Scaldis: lifting at a higher level



Scaldis: lifting at a higher level

Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors has earned a reputation as a solid and reliable partner to both contractors and clients undertaking projects involving marine-based heavy lifts.

Scaldis has performed many specialised and

complex marine, heavy-lift projects, developing interests of the clients and the project in mind. One of the strengths of Scaldis is the ability to

What activities does Scaldis cover?
While Scaldis’ core expertise is in marine heavy lifting, it has supported many other projects with its vessels. The range of operations carried out makes Scaldis well-placed to perform any related tasks, even those that have not been done before.

specific lifting techniques while always keeping the

work closely with a client from an early stage in methodology for any task to be performed.

order to develop the most efficient and effective

In general, the types of activities can be categorised as follows: 1) Civil construction works 2) Oil and gas projects 3) Renewables/environmental works

Scaldis regards the development of alternative,

inventive and unique solutions that suit its clients’ requirements as a challenge. Technical problems exist to be solved.

4) Heavy lifting in salvage-related works Scaldis’ head office, located in Antwerp Belgium, is engineers who prepare and manage the various

home to a team of highly-qualified and experienced projects. Needless to say, Scaldis has all the required certifications, such as ISO 9001 : 2000, VCA and ISM.

Picture cover: Lifting and installation of LQ and helideck module Annamaria A deck, Croatia Picture 1: Lifting and installation of 2 accommodation modules for Prirazlomnaya platform in Russia





Civil Construction Works

Scaldis’ largest heavy-lift vessel, the Rambiz, is unique in the world, with her two cranes, shallow draft, large deckspace and renewed large accommodation facilities. This

arrangement, together with other qualities, gives the vessel the capability to operate in areas no other comparable vessel can reach. Her ability to work in both deep and very shallow waters provides valuable flexibility. The combination of two deck cranes enables the Rambiz to lift unusual structures that would otherwise require two separate vessels.

Picture 2: Sheerleg “Norma” Picture 3: Lifting and installation of 2 mooring dolphins, approx. 10,000 tonnes each, Venice, Italy

Civil construction works include the following activities: • Construction and dismantling of large • Installation and decommissioning of equipment, • Transport, lifting and placing of tunnel elements • Lock door lifting and installations • Concrete barrage constructions and caissons such as harbour cranes structures, such as bridges


Civil Construction Works



Picture 4: Lifting drilfloor onboard Blackford Dolphin (685 tonnes), The Netherlands

Scaldis has been involved in

various bridge installation and

Picture 5: Lifting and placing of a lock gate The most remarkable project of these (3,000 tonnes), The Netherlands was the Vasco da Gama Bridge, with a Picture 6: Bridge installation at the Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal Picture 7: Installation of deep sea stone dumping unit on fallpipe vessel „Simon Stevin” in the port of Bilbao Picture 8: Lifting and installation of pontoon „Goliath” from quayside in the port of Antwerp, Belgium

decommissioning projects in the past.

total length of 13 km.

The heavy-lifting programme for the bridge construction called for the positioning of 150 girders in all, each to 2,200 tonnes.

one 80 x 16 m in size and weighing up






Oil and Gas Works

The types of activities in this field can be summarised as follows:

• Placing of jackets, piles, topsides, vent booms and other related parts • Transport and installation of Gravity Based Structures (GBS) • Module lift for the construction of Floating Production Storage Offloading vessels (FPSO) and GBS structures • Decommissioning of topsides and jackets

Picture 9: Lifting and installation of Hasdrubal jacket and topside, Tunisia



Oil and Gas Works



Picture 10: Lifting and installation of a DES module onto a transport vessel in Grimstad Norway Picture 11: Removal of the Kittiwake Loading Buoy (2,500 tonnes), Norway Picture 12: Decommissioning of platform, jacket and piles (1,000 tonnes), REM island North Sea, The Netherlands Picture 13: Lifting and installation of Annamaria A deck in Croatia




Oil and Gas Works


The Rambiz is the ideal apparatus for jacket platform installation works. The two cranes allow maximum lifts, and more. flexibility in handling and upending structures, dual

The considerable deck space also allows room for a additional accommodation.

crawler crane, diving equipment, piling equipment and

Picture 14: Installation of lattice tower structure (1,313 tonnes) on “De Ruyter GBS”, Flushing, The Netherlands Picture 15: Lifting and installation of Baraka jacket in Tunisia


Oil and Gas Works




Picture 16: Lifting and installation of IKA-A project Picture 17: Lifting and installation Annamaria A deck, Croatia


Renewables / Environmental works

Scaldis is an important player in the growing sectors of renewable energy and environmental care.


