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,is a he e- I'm Tired of Fighting,'


He Says

Dd ye COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) fa he sn Gordon Novel, long at odds with Mt te ew Orleans District Attorney thi Jim Garrison over his return is there to testify in Garrison's t' o, grand jury investigation of da le President Kennedy's assassina- in, ks m ly tion, has said here he will return to New Orleans and testify as of before the Grand Jury .March 7 find 8. The Grand Jury is probing a Garrison's contention that Lee de a Harvey Oswald was part of a So far-flung assassination plot to M. In slay President Kennedy. an ae Novel, a -former Hew, Orleans ab night club , owner, . came to the is Columbus last summer to evade se: of a summons to testify before the to 5- Grand Jury. He Its news eonferenceappeared at a here Is. with his wife, former Tuesday Pliyboy at "Bunny" Abby Mulligan, and ICds di,spelled rumors of a marital rift. in Noiel said he knows nothing about' ,Garrison's alleged "con1st spiracy." at "I'M tired of fighting," Novel on told newsmen. "I think it's time 14 to bring this to a head. I want to have a home and raise r to familY:"

Novel 'Tired righting,' Will Retit to



slyly usletUlti 111 Lima, along With Lee Har VeY PsWald, Thoraley's one-time Marine ' The perjury charge grew out of Thornley's statements that he never saw Oswald here during 1983.. ..

Gordon NOve long..Sought ; witness in the Kennedy assessination probe, says he turn to New. Orleant." Novel, a former nightclub owner, left the 'City ahruPtly. last year when District :Attar, ney. Jim Garrison sought to question him. But he said yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, he is "thW of fighting" and will appear before the grand jury here March 7. and 8.

HOWEVER, Novel said knows nothing he can tell the Pity in connection with Garri: soil's allegation that the .slaying of President John F. Ken. nedy was rotted hi. New Orleans. "I think it's tree- to bring this lo a'head.. I Want to have a home and TIM*: a family," Novel said. at a news conference with bit wife, former Playboy bunny Abby Mulligan. 7" Garrison' contends 'Novel and Kern' Manley, `"the former French: Quarter waiter charged yesterdiy with perjury, both were stonnecteC.with the fedi eral government here before the assassitation.!: Novel, Garrison has .eleimed,' worked for the ; Central Intelligence Agency. Thornley, Garrison said yesterday,,was part of the covert federal operation operating in

ARRISON Cont en d s that sons associated with the CIA tiled the President. ,. " In an . interview made public yesterday' in which Garrison was questioned by, a Dutch tele,' vision reporter, the DA was quoted as saying "the next U.S. President who .triee to , put the brakes on the war machine" will also be slain. Garrison was quoted on The Netherlands Television Founds' lion by Willem.Oltmans as saying Kennedy was:killed by "elements" of the CIA and the Organization then tried to cast suepicion on others. "This manner of organizing a mtirder is standard procedure with the CIA," Garrison was quoted as saying, GARRISON waequoted in the Dutch interview as saying that he had to speak out in Europe "because it isr impossible in America. ". "'I'M U.S. press is controlled to such an extent by the CIA that: 'we - no - longer :. can say the truth. They throttled us," he was quoted in the broadcast on the program 'Panorainiek.' The television foundation quoted Garrison as saying he assumed . President 'Lyndon B. Johnion knew of the CIA's alleged involvement because. the Warren Comfnission was comprised of persons Garrison said were- favorable to the CIA.,

NoVel Needs- 'l' Not Return to N.0.-COurt

AA Ohio district court of appeals has ruled that former nightclub operator. Gordon Novel does not, have to return to Nil Orleans for the Grand Jury,: probe of the Kennedy assassination: The decision of the 10th District Court at Columbus yesterday came following a hearing.. Novel has beenfighting a long battle with Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison who wants him to appear a 'material witness in the ,

Ming' overturned an earlier decipitimin aTranklin Coun. court that haye to honor the
court ruling said a the hnmunity from'airest that 9arklai offered Novel does not' continue; once Novel returns to Loidslani sand . is:faded' with a-. new ehaTge, Novel hasconsistently termed the 'Garrison'..'initestitation a "fraud," and said' ,he. knows nothing of the Kennedy Assassi; nation.


