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Hold twice: my 50 birthday of age and 28 years on CCIAV ...

two miracles in our personal lives, sharing offline and online this July, 2012.... THINKING AND DREAMING OUT BOX... ______ "For the people of the inland villages, EVERY DAY living is a miracle " Pastor Moya (1994) Keep walking, singing and SEEKING ringing ... increasingly away from ignorance and prejudice, of misogynist instincts, as stupidity, budded - With veneer of scholarshipto celebrate, OPTIONS Horizontal dialogue, free, informed the scope of either -From the cradle to the graveemerging from alfabetidades -And also from the traditional-to: innovation, creativity, equality,

freedom Diversity and interrogation -Endlesslyof what each person notes lives, feels and sounds .... as everyday life anywhere in the world, from active citizenship, communication, cultural and Entertainment, as as said Luis Dias, "THE GOAL IS FREEDOM" BUT FOR THE JOY ..... PEACE, INCLUDING, HAPPINESS ... the other or the other ... WHAT else, NOT IN OUR DREAMS ... OR TO boing universes, MEDIOCRITY OR, AND BANALITY .... this is how we go to those 50 years and 28 th anniversary of CCIAV, both anniversaries, Miracle children and solidarity of many hands, readings, songs, touching,

smiles and dreams positions in common, since the heterogony and heterodoxy., in the paradoxes of being person walking down pathways of heterogeneous, between paradigms, centuries, between centuries, when all bridges and points certainty seems to collapse, in its own perplexities, going to the unprecedented ... If you are interested in those paths, and have more than 14 years of age, join our team work Literacy communication, production, exchange, feedback preferred reading, hypertexts and socio-cultural tools on 1 X 1 marketing. Write cciav.hq @ gmail or call: 809 508 2036 809 299 2036

If you still have other FAQ, visit / cciav / yoefsantos or ... No noise, to keep walking ... for life ... erasing everything that plunges us peace, -Inspiration, wellness, quality information in order the construction inclusion of vulnerable andof FRONT AGAINST NARCISISISMS, VIOLENCE AND messianic And mediocrity boundaries. Yoe F. Santos Cyberspace June 26, 2012 Glocalized-cultural & communicational-citizenships. Educated child-success & connection With The future-between: muslins girls, Camila Vallejo, Luis Vives, veils, Multiculturalism ... (A reflection on staff and Corporative glocalize and socio-cutural inclusion, 2002-2012)

"Children are our only one me picture of the future" Olof Palme "The best way to plan or predict the future is to invent it" Abraham Lincoln Preferred readings & career choice -By Solidarity, creativity, inclusion and socio-cultural-Emerging literaciesWalking through Centuries, Each carrying on Their backs as compass, ONLY his or her ethics staff ... and the inspiring force of teaching by example, by another and another ... "Let's be civilized, THE ONLY way to be girls and women free" Salome Urena Moving or dancing under spring flows .... Vocational choice, Solidarity: 28 th anniversary of CCIAV / CC4AVE channel and facebook, 2012 in B2B by Yoe F. Santos on _______ EVERYONE INVITED _______ "All human rights are Interdependent Demanding equal Each Other and Respect, advocacy, With the Same emphasis "... Final Statement & Plan of Action World Summit for Human Rights (Vienna, 1993) ___ "How We Recognize Each Other as

Latin American and Caribbean, Citizens early twenty-first century? For our large foreign debt, Which Condemns every child born in a poor region PRENATAL destination, the equivalent duty to 1500 dollars; by international MIGRATION FLOWS AND OUR CULTURAL PRODUCTION (...) Culture is NOT in current days, Which was yesterday, SOMETHING THAT GOVERNMENTS Must spend money, keep it alive for (...) 60% United States exports constituent programs computers, movies, videos Symbolic and other goods (...) Culture in Latin America and Caribbean PRODUCE Between 4 and 7% GDP (...) more than the auto industry, But The Colombia "Scroll" 's-parchment-coffee , BUT THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY (...) WE HAVE TO LEAVE TO SEE THE MINISTRIES EXPENSES AS,

to start seeing as Them royalties, image, identity, FACTORIES for national pride (...) " Nstor Garca Canclini (1999, 2002, 2005) ______ "(...) The enslavement of men, is the great sorrow of the world (...) CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, there's the Salvation of our peoples " Jose Marti "Our America" "No dogmas, listen your inner voice" Steve Jobs (Stanford University Press, 2005) "ALL dogmas are the main enemies of human creativity" Oscar Arias Snchez (1987) "(...) NO generation in human history, has produced more waste than ours, waste materials and moral waste(...) Perhaps we will be the Middle Ages of a modern future? (...) Our vicissitudes religious, sexual, Political and academic, orthodoxies (...) " Octavio Paz (1990) Moving or dancing under spring flows .... Vocational choice, Solidarity:

