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0. 1. S, :\. run jo.b,
Co 11 t::c C 0 f Ve te:c c


on tl:8 Guhjcct no Lcd
the 0.1 t
l\ftc:' p2.r2.( v) of c;u:
'II.:;) th tj'!; .\'
'be ilr1dec..
Dircctul' Gencral,lDA, Fu,', :,llld 1,'D,; ': n :'\,:; '-'_LlQ
mCr.lberdcx-officio) of tl:e ':cdy.
S0cret2.r;:/,Co\'t.c[ :"",_, ,1:::-.. -
311,:1.11 he the Co_ p::'e s io.S:1 '.: ;i;'::; tt.:
Jll p:lrcr-)-C of 1.1',[ .:.::j -
tI Se c 1'0 t :'..l'Y" d;;.D1 be t1-:.:J I'; te d.
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"5'C II perCcllt".

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Ll.r 8r- 10- J, t 1.e
'sub sti t ui,.:; d \:/
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II t'::o to he :\'/ tLe 1-:11:"[;"',;0' :::e
General L:c\'l:l, in tl.c ", ()
_cniiT';--ll sit •
.. ,
.'. SOCIF,rt FOR THF P?,r-,V8i-1TIOi·: Ot-: Cr.Ur:l.iY
L Des ign 2tic,n:
The Soceity sh2l1 '2e c.JcsignJ-tcd ,JS lie' 'Society
for the PrcvcntiGn af to PunjJb'
/TnE: 0 b j C:' c t 5 0 f the Soc i (. t Y h ;) 11 b C' . uS. 9i v en
irl 3 of the i,lemorandur.l of f\$socicJtion.

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:The Gcncr<:ll 80dy sh.)ll consist in u\.:ciiU.UI'. to the
Office Bearers as giV0rl in p<Jragr2l;.)h 4 bclov,' :-
a) Ex-Officio !:,cmcf'rs
1. . Sec!'ctary, Dcptt. ,Govt:l of the- Punj ,Jb.
2. Fi,lOCC 'DepJrt.I:1ont.
3. Sccrotary, Forc.' st &. ':iildl i fc: Dc:r-' or tllL0rot.
4. Sccrc:tary LOC2.J. Govt. &. R.D.
S. Secretary Inforr:1Jtion D<.:pJr-uncnt .
. Inspector General of Police PunjoL.
Director Gi:n02r<Jl <Ext) Liv0stoCr.. 2. D.D.Deptt.
Director, Loologicol Garden lcJhor0.
Director, Pakistan OroeJucosting
GcnGrJl Pilk.Tcl.?vision Corpn.,LJ!lorc,.
Section Officl.?r{Cst) ,Livest0d: 1'" D.D.Dcfltt.
OJ, 1..0.;:'.•
F- .DJ..
(;('00:1.'.21, :'.'.• DJ.•
b) j\'\crnbcrs i)'Jbl ic
1. L()hore Co·rporJtio.n.Lahorc.
2. President, LJhorc Chafi1ber of Cornr.lcrcc s.. Industry.
3. Lahore CincJj)(J Owners Association.
4. P.C)walpindi Muni cipal Corpol.'ution.
S. !.iayor Fois<31abad j·.{unici0al COrl)OrZltion.
6. TVlo members to nor.l1nJtl'd by the.· from
the GcnerJl Public hJvinCl interest in -.'Joll
of unim(jls. - --
c) All the Deputy C
ll1ldssior',(?!'s of Punj("]uls DisLricts.·
4.' Office
'. I)
,. II)
. I II)
followi'ncj shr"]ll
P '-ltror.:
be i.he offic,? b('orcrs of SociLty:-
THE ?UrUAB (Ex-officio)
Govc:!.'nr;'cnt of the J>unj olJ,
Livestock &. D,li:::-y Dcv.Dcptt.(Ex-Dfficio)
IV) Honorary Secretary
LAHORE (cx-Officio).
ASSIST,L.f.'T (G.) ,L).JD;1E

