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1. Which of the following statements regarding DNA is/are true/false ? 1. Attached to the 1' position of the sugar ring is one of four bases. 2. The bases lie stacked on each other 3.4 A apart. 3. During transcription each daughter DNA contains one newly synthesised strand. 4. The guanine - cytosine bonds are made of two hydrogen bonds. 5. The DNA from a single cell is nearly 2 meters long. 2. Which of the following statements regarding meiosis is/are true/false ? 1. In meiosis II, whole chromosomes separate. 2. In spermatogenesis, meiosis begins at puberty. 3. Exchange of paternal and maternal DNA takes place in meiosis II. 4. Anaphase lag leads to numerical chromosome aberrations. 5. Pairing of X and Y chromosomes in spermatogenesis is end to end. 3. Familial Hypercholesterolaemia 1. is produced by a mutation of a dominant gene on the X chromosome. 2. may lead to early coronary heart disease. 3. never arises as a new mutation in a family. 4. in a homozygous state usually leads to a severe form of the disease. 5. is not associated with late maternal age. 4. Which of the following statements regarding the Y chromosome is / are, true / false ? 1. It carries a few loci concerned with metabolism. 2. It is the only acrocentric chromosome seen in humans. 3. It carries the Testis Determining Factor on its short arms. 4. Klinefelter syndrome has two Y chromosomes. 5. It may be detected in some phenotypic females. 5. The X chromosome 1. carries the the gene for sickle cell anaemia. 2. of the male can be demonstrated in a buccal smear test. 3. is not found in the nuclei of all spermatozoa. 4. may show an increased fragility in some conditions. 5. carries the gene for the Xg blood group. 6. A karyotype 1. may be prepared from chorionic villi cells of the foetus. 2. helps in the diagnosis of chromosome disorders. 3. is made from cells arrested at telophase of mitosis. 4. from a Patau syndrome patient shows an extra chromosome No. 18. 5. helps in the identification of the Philadelphia chromosome, in chronic myeloid laeukemia. 7. Which of the following statements regarding HLA is/are, true/false ? 1. The genes for HLA are on chromosome No. 6. 2. HLA is a multiple allelic system. 3. The inheritance of HLA alleles follow a codominant Mendelian system.

4. The HLA proteins are found inside the cell. 5. HLA B37 is associated with ankylosing spondylitis. 8. Turner syndrome 1. is seen only in females. 2. may have one chromosome as an isochromosome. 3. is usually associated with severe mental retardation. 4. patients usually present with primary amenorrhoea. 5. cannot be detected at birth. 9. Which of these statements regarding carriers is / are, true / false ?. 1. In classical haemophilia A, carriers may show clinical features. 2. In Duchenne muscular dystrophy, carriers never produces affected males, if the husband
is normal. 3. In cystic fibrosis a mating between carriers has a 25% risk of producing an affected child. 4. Carrier states are seen in achondroplasia. 5. Certain carrier states can be detected using DNA studies.

10. Which of the following conditions are chromosome aberrations ? 1. Fragile X syndrome. 2. Penylketonuria. 3. Cri du chat syndrome. 4. Osteogenesis imperfecta. 5. Down syndrome.