Motion for Resolution by The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Taking into account the last data of Statistics and Sociology Department the share of shadow economy in Moldova is 31.6% to GDP, actually the share of grey economy represents 40-60%, what measures should be taken to fight with this phenomenon?

Submitted by: CAZACU Alina, PRODAN Doina, OANCEA Marcela, DUMBRĂVEANU Cătălina (Chairperson) DRĂGĂLIN Valeriu( Co-chair), GÎRBU Victor(Co-Chair)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Taking into account the increasing trend of grey economy in RM that achieved the rate of 40%-60% in 2010 and lead to the lack of about 5 billion lei in the state budget; B. Deeply concerned about high legal fees and their non-payment, affects the payment system (corruption, double accounting, fiscal invasion etc.); C. Alarmed by the working conditions in the grey labor market, that include instable wages, lack of safety and insurance of workers, missing phenomenon of pensions calculation and violation of human rights among workers; D. Aware of breaching the competition law between the grey market and the legalized one; E. Noting with concern the lack of the transparency in the payment operations, that determines the deficit of legitimacy; F. Noting that grey economy affects the external trade, decreases the state authority in the commercial affairs;

G. Declaring that the grey market presents a high risk for society by distribution of unchecked and dangerous products;

1. Encourages the reduction and balancing of the fiscal taxes; 2. Recommends the introduction of the taxes according to the business volume, either the area of activity; 3. Considers the necessity of economic intelligence for informational exchange among citizens; 4. Calls upon the cooperation with international organisations that fight with shadow economy (The Tax Justice Network, The Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation); 5. Further invites civil society to be more active in supervising of these kinds of problems; 6. Supports creating NGO involved in economic field that would monitories the activity of different authorities from economic area; 7. Urges organising social campaigns in order to inform the employees and entrepreneurs about their rights and possibilities; 8. Emphasizes the necessity in creating strong juridical mechanisms that would assure harsher punishments for those economic agents that participate in the activities connected to grey economy;

Motion for resolution by The Committee on Culture
Moldova is facing issues in fact of tolerance towards representatives of various ethnic groups, discrimination on ethnic and language appurtenance. The multinational character of the state, the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity led to the necessity of the intercultural dialogue promotion among youth as an element designed to integrate harmoniously the whole members of the society.

Submitted by: LUPUSOR Cristina, PLETOS Iulia, DONI Iulian, NOFIT Ludmila, RUSSU Olga, MORARU Olga, IUCAL Cătălina (Chairperson), SIDORCENCO Vadim (Co-Chair)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Deeply disturbed about nowadays society’s stereotypes on ethnical groups; B. Aware of usage of cultural differences as an impediment in establishing the cultural dialogue; C. Alarmed by de indifference and formal implication of local authorities; D. Emphasizing the discrimination in selection process of participants in educational system, work place etc; E. Deeply regretting about the auto isolation of the representatives of different cultures in villages, communities, associations etc; F. Affirming the lack of permanent tools and programs of communication and cooperation between existing representatives of different cultures; G. Fully aware that the image of the Republic of Moldova is not promoted abroad; H. Taking into account the lack of basic knowledge referring to different cultures; I. Observing that the authentic culture that all the countries has;

1. Further invites the representatives of Civil society, individuals to get involved into efficient discussion, programs, associations, work, volunteers activities in the communities; 2. Expresses its hope on implementation of the intercultural dialogue course which will promote the tolerance and it will be introduced in educational syllabus and promoted by public institutions, companies, etc; 3. Strongly condemns the selection of candidates in public institutions, work places according to ethnic appurtenance, but supports the applications based on motivation, knowledge and skills; 4. Encourages cultural events that already are existing in the Republic of Moldova (Cronograf, Casa Cunostintelor, Teatrul Bitei, Noptile pianistice, etc.); 5. Calls for intercultural summer camps for youth and adults in a harmonious dialogue environment; 6. Recommends the creation of an organization specialized in promoting the image of the Republic of Moldova abroad; 7. Supports the protection of the national heritage and cultural monuments of Moldova through raising the awareness of the population and implementing the public policy in these domains;

Motion for Resolution by The Committee on Economic Affairs
Coming from the idea that in the first half of 2012, economic growth of Republic of Moldova was smoothly touching 1.2%, being the lowest growth in the last 10 years, what measures should be taken to foster development of Moldovan economy?

