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BLOGS When walking in downtown Detroit no matter where you go (during hockey season) - you will always see a lot of people wearing Red Wings Jersey. The most common number to be seen on these jerseys would be the #19. This is a number of a Hero, a Legend, and Detroit’s adopted son, who played on a springy, mild, May 1st, 2006. Steve Yzerman would once again take to the ice just like any other Hockey night. But there is a twist to the Captain's Fairy Tale. Little did the countless die hards and bandwaggoning fans know is that the game would finish the Wings first round playoffs in a loss, and the only thing that would be shown for this season was the conference Championship, because they would be eliminated by the annoying Edmonton Oilers. Little did the crowd also know was that this was Steve Yzerman's last skate, and the last time he would dance with the puck as a Red Wing? Twenty two seasons, and twenty three years of faded memories to some, but to the captain, these memories were as real as the day that they were made. As Steve Yzerman takes one last final walk, after losing to the Oilers, back to the locker room., he feels a sinking feeling, not only because of elimination, but because it will be his last time on the ice as a Detroit Red Wing. As Mr. Redwing walks the rest of the way back to the locker room, a young Yzerman emerges in a shadow, an eighteen year old whirlwind dawns the winged wheel for the first time and passes down that hallway to the ice surface. The shadows of a 23 year career stint replays in his mind as he changes out of his gear. He pauses in the dim lighting and the vacated locker room and remembers the shadows of the career successes and failures. The failures would include, losing to the dreaded Av's in '96, being swept away by the Kings in 2000. Those memories lingered for a moment. Then he thought of other accomplishments such as his first season being the youngest rookie all star ever. He recalls and recounts the phone call he received telling him that he was on the roster. He was first in assists that season. He smiled as the memories came rushing back. Then his mind went a bit forward to 1989 where he won the Lester B. Pearson award, that season was successful with his fifty goal stint in fifty five games. He was the shining light back then, the only light, the main reason the fans would file into the Joe Louis Arena. His quiet resolve, and his giving credit to other teammates was amazing, but what spoke more loudly than the few words he did give was his play on the ice, that spoke volumes. He was the only reason for going to a Dead Things game. The quiet but loud play of Steve Yzerman was the full and complete reason, it wasn’t for championships or runs in the playoffs, it was for the Kid, the captain, the soon to be Legend. As Yzerman's play did the talking so did some of the interviews post game, when the team didn't play well, he never sugar coated the bad out comes, he always told things like they were. As Stevie sits in the stall and looks around the Locker room, he slightly hears a popping noise, like the popping of a champagne bottle. Then he sees himself and his teammates celebrating in the Locker Room together as they win the first Stanley Cup in 42 years. Laughter, interviews and champagne baths, and grins were what that night entailed. He now sees the shadow of himself skating the cup around right after they won the first time. Smiling to himself, then tearing he starts to pack some of the gear up. As he packs he briefly sees the ninety eight season fly by like a quick snap of the fingers, the cup, then the parade, it was all for Vladdie and Sergei, and it was well worth the work.

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Then he sees something in the back of the locker, could it be? Yes, it was his gold medal from the 2002 Olympics where he and teammate Brendan Shanahan won the gold together, and where Hull and Chelios got their silver. He looks at the back of the metal it says Steve Yzerman, on the front it says 2002 Olympics. Yzerman then sticks that into his duffle bag. Then he recalls all the pain he went through during that and the playoffs of 2002, he winced the first round all the way through, he was the wings shining light, and in his own quiet way the shining star. All the fans knew he literally carried the team on his back to make it past that round. The fans would see him wincing and well, we all would be wincing with him as he kept skating, he kept moving and it was amazing because that was the Captain, Captain Invincible. Nothing could touch him, he was tougher than nails. As he gets ready to walks out of the Locker room for the last time there were tears of sadness and joy over his decision to move forward in his life. Steve Yzerman scans the locker room one last time. He sees him self there one last time carrying the Stanley cup back from center ice to the locker room celebrating his final time. As he shuts off the already dimmed lights to an already vacant locker room he grabs his gear and mutters a goodbye even though no one is there. The Captain, Mr. Redwing walks out of the locker room forever. All that’s left is a title after he retired and that is vice president of team operations. His legend will live on, through us, his fans, we will tell our kids and friends about the three championships in our life times and about Steve Yzerman, The Quiet man, Mr. Invincible, Mr. Hockey Town. source: The Steve Yzerman story by Amanda P. [ << Return to News Page ] Comments (2) Name: dapherote Email: Comment: Very well written. Those ten revisions really paid off. I know a lot more about Steve than I did before. Name: Aziz Email: Comment: you did a great job girl, dang, wow, your a smart one. I cannot believe how much you know. it was a great story! Post a Comment Name: Email: Website: Comment:

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