In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 14 of the
Constitution of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Acimals. Punjab, tbe Executive Committ(:c hereby frames and
enforces the Rules governing the district branches of the Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Punjab.
(1) Short Title aDd Commencement.
(I) These Rules may be called the Rules Governing lhe
District Branches of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, Punjab.
(2) They shall come into force at oncc.
(1) Definitions
In Rules unless the context otherwise requires, the
following expre<isions shall have the meanings hereby respectively
assigned to them, that is to say :-
(a) Cruelty LO animals will be as defined in the Prevention of
Cruelly to Animals Act
{b) Technical Terms relatmc to the health of Ihe animals
Will be as interpreted by-animal experts.
(c) Schedule means the Schf"du!L'" appenced 10 these Rules,
otherwise specified.
(d) S. P. C. A. Punjab me-an!' the SOClllY for lhe Prevention
of Cruelty to Ammals. Punjab.
(e) District S, P. C A. means a District Branch of the
S. P. C. A Punjab.
(f) Constitution means the Con':)IIIUtion of .the S. P. C. A.
Punjab, or of any of it:- as speCIfied.
(g) Executive Committee means the Co,?mittee
of the S. P. C. A Punjclb, unle':)s otherWIse specified.
(II) President means the Presidt:nt of a District Branch of
the S. P. C. A. Punjab.
(i) Composition means the compo':)ition of the District
S P. CAs.
(j) Administrator S. P. C. A. means a Magistrate ",ho is
appointed by the Deputy of for
the performance of certain duties and functions In rela-
tion to the S.P.C.A. of the districl concerned.
(k) Huspital Secretary means tbe official incharge of the
(/) Secretary means the Secretary of tbe District S. P. C. A.
(m) Representative means the representative of the District
s. P. C A. OD the general body Df the S. P. C. A
(n) Member means a member of the District S P. C A.
(0) Affiliation means affilialion of S P. C. As. with
the S. P. C. A. Punjab on terms and conditions as
specified in Schedule 'D'.
(p) Disaffiliation means disaffiliation of District S. P. C. As.
with the S. P. C. A. Punjab as specified in Schedule "E'.
(ql Re-affi/ialion means of Districl S. P C. As.
with the S. P. C. A Punjab as specified in Schedule 'F'.
(r) Dis,r;ct means the District as constituted by Government
(mm lime to time.
(s) Veterinary Officer means (i) the Veterinary ASSIstant
Surgeon of a CIvIl Veterinary Hospital in 11 dlstnCI <'ther
than Lahore, or (ii) the expert apPolOled
by the PrinCipal, College of Animal Husbandry Lahore
to supervIse Ihe treatment or sick animal palleIH:t in the
S. P. C A. Hospital Punjab. lahore.
3. Constitution, Composition and (iuuctioDS of Districi S.C.P.As.
The Executive Committee will appro\'e of lbe Constitution
and/or Composition of all District S P C. As. which may be of
IWO categones ;-
Category (A).
Then: will be category (AI S P.C.As. at Lahore and Rawal-
pindi with a Genelal Budy of members interesled in prevention
of cru Ity 10 animals. On applicatIon any other distm:t S. P. CA.
may be raised to Category (A) if the ExecutIve Commlltee
Category (Il).
A Category \ B· S.P C A. will be composed of a Committee
wilh a Prc:.iJenL, a St:l.:relary and/or AdlUlOi:,trator and Hospilal
Secretary, aud SJrne M:mbers nominat,d by the Presidenl from
persons among the having an , ulstandmg record In animdl
4. Funclions of the District S.P.C As
The Dlstricl S peAs. will perform the functions n.s
specifll:d in Schedule G'
5. Office Bearers.
(a) Category (A) S.P.C.A.
(i) The President of Category (A) S, P. C. A. in Lahore district
will be the Additional Inspector General of P. lice, PUf jab.
(ii) The effice of the Secretary of the S. P. C A. Lahore will be
beld q-officio by the Secretary S. P. C. A. Punjab.
(iii) The office of the Hospital Secretary S. P. C. A. Lahore will
be held ex officio by the HospItal Secretary S. P. C A.