Submitted by: BĂLUȚEL Adrian, RAȚĂ Victoria, DOBROVAN Vlad, PORCESCU Gicu, GRIGORIȚĂ Ștefan, IARINCOVSCHI Cornel, POGONEA Vasile, VODĂ Daniel (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Encouraged by the existing big number of small and medium enterprises in Moldova and; B. Alarmed by the fact that these Enterprises have not enough support from Government Institutions and; C. Anxious about the importance of this issue for Moldovan economy; D. Noting with regret that unemployment rate in Moldova increases; E. Conscious, especially by the high percentage of unemployed Youth; which is rising day by day in our country and Europe and; F. Guided by the European methods of support on this matter; G. Aware to help young people to find better paid jobs; H. Disturbed by poor infrastructure and low level of logistic relationship between regions from Moldova which affects directly economic potential and have direct destructive influence on volume of foreign investments which offer opportunity to open new work places; I. Fully aware by influence of Political instability on Economy and on such specific issues such as Foreign investment and economic growth; J. Bearing in mind the fact that prices are in continuous elevation; K. Acknowledging the importance of all underlined issues we call upon:

1. Recommend a simplified system for registering Enterprises in Moldova without paying bribes to officials; 2. Call upon lower taxes for Small and Medium business for long term period and create a unique tax for the provided services, double period for foreign investors; 3. Encourage creation of Business Incubators to inform and facilitate the dialogue among entrepreneurs; 4. Urges the necessity of a network of Business people creation especially in the context of EGov program implemented by the Government having the electronic register for it; 5. Calls for political class to consolidate the policy in this domain to facilitate the economic connection in the country; 6. Affirm the necessity of creative approach in the Economy by the developing of alternative economic elements like: Fluvial transport in infrastructure sector and green eco products in agriculture; 7. Emphasizing the necessity of creation of National Institute for Business Development, as for example Swedish Institute is, which will have as aim promoting the values shared by Moldovans and helping branding Moldovan products abroad; 8. Taking into consideration the necessity of achieving the EU standards by adopting adequate policy; 9. Underlining the importance of lowering the level of state owned Enterprises to facilitate growth of private sector; 10. Opening the credit lines in cooperation with EU and International development institutions for modernization of infrastructure and industrial sector;

Motion for Resolution by The Education Committee
The Bachelor exams in High School became a headline for the news bulletin for the month of May and June because of the corruption scandals. How can be improved the process of passing the bachelor exam in High School?

Submitted by: STRELEŢ Alexandru, VORONEANU Cristina, CONDRATENCO Alina, PRUTEANU Angela, BOTEZAT Cristian, BEŞLIU Lucia, POSTICĂ Doru, POJOGA Tatiana, SPÂNU Ana-Maria (Chairperson), SMÂNTÂNĂ Cristian (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: 1. Deeply concerned that cheating tolerated by Moldovan society; 2. Highly disturbed by the high level of corruption in the educational system; 3. Keeping in mind that admission to the Universities is based solely on marks and results of Bachelor exam in the High School and not on capacities and achievements of students; 4. Alarmed by the lack of transparency during the Bachelor exams in High School and poor grading system; 5. Observing that there is inefficient coordination of actions between Anti Corruption Center in Moldova and the Ministry of Education during the Bachelor exams in High Schools; 6. Underlining the fact that teachers are ranked based on their students’ marks, which leads to teacher’s tolerating cheating during exams;

