stay in airy Aquarius. This is because Mercury will go retrograde in this sign from the 28th of this


month until February 18th. Innovative ideas and ‘thinking outside the box’ are more welcome than usual while mental Mercury moves through the sign of rebellion and revolution. Surprises on and off the campaign trail are to be expected as unusual political developments prevail this month and frankly, this whole year! Congress may actually be able to get some significant things done during this time, and the President may actually capitulate on health care matters for a change. For the rest of us, it’s likely that unexpected changes and adjustments may occur at work or with personal health matters. Embrace and address the changes/challenges right away to prevent more serious trouble later in the year. 8th The New Moon Phase occurs at 4:37 am at 17 Capricorn. This is the first new Moon of the year and since new Moons always carry forth the energy of new beginnings, it’s a particularly poignant time to consciously ‘plant new seeds’ regarding personal goals and intentions for the coming year. This new Moon has gotten a favorable boost from Uranus so definitely include goals that have to do with breaking free of old, unhealthy habits. You can accomplish now what may have previously seemed too daunting to tackle. So go for it! Mercury semisquares Uranus at 1 Aquarius/15 Pisces at 6:58 am. Old ideas, attitudes and opinions that have run their course or outlived their usefulness are culminating under these celestial rays. It’s time to embrace more universal points of view. Catch up with good friends to share ideas and objective feedback about plans and goals. 9th The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 am. Luna hooks up with Mercury later this morning and their combined forces could be ingenious, so listen up for interesting and original ideas and solutions.


10th There’s only one significant planetary aspect today and it’s a good one. Venus sextiles Chiron at 13 Sagittarius/Aquarius at 10:04 pm. Good will prevails under this healing energy. Stymied relationships can achieve real breakthroughs in understanding. Spiritual, educational, legal and travel matters are also favored today so sign up for that perfect training course, book tickets for that long-awaited trip, or seal that deal! 11th It’s a mildly busy day especially this morning (or perhaps late last night) beginning with Mercury parallel Venus at 12:46 am. Thoughts and feelings magically combine today so speak what’s on your mind and in your heart. Dreams may be insightful too particularly regarding values and loved ones. This pair also supports smart financial decisions. The Sun semisextiles Neptune at 20 Capricorn/Aquarius at 4:06 am. Kindness and compassion are the flavors du jour. Bring these fine virtues to work with you and put them to good use today doing something really meaningful for yourself and others. Mercury semisextiles Jupiter at 5 Aquarius/Capricorn at 6:39 am. Early morning conversations or meetings can be surprisingly productive. Be optimistic but make practical plans to achieve goals. The Moon enters Pisces at 11:44 am. Pisces is perhaps the most sensitive and artistic sign in the zodiac. Let your intuition guide you over the next couple of days. For maximum benefit, be sure to spend some quiet time alone dreaming, praying, journaling or meditating.


12th Saturday’s busy from start to finish. Jupiter semisquares Neptune at 5 Capricorn/20 Aquarius at 4:56 am. Aspects between outer planets are always important. This one begins to culminate a cycle that began on January 9, 1997, at 27 degrees Capricorn! The connection between our beliefs and our reality is inherent in Jupiter/Neptune. We have an opportunity to jump start the upcoming theme of Pluto in Capricorn relative to taking full responsibility for what we’ve created. Jupiter/Neptune teaches the following: What we think, we create. What we feel, we create. And what we believe, we create. The vibrational energy/quality of our thoughts and feelings is the stuff our reality is made of. Another major theme of Jupiter/Neptune is the shift back to beliefs that are in alignment with the natural laws of the universe. These are the laws of creation that underpin everything manifest in our natural world. Man-made laws/interpretations have ignored these natural laws for centuries. This ignorance has been much to our detriment and to the detriment of our planet which has been brought to the brink of ecological disaster. To integrate this important planetary aspect on a personal level, ask yourself what feels ‘naturally true?’ Consider also how connected or disconnected you are to the natural world. When’s the last time you really felt in tune with nature? Ponder these thoughts over the coming days and months, especially between now and January 25th when Pluto enters Capricorn. If your reality is out of sync with your true desires or if you are disillusioned or disappointed with your life, look deeply at the quality of your own inner dialog. The solution to a changed reality is a change in your own thoughts and beliefs. Take a look inside today.


