Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Hosea Rendered into E-Prime by: Dr. David F. Maas With Interlinear Hebrew In IPA Assisted by Wiley College Linguistics Students: Peggy Johnson Cha Mira Keener (6-26-2012)

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Hosea 1-14 Hosea 1 Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas with Interlinear Hebrew in I.P.A. Hosea's Wife and Children The word of the LORD which came to Hosea the son of Beeri, during the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and during the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel. 1 dəbar javɛ the word of the LORD uzija jotam Uzziah Jotham

aʃɛr which

haja ɛl hoʃe-a ben bə-eri bime came to Hosea the son of Beeri the days

ahaz jəhizkija malke jəhuda ubime jarabə-am ben Ahaz Hezekiah the kings of Judah the days of Jeroboam the son

jowaʃ mɛlɛk jisra-el Joash king of Israel.

When the LORD first spoke through Hosea, the LORD said to Hosea, " Go, take to yourself a wife of harlotry and have children of harlotry; for the land commits flagrant harlotry, forsaking the LORD." təhilat dibɛr javɛ first spoke the LORD leç ka Go take tiznɛ flagrant ləça eʃɛt A wife bəho-oʃe-a f Hosea zənunim of harlotry vajomɛr said javɛ the LORD zənunim of harlotry ɛl ho-oʃea to Hosea ki for zano commits


vəjalde and children

ha-arɛt me-ahare the land from

javɛ the LORD.


So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim, and she conceived and bore him a son. ɛt gomɛr bat Gomer the daughter dibljim of Diblaim vatahar vatelɛd lo ben conceived and bore A son.

wajɛlɛç wajika went and took

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

And the LORD said to him, "Name him Jezreel; for yet a little while, and I will punish the house of Jehu for the bloodshed of Jezreel, and I will put an end to the kingdom of the house of Israel. vajomɛr javɛ elɒ kəra ʃəmo jizrə-el ki od mə-at ufakadti ɛt said and the LORD unto Call his name Jezreel for yet A little will punish dəme jizrə-el the bloodshed of Jezreel bet of the house jisra-el of Israel. al bet and the house jehu of Jehu wəhiʃbati mamləçut will put to the kingdom



"On that day I will break the bow of Israel in the valley of Jezreel." wəʃabarti ɛt will break kɛʃɛt the bow jisra-el of Israel bə-emɛk jizrə-el the valley of Jezreel

vəhaja bajom hahu become day I

Then she conceived again and gave birth to a daughter. And the LORD said to him, "Name her Lo-ruhamah, for I will no longer have compassion on the house of Israel, that I would ever forgive them. vatahar od conceived again ruhama her Lo ruhama ki for vatelɛd and gave lo will no bat to a daughter vayomɛr lo said kɛra ʃəma lo Call her name ki would naso ɛ a lahɛm ever forgive


arahɛm ɛt bet jisra-el have of Israel

"But I will have compassion on the house of Judah and deliver them by the LORD their God, and will not deliver them by bow, sword, battle, horses or horsemen." və-et bet jəhuda the house of Judah arahɛm vəhovoʃatim javɛ ɛlohehɛm vəlo will have and deliver the LORD their God and will not


ovoʃi-em bəkɛʃɛt ubəhɛrɛb ubəmilhama bə u im ubafaraʃim deliver bow sword battle horses horsemen.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.


When she had weaned Lo-ruhamah, she conceived and gave birth to a son. wataled ben and gave to

watkmol ɛt lo ruhama vatahar has weaned Lo rumaha conceived

And the LORD said, "Name him Lo-ammi, for I do not consider you not My people and I will not serve as your God." vajomɛr kəra ʃəmo lo ami said Call his name Lo ammi lo ɛjɛ not become


atɛm lo you are not

ami my people

wə-anoki I


Yet the number of the sons of Israel Will resemble the sand of the sea, Which no one cannot measure or number; And in the place Where I said to them, " I do not consider You My people," I will say to them," I consider you the sons of the living God." vəhaja mispar become the number jimad be measured lo cannot

bəne of the sons jisafer numbered

jisra-el of Israel

kəhol the sand

hajam of the sea

sʃɛr lo Which cannot

vəlo cannot

vəhaja bikom aʃɛr je-amer lahɛm become the place Where is said like lahɛm bəne to them the sons el haj God of the living.

ami my people


atɛm je-amɛr will be said

And the sons of Judah and the sons of Israel gather together, And they will appoint for themselves one leader, And they will go up from the land, For great will we consider the day of Jezreel. vənikbət u will be gathered bəne and the sons jəhuda of Judah ubəne and the sons jisra-el jadɒ of Israel together

və amu lahɛm roʃ will appoint leader jizrə-el of Jezreel.

ɛhad wə-alu min ha-arɛt ki gadol jom one will go from the land For great will be the day

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Hosea 2 NASB E-Prime DFM Israel's Unfaithfulness Condemned

Say to your brothers, " Ammi," and to your sisters, " Ruhamah." ami Ammi vəla-ahoteçɛm ruhama your sisters Rumama

imru la-aheçɛm Say to your brothers

"Contend with your mother, contend, For she does not behave like my wife, and I do not consider myself her husband; And let her put away her harlotry from her face And her adultery from between her breasts, ribu bəiməçɛm Contend your mother iʃti my wife wə-anoçi I ribu contend ki hi for he lo is not vəta er her put ʃadɛha her breasts.

lo am not

iʃa her husband

zənuneha her harlotry

mipanɛ her face

vəna-afufɛha miben adultery between

Or I will strip her naked And expose her as on the day when she came into the world I will also make her like a wilderness, Make her like desert and And slay her with thirst. pɛn afʃitena Or will strip aruma vəhit agtiha kəjom hivaləda her naked and expose the day was born kə-ɛrɛt land t ija desert

wə amtiha kamidbar vəʃatiha make A wilderness Make vahamitiha bat ama and slay thirst.

"Also, I will have no compassion on her children, Because they show themselves as children of harlotry. və-ɛt banɛha lo her children no zənunim hema of harlotry like arahem ki bəne will have Because are children


Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
"For their mother has played the harlot; She who conceived them has acted shamefully For she said, ' I will go after my lovers, Who give me my bread and my water, My wool and my flax, my oil and my drink.' ki zanəta for has played ki for imam their mother hobiʃa horatam shamefully conceived

aməra eləça ahare mə-ahabaj notəne lami said will go after my lovers give my bread t amri my wool ufiʃti and my flax ʃamni vəʃikujaj my oils and my drink.

umemaj and my water

"Therefore, behold, I will hedge up her way with thorns, And I will build a wall against her so that she cannot find her paths. laçen hini Therefore behold wəgadarti will build

saç ɛt will hedge

darkeç her way

basirim thorns

ɛt gədera unətibotɛha lo timt a wall her paths cannot find.

"She will pursue her lovers, but she will not overtake them; And she will seek them, but will not find them Then she will say, ' I will go back to my first husband, For I had it better then than now!' vəridəfa ɛt mə-ahabeha vəlo will pursue her lovers sho will not ubikʃatam vəlo will seek but will not və-aʃuba ɛl back about

tasig otam overtake

timt a və-a məra eləça find will say will go hariʃon ki tob li to my first it was better az me-ata then now.

iʃi husband

"For she does not know that I gave her the grain, the new wine and the oil, And lavished on her silver and gold, Which they used for Baal. vəhi lo he does not vəhatirovo the new jadə-a ki know for anoçi natati la hadagan who gave her the grain

wəhajit har wəkɛ ɛf hirbeti hirbeti la and the oil her silver and lavished and lavished

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
wəzahabla asu la-ba-al and gold used Baal

"Therefore, I will take back My grain at harvest time And My new wine in its season. I will also take away My wool and My flax Given to cover her nakedness. laçen Therefore aʃub vəlakati dəgani bə-ito vətirovoʃi back will take my grain time and my new t amri ufiʃti ləça ot my wool and my flax cover

bəmo-ado wəhit alti season take ɛt ɛrwata her nakedness.