1. Encourage severe punishments (such as expelling students for cheating, firing teachers for tolerating cheating, specific fines for cheating/tolerating cheating, notification in their Personal file) not only during the Bachelor exams in High School, but also during their studies, based on the way they pursue the phenomena of corruption;

2. Recommends to the University teachers to be the observers during the Bachelor exams in High School; 3. Supporting the idea of approval of the cameras to be installed both: in the examination centers and during corrections of the test, with live cast available online; 4. Calls for the interviews, application forms and usage of CVs in Universities during the admission; 5. Further support of the Anti Corruption Center in Moldova along with the Ministry of Education to delegate presidents of examination centers; 6. Support the implementation of QR-codes for every Bachelor paper by which pupils will get their own copy on a piece of paper that doesn’t allow it to be copied. The marks will be presented with the code and not with the pupil’s name, the letter with paper being disclosed only during contestation period; 7. Express its hope in social campaigns via media/internet on the topic of corruption in the educational system during the study years not just during the exam; 8. Strongly recommends, during the study years, anonymous questionnaire for students to evaluate teachers based on specific criteria (the capacity of explaining, answering student’s questions, their objectivity, etc.) which would be later enclosed to their personal file;

Motion for Resolution by The Juridical Committee

Violation of women and children rights in Republic of Moldova according to the Demographyc and Health Institution report reach 31.7%. The most usual issues that faces women in Republic of Moldova are linked to the violence in familly, traffic of women, the low level of women representation in politics and administrative structures, maternity leave that is compensated just for only 126 days, ilegal work of children and physical punishment.

Submitted by: BOINCEANU Alina, CHIRIŢA Elena, DIACIUC Gabriel, GALERU Maria, MALAI Nina, NOVAC Cristina, ONUFREI Tatiana, ŞIMAN Augustina, TRANCALAN Irina, Cristina ALEXA (Chairperson), GÎLCA Alina (Co-Chair)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Deeply concerned by the infringement of women and children’s rights in Republic of Moldova; B. Having studied the problem of low employment rate of women; C. Deeply regretting the existence violence (both physical and psychological) and victimization of women and children at the work-place, schools, home etc; D. Fully aware of the lack of sexual education and information for women and children; E. Taking into account the small number of women involved into political activity; F. Noting with regret that every year the number of children who attend school is decreasing; G. Alarmed by the increasing of infant pornography industry; H. Desiring to solve the problem of both: drugs and alcohol consumption by youngsters;

1. Calls for creating a committee under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection which will control the implementation of different laws that promote non discrimination between women and men; 2. Requests the employers to offer free trainings and practical lessons for mothers, who were taking care of the baby and were not able to attend work in order to rehabilitate them professionally; 3. Encourages the victims of violence and witnesses to write declarations against violent actions in order to provide social assistance for women and psychological assistance for aggressive man, and besides that recommends monitoring of the aggressive member of the society by the professional psychologists; 4. Supports the creation of rehabilitation centers and the organization of trainings for the victims of violence (women and children); 5. Further invites the introduction of specialized classes concerning sexual health and education in school including the participation of the specialists; 6. Endorses the equality of chances between men and women regarding the access to public function; 7. Draws attention to the importance of increasing the indemnity given for the first born child with the possibility of giving products for its raising; 8. Further requests assurance of school busses for the transportation of children to school from one village to another; 9. Urges the revision of the existing legislation by obliging to establish a temporary tutelage for the minor children; 10. Considers efficient the long-time (more than 1 year) monitoring of the children given to

adoption; 11. 12. Promotes the placement of abandoned children in family-type house; Notes the need of information about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol in

educational institutions; 13. 14. Recommends the creation of Juvenile Courts; Claims the founding of a department for protection of children’s rights in local

administration structures;

Motion for Resolution by The Social Affairs (Social I) Committee

As full citizens people with disabilities have equal rights and are entitled to dignity, equal treatment, independent living and full participation in society. The aim is to provide disabled people with the same individual choices and control over the daily life as non disabled people.