,VI) HOnOfJry F j n<:mci al f:,dvisor
(Ex-Officio) •
Po Jers 8. Duties of Bf;Clrc!Js
';. 8:-President: The president, shull, v:hen he so Gesircs prc!;,ic!c
over any meetJ.ng of th:' F.xocutive/::;(?nerJl Oooy
of the Society.
In the absence of President, 1:he Co-Prcsic1c...nt,
sh all t ukc: the Chell:' (I n the abs0Ylcc of the
President and thQ C)-Prc·sidcr.t, crlc i;!C.l1u.:r of the
Executive Committee prescnt ut the mee:tinCj s'iJll be
votQd to the chair).
C-HQDOrary Secretary
The Honorary Secret 2ry sh alI k corree t record s of the
proceedings of the: various mc.\ctir.]s of Executive
COffirr.ittee und of SocietY"unci "":'211 issue: noJc.icc·
for such meetings.
He shall be the Chief Executivo Ofiicc.:l' of the' Sotiety
and of the Executive Cor:,;:,i t'tee Jncl shall ccJTry on
correspondence a'ill trJnSClct all business on their
iii) Subject to Rule No. IS' below hi:! sha.ll h,jVe the pO'N0rs
to 2ppoint, tE:r;ninZlte the services of 2nc v;he:-n nocessary
take disciplinary action agJinst staff by way cf
dismissal, censure, fines 0= of
increment, to sanction the: t::eriodicJl inc.!:'c-r..e-nts to their
sa.larios ond to decide <111 conccrnil)(l their le-eWe' I
promotior etc. iiccorciing to tho S.F.e.;,. PunjJb
Employ0es Servi.ce Rules .
. I
He shall keep and maint2in cor-:rc . -.): counts ,::108 s:Jcnd
the funds of the in the PJir.'Ollt of the.' .s"lcJrios
of the Staff, uniforns, 2nd GtLer nc:cc-ss<-;ries cf the
Society including furniture, repairs, etc. according
to the J;.Jpr::>Vod budgE:'t of the Soc.!..l'ty. E:xtr.3 cxpcndi ture
will be sutject to the confi:r:m2tior. of +,he Fioance> Dcptt.
He shall generally transact the day te day business of
th€:' Society._
D-Honorary Treasurer
The Treasurer shall general over
the funds of th€:' Society and \i:ill si<Jn the Cheque-s
issued by the? Honorary Secretc:ry.
E-Honorary Financial Advisor.
H€:' shall advisE mat ters rcL:,.ting t.o tho J1
policies of the Society.
It ytll consist of the Honorary Fin2,r1ci{)l r.dviso!" , ,the-
HonQTary Trcasurer ond the Honoro)ry Scc:::"et<'lry with powers
to The will 2dvisQ thc Honorary Sccy:
in I>rcp ar.Jtion of the ennu,,,l Budget of the Soci C'ty ..'!nc
a150 in other matters as rcqcircd_
No. 3(;.. ).
d c:t ail CJ i vC' n 5. n q(JI' agr
1. MuYo r I Lohc ro ii1uni ell
2.Presidnc;t, Lohcrc C:'
6-Executi ve Commi ttee: I
Th,: Executive Corrmittc·c shell cc,nsist, in ;;clditic.\11 tt)
thE' office be-arers of the S:Jcicty mr·ntionul in
--;j-,.:/" As
" "f)-Members from. Publ1C:
(l",Jli, Gcn,:rol
of f..rl.lr.l,'1]S.
Comr:li s s io nc r 1 Guj r Clm:21 J •
Commissioner, Shcikr.upuI2I.
Commiss:ioner, Gujrat.
Co r.ll'!1 iss ion C'r 1 F.:1 i s .J 1 .3 b ac,; •
8. Pov-.rer .:Jnd Duties of the Executive COf:Liitt0G
The Executive Co...;;;,',ittet? Jl::'vc: ,jilC ;",'c.::i'c.rl,;
powers and duties :-
i) To C?nhance the r.1cmbership of Exc.'cuU.. 'Jc--./Gcne:rd :)0(1,/ r>-z, i 'ficio
bC'sis as and vJhen
ii) Ie appoint from time time such sub-cor.""itt('cs t\S it ,:':L"J
consider ncccssvry or pr09cr.
iii) The Executive COOli,littc(': sl;Clll k:vc to dO<Jl '.:ith tho uf'
staff, according to the, approved Punjoj E2ployces Service
iv) The management and control of the <Jffairs, f'.. I;,-1S Dncl Y:,sc''ts of the
Society shall also vest in Exccutiv,:?
v) To frame such byc-lav/s <35 li1ay be:. or P!"C[x-::- to
implement the powers cJ ut 10 s vc'sting i '", t'Ch:.
vi) to do all acts fer the
of the affairs of the Society.
. r: i ; _. r .l.- __ ,", _ .' .'.... ..L.

