Maju Suria Sdn. Bhd.

Minutes of the Third Committee Meeting Of Maju Suria Sdn. Bhd. held on 27 September 2010 at 9.00 am in the company’s meeting room, Maju Suria Sdn. Bhd.

Present :

Mr. Dato’ Shazwan Samad ( Managing Director & Chairperson ) Mr. Joshua Chua (CEO) Ms. Sophia Abdullah (Secretary) Mr. Zahir Ahmad Mr. Mohd Imran Rashid Ms. Hasnah Hassan Mr. Lee Chong Ewe Mr. Joty Nair Mr. Arshad Hamdan Mr. Peter Joseph

Absent :

Mrs. Qistina Khalid


Chairperson Welcome Address The chairperson called the meeting to order at 9.00 a.m and welcomed all the committee members to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence Apologies was absent was received by Mrs. Qistina Khalid who was in hospital because of dengue fever.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting The minutes of the last meeting was read by secretary. The following amendment was made: Staff training on marketing is Mr. Zahir Ahmad, not Mr. Mohd Imran Rashid. As there were no other amendments, Mr. Lee Chong Ewe proposed the minutes to be passed and was seconded by Mr. Arshad Hamdan. The minutes were then approved as a true record and signed by the chairperson.


Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes There was an update from Mr. Peter Joseph. He confirmed that Maju Suria Family Day venue will be held at Botanical Garden, Putrajaya.


Special Business Chairperson informed the members that the economy is in recession and company read to take some measures to ensure company’s survival. The purpose of the meeting was the need to review expenditure to cut operating cost of the company. The chairperson ask the relevant department to follow up the meeting details and make decision to keep the company’s survival.


Reduce Inventories to avoid Overstocking Mr. Joshua Chua proposed that the inventories be reduce toy 25% and Ms. Hasnah Hassan seconded the motion. Then Mr. Zahir Ahmad proposed that they shall look into viability of reducing stock before deciding. Mr. Lee Chong Ewe seconded the motion. After much discussion, all the proposal be open for voting, then it was decided that Mr. Zahir’s proposal accepted in favour by 7 to 3.


Review Staff Remuneration Scheme Ms. Sophia Abdullah proposed that the company shall discontinue entertainment allowance and Mr. Mohd Imran Rashid seconded the motion. Then Mr. Arshad Hamdan proposed that the company shall reduce entertainment allowance by 30% and it was seconded by Mr. Peter Joseph. All the proposal was put to a vote then it was resolved that the company shall reduce entertainment allowance b 30% by a vote of 8 to 2.


Improve Marketing Strategies Mr. Jothy Nair proposed that the company shall offer aggressive sales and discounts and Mr. Lee Chong Ewe seconded the motion. It was agreed unanimously by all members.


Any Other Business After been informed that Mrs. Qistina Khalid having dengue fever and still in the hospital, then the chairperson appointed Ms. Hasnah Hassan to be in charge to send a group of members to visit Mrs. Qistina Khalid.


Date, Time and Venue of the Next Meeting The next meeting would be held on the following week. It was agreed that the secretary would send a notice of meeting nearer to the date of the meeting.


Close The chairperson thanked all the members for their participation during the meeting and adjourned the meeting at 11.00 a.m.

...................................... Signed by Dato’ Shazwan Samad Chairperson


....................................... Recorded by Ms. Sophia Abdullah Secretary

1 October 2010

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