Novel Posts Bond Ohio After Hold for N.O. Order

Gordon Novel, subpenaed to was Involved in the assassinatestify before the Orleans Par- tion and that Novel, "by his stateish Grand Jury, was ordered own admission in public ments Is affiliated with the held for New Orleans authori- CIA." ties Monday by a 'Franklin _ County court in Columbus, Ohio:. Novel, liter released from the Franklin . County jail after,postlag a $500 bond, authorities said, is seeking to prevent his trans, fer to New Orleans on grounds 'JACKSON, Miss. (AP) = Or. he. will be charged with perjury Archie L. Gray, Mississippi's if he appears before the Grand chief health officer, died at 8:45'. Jury. m. Monday at a meeting at The Grand. Jury is investigat- p. ing allegations by. District At- University Hospital.. .A spokestorney Jim Garrison of conspiracy in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy and 'Novel, said he will testify he knows nothing of the .assassination and will be charged ' with perjury. The action to. hold Novel came at a hearing on the subpena be-, fore Judge Henry- Holden of the Franklin County Common Pleas

Reportedly Will Try. to The latest subpena grants that immunity. ' Prevent Return Garrison has contended that the Central Intelligence Agency


'Judge. Holden said Louisiana had complied with a uniform witnesses act honored by both states. He said Louisiana grants Novel immunity from any past acts but _"we can't. grant. hfni immunity for anything that may occur in the future.' In the past,. Garrison has been unable to get Novel, a former New Orleans night club operator, to testify because he refused to grant him immunity.

ns Is


Former Garison Aide Testifies For Novel in Common Pleas Court

"acted alone" in the assassination of President Kennedy and that the Warren Commission Report is "basically correct." William Gurvich, an investigative aide to Garrison from December, 1966, to last June, testified at a hearing for Gor, don Novel. NOVEL, who appeared for
3. the hearing, is fighting a

A former chief investigator for New Orleans Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison testified Monr day in Franklin County Common Pleas Court that he believes Lee Harvey Oswald

e that tend to support his con' spiracy theory and discounts s reports that fail to do so. e Gurvich's testimony indie cated he believes Garrison's e statements about an involved e plot to kill the President are .e based on rumors, suspicions and few facts. y Garrison once said the in-. et vestigation would end if Clay Shaw, who has been charged at with being a part of the con11- spiracy, were to commit suicide, Gurvich testified.

summons to appear Thursday and Friday before the New y Orleans grand jury investia gating an alleged conspiracy ,f to assassinate the late President. The Monday hearing, continued from Friday after Novel had failed to appear, ended with Judge Henry Holden ordering Novel held by the shariff's office until he can be turned over to Orleans Parish authorities. Novel's attorney, Jerry Weiner, immediately filed habeas corpus action in the Court of Appeals of Franklin County to gain Novel's release. APPELLATE Judge John C. Duffy set a hearing on the action for 2 p.m. Tuesday and set bond for Novel's appearance at $500. Novel was released on bond soon afterward. Gurvich, a part owner of n a the Gurvich Detective Agency to of New Orleant, said he conducted numerous investigations for Garrison, including investigations of the assassination and of Novel. He said he found "some in1 dication") Novel might have been involved in a burglary e- of an ammunition bunker on a former air base in Louisiale na, but that he found nothing id to link Novel to any conspiracy to kill the President. e- THE INVESTIGATOR indicated that Garrison accepts 1- those investigation reports

NOVEL 30, who now maintains residences at 226 E. Oakland Ave. and in Washington, D.C., testified Garrison 's investigation is "A fraud." He said: "I don't dare go back . . . Truth means absolutely nothing in Louisiana in this matter." Weiner argued that if his client is returned to New Orleans Novel will be charged with conspiracy to assassinate the President if he testifies he knows anything about Kennedy's death, and will be charged with perjury if he testifies he knows nothing. PROSECUTOR C. Howard Johnson and Assistant Prosecutor John Peck said they were merely presenting the matter before the court as required by law. Johnson made it clear he was not pressing for Novel's return. Holden, however, said there was no evidence to show Novel would suffer "un-, due hardship" if returned to

New Orleans to testily, aim' that matters pertaining to the assassination investigation must be determined by the grand jury in New Orleans. Holden also ordered a copy of the transcript of the Monday hearing be sent to Judge Matthew S. Braniff, of the Criminal District Court of Orleans Parish. Braniff signed a statement that Novel' would be granted immunity from argranted rest if he enters Louisiana' to N.. testify. WEINER argued the immunity is only for charges relating to incidents prior to Nov- 1)c el's possbile appearance before the grand jury and not for anything that might happen as a result of 'his testimony. Weiner contends in his habeas corpus action that the x. uniform witness act is unconstitutional because it does not) guarantee Novel's return t Ohio following his testifyin in Louisiana. The summons for Novel's appearance before the Or- ti leans Parish Grand Jury was j filed under this act, which maks provisions for witnesses to be brought from one. state to another to testify. Ohio and Louisiana are among states that have agreed to the act.