f 9·Annual and Gpneral M2etinos
i) There shall be an annual ffi0cting of the General Body to
conveneq not latC!r them the 31st Ji)nu()r'/ each year.
ii) Not less than 15 days notice shall ::>0 given of the 2,:-.:iU2.l
meeting, such notice to include the d2tC, time
proposed agE::nda.
iii) A gGneral meeting maY be called any tii:;c by the Hcnor2r",'
Secretary in consul tat ion vii th the Pre s re c,j lien t.
iv) Th0 same notice s.hall be givc:n of Ll h\ectin(J ..15 in
required for the annual meeting •
.!D.'Meeting of the Exc'cuti vc tteo
, "
i) The Executive Committee shall m2Gt Dtlc:ast once in the
, Cal cnde r year no t 1 Cl tc r th Of! 30t h f 0 l' tj'l<.: t. r N'I S cti0n
of the Businc:ss.
Not"less th'an 15 'dJYs notiCe? CJi.-JEn oT tho
meeting, such notice to inclur:;e "che C:2't..:." tiJ'.".c t
and agenda.
A meeting of the Executivc Commi ttec ;:10'( c.:lllC'd Jt on)' t.iril'.: 1'.';
the Honorary Sc:cTGtDry in I:'!).t
) the tJ:r0siGe nt/Co-

ii) The quorum 'for a mo eting of the ExC'cuti V0 COlffili ttcc' shell be
8 'member's'. J
I', '
iii) If, the? quorum! is not completed at uny meeting, SUCh-fllccting
shJll be adjourned und no other business be
ther<:' vt except the fixing of the d<ltc one! tir,lG of the: Jdjou-
rncd meet i ng.
12. Branches
OrC1nchcs of the Socie:ty mJY v:ith the of the Executive
Commi t tee, be formed at any 01 ace in the Punj ot. TlJ<: Exccuti vo Comir:i t tee
shall draw up nIle:; and regulation gov",ri,)lng :the CCl/'1j)osition of such
branches and their pO'.vers ond duti0S.
13. Decision by
Save as otherwise in these rules questions brou<Jht
before the shall be decided by J of Vat2 of th0
members present at the
14. Form of Vote,
The v,')",:ing Shall ordin<Jrily tc- by show of hdnds I but fi \Ie
members entitled to vote may demand a pell.
15. Custody of Noney
All r.)oncys belonging to tllc: Societ'l s; -,,;,1 be c!Q\,8:.>i ted in D
Bank to be by the Executive Commi t
16. Auditing Accounts
The Accounts of the Society shall bo audited by the O.A.D.
Party of the t.ccountant General Punjab.
17'. )\1 te.r utJ,8r) of Rules
- No Iules and regulations-o{ tho Society ('mbodicG herein shall
be al te red or modi fi ed not sh all any new Rul es I1 Hegul ot ion s be:
unless, they have the ,i)ssent of :lot les s than three of
numbers of members present and forming a quoru
ut McetlnC)
called for the purposes.
, ,
trThis MemOl."c1ndul'1 of hssociation 8. and RcCJul<Jtion of the
for ,the P:cev:Jetion of Cruelty to
is duly approved by the Government of th? Punjab
No.6(112)SOE-1!L&DD/OO, dated 15th rJ'larch\ 198'.:".
ai!Ac)d. '