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FADE IN: EXT. FOREST - MIDNIGHT A HOODED MAN whistles a jaunty tune, as he drags a gagged middle-aged man, WALTER MOORLY, into a circular clearing with four stakes in the ground in a square and an occult symbol BURNED into the grass between them. Walter stares up at him fearfully. HOODED MAN The forest is so beautiful at night, isn't it? In the distance, an owl HOOTS. The Man smiles. He ties each of Walter's limbs to the stakes. HOODED MAN (CONT'D) The animals. The moonlight. The dead silence beneath it all. It's all so connected. Animals swarm around the clearing, as if there is a barrier around it. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, and even a bear growl. HOODED MAN (CONT'D) The thing about the forest, though, Walter. The thing about it is that if you are not very, very careful, it will eat you alive. The animals surrounding the clearing bare their teeth and snap at Walter. The Man tightens each of the knots at Walter's wrists and ankles. He GRINS down at Walter, who has tears streaming down the sides of his face. HOODED MAN (CONT'D) But me first. The Man CHANTS in an ancient language. The animals whip into a frenzy. The wind bends the trees. Branches SNAP. The Man drops to his knees next to Walter, still chanting. Walter SCREAMS. Animals ROAR. The moon goes black. The Man laughs as his face becomes evil and impish. His teeth shrink and become pointy.



Then, he bites Walter, tearing into his flesh. Slowly, the animals join the Man in feasting upon Walter's flesh. At the edge of the clearing another man, shrouded in shadow, looks on. DISSOLVE TO: INT. KENDRA'S CHILDHOOD HOME MASTER BEDROOM - MIDNIGHT KENDRA CHARLES, mixed race and in her early 20s, sleeps fitfully, then, suddenly wakes up, sitting bolt right up, covered in a sweat and breathing heavily. She looks small compared to the king-sized bed she's in. Bright moonlight cuts across the bed. She takes a long drink of the glass of water on the bedside table. Also on the table is a picture of Kendra and her mother, Black, in her mid-30s, and wearing a police uniform with Charles on her badge, and a bottle of SLEEPING PILLS prescribed to her. There is also an invitation to the funeral of ANDREA JULIA CHARLES. Above the bedside table is a calendar with a picture of a puppy and X's on all the days leading up to one labelled "BACK TO SCHOOL". One of the X's covers the label "MOM'S FUNERAL". She takes two of the sleeping pills. She lays back down, tightly clutching one of her pillows. Finally, her eyes close. EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY Kendra drives down a highway surrounded by forest in her broken down jeep. INT. JEEP - DAY It is pouring rain outside. She appears to just barely be holding herself together. DJ's on the radio talk in the background. DJ #1 Did you hear about the woman who got mauled? (MORE)

3. CONTINUED: DJ #1 (CONT'D) Apparently, the dog is still at large. See, black people can't have nothing.

DJ #2 You know you wrong for that one. All of the DJ's laugh. Tears begin to fall from Kendra's eyes. She turns off the radio. Unable to see clearly, Kendra pulls over her car over to the side of the road. She collapses on the steering wheel. She regains her composure and wipes the tears from her eyes. Through the rain, she can see a car's flashing HAZARD LIGHTS. EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY She wipes her eyes again, grabs her umbrella, and goes to investigate. One of the car's back doors is wide open. Kendra runs over the car. In the back seat lays Walter Moorly, torn apart and clearly missing his heart. KENDRA Oh holy fuck. In a flash, Kendra sees the woman from the bedside picture torn apart at the side of the road, much like the poor man in front of her. Kendra drops her umbrella and grabs the door to stabilize herself. She backs away. It starts to rain harder, but she does not notice Walter OPENS his eyes. With great effort, he lifts his head and focuses his gaze on Kendra. WALTER (weakly) Kendra...? She freezes. KENDRA Wha-- Uh... I mean, a-are you okay? Kendra inches back over to the car. WALTER He's coming... f'you... Walter's head slumps back, but his eyes don't close. Kendra screams and runs back to her vehicle


INT. JEEP - DAY Quickly she starts the car, drives off. KENDRA Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She pulls her cellphone out and dials 911. OPERATOR What's your emergency? KENDRA (disguising her voice) There's been a murder. A man in a car off Highway 151. She hangs up, then puts in a punk CD and cranks up the volume. The rain slowly lets up as she drives further away. EXT. KENDRA'S APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY Kendra pulls into a parking space outside her apartment building. From inside the building flounces RAYE RHODES, darkskinned and also in her early 20s. She runs over to the car. RAYE Kenny!! You're late! What took you so long? Kendra rolls her eyes and gathers her bags. KENDRA (patiently) Raye, I told you not to call me that. RAYE Aww, sweetie, you know you love it! But you're avoiding the question. Where were you? Kendra glances around the empty parking lot. KENDRA Let's go to my room. Raye takes a couple of Kendra's bags and they head into the apartment.


INT. KENDRA AND RAYE'S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUS Kendra and Raye quietly enter the apartment and sneak past a group of three extremely loud and excited young women. They each has a drink in their hands. They are speaking so loudly they do not hear Kendra and Raye. WOMAN #1 Did you hear? Iota Nu is having a party this Friday! WOMAN #2 Thank god! I'm gonna need another drink after this week of classes. WOMAN #3 Ha! I'm gonna need a dick after this week of classes. Kendra and Raye slink into Kendra's room. INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Kendra's room is movies. The room window. Over her Tobago. In front covered in posters of bands, musicians, and is clean. Her bed is placed in front of the window is the official flag of Trinidad and of her bed is a television.