CHEPTĂNARU Alexandrina, ILIEV Paula, CUJBĂ Mihai, DASCĂLU Luminița, DODON Victoria (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Aware of the limited access and obstacles in public transportation, housing, institutions and other outdoor environment; B. Deeply disturbed by the inexistence of the technical resources (lifts, special stairs etc); C. Noting with regret that institutions don’t recognize the principle that persons with disabilities are empowered to exercise their rights, particularly in the field of employment; D. Keeping in mind that persons with disabilities aren’t truly involved in the civic life; E. Taking into account the inappropriate implementation of laws; F. Fully alarmed by the lack of specialists in the domain; G. Regretting the lack of information among civil society;

H. Remarking the ignorance which comes from the society and the inaction of the government, meanwhile in Moldova remain approximately 15000 children with disabilities, which in some way are deprived of rights available to any citizen;

1. Interpellation of the competent authorities on the issues regarding the limited access to public transportation, housing, institutions and other outdoor environment; 2. Promotion of the juridical culture in the domain; 3. To report the cases of the rights negligence of persons with disabilities throughout short movies, photos, etc and making them public; 4. To create groups of initiative and involvement in volunteering activities at special host institutions; 5. To promote sportive and socio-cultural competitions/activities for persons with disabilities; 6. To inform persons with disabilities upon their rights and obligations of both employees and employers by spreading brochures or other materials; 7. To create a group of initiative which will appeal the competent authorities: in domain of education to introduce in the educational system an object/course which will teach an adequate attitude towards persons with disabilities? 8. To follow the model, the solutions or experience of other countries in the domain; 9. To facilitate the procedure of obtaining a grade of invalidity for those who are suffering from a certain disability; 10. To install special technical means like special stairs, special lifts, traffic lights for blind and other categories; 11. Modification, interpretation and application of the existing legislation in the domain; 12. Promotion of the principle of transparency;

Motion for Resolution by The Tourism Committee
The rural tourism, part of national tourism with a big potential for Republic of Moldova recently had began to develop. In RM the practice of this type of tourism can bring direct benefits to the rural communities, where the salary of the population are below the average level, creating new work places and additional profits for farmers.

Submitted by: ABABII Pavel, GURANDA Veronica, STRECHIE Elena, TIMOFTI Mariana (Chaiperson).

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Keeping in mind that it is missing a legislative base in the field of rural tourism; B. Taking into account that the state institutions responsible for developing and promoting the rural tourism in Moldova are not in place; C. Noting with regret that there is a lack of the informative and complete materials; D. Realizing that there are not enough financial resources; E. Alarmed that it’s missing a national strategy of rural tourism development; F. Affirming that Moldova has not experience in the field of rural tourism; G. Taking into consideration that there are not conditions adapted to European standards; H. Fully alarmed that there is an improper rapport quality – price;

1. Supports the elaboration and adoption of corresponding lows of regulation for tourism in RM;

2. Notes the establishment of an institution responsible, National Agency of Rural Tourism (NART) for development and promotion of rural tourism; 3. Recommends elaboration of a national strategy concerning the development of the rural tourism and specific plans for each region; 4. Accepts granting more financial resources for the development of the rural tourism (budget, investments and loans); 5. Solemnly confirms modification of the regional infrastructure to meet the needs of each specific touristic region; 6. Accepts elaboration of and distribution of the promotional materials (booklets, catalogs, magazines), editing of regional tourist catalogs, respecting the international system of pictograms, information and promotional web-sites; 7. Expresses its hope creating a database of all stations providing the rural tourism services; 8. Recommends: a) Joining the Euro-Gîtes (European Federation for village and rural tourims); b) Launching a web-site; 9. Approves signing collaboration agreements with countries that already have experience (organizing international trainings in order to improve the local competence); 10. Encourages establishment of the price offers in dependence of quality of the services offered by each touristic agent;