Venus squares Uranus at 15 Sagittarius/Pisces at 10:23 am. If you took a peek inside, chances are you instantly glimpsed or realized what’s out of whack. Uranus is the planet that provides insight into our future and the direction we must go in order to realize our true path. That restless feeling you have may disrupt relationship stability or empty your checking account. A much better use of this jittery energy is to really pay attention to those glimpses and realizations. They’ll tell you exactly what’s not in alignment with your true nature. And they’ll point you directly toward the changes you need to make to re-align your words and deeds with your true values again so that your reality does indeed reflect the real you! Mercury inconjuncts retrograde Saturn at 8 Aquarius/Virgo at 10:18 pm. This final planetary aspect of the day provides the mental discipline, planning and commitment that can truly help you commit to change/moving forward. It also helps us take extra care not to overindulge in any way today. 13th The Sun sesquiquadrates retrograde Saturn at 8 Aquarius/Virgo at 23 Capricorn/8 Virgo at 12:35 pm. Working through lunch is a possibility today, or, some may head into the office to complete an important project or get the jump on next week’s busy agenda. Even those who hang out at home will probably find themselves cleaning house or tending to chores. Sesquiquadrate energy can be aggravating at times. Lose yourself in work to make the best of it. The Moon enters Aries at 5:23 pm. It may be Sunday evening, but this is ‘get up and go’ energy! Don’t worry. It’ll be around for the next couple of days so there’s plenty of time to finish what you didn’t get done today.


14th The Sun parallels Venus at 6:26 am. This day starts out cheerfully enough with lots of creative energy and vitality. People are lighthearted and helpful which means it can be a pretty productive morning. Later, though, Mercury sesquiquadrates retrograde Mars at 10 Aquarius/25 Gemini at 5:06 pm. The earlier ‘happy go lucky’ feelings are nowhere to be found now as the workday comes to a close. Inconsiderate behavior can step on toes and really hurt feelings. It may simply be because everyone is just moving too fast. Slow down to avoid frustration and inadvertent screw-ups that could undermine today’s achievements. 15th The First Quarter Moon Phase occurs at 12:46 pm at 25 Aries. This lunar phase is the first test of those New Year’s resolutions. Or, it may be that you have the energy to tackle your goals, you just can’t figure out which one to focus on first. This stressful energy makes us aware of the conflict we feel from time to time between the need for complete independence and freedom and the need to fulfill our responsibilities and commitments to others. The answer lies in balancing both. Take care of obligations early so you can spend time pursuing personal interests later. The Moon enters Taurus at 9:13 pm. Ahhh… Each month for a couple of days while the Moon moves through Taurus, we want to pamper ourselves with comfort and luxury. Kick back this evening and enjoy the hot tub or a good movie. Do whatever feels like a treat to you. Today’s final aspect is the Sun inconjunct retrograde Mars at 25 Capricorn/Gemini at 11:30 pm. Although you may have kicked back or even turned in early, chances are your mind is still racing. So write down


those thoughts and ideas so you can get to sleep already! 16th Venus sextiles Neptune at 20 Sagittarius/Aquarius at 12:26 pm. Enjoy lunch with a good friend or loved one today because this mid-day influence between the planets of both earthly and divine love are truly inspirational. It’s easy to see the best in yourself and others today. 17th Today’s influence is all about Mercury! Mercury conjuncts Chiron at 14 Aquarius at 2:05 am. Words and hands can heal today. This breakthrough healing energy can positively affect mind, body and spirit. So it’s a great day for energy work or other alternative healing modalities, or, to talk things out with a trusted friend or advisor. Group activities also go really well today. The Moon enters Gemini at 11:30 pm. Mercury rules Gemini, so combined with today’s earlier connection to Chiron in Aquarius, the sign that rules energy and electricity, the next couple of days will also be favorable for setting up, programming or figuring out all those new high-tech toys and gadgets you may have gotten over the holidays! Finally, Mercury parallels Pluto at 11:48 pm. Deep thinking and penetrating insights can reveal brilliant solutions and ideas late tonight. If you’ve been trying to puzzle something out, the answers will probably come to you now. 18th With the Moon still in Gemini, today is likely to be busy, busy, busy. Mercury semisextiles Uranus at 16 Aquarius/Pisces at 9:49 am. This restless, edgy mental influence continues to spur innovative thinking and technological advancements. Share your ideas with others today, no matter how crazy or


