Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) hosts a great Nigerian Industrialist and Influencer, Dr.

Innocent Ezuma On the 18 of August 1990, Dr Innocent Ezuma left Nigeria to Moscow city, the capital of USSR to read Economics. All he had were three pairs of trousers, one pair of jeans trouser, three shirts, a pair of shoes and 20 US dollars.

On his arrival, he was posted to Donetsk University in Ukraine where he did a one year Russian language course. He then proceeded to study banking and finance in the same University. While he was there, he became pre-occupied with studying what made the USSR different from Nigeria and how he could better his country with some of the valuable lessons learnt. He started visiting several factories irrespective of what they produced. His friends called him ‘Oke factory’ (factory rat). This habit exposed him to manufacturing processes, more importantly, the management of these industries became his friends and were eventually ready to assist him with his goals. Today, Dr Innocent Ezuma is a huge success and a great leader playing it big in the energy and power generation sector of Nigeria, solid mineral mining and manufacturing sector, His company continues to add value to our country, by employing thousands of people. Employing thousands of people and adding value to our country. He has great passion towards inspiring young leaders to delay gratification and go through the process of working their way up, rather than cut corners. According to Dr Innocent Ezuma I quote, ‘Money is the only resource that is made by man. Its availability is in abundance. In the last 50 years, the entire money spent in the world was not up to 15 trillion dollars but today the debt of US alone is about 15 trillion dollars. He continued ‘Man has no boundary; he can create wealth beyond limitation. Having money is not important, what is important is for one to create a reputable personality. He advised that young people navigate their way through hardships for in this he says, ‚lies the key to the generation of wealth‛. I am glad to announce that Guardians Of The Nation International (GOTNI), on the 1 of July, 2012 at 4pm prompt at the Reiz Continental Hotel, Central Area, Abuja, will have the honour of hosting a great Nigerian Dr. Innocent Ezuma and his very distinguished mentors and friends who saw it all happen.

I am talking about three Live Legends accompanying him to the clinic: Prof. Jerry Gana o Speaking On: How To Live A Life Of Credibility Engr. Joseph Makoju o Speaking On: Integrity In The Pursuit Of Entrepreneurship Amb. Joseph Ayalogu o Speaking On: Doggedness: Your Way TO Success Please only 400 people will be admitted at the event with the theme, Developing the Enterprising Spirit as a Leader: My Story To Confirm Participation: Send ‚YES‛ to 08139510017

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