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Economics Dr. Sauer

Chapter 8: Integration and Applications 8.1 Integration as the Reverse of Differentiation If you differentiate f(x) youll get _____________________ . The notation ( ) means:

8.2 The Power Rule for Integration The power rule for integration is:

The Minus One Exception to the Power Rule The Integral of a Constant Term Working Rules The sum or difference of several power functions is integrated by: The integral of a constant multiplied by a variable term is: 8.3 Integration of the Natural Exponential Function 8.4 Integration by Algebraic Substitution 8.4.1 Using substitution to integrate functions of linear functions Steps: 1. Decide what u will be. 2. Use the substitution equation to deduce an expression for dx in terms of du by differentiating with respect to ________, then solving for dx. 3. Integrate f(u). 4. Rewrite u in terms of x. 8.4.2 General Functions of Linear Functions

8.5 The Definite Integral and the Area Under a Curve The area under a curve between x = a and x = b is given by:

8.6 Consumer and Producer Surplus CS = the area under the demand curve the area of a rectangle =

PS = the area of a rectangle the area under the supply curve =

The Area Between Any Two Curves Area = area under upper curve area under lower curve =

8.7 & 8.8 Differential Equations Skip these sections. 8.9 Summary After we work through this chapter in class, review this section and write any notes here.