Previous activities include:

• Placing of GBS structures, jackets, monopile

• Placing of wind turbines and associated works

foundations and transformer for wind turbines

• Oil recovery and associated inspection operations

18 Picture 18: Transportation and installation of concrete foundations of the Thorntonbank, Ostend, Belgium

Renewables / Environmental works


Picture 19: Lifting and installation of the SeaGen Tidal Current Generator (1,200 tonnes) in Strangford Lough, Ireland



Renewables / Environmental works

The Beatrice Windfarm Demonstrator Project

included the installation of two offshore wind

turbines in an environmentally sensitive area off the Scottish coast. Whereas most offshore wind turbines nowadays are put together offshore, the Beatrice wind turbines were constructed

onshore. The complete turbine was then lifted, transported and placed onto the pre-installed
Picture 20: Installation of jacket and 5MW wind turbine generator at the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm, Scotland

jacket by the Rambiz.





Renewables / Environmental works



Picture 21: Installation transformer (793 tonnes) at Rodsand, Denmark

Picture 22: Lifting and installation of a transformer module on pre-installed monopile, Gunfleet Sands, UK



Salvage works

Each day, thousands of vessels and floating objects can be found on the world’s oceans.

Maritime disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. In such moments of emergency, professional support and experience are required and there is no room for failure, hesitation or error. Environmental are top priorities in every one of our salvage operations and wreck removals. care and protection, as well as pollution prevention,

The salvage of the vessel Tricolor, for example, was a high-profile job, with Scaldis and many different order to recover the vessel from the seabed. parties combining their expertise and experience in




Picture 23: Wreckremoval of vessel Idefix II by sheerleg Norma in Le Havre Picture 24: Inspection, cutting and lifting of 9 sections of vessel Tricolor, Dunkirk, France Picture 25: Wreckremoval of the New Flame at Europe Point Gibraltar 24 Picture 26: Lifting and replacing of World War I submarine, Dover Strait, UK

Salvage Works



The Rokia Delmas ran aground off the French coast on 24th October of 2006 – following in a violent storm. engine and subsequently power shut-down With 387 containers and thousands of tonnes of various cargo on board, the container-RoRo vessel was preparing to call at La Rochelle. in the same super category as the 190 m

Raising a 185 m colossus puts the Rokia Delmas Norwegian car carrier Tricolor, which was so successfully brought ashore in 2003-2004.


Picture 27: Salvage of fishing vessel Z548 Flamingo by Norma Picture 28: The removal of the vessel Rokia Delmas, France Picture 29: Heavy lifting of obsolete ships on shore for further dismantling and scrapping, Flushing, The Netherlands 29

CharaCteristiCs rambiz
Length O.A. Breadth moulded Depth moulded Minimum operational draft Load capacity Propulsion 85 m 44 m 5.6 m 3.6 m 3,300 t hookload 4 units 2,200 kW, 3,000 Hp total Class Class notations Accommodation (beddings) Lloyd’s Register of Shipping 100 AT AT crane pontoon, LA LMC 70 pers.

Distance between crane booms at top 34.10 m

CharaCteristiCs Norma
Length O.A. Breadth moulded Depth moulded Draft (ballast condition departure) Max. capacity Installed power Propulsion engines 82 m 20.20 m 5.35 m 3m 440 t at 7 m 4,000 Hp 2,400 Hp - Voith Schneider Classification Accommodation (beddings) Bureau Veritas I 3/3 E 32 pers.

Scaldis: lifting at a higher level

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