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nstall gOpenMol ================ Steps to do to install gOpenMol on UNIX I'm only distributing gOpenMol (currently) as a binary distribution, if you need the

source code you have to get in touch with me. The program is distributed free of charge for academic installations and academic use. Most likely you have just got a compressed tar file version of gOpenMol (gopenmol.tar.Z). You have to uncompress the file first with the command: uncompress gopenmol.XXX.tar.Z Copy first the gopenmol.tar file to directory where you want to install gOpenMol. The tar file will create a directory gopenmol containg the needed subdirectories, programs and data. You can untar the tar file with the command: tar xf Change directory down to the gopenmol directory Run the installation script install with the command: ./install You are now ready to use gOpenMol. To run gOpenMol write: bin/rungOpenMol ==================================================== Steps to do to install gOpenMol on Windows 95/98 and NT ==================================================== gOpenMol is now distributed with source code! The program is distributed free of charge for academic installations and academic use. 1. You have got the file downloaded from the net. Take a program (WinZip is a good candidate) to unzip the file. 2. Choose the directory where you want to download the program including the files. The unzip program creates a directory gopenmol and places the file in the respective directories. 3. Change directory to the gopenmol directory and run the install.bat file. This procedure will call the wish shell and run the installation procedure. After the installation procedure you should have a new bat file in your gopenmol/bin directory called rungOpenMol.bat. This file starts gOpenMol and makes all the needed environment assignments.

4. Run the script rungOpenMol.bat always when you want to run the gOpenMol program. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very often the Windows 95/98 DOS shell has, by default, a very small amount of memory served for the environment values. This will prevent gOpenMol from reserving all the needed environment values through the set command. What you see is that the DOS shell complains about running out of environment space when you run the bin\rungOpenMol.bat script. To cure this problem click on the upper left corner of your DOS window and go to the Property option to give more space (memory) to your DOS shell. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uninstall gOpenMol Both the Unix and the Windows versions can be removed by just deleting the root directory and the directories under the root. The Windows version uses no register entries and places no files in the system directory. Maintained by ( Leif Laaksonen ( Last modified 2003/08/08