Motion for Resolution by The Employment Committee
Coming from the fact that the unemployment of young people in Moldova reach alarming rates, what actions should be taken by Moldavian Government to facilitate the access of young people on the labour market? Submitted by: SPINEI Dionis, BARBULAT Andrian, MOLOMAN Cristina, CEBOTARI Maxim, SULIMA Irina (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Deeply concerned about the big rate of unemployment among young people aged between 15 to 24 years; B. Realizing the lack of work places, which leads to a higher rate of emigration; C. Bearing in mind the unfavourable working conditions: small salaries, request for high job experience, unofficial work places, small opportunities for professional development; D. Aware of the overload of specialists in a specific field that leads to lack of job places; E. Alarmed by the lack of transparency on labour market;

1. Draws attention to the Government to facilitate the conditions and taxes for the small and medium businesses and other companies that will hire young people including those with no experience; 2. Encourages the Government to develop and implement projects that will directly involve young people; 3. Encourages the implementation of agreements between Universities and Companies that will offer jobs for young specialists; 4. Deplores for the increase of minim wage, which is 1300 lei; 5. Condemns for the change of Educational system, asking for the collaboration with the Educational committee;

6. Calls upon efficient publicity of work offers in educational intuitions, that will inform students about the available jobs; 7. Expresses its hopes in media coverage of systems and organizations that provide job-finding assistance;

Motion for a Resolution by The Environmental Committee
Pollution of atmosphere is one of the major problems of the society, one factor being the increasing number of cars by year. The volume of CO2 emitted in the atmosphere harms the environment and health of population.

Submitted by: SOCHIRCĂ Mihai, ȚURCAN Valeria, ȘÎMCENCO Anastasia, GOLIC Cristian, BARCARI Dorin, STANCIU Eugen, JANDÎC Cristina (Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament Moldova: A. Deeply concerned by the considerable increase of CO2 volume with 2.075 tones in the atmosphere (in comparison with 2009) due to high traffic level; B. Aware of the amount of older vehicles, which are more closely associated with higher

emissions of both national and local air pollutants, and whose performance deteriorates as a function of age; C. Fully alarmed by the average number of cars per family in our country, especially in Chișinău; D. Bearing in mind the negative effects of the fossil fuels on air quality and the terrible noise

emissions; E. Taking into consideration the emissions of pollutants, the lack of comfort and the poor

travelling conditions in our local mini-busses; F. Noting with regret the absence of bike lanes, bike parking racks, as well as the absence of any proper conditions, which would make driving bicycles equally important and safe as driving cars and motorcycles; G. Convinced that an Eco Day would be of a great help in fighting with the gases emission problem our country is currently facing; H. Realizing that gas emissions reductions require, first of all, a basic understanding of the issues involved and general knowledge on the air pollution topic;


Strongly recommends the government and the civil society to put great emphasis on the

importance of the use of alternative means of transport, like bicycles or electric transit and promote walking instead of using fossil fuel consuming vehicles. 2. Encourages the central and local authorities to introduce the Ecotax (also known as the Green Tax) on old vehicles, which shall be colected from two wheelers and cars which are being used for more than 8 years ,in order to curb the pollution caused by these. 3. Calls upon the government to promote the slogan : ''One family - one car'' among the unaware masses. 4. Further invites the citizens to buy and use Hybrid Vehicles, which use an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors, and consequently generate lower emissions. 5. suggests that the authorities should disable all of these (except mini-busses in rural areas) and bring into requisition more trolleybuses instead. 6. Trusts that bicycle drivers will become, as well as the rest, plenipotentiary users of public roads, while the infringers will get severely punished. 7. Expresses its hope that in the nearest future the government will block the main roads of the city on Sundays and on national holidays. 8. Expresses its appreciation to those educational institutions which will introduce an extra subject, which will be focused on ecological issues, will combine interactive activities and practical learning and will be conducted by experts in the upper-mentioned domain.

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