ARMY OFFICER RESIGNATIONS I Resignations for Officers who are not facing adverse action or investigation.

(1) Any officer on active duty (for more than 90 calendar days) may tender resignation under AR 600-8-24 except when action is pending that could result in resignation for the good of the Service; officer is under a suspension of favorable actions, pending investigation, under charges; or any other unfavorable or derogatory action is pending. (2) Normally, resignations will not be accepted unless on the requested date of separation the officer has fulfilled his or her service current obligation. II Officer Resignation for the Good of the Service in Lieu of General CourtMartial (AR 600-8- 24, chapter ___). (1) An officer may submit a Resignation for the Good of the Service (RFGOS) in Lieu of General Court-Martial (GCM) under the following circumstances: (a) Court-marital charges have been preferred against the officer with a view toward trial by GCM; or (b) The officer is under a suspended sentence of dismissal. (2) The tender of a RFGOS does not preclude or suspend procedures. A convening authority will not, however, take action on the findings and sentence in such cases until the Secretary of the Army or his or her delegee has acted on the RFGOS. (3) An officer under court-martial charges or under investigation with a view toward court-martial will be retained on active duty until final disposition of the charges or investigation or until the officer's RFGOS is approved. (4) RFGOS must be voluntarily submitted and commanders will ensure that any RFGOS which is submitted is done so voluntarily. The command must also ensure that the officer is allowed a reasonable period of time to consider requesting a RFGOS. (5) The commander exercising general court-martial jurisdiction will expeditiously forward a RFGOS to the CDR, PERSCOM. Court-martial proceedings may be continued until action by the convening authority on the findings and sentence of the court. A convening authority will not take action in

a case until the Secretary of the Army or his or her delegate acts on the RFGOS. In the event trial is held prior to the time notification of action is taken on the RFGOS, the convening authority will immediately transmit to CDR, PERSCOM the result of trial, including sentence adjudged. (6) The RFGOS along with the officer's OMPF and ORB without recommendation will be forwarded by PERSCOM to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army. (7) An officer separated under an RFGOS normally receives a characterization of service of Under Other Than Honorable Conditions. (8) An Officer who resigns for the good of the Service (regardless of the character of service received) is barred from rights under laws administrated by the Veterans Affairs. This is based on the period of service from which the officer resigned.
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