Atlantis, UFO bases or Ancient Civilizations Underwater in the Andes of Peru?

Tue, 09/18/2007 - 02:56 — QuiQue I have run across some very interesting anomalies in lakes throughout the Andes Mountains in Peru. The images come from Google Earth and can be seen by anyone using this wonderful application. I came across these "Unidentified Underwater Anomalies - UWA's" while researching various places in the mountain region of Peru. As you probably know, there are quite a number of ancient ruins such as Machu Picchu that have been inhabited by the Inca and civilizations much older than the Inca. The photo album "Unidentified Underwater Anomalies" currently has sixteen photos showing these UWA's near Lake Titicaca. The other location which I found UWA's is in the northern central andes about 200 miles north-east of Lima. What I found will make you wonder just what the heck is going on with these images. Are they for real? What is it that we are actually looking at here. Some of these images almost look like computer boards. Some look like buildings with streets, houses and corridors. One of the images looks as though the walls have crumbled in sections and even shows a section that is dismembered and has moved several feet from its original location. I have yet to determine what I'm seeing in Google Earth and would like to hear what you think these anomalies might be. Therefore, I've included a .kmz file which can be read by Google Earth as an attachment to this post. Simply download it and double click it to be taken to the first location. If you haven't downloaded the application Google Earth you should follow this link to download the application. You won't regret getting Google Earth! Since I have found the UWA's and have been so intrigued by them, I decided to do a little research on underwater anomolies in Peru. I found that there in fact have been archeological findings in Peru! A BBC Online article written in 2000 reports in part the following:

Ancient temple found under Lake Titicaca
The ruins of an ancient temple have been found by international archaeologists under Lake Titicaca, the world's highest lake.The lake has long drawn fascination with various legends around it, including one of an underwater city called Wanaku and another of Inca gold lost by the Spanish. The Incas also regarded the lake as the birthplace of their civilization, and in their myth, the Children of The Sun emerged out of the waters.

A second expedition by the AKAKOR team sheds even more light on the subject of an underwater ancient civilization. They claim it is the Tiwanakotas civilization, but I wonder if this is not an offshoot of Plato's lost city of Atlantis?

"Tiwanaku 2004 Expedition Summary"
The objective was to discover in the depths of the lake, through a series of extreme dives and the use of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), old artefacts from the Tiwanakotas civilization, a precursor to the Incas civilization. We wanted to prove the "AKAKOR theory" which is briefly this: 6,000 years ago lake Titicaca was shallower and less extensive than nowadays. Land which is now covered by hundreds of meters of water was then dry and habitable. The AKAKOR team had already discovered some proof of this in the 2000 expedition. The expectations were therefore very high for this new expedition and the results have exceeded our highest expectations, catapulting the team of divers and scientists onto the world stage. At 120 meters depth we discovered roads and containing walls (probably used for agricultural purposes), all of which go back to 6,000 years ago, as the subsequent analyses show. The group discovered something incredible: for centuries the locals have told stories of the existence of a cave where there used to be human sacrifices carried out to the tune of 200 children in one day. Nobody knew where this was and some doubted the cave's existence. This cave was found together with the remains of the little children. Underwater ruins from 6,000 years ago and a gold idol of some 35 kilos. The statue is an amazing artefact, but for the AKAKOR staff the real treasure was another: finally we have proof, after years of research, that our theory was right and the structures and artefacts which have been uncovered will determine new knowledge of the dawn of civilization in the Andes. This discovery elicits new explorations; the area of research was restricted to 20 square kilometers out of the possible 8,000, to avoid dispersion. A discovery which will rewrite the history of pre-Incas civilizations. The material gathered will be processed and analysed and the data will form the base for the new version of history. Maybe there are even more findings showing that there are underwater anomalies that we have yet to determine. With global warming melting the glaciers in the Andes, we can now start seeing what is under the melted ice. Are the UWA's that I have uncovered in Peru actually showing ancient underwater cities like Atlantis? Or maybe they are hidden government installations of some sort? How about something even further in the paranormal, UFO base camps? I haven't the answer, but I'm hoping that the photos I am providing will get some attention and that maybe, just maybe, we can find out what it is that is under these lakes in the high

Andean Mountains of Peru. Please do comment if you know of anything that can help explain the Unidentified Underwater Anomalies.

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