"And then I will uncover her lewdness In the sight of her lovers, And no one will rescue her out of My hand. və-ata and then agalɛ ɛt will uncover nabluta her lewdness mijadi of my hand lə-eni the sight mə-ahabeha of her lovers

wə-iʃ lo one and no

jat ilɛna will rescue

"I will also put an end to all her gaiety, Her feasts, her new moons, her sabbaths And all her festal assemblies. vəhiʃbati put vəçol and all

kal mə o a to all her gaiety mo-ada her festal

haga her feasts

hadəʃa vəʃabata her new her sabbaths

"I will destroy her vines and fig trees, Of which she said, 'These I consider my wages Which my lovers have given me ' And I will make them a forest, And the beasts of the field will devour them. vahaʃimoti gafna utənata will destroy her vines and fig aʃɛr aməra of which said

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
ɛtna are my wages hema li aʃɛr natənu li These Which have given mə-ahabaj my lovers

wə amtim ləja-ar va-akalatam hajat ha adɛ will make A forest will devour and the beasts of the field

"I will punish her for the days of the Baals When she used to offer sacrifices to them And adorn herself with her earrings and jewelry, And follow her lovers, so that she forgot Me," declares the LORD.

Restoration of Israel

"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Bring her into the wilderness And speak kindly to her. aleha ɛt jəme habə-alim and təhe day of the Baals aʃɛr taktir When to offer

ufakadti will punish

lahɛm vata-ad nizma to them and adorn her earrings

vəhɛljata vatelek and jewelry along

ahare ma-ahabɛha və-oti ʃaçaha nə-um javɛ after her lovers forgot declares The LORD "Then I will give her vineyards from there, And the valley of Achor as a door of hope And she will sing there as in the days of her youth, As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt. vənatati la ɛt kəramɛha miʃam və-ɛt emɛk will give vineyards there and the valley açor ləfɛta tikva və-anəta ʃama kime of Achor A door of hope shall sing there the days nə-urɛha viçjom alota of her youth the day came
16 15

me-ɛrɛt mit rajim the land of Egypt

"It will come about in that day," declares the LORD,"That you will call Me Ishi And will no longer call Me Baali. vəhaja will come bajom day hahu nə-um javɛ tikrə-i he declares the LORD you will call

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
iʃi my people

vəlo and will no

tikrə-i li od call longer

bali Baali

"For I will remove the names of the Baals from her mouth, So that you will mention their names no more. vahasiroti ɛt ʃəmot will remove the names vəlo no

habə-alim mipiha of the Baals her mouth od more biʃmam their names

jizaçeru will be mentioned

"In that day I will also make a covenant for them With the beasts of the field, The birds of the sky And the creeping things of the ground And I will abolish the bow, the sword and war from the land, And will make them lie down in safety. açarati lahɛm bərit bajom hahu im hajat make A covenant day he with the beasts ha adɛ və-im of of the field with the birds haʃamajim vərɛmɛʃ of the sky and the creeping

ha-adama vəkɛʃɛt vəhɛrɛb umilhama ɛʃbor of the ground the bow the sword and war will abolish min ha-arɛt vəhiʃkabtim labɛta from the land lie safety. "I will betroth you to Me forever; Yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and in justice, In lovingkindness and in compassion, və-era tiç will betroth li lə-olam və-era tiç li bət ɛdɛk forever will betroth righteousness ubərahamim compassion.

ubəmiʃpat ubəhɛ ɛd justice lovingkindness

And I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness. Then you will know the LORD. li bə-ɛmuna faithfulness vəja-da-at ɛt javɛ s will know the LORD

və-erastiç will betroth

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
"It will come about in that day that I will respond," declares the LORD. "I will respond to the heavens, and they will respond to the earth, vəhaja bajom hahu ɛ-ɛnɛ nə-um will come day I will respond will respond nə-um javɛ declares the LORD ja-anu ɛt will respond
22 21

ɛ-ɛnɛ ɛt will respond

haʃamajim to the heavens

vəhem and they

ha-arɛt to the earth

And the earth will respond to the grain, to the new wine and to the oil, And they will respond to Jezreel. vəhaja will come ɛ-ɛnɛ ɛt will respond ha-arɛt to the earth . "I will sow her for Myself in the land I will also have compassion on her who had not obtained compassion, And I will say to those who previously I considered My people, ' I consider You My people!' And they will say, ' I acknowledge You my God!'" vəha-arɛt ta-anɛ ɛt and the earth will respond hadagan və-ɛt hatirovoʃ to the grain to the new

bajom hahu ɛ-ɛnɛ day I will respond haʃamajim to the heavens

nə-um declares

javɛ the LORD

vəhem ja-anu ɛt and they will respond

və-ɛt hajit har vəhem ja-anu ɛt jizrə-ɛl uzəratiha li the oil and they will respond to Jezreel will sow ba-arɛt vərihamti ɛt lo the land have not ami my people ata you ruhama və-amarti ləlo compassion will say were not

vəhu jomar ɛlohaj and I will say my God.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Hosea 3 NASB E-Prime DFM Hosea's Second Symbolic Marriage Then the LORD said to me, "Go again, love a woman whose husband loves her, yet an adulteress, even as the LORD loves the sons of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love raisin cakes." vajomɛr javɛ elaj od leç ɛhab iʃa said the LORD about again Go love A woman ahubat re-a is loved by husband bəne the sons jisra-ɛl of Israel uməna-apɛt an adulteress kə-ahabat javɛ ɛt to the love as the LORD

vəhem ponim ɛl ɛlohim aherim they turn gods to other

və-ohabe aʃiʃe anabim loves cakes of wine

So I bought her for myself for fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a half of barley. ka ɛf wəhomɛr silver homer ə-orim of barley

va-ɛkərɛha li bahamiʃa asar bought fifteen vəletɛç ə-orim half of barley.

Then I said to her, "You shall stay with me for many days. You shall not play the harlot, nor shall you have a man; so I will also honor you." va-omar elɛha jamim said be toward days vəlo tiji lə-iʃ vəgam nor have A man will also rabim teʃəbi li lo tizni many shall stay nor play ani I elajiç be toward

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
For the sons of Israel will remain for many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar and without ephod or household idols. ki jamim rabim jeʃəbu for days many will remain mɛlɛç və-en ar və-en king without prince without utərafim household. Afterward the sons of Israel will return and seek the LORD their God and David their king; and they will come trembling to the LORD and to His goodness in the last days. ahar jaʃubu Afterward will return bəne the sons jisra-el of Israel ubikʃu ɛt and seek
5 4

bəne the sons

jisra-el en of Israel without

mat eba və-en efod of pillar without ephod

javɛ ɛlohehɛm və-et david malkam ufahadu God their and David their king will come ɛl about javɛ God və-ɛl and to tubo his goodness bə-aharit hajamim f the last days

Hosea 4 NASB E-Prime DFM God's Controversy with Israel Listen to the word of the LORD, O sons of Israel, For the LORD has a case against the inhabitants of the land, Because no faithfulness or kindness exists Or knowledge of God in the land. ʃimu Listen dəbar to the word bəne jisra-el sons of Israel ki rib Because case ki Because

javɛ im jovoʃəbe the LORD against the inhabitants en there ɛmɛt faithfulness

ha-arɛt of the land

və-en hɛ ɛd və-en da-at is no kindness there knowledge

ɛlohim ba-arɛt of God the land.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
We see swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. alo swearing vəçaheʃ deception vərat o-a vəganob farat u murder and adultery employ naga-u follows.

vədamim bədamim bloodshed bloodshed

Therefore the land mourns, And everyone who lives in it languishes Along with the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky, And also the fish of the sea disappear. al and ken after that tɛ-ɛbal mourns ha-arɛt the land və-umlal languishes kal and everyone haʃamajim of the sky

jovoʃeb ba bəhajat lives the beasts vəgam and also

ha adɛ ubə-of of the field and the birds

dəge the fish

hajam je-asefu of the sea disappear

Yet let no one find fault, and let none offer reproof; For your people compare to those who contend with the priest. aç iʃ al jareb və-al joça iʃ aməca iʃ və-aməça Yet one no find no offer one offer one your people kimribe çohen fault the priest. So you will stumble by day, And the prophet also will stumble with you by night; And I will destroy your mother. vəçaʃalta hajom vəçaʃal gam nabi will stumble day will stumble also and the prophet iməça lajəla vədamiti imɛça by night will destroy your mother.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
My people have destroyed themselves for lack of knowledge Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from serving as My priest Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. nidmu ami mibəli are destroyed my people corruption ki Because ata hada-at you knowledge

hada-at of knowledge və-ɛma aç will reject

ma-asta have rejected torat the law gam ani also I.

mikahen li vatiʃka my priest have forgotten ɛʃka will forget

ɛlohɛça of your God

banɛça your children

The more they multiplied, the more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame. kərubam ken abundance the more amir will change.

hatə-u li kəbodam bəkalon sinned their glory shame

They feed on the sin of My people And direct their desire toward their iniquity. joçelu və-ɛl avonam feed toward their iniquity

hatat ami the sin of my people jiʃ-u and direct

nafʃo their desire.