Ov) Other office bearers will be elected or nominated according
to the Constitution of the S. peA. Lahore.
(v) The President of Category (Al S. P. C. A. at Rawalpindi
will he the Commissioner Rawalpindi Division who may
appoint a senior iviagistrate or the Assistant-Director,
Animal Husbandry as Secretary, as he thinks fit.
Hospital Secretary.
The Assistant Dire-clor A n i ~ a l Husbandry will be the Hos-
pital Secretary of the S P. C A, Rawalpll1di.
(b) Category (8) S. P. CAs.
Ii) The President of Category (B) S P. C. A,. will be the
Deputy Commissioner/Senior Police Officer of the District
(ii) The Secretary of Category (B) S. P. C. A. will be the
Assistant Director Animal Husbandry of Ihe District.
He will also be the ex·officio Hospital Secretary of the dis·
tricl S. r. c. A.
(iii) Al the request of lhe Executive Committee the Deputy
Commissioner may nominate a Magistrate as the Admin-
istrator of the S. P. C. A. in his District, who will
perform the duties specified in Schedule 'A'.
Eventually Ihe Secretary's post of Category 'B' I
S. P. C. A. may be abolished, in which case Ihe Assistant
Director Animal Husbandry will function as the Hospital
specified in The Hospital Secretary will paform the duties
Schedule' B'.
(v) The Secretary will perform the duties given in Schedule
, C '.
. ,.
6, Representation on the S: P. C. A, PODjab.
The Presidell! or his nominee wiU be a member of the Gene·
ral Bod)' or the S, P. C. A. Punjab. In tbe case of Categor)' (A)
S. P. C As. the number of representatives on the General Body
may be increased by the Executive Committee.
7. Proceeding,s.
. The decision in all meetings of the S. P. C. A. concerned
will be taken by maiority vote, and the Chairman will have the
casting vote.
8. Meetings.
The District S. P. C. As. of both categories will hold meet-
ings at lea.!>t once ID every six months. Record of the proceedings
of every meeting will be kept and copy will be supplied to the office
of the S. P, C A Punjab.
~ . Period of Membersbip of District S. P. C. As. of Categor)' (B).
The nomination of members to the District S. P. C. A. will
be for a period of two years in each instance, but any member may
be re·nominated by the President if it is considered that he has
done useful work for the S. P C A.
10. funds.
The fonds of tbe District S. P. C. As. will be depo::.ited in
the Slate Rank, or any Branch of the National Bank of Pakistan at
DistricI h:vcl. or any bank approved by the Executive Committee.
The f u n d ~ will be audiled periodically by the O. A D. Party. The
s. p C. A Punjab may give a grant 10 the District" P. C. A
which may also rai$e funds from local bodie.. or from donlttion. etc.
The funds of Ca'egory (A) S. P C. A. will be adminis'ered b)'
the Additional Deputy Commissioner, and the funds of category
(B) S. I' C A will be administered by Ihe President of the
S. P. C. A. concerned.
11. Expenditure and Income
Monthly statements of expenditure and of fncome from any
sources including donations, grants etc. will be submitted by the
District S. P C A to tbe Executive Committee, and al tbe end of
the financial year, an annual statement will be submilled.
12. BUdget.
The District S. P. C. A. will submit a budget to the Execu-
tive Committee and expenditure will be incurred only on tbose
items which are approved by the latter.
13 full and ParI Time Staff.
(i) Honoraria may be sanctioned by the Executive Committee
to part time employees, and officers supervising the work
of the S. P, C. As. if on the recommendation
of the President of the District S. P. C. A
(ii) The.appointment and terms of,ervice of the Inspectors will
be governed by tbe S. P. C. A. West Pakistan (now
: Punjab) [nspectors Rules, 1965.
14 Statemco't of work.
Monthly of work and fiI,lcs will be submitted by
each District. S. P. C. A to the Executive Committee -in the pro'
forma prescribed by the latler. .