unconventional they may seem. The quickwittedness of Mercury slows a bit by mid-day so take care of important communication this morning. 19th Saturday is somewhat lackluster until this evening when Venus squares retrograde Mars at 24 Sagittarius/Gemini at 8:11 pm. Can you say, “Battle between the sexes?” Seriously, this oppositional energy between the planets that traditionally rule women and men is likely to spur verbal debates and challenges to different beliefs, values or opinions. Lively debate can be stimulating; just don’t let differences deteriorate into a contest, especially when emotional energy intensifies as the evening wears on. Communication is indeed the solution to this conflicted energy. Look for troublesome relationship themes that are carry-overs from family of origin dynamics. Talk things over honestly with those you care about. Don’t forget to include your self in the list of ‘those you care about.’ An honest look inside and ‘discussion’ with your self could be very revealing and very productive. This aspect is likely to affect Geminis, Cancers and Sagittarians most. On a national level, today could bring a contest between the President and Congress relative to some spending issue. 20th The Moon enters Cancer at 1:05 am. Luna is at ‘home’ in her own sign for the next couple of days. Domestic issues and emotional matters will be the focus of attention. The Sun semisextiles Pluto at 29 Capricorn/Sagittarius at 5:26 am. A few hours later, the Sun enters Aquarius at 9:44 am. The former solar aspect features 29 degrees of Capricorn and reflects energy that’s quintessentially traditional, conservative and


authoritatively in control. The latter solar event brings free-wheeling, forward-thinking, innovative and unconventional energy to the fore. So today’s theme is likely to look something like a ‘last-throes’ struggle between the past and the future, or between convention and innovation. Go with the latter! 21st Jupiter trines retrograde Saturn at 7 Capricorn/Virgo at 2:14 am. Once again, we have contact between two outer planets which unfolds a larger cosmic cycle. This one began on May 28th, 2000, at 22 degrees Taurus and takes twenty years to complete its cycle. The theme with Jupiter/Saturn is values, money and resources. Who’s got them, who wants them and what are they willing to do to get them? Need a more specific example? How about Halliburton (the organization Cheney used to run) getting rich off of no-bid government contracts to rebuild a country we’ve pretty much destroyed through (Cheney’s?) war? And by the way, remember we were told that this was a country that was supposed to finance that very same war through their own wealth of natural resources, namely their OIL! You get my point. On a personal level, use this tremendously positive and productive influence to make choices and decisions about issues and matters that are really meaningful to you. Those are the things that represent your true values. The Sun semisquares Uranus at 1 Aquarius/16 Pisces at 12:59 pm. Unexpected changes of plans or odd/unusual events disrupt our schedule mid-day. The need for personal attention or individual recognition could thwart your needs or the needs of the group today. If you’re frustrated and feeling the need to bust out early, just do it. One afternoon off won’t sink the ship. Besides, the Moon is void of


course all day today so there’s probably not too much happening that’s really important in the mundane work world anyway! 22nd The Moon enters Leo at 3:20 am. The energy is creative, egotistical and dramatic for a couple of days. And Mercury and Neptune add a splash of logic and intuition into the mix for today. Then the Full Moon Phase occurs at 6:35 am at 1 Leo. Full Moons are oppositional in nature since the Sun and Moon are always 180 degrees apart or opposite one another at this time. Oppositional energy tends to put people at odds with one another. It also wants to bring things to fullness or completion. The struggle here is between the need for love, acceptance and personal attention and the ability to shine as an individual and be noticed, and the desire to break free from the conditions and expectations others project on to us in order for them to feel secure. Hmmm… Pleasing ourselves, or pleasing others? Conform or rebel? Hmmmm……….. What’s the answer? Be true to yourself and stop letting the need for others’ approval keep you from being who you really are. If you can’t feel good about your self, all the adoration in the world won’t compensate in the end. Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 21 Aquarius at 6:15 pm. This planetary combination effectively blends right and left brain, logic and intuition. The energy is enlightened, inspired and creative. Just watch out for the guy who has premium property for sale in the Everglades at a killer price! Separating fact from fiction gets a boost from the objectivity of Aquarius. But Neptune can be a bit fuzzy (deceptive/addictive) around the edges from time to time.


