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We are thankful to Prof. Sandeep Atre for giving us the strength and inspiration and for providing encouragement and much needed moral support. We are also thankful to him for assigning us such an interesting project with a lot of learning involved in it. The development of this project has enabled us to understand the contents of this course in a better way. The project has given us a practical experience, which will prove to be very beneficial in our forth-coming practical life.

The Project that,we are presenting to you is about our new hotel which is named as Sky Lark hotel. We are presenting our business plan with some of the specialties, comfort reliability of the hotel and a lot more with some of the financial position of the projected year with sales of the hotel products, services and all others with the, income statement and balance sheet . We have given full analysis of market. The hotel is in access in every local as well as for foreigners. This was reason we have also planned to open hotel in other cities in near future. In this marketing plan we have given complete analysis of our competitors. In direct competition many hotels will be there which are already doing good business. We have given brief information about hotel location, name of the partners, its main objectives. Then we have explained various strategies and tactics adopted by our team, the target market then there is a brief description of the management, entrepreneur and their back ground. In the end we have given some projected sales, income statement, and balance sheet. That projected sales and financial analysis shows that we are financially sound. So we will be able to do excellent business in our area and soon in other cities as well.

Name and address of the business

Business name SKY LARK HOTEL
The hotel is situated in the Tourist place that is in bandhavgarh which is a national park, Bandhavgarh National Park has captured the imagination of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

Our guests will be avail of the following facilities:

Laundry/Dry Cleaning Gem Shops Car Rental Parking Baby Sitting Travel Desk Airline Offices Doctor Bookstore 24 Hour Room Service Money Changers

Our mission is to become one of the most leading hotels in India and is to exceed the expectations of our guests.

To reach the destination of leisure and the profit through management, franchising, and hospitability.

Mission statement:
To enhancing the guest, setting standards, conserving natural resources, educating, motivating our staff, and making healthy community relationships.

The objective of Sky Larks is to build a prosperous future for its members, the hotels, guesthouses. It will do this by marketing the services of members both on and offline. Other key activities include projects in training, advocacy, marketing and knowledge creation which it undertakes in cooperation with the hotel All departments in a hotel relate back to marketing and the plan for successful sales. With respect marketing, sales, banquet & restaurant food and execution of ceremonies, weddings and customer service training. We will work for the needs of the owners, the general managers and the teams involved.. We care about all the manager of management after all we were once there.

Partners of the business firm:

Name and address of the owners are as follows: Vikas paroha Umesh patel Swati dwivedi Vipin singh somvanshi Vibhor kumar singh Suraj Sharma

Nature of the business

Through market search I got the experience of hotel that they are much in the profit. Although there are the best hotels exist in the market, but with opening of new one people surely like to check that one also. Especially in bandhavgarh there will be great potential of hotel business. Many people of locality and foreign visit bandhavgarh just because of being a national park and vast variety of flora and fauna. So basically nature of the business is to give all of comforts and the quality products and with the best of services.

Statement of financing needed

Following will be the statement that will be made to facilitate the hotel profit, and where will be the business stands Income statement Balance sheet If there will need of any more statement like cash flow statement or owners equity statement then it can be seen according to the circumstances

Statement of confidentiality of report

One of the major statement that is only made for the confidential will be the cash flow statement that will only be used for the sake of business own use

Industry analysis:Future out look and the trend

people want be feel more comfort just because they come to visit these kind of places in their leisure time, and want to experience the best of their leisure time. So the future out look of the business hotel is much fruitful in this regard.

Analysis of the competitors

Following are the major competitors that have great market share. Jungle mantra. Nature heritage resort. Bagh sarai resort. Jungle inn resort. Infinity resort. We have the competition with these hotels in the bandhavgarh.

Market segmentation
Recently analysis of market of hotels expresses that the trend for the hotels for these tourist places has increased with the passage of time. Competitors are now more interested in making new services. There are a lot of different aging groups that have different needs. To fulfill their needs, we keep them in

minds. Majority of the people where the business is established are local as well as foreigner. we will make our best effort to make the customers loyal.

Industry forecasts
The industry of hotels is going to be flourishing with the passage of time. In the future such business will be more profitable. As people now like to eat with no effort physically and want to be more comfortable. Some of the hotels like Nature heritage resort,Bagh sarai resort.,Jungle inn resort,Infinity resort in bandhavgarh are the leading hotel. In the future the forecast for the hotel will be in the favor of the investment in the hotel business. To day the analysis of the sales of the different hotels are like that

Baghsarai Junglemantra Infinity Jungle inn Nature heritage

In the above share of the each hotel we can see the each hotel has a lot share of his sale to his specific area. so we industry forecast shows that the plan of the hotel will really works.