15. Fines.
The fines collected by each ,So p. C. A will be depositeq
under head ,. XXI-Administration of Justice·C-General Fees. Fines
and Forfeitures-Fines under the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act 18'}O" in the Government Treasury every month
<;l,od the amount so deposited will be verified by the Treasury
16. Ioterpretation.
The [0 interpret these rules will vest in the Executive
Committee and its decisions on all matters will be 'final.
17. Delegation.
Tht: Executive Com'miltee may-delegate any of its powers In
specifk matters to any Sub-Committee .or body which may be
formed fvf this purpose.
Honorary Secret:lry,
SPCA. Punjab.
Duties of the Administrator of S. P. C. As of Category (8)
1 He will guide and help the S. P. C. A. staff in the matter
of prosecutions relating to cruelty to animals.
2 He will take necessary action to ensure thut unfit animals
are not released.
3. He will adj"Jdlcate in disputes betwc:)n the Inspectors
and the public and will resolve such disputes in the light of the
objectives of the S P.C.A and the Law.
4. He will keep a check on the work of the Inspectors
so that they utilize their tirne in the best possible way in
controlling cruelty to animals in tbe areas falling within their
5. He will,af(Cf consultation with the ';ecretary/Hospitt\ISec-
Telary from time to time. report to the President District S. P C. A.
and the Executive C:ommitlec on the quality of work and etliclency
of the Inspectors working in the district.
6. He will call meetIngs of the S. P. C. A. regularly, at least
once in six monlhs, and mamta in a record of the proceedings, and
supervise office work
7 He will regularly keep tbo Executive Committe informed
regarding the work of the district S. P. C. A.
8. He will be assigned any other duties whIch may be pre-
scribed by the Executive Committee from time to time.
9 Where a Secretary is appointed ill addition to the Admin-
istrator and Hospital Secrelary, the Adminstralor's dUlies will be
limited to paras 1 to 5.
Duties of the Hospital Secretary.
I. The duties of the Hospital Secretary of S P. C. A. Lahore
will be as follows :-
(1) The Hospital Secretary will exercise supervi,ion over
the hospital work and Over the r e l e a ~ e or placement
of the animals in the S P. C. A. Hospital.
(2) He may be assigned any other duties prescribed by the
Executive Committee from time 10 time.
2. The duties of the Hospital Secretary of S. P. C. As. of
both Categories other than S. P. C. A. Lahore will be as
follows :-
(I) He will check the unfitness or otherwise of the animals
brought to the S. P C. A. Hospital hy the Insrectors
and supervise their proper examina(jon and treat·
(2) He wi1l1ay down a schedule of rations for sick animals
which shall be strictly enforced. The owners may
arrange the feeding themselves at specified times
twice daily, ('l[ the Inspector may provide the schedu-
led ralions for hungry animals, the cost of which will
be paid by the owner before the animal is released
(3) He may order that a service chdrge of 012 pais<ls or
0.25 paisas per feed be charged to the owners of
animals being fed by the S. P. C. A. which will be
utilized for purchases like buckets, ropes, warm
covers, chkks etc for the S. P. C A. wards
(4) He will check the monthly feeding accounts which will
be maintained by the Inspectors.
(5) He will see that no animal is released until he is fully
cured, and that animals permanently unnt for work
are humanely destroyed after securing order of the
de<iling Magistrate.
(6) He will advise/assist the Administrator on <III technical
matters relating to the health of the animals.
(7) He will also report on the regularity arid qu .Iity of the
work done by the Inspector to the President/or
Administrator of the district.
(8) He will be assigned any olher duties prescribed by the
Executive Committee from time to time.
Note: The duties specified at para 2 items (1 to 5J above
witl be carried oul by the Veterinary Officer of S P. CA. Category
(A). (It Lahore.
· 8
Duties of the Secretary.
The duties of the Secretary will be as follows :-
J. Of S. P C. A Category CAl as defined in its constitu-
tion, or any other duties as prescribed by the Executive
Committhe from time to time.
2. Of S. P. C As. Category (B) the Secretary will combine
the functions of the Hospital Secretary and/or Adminis-
trator where neither are appointed.
3. In case of the appointment of one of the two office bearers
as mentioned at 2 above. he may also perform the
functions of the other.
