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Economics Dr.

Katie Sauer

The Surprisingly Entertaining History of the Income Tax NPRs Planet Money 3/23/2012 After listening to the podcast, answer the following questions. 1. Originally, the US government didnt raise money through the income tax. How did it raise the funds it needed? What was one large drawback to this source of funds?

2. When was the US income tax first proposed? Why? By whom?

3. Explain the Logistics involved with implementing an income tax. (obstacle #1)

4. When and why did the US first implement an income tax? How did they ensure compliance?

5. Explain the legal question regarding the income tax and the Supreme Court ruling. (obstacle #2)

6. When and how was the US income tax permanently implemented?

7. Explain the third obstacle to the income tax as we know it. How was this obstacle overcome?

8. Watch the Donald Duck video. Explain how the video was used to convince everyday people to pay their taxes.