And it will come to pass, like people, like priest; So I will punish them for their ways And repay them for their deeds. uma-alalɒ dəraçɒ their deeds their ways uma-alalɒ their deeds aʃib lo and repay alɒ ufakadti for will punish alɒ dəraçɒ for their ways

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
They will eat, but not have enough; They will play the harlot, but not increase, Because they have stopped giving heed to the LORD. və-açəlu vəlo jisba-u hiznu vəlo jifrot u ki ɛt will eat not have will play not increase Because javɛ to the LORD
11 10

azəbu have stopped

liʃmor giving.

Harlotry, wine and new wine take away the understanding.

zənut vəjajin vətiroʃ jika leb Harlotry and wine and new take the understanding My people consult their wooden idol, and their diviner's wand informs them; For a spirit of harlotry has led them astray, And they have played the harlot, departing from their God. ami bə-et o my people their wooden ki ru-a zənunim For A spirit of harlotry ɛlohehɛm their God. They offer sacrifices on the tops of the mountains And burn incense on the hills, Under oak, poplar and terebinth, Because their shade seems pleasant. Therefore your daughters play the harlot And your brides commit adultery. al raʃe hɛharim jəzabehu və-al hagəba-ot on the tops of the mountains offer on the hills jəkateru tahat alon vəlibne və-ela ki and burn Under oak poplar and terebinth Because tob is pleasant t ila their shade al ken tiznɛha and after that play təna-afna commit.
13 12

jiʃal consult

umaklo jagid lo and their wand informs

hita vajiznu mitahat has led have played departing from

bənoteçɛm your daughters

vəçaloteçɛm and your brides

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
I will not punish your daughters when they play the harlot Or your brides when they commit adultery, For the men themselves go apart with harlots And offer sacrifices with temple prostitutes; So the people without understanding ruin themselves. ɛfkod al punish and

lo without

bənoteçɛm your daughters

ki when

tiznɛna play hem themselves

və-al kaloteçɛm Or your brides im with

ki when

təna-afna ki commit when

hazonot jəfaredu və-im hakədeʃot jəzabehu the harlot go with harlots and offer

və-am lo jabin jilabet the people without understanding are ruined. Though you, Israel, play the harlot, Do not let Judah become guilty; Also do not go to Gilgal, Or go up to Beth-aven And take the oath: "As the LORD lives!" im Though zonɛ ata play you jisra-el al Israel no jɛʃam jəhuda və-al become Judah no

tabo-u hagilgal və-al ta-alu bet avɛn və-al tiʃabə-u go to Gilgal not go Beth-aven no and take haj lives

javɛ God.

Since Israel has proved herself stubborn Like a stubborn heifer, Can the LORD now pasture them Like a lamb in a large field? ki kəfara sorera sarar jisra-el ata Since heifer is stubborn A stubborn Israel now jirem javɛ kəçebɛ bamɛrhab pasture the LORD A lamb A large.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Ephraim joins herself to idols; Let him alone. at abim ɛfrajim hana lo to idols Ephraim alone

habur is joined

Their liquor gone, They play the harlot continually; Their rulers dearly love shame.

sar sabə-am haznɛ hiznu ahabu hebu gone their liquor play the harlot dearly love kalon shame

maginɛha their rulers.

The wind wraps them in its wings, And they will feel shame because of their sacrifices.

sarar ru-a ota biknafɛha vəjeboʃu mizibhotam wraps the wind wings will be ashamed of their sacrifices. Hosea 5 NASB E-Prime DFM The People's Apostasy Rebuked Hear this, O priests! Give heed, O house of Israel! Listen, O house of the king! For the judgment applies to you, For you have made yourselves a snare at Mizpah And a net spread out on Tabor. ʃimu zot hakonanim vəhakʃibu bet jisra-el ubet Hear O priests Give house of Israel house hamɛlɛç of the king ha-azinu ki laçɛm hamiʃpat ki Listen for the judgment for ləmit pa vərɛʃɛt pəru a al tobor Mizpah net spread on Tabor.

fa hɛjitɛm A snare have been

The rebels have gone deep in depravity, But I will chastise all of them. hɛmiku have gone va-ani musar I will chastise

vəʃahata ʃetim slaughter the revolters ləçulam all

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
I know Ephraim, and Israel cannot hide from Me; For now, O Ephraim, you have played the harlot, Israel has defiled itself. ani jadati ɛfrajim vəji ra-el I know Ephraim and Israel mimeni at jisra-el Israel. Their deeds will not allow them To return to their God. For a spirit of harlotry dwells within them, And they do not know the LORD. lo will not jitənu ma-alehɛm allow their deeds laʃub ɛl ɛlohɛhɛm to return to their God
4 3

lo is not

niçhad hidden

ki ata hizneta For now have played

ɛfrajim nitma Ephraim has defiled

ki ru-a zənunim For A spirit of harlotry lo not

bəkirbam və-ɛt javɛ is within the LORD

jada-u know

Moreover, the pride of Israel testifies against him, And Israel and Ephraim stumble in their iniquity; Judah also has stumbled with them. və-ana gə-on testifies the pride jisra-el of Israel bəfanɒ against vəji ra-el və-ɛfrajim and Israel and Ephraim gam jəhuda imam also Judah with

jikaʃəlu ba-avonam stumble their iniquity

kaʃal has stumbled

They will go with their flocks and herds To seek the LORD, but they will not find Him; He has withdrawn from them. bət onam ubibkaram jeləçu ləbakeʃ ɛt javɛ their flocks and herds will go to seek the LORD vəlo they will not jimt a-u halat mehɛm find has withdrawn against.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
They have dealt treacherously against the LORD, For they have borne illegitimate children Now the new moon will devour them with their land. javɛ the LORD ata Now
8 7

bagadu have dealt

ki banim for children

zarim illegitimate

jaladu have borne

joçəlem will devour

hodɛʃ ɛt the new with

hɛlkehɛm their land.

Blow the horn in Gibeah, The trumpet in Ramah Sound an alarm at Beth-aven: " Behind you, Benjamin!" tiku ʃofar Blow the horn bet avɛn Beth-aven

bagib-a hat ot əra Gibeah the trumpet aharɛça binjamin Behind Benjamin.

barama hari-u Ramah Sound

Ephraim will become a desolation in the day of rebuke; Among the tribes of Israel I declare what I know as sure. ɛfrajim Ephraim bəʃibte the tribes

ləʃama A desolation jisra-el of Israel

tijɛ will become

bəjom toçeha the day of rebuke

hodati nɛ-ɛmana declare is sure

The princes of Judah have become like those who move a boundary; On them I will pour out My wrath like water. haju have become sare the princes jəhuda kəma ige gəbul of Judah remove A boundary

aleçɛm ɛʃpoç on will pour

kamajim ɛbrati water my wrath

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Ephraim feels oppressed, crushed in judgment, Because he felt determined to follow man's command. aʃuk oppressed ɛfrajim Ephraim rət ut miʃpat crushed judgment ki Because

holi was determined

halaç walked

ahare t ɒ after command.

Therefore I resemble a moth to Ephraim And like rottenness to the house of Judah. lə-ɛfrajim vəçarakab ləbet to Ephraim rottenness to the house

va-ani ka-aʃ I am A moth jəhuda of Judah.

