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Le Fraisier Water Sugar Strawberries Genoise sponge Kirsch Crme Mousseline Marzipan Green food colouring Icing sugar

Royal icing
Method 1. Wash the strawberries or wipe clean and keep 6-8 of the best for decoration. Hull the rest. 2. Using a serrated knife cut the cake in half horizontally. 3. Brush the cut side of each slice with a mixture of sugar syrup made from the water, sugar and kirsch. 4. Place the bottom half of the cake on a baking sheet and using a palette knife, cover it with half the crme mousseline. 5. Lay the strawberries over the cream, keeping them close together and making sure that those on the outer edge of the cake are pointing inwards towards the centre. 6. Cover the strawberries with the remaining crme mousseline. 7. Place the remaining layer of cake on top and press down lightly with your fingertips, then refrigerate the cake for at least 8 hours but not more than 24hours. 8. Add the green food colouring to the marzipan paste to achieve the desired colour then roll it out as evenly as possible on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. 9. Poll it into a rectangle larger than the base of the cake. Roll the marzipan round the rolling pin then over the top of the cake. 10. Trim the four sides with a serrated knife taking care to wipe the blade each time. You should cut off about 1cm in total. 11. Using a large pallet knife slide the dessert onto the bake board. 12. Use a greaseproof piping cone to pipe out the word Fraisier in royal icing on top of the cake and pipe an attractive decorative border around the edge. 13. Garnish the cake with the reserved strawberries

125ml 125ml 1k
15cm x 18cm and 5 cm deep

75ml 1k 250g

Genoise Eggs Sugar Flour Starch Butter 4 100 100 50 5 125 125 60 10 500 500g 50/100g

Method 1. Set oven to 200-220C Gas 6-7 400-425F 2. Grease Genoise tin with butter and cover bottom with circle of silicone paper or greased greasproof paper dust lightly with flour 3. Whisk eggs and sugar over hot water in a bowl, (slow cooking) to ribbon stage. Remove from heat and continue to whisk until cooled 4. Without too much mixing fold in flour keeping the mixture as light as possible. 5. When all the flour is in pour in the butter around the edge of the batter and gently fold in. Pour gently into the greased and floured tin and oven bake till brown and firm to the touch about 20 - 30 minutes 6. N.B. If when you run your fingers over the top it leaves imprints the sponge it is not ready. 7. Turn out onto a rack, peel off paper, replace and allow to cool 8. Use as required

Crme Mousseline Eggs Egg yolks Sugar Flour Milk Vanilla pod Butter (at room temperature) Flavouring
Method 1. Make a crme ptissire by placing the eggs, egg yolks and about 1/3 of the sugar in a bowl and whisk until they are pale and form a light ribbon. Sift in the flour and mix well. 2. Combine the milk, remaining sugar and the split vanilla pod in a saucepan and bring to the boil. As soon as the mixture comes to the boil, pour about one tird onto the egg mixture, stirring all the time. Rour the mixture back into the pan and cook over a gentle heat, stirring continuously. Boil for about 2 minutes, then tip the custard into a bowl. 3. Beat in one third of the butter, cut into small pieces. Cover the top with cling film to prevent a skin forming and cool. 4. Place the remaining butter in a bowl and beat at low speed for about 3 minutes, until rather pale in colour. 5. Increase the speed to medium and add the cooled crme ptissier, a little at a time. 6. Beat for 5 minutes, until the cream is perfectly light and creamy. 7. Add the flavouring of your choice, a strawberry flavoured liquor would work well for this dish.

4 2 220g 50g 500ml 1 250g To taste