Raye gently closes the door behind them, then slumps against it in relief. Kendra drops her bags on the floor. Raye throws herself onto the bed. RAYE Phew! Why did we think it was a good idea to move in with a bunch of crazy partying sorority sisters? KENDRA Here, I thought you'd get along with them. RAYE Those girls are too much even for me! Kendra opens the window and turns on the overhead fan. Raye lays on the bed watching her and grinning. RAYE (CONT'D) At least they don't mind us smoking.



Raye digs into Kendra's purse and pulls out a joint and a lighter. She lights it and takes a hit. Kendra places an ashtray on the window sill. They pass it back and forth between each other as they talk. RAYE (CONT'D) So, you gonna talk now? KENDRA There was... an accident. I had to call the cops. RAYE Oh my god! An accident now! Are you ok? KENDRA No, not me. I'm fine. But there was a man. (beat) I called the cops. They'll handle it. That's all that happened. Can we change the subject now please? Raye frowns, but lets Kendra gloss over it in favor of the larger issue. RAYE So, how was the funeral? Kendra makes a sound of disgust and covers her face with a pillow. RAYE (CONT'D) That bad, huh? Was it your mom's ex again? Raye pulls the pillow away and hands the joint back to Kendra. Kendra smokes it. KENDRA He was there. Crying! Like a few months ago, he couldn't have been the one to put her there. RAYE Did you talk to him? Kendra looks down. KENDRA She never changed her will. I guess she thought she had more time.



RAYE How much did you get? KENDRA $12,000 RAYE What. The. Ever-loving. Hell? KENDRA I know. RAYE That barely covers your housing! Thank god you have a scholarship! KENDRA I know. RAYE What are you going to do for food? Kendra shrugs. RAYE (CONT’D) I know you have had a hard life, but this is getting out of control KENDRA You'll have to buy herb from now on. Kendra turns on the TV. She flips through a few channels. The local news comes on. RAYE Hold on. NEWS REPORTER --A brutal accident discovered off the highway. Officers are calling it an animal attack and identify the victim as Walter Moorly, but refuse to answer any further questions or release any more information. Channel 5 News will be standing by for an update. That's Car--. Kendra changes the channel to cartoons. RAYE Hey, I was watching that.



KENDRA Just came from a funeral, dude. RAYE Oh, god. Sorry! You know I get stupid when I'm stoned. Speaking of which, this is some really good shit! Where'd you get it? KENDRA This guy I know back home grows it. I got a discount 'cause Mom knew about him, but she never gave him any shit. 'Bigger fish,' she'd say. Frowning, Kendra puts out the finished joint. The smoke curls around her fingers. Briefly, the only sound is the television. RAYE You need a drink, babe. INT. BAR - EVENING The bar is full of college kids, grouped into cliques.Kendra and Raye sit at the bar alone. Raye, in a tight dress that shows off her curves, sips on a very pink drink with raspberries in a martini glass. Kendra, reluctantly sexy in a punk-inspired outfit, knocks back a Philly Special, whiskey and a tallboy of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Each of them already has an empty in front of them. Raye spears the raspberries with a toothpick. RAYE You know. Meghan wasn't wrong. When was the last time you got laid? Kendra scoffs. RAYE (CONT'D) Come on, now of all time you need to relax some. Raye puts her hand on Kendra's arm and drunkenly smiles at her. MAX LAKEWOOD, tall, dark-haired, and obvious from his dress, rich enough to be kind of ugly, cuts between the two of them, knocking Raye's arm. His crony stands by offering vocal support. He faces Kendra.



MAX Hey, sweetcakes, did you know Iota Nu's having a party? Course you did, who doesn't? Coming? KENDRA I doubt I have anything to wear. MAX You could always wear nothing. It's kinda the theme anyway. Raye bursts out laughing. Max turns around to face Raye. MAX (CONT’D) You know, in a couple of weeks, we're having a pig party. You should come. RAYE You couldn't handle all this meat, baby. Max sneers at Raye and turns back to Kendra. MAX Come to the party. You can even bring your little piggy. Max caresses Kendra's jaw. She makes a move to get up, but Raye puts a hand on her shoulder to hold her back. MAX (CONT'D) (to his friend) I'm sure we can find something to stuff her with. Max and friend leave the ladies alone. Raye watches them leave. RAYE Assholes they are, I wouldn't mind crashing one of their parties. She takes a sip of her drink. RAYE (CONT'D) Although, the invitation does kind of dull some of the allure. Kendra raises an eyebrow at Raye.


10. CONTINUED: (2)

RAYE (CONT'D) Well, we'd bring our own drinks. Obviously. Besides, you desperately need to get laid. We need to get laid. And they won't be the only guys at that party. Raye pouts at her. Kendra glares at her. Raye sticks her lip out further and makes her best puppy dog eyes. KENDRA Fine. I'll think about it. Raye claps her hands and signals the bartender for some more drinks. INT. NEWSPAPER OFFICE - DAY Kendra walks into the office, a sea of cubicles. Although, there are not that many people, they each bustle around. Kendra glances at the clock. It reads 9:10. Kendra suddenly covers her mouth and runs into the ladies' restroom. Sounds of retching are heard off-screen. When she tries to sneak towards her desk, which is stationed outside the only actual office on the floor. Just as she sits down, the intercom beeps. MAN Kendra! You're here! In my office, please. Kendra curses, then presses the button on the intercom. KENDRA Yes, sir. Right away, sir. INT. GRAHAM'S OFFICE - MORNING Kendra enters, closing the door behind her. The office is warm and well-lived in. On the wall, there are degrees, clippings from newspaper articles, all with "by A.C. Graham" on them. Art from Africa and the Caribbean decorates his walls. There are no pictures of people, save for the single photograph of Graham and a beautiful, laughing woman with her arms around him. He looks much younger and much happier.