4. Where both the Hospital Secretary and Administrator
are functioning separately in addition to the Secretary,
he will be assigned the d u t i ~ s at Item \'1 to 9) laid down
in Schedule 'A' (Duties of the Administrator).
The affiliation of District S. P. C. As. will be subject to the
following conditions :-
1. Category (A) S. P. C. A may be formed in district if lilt.:
constitution and founder membership of the S peA.
is approved by the Bxecutive Committee.
2. rn other districts, the Executive Committee may invite a
senior district officer as laid down in Rule 5 (b)(i) to
accept the office of President and to advise the Execu.
tive Committee regarding the other office bearers and
members to be nominated on the distaict S P. C. A.
3. The District S P. C, As will accept the S P. C. A West
Pakistan (now Punjab) Inspec10rs Service Rules, 1965,
and will also abide by the terms and contlltions laid
down in lhese Rules concerning the District Branche:.. of
the Society or which may further be laid down by the
Executive Committee from time to time.
A District S. P. C. A may be disatfiliated fur the reasonc;
given below:-
J. Non-performance of ils duties and responsibilities. as laid
down in the Rules.
2. Violation of the terms of affiliation as laid down in
Schedule' D'.
3. Inefficiency or mal-administration which will include Jack
of proper control of staff, extravagance in expenditure
or improper mailllanance of aCCQUl1lS, slackness in Ihe
prosecFHion of cases of cruelty to animals, neglect of
animal patients in the S. P. C. A. wards of the animal
Hospital, release of animal patients before they are
4. Any ether reason deemed sufficient by the Executive
Procedure of disaffiliation.
l. A show cause notice stating the grounds for disaffiliation
will be given to the Dislrict S. P. C. A. which will
submit its reply/explanation within one month of the
issue of the Show Cause Notice.
2. If the reply/explanalion is not furnished within lime or is
not found satisfactory the Executive Committee mav
either issue a warning or stop payment of grar:t
for a specified period or disaffiliate the concerned D i s ~
triel S. P. C. A.
3. TIHmediatelyon disaffiliation. the funds. premise., and
books and other properly of the DIstrict S P C. A.
concerned will stand transferred to the S p, C. A.
4, The disaffiliated S. P. C. t\. wll! c e a ~ e \0 be recognized
for the implem, nlalion 01 the Prevention of Cruelty 10
Animals Act tinder Secr";on 14 of lhe !'aid ,Act and
its staA may be absolbed by the Executive Committee
as it thinks Ilt
(A) All District S. P C. As. will apply for re-affiliation after
the nOLification ok these Rules.
(B) The Executive CommIttee may grant fe-affiliation to a
District S. P. C. A., provided the office of President is
held as under Arucle 5 (0) (i) and (v) and 5 (b) (i),
subject to such and conditions as it Inay prescribe
in accordance with these RUles and in furtherance of the
objectives of the S. P. C. A Punjab.
Functions and Responsibilities 01" the district S. P. C. As.
Where the functions and responsibilities of the District
S. P. C. A. encroach upon Ihe functions and responsibilities of the
S. P. C. A. Punjab, the latter will prevail.
The folluwing will be the functions and responsibilities of
the District S. P. C. !).-
j. To control ana !)upl.:rvise the work of the staff of the
t'. C. A,
2. subject to the approval of the Executive Committee
10 appollll, or otherwise terminate the
,el 01 the;
3. To and maluldln hospitals or S. P. C. A. wards
lor animal patienl::> III the Civil Vetennary Hospital of
the I.hSlflCI fur tht,; lri.. 3lment and prevention of dis·
cases among anilll.ds wllhin the local limits of the
d:saicl S. P. C A
4, To adVise the I
, C. A. Punjab on the special
blcms of the dIstrict and on ways and means (.,f I')
Hnprovlllg the I.fhclcncy of tbe S. P. C. A. work.
S. To spreao lhc 01 kindness to animals according I
to tile Illjuncuuns hud down by Jslam.
6. Any otile r WOI k condUCive to the welfare of the animals
a!'osigned to It by the Executive Committee from time to
7 All District S P. C. As. \"111 be responsible and accounta·
able to Ihe Executive Committee in the performance of
their fLlnctions·