When Ephraim saw his sickness, And Judah his wound, Then Ephraim went to Assyria And sent to King Jareb But he cannot heal you, Or to cure you of your wound. vajar ɛfrajim ɛt saw Ephraim vajɛlɛç ɛfrajim went Ephraim haləjo his sickness vihuda ɛt məzoro and Judah his wound


ɛl aʃur vajiʃla ɛl mɛlɛç to Assyria and sent to King

jarɛb vəhu lo juçal lirpo laçɛm vəlo jighɛ Jareb he not could to heal Or to cure miçɛm mazor at of your wound. For I will resemble a lion to Ephraim And like a young lion to the house of Judah I, even I, will tear to pieces and go away, I will carry away, and none will deliver. ki anoçi kaʃahal lə-ɛfrajim vəçakəfir labet for I A lion to Ephraim A young to the house jəhuda ani ani ɛtrop of Judah I I will tear mat il to deliver. və-eleç ɛ a va-en and go will carry and there

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
I will go away and return to My place Until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me. eleç aʃuba ɛl məkomi ad will go away return to my place against jəʃəmu acknowledge ubikʃu and seek fanaj my face aʃɛr they

bat ar their affliction

lahɛm jəʃaharuni they will earnestly. Hosea 6 NASB E-Prime DFM The Response to God's Rebuke " Come, let us return to the LORD For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. ləçu vənaʃuba ɛl javɛ ki hu taraf Come return to the LORD for He has torn vəjirpa-enu jak will heal has wounded
2 1

vəjabəʃenu will bandage

"He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him. jəhajenu will revive mijomajim bajom haʃəliʃi jəkimenu days day the third will raise

wənijɛ ləfanɒ may live before. "So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD His going forth we acknowledge as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain watering the earth." vənedə-a nirdəfa lada-at ɛt know press to know javɛ kəʃahar the LORD as the dawn

nakon mot a-o vəjabo çagɛʃɛm lanu kəmalkovoʃ certain his going will come the rain the spring

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
jorɛ autumn rain

arɛt the earth

What shall I do with you, O Ephraim? What shall I do with you, O Judah? For your loyalty resembles a morning cloud And like the dew which goes away early. ma ɛ-ɛʃɛ ləça ɛfrajim ma ɛ-ɛ ɛ ləça jəhuda What do Ephraim What do Judah vəha dəçem your goodness holeç goes. Therefore I have hewn them in pieces by the prophets; I have slain them by the words of My mouth; And the judgments on you resemble the light that goes forth. al ken and after that hat abti have hewn banəbi-im the prophets haragtim have slain or jet e light goes.

ka-anan bokɛr cloud A morning

vəçatal maʃkim the dew early

bə-imre fi the words of my mouth

umiʃpatɛça and the judgments

For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, And in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings. ki hɛ ɛd hafat ti vəlo zaba in loyalty delight rather sacrifice ɛlohim me-olot of God burnt. But like Adam they have transgressed the covenant; There they have dealt treacherously against Me. vəhema kə-adam abəru like Adam have transgressed bagədu have dealt bi bərit ʃam the covenant There


vəda-at the knowledge

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.


Gilead proves herself a city of wrongdoers, Tracked with bloody footprints. akuba Tracked midam bloody

gilad kirjat pa-ale avɛn Gilead city work of wrongdoers

And as raiders wait for a man, So a band of priests murder on the way to Shechem; Surely they have committed crime. uçəhake iʃ wait A man gədudim raiders ki Surely hɛbɛr kohanim dɛrɛç a band of priests the way zima crime asu have committed

jəra əhu ʃɛçma murder to Shechem

In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing; Ephraim's harlotry appears there, Israel has defiled itself. bəbet the house jisra-el of Israel ra-iti have seen ʃa-aʃririja k ʃa-arurija q horrible thing nitma jisra-el has defiled Israel

ʃam zənut is there harlotry

lə-ɛfrajim Ephraim's

Also, O Judah, I appoint a harvest for you, When I restore the fortunes of My people. kat ir lak harvest bəʃubi restore ʃəbut the fortunes

gam jəhuda ʃat Also Judah set ami f of my people

Hosea 7 NASB E-Prime DFM Ephraim's Iniquity When I would heal Israel, The iniquity of Ephraim shall become uncovered, And the evil deeds of Samaria, For they deal falsely; The thief enters in, Bandits raid outside, kərafə-i ləji ra-el heal Israel vənigla is uncovered avon ɛfrajim the iniquity of Ephraim

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
vəraot and the wickedness vəganab jabo the thief enters

ʃoməron of Samaria paʃat gədud raid Bandits

ki fa-alu ʃakɛr for deal falsely bahut outside

And they do not consider in their hearts That I remember all their wickedness Now their deeds appear all around them; They appear before My face. ubal joməru lilbabam kal ra-atam not consider their hearts all their wickedness zaçarəti remember ata sababum ma-alehɛm nɛgɛd Now are all their deeds are before

panaj haju my face become.

With their wickedness they make the king glad, And the princes with their lies. jə aməhu mɛlɛç ubəçahaʃehɛm arim make the king their lies and princes

bəra-atam their wickedness

They all prove themselves adulterers, Like an oven heated by the baker Who ceases to stir up the fire From the kneading of the dough until it becomes leavened. kulam məna-afim kəmo are all adulterers Like jiʃbot ceases

tanur bo-era meofɛ an oven heated the baker ad humt ato until is leavened.

me-ir miluʃ bat ek to stir the kneading of the dough

On the day of our king, the princes became sick with the heat of wine; He stretched out his hand with scoffers, jom malkenu the day of our king maʃak stretched jado his hand hɛhɛlu became ɛt with sarim the princes hamat mijajin bottle of wine

lot ət im scorners

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
For their hearts resemble an oven As they approach their plotting; Their anger smolders all night, In the morning it burns like a flaming fire. ki kerəbu çatanur libam they approach an oven their hearts halajla jaʃen ofehɛm night grow old their anger kə-eʃ lɛhaba fire A flaming All of them seem hot like an oven, And they consume their rulers; All their kings have fallen None of them calls on Me. kulam jehamu katanur və-açətu ɛt ʃofətehɛm kal All are hot an oven consume their rulers All malçehɛm nafalu their kings have fallen
8 7 6

bə-arəbam kal wait all

bokɛr hu bo-er the morning it burns

en kore bahɛm elaj None calls about.

Ephraim mixes himself with the nations; Ephraim has become a cake not turned. hu himself jitbolal ɛfrajim haja mixes Ephraim has become

ɛfrajim ba-amim Ephraim the nations uga bəli A cake not

hafuça turned

Strangers devour his strength, Yet he does not know it; Gray hairs also have become sprinkled on him, Yet he does not know it. açəlu devour zarim Strangers koho his strength zarəka bo are sprinkled vəhu lo he does not vəhu lo he does not jada know.

jada gam seba know also Gray

Though the pride of Israel testifies against him, Yet they have not returned to the LORD their God, Nor have they sought Him, for all this. və-ana gə-on testifies the pride bəfanɒ vəlo ʃabu ɛl javɛ against Nor returned to the LORD

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

ɛlohehɛm vəlo bikʃu hu bəçal zot their God Nor sought for all likewise. So Ephraim has become like a silly dove, without sense; They call to Egypt, they go to Assyria. vajhi ɛfrajim kəjona become ephraim done fota en A silly without leb sense

mirajim kara-u aʃur halaçu to Egypt call to Assyria go When they go, I will spread My net over them; I will bring them down like the birds of the sky I will chastise them in accordance with the proclamation to their assembly. ka-aʃɛr jeleçu they go haʃamajim of the sky ɛfro will spread alehɛm riʃti kə-of over my net the birds

oridem ajsirem kəʃema will bring will chastise the proclamation

la-adatam to their assembly Woe to them, for they have strayed from Me! Destruction has become theirs, for they have rebelled against Me! I would redeem them, but they speak lies against Me. o Woe ki for lahɛm ki nadədu mimɛni ʃod like for have strayed at Destruction faʃə-u bi have rebelled kəzabim lies və-anoçi ɛfdem would redeem lahɛm like

vəhama dibəru they speak

alaj against

And they do not cry to Me from their heart When they wail on their beds; For the sake of grain and new wine they assemble themselves, They turn away from Me. vəlo za-aku elaj not cry to me bəlibam their heart ki When jəjelilu al wail the sake

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
miʃkəbotam al dagan vətiro jitgoraru jasuru bi their beds the sake of grain and new assemble turn


Although I trained and strengthened their arms, Yet they devise evil against Me. zərotam their arms və-elaj against

va-ani jisarti hizakti I trained strengthened jəhaʃəbu ra devise evil

They turn, but not upward, They resemble a deceitful bow; Their princes will fall by the sword Because of the insolence of their tongue This will constitute their derision in the land of Egypt. jaʃubu lo turn not bahɛrɛb the sword zo This al upward arehɛm their princes haju kəkɛʃɛt rəmija become bow A deceitful jipəlu will fall


miza-am ləʃonam of the insolence of their tongue

lagam their derision

bə-ɛrɛt mit rajim the land of Egypt.