At a wounded, but still elegant desk sits ALEXANDER COATES GRAHAM, as stated by the name plate on his desk, a Black British gentleman, with his fingers pressed together, looking stern. GRAHAM You're tardy, Kendra. You're never tardy. He pauses. Kendra remains silent. GRAHAM (CONT'D) But, with your circumstances taken into consideration, I truly would have expected you to be later. Kendra sighs in relief. Graham's face breaks into a wide smile. Then, he laughs jovially and beckons Kendra to have a seat. KENDRA You really had me going for a minute there. It's been a long couple weeks. GRAHAM I'm just messing with you, dear. You've got to learn to loosen up. So, what are you doing here so early? KENDRA It's all been so crazy. I just needed to distract myself. With work. GRAHAM Well, I'm afraid there is not much of that going around. At least nothing that the blogosphere hasn't already broken down into atoms. KENDRA But everyone looked so busy outside. GRAHAM Yeah, busy trying to catch a story. We got nothing. So, unless you have a story... Graham chuckles.


12. CONTINUED: (2)

NEWS REPORTER (O.S.) (echoing) ...Animal attack... Refuse to release any information KENDRA Actually... did you hear about that animal attack yesterday? GRAHAM Of course. Every news source has been trying to get that story. It's just been animal attack, animal attack over and over again. KENDRA Well, I have some information that the police didn't release. GRAHAM What? How? In that order, now. KENDRA The what is the guy was missing his heart. The how is... well, I was the one who found the guy. GRAHAM I'm sorry? KENDRA It was weird. It was raining crazy hard and I had to pull over. Then I saw these hazard lights flashing to I went to check it out and... It was a guy! With his heart missing! Like, I could see in the cavity. So I called the police and got the hell out of there. Graham reclines in his chair, speechless. GRAHAM That... is... absolutely brilliant! Yes, the ancient ones have answered my prayers. Kendra laughs morbidly, while Graham begins ruffling through papers on his desk.


13. CONTINUED: (3)

GRAHAM (CONT’D) (to himself) Not Grand. Simmons wouldn't even know what to do with this. Kendra awkwardly looks around Graham's office. She stares at the photograph. Briefly, she imagines herself in the photo, first as their daughter, then as his wife. Graham reaches the last few pages in his stack. He leafs through them, shaking his head. KENDRA Uh, can I go now? GRAHAM Not until you take this story. Kendra gapes at him. KENDRA One mo' 'gain Graham laughs. GRAHAM This newspaper is hemorrhaging money. We've lost all our best reporters. Except for you. KENDRA Me? But I'm just an intern. GRAHAM You. But you wrote that awesome article last semester. KENDRA That was before-GRAHAM Why do you think I have you check all the articles before I send them to print? KENDRA I don't know... GRAHAM There is no "know". You're doing this. I'm even going to pay you for it.


14. CONTINUED: (4)

KENDRA How much? GRAHAM $100 Kendra sneers. KENDRA Is this the part where I barter? Graham nods. KENDRA (CONT’D) Uh, $500? GRAHAM $150 KENDRA $350? Graham watches Kendra sternly. GRAHAM $275. That's as much as I can offer. Plus you'll get to catch the bad guy. Who doesn't want that? Kendra nibbles on her bottom lip, looking down. GRAHAM (CONT’D) I don't want to be too forward. I'm aware of some similarities between this crime and your mother's unfortunate passing, which has still gone without justice. And I wouldn't suggest this to you if I didn't think you could handle it, but I believe this may be the cathartic experience you need. Kendra lifts her head and stares into his eyes. Her nostrils flare. KENDRA Yes, I'll take it. And I'll take it for $300.


EXT. IOTA NU FRATERNITY HOUSE - NIGHT The house is an old manor surrounded by woods. It was once quite regal, but has since suffered at the hands of time and drunken fraternity brothers. This night, it is decorated with nearly naked bodies dressed as angels and devils, writhing against each other. Bass pumps from within the house. Kendra and Raye warily approach, arm in arm, clutching their water bottles. Kendra wears a broken pair of wings and a halo over her typical outfit of T-shirt, jeans, and Chucks. Raye is in a tight red devil costume. Kendra sighs. KENDRA You know, I must really love you, Raye. Raye smiles sadly. They are largely ignored as they make their way up to the manor. INT. IOTA NU FRATERNITY HOUSE FOYER - CONTINUOUS Inside the house, the main floor is decorated blandly, to imitate purgatory. There are a couple of grey streamers and a large sign that reads PURGATORY hanging from the ceiling. There is a defaced picture of the current dean of the university. Underneath the picture is the label DEAN SMITH HANK, III The upper floor is Heaven. The basement is Hell. Another sign, hanging from the purgatory one, encourages party goers to start in Heaven descend into Hell. The music is bumping. The lights are low. Kendra's brow does not unfurrow, but Raye's eyes open wide. Her pupils are blown. RAYE Wow, these boys sure know how to put on a party. The song switches. RAYE (CONT'D) Oh, shit! This is my jam!



