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Illuminati graveyards. Properly, an initiate dies not, thus cenotaph. Meaning one would not find any body within the tomb. κενοτάφιον = kenotaphion (kenos, one meaning being "empty", and taphos, "tomb" The Master Mason’s and Aeropagus cenotaph features Wisdom of God or Witness Owl of Minerva, “I was with Him before Creation…” but only so for #1622 and sister lodges {Procyon – Nephthys and surrounding stars *}. A large fox † (ascendant Canis Minor) seldom features in regalia. A ram {little starry ascendant ‡ of Our Lord Jesus Christ} can figure as well both on lodge façade and Master’s cenotaph.
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#1622 {lodge number} T.*.F.*.A.*. which grade do you hold? Ours is SIRIVS FLVMINENSIS MINERVAL with a Persian taste, the original one as you may know, also known as LOXA CETACEA EONICA DEL AVATAR, The Broken Eon Lodge, KAXA VINIXIANA DEI SPIRITI BONI, Xibulba Lodge or MAGAZEN DEI MAGI. Updates here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/98306590/ILLVMINATI-1622-Cemetery-Sister-Lodges

Said historical starry lodge family was also allegedly known for having Aleister H Crowley exiled as impostor §. We {our forefathers} threw Britons ** to the dogs ††?
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Sister lodges’ coordinates circa 46 N 11 E. The lodge features a special graveyard where the masters are ‡‡, within the Jewish graveyard §§. Not big - nothing is big here but historical. The #1622 is member of the Veneto - Suisse - Bavarian group, which includes Regensburg, Ingolstadt, München Holzapfelkreuth… core lodges, one may say. Among the reliefs - Cetus - the present Eon - the Torah, a gryphon, Persian MERCVRII, a ram, Minerva the owl, ... were published on Internet circa 1995 as featuring traces identified as astral blood - never fathomed. The lodge co-owns the zodiac {meaning it is not only statal or private but also co-owned by said lodge group}. SIRIVS 1 2 3 4 5 is 5-pointed star on the marble floor at lodge entrance. We own your true horoscope. #1622 is the birthplace of the zodiac with Moon in Masonic
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* †

As assigned to… Greek mythology. ‡ Coincidentally lingering precession ascendant. § Notoriously the Nephthys lodge. ** Padua Coalonga fortress has the meaning of the “long tail of the cat”. †† Also allusion to twin Anubises guarding the lodge. ‡‡ Represented. §§ Slightly to the left of.

Sextans. The lodge is situated underground. Both graveyard of the masters and lodge have been published in detail on Internet circa 1995. A bite about the Tarot as partly published for the general public. The originatal Illuminati Tarot as revised circa 1972 holds 1008 initiatic cards. These include the Witchallow of the Illuminati, Dark Flux, Axis of Evil (astronomic supervoids), 17 Dark Planets + Devil’s Rose & HPMHC, æthyrs, all dwarf planets (theurgy-ready), centaurs (with special sigils), comets, Apoheles, … many (indeed all) objects of interest. The main body is made of 16 ascending guardian angels for the epoch plus 22 zodiacal stations. Illuminati cemeteries are void from within since an initiate does not die; thus cenotaph.

Pop Culture Appendixes

a) Here is a strange comment (as randomly found on the Internet). „If the illuminati are trying in every way to lie and mislead people then there is noting to hide. And if they believe in and worship the devil, then God exists... it must fear most! “ b) Illuminati are Christians, and mostly faithful ones. Minerva e.g. stands for Wisdom which according to the Holy Bible was with the Creator before Genesis. Pro 8:27 quando praeparabat caelos aderam quando certa lege et gyro vallabat abyssos c) Then Illuminati have been strangely been associated with reptilian football yet? d) Here is a popular FB page as associated with the amazon lodge. The Alixe amazon cults have been known to flourish especially through the Antilles, where the Age of Pegasus III ritual is to be performed, rather than Nabta Playa, according to gossip. There is also an affiliated Illuminati page on the site.


e) The document will be eventually updating on the site.

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