23rd Venus conjuncts Pluto at 11:56 pm at 29 Sagittarius. It could be truth AND consequences time! This energy may spell the end for some relationships. The truth comes out in unexpected ways late tonight. Perhaps the revelations have to do with someone else. It’s just as likely that you may figure something out for yourself. Watch for and avoid negative Pluto expressions like jealousy, resentment and manipulation. Either way, this energy is powerful enough to bring long-lasting change to partnerships, personal beliefs, and what we thing has value. On the other hand, some folks may decide its time to finally make a commitment! 24th Venus enters Capricorn at 1:06 pm. Emotional energy cools now and becomes more mature and serious over the coming few weeks. The planet of love is responsible and committed in Capricorn. And since Venus also rules possessions and values, financial investments may be the focus of considerable attention now as well. Think long-term and conservative to benefit from this influence. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:48 am. Virgo’s penchant for exhaustive analysis lends support to Capricorn’s serious nature. These two earth signs work – and I do mean WORK together well. With Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, also in Virgo, there’s a lot of work to be done now and a lot of commitment to do so. Good judgment is favored over the coming month in both personal and professional endeavors. Chiron is semisquare Pluto at 14 Aquarius/29 Sagittarius at 9:09 pm. Transformative, healing energy is reflected in this celestial pattern, personally and collectively. Personal relationships are still undergoing metamorphosis as some strengthen and others end. Collectively, we’re likely to hear about what needs to be healed on a global level over the


coming days as well since Chiron is the ‘wounded healer.’ Big changes are presaged by this pair and Venus today. The changes are necessary for healing and spiritual evolution to occur. In your own life, look to the houses of your natal chart where the final degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and the first degrees of cardinal signs fall (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The areas of life associated with these houses will reveal where these changes are likely to manifest. Be ready to let go of those things that have served their purpose. It will pave the way for brand new beginnings in your life. 25th Pluto enters Capricorn today at 8:45 pm! Metamorphosis of Capricorn themes gets underway today and will take sixteen years to unfold. The primary archetype is learning to take responsibility for ourselves. It means owning the reality we’ve created and confronting our own false judgments. Collectively, we can expect much more active participation in the political process by average people who are simply tired of giving their power away to corrupt leaders. Governments will change under this influence due to people reclaiming their individual power, rights and freedoms. It also means getting real about our shared natural resources and getting serious about preservation, conservation and sustainability as it relates to resources. See this month’s “Message” at the beginning of the newsletter for a more in-depth analysis of this significant planetary event. 26th The Moon enters Libra at 3:35 pm. Sociability is the theme for the next few days. It’s a relatively


quiet Saturday and that’s good because we may already need some calm and space to begin contemplating the long-term effects of yesterday’s change of signs by Pluto. 27th The Sun inconjuncts retrograde Saturn at 7 Aquarius/Virgo at 12:21 pm. Inconjuncts always require adjustments of some kind. The purpose is to embrace necessary improvements that will enable success. So while criticism or negative feedback from those in authority may be unwelcome, some changes in personal goals or work plans may indeed be in order. News headlines may carry news of global shortages of material goods or products. We may also hear about significant stalemate situations or impasses between opposing political forces here in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. Even among themselves, world leaders may not be on the same page about important issues we’ll hear about today. 28th Mercury retrogrades at 23 Aquarius at 1:31 pm today. The planet of information and communication will appear to move backward through the zodiac until February 18th. So hopefully, you’ve completed contracts and finalized important business decisions a couple of weeks ago. If these kinds of things are still pending, it’s best to wait until Mercury goes direct/forward again next month before making decisions. This is due to the fact that when the Messenger planet turns around, we need to review, revisit and rethink important events associated with the sign of the retrograde. In Aquarius, friendships, group involvements, technology issues and breaking free of outer pressures to conform to the status quo are likely themes for this review.