fie e

ter's _office at 544, Noy St. That NEW ORLEANS,. LA, lotar;:.4 Office was used by liberal anti(LNS)Gordon Novel, 1 ..:Castro groups and sail:possible sought-es a material witness, in, conspirators 'frequented the Jim Garrison's Kennedy Assaa::-. building. ".:',2* libation probe, will finally return th is now in Dallas, to New Orleans to testify after a Texas where he successfully, year of ignoring and fighting sub!bight. a subpoena to return to poenas. New Orleans. Layton Martens is . Novel was first Outopoened in under indictment for perjury be-,, April, 1967 on two grounds.' He cable he denied knowing Novel.. was wanted by Houma, 'Louisiana ...Ferris, named in the indictment authorities for questionbig reof Clay Shaw as a ca,coinipir,garding a 1981 inunitioas burglary ator, died Mysteriously a few , and he was wanted by Garrilon Ow. after Garrison's investigni; for qUestioning regarding the tion *MUM sassinatian. , . - 1, ; Novel contested the subpoenas. Novel left Louisiana for Col- . GOvernor, Rhadat of Oldix held; umbus, Ohio where he fought the . Garrisan that he wouldretnrnNof), subpoena. He called 'the Houma verb talk about the Haim* raid burglary lithe most patriotic burif Garrison guaranteednottodis glary in history:, and explained cuss the Kennedy assassination', that the CIA had placed the mun- with hlm, Garrison refused to itions in. a-- Schlumberger Well , Continued on page Co, warehouse so that Novel and others could take theni out. Gar- risen has said that David Ferrie, Sergio!) Arcacha Smith,..aad Lay- ton Martens were antheraldWith Novel and that the tnunitiOns Were DANCING deposited in various spots around Louisiana, including, Guy Bennis(Continued from page Make such a deal.. ' Novel ,deiounced the Garrison investigation and vowed to sue Gairlson and Playboy Magazine for $10,000,000 damages. From safety in Cohimbus, he kept a .close. eye on, 'anything that haptubed . in Ohio regarding the as' stisinifton.. When Mort Bahl played an engagement at a Columbus night club," Novel was in the audience, ablest every night, taking notes, When Mark Lane spoke in Columbus, NoVel was there. Finally; in October Garrison agreed not to question. Novel about the,Kisitiedy assassination and ?limit came to testifyabout the Houma, burglarY. Last . Meath,. Garrison again subpoened Novel at the'same time he sidopoened AllenDulles, formilk head of the CIA. Garrisonsaid - "that,. Navel was present -on No Name Key, Whernorreral key in- &viable were training.. Today, .10dge Henry HoldenOrdered No. vel held for Now Orleans authorThe jugs ordered Novel to return-after Garrison) gives him a pleidgetifininumity-fromarre tt. Novel will testify before the Orleans Parish Graqd Jury March 7 and 8. ,


mit Ito Garrison subpoena

r* MARCH 9, 1968 err


Order for Ftetnni to ':Orleans Voided COLUMBUS,. Ohio (AP)The 10th District.:(Franklin, County) Court:Appeals Friday. re-: versed Franklin County Common Pleas Court . Judge Henry Hoiden. and ruled that:Gordon Notrel "does not hive 'to- return to lievi3Orleans for a grOld jury appearance. In the Kennedy assassinatiooprobe. ' The. declaim moth'. after a heating . in. the :Court, part of Novel's long fight wlth New . Orleans District Attorneyjhn Garrison, who has beeii,cantiucting an investigation of the Kennedy
Judge Holden holed ' earlier in the" week that Novel would have to: henor a subpOena from New -Orleans and return ',there for 1 appearance before the grand jurY'Re was then released urider: $1 bond , pending hearing, ef The appeals court gave an oral:I:riding' Fri* and said written .deciliOn will be issued. latee But, hi "effect the court, said immunity from arrest offered Novel by .Ganiste if he would return' does ::not continue and faced-with any new charge. Novel has tensistaitlyo'called Gairison'i investigation,- a fraud and, cbdine he knows nothing of &mlady's .easasilnatiOn:' His attorneys, trashed'ide as Garrison's:immunity :offer' and maintained as the court: held Friday that it would have no effect. once 'Novel rebuts to New Orleant and new Charges are 'file& ,-) Novel's wife, Abby, a former

once he Is back :in lifelsiana

neglect of duty.Tbey Were mar-, ried in l'amessith last- Dec. s1 Novel is a former'New: Orleans night club operator.

Playboy Cinb.'binuiy, filed mil for divorce against Novel earl er in the *eek,. Chargintgrosa