Raye dances in place, grinding on Kendra and giggling. RAYE (CONT’D) I think it's starting to hit me. KENDRA No shit, Sherlock. I still can't believe you took E. RAYE You're right, maybe you should have taken it. Loosen you up a bit. Certainly makes these fratholes easier to deal with. (beat) I did bring an extra one if you want to try it out. Kendra takes a swig from her bottle and exhales sharply. KENDRA There's enough alcohol to kill a elephant in this. I'm sure I'll be fine. Where did yo get those anyway? RAYE 'Kay. I got my sources. Probably better than whatever they got going around. KENDRA Yeah, it seems like everyone is possessed. They look around the party. Upon closer inspection, this isn't your typical college party. Half of the kids have completely black eyes and move absentmindedly. Three of those kids are Kendra's roommates. KENDRA (CONT’D) I wonder what they're on. Looks heavy. Raye shrugs and grabs Kendra's arm, dragging her away. RAYE Come on. I need to dance. Let's go to Hell.


INT. IOTA NU BASEMENT - CONTINUOUS The basement is decorated all in several shades of red. Around the edges of the room, fake fires burn. Against one of the walls is a large punch bowl full of bright red liquid underneath a spotlight. There is an iPod plugged into a stereo, along the other wall. The rest of the floor is dedicated to dancing. Raye and Kendra dance, drinking deeply and often from their bottles. It takes a while, but Kendra finally relaxes enough to wine, i.e., dance by twisting her waist. Raye backs it up on her. RAYE (shouting) Damn, girl! You can dance! Kendra smiles drunkenly. KENDRA I got it from my mama! They dance She turns to face Kendra, throwing her arms around Kendra's neck. RAYE (softly) Kendra, I've been trying to figure out how to tell y-KENDRA (loudly, over the music) I'll be right back! I have to go piss! Raye lets go and backs away. RAYE Sure! I'll be right here. Kendra smiles and walks off. RAYE (CONT’D) Waiting for you. Like I always am. INT. HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Kendra wanders down the hallway towards the bathroom. She finds a long line of mostly women and gets in it. She leans against the wall, crushing her wings even more.



A HAND SLAMS next to her head against the wall. It belongs to Max Lakewood. Kendra rolls her eyes. MAX Hey, angel. Max plucks at the feathers on her broken wings. KENDRA You again? MAX You came! Girls always do for me. (beat) I think it's time you return the favor. Kendra scoffs at him. Looking into his eyes, she notices Max is suffering from the same black eyes that has afflicted Kendra's roommates. KENDRA You didn't make me come. Raye did. MAX Oh, I see. You play for the other team. I can work with that. Here. KENDRA What are you on? MAX It's this new punch I found the recipe for. Max holds up a cup of something, she previously didn't notice in his hand. MAX (CONT’D) I got you some. The line moves up and Kendra tries to ignore him and move with it, but he shoves the cup into her hand and places his now free hand on the other side of her head to prevent her from moving. KENDRA Thanks. But I already have a drink. You can have this one back. She splashes the drink in Max's face. He backs of, slamming his back against the opposite wall of the hallway.


19. CONTINUED: (2)

MAX YOU FUCKING BITCH! You're gonna pay for this! No one says no to Max Fucking Lakewood. I'll show you. While he wipes the drink out of his eyes, Kendra escapes. She runs back to the dance floor. She searches for Raye, but can't find her within the crushing mass of people. She spots Max, who is shoving people aside looking for her. Kendra makes a break for the stairs. She runs up the stairs, through the dance floor on the main floor, which is playing slightly more mellow music. She gets lost in the crowd of dancers. Looking back, she sees Max reach the top of the stairs. Therefore, she makes a break for the backyard. EXT. IOTA NU BACKYARD - CONTINUOUS Kendra runs across the wide deck, passing its pool and across the large expanse of lawn to the woods. A short way into the woods, Kendra stops and hides behind a tree. She looks behind her, but sees no one. In the distance, she can hear shouts, but she is not sure if its from the party or Max chasing after them. She waits for a bit to make sure no one is coming. Then, she pukes next to the tree. Twice. KENDRA Shit. She sits down abruptly and tries to catch her breath. Leaning her head back against the tree, she closes her eyes. MAX I think she ran out back! Spread out, boys! Kendra's eyes snap open She runs deeper into the forest.. The trees block out any moonlight, but Kendra only stumbles a couple times. She hears laughing. MAX (CONT’D) Well, that was good game of hide and seek. And look there's my prize!



Kendra backs away quickly, turning and running. Max gives chase. His lanky legs help him catch up to Kendra fairly quickly. He tackles her to the ground. She hears voices nearby. They sound as if they are singing. KENDRA HELP ME! HELP! THERE'S A FIRE! Max surprised by her screams and the singing, lets her go. Kendra runs toward the voices. In a very small clearing, there are a several hooded figures tightly grouped around a blazing fire. There heads are lowered. They are not singing. They are chanting. An animal whines from within the grouped figures. She quietly inches closer to the group. The animal's whines get louder. Kendra presses forward. She steps on a branch and it SNAPS! The hoods snap up and slowly turn to face Kendra. KENDRA (CONT’D) Please! Help me! There's a man, chasing me! I think he wants to rape me. Their faces are shrouded by the hoods. She finds herself paralyzed with fear. The animal, a coyote, however, takes this time to jump out from between the figures and lands on Kendra, knocking her to the ground and pinning her. It snaps and claws at her. Kendra screams. She tries to push it off her, but it digs her claws into her shoulder. Looking off to the side, her vision clouded with pain, she sees a couple. The man on top of the woman looks like Max. She cannot see who he is on straddling, but she can hear crying. HOODED FIGURE Get it off her! She needs to be pure. The coyote turns to the group of figures and speaks. COYOTE But I earned this.