Description of venture
Products &services
Our guests can avail of the following services: Laundry/Dry Cleaning Gem Shops Car Rental Parking Baby Sitting Travel Desk Airline Offices Florist Bookstore 24 Hour Room Service Money Changers In products we will offer all kinds of dishes like chines,Thai, Indian and all other that customer will like to eat.

Size of business
In looking of the size of the business our hotel will be large than all the existing hotels. It will not be only in the area but also in the products, as well as the services offering. This will surely help us in making the customers towards the Sky Lark. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique design and decor. We will offer a fine dining experience in an electric atmosphere. The outlook for the future is exceptionally positive and the most progressive.

Office equipments and personnel

In the office equipment we will have systematic reception with computer having all the data of the customer for their help. We will acquire the most competent personnel staff for the making the hotel a quality service providers

Back ground of entrepreneur

The Six partners have their own specialization in marketing, finance, human resource, and done have in the risk management. Our staff will be the backbone of our success. We aspire to be the best employer and we offer our employees challenging, exciting and rewarding careers and take great care of their wellbeing.

Production plan
Manufacturing process
The process will be through the cooks hired will work for their best. For this purpose and the quality food a plant of cleaning the all kinds of vegetables, meat and all other foods will be installed.

Physical plant and machinery

There will be no such physical plant or the machinery will be installed because this is not a manufacturing industry. If in the future there will be a need of that then it will be seemed.

Names of the suppliers of the raw material

Major sources of the raw material of vegetables & meat will be the Local market Direct from the Farmers All other raw material will be produced by the farmers of the hotels that work in the villages. Material like the fruits, vegetables will be produced through our own resources.

Marketing plan
An entrepreneur must understand the business growth and to go with the pace of the competitive environment Effective brands can only be made through the valuable marketing. In order to raise awareness of hotel brand, and achieve the desired positioning Advertising will be, in both online and offline through, media banners on roads adds on the web sites, with the objective to reach both business and leisure travelers,

PRICING:Price is the amount of money or other items with utility need to acquire a product. This utility is the potential to satisfy wants. Pricing always plays a vital role in the success or failure of any product. One has to do a lot of market research before pricing an introductory product. If the pricing of product offering or not up to level of customers, they reject the product. Following will be the prices charged to the customers if they are willing to stay at the hotel

Room Type

Rates in India Single occupancy 10000 18000 25000

Double occupancy

Rates in USD Single occupancy 450 633 667

Double occupancy
483 667 800

Business Standard Business Deluxe Executive Suite

20000 30000

If the customer seems to be growing steadily. We will directly distribute our products to the customers on their order giving a nominal charge. We have strong channels like our own sources that directly deliver an order. This strategy has a great share in sales. That also makes a great image for the company.

Promotion is to promote your product. It will be done through inform, persuade and remind the market that we are in the business. We have done our promotion by following ways.

The first step we have taken to promote our product for Sky Larks by placing various banners in the city to attract local people to our hotel. As hotel is on ht e main road so we have also put banners from two sides of entries side. This is done to attract the on going travelers to the quality food and the services. The strategy we will adopt is that we have printed cards of naming the Sky Larks and distributed them near offices, station, and houses.

In order to establish a rapport with your customers, it is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. While print and TV ads are some of the best known and effective options, these can be very expensive and often beyond the reach of most small business owners We also take the advertising strategy in apply to get maximum response from customers. For this reason we have taken local sportsmen to advertise for our shop on television, radio and we will be putting our adds on renowned social networking site

and commercial will be just like a global advertisement.we will also be having our website through which advance booking can be done for the convenience of foreign and distant customers.

Products forecast
In the product forecast it can be seen un the hotels that there will be always change in the dishes but also offering the different services like rental of the cars, pick and drop of the guests, on line booking for the convince of the customers. Same case will be treated with the fore season in the product forecast. As the hotel will flourish there will be change in the services and the offerings as well.


Each manager will be the responsible for the controls of the hotel management. It will not only be apply on the cost of the hotel management but also with the whole cost of employees. Determine which expenses will be assumed by the meeting sponsor and by the attendees. Create a balance sheet listing expenses for all functional areas. Check budgets from similar meetings to gauge spending. Consult with your accounting office or financial officer for the best controls on cost and the efficiency. Secure the signature of a financial officer for any expenditure that has been occurred.

Organizational plan

Form of ownership
Initially the form of ownership will be in the form of partnership with the contribution of equal amount. Partnership deed will be registered through the partnership act.

Identification of partners and shareholders

Partners are basically the reputed personals of the city that no one can claim that they are the irresponsible people. On the other hand there is no any shareholder of the hotel and no nay investment in this regard. All the investment is made by the six partners.

Authority of the principals

Delegation of authority is given to all the managers in the hotel with their specialization like the finance manager will have the full authority to give the all information regarding the finance, similarly in all the departments like in sales, manager will manages volume and sources new business across the corporate, travel, leisure and meetings segments. Investment will be preferred and also connection with the travel agencies, with the government. Sales mission also gives coverage to over all hotels. in case of failure of the delegation of authority it can be changed in the centralized and decentralized authority which will make the overall performance better.