28 th anniversary of CCIAV / CC4AVE channel and facebook, 2012 in B2B by Yoe F. Santos on LIBERTIES, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES PERSONAL OR PLACE OF ETHICS (Laszlo, 2004: 1-29), This walk Between Centuries, world views, Multiculturalities and Emerging Paradigms ... _________ FAQ. To build or define community values of Solidarity,

Inclusion or humanistic ... Within ONE INSTANCE OR MIGRANTS TO B2B? 1. First to Recognize, INFO ON THE FLOOD OF 1,500,000 New websites are born on the Internet world every 24 hours ... world in a WHERE the certainties expiration date's Knowledge (36 months, 3 years Following data coming from: UNDP, 2001) Communicative practices in or symbolic practices, 2. Recognize (And make easy to EVALUATE AND MAKE Others About prospective trends analysis, for example,

Identify or "WHY, WHERE and how," I CAN fit, or not, there? ") the goals we Pursue every Individual, Organizational or interorganizational, in the short, medium and long term inside and outside of cyberspace .... Without TRUST IS IMPOSSIBLE build Mutually beneficial Relationships (B2B, win-win strategies) over time, Individuals with Each One living and acting, at the antipodes of the planet, Individuals or Organizations Could UNKNOWN encounter on cyberspace and design -Cooperation -Dialog -Learning process -Feedback -Partnership BUT THEY NEED TO HAVE SOMETHING interesting or something to Share in commons ... (Creative Commons licenses Oers or Scientific Commons

or Open Source Movement Each of Them Brings A Philosophical view, About interaction mediated by computers, values, paths, "cybercultureS", "schools" management patterns of Priorities on USES, for example) Are a first step, for people find SEARCHING Others WHO and enjoy sharing in commons Some values, And This process, Between Human Beings and Desirable is possible ... At That distance, the only "concrete" fact Able to Maintain vibrant, youthful, Developing production unit and a community are HOW EACH INTERACTION IN or manage the other prioritizes His or her Democratic and humanistic values PRACTICES AS ORDINARY LIFE ... and a shared vision of history SURVIVAL and the Challenges of the Present, cross the planet and the people living in, Humanity as ...

Without longitudinality CONFIDENCE based on sound practices, Making Decisions (A CLICK on the computer IS a decision, NOT A GAME: thinking or syndicating or linking e-contents, locally or globally, for example) Make Decisions as citizenship, personal, family, community and management, work, leisure, ON THE HORIZON AND FRAMEWORK Such values as of Respect,

diversity, culture of peace, tolerance and other nondiscrimination In Their life plan, whoever and wherever They Live, from the cradle to the grave ... AER codes WHAT ABOUT EACH Recognition WHO CARES ... In time management, Both leisure and work, A bridge spans That borders and oceans, Above all Misunderstandings, anger, hatred and violent, Emphasize to, IT IS POSSIBLE, find common ground, for constructive dialogue, unfinished business, to continue building life EVERYONE IN THE FREE WAY Conceived as in

YOUR APPROACH TO CITIZENSHIP Cultural and Communicative CITIZENSHIPBoth Sides of responsible in individually as under ETHICS AND PERSONAL Associated with Different segments and niches, Elected and voluntarily priorized CULTURAL as CONSUMER, PERSONAL, family, by language, culture, preferences, lyfestiles ... a world of Democratic Truths ... Evolving, alive. If We Can not Recognize the similarities, gaps, Doubts, Fears, dreams and nightmares, joys, Hopes, sorrows, Unmet needs and Interests in common, With The other is NOT POSSIBLE Coordinated, Consortia or create channels for upright or contents, Thematic websites or free share process, Committed to less to LIVING ... OR do something (whatever) together, in common ... and 3. JOIN THE MOVEMENT AND HELP EACH OTHER,

to Understand, as Witnesses and Actors / actresses present of Humanity: a) the present, here and now of Humanity, b) focus on glocalize, c) identification sources of information to help Improve the speed and quality Aimed at the decisions stakeholders or decision-makers as Human Development Policies, social inclusion or elimination of the Causes Poverty patterns of violence or and discrimination in the context Societies, cultures and contemporary Economies across Societies, Cultures and Economies WHO AMONG run after RELIABLE SOLUTIONS SUSTAINABLE, That problems afflict Any human being, from the cradle to the grave, anywhere in the world ... The previous scenario is linked with Other issues, as WHY THE IMPORTANCE OF: 1. THE trans ... (See: Henri Meschonnic, 1970s) 2.del benchmarking, practices,