21. CONTINUED: (2)

HOODED FIGURE You earned nothing, but a warm hole in Hell. The coyote is lifted off her. Its claws rip out of her shoulder. Kendra blacks out. INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - DAY Kendra wakes up in her room, tangled with Raye. Raye is snoring very loudly. Kendra is wearing nothing, but her underwear. Her clothes and shoes, torn and dirty, lay in a pile on the ground. The CLOCK reads 3:15 PM. She untangles herself from Raye. INT. KENDRA'S BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS She runs to the bathroom and retches, but does not puke. She drinks water from the tap and splashes some on her face. Looking in the mirror, she looks horrible. There are scratches on her shoulder and face. She investigates the lacerations closer and they appear to be more human than animal. KENDRA What the fuck happened last night? INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Kendra walks back into her room. Raye is still knocked out. She attempts to wake her, but Raye just rolls over and ignores her. RAYE (slurring) Five more minutes, ma. Kendra shakes her again. RAYE (CONT’D) Jesus, what? Raye's eyes open slightly to see Kendra hovering above her with her signature furrowed brow, even more furrowed than usual. She sits up properly, if still a little groggy.



RAYE (CONT’D) Jesus, what happened? KENDRA I don't remember. Raye looks over Kendra properly and notices the her scratches. KENDRA (CONT’D) I think I blacked out. What I do remember is more like a dream than anything. Raye reaches out to Kendra, who crawls back into bed next to her. RAYE It's okay, baby. It was probably just the alcohol. You did finish off that bottle of vodka by yourself last night. KENDRA But it's more than that. Something bad happened last night. I need to remember. Raye strokes Kendra's hair. RAYE Okay, then we'll take it a step at a time. Do you want me to tell you what I remember? Kendra nods. RAYE (CONT’D) You went to the bathroom. You took a a really long time, but I figured the line was crazy long. But when you got back, you said you needed to leave. I was kind of crashing at that point, so we bounced. What's the last thing you remember? Kendra recounts the events from the night before in short, stilted sentences. Raye watches her, both concerned and skeptical. RAYE (CONT’D) Honey, you've had a really long night. (MORE)

23. CONTINUED: (2) RAYE (CONT’D) I don't think this is anything more than just a nightmare blown out of proportion from the vodka.

KENDRA But... No, this happened. This was real. RAYE I think you need a proper night sleep. A deep, dreamless sleep. Then, when you wake up we can talk about this more logically. Lemme get your pills. KENDRA No those don't work. Last time, I dreamt I was killing someone. Raye stares at Kendra for a minute. RAYE I'll get my pills then. Raye disappears out of Kendra's bedroom for a minute or so. Kendra clutches her pillow and rocks back and forth. Soon, Raye returns with a glass of water, a couple of her sleeping pills, and her fluffy pink robe with a rose monogrammed on it. She hands the pills and water to Kendra. Then, she wraps her in her robe. RAYE (CONT’D) Drink all of that water now, honey. I promise when you wake up you'll feel better and we can talk about last night, when we're both thinking more clearly. Kendra yawns and takes the pills. Raye watches her. KENDRA Okay, you're right. I can barely think straight right now. I'm so tired. Will you stay with me til I fall asleep? RAYE Like you even need to ask. Drink up.


24. CONTINUED: (3)

Kendra finishes off the glass of water. Almost immediately, Kendra's eyelids begin to droop. She falls asleep. Raye exits. INT. NEWSPAPER OFFICE - DAY Raye enters the newspaper office. It's deserted. She heads for Graham's office and knocks. GRAHAM Come in. Raye enters. INT. GRAHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Graham is working studiously at his desk. He does not look up until Raye clears her throat. GRAHAM Oh, you. Yes, I know you. You're Kendra's girl. Raye blushes. RAYE Raye. GRAHAM Yes, of course, m'dear. Um, is there something I can help you with? Raye seats herself. RAYE Actually, I came to talk about about Kendra. She's been worrying me lately. And I know she trusts you, so I wanted to talk to you first before I went to any authority figures. Graham stops working and focuses on Raye. GRAHAM Please, elaborate. Raye swallows.



RAYE Well, last night we went to Iota Nu's party, and she blacked out. Totally normal, right? Graham doesn't say anything, but continues to stare at Raye. RAYE (CONT’D) Honestly, I think she was sexually assaulted by Max Lakewood, but when I spoke with her this morning. The story she told me was so much worse. It was unbelievable. Graham motions for her to continue. RAYE (CONT’D) Okay, well, she told me she saw a group of people in hoods chanting and trying to hurt an animal. She surprised them and the animal escaped, attacking her but someone pulled it off her. She said, they said, they need her pure. Graham's eyes widen. He slams his hands against the desk and stands up. GRAHAM Her? This whole time, it's been her! How could I have been so blind? RAYE What? Blind? GRAHAM Where is Kendra right now? RAYE She's at home. Sleeping. I gave her some pills. Graham leaps to his feet, then drops to his knees. He goes under his desk. Raye hears a lock click. Graham stands back up with a bag and some supplies, which include an ornate dagger. He drops a key onto the floor. GRAHAM I have to go to her. You should stay a way for a while. I don't know how close they are. I don't want you to get hurt.