Hosea 8 NASB E-Prime DFM Israel Reaps the Whirlwind Put the trumpet to your lips! Like an eagle the enemy comes against the house of the LORD, Because they have transgressed My covenant And rebelled against My law. ɛl hikəça ʃofar to your lips the trumpet javɛ of the LORD ja-an Because kanɛʃɛr al an eagle against bet the house

abəru have transgressed

bəriti my transgressed

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
bəriti my covenant

və-al against

torati my law

paʃa-u and rebelled.

They cry out to Me, "My God, we of Israel know You!"

li jizaku ɛlohaj jəda-anuça jisra-el cry my God know of Israel.

Israel has rejected the good; The enemy will pursue him. jisra-el tob Israel the good ojeb jirdəfo the enemy will pursue.

zana has rejected

They have set up kings, but not by Me; They have appointed princes, but I did not know it With their silver and gold they have made idols for themselves, That they might cut themselves off. hem himliçu vəlo mimɛni hesiru They have set not They have appointed jada-əti know ka pam their silver vəlo did not

uzəhabam a u lahɛm at abim and gold have made idols

ləma-an because of

jikaret might be cut.

He has rejected your calf, O Samaria, saying, "My anger burns against them!" How long will they show incapability of innocence? zana ɛgleç has rejected your calf ad long

ʃoməron hara api bam Samaria burns my anger

mataj lo How ere

juçəlu nikajon attain cleanness.

For from Israel comes even this! A craftsman made it, so we cannot call it God; Surely the calf of Samaria will break to pieces. ki mijisra-el vəhu haraʃ Surely Israel this A craftsman ɛlohim hu God this ki ʃəbabim Surely will be broken asahu vəlo made is not jijɛ egɛl become the calf

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
ʃoməron of Samaria. For they sow the wind And they reap the whirlwind The standing grain has no heads; It yields no grain. Should it yield, strangers would swallow it up. ki ru-a for the wind jizra-u sow və ufata the whirlwind jikt oru kama reap the standing ja-a ɛ yield

en lo t ɛma bəli ja-a ɛ has heads no yields zarim strangers

kɛma ulaj grain Should

jibla-uhu swallow.

Israel has become swallowed up; They now find themselves among the nations Like a vessel in which no one delights. nibla is swallowed jisra-el ata haju Israel are now become bagojim the nations

kiçli en hefɛ bo A vessel no delights

For they have gone up to Assyria, Like a wild donkey all alone; Ephraim has hired lovers. aʃur pɛrɛ to Assyria a wild ahabim lovers. boded lo alone

ki hema alu for they have gone ɛfrajim hitnu Ephraim has hired

Even though they hire allies among the nations, Now I will gather them up; And they will begin to diminish Because of the burden of the king of princes. gam ki Even though vajahelu will begin sarim of princes. jitnu hire bagojim the nations ata Now akabət em will gather

mə-at to diminish

mimasa of the burden

mɛlɛç of the king

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Since Ephraim has multiplied altars for sin, They have become altars of sinning for him. mizbəhot lahato altars sin

ki hirba ɛfrajim Since has multiplied Ephraim lo have become

mizbəhot lahato altars of sinning.


Though I wrote for him ten thousand precepts of My law, They treat them as a strange thing. ribo k rube q torati myriad my law

ɛçtob k ɛçtab lo q wrote wrote kəmo zar as A strange

nɛʃabu are regarded

As for My sacrificial gifts, They sacrifice the flesh and eat it, But the LORD has taken no delight in them Now He will remember their iniquity, And punish them for their sins; They will return to Egypt. zibhe my sacrificial hababaj jizbəhu basar vajoçelu gifts sacrifice the flesh and eat ata Now jizkor will remember avonam their iniquity

javɛ lo rat am God no has taken vəjifkod and punish

hatotam their sins

hema misrajim jaʃubu like to Egypt will return.

For Israel has forgotten his Maker and built palaces; And Judah has multiplied fortified cities, But I will send a fire on its cities that it may consume its palatial dwellings. vajiʃka has forgotten jisra-el ɛt osehu vajiben heçalot Israel his Maker and built palaces arim bət urot vəʃilati eʃ cities fortified will send A fire

vihuda hirba and Judah has multiplied bə-arɒ və-açəla cities may consume

armənotɛha s palatial

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Hosea 9 NASBE-Prime DFM Ephraim Punished Do not rejoice, O Israel, with exultation like the nations! For you have played the harlot, forsaking your God. You have loved harlots' earnings on every threshing floor. al tisma jisra-el not rejoice Israel zanita have played kal every
2 1

ɛl with

gil exultation

kamim ki the nations for ɛtnan earnings al on

me-al ɛlohɛça ahabta and your God have loved dagan corn.

garənot threshing

Threshing floor and wine press will not feed them, And the new wine will fail them. vajəkɛb lo and wine will not jirem vətiroʃ feed and the new

gorɛn Threshing jəçaheʃ ba will fail

They will not remain in the LORD'S land, But Ephraim will return to Egypt, And in Assyria they will eat unclean food. lo They will not jeʃəbu bə-ɛrɛt remain land javɛ vəʃab ɛfrajim God will return Ephraim jokelu will eat.


mit rajim ubə-aʃur tame to Egypt Assyria unclean

They will not pour out drink offerings of wine to the LORD, Their sacrifices will not please Him Their bread will resemble mourners' bread; All who eat of it will defile themselves, For their bread they will consume for themselves alone; It will not enter the house of the LORD. lo They will not ji əçu javɛ jajin vəlo pour to the LORD of wine not kəlɛhɛm onim lahɛm bread mourners

jɛ-ɛrbu lo zibhehɛm engage their sacrifices

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
kal oçəlɒ jitamu ki lamam All eat will be defiled For their bread lo It will not

lənafʃam themselves

jabo bet enter the house

javɛ of the LORD.

What will you do on the day of the appointed festival And on the day of the feast of the LORD? ma ta-aʃu What do hag of the feast

ləjom movɛd the day of the appointed javɛ Jehovah.

uləjom the day

For behold, they will go because of destruction; Egypt will gather them up, Memphis will bury them Weeds will take over their treasures of silver; Thorns will appear in their tents. ki hine haləçu miʃod For behold will go of destruction mit rajim of destruction

mit rajim təkabət em mof təkabərem Egypt will gather Memphis will bury mamad their treasures ləça pam kimos jiraʃem of silver Weeds will take

hova bə-aholehɛm thorns their tents. The days of punishment have come, The days of retribution have come; Let Israel know this! The prophet shows himself a fool, The inspired man has dementia, Because of the grossness of your iniquity, And because your hostility has become great. ba-u jəme hapəguda have come the days of punishment haʃilum of retribution iʃ man ba-u have come jəme the days məʃuga is demented avonəça of your iniquity

jedə-u jisra-el ɛvil hanabi know Israel fool the prophet rob of the grossness

haru-a al the inspired Because

vəraba mastema is great and your hostility.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Ephraim serves as a watchman with my God, a prophet; Yet the snare of a bird catcher enters all his ways, And only hostility remains in the house of his God. t ofɛ A watchman jakovos al of a bird as in
9 8

ɛfrajim Ephraim kal all

im ɛlohaj nabi with my God A prophet

pa the snare

dəraçɒ his ways

mastema bəbet ɛlohɒ is hostility the house of his God.

