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ECO 1040 Exam 3 Information

Time and Place Exam 3 will be given on Wednesday May 9th from 9:30am to 11:30 am in our regular classroom. If you arrive late to class, you will not be given additional time to complete the exam. If you receive exam accommodations through the Access Center, youll need to bring your exam information form to class or office hours for me to sign. Please do this in a timely manner so I can make sure the Access Center receives a copy of your exam in a timely manner. If you missed Exam 1 or Exam 2, part 2 of this exam will be weighted more heavily to compensate.

What to Bring Please bring the following to the exam: - #2 pencil and eraser - Scantron bubble sheet (available for purchase at the bookstore) - Basic calculator

What to Expect This exam is closed book, closed notes, and closed neighbor. You may not use any resources other than your brain. You may ask Professor Kate clarification questions during the exam depending on the nature of your question, she may reserve the right not to answer.

Exam Format The exam will consist of 80 multiple choice problems. o Part 1 will cover the material since Exam 2. (40 questions) o Part 2 will cover the material from the beginning of the semester through Exam 2. (40 questions) Exam Content The exam covers material from the entire semester.

What to Study Please refer to the exam information sheets for Exam 1 and Exam 2 for a review of that material. Review your podcast questions. Review your lecture notes. Review the 4 economies article and regulation articles and your notes on them. Review your homework assignments. Review your worksheets. Review Exam 1 and Exam 2.