26. CONTINUED: (2)

RAYE What? Graham gathers this things and runs for the door. GRAHAM Just stay away from her until I have a chance to see her! She's dangerous. Raye bends down to pick up the key. RAYE Wait! You left!-Graham slams the door behind him. Raye stands there, staring at the closed door. INT. HELL CASTLE Kendra sits on a throne made of bones. She is in a skimpy gown that barely covers her and a crown also made of bone,. Next to her is a DEMON KING. He is shaped like a man and looks vaguely familiar beneath his demonic features. He, too, is barely wearing anything, but has a much bigger crown. They are seated on a balcony situated over a pit full of demons, humans, and monsters, fighting and badly injuring each other to climb out of the pit up a the wall of the castle to the balcony. Limbs go flying out of the pit. The rest of the ground is afire. Even the walls of the castle are coated with fire. The Demon King laughs as he watches the proceedings below him. DEMON KING My queen. Do you like? The Demon King gets down from off his perch to stand in front of Kendra. He bends down to whisper in her ear. DEMON KING (CONT’D) This is all for you. You will make this happen. Then, we will rule over Hell, Heaven, and Earth together.



The Demon King kisses her. She gets lost in the kiss for a minute, but eventually comes to her senses and tries to push him off her. He is too strong. In his eyes burn the fires of Hell, but they are not the reflections of the blazes surrounding them. DEMON KING (CONT’D) You want this. INT. KENDRA'S APARTMENT - DAY Graham picks the lock to enter Kendra's apartment. He quietly creeps through the living room. It appears the apartment is deserted. He sneaks into Kendra's bedroom. INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - DAY Kendra is asleep. She looks upset and is moaning. Graham locks the door behind him and takes supplies out of his bag. Salt, twelve candles, a bag filled with stones, and a knife. He pours the salt around Kendra's bed in a circle. He places the twelve candles equidistantly around the circle. In front of each candle, he places a stone. He, then, lights each candle. He takes the dagger and slices open his hand. He lets three drops of blood fall onto Kendra's face. Using them as ink, he draws the same occult symbol on her head that was burned into the ground during the when Walter was killed. Kendra tosses and turns. Graham tries to keep her still by sitting on her. Someone bangs on the door. The doorknob clicks, as she tries to get it to turn. RAYE (O.S.) Mr. Graham! Please don't hurt her. GRAHAM I'm trying to help her. Now, leave, please. The noises immediately stop. Footsteps retreat. Graham places his hands on either side of her head, closes his eyes, and begins to chant. INT. HELL CASTLE Graham appears in Kendra's dream. He is transparent. He makes his way over to the thrones.



He recognizes the Demon King. GRAHAM (under his breath) You! I've been looking for you. Kendra turns and sees Graham. The Demon King is enthralled by the fight going on beneath him and does not notice Graham and Kendra speaking. KENDRA Graham! Please help me! I don't know where I am. What's going on? GRAHAM This is just a dream, Kendra, but I do believe this is his endgame. He wants to rule over hell. The only way to open the gate is to rape and murder his daughter. You. I believe he then intends to have you rule by his side. KENDRA Me? No wonder my mom never talked about him. GRAHAM Precisely. It will not be easy to get back in once the portal is open. He has to fight for it. He has to prepare for war. That means there are innocent people in danger. And I am afraid that the only way to stop this... You have to kill him Kendra. Suddenly, The Demon King's fiery eyes focus on the two of them. When he shouts at them, the bones of the throne rattle. DEMON KING YOU!! How did you get in here? I'LL KILL YOU! SHE'S MINE! I MADE HER! The Demon King descends from his throne and comes at Graham. Kendra sees beneath the Demon King's grotesque form to his human form. It's DEAN SMITH HANK, III! The Hank grabs Graham by the collar and from that touch Graham becomes solid. He tosses him.


INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - EVENING Graham goes flying across the room, breaking the circle of salt he placed around Kendra. The door breaks in. Kendra's three sorority sister roommates and Max Lakewood crawl into her room and grab Graham. Their eyes are pure black. Graham is taken aback, but manages to cut one of them with his knife. Another quickly presses a cloth against his nose and mouth. His eyes close. Quietly, they drag him from the room. Max stands over Kendra, watching her sleep. MAX You're lucky your daddy was here to save you, bitch. WOMAN #1 Max! Quit flirting and get over here! This is a 250 lb. dude. We are not carrying this to the house by ourselves. Max leaves the sleeping Kendra and picks up one of Graham's legs. They carry him out the apartment. EXT. KENDRA'S APARTMENT BUILDING - CONTINUOUS The women and Max toss Graham into the backseat of Max's SUV. All the people around them ignore them. One of the women pauses and looks around the parking lot at all the people unable to see them. Her eyes open in wonder. WOMAN #3 Wow, the king is so powerful. MAX Get your ass in the car, Lily. He's waiting. EXT. DEAN HANK'S PROPERTY - EVENING The Dean Hank's property is vast with a wide lawn peppered with large, thick-trunk trees and a winding road between the gate and the front door. The house itself is huge and it seems to grow as the car gets closer Max's SUV travels deep into the dean's property. He stops in front of the front door. They drag Graham out of the car, smacking his head on the door, but he does not wake up.



They carry him up the front steps into the house with complete disregard to his health. The door appears to open of its own accord and they carry Graham into the house. INT. DEAN HANK'S FOYER - CONTINUOUS Inside the Dean's house is larger than the outside. There are two spiral staircases across from each other, winding high into the darkness. The entryway is decorated with pictures of Hank with several well-known conservatives - Dick Cheney, George Bush, the first and second, Ronald Reagan, Donald Rumsfeld, etc. A long expensive rug runs from the door into the darkness beneath the stairs. Max and the ladies enter into the center of the foyer. A voice thunders from above. DEAN HANK WELCOME! That took longer than expected. (beat) Oh, honey. Don't bleed on the rug. Lightning crashes above them. Max drops Graham and moves further into the room. Looking up and speaking to the ceiling. MAX I apologize, Your Highness. Hank, dressed impeccably in a suit, descends from the top of the staircase. HANK Please, Mr. Lakewood. There's no need for formalities. I'm not your highness. Yet. If anything, I am your lieutenant. Leading you into the glory of war. MAX Of course, Your Highness. Sorry, Lieutenant. Hank smiles warmly.



