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Economics Dr. Sauer

Chapter 6: Sampling Distributions for Means and Proportions 6.1 Statistical inference and the sampling distribution of the mean 6.1.1 Sampling Distributions of Means and Proportions A statistic is a _________________________ characteristic. A parameter is a ________________________characteristic.

Population Characteristic Size

Sample Characteristic


Standard Deviation


_____ is a point estimator of .

______ is a point estimator of 2.

Individual values of _____ or ______ are called a point estimate of or .

6.1.2 Point Estimates and the Sampling Distribution of the Mean The formula for the standard error of the mean is:

The Central Limit Theorem says:

6.2 Sampling Distributions of Proportions A proportion is:

The formula for standard error for proportions is:

6.3 Some Desirable Properties of Estimators Two of the most important properties of point estimators are: 1._______________________ which means:

2._______________________ which means:

Summary After we work through this chapter in class, review this section and write any notes here.