They have gone deep in depravity As in the days of Gibeah; He will remember their iniquity, He will punish their sins. hɛmiku ʃihetu kime have gone depravity the days avonam their iniquity

hagiba jizkor of Gibeah will remember

jifkod will punish

hatotam s their sins

I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your forefathers as the earliest fruit on the fig tree in its first season But they came to Baal-peor and devoted themselves to shame, And they became as detestable as that which they loved. ka-anabim bamidbar masati jisra-el kəbikura grapes the wilderness found Israel as the earliest bitena bəreʃita ra-iti aboteçɛm hema ba-u ba-al pə-or the fig first saw your fathers like came to Baal Peor vujinazəru and devoted

laboʃɛt vajihu ʃikut im to shame became detestable

kə-ahobam loved.

As for Ephraim, their glory will fly away like a bird-- No birth, no pregnancy and no conception! ɛfrajim ka-of jitofef kəbodam mileda umibɛtɛn Ephraim A bird will fly their glory birth pregnancy umeherajon conception.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Though they bring up their children, Yet I will bereave them until not a man remains. Yes, woe to them indeed when I depart from them! ki im jəgadəlu ɛt bənehɛm vəʃikaktim meadam Yes lo bring their children will bereave A man Ephraim, as I have seen, I have planted in a pleasant meadow like Tyre; But Ephraim will bring out his children for slaughter. ɛfrajim Ephraim ka-aʃɛr I ra-iti have seen lət or ʃətula Tyre is planted bənavɛ meadow
13 12

və-ɛfrajim ləhot i ɛl Ephraim will bring about

horek banɒ slaughter his children.


Give them, O LORD--what will You give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts.

ten lahɛm javɛ ma titen Give lahɛm rɛhɛm Give LORD how long Give womb maʃkil A miscarrying

vəʃadajim t oməkim breasts and dry.

All their evil appears at Gilgal; Indeed, I came to hate them there! Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of My house! I will love them no more; All their princes have become rebels. kal ra-atam All their wickedness al Because agarəʃem will drive bagilgal ki Gilgal Indeed ʃam there ənetim to hate

ro-a of the wickedness

ma-aleçɛm mibeti of their deeds of my house arehɛm orərim their princes are rebels.

lo osef ahabatam kal no more will love All

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Ephraim has become stricken, their root dries up, They will bear no fruit Even though they bear children, I will slay the precious ones of their womb. huka is stricken bal corruption ɛfrajim ʃarəʃam Ephraim their root jabeʃ is dried pəri bəli k fruit

ja-asun q gam ki jeledun vəhemati lest Even though bear will slay

mahamade bitnam s the precious of their womb My God will cast them away Because they have not listened to Him; And they will wander among the nations. jimasem ɛlohaj ki lo will cast my God Because have not vəjiju nodədim become will be wanderers bagojim s the nations ʃamə-u lo listened

Hosea 10 NASB E-Prime DFM Retribution for Israel's Sin Israel resembles a luxuriant vine; He produces fruit for himself The more his fruit, The more altars he made; The richer his land,The better he made the sacred pillars. gɛfɛn bokek vine luxuriant hirba the more mat ebot the pillars. jisra-el pəri jəʃɒvɛ lo ləfiro Israel fruit produces his fruit lə-art o his land hetibu the better

lamizbəhot kətob altars the richer

Their heart has become faithless; Now they must bear their guilt The LORD will break down their altars And destroy their sacred pillars. halak libam ata jɛʃamu hu ja-arof


Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
is faithless their Now bear the LORD will break

mizbəhotam jəʃoded mat ebotam their altars destroy their pillars. Surely now they will say, "We have no king, For we do not revere the LORD. As for the king, what can he do for us?" ki Surely ata now joməru en mɛlɛç lanu ki lo will say have king Surely not ja-a ɛ lanu do

jarenu ɛt javɛ vəhamɛlɛç ma revere the LORD the king what

They speak mere words, With worthless oaths they make covenants; And judgment sprouts like poisonous weeds in the furrows of the field. dibəru dəbarim alot ʃɒ karot bərit speak words oaths worthless make covenants ufara sprouts karoʃ miʃpat poisonous and judgment al in talme the furrows

sadaj of the field. The inhabitants of Samaria will fear For the calf of Beth-aven Indeed, its people will mourn for it, And its idolatrous priests will cry out over it, Over its glory, since it has departed from it. lə-ɛglot bet avɛn jaguru ʃəçan ʃoməron the calf of Beth -aven will fear the inhabitants of Samaria ki Indeed abal will mourn alɒ over amo people uçəmarɒ alɒ idolatrous Over mimɛnu at

jagilu al will cry over

kəbodo ki gala glory since has departed

The thing itself will become carried to Assyria As tribute to King Jareb; Ephraim will become seized with shame And Israel will have shame because of its own counsel. gam oto lə-aʃur jubal minha ləmɛlɛç itself to Assyria will be carried tribute to King

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
jareb baʃəna Jareb shame ji ra-el and Israel

ɛfrajim jika Ephraim will be seized me-at ato counsel

vəjebo will be ashamed

Samaria will cut herself off with her king Like a stick on the surface of the water. ʃoməron Samaria malka kəkɛt ɛf al pəne majim king A stick on the surface of the water.

nidmɛ will be cut

Also the high places of Aven, the sin of Israel, will become destroyed; Thorn and thistle will grow on their altars; Then they will say to the mountains, "Cover us!" And to the hills, "Fall on us!"


vəniʃmədu will be destroyed

bamot avɛn the high wickedness

hatat jisra-el the sin of Israel

kos vədardar ja-alɛ al mizbəhotam və-aməru Thorn and thistle will grow on their altars will say lɛharim kasunu vəlagəba-ot niflu alenu s to the mountains Cover the hills Fall and From the days of Gibeah you have sinned, O Israel; There they stand! Will not the battle against the sons of iniquity overtake them in Gibeah? mime hagiba hatata ʃam the days of Gibeah have sinned There tasigem bagiba overtake of Gibeah
10 9

amadu lo stand not bəne the sons alva of iniquity

milhama the battle

al against

When I desire, I will chastise them; And the peoples will gather against them When they become entangled for their double guilt. bə-ɒvati is my desire və-ɛ orim və-u əfu alehɛm will chastise will be gathered against

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
amim and the peoples

bə-a əram liʃte enotam k onotam q are bound their double mighty

Ephraim resembles a trained heifer that loves to thresh, But I will come over her fair neck with a yoke; I will harness Ephraim, Judah will plow, Jacob will harrow for himself. və-ɛfrajim ɛgla məlumada ohabti laduʃ Ephraim heifer trained loves to thresh al tub over her fair t ɒvara arkib neck will harness ja-akob Jacob. ɛfrajim Ephraim va-ani abarti I will come jaharoʃ will plow

jəhuda jə adɛd lo Judah will harrow

Sow with a view to righteousness, Reap in accordance with kindness; Break up your fallow ground, For time has come to seek the LORD Until He comes to rain righteousness on you. ziru laçɛm lit daka Sow to righteousness niru laçɛm nir və-et Break your fallow is time jabo vəjorɛ comes to rain

kit ru Reap

ləfi hɛ ɛd accordance kindness

lidroʃ ɛt javɛ ad to seek God Until

t ɛdɛk righteousness


You have plowed wickedness, you have reaped injustice, You have eaten the fruit of lies Because you have trusted in your way, in your numerous warriors, haraʃtɛm rɛʃa have plowed wickedness pəri the fruit çahaʃ of lies ki Because giborɛça warriors ɒlata kət artɛm iniquity have reaped batata have trusted açaltɛm have eaten

bədarkəça your way

bərob your numerous

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Therefore a tumult will arise among your people, And all your fortresses will suffer destruction, As Shalman destroyed Beth-arbel on the day of battle, When they dashed mothers in pieces with their children. vəkam ʃa-on will arise A tumult juʃad will be destroyed milhama em of battle mothers bə-amɛça vəçal mibt arɛça your people and all your fortresses ʃalman bet arbel bəjom Shalman Beth Arbel the day


kəʃod destroyed al with

banim rutaʃa children were dashed

Thus God will do to you at Bethel because of your great wickedness. At dawn the king of Israel will become completely cut off. kaça asa laçɛm bet el mipəne ra-at thus will be done Bethel because of your great ra-atçem wickedness jisra-el of Israel. baʃahar nidmo nidma mɛlɛç dawn will be completely cut the king


Hosea 11 NASB E-Prime DFM God Yearns over His People

When Israel grew up as a youth I loved him, And out of Egypt I called My son. na-ar jisra-el va-ohabehu umimiʃrajim karati a youth Israel loved of Egypt called

ki When libni my son.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
The more they called them, The more they went from them; They kept sacrificing to the Baals And burning incense to idols. karə-u lahɛm called ken haləçu mipənehɛm labə-alim the more went them to the Baals

jəzabehu vəlapə ilim jəkaterun sacrificing to idols and burning.