HANK Now, it seems you brought me present! Max nods and cues the women to drag Graham's unconscious body over to the Dean. Hank claps excitedly. HANK (CONT’D) Ooh, I've been waiting to have a proper word with him. Bring him into the study. Hank exits into the darkness beneath the stairs. Max and the women follow him, pulling Graham behind them. INT. DEAN'S STUDY - CONTINUOUS The dean's study is decorated ornately. Busts, paintings, and well-known photographs are all around the room. Everything appears to be brand new. Especially the desk and chair. The desk is made of mahogany and the chair, of leather. The same occult symbols is burned into the hardwood floor in front of the desk. A rug, halfway rolled up, has been pushed off of it. They drop Graham in the center of the circle. HANK Thank you, ladies. Gentleman. Hank winks at Max. They bow. HANK (CONT’D) You may go now. Enjoy yourself. Soon, we will rise. Max and the women bow again and exit. Hank slowly approaches his Graham. Kneeling down next to Graham, he wakes him with a backhand slap across the face, leaving a mark where his RING impacts. HANK (CONT’D) WAKE UP! Graham grabs his cheek. GRAHAM Whaa...? Hank grabs Graham's chin and forces him to look into his eyes. Within them burns hell.



HANK I've known you were hiding somewhere nearby. I just didn't think you'd be so clever as to find her first. But I've got you now. Graham's eyes focus on Hank. He scrambles backwards. HANK (CONT’D) How dare you think you could have her? She's mine. And she always will be. Hank stands up to lord over Graham. He kicks Graham in the ribs. HANK (CONT’D) Now, here you are. Delivered to my door. Helpless. Completely at my mercy! Ooh, I do so love this! Hank moves to kick Graham again, but Graham dodges. From around his ankle, he pulls out another dagger and drives it into Hank's leg. Hank collapses next to Graham, grabbing his wounded leg. GRAHAM Hurts, doesn't it? It's forged wit metal blessed by the ancient ones. It's older even than you. Graham rolls over onto his knees. He drags his arm up, preparing to stab Hank in the heart with the dagger. Hank grabs Graham's wrist. With great effort, he tosses Graham across the room. Graham slides out from the occult circle. Hank follows him, limping. Graham leaps at him, grimacing in pain. He stabs the dagger into Hank's side and collapses. Hank shouts, ripping the dagger out of his side and plunge it into Graham's heart. Hanks laughs. HANK Ha! Ha! Ha! You thought you could kill me. He wrenches the knife out of Graham, who starts spurting blood out of his mouth. HANK (CONT’D) With this puny thing?


33. CONTINUED: (2)

Hank laughs again. Blood drains onto the floor around Graham. Graham laughs weakly. Hank's laughter dries up quickly. HANK (CONT’D) What's so funny? GRAHAM I wasn't trying to kill you. The holy water I coated the blade in will poison you. Weaken you. Then, she will defeat you! HANK Who? Kenny? We share the same blood. She cannot resist my urges. GRAHAM Within your blood runs holy water in its purest form. Just different enough for her to get inside your head. To turn your every urge against you. HANK So? Just because I no longer have power over her decision-making, doesn't mean she might not still choose me. I can give her riches, wealth, power! GRAHAM (very weakly and slurring) You might be able to give her Hell, but you can't take her heart. Graham dies. Hank lords over him, frowning. HANK Well, that was a sour note to end on. Graham's blood reaches Hank shoes. He lifts his foot and takes a couple of steps back. HANK (CONT’D) Ugh, and of course! He had to bleed outside the circle. I'm going to have to get another rug. INT. KENDRA'S BEDROOM - DAY Raye enters Kendra's bedroom and shakes her awake.



RAYE Kendra, honey, wake up! I've been trying to get back here since yesterday. Where's Mr. Graham? I couldn't figure out how to get home, Kenny?! I couldn't figure out how to get home! Kendra wipes the sleep from her eyes. Raye sits down on her bed. RAYE (CONT’D) What's going on? Kendra pats Raye's on the shoulder. KENDRA It's gonna be okay, Raye. I understand everything now. RAYE Ya mind explaining it to me? KENDRA Since I was a child, people and animals have always gotten hurt around me. I thought I was cursed. It stopped while I was in college. I thought I had finally left it behind me. But it's been here the entire time. Waiting for me. RAYE It? KENDRA My father. A demon. The dean. He's the one who has been doing all of this. He has been trying to get back into Hell, for I don't know how long. But he has been building an army made of brainwashed people. And now that he has that. He just needs me. He has to do something awful to open the portal. He has to do it to me. RAYE We gotta get out of here! We gotta get far, far away from here.


35. CONTINUED: (2)

KENDRA No, we have to go find Graham. He's the only one who can help us. You with me? I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Raye frowns and sighs heavily. RAYE I'm always here for you, babe. Kendra smiles and hugs her. INT. NEWSPAPER OFFICE - DAY The office is completely empty. Their footsteps echo in the office. Kendra heads straight for Graham's office and bangs on the door. There is no answer. Raye tries the door and it swings open. The office is bare. Even the picture of Graham and his wife is gone. Kendra searches through all of Graham's drawers, even picks the lock on one of them. They are all empty. Kendra collapses into the chair, defeated. KENDRA He's gone? How could he just leave like that? Not even a note. I've never fought a demon. Couldn't he have left some instructions or something?? Raye crawls beneath Graham's desk. KENDRA (CONT’D) What are you doing? A lock clicks. RAYE I don't know if he left a note, but he left a shit ton of weapons, supplies... Ooh, and quite a few notebooks! She dumps a pile of things on top of the desk. Finally, she stands up and places the stack of notebooks on top of the desk. She takes one off of the top and passes it to Kendra. KENDRA Raye, how did you know?