29th The Moon enters Scorpio at 2:35 am for the second time this month. When the Moon transits this deep watery sign, our energy and focus usually turn quietly inward. That may or may not be the case later today! But for certain, this is an intense and busy day. Venus semisquares Neptune at 6 Capricorn/21 Aquarius at 2:54 am. Weird dreams or romantic type fantasies could manifest under this astrological pairing. If you’re searching out there for the ‘ultimate relationship,’ stop now. Under these celestial rays you’re more than likely to realize it’s a delusion. Work on your relationship with yourself instead. At least you have control over that effort. And be mindful of dream messages about work or work colleagues. They may provide the tip that saves you from the delusion! The Sun sesquiquadrates retrograde Mars at 9 Aquarius/24 Gemini at 8:17 am. Communication first thing this morning could be rousing or alarming. No, I don’t mean your alarm clock. Got an early meeting today? Do you check emails at the start of your day? The message(s) you receive can set you off but don’t let it. Mars, the planet associated with anger, war and strife slows down to a standstill today before turning direct/forward tomorrow. So does the energy associated with it. So count to twenty before reacting or overreacting to any perceived threat, insult, challenge or confrontation delivered via meeting, email, letter, voicemail, verbal discussion, memorandum or Pony Express! You get my point. You’ll regret that temptation to lash out or push back. Chill. Chill at least until after tomorrow which is likely to bring some more info that fills in missing details -


like maybe the facts – that are likely to be missing from today’s messages! The Sun semisextiles Jupiter at 9 Aquarius/Capricorn at 5:52 pm. Serious thinking and good judgment are available. Use this energy to calm yourself and remain steadfast and true to your own sense of values and purpose. Even if it means being a group of one. Venus trines retrograde Saturn at 7 Capricorn/Virgo at 7:19 pm. Solid, long-term relationships may prove invaluable this evening. If there’s someone you trust whose available to talk with about today’s events, they’ll be able to offer a good ear and some sound advice. Of course, you still need to ultimately decide what to do. The Last Quarter Moon Phase occurs at 10:03 pm at 9 Scorpio. This waning lunar phase is frustrating. As if you needed any additional frustration today! This Scorpio/Aquarius energy may bring feelings of betrayal. A friend, the group or the ‘system’ may be the source. Old wounds, literally and figuratively, could resurface and demand attention. Continue to privately mull these things over tonight and for the next couple of days, particularly if they are work or health related. Call it a night. It’s been a very long day… 30th Retrograde since November 15th, Mars stations direct (forward) at 24 Gemini at 3:34 pm. That sluggish feeling of no get up and go you’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks begins to shift today. Information that’s been delayed may also be forthcoming but remember, with Mercury in retrograde, you may still need to wait a while before making any decisions regarding that information. Be extra careful and patient while driving today and

think twice before blurting out ill-considered thoughts or ideas. Mercury semisquares Venus at 23 Aquarius/8 Capricorn at 8:41 pm. The desire to break free of the pack could interfere with smooth social or business interactions later today. Or perhaps you and your partner aren’t on the same page about tonight’s agenda or some personal partnership issue. Consider what you really need and listen carefully to what your partner really wants for positive outcomes. 31st The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:08 pm. Now that Mars is moving forward again, the Moon in expansive, travel-minded Sagittarius is all the ‘fuel’ you’ll need for the next couple of days! Stalled travel, legal, educational or foreign matters can begin to make progress now. This month has brought a whirlwind of changing energies, some old, some new. Light-hearted Sagittarius vibes bring it to a close on a happy note. Enjoy yourself this evening with friends and loved ones.

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Each month, the Moon traverses all twelve zodiac signs staying in each sign for approximately two and a half days. Knowing 25

which sign the Moon is in and when she changes signs can be extremely useful in our daily lives. This simple awareness allows us to align our activities with the changing celestial lunar influences, maximizing our time and energy. All times listed below are Mountain Standard Time. 1st Moon enters Scorpio 6:32 pm 17th 11:30 pm 4th Moon enters Sagittarius 7:13 am Cancer 1:05 am 6th Moon enters Capricorn 6:43 pm Leo 3:20 am 9th Moon enters Aquarius 4:13 am Virgo 7:48 am 11th Moon enters Pisces 11:44 am 26th 3:35 pm 13th Moon enters Aries 5:23 pm Scorpio 2:35 am 15th Moon enters Taurus 9:13 pm 31st Sagittarius 3:08 pm Moon enters Gemini 20th Moon enters 22nd Moon enters 24th Moon enters Moon enters Libra 29th Moon enters Moon enters

January 8th January 15th - New Moon Phase occurs at 4:37 am 17 Capricorn 33 - First Quarter (waxing) Moon Phase occurs at 12:46 pm 25 Aries 02

January 22nd – Full Moon Phase occurs at 6:35 am

1 Leo 54
January 29th – Last Quarter (waning) Moon Phase occurs at 10:03 pm

9 Scorpio 40

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