Yet I taught Ephraim to walk, I took them in My arms; But they did not know that I healed them. və-anoçi tirgalti ləɛfrajim is I taught Ephraim vəlo did not


kaham al zərotɒ took in my arms

jadə-u ki rəfatim know for healed

I led them with cords of a man, with bonds of love, And I became to them as one who lifts the yoke from their jaws; And I bent down and fed them. bəhable adam cords of a man kimrime ol lifts the yoke ba-abotot bonds al from ahaba vaɛjɛ lahɛm of love became ləlehɛm və-at their jaws secret elɒ oçil to fed

They will not return to the land of Egypt; But Assyria--he will serve as their king Because they refused to return to Me. lo They will not jaʃub return ɛl ɛrɛt to the land ki because mit rajim və-aʃur of Egypt Assyria


hu malko he shall be his king

me-anu laʃub refused to return.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
The sword will whirl against their cities, And will demolish their gate bars And consume them because of their counsels. vəhala hɛrɛb will whirl the sword badɒ və-açala bars and devour
7 6

bə-arɒ vəçiləta their cities and will demolish

mimo-at otehɛm of their counsel.

So My people have become intent on turning from Me. Though they call them to the One on high, None at all exalts Him. və-ami təlu-im limʃubati və-ɛl my people are bent turning about jahad lo all None

al high

jikra-uhu call

jəromem exalts.

How can I give you up, O Ephraim? How can I surrender you, O Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I treat you like Zeboiim? My heart turns over within Me, All My compassions have kindled. eç ɛtɛnça ɛfrajim amagɛnça jisra-el eç ɛtɛnça How give Ephraim deliver Israel How make kə-adma a iməça kit bojim nɛpaç alaj libi Admah appoint Zeboiim is turned within care for jahad niçməru nihumaj All are kindled my compassions. I will not execute My fierce anger; I will not destroy Ephraim again For I proclaim myself as God and not man, the Holy One in your midst, And I will not come in wrath. lo I will not ləʃahet destroy ɛ-ɛ ɛ execute ɛfrajim Ephraim harom my fierce ki for el I am God api lo aʃub anger not again anoçi vəlo iʃ I not in abo come bə-ir wrath

bəkirbəça kadoʃ vəlo your midst the Holy and I will not

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
They will walk after the LORD, He will roar like a lion; Indeed He will roar And His sons will come trembling from the west. ahare javɛ jeləçu kə-arjɛ jiʃag after the LORD will walk A lion will roar hu jiʃ-ag He will roar
11 10

ki Indeed

vəjɛhɛrdu banim mijam will come and sons the west

They will come trembling like birds from Egypt And like doves from the land of Assyria; And I will settle them in their houses, declares the LORD. jɛhɛrdu kət ipor mimit rajim uçəjona me-ɛrɛt will come birds Egypt doves the land aʃur of Assyria

vəhoʃabtim al batehɛm nə-um javɛ will settle in their houses declares the LORD.

Ephraim surrounds Me with lies And the house of Israel with deceit; Judah has become unruly against God, Even against the Holy One who has demonstrated faithfulness. əbabuni bəçahaʃ surrounds lies ɛfrajim ubəmirma bet Ephraim deceit and the house

jisra-el vihuda od rad im el və-im of Israel Judah is also unruly against God against kədoʃim nɛ-ɛman the Holy is faithful.

Hosea 12 NASB E-Prime DFM Ephraim Reminded Ephraim feeds on wind, And pursues the east wind continually; He multiplies lies and violence. Moreover, he makes a covenant with Assyria, And oil becomes transported to Egypt. ɛfrajim ro-ɛ Ephraim feeds ru-a wind vərodef kadim and pursues the east kal he

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
hajom kazab vaʃod daily lies and violence ubərit A covenant jubal is carried. The LORD also has a dispute with Judah, And will punish Jacob according to his ways; He will repay him according to his deeds. vərib dispute javɛ im jəhuda vəlifkod al ja-akob God with Judah and will punish and Jacob kəma-alalɒ to his deeds.

jarbɛ multiplies jikrotu vəʃɛmɛn ləmit rajim makes and oil to Egypt

im with

aʃur Assyria

kidrakɒ to his ways

In the womb he took his brother by the heel, And in his maturity he contended with God. akab ɛt ahiv ubə-ono took his brother his maturity sara ɛt contended

babɛtɛn the womb ɛlohim God.

Yes, he wrestled with the angel and prevailed; He wept and sought His favor He found Him at Bethel And there He spoke with us, vajasar ɛl malaç vajuçal baça had power with the angel and prevailed wept vajithanɛn lo bet el yimt a-ɛnu vəʃam jədaber and sought Bethel found and there spoke imanu Even


Even the LORD, the God of hosts, We acknowledge the LORD as His name.

javɛ ɛlohe hat əba-ot javɛ zikro the LORD the God of hosts the LORD is

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Therefore, return to your God, Observe kindness and justice, And wait for your God continually. umiʃpat ʃəmor and justice Observe

və-ata belohɛça you to your God vəkɒvɛ and wait ɛl for

taʃub hɛsɛd return kindness

ɛlohɛça tamid your God continually


A merchant, in whose hands hold false balances, He loves to oppress. bəjado hands mozəne balances mirma are false la-asok ahɛb to oppress loves

kəna-an a merchant

And Ephraim said, "Surely I have become rich, I have found wealth for myself; In all my labors they will find in me No iniquity, which would constitute sin." vajomɛr said ɛfrajim and Ephraim aç Surely aʃarti mat ati have become have found aʃɛr het which sin.

on li kal jəgi-aj lo jimt ə-u li avon wealth all my labors No will find iniquity

But I have served as the LORD your God since the land of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, As in the days of the appointed festival. və-anoçi I od again

javɛ ɛlohɛça me-ɛrɛt mit rajim the LORD your God the land of Egypt oʃibəça ba-ohalim kime live tents the days movɛd of the appointed

I have also spoken to the prophets, And I gave numerous visions, And through the prophets I gave parables. vəbibarti spoken al hanabi-im və-anoçi hazon hirbeti unto the prophets I visions gave hanabi-im the prophets adamɛ gave.

ubəjad and through

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Does iniquity exist in Gilead? Surely they prove worthless. In Gilgal they sacrifice bulls, Yes, their altars resemble the stone heaps Beside the furrows of the field. im lo gilad avɛn Gilead iniquity aç ʃɒ also are worthless haju become

bagilgal Gilgal al Beside

ʃəvarim zibehu gam mizbəhotam kəgalim bulls sacrifice Yes their altars the stone talme the furrows sadaj of the fields.

Now Jacob fled to the land of Aram, And Israel worked for a wife, And for a wife he kept sheep. vajibra ja-a kob fled now Jacob jisra-el and Israel

ədɛ to the land

aram of Aram

vajabod worked

bəiʃa ubə-iʃa ʃamar A wife A wife kept.

But by a prophet the LORD brought Israel from Egypt, And a prophet kept him. mimit rajim Egypt

ubənabi hɛ-ɛla javɛ ɛt ji ra-el A prophet brought the LORD Israel ubənabi niʃmar A prophet was kept.