Management team back ground

Partners are basically the reputed personals of the city that no one can claim that they are the irresponsible people. All the management is highly qualified with their best of experience. Our staff will be the backbone of our success. We aspire to be the best employer and we offer our employees challenging, exciting and rewarding careers and take great care of their wellbeing. Sky Larks entrepreneurs will have intent to attract, retain and develop high quality employees that have a primary belief in service quality and customer focus.

Roles and responsibilities of members of organization


Determine the purpose of the meeting Consider group size, gender mix and ages Determine when the meeting should be held.

Plan the meeting as far in advance as possible Budgeting:

Create a balance sheet listing expenses for all functional areas of your meeting Check budgets from similar meetings Consult with your company's accounting office or financial officer on formatting the budget so its performance can be checked. Secure the signature of a financial officer for any expenditure above what you have made or budgeted.

Make sure funds are allocated to pay all suppliers and be made on the right place.


Share all contracts with your organizations manager. Negotiate a final agreement that incorporates. Make sure you have a binding contract. To be enforceable, a contract must specify definite terms, be accepted by both sides and be signed by people with delegated authority to enter into the agreement

Get feed back:

Ask your attendees to provide feedback about the program content and format, meeting facility, speakers, meal functions and other special activities

Write letters of thanks to management, speakers, hotel staff and other vendors.

Training programs will be designed to meet the needs of entry level employees, supervisors, middle managers and senior management, and focus is also placed on providing senior staff with career development, advice and guidance. The programs are designed to enable employees to undertake career path planning, both enlargement and enrichment. Training will be given according to the needs of hotel so that we achieve and exceed our objectives, and ensure that training will be in result of

revenue generation, productivity, guest satisfaction, rewarding careers, outstanding customer service and a high return on investment to the management.

Assessment of risk
Weaknesses of business No training institutes No government support Political instability

New technologies Latest technology not being used Entrance of the employees are not computerized Lack of the global connection Lack of facilitate customers with internet in the hotel

Contingency plan To give the quality products To facilitate the customers with the best of services To give a wide range of available services in the future To solve the problem of global connection

Financial plans
Sales for the year 2012
Particulars Meals Drink others Accomdation Rs 1500000 500000 400000 2600000



Sky Lark hotel

Projected income statement For the period 30, June 2012.


5000000 3200000 _______ 1800000

300000 _______ 1500000 150000 _______ 1350000

Investments Plan
Our investors total contributed:Name Vikas paroha Suraj sharma Swati dwivedi Umesh patel Vibhor Kumar singh Vipin Singh Amount 15,00,000.00 15,00,000.00 15,00,000.00 15,00,000.00 15,00,000.00 15,00,000.00

Venture Capitalist Total-

50,00,000.00 1,40,00,000.00

Balance Sheet
Liabilities Capital: Add: Capital Profit 9000000 1350000 Amount Assets Amount

Unsecured Loans: From Venture-Capitalist Other Liabilities:

Fixed Assets: Land&Building 10350000.00 Hired cars Office Furniture Furniture for sitting area 5000000.00 A.C. Kitchen Equipment 650000.00 Production Equipment Current Assets, Loans & Advances Advances Bank Balance Cash in Hand

9500000.00 200000.00 500000.00 225000.00 200000.00 42500.00 450000.00

1000000.00 3882500.00 16000000.00




Break even analysis

Our break-even analysis will be based on the average of the first-year numbers for total sales, total cost of sales, and all operating expenses.Here we have some of our fixed cost,variable cost and the projected sale of the hotel to determine the break even poitnt.

Break even=F.C/ (1-V.C/SALES) = 300000/ (1-3200000/500000) =RS

Sources and application of funds

There will be only one source of the finance that is the equity finance. All the investment will be from the owners of the hotel and the finance manager deals in all sorts of the cash and other financing regarding the hotel.There is no any of the application regarding the borrowing, loan from banks. but only loan from the friend that also mentioned in the balance sheet. In case of any need of debt finance in future it can be seen and can be avail for the application of fund may be through banks or any financial institutions.

Recently there will be no any letter like the letter of credit from the out side for any of the financial need or any other sort, but may be in the future we will be need of it so it can be seen in the future. Surely if the business will run according to the expectation then this policy will surely be the fruitful.

Market research data

As early mentioned in the plan that we have the market research data that enable us to think of start a business of the hotel. Links with the market data will always be there for the benefit not only for the hotel but also for the management that will surely get knowledge through the market research data

Leases or contracts
There is on one thing the hotel that is on the lease this policy will not be adopted till needed in the future. There will be contracts as mentioned in the roles of the members of the organization to follow up the contracts with the businessmen, Govt and with the multinational companies for our products, services.