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Excellent Lifestyle, Sustainable Growth


lmproving our energy efficiency.

Excellent Lifestyle, Sustainable

Growth' is the vision statement in the Armidale Dumaresq Community Strategic Plan. lt was set by the community after 18 months of engagemeni to develop the Plan. Many of Armidale Dumaresq's goals related to the vision also align with the criteria for a'Sustainable CommunitY' as set out by the KeeP Australia Beautiful Council (KABC).
This June, Armidale is Putting in an application to the KABC for a Sustainable Communities Award. ln August, the KABC will be in our city, judging Armidale Dumaresq Council against manY similar gized councils in Australia.

that particular award, We maY not win, but I understand from the people who've worked on compiling the supPlement and the application that it's been terrific to highlight the work they're
doing. There are lots of stories included
in this supplement and manY more are missing. I sincerelY

Some of Armidale's largest organisations are reducing the amount of energy they use. Armidale Dumaresq Council (ADC) has reduced its energy use in the Civic Administration Building on Rusden Street by 20 per cent, and the amount of electricity it uses across the whole organisation by 7 per cent..

caf6 and learn about this historical pastoral property on tours run by volunteers of the Edwardian mansion, extensive English-stYle gardens, and twelve farm buildings.


Minimising waste.

. Undertaking community projects to address challenges.
The challenge is becoming more self sufficient in food and energy and the Down to Earth Gardening Group is addressing the challenge by transforming six tennis courts into a community garden. The garden is on land behind the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) and the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place. The group is open to everyone who wants to get active and learn about growing.

Council is diverting 60 Per cent of Armidale's waste from landfill and has the goal to reach 65 Per cent in the next year. Armidale residents can recycle their plastic containers, chemicals, polystyrene, fluorescent tubes, batteries, comPuters, kitchen and garden waste and recently, compostable naPPies! lf in doubt, residents are encouraged to contact Council on 6770 3600, or visit www.armidale. nsw. gov.au to find out more.

environments and former timber reserves. Small scale projects are reintroducing habitats for native birds and fauna in farm Plantings, wildlife corridors, windbreaks and bactcyard gardens. All the work is being directed and/or undedaken by land care groups, residents and schoolchildren, local businesses, the University of New England (UND and Council.

r Promoting energy conservation and the use of renewable energY.
SLEX - Armidale's Sustainable Living Expo - is NSW's largest sustainability event. Since its inception in 2007, SLEX has Provided education and inspiration to people living in and visiting Armidale. SLEX helped to establish the Sustainable Living Armidale grouP, and it provided a platform to develoP the award-winning New England Sustainability Strategy in collaboration with more than 1000 local organisations, stakeholders and community members. SLEX has created large scale and small scale backyard gardens; it has attracted world-class speakers on an array of topics; and most imPodantlY, it has encouraged thousands of people to think more about the energy they consume.
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hope our community enjoYs reading these accounts. Look out for more in the coming weeks and please consider contributing stories of your own about working towards Armidale's vision '

r Protecting fauna and natural environments.
lndividuals and organisations are working together in an effective collaboration to regenerate and revegetate a large range of ecosystems in and around Armidale, as a response to the devastating effects of eucalyptus dieback. Large scale prgects are restoring dbgraded farmlands, regenerating roadside reserves and Protecting different types of eucalyPt woodlands, hillsides, swamps, gullies, riverine

Excellent Lifestyle, Sustainable


Enhancing and protecting Armi-

Growth'. Yours sustainablY,

dale'S cultural heritage.

This supplement is Pari of Council's application for the KABC Sustainable Communities Award and this is our first attemPt at

Cr Peter Ducat Mayor of Armidale Dumaresq Council

Saumarez Homestead in Armidale is being revitalised with the loving care of over 80 volunteers, working under the supervision of management employed by the National Trust of Australia. Visitors go to the

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