Ephraim has provoked to bitter anger; So his Lord will leave his bloodguilt on him And bring back his reproach to him. hiçiʃ has provoked jitovos will leave ɛfrajim Ephraim tamurim vədamɒ to bitter his bloodguilt alɒ and


jaʃib lo and bring

adonɒ his Lord

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Hosea 13 NASB E-Prime DFM Ephraim's Idolatry When Ephraim spoke, people trembled He exalted himself in Israel, But through Baal he did wrong and died. kədaber ɛfrajim rətet naʃa hu bəji ra-ɛl spoke Ephraim trembling exalted himself Israel vajeʃam baba-al vajamot did Baal and died. And now they sin more and more, And make for themselves molten images, Idols skillfully made from their silver, All of them the work of craftsmen They say of them, "Let the men who sacrifice kiss the calves!" və-ata and now mika fam their silver josifu lahato more sin vajasu lahɛm and make maseça molten
2 1

kitbunam at abim ma-ase haraʃim skillfully Idols the work of craftsmen omərim zobəhe adam say sacrifice the men

kulo lahɛm hem All They agalim the calves jiʃakun kiss

Therefore they will resemble the morning cloud And like dew which soon disappears, Like chaff which blows away from the threshing floor And like smoke from a chimney. laçen jiju Therefore become maʃkim holeç soon disappears ka-anan bokɛr cloud the morning kəmot chaff jəso-er is blown vəçatal dew


migorɛn the threshing

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.

Yet I have proclaimed myself the LORD your God Since the land of Egypt; And you would not know any god except Me, For no savior exists besides Me. və-anoçi javɛ ɛlohɛça me-rɛt miʃrajim I the LORD the land the land the land velohim god bilti besides.


zulati except

lo were not

teda to know

umoʃia ajin savior there

I cared for you in the wilderness, In the land of drought. bamidbar the wilderness bə-ɛrɛt talubot the land of drought.

ani jədatiça I cared

As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, And having become satisfied, their heart became proud; Therefore they forgot Me. kəmaritam their pasture al and

vajiʃba-u abə-u became satisfied ʃəçehuni forgot.

vajaram became

libam their heart

ken after that

So I will resemble a lion to them; Like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. kəmo ʃahal kənamer al will be like A lion A leopard by aʃur will lie.

va-ɛhi lahɛm become dɛrɛç the wayside

I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, And I will tear open their chests; There I will also devour them like a lioness, As a wild beast would tear them. ɛfgəʃem kədob ʃakul və-ɛkra əgor will encounter A bear robbed will tear the caul libam of their heart və-oçəlem ʃam kəlabi devour There A lioness hajat beast

ha adɛ tabakə-em

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
a wild


Your destruction has come, O Israel, That you rebel against Me, against your help. jisra-el ki Israel for bi bə-ɛzrɛça your help.

ʃihɛtça your destruction

Where now has your king gone That he may save you in all your cities, And your judges of whom you requested, "Give me a king and princes"? ɛhi malɛça ɛfo vəjoʃi-aça bəçal arɛça Where is your king now may save all your cities vəʃofətɛça and your judges vəsarim captain. aʃɛr of whom amarta requested təna li mɛlɛç Give A king


I gave you a king in My anger And took him away in My wrath. bə-ɛbrati s my wrath

ɛtɛn ləça mɛlɛç bə-api və-ɛka gave A king my anger and took


The iniquity of Ephraim has become bound up; His sin he has stored up. ɛfrajim of Ephraim afuna is stored hatato his sin.

t arur avon is bound the iniquity

The pains of childbirth come upon him; He has not proved a wise son, For the time has not come that he should delay at the opening of the womb. hɛble joleda the pains of childbirth ki is not jabo-u lo hu ben lo haçam come he son is A wise banim son.

ɛt lo ja-amod bəmiʃbar the time not delay of the womb

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death? O Death, where do we see your thorns? O Sheol, where do we feel your sting? Compassion will hide from My sight. mijad the power ɛhi where ʃə-ol of the grave ɛfdem mimavɛt ɛgalem ransom death will redeem

dəbarɛça mavɛt ɛhi katabɛça ʃə-ol plagues death where destruction grave jisater will be hidden me-enaj my sight.

noham repentance

Though he flourishes among the reeds, An east wind will come, The wind of the LORD coming up from the wilderness; And his fountain will become dry And his spring will dry up; It will plunder his treasury of every precious article. ki hu ben for he among kadim an east ru-a the wind ahim among brethren javɛ of the LORD jafri he be fruitful mimidbar the wilderness jabo will come olɛ coming

vəjebo məkoro will become and his fountain hu it

vəjɛherab will be dried

majano and his spring hɛmda precious.

ji ɛ will plunder

ot ar kal kəli treasury of every article

Samaria will prove herself guilty, For she has rebelled against her God They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will they dash in pieces, And their pregnant women they will rip open. tɛʃam ʃoməron ki marəta belohɛha will be held Samaria for has rebelled her God bahɛrɛb the sword jəbuka-u f will be ripped jipolu will fall oləlehɛm jərutaʃu vaharijotɒ their little will be dashed women

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
Hosea 14 NASB E-Prime DFM Israel's Future Blessing

Return, O Israel, to the LORD your God, For you have stumbled because of your iniquity. jisra-el ad Israel against javɛ to the LORD ɛlohɛça ki your God for

uba Return

çaʃalta have stumbled

ba-avonɛça of your iniquity.

Take words with you and return to the LORD. Say to Him, " Take away all iniquity And receive us graciously, That we may present the fruit of our lips. kəhu imakɛm dəbarim Take with words elɒ away vəʃubu ɛl javɛ imru and return to the LORD Say tob graciously

kal tisa avon vəka all Take iniquity and receive farim the fruit ʃəfatenu of our lips

unəʃaləma may present

"Assyria will not save us, We will not ride on horses; Nor will we say again, ' Our god,' To the work of our hands; For in You the orphan finds mercy." aʃur Assyria lo Nor jovoʃi-enu al sus save on horses lo Nor nirkab ride

vəlo nomar od ɛluhenu lɛma-a ɛ jadenu Nor say again our gods to the work of our hands aʃɛr after

bəça jəruham jatom. finds the orphan

I will heal their apostasy, I will love them freely, For My anger has turned away from them.

ɛrpa məʃubatam ohabem nədaba ki ʃab will heal their apostasy will love freely for has turned api mimɛnu

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
my anger


I will resemble the dew to Israel; He will blossom like the lily, And he will take root like the cedars of Lebanon. ɛjɛ will be like vəjaç will take

çatal ləji ra-el jifra the dew to Israel will blossom ʃaraʃɒ kaləbanon root Lebanon.

kaʃoʃana the lily

His shoots will sprout, And his beauty will resemble the olive tree And his fragrance like the cedars of Lebanon. jonəkotɒ his shoots vihi will be like kazajit the olive

jeləçu will sprout

hodo vəre-a lo kaləbanon and his beauty and his fragrance Lebanon Those who live in his shadow Will again raise grain, And they will blossom like the vine. His renown will resemble the wine of Lebanon. jaʃubu joʃəbe bəsilo will again live his shadow kagafɛn the vine
8 7

jəhaju dagan vəjifrəhu raise grain will blossom ləbanon of Lebanon.

zikro his renown

kəjen the wine

O Ephraim, what more have I to do with idols? I answer and look after you I resemble a luxuriant cypress; From Me comes your fruit. ɛfrajim Ephraim va-aʃurɛnu and look pɛrjəça your fruit

ma li od la-at abim ani aniti what more idol I testify ani kibros ra-anan mimɛni I cypress A luxuriant at nimt a comes

Whoever considers himself wise, let him understand these things; Whoever discerns, let him know them For the ways of the LORD prove right, And the righteous will walk in them, But transgressors will stumble in them.

Hosea in E-Prime with Hebrew Interlinear in I.P.A.
mi haçam vəjaben whoever is wise understand elɛ these nabon is discerning

vəjeda-em ki jəʃarim darçe javɛ vət adikim know for are right the ways God and the righteous jeləçu bam ufoʃə-im will walk transgressors jikaʃəlu bam will stumble