4. Potential Replicability on Processes, products, services, projects, programs or methods of kayzen OR ENTERPRISE INITIATIVES IDENTIFIED IN A SCENARIO AS GOOD PRACTICES particular, synergize, to not walk "discovering fire," when in another place "AND there is a lighter" 5.construccion of citizenship, Informed, responsible, free, active, plural, tolerant and 6. Engaged With The Culture of Peace, ... Because Appealing to violence, Either Imposed, whether or not to it is right ... "Who is right do NOT need to speak out" Leonardo Da Vinci AS A VIRTUAL COMMUNITY 7.Our PERMANENT Members HAD included 500 followers coming from readers our decantated (or filtered) Twitter account, we still are and we REMAIN a small organization in the craft / home Called Earth and Its MOST of 7,000 million people ALL of them to be HUMAN

BORN FREE, EQUAL IN DIGNITY AND RIGHTS, IN EVERYTHING ELSE but Different dedicated to: reflection AND PROPOSAL about social or socio-cultural or socio-educational inclusion Universal literacy, emergent Including illiteracies (Informatics and communicational, audio-visual as usual) Against fights illiteracy and functional. Keep working and thinking and collecting and sharing INFORMATION ASSOCIATED TO issues Previously DELIMITATED Listed in our specific Objectives, anchored in the deriving values Reading of These Same goals and Objectives, 1. Membership Co-Founders, CCIAV, CC4AVE: ad vitam; 2. Honorary Full Membership Honorary (See related list, on Feb, 2008 at or / and mirrors on Facebook

as "Inspirational Persons and Organizations") Also ad vitam 3 and free and Voluntary stay of people and Organizations INVITED TO THE Accompanying AND REFLECTION, from our Twitter account, is open, With The only condition, AT LEAST to -In Their twits and Organizational workShed light: a) from the sciences, b) cultures, c) the arts, d) Innovation, e) EDUCATION, f) management, g) modes of popular ownership and use With A Sense of ICTs and / or entrepreneurship PROJECTS, PROGRAMS, NEWS, RESEARCH AT LEAST ONE of our specific goals, IN THEIR IMPACT ON THE QUALITY OF LIFE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOM, OF THE PEOPLE PARTICULARLY

In the case of collective Minorities or vulnerable CITIZENS Their personal liberties CONSCIOUSNESS OR VOCATIONAL of rights, freedom or choices ... ______ "(...) How Many Laws had Violated Salome Urena in her enterely life or biography?, A Few cab robbery?, How Many tyrannies or dictatorships Obtained her support?, why a society, specific culture and economy ... -And-idiocy allowed to disease, as tuberculosis, snatch the community, Virtuous LIFE AS, BEFORE 50 years of age? ... The rest is bulk, "Straw herons" speeches and misanthropy ... ignorance, hatred, discrimination And vested Interests of yesterday, not lead to Any people in the light "Faith rest on blind faith SCIENCE SHOWS (...) "

(Hector Guerrero Heredia) THIS IS the best of times inspiring examples to remember, Solidarity with the vulnerable and Salome Urena and Ercilia Pepin, INTRISIC her motivation, (To open HER OWN school at 15 years of age, Ercilia Pepin living in a violent, illiteracy, chaotic and rural country, for example) Some lessons: 1. NO wait, NO AGE Specified, 2. Or sit around waiting for win the lottery, BEFORE MOVING to FINGER, Understand and help to change, What is an Obvious wrong, Probably go wrong or, end badly, to LEARN, PRACTICE, Encourage CREATE OR Learning to be Supportive, resilient as individual minority, culture, society or economy ... the thing really Matters, as in the case of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Jos Mart, Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez, as Thousands, millions of Human Beings, anonymous or not, since, early first

modernity and Urban Development, as Galileo, the Medici, Pericles, Giordano Bruno and Many Others and others ... A DAY OF TODAY ... PASSION IS Want to learn to be ... (Here again fits D'Delors (1999) And his "The Education: Treasure Within" "Learning, Unlearning, Learning to learn AND LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER " IN A WORLD WHERE ARE ALL we are DIFFERENT ... As to the Ways of Freud, Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire from everyday life ... as you said one of historical biographers

"(...) NOTHING SPECIAL In Their HISTORY Had the child Albert Einstein, Any of Their parents or, OR FAMILY IN all historical, to mark historical life, make him fit on With The sciences (...) " values

Reading of These Same goals and Objectives, continue to inspire the 7 key points of This virtual community, as Global network and foundation of Solidarity: The Human Person Talents Criticism, Friendship Salut, Polis et Ecumene! In Each of the corners of the earth, WHERE Until It needed or will go this constructive message: Including socio-cultural, Human Development, in multidimensional, culture of peace, diversity, freedom, tolerance and hope. Welcome / as to this 28 th Anniversary from everyday life. Hugs, best regards, Yoe F. Santos / cciav Human Person. Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! Cyberspace Spring, 2012