Raye holds up the key. Kendra stands up and makes her way over to the desk, next to Raye. Raye picks up a notebook, too. RAYE He dropped this in front of me on his way out. I'm not sure it was an accident. I thought he was crazy, but-KENDRA Raye! You're beautiful! Kendra grabs Raye, placing her hands on either side of Raye's face and kisses her. Raye blushes. She looks down at the notebook in her hand. Opening it, she flips through a few pages. RAYE Uh, Kendra, we better get started. Your crazy ass boss wrote this all in code. I've never even seen symbols like these before. KENDRA Shit, you're right. Maybe there's some kind of key somewhere. They each take a seat and begin their hunt through all of the notebooks. The CLOCK changes from reading 12:30 to 4:15. Kendra and Raye have not changed their position, but the notebooks now lay open all over the floor. RAYE We've been here... Raye glances at the clock. RAYE (CONT’D) ... almost four hours. It's nearly 4:20. I vote for a break. KENDRA I doubt the dean is stopping for a smoke break. RAYE We're not getting anywhere with this. We may as well take a break, clear our heads.


37. CONTINUED: (2)

KENDRA Fine, but I'm taking all of this shit. I don't wanna be caught with our pants down. Maybe I can find something in the notebooks, while you drive. Kendra tosses the keys to Raye, who barely catches them. Kendra gathers all of the spell supplies and the weapons and stuffs them into her bag and Raye's bag. She hands Raye's bag to her and pulls her bag over her shoulders. She gathers up the notebooks in her arms and creeps out of Graham's office. INT. KENDRA'S JEEP - DAY Kendra's jeep is kind of dirty. The inside is covered in bits of paper, dirt, and empty water bottles. Raye passes Kendra a lighter. She pulls out a joint from her bag and lights it. They pass it back and forth as Raye drives aimlessly around a nearby neighborhood. Kendra's eyes fly over the pages. RAYE Give me something. Maybe talking it out will help. KENDRA If I could read a word of this, I swear I would. Kendra keeps flipping pages in an increasingly irritated manner. KENDRA (CONT’D) FUCK! There's nothing here! RAYE Just breathe, sweetheart. Kendra laughs joylessly. Kendra finishes the joint off and they roll down the windows slightly to air out the car. The suddenly burst of wind flips Kendra's pages. KENDRA Ah, fuck no! Shit! Kendra sadly looks down at the notebook.



THERE, on the page in the wind flipped to, is finally something familiar. The same occult symbol that has been haunting her for so many years. KENDRA (CONT’D) I've got it. Kinda. I've seen this symbol before in my dreams. I have no idea what it means though. Do you? As Raye pulls up to a stop sign, she takes a look at the symbol. RAYE You're right! It does look familiar. I know I saw it somewhere. Raye trails off. Kendra waits impatiently. KENDRA Well? RAYE Gimme a break. I'm trying to remember. KENDRA Remember faster! I knew I shouldn't have let you smoke. Raye shoots Kendra an annoyed look. RAYE I appreciate you are under stress, right now, dearie. But if you want my help. I'm gonna need you to shut up and let me think. Kendra stares at Raye in silent disbelief. She holds her hands up, as if to say "Okay, okay." A few minutes pass silently. RAYE (CONT’D) Of course! The bookstore! While I was shopping for my psychology books, I noticed it in on one of the books that was meant for the occult section, which is right next to the psych section. Probably why someone put it--


39. CONTINUED: (2)

KENDRA You're rambling! I get it! Let's go! Time is of the essence! The tires squeal as Raye drives off with purpose out of the neighborhood.


40. CONTINUED: (3)

BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE REST OF THE STORY: Using this symbol and the occult section of a local bookstore, they manage to determine the true meaning behind the symbol - that it is the sign of the demon KALAMANI, the demon that took up residence in her father's body, long before he became her father. The book also has a picture of one of Graham's daggers. At the end of the book, there is a page of thanks dedicated to A.C. Graham. In order for everything to go according to plan for the dean, he requires the full moon, which is that night. They plan to break into the mansion by having Raye infiltrate the army of students the dean has amassed. She will then let in Kendra and Kendra will attack her father. It does not go according to plan, Raye is discovered and forced to drink the punch that has brainwashed all of the students. Fortunately and unexpectedly, the weed Raye has smoked prevents the key ingredient of the punch from absorbing into her bloodstream. Kendra, who has managed to use the distraction of Raye's normalcy to get inside the gate. She watches helpless as Raye is carried away into the darkness. As she tries to figure out a way to get inside, one of the brainwashed students appears out of nowhere. He invites her inside. Warily, Kendra enters through the front door and is brought directly to her father. Raye, trapped in a cell in the dungeon smokes her last bone. The smoke wafting from her joint brings her guard to his senses. He helps her escape and they head up to the study where Kendra and the dean are facing off. Their appearance provides Kendra with the distraction she needs to get a one-up on the Dean and stab him in the heart, twisting the knife. She quips something about penetration. Fortunately, his death transfers his power over the brainwashed to his daughter. They head for the study. Raye's guard sacrifices himself to help them escape. Raye and Kendra try to get off the property, but they are stopped by the army of students, who look toward Kendra for further instruction. She tells them to each donate some money for weed. The movie ends with them all getting stoned together.

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